Sneak Peek at Upcoming Trauma Informed Astrology Offerings

Hello Dear Ones,

News from Trauma Informed Astrology headquarters (my bodywork office for now). Thank you for your interest in our work!

Next week, we are doing an Instagram Live session on Friday the 9th at 2:30 pm Eastern time. In it, we will go deep into an awesome Somatic Exercise (embodiment tool), do some practice, discuss it, and unpack its benefits. And we will say a bit about the Nervous System Foundations course (which is available now for purchase on Teachable). You can find the course here:

You can also see more at – regarding the T.I. Astrology certification process, other courses, and more!

We are excitedly putting a course together for the fall – it will be in live, online (zoom) format, recorded to be put on Teachable soon after the course is complete. More to follow soon!

We are starting work on the Level Two course: Western Astrology & the Polyvagal System. This is very exciting as we are diving into the intersection of Western Astrology, Nervous System Repair, and Developmental Psychology! These courses take a while especially with the editing process – we are hoping to have this ready by October.

In August, we will start on the Preliminary Astrological Tools class. So that should be ready to present by November or December.

Kirby (the author) is going on a 10-day meditation retreat at the end of July (just in time for Venus Rx’s beginning), and a needed beach trip in August. Therefore, we are anticipating having things in place for an awesome September and beyond!

We are doing monthly or bi-monthly give-aways – so follow us on IG to enter those! Keep the questions coming and we look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!

Thank you for reading and visiting!

Kirby Moore & the Trauma Informed Astrology team


Big exciting new things in the works for Trauma Informed Astrology!

Hello Dear Ones,

We are very excited to be moving forward with courses, creating new content for courses and the site, we are prepping a Webinar for late June, and we are looking to have a membership program available (with great perks!) by August.

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You can see more about the Nervous System Foundations course which is available now on Teachable:

You can go to our site at:

You can see more videos over on YouTube here:

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Thank you for following us and stay tuned for more announcements and exciting offers!

Kirby and the T.I. Astrology team

IG Live post is now up

Hello Dear Ones!

We did an Instagram live video today, and the recording is now up. Hop on over to Trauma Informed Astrology on IG to see the recording. It won’t stay up long.

There were great questions asked – about T.I. Astrology in general, what specifically do I look for in the chart?, what can clients expect from a reading?, what can students expect to get out of taking the first course?

It was a great experience!

Follow us to see more announcements and to hear about upcoming events.

We are going to do an IG live post once or twice a month. So tune in, send us your questions, and hopefully the answers will be as insightful as they were today!

Thank you for your support and leave a comment here as well.

Kirby Moore and the Trauma Informed Astrology team

About T.I. Astrology’s first course: Nervous System Foundations

Hello Dear Ones,

I am excited to post this video on YouTube about the Nervous System Foundations course. We talk about what you can expect in the course, and briefly cover the main topics.

You can visit to see more about the certification process for Trauma Informed Astrology.

And visit to purchase and enroll in the course!

At the moment, the course is $675 (full rate) and there are a limited number of sliding scale spots left at the $525 rate (plus tax).

This course is 17 hours of vital material on nervous system repair, embodiment, resilience, and somatic exercises. Plus, this price above includes four hours of live, online discussion groups (which we will start within a couple months)!

Let me know if you have questions or comments!

Thank you for your interest,

Kirby Moore (and the T.I. Astrology team)

Trauma Informed Astrology announcements

Hello Dear Readers!

We are excited to be offering more on Trauma Informed Astrology over the next few months!

First, we have posted a video on YouTube – about “What is Trauma Informed Astrology?

Second, we are posting an Instagram Live video tomorrow (Thursday May 25th) around 1 pm Eastern time. You can join us and send comments and questions – we will see what we can get into a 10-minute video! That story will also be available over the next few days on IG. Follow us at “trauma informed astrology” on IG.

We are excited to be offering the first official T.I. Astrology webinar in late June. We will announce those details soon – how to register, etc. That will be $75 for a two-hour webinar on “An Introduction to Working with Trauma in the Astrology Chart.” There will be a 20 – 30 minute portion of that for questions and answers.

We have completed the first course: Nervous System Foundations – you can go to the sales page here:

The N.S. Foundations course is 17 hours of video on vital topics such as “What is trauma?”, “What is resilience?”, “What are resources and how do we work with them?”, plus you will learn about the autonomic nervous system, nervous system repair, the Functional Range (the Window of Tolerance), we unpack “what is embodiment?” and much much more! This course is $675 for the full rate and there is a sliding-scale option of $525 available as well (limited number of these).

We will be starting on the Level Two course soon – Western Astrology & the Polyvagal System in addition to working on the Preliminary Astrology Tools course.

You can sign up for an astrology interpretation here:

(let us know if you have financial need where you require a sliding scale rate for an interpretation – we offer a 90-min session for $250 – $175, or a 60-min session for $200 – $150)

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Kirby Moore and the Trauma Informed Astrology team

I (Kirby) am doing a 10-day meditation retreat in July, to refresh and revitalize, so that when I return in August, I can hit the ground running. I am so excited to be offering more courses, webinars, and training videos!

The first Webinar from Trauma Informed Astrology will be held in late June

Hello Dear Ones,

We are excited to be offering a webinar entitlted, “An Introduction to Working with Trauma in the Birth Chart” in late June (next month). It will be two hours long, and there will be a portion of that time dedicated to questions and answers.

In case you haven’t seen it, the first course is completed – Nervous System Foundations, this is a total of 20 hours of excellent material on Teachable. That is $675 for the entire course (which also included four one-hour discussion groups as well). At the moment, you can also get it for $525 (sliding scale rate) but there are only a limited number of those available.

You can go to to see more about the courses and the Trauma Informed Astrology certification process.

The webinar will focus more on the birth horoscope (and less on what is trauma). We are so happy to be getting into the birth chart and offering this!

Let us know if you have questions or comments!

Kirby Moore and the Trauma Informed Astrology team

Trauma Informed Astrology work on courses resuming

Hello dear readers,

After a little hiatus, taking a pause after the big push of getting Nervous System Foundations completed (the first class in T.I. Astrology certification series), we are resuming work on courses. Next week we will start working on the Preliminary Astrology Tools course.

This Preliminary Tools course is for people who need to review the basics of astrology, and also for beginners. We will be covering a lot in it – all the way from basic elements, horoscope signs, to planetary aspects and astrological houses. So, this course is like 101 and 102 combined. We are covering so much because the Level Two certification course – Western Astrology & the Polyvagal System will dive right into psychological and developmental astrology. Therefore, we need students to be ready for it!

We will probably start on the Level Two material within a few weeks. That is very exciting! We hope to see you in one of the courses. Let us know if you have any questions – you can go to the contact page at Trauma Informed Astrology (here).

Hope your Mercury Retrograde / Eclipse time is smooth and graceful, and that you are able to integrate the lessons available. Lean into support! Get your chart done by us or sign up for a distant somatic processing session.

Until soon,

Kirby Moore and the Trauma Informed Astrology team

Working Behind the Scenes on Trauma Informed Astrology

Hello Dear Ones,

We are loving the work on Trauma Informed Astrology courses. We are still adding tiny things to Nervous System Foundations (the first course which is available for purchase now) – it is 19 hours of material, and it might turn into 20 hours soon! You can check out for more info.

Looking at which astrological signs and aspects can benefit most from which somatic exercises has been fun. In this regard, we are pioneering in uncharted territory. Who benefits the most from doing the “Hands on Hips, bringing energy and awareness lower in the body” technique? People who have a lot of nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, people who have top-heavy symptoms (headaches, chronically tight shoulders / neck, etc). So what might that look like in the astrology chart?

People with a lot of Aries energy, possibly Sagittarius, people who have a stellium (3 or more planets) in Virgo or Gemini for sure. Plus, people who have Mercury in hard aspect to Uranus, Moon or Mars in hard aspect to Uranus. They all might benefit from this and many other techniques which we teach in the course.

You can go directly to the Nervous System Foundations Sale Page here:

In addition to adding these astrological correlations with the somatic exercises, we are also starting to work on the Preliminary Astrology Tools class – this is for people who need a refresher or who are more beginners. We highly recommend taking this course, unless you are a seasoned astrologer doing multiple charts a month. Level Two – Western Astrology and the Polyvagal System, which we are also starting to work on in a few weeks, will go deep into the astrology chart and developmental psychological aspects.

We are slowly adding more content to Instragram, and you can see our YouTube channel here:

Getting this huge project off the ground requires a lot of work. We are so excited to see where it takes us however! Let us know if you have any questions about the courses.

Have a great day!

Kirby Moore & the Trauma Informed Astrology team

Ways to stay grounded in the midst of eclipse season

Hello Dear Ones,

In case you have been living in a cave… things are pretty crazy in the world right now. And then, with the recent eclipse, plus Mercury retrograde, even those cave-dwellers might be having a rough time of it! So, here are a few suggestions for how to keep your feet on the ground, in spite of everything:

  1. Take three to five mindful breaths. Is my nervous system in the room with me? What is the state of my nervous system? Take a moment to catch up with yourself. Life can get busy and hectic. Breathing is one of the easiest ways to re-connect with ourselves.
  2. Spend some time in nature. Maybe this looks like going for a walk, perhaps you are blessed to be able to get your hands in some soil with gardening, or maybe you live close to the shore and you can walk along with ocean or a beach, or you have a park that you enjoy going to. Find some time in nature, preferably with clean air, plenty of green plants, and open vistas of the vast blue sky.
  3. Finally, the way we stay in our healthy social nervous system, is to be social. Connect with a loved-one, with a friend, with a group you feel safe within. If it is relatively easy, spend time with friends, go out and be social. Find your range of safety and be there with a friend. If this is difficult, see below.
  4. Social connection is so vital, and yet for some people, it is very difficult. Some traumas cause us to lose the felt-sense of safety in groups, or even the felt-sense of safety when connecting one-on-one. See the Embodiment Exercises link below for easy ways to come back to yourself, to feel your body’s natural organic rhythms and to be able to allow flow and ease back into your system.

Raja Selvam, one of my teachers, has a set of (quite affordable) embodiment exercises which help to reconnect us with our inner resources, helps us to come back to alignment, and to feel a healthier connection with our body: here is the link:

Also, you can find my first course: Nervous System Foundations here (Trauma Informed Astrology’s first course) if you want to learn more about easy embodiment tools, somatic exercises and learn more about the nervous system:

Good luck and wishing you well!

Kirby Moore

Fresh Start

Hello Dear Ones,

Do we feel the Eclipse energy?

Are we choosing Pluto or Minerva?

Mindfully, consciously dropping into greater awareness and ground

or being a pinball, letting life fling us around?

I know it feels like we don’t have a choice,

But at least give our objection a voice!

Our stress and overwhelm can become creativity

Shame and guilt can transform into dignity

It is possible to heal, repair our inner wiring

Practice kindness to self, increase our caring

Now we are in Taurus, connecting to organic healing rhythms

Allow our inner light to shine like a prism

We show you how at Trauma Informed Astrology! The first course is ready – Nervous System Foundations. Come take a peek!

Or go to the sales pages for the course: