I am writing this post about a relationship I have been in for several months.

Back in March, I wrote a little about how she made my birthday one of the best I have ever had. She wrote a love song to me, about me and then proceeded to serenade me with it! What?! On top of that, she bought me delicious dinner and we went out to a great concert! So that was one of my most memorable birthdays, at least in the past 25 years!

So not to be outdone, I wanted her to have one of the best birthdays – because I care about her deeply (and her effort for mine makes it easier for me to reciprocate!). Therefore I booked an Air B & B location west of Staunton Virginia, in the beautiful rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley. The B&B that I got was expensive (for me anyway – $220 / night for all fees etc) but it turns out it was well worth the cost. The owners did not spare any expense – they had high quality organic snacks available, the fridge was stocked with drinks, the bath and shower products were top notch. And to top it all off, they had a pool, hot tub and a deep soaker tub! Whoa!

We tried to get there early to take advantage of all these amenities. Warming up in the sun by playing outdoor ping pong was fun. Then we hopped from the pool to the hot tub several times. That was quite the healing phenomenon! We ate delicious Mexican style tacos with carne asada. And I had been writing love poems for her on origami paper, which I folded into little cranes. So about once an hour, she took another crane and opened it – there were a total of 14 or so? Which meant she took several home to open on her own. That was pretty special, either my reading them to her, or her to me. I love feeling my love being reflected and reciprocated back to me. It is so easy to be generous in a relationship when it helps me be in my heart so much more fully! Hashtag inspired 🙂

Then the following day we went for a hike at Ramsey’s Draft – which purportedly has old growth forest way back in it. However, we did not have the energy or the hiking-with-packs-practice to hike 12 – 14 miles round trip in an afternoon. Instead we did a ridge hike that had some incredible views looking out toward Highland County – which is also gorgeous by the way! (We took a little detour over there by accident getting out to Ramsey’s Draft.)

Next time we will go back with camping gear and proper supplies to hike in to the back of the wilderness area the first day. And then hike back out the next. I do want to hug a 300 year old old-growth Hemlock or Ash tree! The Sequoias of the East? (Not quite!)

This new relationship has me thinking. About life, about my future, our future hopefully. And also about what I want to be when I grow up. It sounds crazy (because it is), I am 40 years old and I am still questioning what I am doing with my life. I am a talented healing facilitator, I can resource a traumatized nervous system with the best of them, and I am a competent astrologer. But I still haven’t found “it” yet. That which grabs me, ignites my passion and makes me say, “This is what I want to do with the rest of my life.” I pray I can be of more consistent benefit to sentient beings than I am currently and be appropriately reciprocated for it.

It seems I am on the verge of something big spiritually / emotionally / psychologically. Up to this point in my life, I have had the mistaken (I know this cognitively but something deep within still has fear) view that in order to have money, I have work my butt off. I have to work very hard for any little thing I get. In other words, I succumb to a popular view that the concept of lack (of abundance) is how the world is and I have to scratch and scrape for every little morsel and scrap I can get. And I have made a few financial mistakes – but nothing major – in my life and I am human and might make a few more mistakes. Sometimes I wonder if I want money at all – is there an aversion? But we need it to survive and especially to thrive. I do want to support a family soon, of my own. I want to take my new family to Hawai’i to show them my birthplace. So I need money. I am really tired of not having anything tucked away for retirement. Yet even if I am relatively poor, I have love in my heart, for me, for her, a beautiful co-created generous warm-heart-embodying relationship. What else do I need? While this deep inner pattern works to re-organize, I will be leaning into this blossoming partnership I have discovered. Love is all there is. Money is energy. Gotta love ourselves first!

May it be so for all sentient beings!

Thank you for reading,



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This is a continuation from a previous post. Go back and read that one first. This post is in progress. Over the next few days more will be written. 🙂

Why do relationships occasionally come to people who are wholly unprepared for one? Or which aspects do I look at to see a potential romantic relationship coming my way?

This was an interesting question! For someone who knows astrology well, then a new relationship possibility would not be a huge surprise. You can look at any number of aspects in the Timing Charts (Transit Chart, Secondary Progressed Chart, etc) to see whether there will be a possible romantic tryst (if you are into that kind of thing) or a more serious potential partnering.

These aspects include Progressed Venus conjunct Natal / Pr Mars, Natal / Pr Sun, Natal / Pr Moon (at these times love will be in the air for two to three years so you would look at shorter Transit aspects to actually see “when”). Progressed Mars in the Natal 7th house is when we have a lot of energy and drive to partner up – especially closer to the Descendant. Pr Mars will be in the 7th house for up to 50 years… so the first 10 degrees of that house are more poignant in this case. Having an accurate birth time makes a big difference in cases like these.

I wrote an entire post on marriage aspects in astrology. Go back and read through the astrology category or search marriage aspects for more on this topic.

If we have done A LOT of work on ourselves, then Transiting Saturn entering the 7th house can indicate a time of a romantic relationship deepening. More commitment, more responsibility, more discipline required to keep it a harmonious relationship. But still quite possibly a healthy, happy, lively relationship!

There are other aspects – lots of them – that indicate a time of potential pairing or even of juicy short love affairs… better to work with a skillful astrologer to discern what and when. 🙂

Keep in mind what I mention on that first article / post – if we resist meeting someone, if we do not put the causes and conditions into place to meet a potential partner, then we might be able to resist these astrological suggestions.

Is a relationship set in stone? Regarding the dynamic between the two people?

In other words, are the ways of relating between two people stuck or fixed OR subject to change and mutability?

The immediate answer to this question of course is “No.” However, there are a number of people who are “stuck in a rut” or many people say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So only if we are willing to acknowledge that there might be an issue, or I might have a blind spot, or that suppressed emotion is starting to really get in the way of my giving and receiving love… then we can make changes, work on improving ourselves and therefore shift the relationship to a better place. If we can peel ourselves away from self-grasping and focus on how can I make my partner’s life better today? Then this will make things change really quickly.

The Composite Chart is set in stone – it is like the Natal Chart for the relationship. So if two people have serious quarreling for years on end.. then that might be the baseline. But Progress (progression) happens, change is inevitable. But it might not be fast enough if there are too many problems in the relationship.

Being more flexible, adaptable, open, curious, spacious and having a sense of wonder of what this day will bring will help. How will I be pleasantly surprised today? How can I joyfully surprise my partner today?

Why are we attracted to some people but not others?

I do not claim to know much about the mechanisms of karma. However, we can often see attraction in the birth chart. There are many aspects that reveal this.

For starters, one of the hottest (spiciest, juiciest, etc) aspects between two charts is Mars square Venus – whether synastry or in the composite chart. This is one square the works real good. “Oh you mean there is tension between my conquering warrior and your delicate damsel, oh my…” (Don’t worry this won’t get X-rated. I hope.)

But there are some interesting aspects for attraction as well. Jupiter trine / sextile / conjunct Mars – a fun playful flirtatious competition; Jupiter / Venus – this may not be hot passion but it will mean you two are very generous and kind with each other.

There are the soul mate aspects (I’ll just leave this one blank on purpose. Some cards need to stay close to my chest. Message me for a personalized interpretation. My site is

Pluto / Mars aspects when soft are pretty amazing. There might be fireworks. If hard aspects, attempt to be gentle!

There is even the weird mother / oedipus attraction piece of Mars in aspect to the Moon. Especially if it is a male / female relationship and it is his Mars / her Moon. This can be another piece in the attraction puzzle. But I wouldn’t base a long-term relationship on it.

Is there one karmic pre-destined person for us to be with?

The answer to this question is “No.” I believe that there might be a primary relationship with whom we have a strong karmic connection, someone who will provoke us enough to grow and mature and ripen. With that said however, if I choose not to be with that person (for any number of reasons), then I also believe that there are many secondary relationships out there which will also poke and prod us into growth and evolving for the better.

Actually, different people will inspire or reflect what we need to see / feel / experience in order to work through some deep psycho-spiritual issue. And different people will reflect different aspects or levels or ages of what we need. Here is an example:

I am currently dating a woman who has a four year old daughter. The woman I’m dating is just wrapping up a divorce. (They signed the separation agreement long before we started dating – I made sure of this. No need to commit any sexual misconduct!) When I started seeing her, her daughter was three and a half years old.

This current relationship I’m in, which is going really well by the way, was the perfect catalyst for me to see how wounded I was by my own parents’ divorce (which I was three and a half years old!). Previously I thought most of my unmet needs / wounds came from a difficult birth… (I have done a lot of work on myself btw.)

Now, having brought this unconscious wound(s) to the surface, I lean into support as I work to resource my little 3 and 4 year old parts, I repair his / my nervous system / brain and I work to slow things down. Because the big ball of emotions was too overwhelming for a three-year-old nervous system at the time. Now we can skillfully, patiently, compassionately and gently untangle that big psycho-spiritual knot!

In conclusion, there may be several people who reflect different things I need to work on. I am very happy and content being in this current relationship. But say I had chosen differently 6-8 months ago, I might be with someone else who reflects another unconscious part of me that need healing.

Why does it seem that some people can’t resist being with their partners?

This was another interesting question! Are we compelled to be with someone? People sometimes talk about irresistible lust. And when we are younger, and the reproductive hormones are flowing mightily through our veins, then maybe it might seem irresistible. But for most rational people, we always have a choice.

It might seem we are “fated” to be with someone – always bumping into them at the store, being in class with them all the time, sharing the same spiritual path, or whatever. But if we can meditate, if we can peel our minds away from the groove we have started making – about how they are the perfect partner or about how they will solve all our problems – go for a walk in nature, spend time gazing at the vast sky, go for a trip to physically get separation from them – then we would see that it really is a choice.

If you feel you need to be with someone, then go for it. I am not saying not to! If you feel the irresistible urge to partner / be near them / romance them, then there is probably a reason. Learn from them. Grow with them. Practice generosity! And on a different note…

Being aware of our early unmet needs and developmental wounds is very important. Because this is what causes this magnetic attraction. As an example, the abandoned part of me will be fulfilled by the giving assertive part of you. And if my early developmental unmet needs template matches up very closely with yours, then it will feel like the “perfect match!” But in reality, it can be unconscious forces at work.

And of course it might be the case that we have a strong positive healthy karmic connection to someone or maybe multiple someones. And in this case, we feel drawn toward them, we love spending time with them, it feels like we grow or get fed by being with them. Then this is very positive and healthy! Go with it!

So if we have done a lot of work on ourselves. If we are pretty clear about our psycho-spiritual drives and needs, then we can go into a relationship with less unconscious yearning (inappropriate feelings of will-you-take-care-of-my-little-one?). Then we can have a co-creating, inspiring, supportive, spacious, reliable, committed, generous, light, lively, spontaneous, grounded partnership! Yay!

Is there a monastic signature in the birth chart? When you see this, you might think to yourself, yes this individual (at least on some level) does not want to be in a romantic relationship this lifetime?

Whether it is personal choice or due to our karma… if you see someone with Venus in the 12th house and in Virgo, then unfortunately (sorry folks) relationships might not be easy for that person. This could also be true for Venus in Scorpio – although for a different reason. Venus in Scorpio in the 12th house could be more on the scheming / manipulative side and therefore have trouble keeping relationships as a result.

But even this combination is not a life sentence of being alone. We must take into account aspects! Jupiter trine either of these Venuses in the 12th house and maybe they will benefit quite nicely from a relationship (and benefit their partner(s)).

So yes there could be a monastic signature, but it is complex. A good astrologer can help you to sort this out.

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Yesterday, as I drove home from a Dharma teaching in the Tidewater region (about 2.5 hours away from home), I had the good fortune to be questioned by a friend and Tibetan scholar about how does relationship astrology work? He grew up as a monk but gave up his robes and vows around the age of 23.

This is going to be a post in progress. So if you come back, you can read more over the next few days. 🙂

First off, what is relationship astrology? What in particular do you look at in the astrology chart?

Relationship astrology in general refers to looking at two people’s charts and comparing them, using the synastry between them and sometimes even creating a new chart of the relationship called the Composite Chart. With that said, first we will look at how we can see someone’s relationship needs from their own Natal Chart – their birth horoscope.

All of the planets, signs and houses in the astrology chart can play a role in relationship astrology, however Venus and Mars would be the best place to look first. Venus represents what we want (what do we desire?) in the simplest explanation, and Mars represents how we go about getting what we want.

This sounds very straight forward right? Well, astrology is a very complex topic. So it isn’t that simple. For instance, Venus’ sign can tell you a bit about how the person will like to love and be loved. It will tell you about their sensuality level, their passion or lack thereof, what kind of aesthetics they prefer, are they more romantic, do they like to take their time, how do they like to be wined and dined, etc. But here is the catch – so will the house position of Venus, so will the aspects to Venus, so will planets in the 2nd and 7th houses of the birth chart… Are you getting how intricate and interconnected astrology (in general and relationship astrology in particular) can be?

Likewise, Mars’ sign will tell you how assertive someone will be, how competitive, how driven, how direct, how aggressive, how passionate, how sensual, how romantic, how sexually driven, etc. And likewise so will the house placement, the aspects to Mars and planets in the 1st or 8th house.

Either of these planets aspecting Uranus, Neptune or Pluto will tack on an entire new level of dynamic twists and turns to either Mars or Venus. People have written entire books about each of these planets alone.. so I won’t go too deep here. Saturn or Jupiter in aspect to either relational planet will have different unique effects and persuasions.

Relationship astrology – why do some people yearn for a relationship really hard but never get one?

First of all, we are social creatures, so pretty much all people need social contact. Ideally we like to touch and be touched (consensual, comfortable, loving, appropriate touch), we want to be seen and heard and appreciated. But how much touching do we enjoy? Are we a Type A personality – driven, muscling through, a “no pain, no gain” type? Or are we more laid back? Are we more sensitive? And does that affect our romantic needs? (It often does!)

The first place to look is at the Natal Venus. The sign and house placement will tell you A LOT about the individual’s needs in relationships – and possibly if they even want one at all. By the way, it is rare for someone to be totally averse to any type of romantic relationship (see the last question below). Even if someone has less sexual hunger, we still get lonely and benefit from human contact!

Venus in the 2nd house will be different from Venus in the 5th and very different from the 12th house! So house position is quite important. The sign plays a major role, and alas, so do aspects to Venus.

The astrology chart is a reflection of our gross karma. So if someone has abused their power in relationships in the past (lives), then it is possible they will have poor relationship karma. But keep in mind that karma is not permanent – it can be transformed. If you have a spiritual practice, it can be transformed even faster. Negative karma can be worked off as it were.

Also we need to put the causes and conditions into place. If we are abrasive and angry, then we need to work on ourselves before we could possibly attract a harmonious relationship! And the conditions involve meeting people. There might be a great partner out there for us, but if we are too scared to go out, or to try GreenSingles or MeetMindful or other legit dating sites, then we might successfully avoid them for a while.

But the key is to work on yourself first. I told my mother back when I was 20 that I was going to work on improving myself so that down the road I could attract a good partner. That is how you can be prepared. If we don’t work on ourselves, then the “universe” (or really our inner need reflected in an outer person) will send someone who really triggers us around our blind spots.

To answer this question… be wary when you see the word “never.” You can be more prepared by working on yourself. Especially work to resource your inner developmental parts – this work is done via Birth Process Work (PPN Work), EMDR, Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS), some Somatic Experiencing if the practitioner is really experienced and a few other modalities.

Why do we need to be aware of our developmental needs and unmet needs? Because this is what gets stirred up as soon as we get intimate with someone – we go straight back to our attachment style with our caretakers. This is true when we start having sex with someone and especially when we start living with someone. So do repair work for your little one. 🙂

Then you will have less unconscious stuff to be triggered by! And we will have much more psychic energy to put into creativity and joy!

To be continued in the next post!

Thank you for reading!


Overview – this post will blend spiritual awareness of higher states of being with the experience of Craniosacral Therapy (CST). I have been practicing CST since 2005 (biodynamic CST and biomechanics CST), I have done lots of meditation, attended multiple Dharma teachings and retreats and done a number of Womb Surround Birth Process Workshops. In other words, I have a unique background as a spiritual practitioner and bodyworker.

What is Craniosacral Therapy? There are two lineages (primarily – although there are also classes taught by osteopaths as in cranial osteopathy): biodynamic CST and biomechanical CST.

What is Biodynamic CST? This is more recent of the two. It comes from the principle that everyone has inherent health in their systems. There is even an inherent health plan in our being. And as practitioner, we connect to this inherent health – the health which is never lost. We reinforce it, strengthen it, spend time with it, nurture it and provide a safe container for it to become more robust. This is the more subtle of the two systems which has its benefits and drawbacks.

My personal preference these days is Biodynamic CST hands down! The altered state you get into when your Cranial Rhythm goes into long tide (the most regenerative of the 3 rhythms) is indescribable. It is liquid potency, warm, clarity, luminous, robust, healing, boundary-strengthening, etc. So potent!

What is Biomechanical CST? Primarily started by DO John Upledger, this system has protocols where the practitioner shifts parts of the body – whether diaphragms in the torso, bones in the pelvis or cranial bones – while the client often goes into a healing trance. Less subtle of the two types, but it has its benefits – especially with working with first time CST clients. (They do not benefit from the extremely subtle work right away.) Some types of birth trauma benefit more from biomechanical CST as well.

Having access to both lineages of CST is helpful – then we have more tools to work with different types of individuals!

Resonance – Resonance is the ability of a practitioner to feel in their body what a client is noticing in their own body. Over time, this begins to happen. Especially if we are doing our own work, leading a clean and healthy lifestyle and keeping our psycho-spiritual body in harmony. As one of my teacher’s says, “get your hands on a 1000 bodies as a bodyworker and you would be surprised how much you can feel.” This allows me to track what is happening in my client’s bodies as we are doing the session. (It also allows me to make certain that they are staying present with the session if that is their intention. Dissociation has a certain feel to it and I can bring people back if they start to check out.) I must admit, it is fun to notice this next part happening for my clients – because then it is almost always a spiritual experience as well as a pleasant and healing bodywork session.

What is the brahma aperture? 8 finger widths above the hairline, the 7th chakra, it signifies connection to Source and greater intuition. Let’s unpack this a bit. The brahma aperture is the crown chakra, the heavenly gate. It is the “door” we want to leave through at the time of death – which leads to higher rebirths. As it is connected to the pineal gland, it is highly associated with our innate intuition and guidance, along with our connection to Source and our Higher Selves. We want to have this gate open.

However, there are many reasons why this gate is closed off. It can be physical – one aspect of the compression of birth is that the vomer bone gets jammed up (the bone above the hard palate in the mouth leading up toward that said crown chakra). It can be emotional – if we learn to sweep emotions under the carpet and continue to do so into our adult years, then there is a good chance we are not willing to see aspects of the truth, we are not willing to face our truth, which keeps our Higher Self effectively hidden. It is also closed for psycho-spiritual reasons – if we have a significant amount of negative karma, we must work to purify said karma before we can hope to open this heavenly gate. One way of doing that purification is through meditation or chanting mantras (having an appropriate spiritual guide is necessary for both of these to be efficacious).

CST – both Biodynamic and Biomechanical – can lead to the opening of the brahma aperture. Now, this is not a light concept that I am presenting. This has amazing ramifications – so read on! I’m not saying CST will open our central channel (a subtle energy body component that meditators are working to clear and work with). I am saying that CST is one condition to open the crown chakra once the causes to do so have been established. And opening the crown chakra (often for the first time) feels like someone opening a sunroof. Light and openness start to pour in.

There are a number of techniques in various Craniosacral therapy protocols that can lead to the opening of the brahma aperture. Including working with the vomer, the CV4 technique and more.

This sounds like it is too good to be true. And actually it might be. But hear me out. When we put the causes and conditions into place, the results will be guaranteed to follow. So these spiritual benefits of CST do not come about out of thin air. Rather, there is a reason some people love CST so much and others get very little from it.

In my experience, people who meditate a lot are doing a lot of psycho-spiritual purification as it were. They are moving their spiritual bodies along the path at an accelerated pace compared to non-meditators. However, we still need to keep the physical body in good shape, in harmony. This is where yoga or qigong or bodywork comes in.

Someone who has done a lot of personal growth work on themselves but has not encountered the conditions to shift their physical body out of old patterns, will remain stuck for a long time. But when they encounter the conditions to release old habits and patterns, they are willing to do their personal growth work, they are yearning to change. Then change via Craniosacral Therapy is easy. Their cranial bones can start to spread and the sutures between those bones can become lubricated as the bones start to float and drift. Their cranial rhythm strengthens and balances out, and more space is created for their brains – it might be micro-meters, but you can still feel it!

And if you are attending a CST practitioner who has done their own personal growth and spiritual work, then the sky is the limit in terms of how far they can lead you. You can open your “skylight” as it were (the brahma aperture). You have to create the causes however, the practitioner can only ever be the condition.

In the past year, I have had not less than 10 CST clients tell me that they had a spiritual experience on the table. Sometimes it takes less than 30 minutes (those are the clients who have good karma and / or have done a ton of personal growth work on themselves). I am very fortunate to be apart of this process, grateful for the opportunity to benefit others and to watch their lights get turned on.

May all beings meet with the causes and conditions to rest in liquid potency and drink in the bliss of present awareness.

Thank you for reading,


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Let me know if you are interested –

Have a beautiful day!


Back home..

His Holiness offering a smoke offering before commemorating a Liberation Wall – breaking ground for a memorial wall at the TMC Enlightenment Stupa

I will say more soon… suffice it to say I feel at home around Drikung Kagyu dharma practitioners and at the Tibetan Meditation Center.

2nd picture – the TMC Enlightenment stupa in the mist of a spring Sunday

3rd pic – Lama Dewai Dorje – a unique and special Guru Yoga practice, the permission / empowerment was given on Saturday

4th – nirmanakaya Buddha Amitabha in the midst of the Phowa lineage for the Great Phowa Chenmo given Sunday

5th – His Holiness’ ornate throne with golden parasol over it

It was an awesome weekend! Great company, great teachings, clear exposition, great space, great time, great location, great reunions! ❤

Good recent reads

I have recently completed several incredible books… just wanted to share in case you have a free weekend or an hour a day for the next little while 🙂

The first was Other Powers by Barbara Goldsmith. This is a book about the Women’s Sufferage Movement and how it was intimately connected with spiritualism and in particular with a less-well-known woman named Victoria Woodhull. Woodhull it turns out was the first woman to run for President back in 1872. Woodhull also lived an extraordinary life, one that was heavily influenced by spiritual guides and that was considered quite inflammatory for her time (and quite honestly it would be considered highly inflammatory even today!). But if you want to get another picture of life as a woman in the late 1800’s in the U.S. or you want to get an intimate snapshot into the Women’s Suffrage movement… this is the book for you. I assure you it will not disappoint! Just learning about Victoria Woodhull is incredible and eye-opening! There are some passages of the book where dozens of names are bantered about and you can afford to skip a few pages. But for the most part, I was riveted to this book!

The next book is The Hummingbird’s Daughter by Luis Urrea. This is a book set in a similar time as Other Powers above, but it takes place mostly in northern Mexico as it follows the historical fiction (based on real characters) of Saint Teresa, a young Spanish-Indian girl / woman who learns the ways of the Yaquis Indian medicine. Her father was a wealthy hacienda owner and her mother was an indigenous worker for him. Teresa is a powerful healer, mid-wife and medicine woman before she is left for dead after a violent assault. But then she literally rises from the dead three days after the doctors declare her dead, and she commences to become a renowned healer known for hundreds of miles around. At one point, there were 12,000 pilgrims on the little hacienda where she lived, all waiting for the chance to see or hear her or seek her out for healing.

It is an amazing story written by an artist and poet who has a knack for making his fictitious world come vividly and colorfully alive. The first half of the book sets the context for Teresa’s life and the second half of the book is more about her healing journey and being declared a saint by half of Mexico. It is also quite graphic in showing how hard the non-elite workers had it in their difficult lives. Not unlike Other Powers, it makes me so grateful for all we have today!

I am currently working on the book, The Chronicles of Tao by Deng Ming-Dao, a book about an authentic and humble Taoist and martial arts master who trained with some of China’s renowned masters and teachers in the middle of the 20th century before coming to the U.S. to teach and become a Golden Gloves boxer.

I am just getting started, but the mystical descriptions of Taoist priests, the colorful and lively festival descriptions and the abilities of martial arts masters in the first 100 pages are astounding and keeping me yearning for more!

Fascinatingly, it also centers on how hard things were for many people living in China in the 20th century and how spiritual masters and martial arts teachers could still come out of that highly testing and challenging era of China’s history.