It has been a crazy past few days…
Yesterday morning we studied I Ching (I learned a lot of course, in spite of having been studying this divinatory tool for more than 10 years), Feng Shui, and further Hydrotherapy techniques. That was an awesome morning.
Then in the afternoon, I tried to check out on Integrated Massage. The director discovered that I was not remembering Shiatsu that well, so it was included in my treatment. Meaning I made a couple of little mistakes and did not pass. I took that poorly and had a rough few hours.
Fortunately today I did pass! Today was Marathon day – where we treated four clients in 5 and a half hours. Good practice in case we work in a spa one day.
It was so nice to be let off the leash as it were (weird metaphor there). We have previously been forced to use the same Kata or pattern for doing each modality and today we were given freedom to mix it up. It was awesome!
One of my clients received 4 modalities from me as that was her request. Passive stretching, acupressure, Craniosacral and Swedish Massage. She said her neck had been hurting her for months – I did about 15 minutes of Cranio on her and she said her neck felt great! Yay! We know a lot of modalities and I am so grateful to be able to do this beautiful bodywork.
It has only sunk in now that we are leaving tomorrow… over the weekend I kept saying to myself, “we have 3 days left of school…” and only now is the sadness / excitement / giddiness / curiosity / sense-of-adventure starting to well up. I am going to miss these incredible teachers, our wonderful group and these epics mountains – and not to mention Crestone’s powerful spiritual / transformational energy (it is legit).
And I need some people to practice on when I get back 🙂  I figure 5 of each modality for donation, then another 5 for a suggested donation and then I will be ready to go! It will probably take 2 – 3 months to get my license and pass the national exam. So it will work out well!
I’m very excited for what the next few months hold!
Thank you all for your awesome support!

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Less than a week before Massage School is over. It is sad and exciting at the same time. My heart is doing well with being present with what is. I will miss being a part of this great group. I will miss the spiritual potency that is Crestone Colorado. I will not miss how every little character flaw I have is reflected back at me directly or confronted quickly (another bonus of being in Crestone). I will definitely miss all the amazing modalities we are learning and practicing daily. And I will miss Dan and Sue – the teachers here. What a majestic, magical, mystical, sublime program they have created here!

Manifesting what I want… this is the second time I have manifested what I need / want. Tonight as a gift from a practicum client I received a beautiful essential oil diffusor. I have seen one used in several of our classes and I thought I would like to have one for my apartment or office… And sure enough several weeks later, here it is!

Speaking of practicum clients, tonight I felt sad about leaving the school – and leaving all these awesome people who have allowed us to practice on them for the past ten weeks! Of course I may have been feeling my client’s sadness as well.

We are now cleaning for about an hour a day – today we dusted the leaves of all the plants (they have about two dozen, some of which are massive). I am mostly packed up except for clothes and food. This weekend I will load my car with non-food items as the bears are starting to wake up.

I have been giving a few extra bodywork sessions outside of school – usually in exchange for barter. I received a number of potent essential oils recently – and elk steaks! And I have more requests for sessions than I can accommodate. I both wish I could stay here longer and I am happy to be getting home and getting my business up and running again! Very bittersweet.

Last night – integrated massage I did amazing shiatsu plus acupressure and reflexology. Tonight I did awesome Swedish massage with passive stretching done in the midst of the Swedish. I loved it and so did my client. With all we have learned, I could literally do a thousand treatments and not have two be alike… kind of overwhelming and incredible at the same time!

I am praying I get the chance to check out on integrated tomorrow. If I don’t check out tomorrow, I might have to wait until Tuesday – the last day to possibly do it. He has only held one person back – saying they had to come back to give him another treatment in a few weeks. But I do not want to be the second!

We took a huge physiology test tonight – took two hours, 105 questions. It was crazy challenging. We will grade them Friday.

Now only the Anatomy Test left on Monday. Then the Marathon on Tuesday – seeing 4 clients over the course of 5 hours. Good preparation for a busy practice or spa type setting.

Then we are out of here! Wow!

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We are getting down to the last few days of class / training / practice here at Massage School. It is exciting, we have learned SO much and now I need to practice it all to keep it fresh and potent. By the way, I have a journaling assignment for school (hence there have been a number of massage school posts on here).
So we are now into Integrated Massage. Tonight was great – there was some flexibility in what we offered our practicum person and there will be through to the end of the program. Therefore I did Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Acupressure – oh and hydrotherapy and aromatherapy in 85 minutes. I loved it and so did my client – she said, “You have amazing Reiki flowing through your hands.” Could be?! (acupressure is one modality that is also a Chi Kung practice, so I actually get more energy from practicing it – hence she mistook the Chi cultivation for Reiki).
I passed my Reflexology check out today so that is nice to have behind me. Now all we have left is one modality check out, a Physiology test and an Anatomy test. Then we graduate next Wednesday!
Oh and this morning we got a bonus elementary martial arts / Chi Kung / I Ching instruction. Nothing like having an instant barometer for determining whether we are in our center or not.
I am excited and still doing my best to not leave energetically before the program is over. And with that said, let me know if you are interested in receiving a treatment of one of these incredible modalities for a donation (once I get my license I will charge $100 / hour – so take advantage of this while it lasts!). I will start seeing clients in Virginia May 1st.
Thank you for reading!

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We only have 11 days of class / treatments / tests remaining. And either we are getting used to the rigorous schedule or the pressure is finally lightening up. For about a month there, things were really intense. The director warned us about that.
It’s gotten cold again – tonight it is supposed to get down to 27 F. Recently its been in the 50’s and 60’s during the day – so the goddesses are sun bathing when they can.
I am teaching Kundalini Yoga tomorrow and after practicing with my teaching partner, apparently I chose a really challenging Kriya (set of exercises). Oh well – it was fun while I was doing it! (We have to be able to do it in order to teach it)
We are learning Reflexology now and starting to do it on our practicum clients. I am realizing that if I want to offer that professionally, I might want to take extra training. We are learning a pattern that we can do in 45 minutes or so – then with stretching and hand manipulations we can make it an hour.
Speaking of stretching, I am in love with this modality. When I receive it, I am in such an altered state (in a good way). I have now realized that the tension and resistance in my joints is primarily emotional and by breathing into it, I can release some of it in seconds! Stretching a physical release and psycho-spiritual-emotional release as well… When I get back, I will be doing some sessions for a donation – I want to practice on you 🙂
This seems to be graduate week – we have had six grads come and talk to us in the past two days. They come and receive treatments during practicum and visit with the teachers and local grads as well. They pretty much say the same thing – we are so blessed and lucky. Apparently when a spa learns that you graduated from this school, it is no longer an interview, but just a you-are-already-in-the-door-let’s-just-make-sure-you-know-what-you-are-doing. Plus they went over the process for obtaining licensure – very helpful!
There is still some crazy intensity remaining. Friday, we are doing a 2-hour yoga set which requires oiling our bodies (privately) and taking a cold shower ahead of it. Then a week later, we are doing a 2.5 hour meditation with the intention of making ourselves better healing facilitators. All on top of studying for a big physiology test late next week.
Thank you for reading and may your Spring be joyous!

Hello dear readers!

(By the way, this material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Please do not reproduce this work in any way without his permission. Thank you!)

This is a post about Spiritual Astrology (Yay! Finally! I have been discussing massage school a lot for the past ten weeks, and here is a post purely about an astrological concept).

I must begin with recommending that before you read on, please take several deep breaths… I want you to listen to this guided meditation to connect with your internal resources:

Having established some inner resources – specifically the Feet, Seat, Breath meditation, now it is appropriate to go on. I want people to have at least a bit of inner resources before reading on.

I had a great conversation with a gentleman from England recently and we got to talking about the Ascendant and why it has to do with new beginnings. In Timing Astrology, the Progressed chart (secondary progressions) shows how we shift and change from within. It is a very slow gradual process of growth and development which has some uncanny accuracy and parallels.

In this Progressed chat, whenever a planet is crossing the natal Ascendant, that can indicate a major shift or change is coming very soon. In fact, that is one way to rectify the birth time – if the Progressed Moon crosses the Ascendant and during that 3 month window, nothing is really shifting, there are no fresh starts, there is no impetus to make major changes, then the b/t might be off!

This is also true if the Progressed Sun crosses the Ascendant (which is much more rare than the Pr. Moon crossing it), this will also indicate large scale shifts as we move from the behind-the-scenes-psychic-dreamy-nebulous-shadowy-12th-house to the pioneering, adventuresome, more impulsive and more self-directed 1st house. In this case, the window of growth and change would easily be 3-5 years as the Pr. Sun only moves one degree per year. So again, if nothing occurred in that 3-5 year window, I would be very suspicious of that birth time.

As an aside, another way to rectify the birth chart is with the Progressed Ascendant. Let’s say someone has Uranus in their 2nd house. Somewhere in their 30’s or 40’s, the Pr Asc. would cross their Uranus. This is usually a major event! Sometime big and surprising nearly always comes about – it might be challenging or beneficial (depending on Uranus’ aspects in the natal chart, the house that Uranus rules – see where Aquarius is located – other beneficial transits at the time – look at Tr Jupiter or Pr Venus etc, etc), but it would always be a significant event and it is nearly always surprising and happens quick! If nothing like that happens during the 1 – 2 year window of Pr. Ascendant crossing Uranus, again, be very suspicious of that birth time – or be on the lookout for when that event happens! That will show how far off the birth time is.

Back to the main topic – the Natal Ascendant. Why this is a major indicator of new beginnings, fresh starts and rebirths? Whether new vehicles – cars or spiritual vehicles, new relationships (major Ascendant / Descendant association) or new directions in life, the Natal Ascendant often plays a large role in changes and new cycles.

I believe that one reason for this is due to the Natal Ascendant having so much to do with the actual conditions around the time of birth. And what is so important about our being born? Only one of the most important transitions and re-births of our lives! At that point, our astrology chart is set, we take our first breath as an air-breathing human, we literally have the cord cut from our mothers, we have often already decided at that point whether the world is a safe abundant loving place or not.

By the way, I am planning to teach Pre- and Perinatal Astrology and I will go into this concept very thoroughly in that setting. This is just a teaser for my planned upcoming classes! 🙂

What does it mean that the Ascendant has to do with the time of birth? Here is an example, which I share with a caveat – Astrology is a complex topic to begin with, and then trying to predict what an aspect configuration will mean for someone in terms of their birth… well, it is nearly impossible: for instance Neptune conjunct the Ascendant can mean that significant amounts of pain meds were used in the birth such that energetic connection between mother and baby was disrupted and depending on what else is happening in that chart, that disruption might take years to repair (most new parents don’t know all the psycho-spiritual-emotional needs of babies and then how to repair them if interruption occurs). In this example, in addition to Neptune on the Ascendant, if other planets are there as well, then that can add yet another flavor to the birth dynamics. (It is very complicated!)


Why is the time of birth so important? In addition to the above, the manner of the birth and the manner of being welcomed into the world greatly influences our thoughts about how we grow our body. Think about the cultures that plan to receive a new spirit for a couple years, meditating for the song of the new individual, and then having the entire village sing their song when they are born. What would that be like? How would I have grown my body if I had been welcomed like that?!

As you can see, the Astrology Ascendant is quite an important section of the chart. Not only does it lay down the template for the rest of the chart (the astrological houses), but it also plays a roles in cycles of time – birth, re-birth, new beginnings and completions. It has a lot to do with our personalities, our relationships and our inherited health (for instance the beliefs, thought patterns, paradigms that affect our health over time).

And for Pre- and Perinatal Astrology, the Ascendant is a crucial area to cover. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



We only have 2 and a half weeks left of school! It is wild how fast these weeks are zipping by. Early on in the program it felt like each week was a month long.
The past few days we have been learning passive stretching – which means the client is being stretched by the practitioner – and it is incredible! When I was on the table, I realized some of the muscles in my body have never really been stretched. I am really hoping to find a good practitioner of this when I get home!
This week we are learning and performing reflexology – mostly foot reflexology. It is amazing how dynamic this program is. We stress how the human body is a holographic form – meaning each cell contains a blue print for the entire body. And there are many parts of the body that reflect the whole body. This is truly a holistic approach (which separates practitioners who graduate from here from other massage schools – this is a mystery school in addition to being an entry level program). We have briefly looked at how the ears, the colon, the irises, the teeth, the hands reflect the entire body – like the feet!
This week we are teaching a Kundalini Yoga class in pairs. I am paired up with a neat 20-year-old who has been on her own for 5 years and who teaches yoga back home. So that is nice. This is a good time to be working with the liver – so that’s what we are leading – the Liver Lover Kriya.
We just had two weeks straight – we did class and had fun through last weekend with herbology, crystals and working with plants in the context of massage. That was great!
I am realizing that I am learning so many techniques though that something (that I want to keep) will have to go. Therefore when I get back, I will practice most techniques but I am expecting one or two modalities to fall away naturally.
The thought of leaving is very bittersweet. This is a fantastic group I have been a part of. The teachers are awesome. And I am even starting to enjoy most aspects of Kundalini Yoga! I have truly settled into this pace and place.
It is challenging to get myself up for all the assignments which continue to come our way. I think the two weeks straight was taxing. Thankfully I can get some rest this weekend so I will have the motivation to finish strong!
I am very excited about heading home and getting a thriving bodywork practice going. It is a challenge though to keep my mind focused on the task at hand. I find myself wandering into the future about all the various things I want to offer. It is good though – I am writing the better ideas down for later use!
Thank you for reading and I wish you well!

I just completed a weekend of working with a medicine woman here at Massage School. We started chatting about what I offer… and the list started growing long (not to brag or boast – I have been learning bodywork since 2003 – simply what is).

She has taken several levels of BodyTalk – a modality where we muscle test to see what is the priority for the client. It is a comprehensive and complex modality. I have only taken the first level – BodyTalk Access which was insightful and where I learned some beneficial techniques! Plus I have been fortunate enough to receive at least several dozen BodyTalk sessions from exchanging with a friend who has taken all the Advanced Courses in it. Therefore I feel like I have some knowledge of the protocol and the muscle testing for what is a priority.

I mention all that because I am now working on a protocol for a Kirby’s Modality BodyTalk style protocol. It is pretty crazy all that I can offer – especially with the half dozen or more modalities I am learning here in Massage School!

Oh – and I told the medicine woman about my conversation with my Tibetan Lama, Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen – a clairvoyant and exceptionally clear and lucid spiritual teacher. When my main bodywork teacher, Janet Evergreen, asked him about what she should call all that she does, he didn’t miss a beat saying, “Process Buddhism.” Now I pretty much offer most of what Janet does (having studied with her since 2005), so the medicine woman here said that I better add “Process Buddhism” to my protocol! 🙂

In case you are wondering, here is my list so far of what I offer: 5-Elements (Chinese Medicine basics), Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Work, Pre- and Perinatal Therapy (and Education), Visceral Manipulation, other Process-oriented Bodywork, BodyTalk Access techniques, Zapchen Somatics, Kundalini Yoga Kriya, Chi Kung advice, Tai Chi basics, Acupressure, Swedish Massage, Hot Stones Integrated Treatment, Herbal Wrap, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Working with Essential Oils, Buddha-Dharma teachings (I am only able to share the basics but this is enough for most clients), Spiritual Astrology, Medical Astrology, Non-Violent Communication, Conflict Resolution Techniques, Process Buddhism would  fall under several other categories.

It looks like I definitely need to narrow this down! Or at least find an efficient way to muscle test and get a category pretty quickly. I might need to delete several items off my list.. time will tell!

I will keep working on this when I have time (we have 3 tests this week and we are preparing to teach Kundalini Yoga – not as a yoga teacher, just as a check mark to make certain we understand K. Yoga).

Thank you for reading!

Have a beautiful Spring day / evening,