Questions about Trauma Informed Astrology?

Hello Readers,

We are curious about any questions you might have on T.I. Astrology. The plan is to start doing some YouTube videos soon, and we want to cover most of your questions!

Remember, we are gearing up for Essentials Level One – for Astrologers – on October 21st – 24th (a four-day live, online workshop). You can see more if you go back through previous posts. Any questions on this course would be great as well!

Please leave a comment here on the blog or drop a message here:

We look forward to hearing from you!

You can see more about the Essentials Level One course and register here at the Teachable site:

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Kirby and the T.I. Astrology Team

Trauma Informed Astrology: Essentials Level One class is on Teachable. Pre-sale discount being offered through August 31st!

Hello Dear Readers!

I am excited to announce that we are making good progress on posting and marketing this first class!

Essentials Level One will introduce astrologers to nervous system repair, to the basics of the autonomic nervous system, to understanding how stress and trauma can affect our health, our bodies and our mental states. We will also get into seeing the nervous system through the lens of the astrology chart. Very exciting stuff!

You can go to the class page on the Teachable site to view the entire list of topics covered! (See below)

You can now find the first class available on Teachable. Click here:

We are offering a Pre-sales discount to the first five people who sign up! Instead of paying $750 for the whole series of videos, lectures and the live, online portion of the class, the Pre-sales price is $575! This is a huge savings of $175. This sale ends August 31st.

There is also a Pre-sales payment plan option if you need to go that route – pay $200 over three months. There are five of these available as well!

Then starting September 1st, the early bird discount will be available – $675 for that (still a 10% savings).

The live, online portion of this class is scheduled for October 21st – 24th (4-days, long-weekend format). 10 am – 1 pm, 3 – 6 pm each day, Eastern time, on Zoom.

Go to the Teachable site to sign up. Let us know if you have any questions. You can contact us here:

On the Teachable site, you can see the full curriculum. We are going to be covering a lot of material in this course. Once we complete the live, online portion and get everything uploaded (by early November), participants will have more than 25 hours of videos, 50-60 pages of notes and more! This is a such a great value – especially at this early, pre-sale rate!

We hope to hear from you about this course. And remember, it is for astrologers and people who know their way around the astrology chart. Contact us as well if you have questions about your eligibility.

Thanks for visiting!

Kirby Moore and the T.I. Astrology team

Some changes to the Trauma Informed Astrology roll-out

Hello Dear Readers!

I am / we are still working on great Trauma Informed Astrology ideas. Getting a big project like this off the ground is not something that just happens (right?!). Not that I’m a genius, but isn’t the saying that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration? Well I’m certainly discovering that!

We are looking for more astrologers to join our team. If you feel very confident and competent, maybe you could come onboard as a co-teacher. And if not, we are also looking for people who might want to become assistants. Let us know! There will obviously be an interview process and we will ask you to at least take Essentials Level One unless you have a significant Somatic and / or trauma resolution background. You can get in touch with us here:

Several changes… because at present, it is the two of us primarily doing the heavy lifting: We are postponing the Preliminary or now a.k.a. Fundamentals of Astrology class. It will be Coming Soon! for a little while. Therefore complete beginners will need to take other astrology classes to come up to speed a bit before they can take Essentials Level One. We certainly hope to have the Fundamentals of Astrology class done and ready to go by early 2023.

Instead of working on that, we are gearing up with Essentials Level One which is for astrologers – whether professionals or amateur. If you know your way around the chart, if you have all the symbols memorized and know what all the houses mean, then come on and take this class!

We are planning to go back to the original dates – October 21st – 24th. It will be a live, online Zoom format. Participants will sign up via Teachable. So there will be several videos to watch ahead of time. And then we will upload the videos from the Zoom classes soon thereafter.

This means that Essentials Level Two (more essential nervous system and astrology information along with getting into Working with Boundaries) will be in early 2023. We are thinking February for that four-day workshop. More to follow soon!

It is exciting! There are lots of ideas for more intermediate and advanced classes as well. Participants will have to take Essentials Level One at least, and possibly level Two to get access to these future classes. As we finalize plans, we will keep you informed!

Thanks for checking in and we hope to hear from you!

Kirby Moore and the TI Astrology team

Trauma Informed Astrology mandala by Dana Wheeles:

Trauma Informed Astrology Teachable site is now live!

Hello Dear Readers,

If you have been waiting with giddy anticipation, or even with just mild curiosity, you can check out the T.I. Astrology Teachable site now! So far, we have just uploaded the Preliminary Class (that will be taught Aug 27th & 28th) along with a Group Supervision coaching product.

Here is the Teachable link:

And here is the website:

Check them out!

I have good support regarding social media marketing (we are about to post a bunch of T.I. Astrology info and posts on IG). But the website, Teachable and this blog is mostly me. So we may continue to have a bit of a gradual roll-out. But we are getting there!

Let me (us) know your thoughts and comments! I would love to get your feedback or questions.

Kirby Moore

Hiking through a sea of ferns

Day Two up here at the Dharma center in Maryland.

Today, we did Green Tara practice. It was a beautiful text from the Marpa tradition – the Udumwara Sadhana. I am used to doing a short Tara practice, this text was a bit longer and it also included the Praise to the 21 Taras, which is very pleasant. For whatever reason, it seemed like we were in a time warp. It was nice, but if you told me we did the mantra and prayers for eight hours, I would believe you. As it was, more like two hours elapsed.

Then we had lunch at the Clay Oven, a Tibetan lama favorite. Delicious Indian food. It was nice to share that with friends.

Then rest in the afternoon, taking it easy. Followed by a gorgeous hike through the woods of the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland. On the yellow trail hike, I was pleasantly surprised to discover several dozen paw paw trees! If we go back there in late August, there will definitely be some fruit.

From years past, I was already aware of the sea of ferns and the oceans of a small-yucca-looking plant with a stalk with white flowers. It is similar to the foam flower. Also from years past, I was aware of overlooks from the trail where one can look down over Frederick. But we would have had to hike another two miles (meaning four more miles round trip) and we ran out of time. We got good exercise as it was, hiking four miles round trip over rocky, hilly terrain.

It was a very pleasant day. Glad to be up here among good teachers and good company.

Back at the Dharma Center, brief reprieve

Hello Dear Readers,

I am back at the Tibetan Meditation Center in Maryland. Just taking a short break, enjoying good company with friends and the lamas up here – Khenpo Tsultrim and Lama Rigdzin. They are very generous – they are treating me like an honored guest. Of course I am happy to offer them bodywork and chip in around the center or helping to clean up the kitchen. I think they enjoy having visitors (obviously!).

If you feel like visiting the TMC site (or making a donation), click here for the TMC link.

enlightenment stupa at TMC

Stupa in the Mist.

Teachings on Green Tara today. Green Tara practice tomorrow, visiting with friends. Then on Monday the plan is to go to a nearby state park that has a lake for a picnic and swimming. [As an aside… This will be even more special for me because the local swimming lake near me couldn’t hire enough life guards and had to close. So it is chlorinated swimming pools or a long drive to a different lake for summer-time swimming.]

Here are some pictures from this first day: (it was rainy and foggy all morning, making for a magical, fairy-tale-like setting around the center.)

It is a three-hour drive from Charlottesville to Frederick, Maryland, and then another 20 – 30 mins up the small mountain to the Dharma Center. A relatively easy trek to encounter precious teachings and teachers.

Memorial Wall at TMC

I love the lush (very green) woods around here. Because it is up on the hill, it seems to get more rain than down in Frederick.

Amitabha Buddha statue in Memorial Wall at TMC

This is the Amitabha statue that was recently consecrated in June. Helping all sentient beings have easy transitions at the time of death (hopefully)!

Thanks for visiting!

Trauma Informed Astrology Essentials Two Class, February 2023

Hello Readers,

I am happy to announce another T.I. Astrology class – Essentials Two. This class will continue themes from Level One. Going deeper into nervous system repair, the functional range, looking at sympathetic / parasympathetic dominant systems, how does trauma affect the gross and subtle energy bodies, and learning more tools for settling the nervous system and for moving toward well-being. Plus we will get into psychological astrology, looking at various nervous system issues which can arise with different sign and house placements.

There will be extra videos on the Teachable site, so you will have lots of learning opportunities! We will conduct two demos in this class along with having time for participants to practice together.

We will be offering two half scholarships and one full scholarship if there is enough enrollment. If you need a scholarship, contact us to apply:

The prerequisite for this class is Essentials One (see previous post). Like level One, this class will be held over a long weekend – to be announced. We are focusing on February of 2023.

You can see more here:

We will launch this class, Astrology Preliminaries, and Fundamentals One on Teachable. That is be the best way to sign up (then you will have access to all the videos and notes).

Cost: $750 or if paid by January 8th, early bird discount is $675. This price includes a Group Supervision meeting. More details to follow when you register.

It will be best to register on Teachable. We should have this course live on that platform by October.

This will be an online class (on Zoom), the lectures will be recorded, so you can go back and watch as many times as you want. Personal information and demos will not be recorded or will be edited out as appropriate.

I am really looking forward to going deeper into this rich and rewarding material! I hope you will join us!

As usual, please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Trauma Informed Astrology Essentials One in September 2022!

I am excited to be announcing this class! We are ramping up and announcing TIA classes for the Fall, Winter and Spring. See for further info and scheduling.

To join this Essentials One class, we want all participants to be practicing astrologers – whether professional or amateur. You need to know your way around the chart. If you are a beginner, it would be best for you to take some classes elsewhere and then join us. If you dabble in astrology, contact us to see if this class is appropriate for you!

Once we get more team members, we will offer a few beginning level classes. This might happen in 2023.

In Essentials One, we will get into “What is Trauma?”, along with Autonomic Nervous System basics and ways to increase resilience and well-being. We will discuss how to avoid re-traumatizing clients and even learn tools and exercises for settling the nervous system. Participants will get to practice together.

In addition, there will be a couple sections which look at the Natal Chart with a Nervous-System-Repair-oriented perspective. How can we start to recognize potential trauma in the astrology chart? And then what do we do with that information? We will cultivate a safe space, with empathy, compassion and integrity. Plus we will offer two demos so you can see T.I. Astrology in action!

We will be offering two half scholarships and one full scholarship if there is enough enrollment. If you need a scholarship, contact us to apply:

In order to get certified as Trauma Informed Astrologer, you will need to take Essentials One, Two and Three.

Plus most of the Advanced classes require that you take at least one Essentials level in order to be admitted – these Advanced classes include 1) Ascendants, Houses and Developmental Psychology, 2) Timing Aspects in Astrology, 3) Pre- and Perinatal Astrology, 4) Health, Wellness and Medical Astrology, 5) Somatic Process and Astrology, 6) Karmic Astrology, 7) Working with Shame in Astrology, 8) Working with Sexual Trauma and more!

There is an early bird discount if you pay by Sept 18th.

Essentials One:

When: October 21st – 24th, 10 am – 1, 3 – 6 pm, all four days. This class is online (Zoom). There is a manual and additional notes.

Cost: $750 or early bird discount of $675 if paid by Sept 18th. This price also includes one Group Supervision meeting.

It would be best to pay for this class on Teachable, which we will have up within a week or two (and then we will get links out). That way you have access to all the additional videos along with the manual and notes.

When you pay for the class, you will be considered registered. If you have questions or concerns, use the link above.

We will be recording this class to put on Teachable. By taking this class, you agree to have the lectures, discussions and questions be recorded. Any personal or private info will be edited out. You will have the option to turn off your video and rename yourself if you would prefer to remain more anonymous. We want all participants to feel as comfortable and safe as possible!