Chiron’s Curse

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The solar system body, Chiron, known as the mythological Wounded Healer, is a large asteroid, or more likely, a comet that got caught in the Sun’s gravity field, yet which does not come much past the orbit of Saturn (it has an elliptical orbit but we can never see its tail as a result of its distance from the Earth).  Actually it is quite fascinating that the asteroid-like bodies (or comets) that are beyond the main asteroid belt are known as “Centaurs.”  However, the reason I am writing this post is to discuss the Astrological (and psycho-spiritual) significance of Chiron.

Mythological Chiron was a Centaur chieftan and great warrior, who was actually a half-brother of Zeus, and therefore immortal (his father was Chronos or Saturn).  As an immortal, he had time to practice healing, herbalism, chivalry, martial arts, poetry, philosophy and the arts.  And, unlike his Centaur brethren, he was a bit more civilized. He trained numerous Greek heroes in medicine, the art of war and heroism, among other subjects – names like Asclepius, Ajax, Achilles, Jason, Peleus, and occasionally Heracles.  Chiron was also an astrologer.

Chiron was said to have died due to an arrow that was poisoned with blood of the Hydra (instantly lethal to anyone except immortals).  However, as an immortal, Chiron suffered in great agony rather than perishing immediately.  Because it turns out there was no cure for Hydra venom, even among immortals. Therefore, the story goes that he exchanged his life (immortality) for Prometheus who at the time was chained to his rock, and to make a long story short, granting man-kind fire in the process of freeing Prometheus.  Heracles (or Achilles depending on your source) was the archer who accidentally shot Chiron in the thigh, which is ironic due to his being one of Chiron’s previous disciples.  Hence the story of the Wounded Healer.

Astrologically, as a tiny planetoid (or asteroid or comet), one must use a very small orb to see what aspects Chiron makes in the natal horoscope (for the purpose of determining how strong Chiron is in a birth chart).  I use a 2 – 3 degree orb, maybe stretching it one degree further when the Sun or Moon are involved.  Needless to say, using such a small orb, there are not many charts in which you will discover numerous, major aspects with Chiron involved.  Therefore, when you do discover such a chart, it is rare and probably poignant.  Here are some examples of having a strong Chiron: numerous major aspects to planets (at least two or three aspects), Chiron conjunct the Ascendant or MidHeaven, Chiron in the 29th degree of a sign (and even stronger when it is in Sagittarius or Pisces) and making a major aspect to the Sun / Moon / Ascendant.  Occasionally (very rarely) you will find someone whose chart shows a Yod pointing at Chiron – another indication of their Chirotic personality. And interestingly, one of the most common Yod configurations with Chiron is from Pluto and Neptune, due to their being in relatively sextile positions for several decades.

People who have a strong Chiron in their charts can manifest Chiron’s energy in numerous ways, but the one distinguishing characteristic of all of these people would most likely be an innate ability to learn – rapidly absorbing information when they are interested in the subject (see below for what these most likely will be) and people who are very dynamic – having multiple jobs for instance, or people who have several “hobbies” which bring in some income.  As I mentioned above, Chiron was associated with philosophy, poetry, archery, martial arts, herbalism, medicine, chivalry, warfare and healing in general, so the subjects which Chirotic individuals might study are just as broad.  One underlying theme is an interest in alternative healing – which again is not saying anything specific because this broad category can include energy medicine, herbalism, acupuncture, astrology, bodywork, alternative healing facilitation modalities, etc etc.

And now for the reason I named this post “Chiron’s Curse.”  The curse of having a strong Chiron is often that one is able to heal and be of great benefit to others, but there will be one area of life that the individual truly suffers in and they can’t seem to get it straight in that regard.  For instance, Chiron grants great healing abilities (outwardly) but the person may have a blind spot regarding one area of themselves.  This is not always the case, but I find it to be true time and again.

One person I knew of studied nursing – disambiguation (breast feeding) and she was known as one of the top specialists in her field.  However, when she had a daughter, who would not breast feed, she could not decipher the “problem.”  It turned out she had a strong Chiron, and whether or not this has to do with her exquisite skills and knowledge being of use for others, but not her own (daughter), I don’t know.  However it is quite a curious phenomena.

Then there is myself as an example.  I have Chiron conjunct my MC (midheaven), trine my Saturn and squaring my Ascendant / Descendant axis.  I consider myself to have a strong Chiron.  And the interests that I mention above have nearly all been in my life at some point, having studied Traditional Reiki, energetic medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, Astrology and I even spent some time studying Shamanism before getting into Tibetan Buddhism (which believe it or not tends to show up in people’s lives when Chiron makes a major transit in their charts). And off and on, I have written some pretty graceful and potent poetry.

I have studied academic psychology, which helps to allow me to objectively, and empirically, analyze myself and others – watching for bias and eliminating it or at least naming it.  This helps in my astrology practice as well as my healing facilitation practice.  And I feel it helps back up the statement I am about to make: I seem to be an accomplished and skilled intuitive healing facilitator.  I say this because my clients tend to have break-throughs (Ah Ha! moments) and they keep coming back to see me, at least for a series of sessions.

However, in spite of this fact (providing it is true), I had serious money problems.  The fact that I didn’t advertise might be a part of the problem, but I did not have much success with that in the past.  How is it that someone can be of such great benefit to others and yet not be able to take care of their own financial needs?  Ouch! Chiron anyone?

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[Edited Nov 2017: I have done some incredible inner work on my little parts – pre-nate self, baby self, toddler self, young child self etc. Working with Myrna Martin and Pre- and Perinatal Therapy has done wonders for my awareness of the psychological double binds that I was cycling through, oblivious to their effects. So today, I am much clearer financially, I am much more stable in my work efforts and therefore I am more balanced in my awareness of my capacity and my motivation! Yay!]

As the reader can see, there are many facets to the astrological Chiron, and it is a subject I feel worth delving into and studying for the deeper nuances and trends.  Astrology is a science of cycles and trends (yes, I just said “science,” on purpose) and when one put’s time and effort into studying the cosmic patterns, one discovers layers of meaning and reflection.  And Chiron is one of the newer members of the astrological pantheon, having been discovered astronomically in 1977, so there is much research that can be done on this curious planetoid.


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66 thoughts on “Chiron’s Curse

  1. Hello. My name is Neisha. I have 2 yods in my natal chart. I just found out. One the fulcrum is Chiron19 degrees taurus the two quincunxes are saturn 20 degrees libra and MC 16 degrees Sagittarius. OMG! Anyways I am seeking guidance. I was wondering if you could give me a couple helpful suggestions. I am willing to pay although my funding is limited. My birthday is March 18th 1982 5:33AM. Blessings

    1. Hi Neisha, I would be happy to schedule a time to chat. And if we keep it to 30 – 60 mins, I would be happy to lower my normal rate. Email me at kirby [at]

  2. I’m Chiron in 22° Taurus at the apex of my Yod
    Pluto in 22° Libra
    Neptune in 22° Sagittarius
    As you stated I too am astute as well versed in holistic medicine and naturopath

    1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing Karla! I hope you are embodying more and more of yourself each day. Let me know if you want to chat further about your chart!

  3. to chiron: Merc 0.31, Mars 1.07, Jupiter 1.10, Venus 0.53, NN semi-sextile 1.07, outer planets ur+pluto opposite 6.09, parallel strnus 0.56, parallel uranus 0.11, venus+sn pointing yod to chiron. How much you chart?

    1. Wow awesome – a lot of Chiron activity! And most of those look really close (in orb)!

      My normal rates are $175 for a comprehensive 90-minute chart. But recently I have been having a lot more success offering Somatic Processing type sessions that are informed by the chart. Somatic Astrology as it were. If you are interested in one of these sessions, let me know. I can work with your budget – $75 for the first session? (75 minutes)

      Let me know your thoughts.

  4. Hi, What do you think about: Gemini Aldebaran 9deg, Pisces Chiron 28deg and Leo Jupiter 22 deg? And two, quincungs (venus, sn) to chiron, moon sesquiguadrate chiron, neptune and mars trine chiron

    1. Hi Woundedme, it sounds like you are investigating good stuff!

      I wouldn’t put much stock in a fixed star (tiny orb) being quintile (tiny orb) Chiron (which requires a small orb). I normally only use Fixed Stars when there is a conjunction or Transit / Solar Arc Direction contacts, etc.

      Jupiter bi-quintile Chiron sounds pleasant. And it sounds like you have a lot of Chiron aspects. Do you only use a 2 degree orb for Chiron aspects (3 if Sun or Moon are involved)?

      I specialize in bringing embodied clarity to various aspects – especially Chiron. I would need to see your chart though to tell you more. Let me know if you are interested in my doing your chart!

      Well wishes,

  5. Thank You for this article. I have the mentioned Yod with Chiron in my 12h in Gemini it’s in direct opposition to my Saturn (would that make my Yod a boomerang?) it square my Mars and Venus in Pisces and it’s exactly 135 degrees from my Sun. I have a great interest in astrology but this is something I really can’t crack. Also my NN are in 12h but 7 degrees away in Taurus. Since Pluto is traveling through my natal Sun back and forth I seam to lose everything I care about. I would really love to know what’s going on 😣 I can only suspect that change was needed but I’m not sure what for 😣

    1. Hi Pat, thank you for your comment! It sounds like there is a good amount happening in both your natal horoscope and currently regarding Transits. If you want to schedule an interpretation to chat about your chart let me know. Wishing you well in spite of everything!

  6. Hi Kirby, thank you for this post. I just started researching aspect configurations more deeply and discovered that I have a Yod which I thought was interesting enough until I realized it’s pointing to Chiron! I have Chiron in 17° Leo in 12th house aspecting Mercury in 16° Pisces in the 7th and Neptune and Uranus in 21° Capricorn in the 5th. I had no idea that Chiron was considered a scholarly asteroid as it is fitting to occupy my 12th house where I often find myself isolated in intense study yet seeking social connectedness. My interpretation is that I need to stimulate creativity and relationships with others in order to heal and transform my wounded Chiron. It’s both daunting and affirming to discover something of such significance within my chart.

    1. Hi Linda, Wow! that sounds like quite the aspect configuration! And yes, Chiron is a rainbow bridge of many colors and flavors – including bridging the gap between interpersonal and intrapersonal work, relationships to parts of ourselves and to others. Chiron is also strongly implicated in working with the Autonomic Nervous System – in particular with the Polyvagal System. I am working on a draft post about this. I should be finished with it soon.

      In the meantime, let me know if you want to chat further about your chart. I can give you a pay-what-you-can rate if you need it.

      Thank you for sharing and best wishes,

  7. Great article! Thank you for breaking down what a strong Chiron is! Apparently I have a strong Chiron. It’s sits in my 12th house Taurus at the 29th degree conjunct the Moon and is the Apex of a Yod with the classic base to Pluto/Saturn in Libra in the 5th and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 6th. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and wish to get into energy healing but I have had my own health issues for the past 10 years which have severely held me back from pursuing healing others as I haven’t been able to heal myself. I hope to learn more about my Yod and Chiron to finally move forward from this point in life.

    1. Hi Stephanie, thank you for sharing! Wow – that is quite a Yod you have in your chart! Especially involving the 12th house. If you wanted, we could chat about your chart soon – I love working with Yods. I have a few weeks until I go on sabbatical. Let me know!

      Wishing you luck with your own health issues and clarity around what you need to move forward!

      Best wishes,

    2. Stephanie – I just wanted to add that I have had great success coaching people via both astrology and Somatic Experiencing. The Somatic Experiencing coaching helps people to discover their inner obstacles and releasing / repairing old stuff to move forward with awareness, consciousness and kindness. Let me know if you want to hear more! email me at kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com or text 434 . 465 . 0603. I am going on sabbatical Feb 8th – will be away from email / computer / phone for three months as I practice high quality self care and recharge my batteries!

  8. Hi Kirby,

    I have send a comment twice now, but both times it asked me to log in, and afterwards I didn’t see my comment. I am not familiar with how this works, so my apologies if my comment shows up several times. I will try one more time.

    I happen to have the Yod with Pluto, Neptune and Chiron that you mentioned. I have been searching a lot for information on this. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me a little more about this aspect? You also spoke of making the orb smaller, can you tell me how/where I can do this? I would be so grateful to know more about it, since my life has been quite intense and the fact that it is probably because of this Yod (and a Stellium that is part of it) gives me great relief and hope for better understanding myself and my path. Much love Stella

    1. Hi Stella, Thank you for commenting here! This Yod can be an intense aspect, especially if all the orbs involved are under 3 degrees.

      There actually is not a way to make the orb smaller – but you can make your awareness larger, you can grow your container so there is less reactivity to triggers in life. For instance, meditation, yoga, process-oriented bodywork, Somatic Experiencing can all increase your awareness and embodiment.

      Are you able to afford an astrology interpretation? I can work with your budget if my normal rate is too high.

      It is difficult to just take a single aspect out of a chart and describe it accurately. I need to know more about you, your life and history; and I need to know more about your chart.

      Hope this helps a little!
      Best wishes,

      1. Hi Kirby,

        Thank you for your quick respond. I am grateful for your offer and would love you to help me understand my chart more.

        What I meant with the smaller orb is that you said “one must use a very small orb to see what aspects Chiron makes in the natal horoscope”. What I make out of this is that when I would use a small orb maybe the Yod will not be there. Although I have been looking into astrology for a while I am not that familiar with it yet to understand what you mean exactly with that statement.
        In your answer you say “especially if all the orbs involved are under 3 degrees” that’s what I am referring to.

        Can I contact you privately somewhere?

      2. Oh good! I’m glad I answered your question 🙂 Yes in general, the Quincunx or Inconjunct aspect involved in Yods must be under 3 degrees. Some astrologers even say under 2 degrees (especially when working with Chiron or other asteroids).

        Yes you can email me at or if you are in Canada / USA you can text me at (434) 465 0603

        Have a great day!

      3. I believe I am getting what you mean now. Just to be sure….
        Neptune is at 22 degrees in Sag
        Pluto 23 degrees in Lib
        Chiron 22 degrees Tau
        So one is in one degree and the other in zero degree, am I correct?
        Sorry, still learning here 🙂

        Okay I will email you soon.

        A great day to you as well!

      4. Hi again 🙂
        I am still learning too! But it sounds like that is a very close Yod! So you are a Libra Sun?

        Look forward to hearing from you,

      5. I did write it 😀 (but I was in a hurry) Thanks for keeping an eye on things Casey! _/\_ Hope you are doing well!

      1. Wow that is quite an interesting combo – heavy Libra, Pisces with some Virgo in the mix. I look forward to seeing your chart. I glanced at my ephemeris – didn’t see many chances for Neptune / Pluto / Chiron to be at those degrees 🙂 One is Libra 1981.

        P.S. I suspect I have a lot of good stuff to share with you as I have Libra Moon conjunct Pluto, Pisces Sun and fairly strong Virgo Saturn / North Node. Plus I have all my asteroids (nearly) in Pisces.

        Have a good night,

  9. Hi Kirby, I happen to have the Yod with Pluto, Neptune and Chiron that you mentioned. I have been searching a lot for information on this. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me a little more about this aspect? You also spoke of making the orb smaller, can you tell me how/where I can do this? I would be so grateful to know more about it, since my life has been quite intense and the fact that it is probably because of this Yod (and a Stellium that is part of it) gives me great relief and hope for better understanding myself and my path. Much love Stella

  10. Hallo Kirby, I happen to have the Yod with Pluto, Neptune and Chiron that you mentioned. I have been searching a lot for information on this. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me a little more about this aspect? You also spoke of making the orb smaller, can you tell me how/where I can do this? I would be so grateful to know more about it, since my life has been quite intense and the fact that it is probably because of this Yod (and a Stellium that is part of it) gives me great relief and hope for my future. Much love Stella

  11. Hola Kirby, I read your post and felt so inspired by your insight into Chiron , I am compelled to learn more about this amazing centaur . I have a 10 house ( Taurus) Chiron apex yod … don’t know much about decoding this aspect ,( or formal astrology for that matter ) ……but the lower sextile is a (5th H) Neptune on one pole and on the other pole I have 3 planets ( 3rd H ) like one or two degree apart from one another .. I see those green dotes lines ( quincux?) aspecting my 10 house Chiron , one side Neptune , other side 3 planets . Does that mean it is a triple finger of god ??? I am overwhelmed …

    1. Hi Xavi,
      Wow it sounds like you might have a bit to interpret going on there 🙂
      Yes, technically you might actually 3 Yods in One – you hit the Jackpot.. (?)
      There is a lot to unpack with Yods – personal manifestations, family / ancestral patterns involved, karma, hidden strengths and more. Let me know if you want to schedule a time to chat about it further.
      You can email me at
      I love working with Chiron and actually I have my natal Chiron on the 10th house cusp, along with Neptune in the 5th and Pluto / Moon in the 3rd. So I might already have a leg up in providing you with insights.
      Thank you for reading!

  12. Hey Kirby… just inpsired to share some insight I gleaned from Chiron. During my recent transit of Uranus conjunct natal Chiron in my 11th house, I had a ‘download’ of information regarding its energetic meaning. I’m a bit ‘out there’, so not sure this will be clear. But I’ll try, if you are interested.

    Chiron is the ‘line’ that rests between the personality (lower self) and the soul (higher self). It is literally the ‘bridge’ that is built between the two, called the Antakarana in Sanskrit. The ‘pain’ we perceive is how the higher self comes IN to the body and descends, by subjugating the lower self through a process of ‘humbling via pain’. I think of Christ on the Cross, at this point… allowing the subjugation of the human self to make way for the higher self’s entrance into the form CAN BE PAINFUL! Our ego doesn’t want to let go! But the reason the pain is RELENTLESS is because it is designed to WAKE US UP and help us evolve.

    So ‘surfing the pain’, I have found, is a fascinating way to work with the energy. You allow yourself to come ‘in’ to the pain, or block or whatever deep insecurity the chiron represents to you, and to let the pain guide you into your form. Rather than running FROM the pain, as most will do, you lean INTO it and allow it to take you deeper. It’s a delicate balance act, which is why I call it surfing, and as you mentioned in your original write up, I believe that ‘timing is everything’ in terms of readiness.

    So for me, the awareness that the pain is there for a reason – to humble us, to allow us to let go to a greater force and to spiritualize, this has helped me profoundly. I work with it so differently now. (Prometheus, according to Richard Tarnas’s Cosmos and Psyche, is the true archetype ruling Uranus… and as you mentioned, Chiron ‘gives up’ his life for Prometheus, or the ‘higher self’. Allowing the ‘pain’ to release, and something greater than him to ‘take over’.).

    Anyway, a few chirotic musings for you. Just happened upon your site… lovely to meet you. -Sara

    1. Hi Sara, Great to meet you too! Your words here deserve a longer and well-thought-out response. I will try to do that before I head into retreat (in less than a busy busy 48 hours), if not, then I will reply in the New Year. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to describe how Chiron manifests for you – beautiful! Until soon, and happy holidays, Kirby

    2. Hi Sara – I think it about time I responded to your beautiful thoughts here! I will write a post about my thoughts on Chiron, Buddha-Dharma, the subtle energy body, archetypes, myth and more. It should be up within a few days. I’ll watch some of those interviews of Richard Tarnas to get more of what you are referencing! _/\_

  13. Sorry for so many posts (😬) Lol; but I wanted to also mention that Chiron squares my Nodes….Would be curious further how that plays out within chart also.
    Thanks again!
    Casey 🙂

    1. Wow – yet another extra sensitivity piece added to your puzzle. 😀

      So your Nodes are Leo and Aquarius?

  14. Excellent article on Chiron!
    I personally have a YOD : Chiron at the Apex • •Chiron : Taurus, 2nd House (Placidus) or 3rd House depending the Chart used
    •Neptune/MC (conjunct 1 degree orb):Sag 10th •Pluto: Libra, 7th House (Placidus) or 8th House depending on Chart used

    I’m quite fascinated (more like obsessed 😉 with Astrology and am curious to understand further what this YOD might be able to show me/tell me on the deeper level. Your article was a nice confirmation that perhaps it could be of importance to study further 😉

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your Posts and Happy to have landed here on your site 🙂

    Many Thanks and well wishes,

    1. Hi Casey! Thank you for your candid insights and sharing. I appreciate how you authentically listened to your heart about your corporate job – as you know (double Virgo) it might be best to have a back-up plan, but sometimes only the whole hog will do! Glad you found this blog. I will post another article to my blog touching on some of your questions.

      If you want to schedule an interpretation, I would be happy to work with your budget. One of my specialties in astrology is the Yod and how it plays into so many dynamics – birth process, developmental psychology, family constellation, inherited ancestral double binds, etc etc.

      Let me know if you are interested – text 434.465.0603 or email at mkirbymoore[at]gmail

      Wishing you well,

      1. Thank you Kirby!! I appreciate your comment of listening to my heart, needed to hear that 🙂

        I’m looking forward to reading your next post in regards to some of the questions I have pondered;) Thanks! 🙂


  15. I have Chiron sextile Moon and Mars, trine Mercury, conjunct MC, opposite Uranus and forming an exact yod with Neptune-Pluto. Most of the other planets are in minor aspect to Chiron (except the Sun and AC).
    Virgo Sun and rising.
    I am really at a point in my life where I feel I need to do something I believe in, work-wise. The corporate job was killing my soul…Ended up depressed. So now I really don’t know where to…
    Sometimes it feels this whole “want to do something I believe in/ help people/ inspire people” is something unreachable, some kind of ego-trip…I don’t know.
    I’m interested in healing and psychology but have the tendency to be sucked into peoples problems and feel their pain and I get stuck there, become them. I think I’d need to focus on the solution somehow..
    Like there is always something that blocks me from moving forward.

    1. Hi Cinnamon,
      It sounds like you have a very interesting chart! It also sounds like you have the classic wounding represented by the wounded healer Chiron. Make sure you only use 2 degree orbs for – so do you have a true Yod? And only use 3 degree orbs for major aspects. I offer spiritual astrology interpretations and i am happy to work with your budget. Let me know if you are interested. Kirby [at]mkirbymoore .com
      I specialize in doing distance sessions as I can also bring my bodywork awareness into the session. Hope you discover the answers you are looking for!!
      Best wishes,

      1. Thanks. The Yod is exact (within half degree all aspects), the others are withing 3 degrees, though the conj. with the MC is 5.

      2. Cinnamon! Thanks for sharing about your progress! Sounds like you have stumbled upon something you truly hold value to : Yoga! That’s awesome! I would expect this will be a wonderful tool to use towards understanding yourself better through integrating Body, Mind and Soul! If your including within this Meditation, this should hopefully even further align balance within yourself.
        With all the Libra (balance) and Cancer (water/emotion) I could see this being somewhat of why you feel the way you do – Wanting Balance, yet Emotionally feeling everything which is what could create the struggle within, feeling the need for balance yet emotions can easily override this, thus creating the feelings of inbalance because the emotions can affect us much strongly than utilizing the rational, balanced need within.
        I’m of course just completely making these assumptions based on your words and how I personally have related to my own inner struggles with my overly emotional ASC (Pisces) that seems to call all the shots, versus my Stellium in Virgo (incl. Sun/Moon). It’s as if all those planets in rational Virgo are saying to me that I AM to be this way (Virgo) yet I AM the watery Pisces – thus creating such inner struggle for the routines and practically that everyday life expects, when all I really want to do be alone to escape into my own world of the Spirituality that opposes everyday life … Yet is, what I personally believe, IS completely what everyday life should be infused with. Hmm…am I making any sense ?! LOL hopefully so, and hopefully this might resonate with you too 😉
        We just gotta keep givin’ It the good fight 😉

    2. I just HAD to comment to your post Cinnamon, as I too have a Chiron-Neptune-Pluto YOD and I am Virgo Sun/Moon (Pisc Rising) and what you described above is identical to what it is I am (and have been, even during the time of your post) going through these same exact issues/feeling/etc due to the Corporate world and my propensity to be too sensitive and feel too much. I actually literally out of the blue decided to leave my sales job due to the overwhelming-ness of it for all points listed above as well as knowing that was Not the place for a sensitive being to be involved in. I quit without a backup plan (SO Not Virgo!) But it was needed for the betterment of myself and my family too.
      Anyways, I just wanted to share my experiences with you, as your not alone in the struggle …”The struggle is Real!” Is an appropriate tag line 😉
      If you do indeed end up reading this, I would love to hear where your journey has lead from the time you posted and the now!
      Would be interesting to hear 🙂

      1. One other thing I forgot to mention: Your comment “Like there is always something that blocks me from moving forward.” SAYS IT ALL!! I, too, feel like this in the worst way!!! Why is that, I want to know!! (Perhaps lack of Cardinal element, as Pluto is my only Cardinal/Air Sign)
        Just a thought…

      2. Fixed signs can also provide a lot of Umph as far as moving forward and moving through (outer or inner) obstacles. I will touch on this idea though in a post soon.

        Again, let me know if you are interested in an interpretation (I can work with your budget within reason). Text me at 434.465.0603 if you are interested.


      3. Hi again Casey – Wow! You Are A Sensitive Soul – that Yod plus the Virgo / Pisces dynamic. 7th house Moon or 6th? Sun?

        Wishing for you to discover and manifest the method for best putting your gifts and talents (and sensitivities) to use benefitting others!!

        I am starting to write Yod specific posts – might be a few days between them. They’ll be up soon. 🙂

      4. Hi Kirby!
        I’m so appreciative of your further interest in helping to perhaps unravel the complexities of natal chart aspects (especially on a personal note 😉
        Thanks so much for your Time to reply to me and looking forward to your insights!! (As I have been self-teaching myself Astrology for past 4-5 years now, so your input would be so very useful during my studies too!)
        Considering my personal chart, and to answer your questions, I figure it would be easiest to show all of my chart – just in case 😉
        Planet positions: (detail)
        Node (M)Leo18°30’6 R
        Lilith (M)Libra17°34’7
        ChironTaurus18°06’2 R
        PofF Pisces12°50’1
        Houses: (Placidus system)
        6:Leo 1°
        12:Aquarius 1°

        Your the best!
        – Casey

      5. Hi Casey,
        Just read your comment. Yup, I’m still alive, though many things happend since last summer. I’ve been through all ups and downs, mostly downs.
        I’m slowly getting functional again, feels like I’ve been disconnected from this world. I spend most of last summer alone, depressed, later on met strange people and had interesting energetic experiences, realised how much I switch my whole perspective and sense of self depending on who I’m with, what energies are around me. I learned so much about myself, but through suffering, mainly (yay Chiron…).
        In the autumn I decided that I need to do something so I started looking into volunteering which I did later in winter. Now I’m back in my home country, still no work, but I’m continuing the only stable path I had in the last years, that is yoga, and I really feel called towards the whole yoga-philosophy, and I feel this is my pillar now. So yeah…I might write a blog post about this, it’s getting too long 🙂
        One thing is for sure, I’ve been living a big chunk of my life in the imaginary world, in my head, and this is one reason I find it do difficult to relate to a job, or find a path.

      6. Wow Cinnamon – thank you for sharing! I feel how hard it has been for you over the past couple years. I pray that your reliance on Yoga pays off and that you can be comfortably embodied and present – no matter what presents itself to you!

        Also if you wanted to chat more about this (personally), let me know if you are able to do an interpretation. I will be covering a few of the things you mention when I talk about Yods in my next series of posts – however, you also mention some Neptunian qualities and more.

        Wishing you well,

      7. Oh, and related to the cardinal element, I have quite enough of it, 6 planets in Libra and Cancer (but that’s like more low-key cardinal I guess 🙂 ).
        I don’t really have fixed planets (except of course Chiron, and Uranus).

  16. Chiron Conjunct Sun
    Chiron Conjunct Mars

    Six Yods in total – two with Chiron.

    Pluto 27 degrees in Libra, Sextile Neptune 28 degrees in Sagittarius, Inconjunct Chiron 27 degrees in Taurus

    Saturn 29 degrees in Libra, Sextile Neptune 28 degrees in Sagittarius, Inconjunct Chiron 27 degrees in Taurus

    Six retrograde planets. Direct true node.

    Sun exactly Conjunct the fixed star Algol.
    Moon Conjunct by less than 1 degree the fixed star Sirius.

    Mars and Saturn both in Anaretic degrees, and both planets involved in Yods.

    What a mess. 🙂

    1. Tell us more.. what is your rising sign? Do you feel the effect of Sun conjunct Algol? Saturn conjunct Pluto can also be messy.. Mars conj Sun will heat things up, albeit in Taurus. Are you using the Chiron energy in your life?
      Best of luck!

  17. Wow,i have ascendant conjunct Chiron in 11.29 in Gemini-i have asthma,epilepsy,allergies,sinusitis,deppresion…hepatitis B i`ve got from non protected sex years ago…i have helped other peoples,but i can`t help myself 🙂

    1. It sounds like you might want to slow down and start to practice quality self care. Sometimes lung problems can stem from unresolved grief. Medical astrology is a very complex topic. Can only know so much from an Ascendant and a Chiron position! Asthma may be shown to be a trauma related disease process – look up the Adverse Childhood Experience study – A.C.E. It shows very high levels of correlation between childhood traumatic experiences and inflammatory diseases in adulthood, among other results. Pretty amazing stuff. You may also want to seek out a qualified Somatic Experiencing practitioner – they are skilled at helping to resolve trauma.
      Good luck with your search and with practicing self care,

  18. After reading some articles online, I still feel very confused about Chiron and what exactly this means for me?

    I have a yod with Chiron 0 deg Gemini in my 7th house
    With Pluto (26) and Saturn (27) both in Libra/11th house
    And finally Neptune (27) in Sagittarius/1st house

    I also have a multiple planet opposition to Chiron.
    Chiron in 0° Gemini (7th house)
    Ascendant in 27° Scorpio (1st)
    Jupiter in 2° Sagittarius (1st)
    Moon in 3° Sagittarius (1st)

    1. Hi Laura,
      It sounds like you have quite the Chiron-focused chart going on. You are describing a Yod-pointer chart with Chiron as the focal point. You should definitely get clarity about Chiron in Gemini in the 7th house! I would be happy to schedule a brief phone chat with you to talk about it. I work with everyone’s budget, so let me know if you are interested. I am presently scheduling a few astrology interpretations for the first week of January.

      I know a lot about Chiron myself as I have it conjunct my MC (less than one degree), and trine Saturn / Mercury. I have studied a lot of the Chiron subjects as well – healing facilitation, herbalism, meditation, bodywork, medicine (nursing) and astrology.

      It looks like we would have a lot to chat about actually – your Pluto / Saturn conjunction (Saturn is the stronger planet there), your Neptune in the 1st (or on the cusp), Jupiter in the 1st conjunct your Moon, etc.

      If you can, scroll down through the comments here and check out my reply to Candy about her Chiron.

      Thanks for leaving a comment and I hope you get the answers you seek!

  19. I have a Cinderella Yod with it pointing to Chiron. I have a lot of the manifestations in my life that you talk about. I’m a natural healer, even before I consciously came to realize that, I was always drawn to career fields of that nature. From medicine to psychology. However, I always wanted to take a spiritual approach. Still trying to learn more about it and what it means for me.

    1. Hi Candy,
      If the Cinderella Yod in your chart involves Pluto and Neptune at the base (pointing to Chiron), then I think you definitely have some company, as this is a longer lasting transit. Either way however, it strengthens your Chiron making its house placement and other aspects (within a 3 degree orb) very important. One of Chiron’s traits is being a wounded healer – do you share that as well? I certainly do. One question that is worth asking is this: Did you start to be a healer really early in your life? For instance, in the womb or as an infant or toddler. If so, it is worth exploring with someone who is qualified to lead you through that work. Sometimes I wonder what spiritual really means. For me, today, spiritual is synonymous embodiment – Am I grounded in my body? Am I centered? Am I in alignment (in my body, as a body)? Am I in touch with my body, fully from the tips of my toes, fingers, viscera to the crown of my head?

      Have you ever considered learning to do bodywork? Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, and Birth Process work all have great validity and efficacy in my experience! And there are many other fine modalities out there as well!

      Good luck with your search! Let me know if you want to chat about it further.


  20. Thanks for taking the time to write this article and keep it posted/hosted online. I have Chiron at 29 degree of Pisces (6h), conj my Aries Sun (6h), trine Neptune in Scorpio (2h), and opposite Uranus and Pluto conj (12h). I also have a yod in my chart that points to my Aries Mars (7h). either way I understand Chiron a bit more now and maybe why I seem to have several interests related to alternative healing and astrology. again thank you.

    1. With the advent of so many technological breakthroughs, and not to mention the advent of numerous antibiotic resistant drugs, there is much to keep track of regarding healthcare – whether allopathic or complimentary medicine. I think that now and more so in the future, possessing a complex holistic understanding of the body / mind and spirit is going to be vital. However, finding a balance between relaxation and learning are just as vital. Therefore the complexity of Chiron’s broad knowledge AND wisdom is necessary to practice quality self care in this day and age. Good luck with all of your interests and keep pursuing your unique path!

  21. Kirby,
    I discovered your blog recently, and I wanted to thank you for your writing. I think you are one of the best bloggers on astrology on the web.

    I have a strong Chiron, too. It’s in conjunction with Saturn in Pisces, sextile the moon, trine the sun and Neptune in conjunction, opposite pluto, uranus and mars in conjunction, all by the close orb you recommend. When I look at its past transits, they are the crises and turning points of my life.

    I’d like to know if you have thought about what past life experiences might cause a person to have a strong Chironic influence in this life? Do you think it means that there is an unusual potential for spiritual development in this life?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Due to writing from an I pad… I’m gonna make this brief :-). Yes, having a strong Chiron indicates a propensity or at least capacity for a more increased “spiritual” life. I will say more when I get home in a few days. Thanks for commenting and reading!! I often see Buddhism as having strong correlations with Chiron.

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