Daily Yoga Practice

Hello Dear Readers, I seem to be practicing more yoga as of late. And I love the results that I get from it. I heard a story recently on NPR (Ted radio hour) regarding (over) Work, Play and Rest. And I appreciate how the world is starting to realize that the rat-race, push-push-push, override-override-override patternsContinue reading “Daily Yoga Practice”

Incredible Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Hello dear ones! A friend just gave me a big bag full of Elderberries (they were frozen and on the stem). And I just made an awesome batch of syrup out of them! Ingredients: At least 2 cups of Elderberries with stems mostly removed. Then I added filtered water, cinnamon sticks, Reishi mushroom chunks, wholeContinue reading “Incredible Elderberry Syrup Recipe”

Contemplative Somatics – an online series of classes

Hello dear ones, I am excited to announce that I will be leading a series of online classes from late February through the middle of June. This class will be a small group setting – I am seeking a maximum of eight to ten participants, as we want this to a safe space and aContinue reading “Contemplative Somatics – an online series of classes”

Thoughts about classes (I want your feedback)

Hello dear ones, I realize we are in the midst of several big things right now… pandemic numbers all over the place, wild astrological “weather,” etc, but I want to get your feedback if you might be interested in taking my class(es) this year (2022). Several options… first, I am sitting with whether to focusContinue reading “Thoughts about classes (I want your feedback)”

Attending SE Advanced Touch training

Hello Dear Readers, I just got back from Atlanta. Where 40 of us participated in this awesome training. SE stands for Somatic Experiencing – Peter Levine’s creation (modality) for helping the nervous system move back to resilience and coherence if it is disrupted by trauma. It is one of many forms of trauma resolution outContinue reading “Attending SE Advanced Touch training”

Working with Plutonian metaphor

There is an Inuit tale about the Skeleton Woman. Clarissa Pinkola Estes well-known book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, introduced the Western world to this beautiful tale. And many psychologists, analysts and spiritual teachers have worked with these beautiful metaphors and stories of embodiment. If I may share some things from an astrological perspective,Continue reading “Working with Plutonian metaphor”

Dynamic Somatic Bodywork, loving what I do!

Hello Dear Readers! For anyone who hasn’t read much of my blog, and as a reminder to those who have, I offer a number of different bodywork and trauma-resolution modalities. I have been extremely fortunate in the teachings I have received and the compassionate empowered teachers and mentors I have worked with! I offer CraniosacralContinue reading “Dynamic Somatic Bodywork, loving what I do!”

Extra-dimensional Somatic Experiencing sessions

Hello dear readers, I am writing this post to detail how my personal Somatic Experiencing (SE for short) sessions are starting to tap into profound material. First a brief description of “What is SE?” Then I will mention a couple of auspicious dreams I had when I was first deciding whether or not to takeContinue reading “Extra-dimensional Somatic Experiencing sessions”