Hello and welcome to AstroDharma. These posts are primarily by M. Kirby Moore, although guest content is welcomed. Please see below if you are interested in submitting an article to share publicly. Thanks for visiting!

It is Kirby’s intention for this blog to be helpful to many people, sharing health and wellness information for the physical body, the emotional body and more.

IMG_3866This page was created as an overview to this blog. Numerous topics are discussed including alternative health, psychology and spiritual paths. In discussing such a broad array of subjects, there may be ideas which are new to some people, so please feel free to leave a specific comment if you want something discussed further.

This blog, in a nutshell, has a pinch of thoughts on bodywork, a few good shakes of astrology tidbits and a large helping of Tibetan Buddhism. Oh, and there are the odds and ends about the mystical, wandering life that Kirby inhabits.

Pic above is Kirby house (bird) sitting for a friend in 2022. (Rodney is on his shoulder.)

Here is a quick run through the categories:

If you have time, you will find humorous, insight-filled anecdotes and analogies in all categories. However, Kirby’s personal favorites are the Dharma / Mani Drupchen / Ladakh Pilgrimage sections along with a couple of gems in the Spiritual Astrology category.

If you are interested in Astrology, you will find fascinating posts in the Spiritual Astrology section as several modalities are blended (bodywork, Dharma study / practice, somatics) with Western Astrology to produce a fresh, body-oriented perspective on the horoscope. In addition, Kirby has been putting together Trauma Informed Astrology courses and workshops since 2019.

WordPress is a fantastic platform for blogging but rarely, it will put a legitimate comment in the spam folder. Therefore if you send a comment and you receive no response or do not see it, please re-send it as it may have fallen through the cracks.

“Allow the warmth of authentic compassion to melt the ice of self-grasping from your heart.” ~p.p. from Garchen Rinpoche

“…the humble will inherit the Earth and will delight themselves in abundant prosperity.” ~ Psalm 37:11 New American Standard Bible

These quotes above are here because some of the most sublime spiritual masters are also the most humble. Hop on over to the Dharma page to see a great story about one of Kirby’s teachers. Having been raised Christian, Kirby has deep respect for authentic Christian practitioners (and other kind hearted spiritual traditions as well) and he wants you to feel welcome here no matter what your beliefs. Please do enjoy your visit.

Kirby Moore, Spring of 2008, Virginia
Kirby Moore, Spring of 2008, Virginia

Regarding Guest Content: Please leave a comment if you are interested. Kirby will accept content about alternative health, spirituality (grounded, efficacious only), Tibetan Buddhism, process-oriented bodywork and dynamic astrology (content that is ahead of the curve, non-fatalistic, choice-centered astrology). He will neither accept content which shows prejudice, nor which is for someone’s personal gain.

Unless otherwise stated, this material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thanks for stopping by.


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Kirby…while researching (googling) “Mani Drupchen” I bumped into your fantastic blog. I know we’ve said hello but little else since I first began practicing at TMC. I have some questions that you may be able to help me with about the upcoming retreat. I’ve never been on a retreat and would like to do this. I feel very strong about it. If it’s not too much trouble please call me at 301-318-4859 (cell); or 717-597-7728 (home). Peace…CB! (Konchog Thinley)

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