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I want to start out this post by saying that I love my parents dearly and by doing some deep psychological and process-oriented work on myself, I understand my parents better and I am so grateful that they gave me the chance for this precious human rebirth.

As Uranus (transiting) crosses the opposition point to my Hades Moon – Tr. Uranus is in Aries currently and it is about 1 degree away from exactly opposing my Hades Moon.  I have Pluto conjunct the Moon in my natal chart – less than a degree separates these two unlikely bed-fellows.  This conjunction falls in my 3rd house in Libra.

The most obvious layer, and when I say obvious – I have had several astrologers just glance at my chart and they say within seconds: “Wow, you have a lot of karma with your Mom, don’t you?”, of a Hades Moon is just that – my perception of my Mother or my relationship to the person I see as my mother is quite complex.  I am aware of the Hades Moon in my chart probably reflects the enmeshment which developed over my childhood years – an enmeshed relationship with my single mother (who did the best she could).

And my mother has Pluto squaring her Moon.  So there is a good chance that a pattern of enmeshment has been “handed down” from her to me.  This enmeshed relationship arose due to a number of reasons – first of which was that my Dad was not around much physically and when he was around, he was never emotionally or psychically present (sorry Dad – but you still have some psycho-emotional stuff to work on).  Therefore I clung to my Mom as my source of nourishment and shelter etc.

The roots of this enmeshment go all the way back to my birth.  When I was born, due to the Indigenous American Indian blood from my father’s lineage (a wonderful gift to say the least), I had a purplish rash on my back and butt.  The doctors did not know what was “wrong” with me so they put me in the NICU – natal intensive care unit where my mother could only visit for an hour at a time or so.  I was there for at least 24 hours – maybe closer to 36 hours and when I was deemed “non-contagious” and handed back to my Mom, something had changed in me and in her.  I have intuited that she felt some subconscious guilt for letting the medical personnel take me and that inherently changed our relationship, tying yet another layer onto an already fated and possibly tangled relationship.

I feel like I could write at length about what I have learned from my Hades Moon.  About all the different permutations my liberation has gone through in terms of putting healthy space between my mother and I.  But I am writing this post today to mention a new piece of information.

I received some powerful bodywork yesterday that really rocked me to my core.  Some sessions are like that, others are more maintenance oriented – less potent and more resourcing and relaxing.  But I had purposely scheduled

I received a session of Somatic Experiencing – a.k.a. S.E. (blended with process-oriented pre- and perinatal psychological understand and probably with some Craniosacral Therapy thrown in for good measure).  In S.E., the goal is to get the client (me) to feel the emotions associated with challenges to the polyvagal system – that is the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system divisions also known as the Fight / Flight / Freeze system (sympathetic) or the Rest / Digest system.  The goal is to strengthen and resource and turn on the parasympathetic or Rest and Digest system.  But the way to do that is to clear the trauma (or emotions or misunderstandings) which are stuck in various body tissues – clear where the body is stuck in Fight or Flight or Freeze status.  Obviously, this is very tender and vulnerable work, so I would only recommend going to see a qualified practitioner for it – someone who has done years of work on themselves.

What is wild is that we have a choice.  Once we determine what it is that is challenging the system or what misunderstanding or event is being held in the tissue (a fall, birth trauma, etc), then we can choose to do it differently in our minds – while being held by skillful, resourced, regulated, compassionate hands – and then this can lead to lasting neurological changes in the body.  And it is awesome and potent and nourishing when it is all over.  But I must say that occasionally the adage: “you must feel it to heal it” is appropriate, so sessions are not always comfortable – at least not all the way through.  But they are well worth it.

Before I mention what I learned yesterday, let me mention one thing: double binds.  A double bind is a psychological term for a situation in which we have two or more choices and all of the choices have difficult or challenging outcomes.  For instance, many double binds happen every day when we have elective surgery – if I get that mole removed, it means I will have to be cut and that is sharp and painful.  However, then I can get the mole biopsied and I will look better cosmetically.  So to keep the mole might invite danger.  But to get the mole removed means I will get cut.  This is a typical double bind – option A is painful but option B might be even worse down the road.

Likewise, many double binds occur for children.  As kids, we are stuck with one or both parents, not having any actual options for running away from inappropriate care-takers.  For instance, if we have the choice of suppressing our needs to prevent getting spanked, guess what?  Most kids clam right up.  This is a very common double bind.  Suppressing our needs, somehow learning to not say “No!” in order to avoid the pain of spanking and our parent’s anger or wrath, is terrible either way – we put our foot down and say “No!” and then we get whacked or whipped.  Or we learn to shut our mouths (and many people become pleaser / placaters / shape-shifters in the process of living these double binds).

So what did I learn in this last treatment?  Or what double bind did I discover?  As an aside, because Somatic Experiencing involves gentle, skillful hands-on time, when we do discover a double bind, we can slowly and skillfully help the client (in this case, me) to process it out of their system.  I discovered that my kidneys were holding onto a lingering piece of the Hades Moon karma – that is, when I was young, it was sometimes difficult to stick with my mother (and even worse to spend time with my father – see the paragraph above) and yet the other option – of leaving her would have brought up the worst, most unthinkable terror so it really wasn’t a choice.  Therefore, the essence of the double bind is that being with you is tough but any other option is horribly terrifying.  Imagine the baby part of me – there is no grey area for babies – it is either I am safe and content OR I am in pain, or hungry, or afraid, or I have a dirty diaper.  Therefore the baby part of me does not know how to ask for appropriate space.  I wonder how many kids go through this at least at some point in their lives?  Ack!!

But in my kidneys, and in my gut and in my meninges (around my brain) I felt this buzzing energy which only started to settle down when I admitted (acknowledged) this double bind and then using my adult resources – looking at the practitioner and realizing that I am safe, here and now, and looking around at the beautiful nature outside the windows – saying to myself, “May you (Kirby) be safe” and “May you kidneys be safe” – and bringing the session back to my child parts, saying now you have a choice.  Do you want to feel the way it was back then (painful) or are you ready to try something different (possibly a win-win situation)?  By realizing that my parents’ both probably suffered from this same double bind, I was able to compassionately hold them.  So they are really off the hook – it is my karma which led me to this point and which led me to choose them as parents.  They did the best they could with the resources available to them.  And they did a great job!  I was loved and well-fed and clothed and I was in a decent home throughout my childhood.

In the process of all this, I had to feel through several waves of fear.  Only once I felt the fear and slowly processed it and released it could I rest in a settled, less-reactive place.

And then my kidneys dropped down, resting back and relaxing; they both started to rock rhythmically back and forth indicating they were happy and grounded and felt safe.  My meninges (the shock-absorbing cushion layer around the brain) settled down, relaxed and the buzzing melted away.  And finally there was big spreading in my gut as the practitioner completed the treatment there.

Because it is still fresh in my system and because it involved childhood parts going way back, I expect the balancing to continue for at least a few weeks, possibly more.  I am being more gentle with myself and lying down when I have the time.  No use doing this deep work and then throwing a wrench in the works by pushing too hard or by doing an activity which causes my kidneys to clamp up again…  🙂

So just to reiterate.  This is extremely deep work.  I have been doing process-oriented work on myself since 2005, receiving hundreds of treatments.  I still have work to do.  But you should not dive right in and expect these kinds of insights and shifts in the beginning.  It is a process, there is a learning curve and lasting results will take time.  Especially if serious trauma is involved.  PTSD can be slowly resourced, but it will take lots of time.  Remember to be gentle.  Go slow.  Breathe.

And may all beings realize that they have a choice: we can re-do parts of our childhood which were less than resourced and move into an awareness of why it was and how it can be different.  And then re-orient from there.  It is a beautiful process if you are willing to do the work.

Thanks for reading!


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting!  If you want to support my blogging efforts you can click on the ads below or you can visit to purchase Astrology Interpretations and see what else I offer.

For anyone new to my blog, in addition to writing about Buddhism (Dharma) and Spiritual Astrology, I also write about Healing Facilitation work as I have a private practice offering Process-Oriented Bodywork, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy and trauma resolution.  This post is about the latter modalities.

I just participated in a class today where I was the teaching assistant.  I have taken hundreds of hours of Craniosacral classes, dozens more of other bodywork courses, so the teacher allow me to sit in her class and hold space for the students.  I occasionally coach them if they need it, but not so much today.

The class was Craniosacral level III – so all the participants are fairly advanced in their practice.  One or two of the students already have practices where they offer massage and / or craniosacral work.  Considering I am coming to this class from a very busy life – doing school (prepping for nursing school), working full time and trying to be present for a romantic relationship when I am able…  I needed to hit the brakes quick and this class provided just what I needed for that.

Due to this being a more advanced class, the teacher dove right in and started with some deeper topics.  Today the topics were two-fold: cords and the correlation of the physical vectors of the body, the energetic chakras of the energy system and the Hara or Dan Tien (of the deeper subtle body) – these three correlate to the three tides of Craniosacral therapy.  I could and probably should write an entire post about the tides, but suffice it to say that there are varying rhythms of the body’s energy – sometimes it is more relaxed and this might be a mid-tide (chakra correlation), or we might be in a go-go-go mode and this would be the short time, a.k.a. the Cranial rhythm (vector correlation).  And then if we are lucky enough to experience a deeper state of relaxation than most people are able to attain on their own (serious meditators can get here, or people who receive a lot of bodywork would also be able to drop down into deeper relaxation) which is known as the long tide, then this correlates with the Hara.

I realize I should probably unpack a lot of those words from that paragraph.  If you don’t follow, don’t worry, you will probably catch more in this next section.

The most poignant topic for me was about cords.  An energetic cord is a connection we have with someone but it is most often not a positive connection.  For instance, if our mothers used guilt trips on us as kids in order to get us to behave, there is a chance there is a cord lingering from that relationship.  Or if we felt the need to humor our fathers as children because we wanted to try to make him happier, we might easily be corded to him.  Here is the thing though – if there is an energetic cord to someone from when we are young, then even if that person leaves our life, that cord sticks around until we purposely heal it and release that energy (often less-than-ideal energy).  So if we have a mother who constantly energetically merges with other people (psychological merging is when, for instance, she can’t stand on her own – she is too flexible and is easily swayed because she “becomes” the people around her – and men can easily learn the less-than-ideal habit of merging as well) and she merges with us as children.  Guess what?  We will probably be merging types ourselves, no matter what our gender.

So what does this have to do with me you might ask?  To share a bit about myself, I am / was a merging type.  My astrology chart reveals this.  One of my parent’s is a merging type.  I learned it easily from them, not knowing any better.  I can easily charm people because I can feel what they are thinking, what they are needing – because their needs become my own.  How bad does this sound?  Well you are correct if you though that.  It sucks.  Period.  And I have spent years working to strengthen my psychological boundaries.

And I still have much work to do.  What I did not mention above is that if we have the pattern (the cord) ingrained in us as youngsters, then we will continue to do it as adults until we fully and completely heal it. And this can easily take years.  It depends on how deeply ingrained it is and how old we were when we learned it.

Also what I did not mention is that we will continue to attract that type of cord-like person into our lives until we heal it.  Say my father was a merging type.  Well he has not been in my life much in the past 18 years.  But someone will definitely come along to replace him until I lovingly cut, release and heal that cord.

You might ask what replaces a cord if we cut it – positive resources replace it.  If we do enough personal growth work on ourselves and on our developmental patterns, we are definitely working through some cord material – whether we say the word “cord” or not.  We are building in positive beliefs about ourselves, we are confronting uncomfortable emotions around that situation (if we have a hidden, deep reservoir of resentment toward our parents for smoking when we were tiny babies, then trust me, this is not comfortable to work through – but it is definitely worth working through it!!!).

It is also interesting to look at ways in which we react to different types of people.  When someone is angry, what is my first response?  Do I pick up their anger with ease?  Can I stay centered?  What is someone is down, sad or depressed?  Do I feel a strong yearning to pick them up – whether they ask for help or not?  This might be a cord from the past.  What is someone seems like a strong authority figure?  How do I react around them?  Can I hold my own energetically?  Can I stay confident and in alignment?

These were all questions I found myself asking in this class today.  What do I need to stay present, in my belly, in my Hara, in my chakras, in my heart and in my head in any situation?  What would happen if I said less and took more time to notice my inner process – even in novel situations?  How does it feel hold a higher (more empowered) frequency?

These questions are able to be answered through some spiritual paths.  And they are definitely able to be answered if someone chooses to do Process-oriented bodywork, or Spiritual Processing, or Somatic Experiencing, or Craniosacral Therapy.  I hope you get the chance to dip your toes into this subtle world one day.  🙂

Thank you for reading!

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting.

My awareness of the human body, when touched through my hands is becoming more sensitive and precise.  Having spent the past eight years refining the proprioceptors in my hands and the ability to discern what they are sensing, through Reiki Energetic Healing (touch), Craniosacral Therapy (healing touch) and then Craniosacral Biodynamics and Somatic Processing (also healing touch), it has been a fascinating journey.

Recently, I realized how precise and sensitive my hands were (especially when going about ordinary life) when I picked up a hair off the floor, and between my fingertips, it felt relatively thick.  I wondered at this phenomena for a moment and then realized that my sensitivity was increasing, even when I am not touching someone.

But it is amazing what can be discerned from having skilled hands on a client who is receptive and open to healing touch.  As in, they are intending to relax and they trust the process enough to at least get on your (massage) table.  These days, I do an intake interview which takes at least 15 minutes, primarily asking about previous accidents, injuries, surgeries, etc as well as inquiring about client’s medications and supplements taken.  I also make certain that if there is any question of their mental stability that they have additional support, whether from a religious figure, counselor, therapist, etc.  So I basically ask all these questions to get a baseline of where they are starting (and of course to cover my butt – there are certain clients who I will not touch initially but this is another story).

Sometimes clients will forget to mention something – it happens at least a couple times per month – like I ask about accidents and previous injuries or surgeries and they say they have been lucky so far in their lives and therefore they have nothing to report.  Well, yes, that is most likely the case, and I am glad they see through “glass-is-half-full-eyes” but when I eventually put my hands on their head, I might feel immediate “shock!” “trauma!” “Yikes!” messages…  So I ask, have you ever been in a bad car accident or injured yourself while your body was moving (like a skiing or boating accident, etc)?  Depending on what my hands are picking up, I will vary the question.  And sure enough, every time, there is something they forgot to mention.

Yes, that time you fell off the swing as a kid and hit your head on the porch and lay in bed for two days because you had a bad concussion: this is important information to share with your bodyworker!  Maybe I need to change my line of questioning  🙂   But it is amazing what you can teach your hands to detect – if you practice, if you maintain good habits of self care and if you keep up your sensitivity through monthly healing touch.  Very cool indeed.

Actually I am doing a lot of the Somatic Process (from the Kathy Kain / Peter Levine lineage) work recently, spending a lot of time slowing down myself and then transmitting that peace and serenity to clients and getting them to drop into a deep state of rest-and-digest or parasympathetic nervous system activity (the opposite of fight or flight or freeze).  Up to this point, this is the most profound and potent modality I have practiced.  Depending on the client’s history, I spend the first session simply providing containment for the skin and when they are ready, following their awareness and body’s receptivity to become aware of fascia – the interconnecting matrix of tissue which runs between organs and through the entire body.  Then, when the client is ready, I move to kidneys, gut and eventually, when it feels safe, to the brain stem.

Long story short, I am seeing more and more clients, and gleaning more and more information from healing touch.  And of course, I still work a bit with Zapchen Somatics when it is appropriate.  I am blessed and it seems that some of my positive karma is ripening at the moment, so I am deeply grateful and I try to be present in the midst of whatever is arising – good, bad, rich, poor, fame, blame, I try to rest in “It is okay.”


*** Kirby Moore is not a licensed health care provider.  This information is provided purely for entertainment or educational purposes only.  If you have questions about your health, please contact a licensed professional.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting this blog.

What is mantra?

Mantra, or sacred sounds / phrases / chants, can be a very powerful tool in the healing process. Mantra is considered capable of “creating transformation” [from Wikipedia].  Also known as devanagari or ngak (in Tibetan), mantra is found in Hindu, Buddhist and other religious traditions.  I am a Buddhist practitioner, so I know the potency of mantra within Buddhist practice and traditions, so that is what I am referring to here.

Are there examples of spiritual teachers using mantra to heal?

I have heard stories of many Tibetan Lamas (monks and teachers) who use mantra to help their students and families heal.  There are stories of high Lamas chanting mantras and then blowing on butter, and having their sick students rub the butter on the sore parts of their bodies.  And there are countless stories of Mani-Drupchen(s) where millions of mantras get chanted around the clock.  Tiny little medicinal pills are created especially for this ceremony, and in some Drupchens, these pills actually multiply on their own (a miracle to be sure).  That is why these pills, called Mani Ribu, are so sought after.  And finally, Tibetan doctors use mantra to imbue their medicine with additional spiritual healing qualities.

Why does mantra work?

There are four inconceivable powers in Buddhism, that is, we as ordinary human beings cannot conceive of the complete possibilities of these four.  These are 1) form, 2) mantra, 3) samadhi and 4) karma.  We cannot conceive of all of the manifestations of any of these.  When we chant a mantra with faith and conviction, then there is no end to the healing potential of it.  And even better, if we have received a transmission of the mantra from an authentic lineage holder in a living lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, then the mantra may have more potency.  I have heard that if we have faith in the Yidam, or Buddhist Deity, of whom we chant the mantra – for instance, if we chant Green Tara’s mantra with faith and reverence – then an actual Green Tara deity (wisdom being) goes out from us and performs benefit for others in the world.  If you believe it, then that sounds pretty powerful indeed.

Do I personally use mantra for healing?

Personally, I use mantra in my practice of healing facilitation.  When I work with someone, they will typically request a specific modality – either Craniosacral Biodynamic work or Somatic Processing or a combination of the two.  But I will usually ask if it is okay to silently use mantra in the session.  The client never knows I am doing it, but if I get a “Yes,” that it is okay to use it, then I quietly chant a few mantras and then blow on my hands, giving them additional potency and requesting for the wisdom beings to also benefit the client on the table.  I find this to be a powerful supplement to my practice.

As seasoned readers hopefully know, I am not attempting the foolish attempt to compare myself to the individuals I mention above.  I am just an ordinary human being, but I have been trained in legitimate (empirically based) healing facilitation modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Somatic Processing.  And if I include a tiny bit of mantra, perhaps it helps, perhaps not.

I have received multiple initiations into certain lineages of healing practices such as Medicine Buddha and White Tara (longevity), along with other practices.  Therefore I hope I have received authentic transmissions of these mantras, which might benefit my clients that much more.

I just recently moved into a new office which is beautifully decorated with colorful and soothing abstract artwork.  It is a soothing environment for healing and resting down.  I offer sessions most weekday mornings and by appointment only.

If you want, come visit my new-to-me-office and receive a treatment, which can include the healing power of mantra.  I offer Craniosacral Therapy (more biomechanical – good for more gross levels of healing), Craniosacral Biodynamics (for healing more subtle layers of trauma and stress) along with Somatic Processing (working with the Vagus system and helping the body to relax and release further trauma and tension).

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Recently, I started assisting a friend of mine as she taught a Craniosacral class. It is a class for beginners, looking at the basics of healing touch, alignment, self care and of course going through the fundamentals of Craniosacral work.

For anyone out there who does not know what Craniosacral Therapy (or Craniosacral Biodynamics) is / are, they are modalities that work with balancing the cerebro spinal fluid, deepening awareness as energy, as body and as fluid awareness. CST has been very beneficial in treating a number of issues associated with head injuries, headaches, back problems, pelvic issues and many things in between. In particular, Craniosacral Biodynamics, which is the more holistic of the two (Craniosacral Therapy is more mechanical in orientation), is extremely potent for those people who are sensitive to it. The layers of contact and healing touch are simply extraordinary. Each day I practice, I realize more fully how one could spend an entire life practicing CS Biodynamics and be learning up to the day of death. Wow!

And what I am becoming aware of, having now assisted with two three-hour classes, is that my personal experience and awareness of the Craniosacral rhythms is deepening to points I did not think were possible. To clarify, the tides or rhythms at which the cerebrospinal fluid ebbs and flows are known by three names as 1) the Cranio Rhythm (once every 3 – 5 seconds), 2) the Mid Tide (once every 20 seconds or so) and 3) the Long Tide (once every 50 – 100 seconds). These tides can be tracked and perceived once a practitioner has a lot of hands on practice under the guidance of a qualified teacher. Sometimes when a client goes into a deep state of healing relaxation, these tides cease altogether or become so slow as to not be perceivable. This cessation is known as a “still point.”

For most practitioners, they must put their hands on a client to feel these rhythms. I am beginning to notice that as I walk around the class, holding space (being aware of the vastness of the sky above and bringing my attention out to the horizons behind me and to the sides), if I focus on someone’s table – students work in pairs, one giving a practice treatment and one receiving – I can tell if / when someone goes into a still point and when they come out of it. Plus I have the same breath changes as they do. Pretty amazing!

It seems my depth and intensity of practice is starting to pay off. Also, when the students were working on each others’ occipital bones, I felt mine open and widen and appreciate the change in the energetic field. Similarly, when students started working on each others’ sacrum, I felt a shift in my own as it opened and began to loosen its strong attachments. Very cool!

I will keep tracking what I notice and keep y’all updated. Thanks for reading!

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.

I had a new thought recently as I was working with a client.  I realized that everything I have learned regarding Craniosacral Therapy – protocols, techniques, etc – is fluid and should not be thought as being etched in stone.  What I mean is that my teachers taught in the best way they could and in a manner in which I could conceptually understand, and I am very grateful for them, holding them with deep respect.  However, it is only when we begin to practice and filter all of what we learned through our own experiences and perception, that we begin to realize those protocols are simply a road map.  They are not “THE” answer, rather they are one possible solution to get results.

I say this because individuals are so unique.  Sometimes I will have a client who wants more traction (when I drop in techniques from Zero Balancing for instance), so much traction that I am not able to provide enough – very rare but it has happened.  Then I will have another client for whom, say (arbitrarily), 10 lbs – not much when it comes to the legs – is too much.  And occasionally, to really throw a wrench in the works, the same client who wanted more space in their last session will now want much more contact and containment.  Therefore, as practitioners we must always be alert and listening, ready to change gears when it is requested of us – whether clients verbally articulate it or whether we feel something change under our hands.

We cannot rely on a checklist, rather we must listen and provide spacious presence to the client’s system in such a way that they feel safe, comfortable and relax with ease.  Then when we are ready and when their system is ready we can listen for their body’s unique healing plan and we can connect with that level of their being.  We can at this point, and possibly even should, ask “what is needed right now?”  “Now that you have dropped you typical patterns of holding and compensating, what would be of most benefit to you right now?”  “Please show me what you need.”  These questions are good starting points – and the last request is a great intention to set – because a powerful intention, when grounded in knowledge skillfulness and the wisdom of experience, often produces powerful results.  We must realize that everyone has an innate healing awareness, their own personal healing plan, and the ability to unwind and re-organize on their own.  This personal healing plan or innate healing wisdom which we all have is a vital piece.

We must let go of the (arrogant) thoughts that say, “Oh – look at what I have learned.  Look at my degree!  Look at how many years I was in school.  I am certified with hundreds of hours under my belt!  I know the ANSWER!”  Dear Lord!  This is erroneous and I believe this is one of the primary reasons people do not receive lasting results (when that unfortunate scenario occurs).  It is because someone else is trying to push the client / patient’s system to heal ahead of time.  Or the practitioner is so focused on relying on their own knowledge that they do not have the space (or compassion or wisdom) to listen to the client’s system or body.  And unfortunately, when this last scenario occurs, the client’s body has just shied away from the practitioner’s cold, judgmental gaze – and how can any lasting healing occur when at some level, the client does not feel safe with the practitioner – no matter what letters are after their name?

We must learn to drop the part of ourselves that diagnose, that judge, that says, “Oh look at you!  There is something wrong with you and I know what that is!  In fact, I can heal you.”  Bullshit.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Get off your high horse before you hurt somebody!  Get with the program and drop that old, derogatory story.  It is then, and only then that you will start to notice people getting up off the table saying, “Wow!  I don’t know what you did, but I feel so much better…”  When in actuality, it was their system that told me where to put the fulcrum, and besides that, all I did was hold space and awareness as they re-organized around a fulcrum.  So it is imperative(!) – we must listen for the client’s innate healing plan.  (See footnote at the bottom.)

It is at this point that we become a part of the solution, a fulcrum around which their system re-organizes and re-orients.  And it is only at this point that true, lasting healing occurs.  When I have the thought “I know what they need,” which of course is now a major red flag, when this monstrous thought wanders across my serene mental landscape I pause and check in, remembering I don’t actually do anything without their body’s permission and direction.  Because I could unwind someone’s jaw all day long – but if they are not ready to process the consciousness that is stored in that particular pattern, whatever is manifesting will never heal.  However, if they are ready, and if, after listening, I am drawn to work with their jaw, in a gentle, patient manner, then it might feel like butter melting under my hands and the issue could potentially dissolve in a few seconds.  Where on the other hand, if I “know” that they need something unwound, and I do not wait for their body to relax and drop its conditioned patterns of holding and compensation, it could take many minutes to TRY to unwind it, and it still might be fraught with tension (which is a lot of effort for no result – a disappointing proposition indeed).

There is a gift in waiting and listening – allowing the organic process to take effect.  This organic process can happen faster and faster if you maintain a [“hands off, I just listen, I just work with your system, I am not a healer, I do not actually fix anything that is not ready to go ahead of time”] attitude and continuously hold this kindhearted space.  Then client’s bodies feel your compassionate presence and move into a healing-receptive state with ease and grace.  It is at this point that you start to become a healing fulcrum just by being present. This takes time – do not go into a workshop saying, “You know, I’m ready to heal others right now.  I’m going to come out of my first (or second… or fifteenth) class and just heal the world.”  Baby steps.  Go slow, do a little and rest.  Learn a little more and rest and integrate.  Be gentle.  Then it sticks.  And it might not be until way down the road that you feel confident and wise with experience (I am certainly light years away).  There is a saying among my bodywork teachers: “When you touch 1,000 bodies, then you will have your answers.”  That is a lot of bodies to get your hands on.  But I think what this means is to trust that the process will take a long, long time to evolve and integrate.  But it will happen if you apply a gentle yet persistent work ethic.

Remember, less is better than more.  “We can never go too deep – only too fast” a timely quote by Hugh Milne.  And for goodness sake, relax your awareness, identify your stories and then let them go.

Becoming a gifted healing facilitator is an incredible journey.  And we cannot arrive at that destination without doing profound work on ourselves.  Providing expert healing facilitation for others and doing great work on ourselves goes hand-in-hand.  And please keep in mind that the journey is the most delicious part.

Footnote: There are times when we are in such a state of crisis or trauma that taking the time to listen is absurd.  That is the beauty of Western medicine – when there is a bone sticking out of someone’s arm, there is no time to waste.  I feel Western medicine does a fabulous job with acute issues, injury and disease.  However, it is the non-life-threatening material that could use more of a compassionate touch.  Not that I know what I am talking about…

This was hastily written by M. Kirby Moore, an ordinary human being, on May 14th, 2010.

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