Trauma Informed Astrology Preliminary Class

Dear Readers, I am excited to be announcing a number of Trauma Informed Astrology classes (very very soon!). The first class, Preliminary Astrology, is a prerequisite for Essentials One. It is for anyone who is a beginner or who just dabbles in astrology, listening to weekly or monthly forecasts, but who doesn’t know the chartContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology Preliminary Class”

Meditation Group starting August 2022

Hello Dear Readers, I am starting an every-other-week meditation group in August – on Thursday, August the 25th to be exact. The plan is to do a basic Tibetan Buddhist practice most weeks. Although this will depend on the experience level of practitioners who join. We may also do other meditations – somatic body scans,Continue reading “Meditation Group starting August 2022”

Working on Trauma Informed Astrology classes

Hello Dear Readers, Not to say too much, and scatter the momentum of my plans.. but I am excitedly working on T.I. Astrology modules. I am considering when to start teaching these classes again. I have had a number of inquiries over the past few months. It is quite the task though to be blendingContinue reading “Working on Trauma Informed Astrology classes”

Contemplative Somatics Class Renews

Hello Dear Ones, I am writing to inform you about another series of classes entitled “Contemplative Somatics.” The first 8-class series went very well. All of the students loved it and requested to continue. So that is the intention! (See below for the class info!) We are going to continue to deepen awareness of theContinue reading “Contemplative Somatics Class Renews”

Back from retreat, changes afoot

Hello Dear Readers, I returned from Maryland and Tibetan Meditation Center on Sunday evening. It was an incredible retreat – rejuvenating and filling my spiritual container! Due to Covid concerns, there were not that many people in-person (anywhere from 8 – 35 on a given day, more on the weekends), but at one point thereContinue reading “Back from retreat, changes afoot”

Living breathing spaciousness, brief retreat

Hello readers, I am heading up to the Tibetan Meditation Center in Md next week. I am looking forward to a respite and a rejuvenating week. There will be less blogging activity (not that I have been producing much as of late anyway). But you can expect to see some pictures from retreat in aContinue reading “Living breathing spaciousness, brief retreat”

A few benefits of Trauma Informed Astrology

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Please do not reproduce anything here without the author’s explicit permission. You can see more of what Kirby offers by going to or There you can book astrology, distance somatic process or bodywork sessions. Thank you for visiting! Hello Dear Ones, I am writing thisContinue reading “A few benefits of Trauma Informed Astrology”

Shifting gears, offering mentoring & supervision

Hello Dear Readers, I have been practicing Emotional Process-Oriented Bodywork for 17 years now. And I have been working with Nervous System Repair (trauma resolution / nurturing resilience) since 2012. Therefore, it is time for me to start offering mentoring around these topics. Oh – and I have been studying and practicing Western Astrology sinceContinue reading “Shifting gears, offering mentoring & supervision”

Thoughts on Working with Grief

Healthy Goals to Overcome Grief This is an article guest written by Camille Johnson. Thank you Camille for contributing to Astrodharma! Kirby Moore assisted with editing. It can be hard to set and work on goals while grieving. After all, you’re going through a difficult time and might have uncertainty in the future. However, creatingContinue reading “Thoughts on Working with Grief”