This past week has been very full. We are learning Swedish Massage and we will start offering that to our clients on Monday from memory – there are only about 100 techniques to pack into an hour… oh and I sat in on oral exams all week meaning no breakfast or lunch break!
I am loving what I am studying though. For instance, here is some basic TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) advice which I wish I had learned in High School:
Yuan Chi – AKA pre-natal chi is non-renewable. When we run out of that, we are transitioning on to our next incarnation. The good news is that Zehn Chi – post-natal chi is renewable – we cultivate fresh Zehn Chi in many ways including eating healthy food (and the manner in which we consume it is important – saying blessings over our food increases the Chi), having a meditation practice, chanting sacred mantras, doing yoga or Chi Kung etc all can increase Zehn Chi. The kidneys determine how much Zehn Chi (renewable) and how much Yuan Chi (non-renewable) to use on any given activity. This is why we want to take care of our kidneys – in TCM kidneys are the most important organ. There is a ton more to say, but this is basically it in a nutshell – get good rest, practice self care, eat good food, breath clean air, get a reasonable amount of exercise (and you will probably live longer and happier) 🙂
I just have one more question to complete my oral exams Monday. That will be nice to get that behind me.
Oh – as a result of doing Swedish from memory, I am having to give 4 massages and receive 3 this weekend… (I know I shouldn’t complain).
We still have to learn Reflexology, although we have already started studying it and then that is all the modalities we are learning! Then it will be on to integrated massage where we combine elements with clients.
The last full day of massage school (in April), we are giving 4 treatments in 6 hours to mimic what it will be like working in a spa. It is called the Marathon Day – aptly named.
This coming weekend we have 3 full days of herbology – we will learn how to infuse herbs into our massage oil, how to make and use herb packs for pre- or post-massage bliss and more! I’m definitely looking forward to that! It does mean though that we won’t have a day off for two weeks.
We only have 26 days left of actual class but who’s counting? Pretty amazing how far we have come.
Oh yeah – I did 11 chair massages on Tuesday in a bank in just 3.5 hours! That was crazy – and my massage partner and I (she did 9 massages) did not get the message to put out a donation jar, so I only made one tip. Oh well. It was great experience – although I never want to treat so many people in such a short time again.
I have discovered a steep hill I can hike to and climb up in under an hour. I felt drawn to this hill for several weeks before finally summiting it 🙂  At the top there are hundreds of strands of prayer flags, a fire ring and a rock cairn of white-painted rocks which is a makeshift Buddhist shrine. Apparently just a hundred yards down the other side of this hill there are about a dozen retreat cabins with meditators in them year-round. No wonder I feel drawn to that location! (Longchen Jigme Samten Ling retreat center)
It is a nice hike too with an awesome view from the top – seeing for over 60 miles up and down and across the San Luis Valley – many snow capped peaks!
It is hard to believe that I will start packing my things in just 3 weeks! Then I am planning to visit Denver and Boulder for a few days – seeing a friend and his family and visiting a family friend from Hawaii days (haven’t seen her in over 20 years).
Finally, in Chi Kung we are learning a technique which myth has it, makes warriors invincible (I’m not going to do anything extreme, don’t worry). We are only practicing a part of the entire form that existed in the past. Actually it turns out I was doing this Chi Kung from videos for the past year, but now I know it a lot better and the breathing to go with it (it involves aggravatingly slow breathing, difficult to do at first)! Baduanjin Qigong
We are also learning a short form of Tai Chi which involves beautiful, graceful movements and foot work – it is slow motion martial arts. I LOVE IT! 24 Form Tai Chi Yang Style
Oh and I swear this is the last thing… we are about to start learning Water Chi Kung – having finished Tree Chi Kung weeks ago and just wrapped up Solar Chi Kung this past week. I’m excited about that as well! (If you only knew all that we were learning… this school really is an Alchemical learning environment)
Thanks for reading!
May all sentient beings known and unknown have all their needs met!

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Hello dear readers!

I have been busy with Oral Exams for the past few days – as in this crazy intense massage school is made even more rigorous because during orals we don’t get a breakfast or lunch break. For instance, this morning, I was making salmon salad as I discussed the benefits of treating the chi and blood in the Triple Warmer meridian! I had to be present as well for the two people who came before me, meaning I only showered twice this week! (Because in the evening I am busily working on outlines and refining my wording for each question!)

So, one post I want to discuss has to do with the benefits of knowing just the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Seriously, it has made some changes in me – just having this knowledge! Not to mention all the bodywork, the Chi Kung, Kundalini Yoga and Tai Chi we are doing… It has to do with the benefits of taking care of the kidneys (and more).

The second post is also tied into my oral exam material (we are learning awesome stuff here – see my previous posts for a lot more on that). I want to write about how my Enneagram analysis (of my personality type) is correlated with my personal astrology interpretation – if there is time.

I am starting to get more astrology clients which is great. I can easily do Skype and FaceTime sessions from here – so if you are interested, let me know! 434. 465. 0603 or email me at mkirbymoore [at] gmail

Thanks for reading! More to follow soon (should be within a week)!


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As I sit here, my Solar Return is occurring, I’m turning 39 years old – I’m almost 40!! Good lord I’m getting on up there!

If you have not been keeping up with my posts or with Facebook, I have been in an intensive massage school program for the past 7 weeks now. It is magical, full, rich, and at times overwhelming (like right about now). Also, I have been brought face to face with my inadequacies, in a good yet uncomfortable way. Little messes I have made have come home to me days or a couple weeks later and I have to clean them up. I have heard that is the nature of Crestone Colorado – it is a very spiritual place, lots of potential growth to happen. And we either hide from it using substances or medication or food, or we set the intention to face it head on (apparently I have done this). No matter how uncomfortable it is at times.

Massage School will lead to good things though! I am very excited to share all that I am learning with clients and friends and even family! The acupressure is pretty easy to do and it is practically a spiritual practice to conduct it – I literally sit in my Chi Kung foundations the entire time I am giving an acupressure session. I am excited to open and sustain a professional bodywork practice – to have the credentials to put myself out there, to continue growing and learning one or two modalities on top of what I already know. And now that I have a significant Chi Kung and Tai Chi foundation under my belt, and I aspire to continue practicing at least 5 – 6 days a week, I feel like I will have the energy and motivation to maintain a thriving bodywork practice for months and years at a time. Of course I will take breaks for vacation or trainings!

Teaching – I foolishly or boldly felt that I had what it takes to teach bodywork starting this past year. Now I’m not so sure. Some days I have solid boundaries, other days they are a little flaky. I canceled a teaching gig I had down in the Tidewater area – it feels like I need to focus on one or two things at a time. Time to stop spreading myself so thin and actually take on pragmatic and realistic projects – and let everything else go! And say no to everything else 🙂

So I’m not sure if / when I will teach bodywork. The I Ching (one of my divination tools) says that I need to get on out there and share what I have learned. I do feel like I need to be teaching Spiritual Astrology. It was actually the I Ching that confirmed it was a good idea to cancel the upcoming workshop in Portsmouth. So I don’t know what is going on in this regard. I do know that I’m not going to share any Chi Kung until I have done a consistent, persistent practice for at least a year.

So I think this is what my next year looks like (my 40th year): focusing a lot of time and energy into getting my bodywork practice back up and thriving, taking an awesome workshop on Embryology in July and doing a restorative and potent 10-day retreat in December. I have big plans for 2019, but I will keep those to myself until they actually become tangible.

Spiritual Practice – when I actually practice on a regular basis, I feel like I am extremely blessed and I might actually have a blessing to share with others. But that has not been the case much – I am really good at practicing for a few days here, a few spurts there, but maintaining a consistent morning practice for more than a month – very rare indeed! I am the definition of ADHD Dharma practitioner – in the course of a given month, I will have done about ten practices, some multiple times (I admit rather sheepishly). I tend to practice a lot – considering I am not very good at the whole relationship thing.

Here in Crestone, at Massage School, where I have very limited time, I am loving the amount of practice I am doing. Some mornings I will wake up an hour before my alarm and do mantras for a while. Some days I even feel up to doing prostrations, although there is limited private space – so I do half prostrations in my little bedroom! =^D

On the weekends here, I visit a beautiful Dharma center and then later I trek up to a large stupa that is up a 4-wheel-drive road that I dare not bring my little car up again! It is fun to hike it though – I meet neat people and have incredible views of the San Luis Valley.

Speaking of relationships… I feel that I am finally ready to put in the work to have a right livelihood where I can take a few days off to go enjoy myself (with a healthy romantic partner). Up to this point, I was really good at talking the talk, but not so good at walking the walk. But I really want to put in 40 hours a week building client-base, marketing myself, giving treatments and getting compensated for good work. I do have high standards in a potential partner, so I’m not rushing into anything. But I would like to meet her soon… we shall see – maybe it will be best to focus the next few months on getting established.

I’m excited about what’s ahead. I have big dreams and I am doing better about being realistic. Some days I feel like I don’t have a clue as to what my destiny is (if there is such a thing – that could be summed up in one or two sentences?!) and other days I feel like I am walking my path with clarity and radiance.

May we all discover balance and equanimity and stable contentment!

Thanks for reading my rambling words,


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Here in Massage School in Creston Colorado, we have to take 3 sets of oral exams. The main teacher asks us questions and pries into our knowledge to see how well we understand the topics he has been covering for the past 6 weeks.

We are now on the last set of orals. And it is pretty crazy – we have to know about 15 pages worth of material covering everything from What is Chi Kung (foundations, principles, etc), Tell me ALL about the Yin and Yang Meridians and the Strange Flows, What is the TCM view on suffering and pain?, Go In Depth about your Enneagram numbers gifts integration fears etc, and much much more. We have to be able to elucidate on 10 separate categories – all at least a page long(!).

So if you don’t hear from me for several days.. its because I am reviewing and hopefully cramming this info into my mind! It looks like I will start my test Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.

I am learning a ton, packing an awful lot into 12 weeks here. Oh and tomorrow we go into the nearest city and we will be treating 12 people each in the course of 4 hours! Then we have a physiology test and then we treat our normal practicum people… If it sounds exhausting, it almost is. But I think the Chi Kung we do daily helps to keep our chi levels high and radiant.

Until soon,


In case you are not aware, I am presently in an intensive program for massage in Crestone Colorado. Most weekdays, we are in training or studying 12 hours / day. And for me, the most intense part of it is being around the other students 8 – 10 hours / day – the studying is easy compared to the constant establishing and re-establishing boundaries and centering.

My birthday is also coming up this week. So… I have been gifted some ice cream and my mother sent a delicious care package with cookies and treats in it. Which meant that on Friday evening, after a full week of school, I ate a pint of coconut (dairy-free) ice cream. So needless to say, when I woke up yesterday morning, I was a grouch. I had resistance to going to the Vajra Vidya Dharma center where they do a nice hour-long practice everyday – which includes opening prayers, brief Manjushri practice, long life prayers for the Lamas, a 20-30 minute meditation session and a brief Mahakala puja.

Up to this point, I have gone at least one day / week to this delightful little reprieve from massage school. And it is a gorgeous Dharma center with a huge Buddha Shakyamuni statue and an amazing shrine room – 21 Tara statues, 1000 little Buddha statues and dozens of ornate thangkas (scroll paintings).

I somehow dragged myself away from the massage school house and got over there. The first half hour of sitting and doing the practices were tough – I was resistant, grumpy, gritty, etc. But somewhere during the meditation, things lightened up.

Then after that practice, I hiked up to the large stupa, about a 1.5 mile hike each way. Every weekend I try to get up there once. It is a pleasant hike, with an amazing view of the valley vista – the San Luis valley with the snow-capped mountains about 40-50 miles away. And I usually meet some interesting people on the trek as well. Oh and the 30+ minutes or so of walking affords me time to do more mantras.

This time I sat at the stupa and meditated for another 20 minutes. This was very pleasant. I had to zip up my jacket in spite of the 50 degree temps – the wind was really whipping around the stupa. Supposedly, these breezes carry the blessings of the stupa (relics, medicine, precious substances are inside of it) all along the mountains and the valley (and to anyone nearby the stupa as well!). This was very peaceful.

I did some brief Chi Kung and then departed, walking back to my car. I knocked out another 600+ mantras on the journey.

Arriving back at the Dojo house (where I stay with another student), I promptly sat down and ate half a dozen cookies with almond milk. It was delicious! And it jacked me up on sugar and gluten… and then I started watching soccer highlights from English Football.

In other words, my internal pendulum swung briefly toward light and liberation and then upon returning to my old habits, it swung toward attachment and grasping!

I got some good studying done yesterday in spite of the internal chemical soup playing bongo drums on my cells and brain. I felt the need to do some prostrations in order to focus my mind – so that helped. I kept getting pulled back into sports though – the University of Virginia is my basketball team (college) and I listened to them win the ACC championship last night as well.

Oh before that though, I felt the need to do more mantras and get some exercise. So I went for a short walk which turned into a beautiful hike – 2 hours. I discovered a rock cairn shrine on top of a large hill that was surrounded by dozens of prayer flag lines (Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags). There was a fire pit as well – although considering how dry it is around here, that seemed a little risky. I kept going in that direction and I discovered some retreat cabins in the distance with a sign saying that retreats are in progress and “Do Not Disturb.” No wonder I felt a pull toward that hill!

Having done mantras throughout that 2 hour hike, I returned to the massage school clear and sharp – meaning when other students mentioned little nagging issues (which were none of my business), I just stayed silent, focusing on my internal process. I loved how crisp my boundaries were. I was focused and I kept the students I was working with on track and on time – stating my intention to begin with and attempting to stick with that.

I don’t quite have the 3+ hours of time to do mantra like yesterday, especially not on the weekdays. But I loved how my mind was able to recover from a sugar and gluten hang over so rapidly (I don’t normally eat much sugar or gluten, in case you can’t tell). So today, more Vajrasattva practice and mantra, along with studying for the last oral exams coming up later this week.

Yay for quality practice which yields results! And for a body / mind / heart that is able to change for the better so rapidly (now if I can just rest in equanimity free from attachment and aversion..)!

Thank you for reading and may all beings lean into support and clarity!


If this Massage School were an acupuncture school, I suspect we would complete about 7 months of their program (in 3 months!). It is amazing what we are learning and covering here. In just 6 weeks, we have learned basic theory around TCM, 5-Element traditional medicine, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Kundalini Yoga, Acupressure, Shiatsu (floor and table), Chi Kung massage and now we are getting into chair Shiatsu (massage) and passive stretching Shiatsu! Soon we will start learning Swedish massage and then in about 2 weeks we will learn Reflexology. I think that is it for modalities – we will basically be doing integrated massage for the last three weeks of school.

Plus I think we will end up giving over 50 treatments to “clients” throughout our 12 weeks here and not to mention our practicing on each other (fellow students) every day. In other words, we are giving high quality treatments to clients after just 5 weeks of practicing!

Oh and don’t get me started on how much Physiology we are flying through. We cover a major section every 10 days or so – we have gone through basic Biology, many aspects of the Nervous System (CNS, PNS, ANS, etc) and now we are studying the Endocrine system and hormones. I have taken A & P one and two for nursing, plus I took several Bio-Psych (neuroscience) classes at UVa from 2007 – 2009. Even with this background, I have to review extensively for these crazy tests! Whoa!

Anyway, by the time we finish here on April 18th, we will be solid practitioners!

If anyone wants to make a sizable donation ($65 or more) to my training / blogging efforts, please let me know. If you live in Virginia, I will give you an Acupressure treatment in exchange for it when I return. If you live between Colorado and Virginia, let’s talk (I will be driving through in late April). And if you live further away, we can do Spiritual Astrology.

Thank you for reading and for all your support!


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Here are various pictures from around Crestone Colorado

I love the snow being blown up into the sky by the strong winds! (Some of Crestone’s 13K+ peaks) Less snow now in March. They had a very odd winter – very little snowfall.

There is a large stupa just south of Crestone. Just follow Baca Grande road to its end, then be on the lookout for what looks like a driveway – that is Dream Road which will take you several miles later to this large beautiful stupa which is dedicated to the 16th Karmapa.

While heading to the Crestone Ziggurat today, I happened upon (yet another) Dharma center with a stupa! The Padmasambhava stupa. It is smaller than the Karmapa stupa above. But it was still fun to circumambulate and see rows of prayer flags in the desert!

When the Karmapa (the 16th) came to Crestone in 1980, he had a vision of a large community of monastics and lay practitioners. He envisioned a medical institute, a small monastery and a large group of lay practitioners. At that time, 200 acres were given to him for this project and since then I think another 100 or more acres have been donated. So far, they have a Dharma center, the large stupa and several retreat cabins.

Also on their land, is a Zoroastrian structure, the Crestone Ziggurat (below). It was fun to visit. The winds were whipping and gusting like crazy though, so I had to crawl up to the top. The view was pretty grand though – 360 degrees around the San Luis valley. Including a view of the Sand Dunes Nat’l Park to the south. The dunes were in a frenzy of sand storm madness as the winds reshaped the parks features.


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Kirby offers a one hour session to discuss, explore and support your healing process. He utilizes information from various wisdom traditions - Spiritual Astrology (including Medical Astrology), holistic bodywork modalities, Birth Process Work and Energy Medicine. Both in person and long distance sessions offered.