Completed Somatic Experiencing Training

Hello Dear Readers, Close to three years ago now, I was deciding whether the SE training was a good direction in which to go. SE is expensive. Unless you get a scholarship (or multiple for that matter), completing the entire training plus supervision / practice / personal session hours costs around $12,000. And that isContinue reading “Completed Somatic Experiencing Training”

Staying Sane In Spite of Everything

Hello Dear Readers, Much dichotomy and polarization are going around these days. At least here in the U.S. (and judging from the world news, around the globe really). The double binds we find ourselves in – whether simply dealing with a small group of friends and family, or dealing with the school board decisions forContinue reading “Staying Sane In Spite of Everything”

Supervision Group: Trauma Informed Astrology

Hello Dear Ones, I have had several people email me in the past couple weeks asking about other Trauma Informed Astrology classes. Like when will I offer Birth Process Astrology, or Fundamentals Level 3 (so they can take the advanced classes). I am currently planning to offer a more beginner level (Fundamentals 1.5) course startingContinue reading “Supervision Group: Trauma Informed Astrology”

Possible Class on Working with Trauma (and the Astrology Chart)

Dear Readers and Astrologers and Life-long Learners and future traumatologists, As usual, if you want to schedule a treatment or astrology interpretation, you can go to my sites: or You can also go to the T.I. Astrology site to sign up for classes. This material is copyrighted by me, M. Kirby Moore. ReproductionContinue reading “Possible Class on Working with Trauma (and the Astrology Chart)”

Boundaries in relationships (basics)

Hello Dear Ones, I wrote this piece below for a friend. And then I realized that, wow, it is possible many people need to be reminded of this! Especially with the short-lived Astrological T-Square happening in the sky (Transiting Saturn square Uranus opposite Sun / Mercury). First of all, be RESOLUTE. If you decide somethingContinue reading “Boundaries in relationships (basics)”

Further into Tr. Neptune conjunct Na. Sun (Western Astrology) Part 2

Hello Dear Readers, Here we are again, this time adding to the previous post (scroll up or click here: Go back and read that if you have not done so yet. This material, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Please get permission before using any of my material. To have yourContinue reading “Further into Tr. Neptune conjunct Na. Sun (Western Astrology) Part 2”

Going In-depth with Astrological Transits: Neptune conjunct Sun

Hello dear readers, I am going through some challenging transits right now. Maybe not as challenging as some people (this whole Saturn square Uranus aspect in the sky is creating havoc in some people’s lives). Wishing you all well as we navigate this summer of recalibration. This material, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted by M.Continue reading “Going In-depth with Astrological Transits: Neptune conjunct Sun”

Trauma Informed Astrology Class

This material is copyrighted by Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  To support my business and blogging efforts, please visit my website. More recently, I have begun teaching Astrology classes on Trauma-Informed Astrology, see for more! Thank you for visiting! Hello Dear Readers! I am excited to announce that I will lead the classContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology Class”

Summer Transitions and Leveling Up

Hello Dear Readers, I have been going through some big transitions (in my personal life). Hence my not writing as much lately. I am still seeing clients full time however, which feeds me. I love being of benefit to others! And speaking of clients, some of them are having really tough times right now. NotContinue reading “Summer Transitions and Leveling Up”