Sneak Peek at Upcoming Trauma Informed Astrology Offerings

Hello Dear Ones, News from Trauma Informed Astrology headquarters (my bodywork office for now). Thank you for your interest in our work! Next week, we are doing an Instagram Live session on Friday the 9th at 2:30 pm Eastern time. In it, we will go deep into an awesome Somatic Exercise (embodiment tool), do someContinue reading “Sneak Peek at Upcoming Trauma Informed Astrology Offerings”

Working Behind the Scenes on Trauma Informed Astrology

Hello Dear Ones, We are loving the work on Trauma Informed Astrology courses. We are still adding tiny things to Nervous System Foundations (the first course which is available for purchase now) – it is 19 hours of material, and it might turn into 20 hours soon! You can check out for more info.Continue reading “Working Behind the Scenes on Trauma Informed Astrology”

Just one week left of Pre-Launch Sale price on T.I. Astrology: Nervous System Foundations course!

Hello Friends, We have several people on the Trauma Informed Astrology Team. If you purchase the Nervous System Foundations course, you will see Emily Lamoureux and Kyla Saby as they assist me in producing / covering half the material for the course. Emily is becoming a better and better trauma informed astrologer every week, andContinue reading “Just one week left of Pre-Launch Sale price on T.I. Astrology: Nervous System Foundations course!”

Trauma Informed Astrology Essentials Level Certification process

Hello Dear Ones, Several of you have asked what this process will look like, so this is a post specifically about the first level certification process (Essentials Level). There are three main courses required: Nervous System Foundations, Astrology & the Polyvagal System, and Navigating the Healing Journey. On top of this, there will be anContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology Essentials Level Certification process”

T. I. Astrology getting very close!

Hello Dear Ones, The birth process of Trauma Informed Astrology is nearly complete – at least the first course (process). We just have one more video to complete, and then there are about 12 – 15 hours of edits and little loose ends to wrap up. It is very exciting! I am continuing to seeContinue reading “T. I. Astrology getting very close!”