Some changes to the Trauma Informed Astrology roll-out

Hello Dear Readers! I am / we are still working on great Trauma Informed Astrology ideas. Getting a big project like this off the ground is not something that just happens (right?!). Not that I’m a genius, but isn’t the saying that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration? Well I’m certainly discovering that! WeContinue reading “Some changes to the Trauma Informed Astrology roll-out”

Trauma Informed Astrology Essentials One in September 2022!

I am excited to be announcing this class! We are ramping up and announcing TIA classes for the Fall, Winter and Spring. See for further info and scheduling. To join this Essentials One class, we want all participants to be practicing astrologers – whether professional or amateur. You need to know your way aroundContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology Essentials One in September 2022!”

Trauma Informed Astrology – Fundamentals of Astrology Class

Dear Readers, Here are thoughts on a basic, Fundamentals of Astrology class. We are looking for more team-members to help us offer this class for future astrologers. In this class, we will cover Frequency-based, Choice-centered Astrology, and we will discuss many basics of the Horoscope – the zodiac, the great circles, the signs, qualities, elementsContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology – Fundamentals of Astrology Class”

T.I. Astrology Class begins

Hello Dear Readers, I am enjoying the Trauma Informed Astrology class so far. Honestly though, I think there are always going to be growing pains when first getting a project off the ground. So I know that things will be better if and when I teach this class again! At present, I am putting inContinue reading “T.I. Astrology Class begins”

Trauma Informed Astrology Class – two weeks away

Hello Dear Readers! I hope this finds you well. I am excited to be teaching this upcoming class: T. I. Astrology – Fundamentals One. Exploring the intersection of Autonomic Nervous System dynamics and Western Astrology – this is a very unique opportunity. It represents 17 years of study and practice of various potent modalities forContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology Class – two weeks away”

Vision for Trauma-Informed Astrology

Hello friends, In this post, I will discuss my plans and thoughts for Trauma-Informed Astrology. Scroll down for a post about the Mission of Trauma-Informed Astrology – along with a detailed description of what “Trauma Informed ” means to me. (Previous post) Trauma-informed Astrology is an exploration of the intersection of Western Astrology and traumaContinue reading “Vision for Trauma-Informed Astrology”

Trauma-Informed Astrology: Fundamentals 3 (offering another class for proficient astrologers)

Hello Dear Readers, In case you are not aware, I am offering Trauma-Informed Astrology classes starting in February of 2021! You can find a link to more info here (as well as how to register): The first class is Fundamentals 1 – for beginners and people with a passing interest in astrology. We willContinue reading “Trauma-Informed Astrology: Fundamentals 3 (offering another class for proficient astrologers)”