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This page describes who I (Kirby Moore) am:

I practice bodywork, and the modalities which inform my practice are Somatic0077 Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Birth Process Work (PPN), Trauma Informed Astrology, Tibetan Buddhism and Zapchen Somatics, among others. I love what I do! Each session is often quite different, but my overall goal is to support my client’s innate health and embodiment process.

I offer in-person bodywork (with Covid safety protocols in place), long-distance sessions in Somatic Experiencing and Trauma-Informed Astrology. I have been extremely fortunate in the teachers I have had – whether for bodywork modalities, birth process work, heart teachers and spiritual guides. I am grateful to be able to pass along some of the wisdom I have taken in.


I specialize in working with chronically stuck energy – whether that looks like a tense shoulder, chronic neck pain, migraines or other long-term, difficult to treat issues. Of course I strongly recommend getting things checked out by a doctor or appropriate medical professional first – we want to make certain there is not an organic or nutritional cause underlying chronic issues. According to research however, about one in three people who have chronic symptoms (a.k.a. syndromes), it is a psycho-physiological cause and then Somatic Experiencing type of body-oriented therapy will benefit the symptoms.

I like to ask the following questions of myself and my clients / students:

Where is the health in your system?

What makes you feel alive?

When have you felt most like yourself?

I have been extremely fortunate in the teachings I have received and in having grounded, precious heart teachers. Since 2005, I have been studying and practicing emotional-process-oriented bodywork (deeper healing and repair type of personal growth work) with Craniosacral Therapy, Zapchen Somatics and Visceral Manipulation. Then in 2012, I took my first class in Working with the Polyvagal System and I have been hooked ever since.

I love learning about the Autonomic Nervous System, what it means to be in Sympathetic states, Parasympathetic and Socially Engaged states! And using this information to benefit my clients – both in bodywork, long distance sessions and even in astrology interpretations.


Kirby in May of 2020, near the completion of 3 month retreat

In 2013, I took my first intensive workshop in Birth Process Work, then in 2016 I began formal training in it – otherwise known as Pre- and Perinatal Psychology. Then in 2018, I continued training in Somatic Experiencing and am now I only have supervision credits to complete – having completed the 3-years of training modules. This combination – Craniosacral Therapy, Birth Process work and Somatic Experiencing allows me to support clients from many different angles. I have a number of tools under my belt, and I invite my clients to repair, heal and process on their leading edgenever going too deep too fast! (Very important)

I offer unique healing experiences that no one else can offer: One, I offer grounded, embodied process-oriented bodywork (or long-distance) sessions informed by an extensive background in meditation and yoga (over 15 years of practicing Tibetan Buddhism), Birth Process work, Trauma-resolution modalities and Chinese Medicine (Asian Bodywork in particular). And two, I offer Trauma-Informed (Spiritual) Astrology interpretations informed by the same awesome modalities and spiritual grounding.

I offer these sessions in-person in Central Virginia and long distance sessions across North America, along with having clients in Europe, Asia and Australia.

To Contact Kirby:

To schedule a bodywork (in-person or distance) or Spiritual Astrology session Email Kirby at: kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

Timeline of learning and modalities:

  1. 2003 – present – Western Astrology, Spiritual Astrology
  2. 2004 – present – Reiki Energetic Healing
  3. 2005 – present – Craniosacral Therapy, Zapchen Somatics, Tibetan Buddhism
  4. 2007 – 2012 – Non-violent Communication workshops, Help Increase the Peace program trainer
  5. 2007 – 2011 – Bachelor’s in Psychology from UVa
  6. 2007 – present – receiving teachings, attending 10-day meditation retreats and more with incredible teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Garchen Rinpoche, HH the Drikung Kyabgon and many other precious heart teachers
  7. 2012 – present – Working with the Polyvagal System, Polyvagal Therapy, Polyvagal Theory work with Deb Dana and Stephen Porges
  8. 2013 – present – Birth Process work, Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (PPN work) with Myrna Martin, Kate White, Janet Evergreen and others
  9. 2018 – present – completed three years of Somatic Experiencing training

Originally born and raised in Hawaii, I have lived in Virginia for over 34 years, where I love spending time outdoors, hiking, biking, gardening, saying AH and just being with natural rhythms, inner, outer and secret.  Please visit the other pages on my blog when you have the chance.

Thank you for visiting and please leave a comment!

10 thoughts on “About Kirby

  1. Hello Kirby!
    Greetings from Toronto. I am a practicing vedic astrologer and would love to discuss a few things. How do I get in touch with you?
    Let me know your email or somethin please 🙂


    1. Thanks for tracking me down Herschel! I look forward to discussing those topics you mentioned! Best, Kirby

  2. Hi Kirby ,
    Complete full cycle of identity life.
    Now want to restart life for all new cycle of life without identity
    True north node 26 degrees 22′ Sagittaruis, in house 9

    1. Hi Ramayah,

      Congrats on the fresh start. Not quite sure what you mean by life without identity? Changing your name? Sagittarius might be suggesting that you broaden your horizons, expand your consciousness, perhaps teaching is involved. If you want to chat more, just let me know.

  3. Hi Kirby,
    I recently found your blog, and have enjoyed reading through some of it–so much to explore. I’ll be coming to U.Va for the summer language institute in Tibetan soon! Perhaps we could meet up and talk? I think I have some questions for you about your experience there; it would be helpful to get an insider perspective.

  4. Hi fellow Cviller! It would be cool to meet you in person. I’d love to hear more about your travels and insights.

    1. Hi Nicole, Sorry to take so long in getting back to you (Wow!!!). Let me know if you still are interested in meeting. I’ve had spells of being very busy and sometimes I don’t catch all these comments during those times. Best wishes,

  5. I agree that you have to discover who you are, and then accept it and move on from there. I think meditation is a key to this, say quiet shamatha.

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