New Moon Gatherings to get Trauma Informed Astrology started

Hello Dear Ones, After chewing on several options for how to get Trauma Informed Astrology off the ground (thank you for your interest over the past few months!), Emily and I have decided on doing a two-hour New Moon Gathering, where we will share some Somatic Exercises and information about the new moon in Scorpio.Continue reading “New Moon Gatherings to get Trauma Informed Astrology started”

Astrological Mentoring, Interpretations, 25-min free consults available

Hello Dear Ones, As we continue to plan what Trauma Informed Astrology classes to teach and when (thanks for your patience!), I just want to put out there that I am having a lot of success with mentoring astrologers. When it comes to questions about the nervous system, what are some techniques I can useContinue reading “Astrological Mentoring, Interpretations, 25-min free consults available”

“Seeds of Resilience” – A Somatic Approach to Trauma Informed Astrology

Hello Readers, I have been busy with bodywork, leading Somatics classes, and enjoying a couple weeks of vacation the past two months. It has been just what my nervous system needs – a rejuvenating blend of spacious self-care and sharing healing wisdom. I am very grateful to be able to benefit others (and I continueContinue reading ““Seeds of Resilience” – A Somatic Approach to Trauma Informed Astrology”

Back at the Dharma Center, brief reprieve

Hello Dear Readers, I am back at the Tibetan Meditation Center in Maryland. Just taking a short break, enjoying good company with friends and the lamas up here – Khenpo Tsultrim and Lama Rigdzin. They are very generous – they are treating me like an honored guest. Of course I am happy to offer themContinue reading “Back at the Dharma Center, brief reprieve”

Meditation Group starting August 2022

Hello Dear Readers, I am starting an every-other-week meditation group in August – on Thursday, August the 25th to be exact. The plan is to do a basic Tibetan Buddhist practice most weeks. Although this will depend on the experience level of practitioners who join. We may also do other meditations – somatic body scans,Continue reading “Meditation Group starting August 2022”

Contemplative Somatics Class Renews

Hello Dear Ones, I am writing to inform you about another series of classes entitled “Contemplative Somatics.” The first 8-class series went very well. All of the students loved it and requested to continue. So that is the intention! (See below for the class info!) We are going to continue to deepen awareness of theContinue reading “Contemplative Somatics Class Renews”