About T.I. Astrology’s first course: Nervous System Foundations

Hello Dear Ones, I am excited to post this video https://youtu.be/wxH-gJS7FAk on YouTube about the Nervous System Foundations course. We talk about what you can expect in the course, and briefly cover the main topics. You can visit http://www.traumainformedastrology.com to see more about the certification process for Trauma Informed Astrology. And visit http://traumainformedastrology.teachable.com/p/ns-foundations-sales to purchaseContinue reading “About T.I. Astrology’s first course: Nervous System Foundations”

Trauma Informed Astrology announcements

Hello Dear Readers! We are excited to be offering more on Trauma Informed Astrology over the next few months! First, we have posted a video on YouTube – https://youtu.be/QGcZ2msNjF0 about “What is Trauma Informed Astrology?“ Second, we are posting an Instagram Live video tomorrow (Thursday May 25th) around 1 pm Eastern time. You can joinContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology announcements”

The first Webinar from Trauma Informed Astrology will be held in late June

Hello Dear Ones, We are excited to be offering a webinar entitlted, “An Introduction to Working with Trauma in the Birth Chart” in late June (next month). It will be two hours long, and there will be a portion of that time dedicated to questions and answers. In case you haven’t seen it, the firstContinue reading “The first Webinar from Trauma Informed Astrology will be held in late June”

Trauma Informed Astrology work on courses resuming

Hello dear readers, After a little hiatus, taking a pause after the big push of getting Nervous System Foundations completed (the first class in T.I. Astrology certification series), we are resuming work on courses. Next week we will start working on the Preliminary Astrology Tools course. This Preliminary Tools course is for people who needContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology work on courses resuming”

Just one week left of Pre-Launch Sale price on T.I. Astrology: Nervous System Foundations course!

Hello Friends, We have several people on the Trauma Informed Astrology Team. If you purchase the Nervous System Foundations course, you will see Emily Lamoureux and Kyla Saby as they assist me in producing / covering half the material for the course. Emily is becoming a better and better trauma informed astrologer every week, andContinue reading “Just one week left of Pre-Launch Sale price on T.I. Astrology: Nervous System Foundations course!”

Level Two of Trauma-Informed Astrology Class

Hello Dear Readers! If you are new to my blog or site, let me introduce myself. My name is Kirby Moore, and I have been practicing Western Astrology from a spiritual perspective since 2003. In addition, I have been practicing Somatic Processing (emotional-process-oriented bodywork) since 2005. The combination of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, SomaticContinue reading “Level Two of Trauma-Informed Astrology Class”