Pluto or Minerva in the U.S. chart

Thank you for visiting my blog! If you want to see what services I offer, head over to for astrology, process-oriented bodywork and coaching options! Please leave me a comment as well. Where do we stand as a nation? I have tried to stay out of politics for a number of reasons. Including thatContinue reading “Pluto or Minerva in the U.S. chart”

What happened to the shortest day? And suggestions for how to get it back

I am writing this post because I am very curious about how far we have gotten from slowing down, sitting around a fire place, taking time to be with our inner rhythms. The Winter Solstice used to be a time of contemplation, of down time, of being with our shadows – to prepare the wayContinue reading “What happened to the shortest day? And suggestions for how to get it back”

Spiritual Astrology for last minute Christmas Gift

Hello my dear readers, Just wanted to post a last minute gift idea! If you are looking for a meaningful, insight-filled gift, look no further! I am offering a full 90-minute astrology interpretation / counseling session for $125. I usually charge $175 for this. Save $50!! Or I am offering an hour session for $95Continue reading “Spiritual Astrology for last minute Christmas Gift”

Astrology video forthcoming

I am excited to announce that my friend Elizabeth Stafford and I are collaborating to produce an Astrology video series. At least that is the intention. This coming week we are completing the first video (so yes this might be a bit premature). But we have an outline for more videos to come, provided weContinue reading “Astrology video forthcoming”

One meaning of the upcoming Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

There is much to speculate about regarding this huge conjunction coming up. I say huge because it will presage the Pluto return coming up in a couple years in the United States’ horoscope (the country’s birth chart). We are already feeling these effects of Pluto returning to its natal position in the country’s chart –Continue reading “One meaning of the upcoming Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn”

Wisdom Healing Arts Blog

Welcome to AstroDharma – my (Kirby Moore’s) dynamic musings about a journey through the embodiment process and psycho-spiritual Health. Thank you for visiting! Our deepest gifts arise out of our darkest places. We need a skillful guide to support us in remembering who we are: Light, Love, Life, Joyful Creativity and Health I have beenContinue reading “Wisdom Healing Arts Blog”