Aquarius New Moon Discussion

Hello Dear Ones, I did a New Moon presentation last night and it went well. Honestly though, I have been focused on getting the first Trauma Informed Astrology course – Nervous System Foundations – videos going again. I didn’t put the presentation announcement out on FB or IG. Hence it is just me and oneContinue reading “Aquarius New Moon Discussion”

Healthy Working: Finding Self-care as a Busy Entrepreneur

Healthy Working: Finding Self-Care as a Busy Entrepreneur As an entrepreneur, much of your time is going to be spent running sales, developing products, and pitching for investment. Unfortunately, this can mean self-care gets pushed to the side but, if you want to avoid burnout, it’s important to take time for yourself — here areContinue reading “Healthy Working: Finding Self-care as a Busy Entrepreneur”

Sigh of relief, Jupiter in Aries

You can see more about Astrology projects at – Kirby offers Astrology Interpretations, long-distance Somatic Experiencing sessions (somatic process sessions), and in-person bodywork in Virginia, USA. In addition, he and a team of colleagues are working on Courses for the Trauma Informed Astrology platform, which will be available by mid-February. Thanks for visiting! HelloContinue reading “Sigh of relief, Jupiter in Aries”

Links to New Moon Recordings

Hello Dear Ones, Just in case you missed the two previous recordings of New Moon discussions, here are link: New Moon in Sagittarius (and Mars square Neptune): New Moon in Scorpio (and Mars Retrograde) discussion: Hope you enjoy! We will not be doing a New Moon discussion for December because of the holidays.Continue reading “Links to New Moon Recordings”

a mystic in paradise, part 12, nervous system comes first

Hello All, I am wrapping up my trip to Hawaii today – heading to the airport in a couple hours. As I jot down whatever comes to mind here, I want to say thank you for following along. If you want, you can go back and view previous posts I believe by scrolling down. IContinue reading “a mystic in paradise, part 12, nervous system comes first”