Sneak Peek at Upcoming Trauma Informed Astrology Offerings

Hello Dear Ones, News from Trauma Informed Astrology headquarters (my bodywork office for now). Thank you for your interest in our work! Next week, we are doing an Instagram Live session on Friday the 9th at 2:30 pm Eastern time. In it, we will go deep into an awesome Somatic Exercise (embodiment tool), do someContinue reading “Sneak Peek at Upcoming Trauma Informed Astrology Offerings”

Working Behind the Scenes on Trauma Informed Astrology

Hello Dear Ones, We are loving the work on Trauma Informed Astrology courses. We are still adding tiny things to Nervous System Foundations (the first course which is available for purchase now) – it is 19 hours of material, and it might turn into 20 hours soon! You can check out for more info.Continue reading “Working Behind the Scenes on Trauma Informed Astrology”