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I have my Natal Jupiter in the sign of Cancer, in the 12th house.  Now let me unpack what this means.

What is Jupiter about?

Jupiter is the jovial, optimistic, speculating, the-grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side-of-the-fence, wanderlust-filled, adventuring, mental pioneering, broadener of horizons.  Typically, Jupiter is seen as one of the sources of enthusiasm in the astrology chart.  Does your Jupiter trine your Sun Moon or Mercury?  If so, you may be prone to bouts of enthusiastic delight.  🙂  Also, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and it is the only planet which actually gives off energy by itself (without the Sun being involved).  It’s size indicates how it tends to expand our thoughts about what is possible.  Jupiter can push the envelope as it were and this can definitely show up with a potential to gamble when we have a strong Jupiter (or in fire signs).  Although in this case – a watery sign like Cancer and a diffuse house like the 12th, gambling may not be indicated.

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Jupiter in Cancer?

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer.  What does exalted mean?  This is the second most potent placing for the planet to be.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius.  Meaning it is very strong in that pioneering, studying (sometimes know-it-all sign), adventuresome fire sign, but it is also strong in the sign of Cancer.  Why?  Because Cancer is all about nurturing and taking care of our loved ones – be they family members or close friends and associates.  When Jupiter’s natural expansion encounters Cancer’s natural love of nurturing, it is a good combination, let me tell you.  In Buddhism, the word for the “highest” altruistic motivation is called Bodhicitta, which means the mind which wishes for all sentient beings (seen and unseen, known and unknown) to attain happiness and complete enlightenment.  It is a very powerful motivation.  However, most of us (myself included) have a difficult time maintaining strong Bodhicitta because we feel slighted by anger or jealousy or not getting our way (etc…).

Well Jupiter in Cancer has a natural leaning toward an altruistic motivation.  You will not find many people with Jupiter in Cancer with a powerful cutthroat mentality unless it shows up in multiple other areas of the chart.  Jupiter in Cancer types will be natural cooks, care takers, nurses, teachers, healers, and / or realtors (Cancer has a Lunar connection to the 4th house of land and real estate as well).

Jupiter in the 12th house?

Jupiter in the 12th house is said to be the Guardian Angel of the astrology chart.  Why is this?  Because the 12th house is the most mysterious of the Houses.  It is where we subconsciously work against ourselves.  It can also indicate a natural proclivity toward spiritual practices and awareness.  It can even indicate psychic abilities (whether the individual wants them or not).  Keep in mind that the 12th house is strongly associated with Neptune (and Pisces).  Previously, before Neptune took over Pisces’ rulership, Jupiter ruled the sign of the bonded dual Fishes.  So Jupiter in the 12th house is not much of a detriment when looking at planetary strengths.  Normally all planets (save Saturn) lose strength when they are tenanting the 12th house.  But Jupiter can do okay there.

Jupiter in the 12th is watered down though.  You will not often find crazy dare devils who are risking their lives deep into their 40’s and 50’s with this placement.  Depending on what the 5th house and its ruler look like, you might take a few risks, but this individual will probably realize the fragility of the human condition sooner rather than later.  And yes, I speak from personal experience…  Therefore a watery Jupiter in a watery house is not going to be the wildly adventurous or overly jovial type (unless other strong indications exist in the chart).

So…  My Jupiter in the 12th, in the 29th degree of Cancer indicates that I have the potential for spiritual awareness, a natural proclivity toward giving and altruism, a desire to nurture those who I care about and I might even have innate healing abilities.  Hhhmmm.  Well this all sounds great so far right?!  And it is.  I am quite blessed.

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So why am I hesitating?  Because Jupiter in the 12th house indicates a strong leaning toward a nebulous Neptunian nature.  And then if this individual (me) is a Pisces, which I am, with Neptune squaring his natal Sun, which I have, then there is often times too much Neptune going around.  And what does this mean?

Neptune seeks to transcend this dense world of relative reality we live in – in other words, Neptune seeks to transcend planet Earth and all the physical phenomena that come with living on this great planet.  Neptune is the escapist, the addict, the artist, the seeker, the poet, the romantic and the mystic.  But it is never the pragmatic realist  🙂   Sorry folks.  So that is why it has taken me at least 35 years to begin to realize what I am doing on this planet.  And this waiting is often times hell.  I would rather push push push and accomplish something (this pushing is probably Saturn talking by the way, or an unconscious double bind speaking), even if it feels empty down the road than sit around and wait for my energy to rise.  (Because Neptune can also indicate a watered down immune system where your energy will literally wax and wane.)

With all that said, Jupiter in the 12th house in Cancer is an incredible blessing.  I am in contact with my spirit guides.  I do not “hear” them directly yet, but I have spent a lot of time working on embodying and becoming more grounded.  So I feel it in my body if a decision is way off the mark.  I will get a quick head-ache if I make a severe detour from my path.  And my body suffers if I waste too much time with less-than-wholesome pursuits.   🙂

I hope this speaks about Jupiter in Cancer and / or Jupiter in the 12th house a little.  Let me know if you have comments on this subject.

Thanks for reading!


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In this post, I am going to start revealing some secrets of professional astrologers.  For the record, I want to point out that while I am a professional, I am not THE expert and I am still learning as I go.  I do love seeing the various manifestations of Astrological aspects across many different people (and clients!).

Why this topic?  Because it is a vital part of Relationship Astrology and that is what I have been posting about off and on recently, possibly with more to come.

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This post will be almost entirely about the Natal Chart – what are the “Marriage” Aspects in one’s own individual chart?  I will post about potential “Marriage” Aspects in Relationship Astrology charts later.  By the way, I have “Marriage” in quotes because not everyone chooses to marry their partner.  So you could say these are primary intimate possibly serious romantic partnering aspects – and ideally, who do we want to marry – our best friend, our inspirer, our coach, our peer, our cheering on and cheering up person.  So let’s just say it is complicated – many people get married for various reasons, but if those reasons are not covered here, then maybe I believe there are gradations of positivity along the reasons-for-getting-hitched spectrum.  How ’bout that?

What is “The Classic Marriage Aspect?”  Honestly I don’t know if this exists, but if I personally had to choose, I have read over and over and seen in several of my clients’ charts that when Progressed Venus crosses the Midpoint of the Natal Sun and Moon in the Progressed (to Natal) chart, then you would have to work really hard to avoid meeting a high-quality partner, possible even a soul-mate.  I guess if you were in a solitary three-year retreat, you might avoid it, but even then this partner might come to the monastery where you are practicing, so you would have been in close proximity even if you did not actually meet (at that time).  And I should point out that if you are already happily married, and your partner also feels the same way, then having this aspect come about may be about improving your present marriage rather than meeting someone new – but you never know.  Best to be sure about who and what your heart wants and be certain how committed you (and your partner) are to the relationship.

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What is another popular marriage aspect?  Look at the Ascendant!  It is one of the two major relationship lines in the chart – the other being the opposite of the same – the Descendant (the 7th house cusp line).  Fresh starts, new beginnings and re-births occurs when major planets transit or progress over the Ascendant.  Therefore Transiting Jupiter can indicate a new positive relationship in your life, maybe not marriage per se; but probably the best partner you have attracted to yourself up to that point.  If Progressed Venus crosses the Natal Ascendant (it will be there at least a year or two because of its slower movement), then that will be a very fortunate and possibly “fated” time as far as relationships go.  Keep in mind this is the 11th or 12th house Venus progressing out of the shadows and into visible life – your attractions and enjoyment and generosity of the heart will be more palpable and certainly more visible.

Are there more favorable “Marriage” aspects?  Yes, but I do want this to be a teaser – no use revealing all our secrets at one time, now is there?  🙂    So what I will say is this.  Relationship Astrology is complicated and complex – knowing the ruler of your 5th, 7th and 11th houses is also important.  Then seeing what aspects those planets make in your Natal Chart can show who and what you are attracted to and why.  Next, you can see what planets are making Transiting aspects to the rulers of those houses and then you will see relationship juices start flowing (inner, mental, etc).  Also there will most certainly be changes if Transiting Pluto, Uranus and even Neptune aspect those planets.

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Kirby will spend 90 minutes interpreting your Natal Birth chart. You can chat about any area that you like. This includes printed charts and it also includes about 30 minutes of preparation time! These are typically done on the phone, via Skype or in person if you happen to be in Virginia, USA.


This is why it is important to have your chart done by a professional Astrologer at least once a year (approximately).  We all have blind spots – meaning, even if we are the most discerning person on the planet, there is probably a good chance we still want our life and our world to be a little different than the way it is.  In other words, our expectations, hopes and dreams can blind us to the precise reality of our present situation and that is why we need support, we need good coaches and we especially need an outside, objective perspective on our charts and our lives.

So go out and get your chart done professionally.  If you have relationship questions, just know that this is a very complicated “science.”  Therefore if you expect a 2-second glance at your Natal chart to reveal everything about “Am I meant to be married?”  “When will it happen?”  “To whom?”  Then you have a surprise coming!  Rather it takes a qualified astrologer at least several minutes with each chart – the Natal Chart, the Transit Chart, the Progressed Chart AND the Synastry Chart and Composite Chart.  It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare a solid Astrology Interpretation and then to give it in an inspiring, skillful manner.  Hence the reason we Astrologers need to charge for our services.

Stepping off my platform now…  Thank you for reading!

By the way, I offer phone sessions (and In-Person) interpretations.  Contact me for rates and services offered.  Obviously, Relationship Astrology is one of my speciaties.  Email is kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

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This material is copyrighted by M Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thank you for reading.

As you, the reader, may have noticed, five days ago I was dreading having my first root canal done. Thankfully, for better or worse, the root canal may not be necessary. But I have since been diagnosed with the painful temporary condition known as shingles. I plan to post a little “shingles journal” or timeline after this, but in this post I will explain how the astrological aspects I described earlier could be misinterpreted to say root canal, but in actuality, it is a much clearer shingles picture.

What are the aspects again? Using a three degree orb, I will mention major aspects that have occurred in the past three weeks. I am excluding Lunar transits due to their very brief time in orb. Transits: Sun conjunct Mars, Sun opposite Saturn, Mercury conjunct Mars, Mars conjunct Mars, Mars opposite Saturn, Mercury station on square Neptune / trine Uranus, Saturn trine Mars, Pluto square Mercury withdrawing, Uranus conjunct Mercury approaching, Chiron opposite Saturn, Chiron conjunct Mars. Progressions: Moon square Pluto, Sun square Jupiter, Venus conjunct Sun, Mars conjunct Mercury.

Why tooth issue?  Well because some of the early symptoms of these shingles, before the rash and sores started forming was tooth and jaw pain.  Astrologically, why tooth issue?  Saturn rules the hard bones / tissues of the body, including teeth.  And if you peek at the above transits again you will see Sun opposite Saturn, plus Mars and Chiron opposite it.  In addition, with the Progressed Moon squaring Pluto (decay, festering under the surface) I figured there might be a chance of a tooth problem.  Not that I would base my medical health on my chart, but it can be a way of verifying the facts.

In reality though, once the rash started showing up last Tuesday, I knew it might not be a root canal problem, especially once my ear started hurting so badly.  Astrologically, why shingles?  Mercury rules the nervous system in the body (along with Uranus), and Mars has to do with the head (Aries rules the cranium, and I would assume it would play a role with cranial nerves).  Look at how many aspects above have to do with Mars and / or Mercury!  Nearly all of them!

Sun conjunct Mars – a brief yet necessary aspect for “sparking events,” this can be a catalyst aspect.  Usually MINOR aspect.  When this aspect occurs, if the window for karmic ripening is open, you can expect something to happen.  Not to be fatalistic or anything, because remember for more karmas, we can shift how heavily they manifest, but around this time of year (it will always fall in the same week every year), I try to watch my chart to see if I should do extra purification practice or if I should rest down more than usual.  The only other time something MAJOR happened when the Sun crossed Mars for me was in 2002 and it may have played a role in reflecting my situation at the time – having an infected appendix which needed to be removed.  But the major aspect which indicated karmic heaviness at that time was Pluto squaring my Nodes.

Sun opposite Saturn – for me this always occurs simultaneously with a Mars aspect as well.  This is also a minor aspect by itself.  However it might indicate a time where the immune system is lowered, whether because of overworking, or stress, or sickness, etc.

Mercury conjunct Mars – probably should have been more aware of the rare nature of this aspect this time around.  Due to Mercury Retrograde, it will cross Mars three times in five weeks.  A very minor aspect typically.  Usually indicating a day or so of increased nervous energy and mental capacity.  However, due to the Retrograde motion, I suspect this might be indicating a time of stressed out nerves.  And probably cranial nerves in particular (Mars = Aries = cranium).

Mars conjunct Mars – usually a minor aspect also.  However, this can be a time for asserting yourself, airing any conflicts which have been swept under the carpet and for having more self confidence.  Just don’t get into a contest of egos.  Again, too much energy to process perhaps when considering everything else happening in my chart.

Mars opposite Saturn – this can sometimes be a rough couple of days.  This represents hitting the brakes and the gas peddle at the time same time!  So you can feel a true inner conflict when this is in place.  I don’t know I felt it externally, but I think it could have added to my psychic stress level.

Mercury station (Retrograde) on square Neptune / trine Uranus – the “Shadow” is the point where Mercury stations retrograde and some astrologers say that it does not officially come out of retrograde until it crosses back over this point.  If this is true, then Mercury retrograde lasts at least another 2 weeks beyond when it actually starts moving direct.  Personally I don’t know how much water this theory holds.  However, I do put some emphasis on the point of the shadow when it makes Hard aspects to other planets.  In my case here, it certainly does this.  I put emphasis on this point because the Shadow lasts at least five and a half weeks – from the moment Mercury stations retrograde to the day it crosses back over this point.  Therefore we have this influence subtly ongoing for that entire time.  Even now I believe I am feeling Mercury retrograde’s “effect” more strongly because of this Shadowy activity.  Mercury square Neptune – confusion or delusion or deception or falling back on old patterns which may not serve me any longer, a.k.a. computer games are tempting me once again.  Mercury trine Uranus – typically a time of increased creativity, but in this case, it could be too much in the way of nervous system activity.  Who knows?

Saturn trine Mars – this aspect has been in place for weeks now for me because Saturn takes about a month to fully station retrograde, then it starts moving Rx after another three weeks…  So this is still going on for me, two months after it started.  Saturn trine Mars is the workaholic aspect.  We have extra energy, we have extra motivation to achieve our goals, we might even be more ambitious.  However, we still need to remember that we are humans and we need self care and rest and some relaxation time.  With this aspect in place, you will not really feel like going for a night on the town very often (if at all).  If stress causes shingles, then this aspect certainly will add to stress levels.  By itself, we can handle it.  But throw on some other tough aspects and suddenly our body might shut down for mysterious reasons if we don’t relax enough.

Pluto square Mercury – this is fading.  However, it is still a strong fulcrum on my planet ruling the central nervous system.  I have been doing lots of emotional processing around birth work, trauma resolution, etc.  This could be another “reason” for getting the shingles.  A lot of times trauma resolution work will manifest through the skin.  And if the body is overloaded with integration requests…  then there might be a mysterious malady which forces us to the slow down and get the rest time we so desperately need.

Uranus conjunct Mercury – if there was one aspect I would put my finger on and say, “here is the bastard!”  That is, I am not saying this aspect “caused” my affliction.  But this aspect definitely applies pressure on the nervous system, whether through stressful outer environments, or stressful inner work, or another reason, we will probably feel stretched and worn out after this aspect resolves.

I think that is all I want to write today.  The only other aspect I would point to and say, “yet another potential shingles aspect” would be Pr. Mars conjunct Mercury.  With Uranus moving into this exact same position, this seems like a recipe for some sort of nervous system ailment.  Not guaranteed.  I certainly did not expect it.  For me, typically, I am lucky in how my karma manifests.  I have to thank my karma every day.  I am born in a human body where I can do authentic spiritual practice.  I have a functioning brain, which allows me to make positive choices.  And I have incredible support around me in the form of friends and family and spiritual mentors / teachers.  So what can I possibly have to complain about?  🙂    I might have a little complaint about the painful nature of shingles, but otherwise I am doing okay.

Thanks for reading!

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. I am writing off the top of my head, so this could either be very good or an enormous flop! Thanks for sticking with me either way.

I believe the astrological chart (the Natal Chart, the Birth Horoscope, etc) to be a snapshot of our gross karmas, at least in a nutshell. What do I mean? If you believe in reincarnation, great, if not, can you just pretend for a second? So we have past lives. Say there is unfinished business with other people, animals, enemies, locations, etc. And there is unfinished business with regard to our strong habits and predispositions. There may also be unfinished business with regard to certain cultures and belief systems. This all shows up in the birth chart. We reincarnate to clean up these various situations and strong inclinations, if they need to be cleaned up of course. If not, then we reincarnate to benefit others, which is not such a bad thing.

For the most part, especially here in the West, just about all of us share one massive shortcoming in common. We are stuck up in our heads. Meaning we are not in our bodies – it takes effort to be aware of our tummies, to be aware of our breath. We have to purposely slow down to get in touch with our body’s needs. Why is this the case? I’m not saying we are all suffering from this affliction. Luckily, there are teachers and sublime beings who lead others back home into their bodies. But for the most part, especially in less-than-conscious families and industries, people are just running around being aware from the neck up.

Well, as babies, we emulate those around us. Studies on mirror neurons shows that kids (0 – 7 especially) do what their caretakers do. (This is why it is vital for parents to walk their talk – no saying one thing and doing another and expecting their kids to honor their words! Getting off that soapbox now…) It is natural – we want to learn from our parents and become functioning teenagers and adults. Unfortunately, if the adults we are learning from have no clue what it is to be embodied… if they are just in their heads, out of touch with their hearts and bellies, well then what chance do we have as babies?

As babies, we seek to be as safe and comfortable as possible. To do so, we emulate our parents. If our parents are living a stressed, tight, rat-race-oriented lifestyle, then as babies we learn to lock up certain parts of our body. I mean, what is the point of having an open heart if it is just going to get hurt and wounded everyday? So we start to close certain parts of our breath, we tighten our shoulders, in a sense creating a natural defense around our tender, vulnerable areas. But is this really necessary? Well, at that young impressionable age, yes. As conscious adults with choices about how we carry ourselves, how we use our tools of consciousness and awareness, NO!

In this series of posts, I intend to go into the shadow side of each planet. What does it mean to have a challenged Mercury and how does that affect embodiment? Or Mars? Or Jupiter, etc?

I will ponder this subject for a few days and then post the next article in this series.

Thanks for reading.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.

I finally received a request from a reader.  Hey hey!  Things are looking up.  Well… at least I have a few readers <grin grin>.  The request from Sachin Pednekar was to write something informative about the Moon signs.  It was mentioned that occasionally Sun sign descriptions do not fit and, rather, the Moon sign seemed to be much more accurate in describing traits.  (I hope I got that right).  The final paragraphs of this article begin to answer this question, where the meat of the text is context for doing so.

In astrology, the Big Three are known as the Rising Sign or the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon.  If you know all three, then you can tell them to an astrologer and s/he can get a basic sense of your chart (just from these three pieces – hence their importance).  The Rising Sign is an important feature in the chart as it sets the template or the framework that one’s planets fall into.  It also determines what energy (planet) is manifesting in what area of life (the houses).  Without the birth time, it is challenging to get a really accurate interpretation because the Rising Sign is determined using the time of birth.  For instance being born at sunrise vs. midnight would make a significant difference in the chart.  The Sun, of course, is the primary energy in the chart, the impulse to be, to take action and to progress through life.  The Sun is basically the driver behind the other planets as well – for example, Venus takes the Sun’s energy and transforms and molds it to manifest in her silky, sensual, artistic manner.  This is the case with the rest of the planets as well.  [Jupiter is the only planet that technically gives off a little of its own energy.]  The way in which we interact with the public, with strangers and our primary purpose for being here is colored by the Sun’s sign, house placement and aspects.  And finally, the Moon: It is my intention to describe the Lunar orb first, as this is such an integral and personal planet – having much to do with our form, physiological and emotional functions (among many other attributes).

I want to mention as a disclaimer, that one of the reasons we have astrologers in the world is that the art of choice-centered, frequency-based astrological interpretations is a very complex process.  It takes years to learn and even longer to master (I’m not there yet).  There are many, many factors to take into account when doing someone’s chart, therefore, when you read the following paragraphs, please, please(!) don’t say – “Oh, he says <blank> about that Moon sign, I have that in my chart, therefore <blank> must be true about me.”  Nope!  Before jumping to any solid conclusions, go have your chart done by a professional (like me).  With that, please enjoy these thoughts which I hastily wrote off the top of my head.

Among astrologers, it is common knowledge that the Sun rules the male body and the Moon rules the female body.  Upon hearing this, someone might assume that the Sun is stronger in male’s charts and vice verse.  Actually I believe we often come in with a stronger polarity in one direction – for instance, someone might have had many lives as a beautiful woman, and then they take a male rebirth.  I would say there is a good chance you would find that particular man to be more sensitive, receptive and more in touch with his inner feminine than the “average male.”  The same goes for women – sometimes you find a woman’s chart having a preponderance of fire and air signs, often leading to a strong, outspoken woman; and thankfully so – with fiery women come the progression of women’s rights and liberties.  So, without a more in depth analysis of the chart, one cannot tell which planet – Sun or Moon will be stronger.  Overall there might be a tendency for Sun to be stronger for men and the Moon for women.

In my limited experience, the Moon is one of the strongest indicators of where we have been in recent past lives.  Another way of putting this is that the Moon sign, house placement, its aspects and its sign’s ruler reveals what we have been working on the most in recent incarnations.  This makes sense when you consider that the Moon rules our instinctive reactions, our defense mechanisms and our gut feelings.  Basically the essence of the Moon (sign, placement, element, etc) is so deeply ingrained within us that we now react in its manner without needing to be conscious of the decision / re-action.  For instance, an Aries Moon in the 9th house (that did not have significant hard aspects) may show an increased devotion to political or social progress – most likely indicating the individual is an activist and participant in protests and social movements, there would be a definite camaraderie with those of lesser fortunes – empathy for the underdogs of the world.  If there was some strong Saturn, 11th house planets, a strong Uranus, or Sun in Aquarius for instance, this Moon placement would blend very well for a desire to be involved in progressive movements and non-profit, benefit-others groups, maybe even being a manager or organizer within them.

This Aries energy would show an ability to stand on their own two feet, possibly having been in a warrior / guardian / mercenary position in the past – leading to quick reactions and rapid, instinctive actions.  And to bring this warrior energy into the body, an individual with an Aries Moon would need to do some work to relax their adrenals – call it what you will – karma, birth trauma, childhood wounds, social conditioning, etc, but something would be making their adrenals and sympathetic nervous system run on overtime.  The “fight-flight-or-freeze” mechanism may not ever turn off completely, until an authentic healing regimen has been adhered to (see other posts on this blog for further info here).  Their natural (without a lot of healing work) stance would be tense, rigid and ready to spring into action.

As the Moon is an indicator of where we have been, it is a deeper, often subconscious influence.  In general the Moon sign and placement is referred to as the manner in which we relate with ourselves.  Where the Sun generally represents how we react and display ourselves to the public, the Moon is often more secretive.  It’s nature only comes out when you get to know the person better.  Or, if you know what you are looking for, and you know the person’s Moon sign (and chart), then you can see this lunar influence flavoring their lives and their reactions.  There are exceptions to this rule, but the Moon is generally a quieter influence in a chart until you gain the individual’s trust.  This is the case because the Moon rules the home, domestic needs and attitudes, that which is deep below the surface, and the mother; along with having a strong familial association.  Therefore if the person starts to treat you like a family member, then their Moon sign and placement will be much more obvious.

In conclusion, I would recommend having an open mind to chart analysis – get information from many books before coming to any major conclusions.  Preferably, get a professional astrologer to interpret your chart, as there are many factors which go into having a quality interpretation conducted.  Regarding the Moon, it plays in a role in our instinctive reactions, our moods, intuition and defensive mechanisms, as well as physiological functions (some hormone production, fertility, the womb, the skin and other influences come under its lunar rulership).  The Moon has a lot to do with what we want in a home and regarding domestic affairs – how big, how stable (do we like to roam while having a solid place to return to), who else is in our home with us, do we want a family at all?  How big a family?

To answer the question which was posed by a reader – why does it seem that some people’s Moon signs are readily evident, even when compared to their Sun signs? – well first, it is complicated.  I know, what a cliche!  But it is true – the Sun enjoys being in certain signs and certain houses (known as its Rulership – Leo or Exaltation – Aries or Joy – 9th house) and it would rather not be in others.  The same is true for the Moon (Rules Cancer, Exalts in Taurus, takes its Joy in the 3rd house) and the Moon has signs where the energy is very cold or dry, not typical lunar traits.  Remember what I said above, about our Moon signs being more personal and maybe even secretive.  If you are really open minded, tending to offer unconditional loving-kindness to those around you, then guess what?  Those people will probably open up really, really rapidly and their Moon sign will be available for public viewing.  And finally, I have another theory which we will add to what I have mentioned above.

This alternative or supplemental theory is this: hard (major), strong (close orb) aspects play a significant role in what psycho-spiritual issues we are dealing with in life (especially in this particular incarnation).  To describe this in brief, the hard aspects are the Conjunction, the Square and the Opposition.  In general the Square and the Opposition aspects tend to lead to challenges or obstacles which we must overcome, and the same can be true of the Conjunction depending on the planets involved (certain planets work really well together, others not so much).  If we have our Natal Saturn making an exact Square (e.g. Saturn at 9 degrees of Virgo, Moon at 9 degrees of Gemini) to our Natal Moon, then I would posit that the Moon’s sign manifestation will be grossly restricted.  In this case, it might be difficult to tell which mutable sign their Moon is in.  There might be a Saturnian, stern, dutiful attitude which travels with this person until they have undergone some personal growth work (bringing awareness to their defense mechanisms and their personality structures, etc).  It might seem like they have days of stern pessimism blended with other days of incredible productivity.

To continue this theme, its seems to me that the Moon is especially susceptible to significant aspects (close orb).  This makes sense when you consider it is the primary emotional and possibly even the primary reproductive impulse in the body / mind system.  It is associated with so much which we take for granted – moods, reactions, instincts, etc.  Therefore, having the Moon conjunct Pluto or the Moon opposite Neptune begins to play an even larger role in our lives, and in the individual’s psycho-spiritual make up.  So… in taking up the question, again, we find there are many variables, and maybe, in your case, most of your friends have Natal Moons that are making close aspects and therefore this dynamic colors their life and their personality more – making the Moon sign more obvious, maybe even more so than the Sun.

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Soon to be Autumn

Soon to be Autumn

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I have moved, again, for what may be the fifteenth time in my adult life…  Wow!  Having Uranus (shock, disruption, unique mode of abiding and authenticity) in my Fourth House (of house and home, the way I perceive my mother, domestic attitudes and needs, the depth of my being) seems to reflect my itinerant, Gypsy-like ways.  I also have Transiting Uranus conjunct (via retrograde) my Natal Sun, further stirring the pot and asking me to re-invent myself, again.  This fall looks to be a productive one as I have signed up for a Cranio Sacral training at the end of which will qualify me to have letters after my name – hey hey!  For whatever that is worth.  This is in addition to taking a couple of classes to finish my undergraduate work in Psychology from the University.

I have moved into a tiny apartment in the beautiful Fry Springs Neighborhood of Charlottesville – where the trees are old and large, the people are friendly and active and the vehicular traffic is a little slower.  Also, I am living in the same space as three other Dharma practitioners – we have dubbed it the Dharma Duplex.  And I must say that the mandala of Dharma practice is nearly palpable.  My place is an efficiency – two rooms, a bathroom and a tiny kitchenette.  Therefore my queen size bed does not fit (if I have any other furniture), so…  I am planning to sleep on an air mattress and do more practice.  Plus I will be practicing and studying a bit of Tibetan (language) as my current class is loaded with people who speak it quite well.

Well so that covers me, and now on to the Astrology update, which you are probably all waiting for, saying, “I wish that Leo Rising Kirby would stop talking about himself!”  Good luck on that one!  But I digress.  Currently, as you are probably aware, whether consciously or not, there are several significant aspects brewing in the transiting planets.  The stellium (3 or more planets in the same sign) of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter are still relatively close together, forming a strong conjunction in the sign of Aquarius – all around the later degrees for now.  Therefore anyone with planets in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio) can expect to have their discipline tested, especially if we have the tendency to exaggerate or procrastinate.  Jupiter might exacerbate these patterns.  And, as if this conjunction were not enough, there’s more!  Ha!

I want to add that I am mentioning the major aspects that are currently occurring.  There are also many positive, slighter aspects currently pending.  I practice frequency-based, choice-centered astrology and I do not want to give the impression that we have gloom and doom coming up – because we do not!  But we might have to face some additional challenges with new and creative behaviors (over the next month or two).

Recently transiting Pluto and Mars were opposing – August 20th – August 27th.  This, along with what I am going to describe next, might have really caused some storminess – whether in yourself or in the people around you.  This aspect occurred in the very early degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), so if you have planets there, this may have brought up some resentment, irritation and that persnickety “old stuff.”  This was probably a hot time, which thankfully is mellowing now.

Finally, transiting Uranus and Saturn are moving into opposition, again.  These planets have been involved in a pirouette for the past 12 months or so and they will continue to do so, off and on, through April of 2010.  However, right now, they are coming together in another close opposition.  This is happening in the later degrees of the Mutable signs, so watch for a sense of rebellion and an “only-gonna-do-it-my-way” attitude.  Uranus is the planet of progression, shock-the-old-patterns-into-changing and authenticity, while Saturn has more to do with tradition, practicality and self-discipline.  This aspect, only occurring in a 50 year cycle, is quite rare and will not be happening again until the middle of the 21st century.  Therefore, I would recommend for everyone to take a little extra time over the month of September to have some quiet time – reflect, meditate, walk in the woods, and most importantly – relax!  With Mercury going retrograde in a few weeks, it is time to get our lives organized so we are not rushing to catch up with ourselves.  Also, if you want to, you can say to yourself, “Thank you for the opportunity to purify this negative karma.”  That is, if the need arises and you feel this might be appropriate for your situation.

Okay, with that wonderful news, good luck!  (Actually, this can be a great time for growth and learning.  Personally I look at these giants as very rewarding – when we are disciplined and do our personal work and practice, it definitely pays off.)

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Guru Rinpoche - Ladakh, India

Guru Rinpoche – Ladakh, India

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  You can visit Kirby’s website at to purchase Astrology interpretations and bodywork sessions.  This will support Kirby’s blogging and Dharma activities.  Thank you!

News Flash: Kirby is molting, a bit early perhaps

I have been receiving more bodywork recently than I have had the privilege in previous times.  Included within this caring touch is massage, and the woman who does my massages recently commented that we were “discovering secret treasures.”  She said this in response to finding muscles on my body that were extremely tight – almost to the point of unbearable pain when palpated.

I have been lying around quite a bit recently – I do not mean this with any negative connotation – napping and integrating are extremely important.  I have come to the conclusion that merely going to class full time at the University of Virginia is something to be proud of.  At the same time, I have been a little less than kind, beating myself up for spending so much down time, doing less meditation practice than usual and not quite studying everything I feel is necessary to maintain those aforementioned classes.  It is okay – no longer any reason to beat myself up!  Good job Kirby, well done.

I do a practice called Zapchen – created by Julie Henderson, PhD. – see the website for more info.  This is a lovely, relaxing series of exercises for lightening the mood, pulsing restrictions in the body, coaxing openness in a stabilized manner, resting in alignment and coming down out of the head and into the body.  Julie also does work with the I-Ching and she interpreted her version of this beneficial book.  It was with the help of this resource that I recently made a discovery of my own – all the down time, napping, lying in the Sun and resting on my amethyst bio-mat has been because I am in the process of molting.  “Help I’m molting!”

Actually, in all seriousness, I am looking forward to observing what my new skin will look like, at some point.  And on a different subject, of Astrology…

Currently, there is some static in the astrological sky – Uranus and Saturn are opposing, causing quite a bit of confusion and injuries of connective tissue to name a couple of issues, Mercury just came out of Retrograde, so we are recalibrating our brains and communication skills, Venus is slowing down to go into Retrograde, which could mean our likes and dislikes and our needs in relationships are shifting.  All of this plus the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter are all in Aquarius and Pluto is just starting to get used to being in Capricorn.  Whoa!  I need to lighten up with myself – just do what I can and let go, just continue to practice kindness and compassion to self, nurturing the inner shifts and insights.

May all be happy and free of suffering!  Om Mani Padme Hung Hri

3/26/10 – an update.  I was going to do an entire separate post about this, still might.  But guess what?  I am still molting.  Funny thing these vast, foundational transformations.  Birth trauma is being unwound, my limiting beliefs are coming up to be re-evaluated, old, tight wounds are being pulsed and stroked; I am moving toward awakeness at a snail’s pace.  Hooray!

There are not that many books on deep transformations of body, mind and heart. However, for books that I recommend on this subject and more, including books on Tibetan Buddhism, visit or click on the link to the right —–> to support my blogging and Dharma activities. Thanks for reading!

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