Pastel by Kirby Moore
Pastel by Kirby Moore

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Trauma Informed Astrology

Where Western Astrology intersects with Trauma Resolution theory and techniques, and embodiment practices.

I first had the thought to create Trauma Informed Astrology back in 2018, and then I started blogging about it. In 2019, I created this dynamic new fusion of modalities to get the best of multiple worlds – the insight, timing and clarity of the Astrology chart plus the embodiment tools and innovative theory from Polyvagal work, Somatic Experiencing, Craniosacral Therapy, Zapchen Somatics and more.

There are a few Trauma Informed Astrology practitioners in the world today. Not many though! So I am excited to be creating courses and workshops in this dynamic modality! You can visit for more info.

What would it be like to get a more precise glimpse of what someone is working through (psychological astrology) and to have the tools to help them liberate it? Dynamic and efficacious healing and nervous system repair. For the most part, it is possible to transform suffering – if we are willing to do the work, to own our stuff and be dedicated to caring for ourselves. It is a long-haul process – minimum of 3 to 5 years if we have early developmental trauma. But the increased access to creativity, play, humor and spontaneity on the other side are so worth it!

I practice frequency-based, choice-centered astrology, meaning an interpretation takes each individual, their choices and unique path, into account. See below for Rates.

In the category of Astrology on this blog – you will find many posts and articles on what is offered with Spiritual Astrology plus Transiting Uranus; Transiting Saturn; Natal Neptune; the 12th House; Natal Saturn and Mercury Retrograde; the Stellium in Aquarius – Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune; the Natal Moon; and some personal reflections.  My perspective on astrology is insightfully colored by having a private practice of bodywork (Craniosacral Therapy, Working with the Polyvagal System, Somatic Experiencing and more), meditation practice and other process-oriented modalities.

I have been practicing Spiritual Astrology since 2004, studying with several prominent practitioners and one who keeps her skills anonymous.  These teachers have backgrounds in empirical Western astronomy and astrology, esoteric and Spiritual astrology, Hellenistic, psychological and evolutionary astrology.

Trauma Informed Astrology Interpretations are offered both in person and via distant phone sessions.  You can reach Kirby at kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com. No solicitation please.

Clients generally seek to gain a deeper understanding of who they are, at their core.  It is Kirby’s wish for all beings to be in alignment, filled with clarity and compassion and his interpretations are imbued with this potent intention.  He believes that our lives become easier when we are on our path.  Only we can know what our individual path is, however Spiritual Astrology can provide empowering confidence that we are making the “right” choices and traveling in positive directions toward psycho-spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of the soul’s purpose.

Generally, we all want to be happy and to live in peace.  Most people have some understanding of who they are, especially when habitual patterns continue to fail or to cause them suffering over time, or at least they have a glimmer of their potential.  When we receive an interpretation from a qualified astrologer, we gain validation of our unique idiosyncrasies and our way of being – and we realize it is okay.  Otherwise we can be so hard on ourselves!  Many of Kirby’s clients have reported feeling more fulfilled and at peace after receiving an interpretation.

Astrology also provides the benefits of answering timing questions – for instance, what energy was active when [an intense experience] happened [two] years ago?  What lesson was present?  What is currently unfolding?  What will be going on two years from now?  These and many other questions can be answered in a Spiritual Astrology interpretation – which can include Timing Aspects. See the post published in Nov 2011 for more on Timing Astrology.

Kirby has much experience rectifying birth charts.  This is for people who do not know what time they were born.  What this means is determining the birth time through empirical research, using major events from the individual’s lifetime to work toward the time of birth.  Generally Kirby gets to within 5-10 minutes of the accurate time of birth. See the two posts from Oct 2011 for more on Rectifying a Birth Chart.

All good reasons to consider receiving a Spiritual Astrology interpretation – which also makes a great gift.  Give yourself the gift of insight and self-understanding today.

Rates As of December 2022: (All rates include the printed Astrology Charts and corresponding tables, any required preparation time and all interpretations are recorded and then emailed to the client. These rates are on a sliding scale)
• $250 – $195 Birthday Special – this includes a 90-minute Timing Astrology interpretation, with Transits, Progressed, Solar Arc Directed and the Solar Return Charts. This also includes a typed-report of major upcoming Astrological events. This offer is good around the month of someone’s birthday.
• $250 – $185 for an initial 90-minute Spiritual Astrology recorded interpretation. This is the complete Natal Astrology interpretation. It is good to get a fresh perspective on your Astrology chart, and after a brief interview (included), you will receive a grounded, personal interpretation detailing your unique, evolutionary potential for this incarnation.
• $175 – $125 having received the initial interpretation above, this is the Timing Astrology fee for a 75-minute recorded interpretation in person or via the phone or Skype etc. This includes Transits, Progressed, and Solar Arc Directed Charts. I recommend having your Timing Astrology done once per year.
• $175 – $125 Relocation Astrology (AstroCartography*) – if you are looking to move, or exploring general location(s) you are looking at or for taking a vacation, this 75-minute interpretation provides valuable insights into these areas.
• For Chart Rectifying, I charge depending on how long it takes, $125 – $225. And this means getting to within 10 minutes of the actual time of birth. (For getting the exact minute, you might want to talk to a very proficient psychic.)
• $75 for half-an-hour of private tutoring – this is for an individual tutoring session in any area of Spiritual Astrology that I practice. So if you want to learn more and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into casting and interpreting Astrology Charts, let me know!

I realize that in this trying economy, not everyone can afford the above rates. Therefore if you are a student or are under-employed, talk to me about scholarships.

Thank you for visiting!


13 thoughts on “Astrology

  1. Hi Kirby,

    I see these comments are pretty old. Still practicing? I wrote a long comment but it got lost when I had to reset my password. Question about yod to Chiron from Neptune & Saturn.

    1. Hi Eleanor,
      Not sure why I didn’t respond to you. (Sorry!!!) I wasn’t being notified about new comments..
      I am still practicing Spiritual Astrology. And I love working with Yods. Let me know if you want to set up an interpretation soon! You can email directly at mkirbymoore [at] gmail [dot] com
      Hope you find the answers you are looking for!

  2. wow Great post topic and I must make the wishes for your blog!! where do you find the inspiration?

    1. Hi Horoscope – thanks for reading. I am a pretty “Uranian” fellow, meaning I see myself as visionary, unusual, marching to the beat of my own drum (bucking conventional patterns), and I try to be as authentic as possible. My inspiration comes from many areas – sometimes serendipitous meetings with new people, other times from hiking / being in nature, occasionally from spending time with animals and normally from practicing Tibetan Buddhism and especially being with those precious teachers (Tibetan Lamas).

  3. Hi Sachin,

    Thank you very much for your comment and request. I appreciate your readership very much!

    I too am just a beginner in this arena, however I have done about a 150 or more charts professionally, so I have a little experience. I will post one or two articles about your question.

    I am presently on a three day mini-retreat and I am going to continue my practice with that. So expect these articles within the next week or two.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi kirby, nice to see your blog. Since past few years I am reading a few books on astrology and traits. I am skeptical about the predictions stuff but I am totally in favor of the traits and behavior part of the signs. Only problem I have seen is that I don’t see the traits apply to people around me when I try to relate them to Sun Signs. May be there are many aspects which needs to be considered. But what I found is that most of my friends, relatives and colleagues comply to the traits when analyzed through only the Moon Signs. I am Libra by moon sign and Taurus by sun sign. And I have almost all of the Libra traits!!

    I am just a beginner in this area and would appreciate if you too do some observations in this area of moon sign.

    Sachin Pednekar

  5. I realize you might be wondering why I would post a comment on my own blog. Actually I am also wondering that same question, however when I did so, I did not have many comments so I was happier seeing one. How curious is that? 🙂

    My progress through the subject of astrology, which could also be re-stated as my progress through understanding my self , has taken quite an interesting path. The first person, who planted the seeds, who mentioned that I should study astrology was promptly informed by me that they should change the subject or risk having harsh words spoken (to put it lightly). I am truly grateful for those seeds being planted however, in hindsight.

    As a Pisces (my Sun is in the 8th house), Leo rising and Libra Moon parallel natal Pluto, I have not always been good at being grounded or setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries. As a result, I began to study esoteric subjects initially and more recently I am now grounding my astrological practice in universal truths which I continue to realize through Buddhism. [I believe there are many paths to reveal these truths.] I have studied Western, psychological, karmic, and evolutionary astrology. Along the way, several fascinating and ancient tomes on Medical astrology have found their way to me, which I am most thankful for.

    So, today, I continue to practice Spiritual Astrology. I offer occasional workshops and classes. Let me know if you are interested.

    1. Hello Kirby,

      I am also a dharma student, amateur astrologer and anthropologist. I see these posts are pretty old. Wondering if you are still doing readings. I read charts but might like some help with my son’s. I just discovered a yod to Chiron in his chart which I never noticed before since I always ignored Chiron. But I printed out a chart with one degree orbs by accident and that aspect is prominent. 3d house. So might like to consult briefly.

      1. Hi Eleanor! It sounds like you and I have some things in common. I still dabble in astrology – I have been keeping busy in a relationship and with life, so unfortunately this blog has suffered. I am planning to make some posts soon though! I would be happy to check in with you (will email). ~Kirby

      2. Hi again Eleanor,
        Often times there is a Yod from Neptune and Pluto pointing to Chiron (due to Neptune and Pluto’s perpetual sextile for about 20 years there). However a Yod from Neptune and Saturn is quite an interesting mixture – it is more rare that what I just mentioned and these two planets are typically seen as opposites. I would be happy to chat about this with you.
        Best wishes, Kirby

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