Trauma Informed Astrology work on courses resuming

Hello dear readers, After a little hiatus, taking a pause after the big push of getting Nervous System Foundations completed (the first class in T.I. Astrology certification series), we are resuming work on courses. Next week we will start working on the Preliminary Astrology Tools course. This Preliminary Tools course is for people who needContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology work on courses resuming”

Pre-Launch Sale going on for Nervous System Foundations

Hello Dear Ones, We are excited to announce this Pre-Launch Sale (this one is for real!). The videos are all done, we are just doing little edits and tweaks to things. Trauma Informed Astrology Nervous System Foundations is now available to the public! This Pre-Launch Sale goes from now until April 19th (of this year).Continue reading “Pre-Launch Sale going on for Nervous System Foundations”