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Yesterday, as I drove home from a Dharma teaching in the Tidewater region (about 2.5 hours away from home), I had the good fortune to be questioned by a friend and Tibetan scholar about how does relationship astrology work? He grew up as a monk but gave up his robes and vows around the age of 23.

This is going to be a post in progress. So if you come back, you can read more over the next few days. ūüôā

First off, what is relationship astrology? What in particular do you look at in the astrology chart?

Relationship astrology in general refers to looking at two people’s charts and comparing them, using the synastry between them and sometimes even creating a new chart of the relationship called the Composite Chart. With that said, first we will look at how we can see someone’s relationship needs from their own Natal Chart – their birth horoscope.

All of the planets, signs and houses in the astrology chart can play a role in relationship astrology, however Venus and Mars would be the best place to look first. Venus represents what we want (what do we desire?) in the simplest explanation, and Mars represents how we go about getting what we want.

This sounds very straight forward right? Well, astrology is a very complex topic. So it isn’t that simple. For instance, Venus’ sign can tell you a bit about how the person will like to love and be loved. It will tell you about their sensuality level, their passion or lack thereof, what kind of aesthetics they prefer, are they more romantic, do they like to take their time, how do they like to be wined and dined, etc. But here is the catch – so will the house position of Venus, so will the aspects to Venus, so will planets in the 2nd and 7th houses of the birth chart… Are you getting how intricate and interconnected astrology (in general and relationship astrology in particular) can be?

Likewise, Mars’ sign will tell you how assertive someone will be, how competitive, how driven, how direct, how aggressive, how passionate, how sensual, how romantic, how sexually driven, etc. And likewise so will the house placement, the aspects to Mars and planets in the 1st or 8th house.

Either of these planets aspecting Uranus, Neptune or Pluto will tack on an entire new level of dynamic twists and turns to either Mars or Venus. People have written entire books about each of these planets alone.. so I won’t go too deep here. Saturn or Jupiter in aspect to either relational planet will have different unique effects and persuasions.

Relationship astrology – why do some people yearn for a relationship really hard but never get one?

First of all, we are social creatures, so pretty much all people need social contact. Ideally we like to touch and be touched (consensual, comfortable, loving, appropriate touch), we want to be seen and heard and appreciated. But how much touching do we enjoy? Are we a Type A personality – driven, muscling through, a “no pain, no gain” type? Or are we more laid back? Are we more sensitive? And does that affect our romantic needs? (It often does!)

The first place to look is at the Natal Venus. The sign and house placement will tell you A LOT about the individual’s needs in relationships – and possibly if they even want one at all. By the way, it is rare for someone to be totally averse to any type of romantic relationship (see the last question below). Even if someone has less sexual hunger, we still get lonely and benefit from human contact!

Venus in the 2nd house will be different from Venus in the 5th and very different from the 12th house! So house position is quite important. The sign plays a major role, and alas, so do aspects to Venus.

The astrology chart is a reflection of our gross karma. So if someone has abused their power in relationships in the past (lives), then it is possible they will have poor relationship karma. But keep in mind that karma is not permanent – it can be transformed. If you have a spiritual practice, it can be transformed even faster. Negative karma can be worked off as it were.

Also we need to put the causes and conditions into place. If we are abrasive and angry, then we need to work on ourselves before we could possibly attract a harmonious relationship! And the conditions involve meeting people. There might be a great partner out there for us, but if we are too scared to go out, or to try GreenSingles or MeetMindful or other legit dating sites, then we might successfully avoid them for a while.

But the key is to work on yourself first. I told my mother back when I was 20 that I was going to work on improving myself so that down the road I could attract a good partner. That is how you can be prepared. If we don’t work on ourselves, then the “universe” (or really our inner need reflected in an outer person) will send someone who really triggers us around our blind spots.

To answer this question… be wary when you see the word “never.” You can be more prepared by working on yourself. Especially work to resource your inner developmental parts – this work is done via Birth Process Work (PPN Work), EMDR, Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS), some Somatic Experiencing if the practitioner is really experienced and a few other modalities.

Why do we need to be aware of our developmental needs and unmet needs? Because this is what gets stirred up as soon as we get intimate with someone – we go straight back to our attachment style with our caretakers. This is true when we start having sex with someone and especially when we start living with someone. So do repair work for your little one. ūüôā

Then you will have less unconscious stuff to be triggered by! And we will have much more psychic energy to put into creativity and joy!

To be continued in the next post!

Thank you for reading!



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I came back from a potent pre- and perinatal psychology retreat in early September. ¬†I went deep, was fully resourced in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. ¬†However, on returning, I think my usual tendency to expect my expanded capacity to remain the same kicked in. ¬†What I mean is that I needed to slow down, but I tried to do too much. ¬†I was treating infants, treating bodywork clients, working full time and I started painting with acrylics again. ¬†Fortunately, after a few weeks of speeding along and not feeling the same deep organic impulse that I had in Canada, I opted to only do one thing a day aside from my meditation and Dharma practice. ¬†I am resting more. ¬†I’m attempting to be more, and do less.

With that said, as my inner sense of urgency slows down and thaws out, I am noticing the impulse that is arising.  And it seems to be to do more astrology charts.  I have some talent, having put in 10 years of study and practice (hard work pays off)!  But it is different too.  In the past, when I would do an astrology chart, I would prep for at least 2 hours per client.  I would research all their little aspects and basically be prepared to answer any question they might have!  Now, I trust my intuition to take the session in the best direction they need it to go.  And if they ask a highly technical question about an obscure aspect, I may know the answer or I can say let me email you about that.  No problem!  So far people are quite happy with the information I discern from their charts (and their frequency).

I am excited about doing more astrology as of late.  Due to nursing school time requirements, I have only done a few charts in the past year.  However, I am setting up to do 3 or 4 charts in the next few weeks, so that is exciting!

I currently have Chiron transiting across my natal Sun, so I think that is helping my intuition be sharper and easier.  I literally just have to ask about something before I go to sleep and I tend to receive a dream about it.  Or I can occasionally meditate about a question and get an image or a phrase as an answer.  Pretty amazing how far I have come!  My confidence in my intuition is clear and backed up by years of meditating and right motivation.

If it weren’t for nursing school, I think I would be writing a book about Relationship Astrology. ¬†This seems to be one of my areas of specialty. ¬†Although I also do pretty well with Spiritual Astrology for the Natal Chart – psychological and karmic astrology of the birth chart. ¬†Plus I always love Medical Astrology and the Timing aspects – learning the individual’s natal horoscope well and then interpreting how the transiting and progressed planets with affect that individual. ¬†Also quite fun and I love how the process unfolds! ¬†I rarely ever know fully what I am going to say ahead of time. ¬†My intuition guides me successfully most of the time, and thankfully I have had some incredible teachers in the past who have shaped and formed my heart and mind and intuition.

Long story short, I am doing more charts before nursing school gets tough again in January.  Let me know if you are interested in having your chart done!  (a Spiritual Astrology interpretation makes the perfect gift for the holidays!)

Thanks for reading!


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Recently, as in over the past 6 months or so, I have been having difficulty staying motivated in my current job.  There are aspects of my job that involve gross mismanagement and frankly I am getting bored.  I work in a restaurant and serving people dinner night after night after night is starting to become way too routine.  I love how the people change every night or at least every few days, so at least I am meeting new folk, but even for them it is service as usual.

My work in food and beverage has some advantages: my current job provides great benefits – health and dental insurance, 401K plan, decent tips. ¬†But the management has been working under the philosophy that “we can expect people to work more, we can pay them less and we can have less staff and things will be just fine.” ¬†To me, that is a horrible strategy. ¬†In fact I detest it. ¬†I heard that someone wrote an anonymous letter to the board or something, and I completely support the need for that to happen!

With all that in mind, yesterday I spent the entire day with two Tibetan language professors.  They are great teachers Рpatient and skillful and knowledgeable.  Over the course of the day, my Tibetan language skills started to return.  I have been very lazy and lax in practicing Tibetan.  Therefore, my Tibetan language has become about as rusty as possible.  I have forgotten more than I currently remember!

But, they invited me to participate in weekly conversations with their students which will happen on Friday evenings.  Unfortunately, I work every Friday evening.  So my mind is just going through all the possibilities: can I find a new job?  Should I cut back my current job?  Should I try to see more bodywork clients?  Should I stick with my job as it stands and attempt to practice Tibetan one morning a week?

The pros and cons are about evenly balanced with things tipping toward keeping my job for at least another 6 to 8 months (and then nursing school will resume with a vengeance and I will have to cut back anyway).  Those benefits and the steady income are really hard to beat.  I could easily stir up four or five clients per week, but I would need a few more to make it profitable to quit my job and do more bodywork.

Therefore, I had the notion to check my astrology chart or better yet, to cast a horary astrology chart about this question: should I quit my job in favor doing more of what feeds my soul?  Studying Tibetan, seeing more bodywork clients, treating more babies.  So I jotted down the exact time I had that question and set about creating the chart.

I used my astrology software (because hey, I spent $250 on it years ago, so I might as well put it to good use!) and came up with the chart for 11:26 pm on 6/9/16 for Charlottesville, VA.

It has a 3′ 37″ Aquarius rising, 24′ Leo Moon, 19′ Gemini Sun, 26′ Taurus Mercury, 20′ Gemini Venus, 25′ Scorpio Mars (retrograde), 14′ Virgo Jupiter, 12′ Sagittarius Saturn (retrograde), a 23′ Aries Uranus, 12′ Pisces Neptune and a 16′ Capricorn Pluto.

The first and most important and most challenging task is determining the primary significators in a horary example. ¬†Normally, the 7th house has to do with the astrologer doing the horary astrology, unless they are doing it for themselves, which negates that issue. ¬†So I don’t need to worry about that. Generally speaking, the rising sign represents native (the querent – person asking the question) and with an Aquarius rising, Saturn (we use traditional rulerships) is the Lord of the Chart. ¬†Therefore Saturn is one of the primary significators. ¬†Determining the next significator is the challenge.

This question has to do with 10th house issues of career and profession, but it has to do a little with 6th house work environment issues and it definitely has to do with 9th house philosophy, foreign language and higher learning. ¬†So which do we choose? ¬†We are allowed to have one or two secondary significators if we must, so let’s just assign the primary significator as the ruler of the 10th house. ¬†Scorpio is on the 10th house, so we go with Mars. ¬†Then the ruler of the 9th house can be our secondary significator – with Libra on that house cusp, Venus is our choice.

“Should I quit my job in favor of doing more of what feeds my soul?” ¬†That is our question. ¬†Saturn rules the querent (me) and Mars rules the quesited – the question.

Now is this chart valid or radical? ¬†There are several things that make a horary astrology chart null and void, including having the Ascendant be between 0 and 3′ (too early to tell) and 27 and 0′ (too late to do anything about it). ¬†The 3′ 37″ Ascendant is mighty close to being too premature to tell. ¬†So that tells me that this issue or this question is very young, and that more information may be forthcoming. ¬†It is almost worth stopping right there and saying, let’s wait a week and see what unfolds.

However, because I am a stubborn astrologer, I continue. ¬†Saturn is not in the first house, so we can continue. ¬†Saturn is not in the 7th house (even though I am acting as my own astrologer). ¬†The Ascendant or the Moon are not located in the via combusta (15 Libra to 15 Scorpio) in fact nothing is presently tenanting that region of the chart. ¬†The Moon is not yet void of course (she still will meet Mercury by square and Rx Mars by square. ¬†And finally, the asteroid Fortuna is at 23′ of Aquarius.

Therefore this chart is technically radical Рwe could interpret it if we wanted to.  However I notice right off the bat several things that are probably indicative of difficulty or obstacles.

First, both of my significators (Saturn and Mars) are retrograde. ¬†This is telling me that I am going against my natural inclination of playing it safe and sticking with what is practical. ¬†I abandoned taking leaps of faith years ago when I got in trouble attempting to merely run a bodywork / astrology business without any other forms of income. ¬†And both of these significators are indicating that my thinking might be a little backward (retrograde). ¬†That is not to say don’t quit my job! ¬†But let’s see what else the chart says.

The asteroid Fortuna is in the first house (23′ Aquarius) but the Moon has just opposed it and is separating by one degree. ¬†The opposition means that my heart and my sense of luck (good or bad) are opposed to each other – which does not sound too good. ¬†Fortunately it is separating, but it is still pretty intense. ¬†I could say that my fortune has not been good as of late (and sure enough, the number of customers at work have been declining significantly over the past couple of years and the past 2 weeks were very low tips) but that it will start improving each day the Moon moves away from the opposition.

Just from these two phenomenon Рthe two significators being Retrograde and having the Moon oppose Fortuna, I am going to say that quitting my job to follow my heart (at this time), would bring great difficulty.  Sure I can look at Saturn and Mars more closely and see if anything would bring about their perfection (success in this matter).  They are not moving swiftly and only Mars is in a strong sign (it rules Scorpio).  Considering they are both moving backward (retrograde) and they are 18 degrees apart in different signs, I can say with certainty that by the time they become conjunct in this chart (which looks to be around August 24th, 2016), many other planets will have made Hard aspects to both.  These hard aspects are indicative of potential obstacles.

It is interesting though that this date comes up.  I am planning to attend a long workshop in Canada between the dates of August 21st and Sept 4th and I intend to take 2 and a half weeks off of work (whether they want me to or not!).  So it sounds like August will definitely see the resolution of this question, even though I want it to be sooner!

It is fascinating to see other nuances in this chart however. ¬†As I mentioned, this is the beginning of this quandary and the chart reflects that with the 3′ Aquarius rising (this issue is premature or just starting out). ¬†The underlying issue around my question is: “will I have enough money if I back off my present work schedule or quit my job outright?” ¬†And look at the positions of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. ¬†They are making a huge T-square. ¬†Jupiter is in the 8th house nearly conjunct the North Node – which indicates that I would have success regarding other people’s money (maybe I would make a lot of money by seeing more bodywork clients). ¬†But it is opposite Neptune in the 2nd house, indicating that this issue about money is fuzzy at best and that I might be deceiving myself in some regard. ¬†Neptune is in Pisces which is one of the mute signs (along with Mars in mute Scorpio), so that makes me wonder if there are any secrets around this topic (which I might not be sharing with you, my readers or are there secrets that even I don’t know about yet?). ¬†And finally Saturn is at the end of the 10th house, being the stern practical structured advisor saying, “you should not leave your job until you have a guaranteed source of income.” ¬†This is wise, practical, pragmatic advise!

The secondary significator of Venus is Combust (close to the Sun) but it is separating. ¬†This reflects my total lack of confidence in leaving my job or provoking a discussion about taking Friday evenings off which is sure to ruffle some feathers. ¬†With that said however, Venus is in its Term (it has a little bit of strength) and it is in Mutual Reception with Mercury – Mercury is in Taurus and Venus is in Gemini – they are in each other’s signs which grants additional strength to both planets. ¬†Therefore, my mindset around studying Tibetan is clear – I will get great joy and benefit from doing so. ¬†But the primary significators indicate that this is not the right time to quit my job or to provoke certain discussions.

Because this chart was nearly premature, I plan to ask this question again in about a week.  In the meantime, I will bide my time and see how things go at work and I will inquire about potential clients to see if seeing more clients would be feasible.  Maybe a change is in the works!

Thanks for bearing with me as I navigated the rocky terrain that is horary astrology!

If you or anyone you know has a pressing question, I would love to look at the horary astrology about it!  I would even give a discount for the first few charts.  Let me know if you are interested.



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Sometimes we want to keep things just the way they are.  Am I right?  Who adores change and welcomes it every moment?  Not I.

Well, Uranus says life is impermanent. ¬†But occasionally change is for the better (whether we can see it at the moment or not). ¬†Might as well start to view things like birth, old age, sickness and death as typical! ¬†And this can apply to inner patterns as well – a new pattern is conceived in the mind, we put time and energy into that pattern (or behavior or habit, etc), the pattern might not be entirely healthy, and it causes us to question or doubt our choices. ¬†So maybe we are forced to choose between health or continuing that pattern. ¬†If we continue for long enough, we might even have the choice of an early death or choosing to let the pattern die. ¬†(Wow this is getting morbid…)

I am observing a situation like this in my own chart.  Uranus is in Aries, opposite my Libra Moon / Pluto conjunction (my Hades Moon in Libra).

What does Libra Moon typically mean? ¬†That we might hide any common daily anger and irritation under layers of charming guile and desire for ultimate harmony. ¬†Libra Moon loves aesthetic harmony as well – it might lead to being a good artist or designer or communicator, mediator, diplomat, etc. ¬†Libra Moon people often like the delicate, fine detail type of jobs like creating art, fashion design, editing (esp. if Virgo is thrown in), writing, and in addition, Libra Moon is often a good match maker as they are aware of subtle nuances in people’s personalities. ¬†Oh – Libra rules the hands and it is one of the more delicate signs – so Libra Moon people rarely ever like to get their hands dirty. ¬†(There have to be other influences like Virgo or Taurus or Capricorn or desperation for them to consider putting their hands in the dirt or doing a gritty blue collar job.) ¬†These are just a few of Libra’s gifts and challenges.

Having Pluto conjunct a Libra Moon adds layers of exaggeration to these traits above and it implies that this individual (me) has a strong karmic tie with their mother (Moon = Mom influences, Pluto and Saturn are the two Lords of Karma). ¬†In addition, Pluto might add a level of psychic ability or at least intuition by being conjunct the Moon. ¬†There will be added emotionality (although Libra wants to keep this in check) which might come out by being a great writer or poet. ¬†There is the possibility of innate emotional intelligence and understanding. ¬†Plus due to Pluto’s influence, there will be the desire to constantly improve the self (which at times might get out of hand and prevent the individual from having fun and losing control). ¬†Oh – did I mention Libra (thru Saturn’s influence) loves to be in control – at least of themselves?

So how does Uranus get involved?  And why would I call it the liberator?  These are good questions!

As Uranus has stationed from direct to retrograde within a degree of opposition of my Libra Hades Moon, I have noticed many subtle shifts occurring.  And these shifts could easily be manifesting due to situations that are occurring in my life.  Therefore I am not saying that astrology impels actions, rather it reflects what is happening in our lives.  Maybe one could say that astrology (as representing gross levels of karma) will show that we have the greatest proclivity towards.

So Uranus opposite Libra Hades Moon: for one, Uranus opposite the Moon can indicate perversion. ¬†And this has crept into my life very slowly and subtly. ¬†Due to working full time, and going to school, and being under pressure to perform due to nursing school’s strict rules, I just thought that my dismissing of the small rules at work was just a little burn out happening. ¬†I thought that my small expressions of irritation and discontent were because I had no more energy to hold them in any longer (see above for why). ¬†But these could both be “explained” by Uranus opposite Moon / Pluto. ¬†Uranus opposite Pluto is never given a good prognosis in astrology books, but I might disagree.

Uranus opposite Pluto will mean that you had better be doing some inner personal growth work and especially you need a healthy outlet for any suppressed anger / resentment / hatred.  My outlet is to receive body work and do meditation РI need both.  If I just meditated, that would lead to being centered in my mind, but the body work accelerates the process of letting the angst out of my physical system.

If we do not have a healthy outlet for Pluto’s angst, then Uranus opposite Pluto will be challenging and it will feel like we are banging our heads against the wall. ¬†However, when we have a number of inner resources to understand our inner processes and when we start to liberate our anger and irritation appropriately, then people around us start to respect us more (as we respect ourselves more).

I have a bit of a devil-may-care attitude at times and I am okay with that. ¬†Keep in mind that astrology allows us to see the ways that we might subconsciously be working against ourselves. ¬†I have less filters on my thoughts and words these days but I am consciously applying some filters because I don’t want to push to much and risk my job! ¬†Or risk losing colleagues as amiable acquaintances. ¬†I do feel more liberated though – if something upsets me, I take a couple of deep breaths and then I set the intention to be clear, compassionate and honest in my discussion and then I talk to the person about the situation. ¬†No need to be holding that crap in!

Also, another facet of Uranus sitting at 20 degrees of Aries for 4 months… ¬†And being opposite my Hades Moon is that I am becoming more clumsy! ¬†This I do not like. ¬†But, even this can be viewed as becoming liberated. ¬†If I consider the fact that my extremely agility and dexterity were due to my not wanting to step wrong around an angry father – I walked very carefully on egg shells (without knowing it consciously), then my brain is starting to no longer compensate for that ugly cause of dexterity. ¬†Therefore, these days, I have to be more conscious where I put my feet, how I serve a drink at work (I’m a waiter after all – which requires decent dexterity every day!), walking through my house…

Just to clarify – when I was young, my father was angry and emotionally numb and unavailable. ¬†However, in the past 30 years he has mellowed out a bit and made huge strides toward connecting with people (and me) and I love him dearly. ¬†I cannot repay my parent’s kindness enough for bringing me into this world. ¬†But I am going to be honest of developmental trauma when it happens (even to me).

So as you can see, Uranus liberates on many levels and it often does it without our consent. ¬†But from a big picture perspective, who wouldn’t want that anyway? ¬†ūüôā

Thank you for reading!


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  If you would like to support my work, you can click on the ads below and visit my website at

Astronomically, Pluto has been disparaged, dropped from the ranks of planet-hood and I suspect this reflects our society’s discomfort with Plutonian material.

What is Plutonian material? ¬†What is Pluto’s influence in the astrology chart? ¬†What is his rulership?

Pluto is the power behind the throne. ¬†Pluto is one of the four power-hungry planets in the pantheon of the solar system – along with Saturn, the Sun and Mars. ¬†For the most part, these planets are associated with the Fixed signs, which are also known as the Serpent Signs – Aquarius (Saturn’s previous rulership), Scorpio (Pluto’s present and Mar’s previous), Leo (the Sun) and Taurus is not exactly represented as Venus, its present ruler does not “seek” power but understands that true power lies in practicing abundant generosity and kindness and that when we love something or someone fully and maintain a low position (humility), then we have all the “power” that we need. ¬†But more on Venus in a bit. ¬†So Pluto seeks typically seeks power because of some mysterious unconscious yearning. ¬†How it goes about that is indicated by the rest of the astrology chart.

What does Pluto do in the astrology chart?  Well we are talking about the ruler of the most complex sign in the zodiac (Scorpio), so this must be a complex answer.  But to over simplify things for the moment, I am going to write about the ways that Pluto amplifies whatever he touches.

Stepping off topic one more time… ¬†Above I mention how our society might be hesitant (at best) to delve into Pluto’s material, well I want to remind people that esoterically, Pluto rules both the best of the light (wisdom, personal integrity, and compassion) and the worst of the darkness (polluted swamps of the unconscious). ¬†I suspect Pluto has gotten a bad reputation – being discovered around the time of the atom bomb’s revelation, I think some people see a poor Pluto aspect and naturally cringe. ¬†But that is not necessary. ¬†Pluto is a binary planet system – Charon, a large moon of Pluto orbits it and from an esoteric perspective, this dual system gives Pluto rulership over the swampy depths of the psyche AND once we purify and come to a deep visceral understanding of who we are and what true power is, then Pluto is transformed like the phoenix (one of Scorpio’s symbols) into Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and healing.

Pluto’s constipating effects come about when we do not acknowledge who we are. ¬†When we suppress our natural urges and healthy desires, due to upbringing, societal pressures, or whatever, we are pushing Pluto deeper into our subconscious. ¬†And if we know our mythology, then we know that Pluto tends to erupt violently onto the scene, and this is certainly possible if we try to bottle up our powerful emotions for too long. ¬†Eventually something is going to snap. ¬†So it is best to get clearer about our needs and feelings now, rather than waiting to see how Pluto might manifest in his shadowy manner. ¬†But we can never blame Pluto – rather he is a reflection of our psyche and our natural predispositions.

So why does Pluto tend to amplify aspects of our chart?  And keep in mind, depending on our karma, like I mention above, this amplification is oftentimes positive.  If we have poor predispositions in our unconscious, then these negative habits could be amplified just as easily.

(By the way, I am going to over-simplify these definitions below. ¬†Therefore, do not read your chart and then say, “Oh my God! ¬†I don’t fit on that hyper-polarized spectrum.” ¬†Right. ¬†There is a lot of gray area that I am not able to describe in such a short blog post. ¬†You might want to call or email me to set up an astrology interpretation if you have questions about your astrological Pluto. ¬†I consider myself quite knowledgeable on the subject.)

Pluto and the Sun: Here is one combination of two of the power-grasping giants that I touched on above. ¬†The Sun is the overt, natural leader in Leo. ¬†At its best, these aspects tend to amplify the Sun’s natural leadership abilities. ¬†It increases ambition, a desire for recognition and our innate authority. ¬†At its worst, it can make someone despotic and power-hungry, stooping to great depths to undermine opponents and competitors. ¬†You must look at the rest of the chart to see how and where this authority and power extend (in Cancer it might be the head of a powerful family, in Capricorn it might be an ambitious CEO and in Scorpio, it would be an altogether different animal). ¬†ūüôā

Pluto and the Moon: Here we have the lunar domain of the emotions and non-physical energies (psychic abilities, intuition, dreams, etc). ¬†When Pluto and the Moon get together, it can be over-sensitivity (depending on the sign), emotional reactiveness AND/OR it can be emotional understanding and awareness. ¬†It could be extremes in the way we express our feelings AND/OR an innate psychic ability. ¬†If we delve through our neuroses and traumas, we can discover that Pluto’s influence on the Moon can be an emotional anchor in an uncertain world. ¬†We can read people with an uncanny gut feeling and we can express our feelings with such ease and grace that others marvel at this skillful ability. ¬†Of course the signs and houses involved matter a lot and the rest of the chart will indicate how far along we are on a psychological understand (or in our karmic evolution).

Pluto and Mercury: ¬†Here is the god of communication – the link between the head and the heart. ¬†So what you must ask yourself here is – does Pluto clear up that connection or sully those waters. ¬†At its best, this is someone whose mental clarity and cogency is unparalleled – a great investigator, researcher and scientist (possibly). ¬†This person would be a great teacher and a magnificent orator. ¬†On the flip side, Pluto here can indicate mental confusion. ¬†It can amplify the worst of Mercury’s qualities – impulsiveness, impatience and irritability. ¬†There is the possibility that Pluto in a hard aspect to Mercury is indicative of early trauma and this in turn would gear up that native’s nervous system to no end. ¬†Of course, whenever Pluto (who is strongly associated with the reproductive organs and sexual expression) is involved, we might consider skillfully inquiring about early trauma. ¬†[Disclaimer – if you do not have seriously refined skills in dealing with early trauma, then it might be best to avoid the subject and let a professional handle it.]

Pluto and Venus:  As I mentioned above, Pluto can be in its lower manifestations or in his higher karmically-refined emanation as Minerva.  It is important to know which is the dominant force when dealing with any Pluto aspects, but no where is it more apparent than when perceiving Pluto / Venus contacts.  This is the person who could (rarely) be the saint who understands that we can love something without grasping at it (love without attachment is a beautiful thing!  Watch videos of great Tibetan lamas like Garchen Rinpoche if you want an example of this).  We can give love even to those people who spurn and reject it.  We can rest in equanimity and practice kindness toward all we come in contact with Рnot judging anyone.  But who am I kidding?  That kind of saint is very difficult to find.  Rather, Pluto can indicate that this individual is lustful, possessive and/or jealous.  Pluto and Venus is where some people tie power with sex.  And what is the best way to do this?  By connecting money and sex Рhave you ever seen the older wealthy oligarch who has a trophy wife at least 30 Р40 years younger than he is?  It happens.

I would personally recommend that one adopts an authentic spiritual practice though where we can start to get an understanding of our inner machinations.  Then, over time (in my experience, nothing comes lightning-quick), we can start to dispel inner delusions and mis-understandings and build in more loving-kindness and appropriate compassion.  But it must start with the self.  If we find ourselves grasping and clinging to someone or something, there is the obvious possibility that Pluto and Venus are working together (maybe manifesting an early, unmet childhood need) in a challenging manner.

Pluto and Mars: Here again we have a meeting of two of the power-hungry planets.  But as we all know, Mars rarely ever wins out in his hunt for power and hegemony.  Why?  Because he seeks to forcefully get people to do his will.  And this requires a lot of time and energy and supervision.  This is why Venus and Neptune are the innately powerful energies in the world Рthey are humble, understanding, generous, graceful and compassionate.  Be like water my friends (Bruce Lee), be like water.

When Pluto and Mars get together, we must be very careful and very wise about how we handle this powerful combination. ¬†There will most likely be a LOT of energy expressed. ¬†This is the person who is naturally gifted in athletics or as a soldier. ¬†They are very hard workers and they can have great physical endurance. ¬†There will be a strong discontent with the status quo – so again, are we looking at a Kali-like destroyer (lower manifestation), or are we looking at a reformer and passionate, non-violent activist working with Minerva’s guidance? ¬†Most often you will wonder about this native’s forceful ways and powerful animistic energies – this person generally does not enjoy being told “No.” ¬†Mars’ impulsiveness might occasionally emerge and there could be emotional storms, irrational displays of anger and irritability. ¬†At its best however, this is the person who is striving every day, every week to know themselves better – whether through depth psychology, a ton of reading and introspection, working with a spiritual teacher or through process-oriented bodywork. ¬†This would be the person who has come a LONG way in transforming their inner desires and passions.

I am going to pause here as this post is getting quite long!  Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. ¬†Reproduction without permission is prohibited. ¬†Thank you for visiting! ¬†If you would like to support Kirby’s blogging efforts or would like to receive a Spiritual Astrology interpretation, you can visit his website at for contact info, etc.

To be clear regarding this topic, in psychological astrology we can talk about the “shadow of Gemini” or “Scorpio’s shadow.” ¬†And if I were talking in that regard, I would be referring to the way in which those signs can work against ourselves – shadowy, unconscious material as it were. ¬†In this case though, I am referring to an actual “thing.” ¬†And yes, “thing” is a technical term. ¬†ūüôā

When a planet goes retrograde, the point at which it seems to “pause” in the sky is known as its shadow. ¬†For instance, (because we are talking about this planet) Venus went retrograde back in December at 29 degrees of Capricorn. ¬†That is the furthest forward it had gotten before turning retrograde. ¬†Following me so far? ¬†So Venus’ shadow is presently at 29 degrees of Capricorn, considering as I write this, Venus is completing its retrograde cycle at 13 degrees Capricorn.

Here is the thing which any non-astrologer (and probably some astrologers may not either) does not know. ¬†When Venus (or any planet for that matter) goes direct, the shadow will still be “in effect” for a short period of time thereafter. ¬†This is why one of my astrology teachers used to preach that the retrograde cycle lasts at least two weeks after the planet starts moving forward (and I’m beginning to think he knew what he was talking about!) ¬† ūüôā

So when does the shadow stop being in effect? ¬†When the planet crosses its shadow. ¬†So for Venus, it will officially be out of retrograde (meaning it is stationing direct and moving forward for the next 18 months or so) after January 31st. ¬†But on that day, it will be at 13 degrees of Capricorn. ¬†It will still have four plus weeks before it will cross its shadow. ¬†Meaning, and I will say more, if 29 degrees of Capricorn is significant in your chart (and you would know this fact already because Venus stationed retrograde at that point, and that shadow point has been in effect since December 20th, 2013), that you may not be completely in the clear until February 28th or so. ¬†Sorry if I’m bursting any bubbles…

If you want to know the exact day, Venus will not cross 29 degrees of Capricorn until March 5th.  So that is a good long time to slowly start to creep forward and finally it will start moving at a decent clip in the middle of February, and it will cross its shadow officially ending this retrograde cycle for 2014 (for Venus).

Here are some examples, just to be more clear.  Let us say that you have Mars at 29 degrees of Libra in your Natal Chart.  Normally, when Venus is moving at its usual, quick pace, Venus would transit your Natal Mars in two or three days tops.  It would be at 27 degrees of a Cardinal sign one day, at 29 degrees the next and then it would be moving on into the next Fixed sign.  And you would feel the reflected emotional intensity for only two to threes (normally!).  But here, the retrograde cycle would draw that out for at least six weeks, and maybe longer.

Continuing where I left off, that means that around December 20th of this past year, Venus paused at the point squaring your Mars (29 Capricorn) for a solid two to three weeks due to the retrograde process. ¬†So you may have had a hot and steamy holidays there (or you may have wished you had someone to have a hot and steamy celebration with when those two planets meet up!). ¬†AND… ¬†due to Venus’ shadow sitting at the square point to your Mars, guess what? ¬†There would be a subtle hint of that intense attraction and magnetic sexual energy off and on over the past month or so – even when Venus itself backed up away from the square point. ¬†Does that make sense? ¬†I hope so. ¬†Venus and Mars, when a square happens, can be touchy bedfellows – generally speaking when Venus transits Natal Mars, it is easier, but sometimes arguments and emotionality can arise. ¬†There will be some heightened erotic energy, but at times it can be a little juvenile – meaning, “I want what I want damn it and why can’t I have that!!!” ¬†So hopefully if this is happening to you, you and your partner will be on similar pages and then you can have a healthy outlet for this energy!

Basically what I am trying to say is this: look at your Natal Chart. ¬†Do you have any planets in the 27 – 30 degree mark of Cardinal signs AND / OR do you have any planets in the 1 – 3 degree point of Fixed signs? ¬†Cardinals are Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Fixed signs are Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. ¬†These planets would all be affected by Venus’ shadow sitting at its present location, AND that might explain the up and down Venusian energy you have been feeling over the past month despite the fact that you don’t actually see much happening in your chart. ¬†That’s because the shadow in a inferred point (there is no shadow in the sky where the planet went retrograde) ¬† ūüôā

Now this same thing is true for any other planet. ¬†If you have Neptune at 29 degrees of Aries, then lookout – you have probably had rose-colored glasses on for the past few weeks ¬†ūüôā ¬† And there could be a disillusionment heading your way! ¬†If you have Uranus at 29 degrees of Cancer, this could also throw a fun, exciting, but not-long-lasting wrench in the relationship works¬†especially if ¬†you are starting a new relationship since December 10th or more recently (because then you’d have Venus in opposition to Uranus influencing your desires for six to eight weeks). ¬†And the same is also true for Jupiter at 29 degrees of a Cardinal sign, Pluto and Saturn. ¬†And yes, I did just throw Jupiter in that mix.

Even the great Benefic Jupiter can bring difficulty (imagine too much abundance, too much indulgence and / or too much hedonism – then you are getting close to what might be arising here). ¬†You will definitely enjoy the time with Venus in continuous or shadowy aspect to Jupiter for eight weeks, but afterward you might say to yourself, “Well shucks, that was fun, but I may have wasted some time there…” ¬† ūüôā

So good luck deciphering this and hopefully it brings a touch more clarity to the subject of Venus retrograde.  I have been noticing it myself as I have a planet at 29 degrees of a Cardinal sign.  So I stand behind these words.  I would love to hear your comments.  And thank you for reading.

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This post is about the practice of Relationship Astrology and because I personally know Western Tropical Zodiac Astrology, that is the perspective I am coming from.  I am writing this post because I want to state my opinion about oversimplification of Western Astrology, specifically around the technique of Relationship Astrology and the problems with doing so.

Who has read websites or books that state “You are an Aries Woman so you fit well with X, Y and maybe Z men (or partners).” ¬†Or to get into the Natal Horoscope a little more, there are always those recipe websites which say something like, “Oh your Saturn squares X’s Neptune so that is going to equal a betrayal of trust at some point [or substitute your own rigid interpretation here].” ūüôā

When you read either of these sentences what goes through your mind? ¬†Is Astrology really a one size fits all modality? ¬†No, I don’t think so.

I want to introduce two things in this post: first the idea of frequency-based astrology and second, upon discovering the merits of frequency-based astrology, then we must go deeper into the charts and also go deeper into the client’s history. ¬†In the next post I will expound upon what is Relationship Astrology and how do we practice it appropriately.

First, frequency-based astrology.  What is it?  This is where we realize that due to varying karmic predispositions and backgrounds, we could have a similar chart to someone else and be having a completely different set of experiences and situations in life.  Sometimes you will find really great people with difficult charts Рtake Mohandas Gandhi for example Рhe had a challenging (to say the least) T-Square in the Fixed signs.  He had Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, opposite Mars and Venus in Scorpio with his Moon in Leo completing the squares.  So due to the Fixity of his personality, once he established a belief, he stuck with it to the end.  But he accomplished incredible results in spite of the strong Polarity in his chart.  And of course with these extraordinary energies at work in his chart, to say he would be without idiosyncrasies would be a big mistake Рbecause he certainly had a number.  To make certain it is clear that I have analyzed his chart more in depth, he did have a Grand Trine in Fire signs (Saturn, Neptune, Moon meaning he could make his dreams a reality especially with the utmost perseverance from those Fixed planets mentioned above).

Nonetheless, you can easily find people with planets in a Fixed T-Square who have chosen to be criminals or who have chosen to continue having a victim-identity or another form of listless less-than-productive life (and productivity can take many forms, so know your capacity first and foremost before you take my words too seriously).  And we can find many people with Grand Trines who just coast through life, evading challenges and responsibility.  I personally know people with intense Fixed oppositions who manifest that incredibly overpowering energy with mild to severe mental health issues Рmaybe a personality disorder as some complex traumas have forced the individual to completely blank out a specific sphere of their lives.  And yet, they may still accomplish a great deal of positive benefit for the world!

I want to be clear – having a Fixed opposition in your chart is not bad. ¬†In fact, I am a firm believer in the fact that we must have some difficult aspects in our charts to get anything accomplished in this lifetime. ¬†I have seen so many people with a double Grand Trine bouncing from activity to activity, rarely focusing and getting down to mastering anything. ¬†You must read and interpret your entire chart. ¬†We all have Fixed signs in our charts. ¬†You have to take your whole chart into consideration and be able to understand the intricacies of the signs, houses and aspects. ¬†Then we can make a judgement about our capacity – and we must also take the next step and take responsibility for our lives. ¬†No blaming our situation on our charts, no saying, “Oh, I’m a triple Pisces so I didn’t have a choice in the matter!”

So how do we know what someone will do with the energy of their astrology chart?  We have to do a little interview Рwhat is their history like?  Do they meditate?  Do they like to do yoga?  If they do yoga, do they use yoga class as a competition or feather-in-their-cap type of dynamic?  Or are they legitimately working to deepen their yoga practice in a way that is truly kind and compassionate to themselves?  We can get a sense of where someone is at just from their voice on the phone Рare they embodied?  Are they timid or confident or apathetic, etc.  But generally we need to have a little bit of information about where someone is one their path Рwhether it is mundane, spiritual, agnostic, whatever.  When someone comes to you asking exclusively when they will get their next BMW, there is probably very little point in telling them about the subtleties of advanced meditation (provided you might know something about the topic and know when it is appropriate to share this information with others) Рalthough I do know a couple of exceptions to even this rule!

There are many spectrums of life Рspiritual, material, social, movement / rigidity / flow, aesthetic, etc.  We need to find out what the client wants to know and then discover where they are on those spectrums.

Then we will have a sense of the frequency of the individual behind the energy of the chart. ¬†Why is this important for Relationship Astrology? ¬†What could be more pivotal?!?! ¬†If you have two charts that look pretty good, but then you meet the individuals and he is a yogi who has completed ten years of successful solitary meditation retreat and she is a hardcore Jehovah’s Witness… ¬†Just saying! ¬†Not that this relationship is a guaranteed failure. ¬†But the astrologer would have to search pretty deeply to find out where their interests intersect.

In the next section, I am going to elaborate upon Relationship Astrology and its ingredients: the idea of Natal Chart interpretation for Relationship needs, wants, capacity; Chart Synastry Рcomparing two Natal Charts; and introduce the notion of Composite Charts.

Thank you for reading.

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