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Hello dear readers,

I have been working with Yods in Astrological Interpretations and consultations over the past couple years (or more) and I am beginning to see how they are intricately tied into early early psychological processes. Sometimes Yods go back even further – showing us Ancestral Patterns that we have inherited from our families.

In this series, I will touch on each of these topics lightly. I say lightly because if you want in-depth you should schedule an interpretation with me or down the road (when I put it out there), take a series of classes that I am creating entitled Pre- and Perinatal Astrology (we will discuss Yods at depth in there).

What is a Yod?

for beginners out there, an astrological Yod is a relatively rare configuration of planets. It involves a minimum of three planets (or some people will pull in an Ascendant or MidHeaven to consider a Yod as being active in a Natal chart – however you better be very certain you have the correct birth time before doing this). One planet (the Apex planet) forms two simultaneous Inconjunct aspects or the Quincunx aspect (same thing – both are 150 degree aspects) to two planets (forming the Base). The two base planets also make a Sextile aspect (60 degree) to each other.

This shape is a narrow triangle pointing up toward the Apex planet. Hence a Yod is said to indicate a “Hand of Fate” or the “Finger of God” configuration. In future posts I will mention how the Yod is considered to be more fated – although I intend to unpack some of the reason behind this (which many astrology books do not do).

I personally only use a 2 degree orb for a Yod. This is because there are so many aspects out there which can be pertinent – for instance a double Quintile (144 degrees) is quite close to a Quincunx (150), so using a smaller orb is recommended. Some astrologers use a 3 degree orb – especially if it is the Sun or Moon.

[In case you are wondering, I don’t use a double Quintile aspect in my interpretations very often, I’m just saying there are many aspects out there to choose from, so keeping a smaller orb – especially on these more minor aspects is very important.]

Why should I care if I have a Yod in my chart?

– Did you read the part above about how Yods play a major role in early psychological development? And if we do not do much personal growth work – if we don’t have a meditation or spiritual practice and we don’t do much reading about psychological processes… then a Yod in your chart probably means that there is a glaring blind spot about something (the planet and house positioning of the Yod will say more). These blind spots can be lack of empathy to difficulty expressing myself creatively to assuming that hard work breeds success (no matter how many times I try – which also means I might not know how to relax).

Yods in our charts can mean many things. The planets involved will tell us more. However here are a few iterations of what a Yod can mean for you (if you have this rare configuration):

  • Sometimes, people with Yods in their charts see very transformative changes happen around them. For instance they might join a company around the time of a merger or a re-organization. Or they are the ones demanding change and progress. A Yod can be a revolutionary energy at times (e.g. Mars / Jupiter involvement).
  • Go Big or Go Home – sometimes a Yod can indicate a tendency toward extremes. These individuals can be a little reckless – whether financially, emotionally (romantically), or with their lives. I would say more about this in an interpretation.
  • OBSTACLES – people with Yods will often feel stuck (which by the way is the hallmark trait of someone with an invisible Double Bind – I will mention this in a future post). They have difficulty moving forward, they might have difficulty making decisions or they might be clear in their minds and hearts but then the outer world seems to be conspiring to stop them! I have seen all of this in my clients (and some within myself!). It is a fairly wild situation. Often these obstacles will raise their ugly heads around the time of Transits or Progressions to the Yod planets.

Does it matter what planets are in my Yod? Yes.

The planets involved in the Yod, along with the signs and house positions, can show us a lot about Ancestral Patterns that we are (unconsciously or consciously) working with. I would even say that a Yod can show Birth Trauma or significant unmet needs from early developmental stages. And the planets and houses will show more about this.

So yes – the planets (the energies manifesting) make a big difference in working with Yods. A Yod with a personal planet in it – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars will look a lot different than a Yod with all Outer Planets – let’s say Pluto / Neptune / Chiron (as far as Yods go, this one is more common considering it was in effect for portions of 1982, ’83 & ’84).

For beginners (disclaimer – this paragraph is attempting to refine a complicated topic down to a few sentences, just doing my best) – the planets in the chart represent the Energies – the What is Manifesting here; the signs represent the Quality of that manifestation – How is it Manifesting, the signs are the lens through which the Planetary energy gets perceived; and the houses are the Where – Where in my life is that energy manifesting?

Does it matter what house positions the Yod planets tenant? Yes.

See above – yes it makes a big difference. Remember how I mentioned sometimes Yods can even show us Birth dynamics – how was our own birth process? Well any Yod that has a planet close to the Ascendant will probably have something to do (among other manifestations) with our birth. I’m talking having a Yod planet within 8 degrees of the Ascendant on either side.

This is a decent start to talking about Yods. In future posts I will discuss how Astrological Yods have a lot to do with Ancestral Patterns and I will discuss Double Binds and how they show up in the astrology chart (hint – Yods often play a big role here). 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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I just completed a weekend of working with a medicine woman here at Massage School. We started chatting about what I offer… and the list started growing long (not to brag or boast – I have been learning bodywork since 2003 – simply what is).

She has taken several levels of BodyTalk – a modality where we muscle test to see what is the priority for the client. It is a comprehensive and complex modality. I have only taken the first level – BodyTalk Access which was insightful and where I learned some beneficial techniques! Plus I have been fortunate enough to receive at least several dozen BodyTalk sessions from exchanging with a friend who has taken all the Advanced Courses in it. Therefore I feel like I have some knowledge of the protocol and the muscle testing for what is a priority.

I mention all that because I am now working on a protocol for a Kirby’s Modality BodyTalk style protocol. It is pretty crazy all that I can offer – especially with the half dozen or more modalities I am learning here in Massage School!

Oh – and I told the medicine woman about my conversation with my Tibetan Lama, Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen – a clairvoyant and exceptionally clear and lucid spiritual teacher. When my main bodywork teacher, Janet Evergreen, asked him about what she should call all that she does, he didn’t miss a beat saying, “Process Buddhism.” Now I pretty much offer most of what Janet does (having studied with her since 2005), so the medicine woman here said that I better add “Process Buddhism” to my protocol! 🙂

In case you are wondering, here is my list so far of what I offer: 5-Elements (Chinese Medicine basics), Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Work, Pre- and Perinatal Therapy (and Education), Visceral Manipulation, other Process-oriented Bodywork, BodyTalk Access techniques, Zapchen Somatics, Kundalini Yoga Kriya, Chi Kung advice, Tai Chi basics, Acupressure, Swedish Massage, Hot Stones Integrated Treatment, Herbal Wrap, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Working with Essential Oils, Buddha-Dharma teachings (I am only able to share the basics but this is enough for most clients), Spiritual Astrology, Medical Astrology, Non-Violent Communication, Conflict Resolution Techniques, Process Buddhism would  fall under several other categories.

It looks like I definitely need to narrow this down! Or at least find an efficient way to muscle test and get a category pretty quickly. I might need to delete several items off my list.. time will tell!

I will keep working on this when I have time (we have 3 tests this week and we are preparing to teach Kundalini Yoga – not as a yoga teacher, just as a check mark to make certain we understand K. Yoga).

Thank you for reading!

Have a beautiful Spring day / evening,



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I came back from a potent pre- and perinatal psychology retreat in early September.  I went deep, was fully resourced in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.  However, on returning, I think my usual tendency to expect my expanded capacity to remain the same kicked in.  What I mean is that I needed to slow down, but I tried to do too much.  I was treating infants, treating bodywork clients, working full time and I started painting with acrylics again.  Fortunately, after a few weeks of speeding along and not feeling the same deep organic impulse that I had in Canada, I opted to only do one thing a day aside from my meditation and Dharma practice.  I am resting more.  I’m attempting to be more, and do less.

With that said, as my inner sense of urgency slows down and thaws out, I am noticing the impulse that is arising.  And it seems to be to do more astrology charts.  I have some talent, having put in 10 years of study and practice (hard work pays off)!  But it is different too.  In the past, when I would do an astrology chart, I would prep for at least 2 hours per client.  I would research all their little aspects and basically be prepared to answer any question they might have!  Now, I trust my intuition to take the session in the best direction they need it to go.  And if they ask a highly technical question about an obscure aspect, I may know the answer or I can say let me email you about that.  No problem!  So far people are quite happy with the information I discern from their charts (and their frequency).

I am excited about doing more astrology as of late.  Due to nursing school time requirements, I have only done a few charts in the past year.  However, I am setting up to do 3 or 4 charts in the next few weeks, so that is exciting!

I currently have Chiron transiting across my natal Sun, so I think that is helping my intuition be sharper and easier.  I literally just have to ask about something before I go to sleep and I tend to receive a dream about it.  Or I can occasionally meditate about a question and get an image or a phrase as an answer.  Pretty amazing how far I have come!  My confidence in my intuition is clear and backed up by years of meditating and right motivation.

If it weren’t for nursing school, I think I would be writing a book about Relationship Astrology.  This seems to be one of my areas of specialty.  Although I also do pretty well with Spiritual Astrology for the Natal Chart – psychological and karmic astrology of the birth chart.  Plus I always love Medical Astrology and the Timing aspects – learning the individual’s natal horoscope well and then interpreting how the transiting and progressed planets with affect that individual.  Also quite fun and I love how the process unfolds!  I rarely ever know fully what I am going to say ahead of time.  My intuition guides me successfully most of the time, and thankfully I have had some incredible teachers in the past who have shaped and formed my heart and mind and intuition.

Long story short, I am doing more charts before nursing school gets tough again in January.  Let me know if you are interested in having your chart done!  (a Spiritual Astrology interpretation makes the perfect gift for the holidays!)

Thanks for reading!


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This material is copyrighted by M Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thank you for reading.

As you, the reader, may have noticed, five days ago I was dreading having my first root canal done. Thankfully, for better or worse, the root canal may not be necessary. But I have since been diagnosed with the painful temporary condition known as shingles. I plan to post a little “shingles journal” or timeline after this, but in this post I will explain how the astrological aspects I described earlier could be misinterpreted to say root canal, but in actuality, it is a much clearer shingles picture.

What are the aspects again? Using a three degree orb, I will mention major aspects that have occurred in the past three weeks. I am excluding Lunar transits due to their very brief time in orb. Transits: Sun conjunct Mars, Sun opposite Saturn, Mercury conjunct Mars, Mars conjunct Mars, Mars opposite Saturn, Mercury station on square Neptune / trine Uranus, Saturn trine Mars, Pluto square Mercury withdrawing, Uranus conjunct Mercury approaching, Chiron opposite Saturn, Chiron conjunct Mars. Progressions: Moon square Pluto, Sun square Jupiter, Venus conjunct Sun, Mars conjunct Mercury.

Why tooth issue?  Well because some of the early symptoms of these shingles, before the rash and sores started forming was tooth and jaw pain.  Astrologically, why tooth issue?  Saturn rules the hard bones / tissues of the body, including teeth.  And if you peek at the above transits again you will see Sun opposite Saturn, plus Mars and Chiron opposite it.  In addition, with the Progressed Moon squaring Pluto (decay, festering under the surface) I figured there might be a chance of a tooth problem.  Not that I would base my medical health on my chart, but it can be a way of verifying the facts.

In reality though, once the rash started showing up last Tuesday, I knew it might not be a root canal problem, especially once my ear started hurting so badly.  Astrologically, why shingles?  Mercury rules the nervous system in the body (along with Uranus), and Mars has to do with the head (Aries rules the cranium, and I would assume it would play a role with cranial nerves).  Look at how many aspects above have to do with Mars and / or Mercury!  Nearly all of them!

Sun conjunct Mars – a brief yet necessary aspect for “sparking events,” this can be a catalyst aspect.  Usually MINOR aspect.  When this aspect occurs, if the window for karmic ripening is open, you can expect something to happen.  Not to be fatalistic or anything, because remember for more karmas, we can shift how heavily they manifest, but around this time of year (it will always fall in the same week every year), I try to watch my chart to see if I should do extra purification practice or if I should rest down more than usual.  The only other time something MAJOR happened when the Sun crossed Mars for me was in 2002 and it may have played a role in reflecting my situation at the time – having an infected appendix which needed to be removed.  But the major aspect which indicated karmic heaviness at that time was Pluto squaring my Nodes.

Sun opposite Saturn – for me this always occurs simultaneously with a Mars aspect as well.  This is also a minor aspect by itself.  However it might indicate a time where the immune system is lowered, whether because of overworking, or stress, or sickness, etc.

Mercury conjunct Mars – probably should have been more aware of the rare nature of this aspect this time around.  Due to Mercury Retrograde, it will cross Mars three times in five weeks.  A very minor aspect typically.  Usually indicating a day or so of increased nervous energy and mental capacity.  However, due to the Retrograde motion, I suspect this might be indicating a time of stressed out nerves.  And probably cranial nerves in particular (Mars = Aries = cranium).

Mars conjunct Mars – usually a minor aspect also.  However, this can be a time for asserting yourself, airing any conflicts which have been swept under the carpet and for having more self confidence.  Just don’t get into a contest of egos.  Again, too much energy to process perhaps when considering everything else happening in my chart.

Mars opposite Saturn – this can sometimes be a rough couple of days.  This represents hitting the brakes and the gas peddle at the time same time!  So you can feel a true inner conflict when this is in place.  I don’t know I felt it externally, but I think it could have added to my psychic stress level.

Mercury station (Retrograde) on square Neptune / trine Uranus – the “Shadow” is the point where Mercury stations retrograde and some astrologers say that it does not officially come out of retrograde until it crosses back over this point.  If this is true, then Mercury retrograde lasts at least another 2 weeks beyond when it actually starts moving direct.  Personally I don’t know how much water this theory holds.  However, I do put some emphasis on the point of the shadow when it makes Hard aspects to other planets.  In my case here, it certainly does this.  I put emphasis on this point because the Shadow lasts at least five and a half weeks – from the moment Mercury stations retrograde to the day it crosses back over this point.  Therefore we have this influence subtly ongoing for that entire time.  Even now I believe I am feeling Mercury retrograde’s “effect” more strongly because of this Shadowy activity.  Mercury square Neptune – confusion or delusion or deception or falling back on old patterns which may not serve me any longer, a.k.a. computer games are tempting me once again.  Mercury trine Uranus – typically a time of increased creativity, but in this case, it could be too much in the way of nervous system activity.  Who knows?

Saturn trine Mars – this aspect has been in place for weeks now for me because Saturn takes about a month to fully station retrograde, then it starts moving Rx after another three weeks…  So this is still going on for me, two months after it started.  Saturn trine Mars is the workaholic aspect.  We have extra energy, we have extra motivation to achieve our goals, we might even be more ambitious.  However, we still need to remember that we are humans and we need self care and rest and some relaxation time.  With this aspect in place, you will not really feel like going for a night on the town very often (if at all).  If stress causes shingles, then this aspect certainly will add to stress levels.  By itself, we can handle it.  But throw on some other tough aspects and suddenly our body might shut down for mysterious reasons if we don’t relax enough.

Pluto square Mercury – this is fading.  However, it is still a strong fulcrum on my planet ruling the central nervous system.  I have been doing lots of emotional processing around birth work, trauma resolution, etc.  This could be another “reason” for getting the shingles.  A lot of times trauma resolution work will manifest through the skin.  And if the body is overloaded with integration requests…  then there might be a mysterious malady which forces us to the slow down and get the rest time we so desperately need.

Uranus conjunct Mercury – if there was one aspect I would put my finger on and say, “here is the bastard!”  That is, I am not saying this aspect “caused” my affliction.  But this aspect definitely applies pressure on the nervous system, whether through stressful outer environments, or stressful inner work, or another reason, we will probably feel stretched and worn out after this aspect resolves.

I think that is all I want to write today.  The only other aspect I would point to and say, “yet another potential shingles aspect” would be Pr. Mars conjunct Mercury.  With Uranus moving into this exact same position, this seems like a recipe for some sort of nervous system ailment.  Not guaranteed.  I certainly did not expect it.  For me, typically, I am lucky in how my karma manifests.  I have to thank my karma every day.  I am born in a human body where I can do authentic spiritual practice.  I have a functioning brain, which allows me to make positive choices.  And I have incredible support around me in the form of friends and family and spiritual mentors / teachers.  So what can I possibly have to complain about?  🙂    I might have a little complaint about the painful nature of shingles, but otherwise I am doing okay.

Thanks for reading!

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I could post an entire series on Mar’s transits and particularly on other planet’s transits to the red planet. However, as my time is a bit limited these days, what with working 50 hours per week, I am going to focus on a peculiar situation I am presently facing.

Here is a list of aspects that have either happened within the past week or that are still ongoing now. I use a three degree orb, nothing too wide and flaky, but there will be plenty for me to use nonetheless. Transits: Sun conjunct Mars, Mars conjunct Sun, Pluto square Mercury, Uranus conjunct Mercury, Saturn trine Mars, Saturn sextile natal Saturn, Jupiter square Mars (approaching s quare Saturn too and Mars sort of pulls this into effect), Moon conjunct Neptune, Mercury retrograde thru my 8th Piscean house, Mercury conjunct Mars. Progressions: Mars conjunct Mercury, Sun square Jupiter, Venus conjunct Sun, Moon square Pluto.

So what is happening right now? I am resting as I prepare for a root canal surgery on Thursday. Pain meds are needed to do anything except lie here, including to sleep.

Which aspects above was I “dreading” the most? Believe it or not, it was the Sun conjunct Mars transit, along with the Pr. Moon square Pluto piece. You might ask, Why not the transiting Pluto / Uranus hard aspects to Mercury? Well I think they play a role in my situation, but the Solar transit and Lunar progression are buggers. They also do not repeat themselves thru retrograde motion. Which is what is occurring with both transiting Uranus and Pluto – they are contacting Mercury again for the second or third time.

The Saturn trine Mars piece, with the hard transits to Mercury led to me overworking my body. We are understaffed at work, which means I am earning a bit more money, but I am putting in tons of overtime, which is now too much. I am burnt out. Then the Solar and Lunar aspects come along, the Moon squaring Pluto and providing a window for negative karma to manifest and the Sun / Mars piece is the spark, the catalyst for suffering. Or you could say I have not expressed my anger / irritation enough and this infected tooth is expressing suppressed resentment for me. But I disagree. I have been shifting over the past few months to express my angst better, so I think it was just the perfect storm. Plus my body needs a break from work and this pain is providing just that.

So I’m not trying to “blame” my needing a root canal on my astrology, but it is fascinating to see how our lives are reflected in the stars. In reality, when there is a deep filling like I have, there is the chance that bacteria can slip under there and start to eat anything else under it as well. So there is certainly a scientific explanation. But having poor teeth certainly shows up in my chart (Mars opposite Saturn Pisces / Virgo, Moon conjunct Pluto in Libra). So we know what might be weak, so when the body is overwhelmed, we know what might breakdown first.

And understanding can bring preparedness and / or peace of mind.

Thanks for reading!

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thank you for visiting.

Recently, we on the Planet Earth experienced this raucous little aspect.  Transiting Mars caught up with transiting Pluto and they danced for a couple of days.  So what happens with the “gods” of the underworld and war get to dancin’?

Well, this answer depends on one’s individual chart.  However, because astrology does not merely affect people, this dance may have also been reflected in the now-escalated conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.  Every organization and country also have a “birth” as it were and therefore they also have birth charts which will reflect their relationships with other such organizations.

But I doubt you are reading this post to hear about astrology and politics.  And if you are, you have perhaps come to the wrong place because I specialize more in working with individuals.

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Individually what did this aspect mean?  Again, I wish there was a simple answer.  To give this subject at least an inkling of an appropriate sketch, I must say that it depends on where this aspect took place in your individual chart and on top of that, it depends on what this aspect touched in your chart (which of our natal planets was aspected by this conjunction).

No matter what, Mars dancing with Pluto equals increased passions.  There is a good chance that for a few days your juices were flowing more than usual, meaning that either you had an increased sex drive or your irritation levels got a touch too high and boiled over, resulting in arguments and conflict.  Basically this conjunction would escalate whatever energies it encountered.

If this conjunction falls in the 7th house, there could be increased attraction toward others, both a desire for partnership and sexual union and potentially a magnetic quality attracting others to you (whether you want this or not!).  This would almost certainly be the case if this conjunction aspected Venus.

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If this aspect makes a hard relationship with Uranus, then look out.  Uranus is already the surprising, lightning bolt of instant progress whether we desire it or not, so this combination could lead to explosions of all sorts – emotional, mechanical, firearm-discharge etc.  If this is the case, be extra careful around sharp objects and firearms.

If you have a Moon / Saturn / Mercury T-Square in your chart (a challenging, potentially emotionally constipating aspect), then this could be a time of literal constipation and blockage.  This particular example would be very rare, but if you happened to have a few days of increased stress with chronic dehydration, then the conditions could be in place for an unpleasant few days to be sure.

These are just a few of the potential manifestations of this energy as reflected in the sky above.  Considering I am writing this post about a week post facto, you can use this information for next time (which would be about 670 days away).  If you do have Mars and Pluto coming together in your chart AND they will make a hard aspect to something in your Natal Chart, then it is highly advised to consult your astrologer.  And if you need one, you can always give me a call.  🙂

May all beings successfully navigate the streams of challenging karma!

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting!

“Do not make enemies by accident.”  I loved this quote from the Dowager Countess on the first season of Downton Abbey, which I recently got into.  I also think it is the perfect quote for people who have Transiting Pluto making a hard aspect to their Natal Mercury.

I do need to start off an article like this by saying that our personal Mercuries are all unique.  Sure there are similar degrees – I have Mercury in 8 degrees of Aries, while someone else might have their Mercury at 9 degrees of Aries, and you would have a serious question if you asked “So what’s the difference?!”

Spiritual Astrology Special

One Hour Astrology Interpretation. Get your Astrological birth chart interpreted from a Spiritual / Karmic / Evolutionary perspective. You name the topic (area of the chart) and we can dive in - these are some possible areas to look at: Timing Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Medical Astrology, Natal Astrology, Psychological Astrology. Thank you!


Well here’s the thing: Mercury is the connection between head and heart and it is the planet of communication.  It is also the most fickle planet in the Zodiac, as it takes on characteristics from whatever environment it finds itself in.  In my opinion, in addition to being the butterfly of the Zodiac (Gemini especially), Mercury has some shapeshifting / chameleon-like traits.  And this is why two people having the “same” Mercury could experience an entirely different result / situation as Transiting Pluto makes a square to their Mercury.

Let me go a little more in depth here.  As Mercury is the planet of connection between head and heart, and it is the Throat Chakra of the Zodiac as it were, the curious communicator, it depends greatly upon what is in said head and said heart as to what comes out of the mouth.  This is another reason this transit will look different for all of us.  We are at differing frequencies – we have made different choices in our lives to get where we presently are.  You could call it karma, or you could say it is Divine Fate or whatever, but we have some choice in our lives, and our choices influence who we are.

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With this said, I will try to nail down some generalities about Tr. Pluto making a hard aspect to Mercury.  But do keep in mind that for someone who is well-balanced, who generally is able to speak their mind and who seems to have a practical head on their shoulders, this transit might not be a big deal.  It might just be a few days or weeks of added intensity with communication or issues with relatives or in-laws, etc.  However, for others, specifically people who are naturally pleaser types or people who placate others with ease or people who are too soft and you might call them push-overs, then Pluto making a hard aspect to Mercury might get a bit messy.

Generally speaking, what can happen when the power-hungry planet of the Underworld meets the busy-body, messenger of the gods?  Righteousness.  That’s right – we can suddenly (or because this aspect will last for at least a year or two off and on – gradually) notice that we are picking fights with people because we feel we are right.  Although, Pluto is a very insidious energy – we will rarely ever notice our own righteousness.  Unless we have a habit of reflecting on our words and comments and actions and unless we are open to the truth of a situation, rather than what we want it to be, Pluto will blind us for a few months.  We might become more picky about someone not doing their job – pointing out the tiny details where they can improve, or we might respond to people in a new, intense and steamy way, because we feel they are somehow wrong and someone has to point it out to them.  Really?  In the long run will it really matter?

Comprehensive Natal Chart Interpretation

Kirby will spend 90 minutes interpreting your Natal Birth chart. You can chat about any area that you like. This includes printed charts and it also includes about 30 minutes of preparation time! These are typically done on the phone, via Skype or in person if you happen to be in Virginia, USA.


This is because Pluto does seek power and control.  Whether we’d like to admit it or not, pointing out someone else’s flaws can be fun (especially under this ill-fated transit).  But does it help anything?  Are we just picking fights for petty reasons?  Pluto can and will bring whatever is hidden to the surface, so if you find that you are becoming a monster under this transit, saying “crazily awkward” or “intense fighting” words, then you should know that that part of your nature has been there all along.  I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I noticed this in myself.  At first it is hard to swallow.  You might say, “this is not who I am?!!”  Well, we have news for you – that is who you were in your unconscious and now you are more conscious of your lower self honey…  Ooph!!  Yep, this transit can shed a lot of light on our personal fallacies.  Where do we want control in our lives?  Where do we need to stand up for ourselves in our lives (appropriately)?  Where are missing the forest for the trees – being so concerned about every little detail that we miss out on the beauty of life around us?  Any of these things are possible with Pluto making this challenging dance with Mercury.

Generally speaking, Pluto’s transit over any planet forces some type of transformation.  As I mentioned above, for someone who easily speaks their mind and is not afraid to speak their truth to power (this is a rare trait I should add), then Pluto’s passage may not be that transformative.  Like I mentioned, Mercury also rules local travel, relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings) and communication.  So there are other facets of life that could be “stirred up” as it were.  But for any of us who do have some lingering fear of upsetting people in power – whether we are projecting old stuff onto the present, or whether we need to keep our mouths shut to keep our job, Pluto will begin to press for us to transform and to step into our truth and empowerment.  As you know, this can be a messy or a sticky process, but it is well worth it in the long run.

Pluto’s ability to bring to the surface stuff that has been hidden can also have another effect.  There is a small chance that during this transit, we will realize that we have been deceiving ourselves in a certain area of life.  And of course, if we are deceiving ourselves, then it follows that we are deceiving others.  And this would be a time when our deception gets noticed by others and we have to start cleaning up our act.  You see, Pluto demands or provokes confrontation.  This can take many forms, and Pluto / Scorpio energy people are very good at finding the right angle to approach an issue or to open up a potential sticky conversation.  But the most difficult person with whom we might have a conflict is with ourselves, especially if we are older and / or set in our ways.  Pluto might be asking us to change (for the better, even though most of us fear change in one way or another).

Finally, there may be jealousy and / or resentment which crops up around a situation, and this situation must be confronted.  If not confronted, the body / mind could be affected by mysterious maladies (which would actually be the inflammation of resentment turned inward on the body).  Do not expect this situation to be an easy fix – there may be complications or sticky entanglements to peel apart first.

And as always, Pluto’s and Mercury’s house positions play a large role in determining what will actually come up during this transit.  Also, is Mercury well aspected in the birth chart?  Does it make an aspect to Saturn or Pluto natally?  Is it a Singleton – a lone nomad planet without any aspects?  These will all play a role in determining what this time will look like.  And, right now, Uranus is also in this mix, as it is making a Transiting Square to Pluto in the sky, which means if these two transformative Giants affect one planet in a hard aspect, we will have to deal with both planets making a change-filled aspect as well.  Therefore, I will end this long post by suggesting that if you have some planets in the 6 to 12 degree range of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), then you should have your chart interpreted by a competent astrologer, because there will probably be some significant changes ahead for you.

But this too shall pass.  🙂  So take a deep breath and know that we are doing the best we can with the resources at our disposal.  And it never hurts to ask for support.

Have a great day!  And thank you for reading.

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