Daily Yoga Practice

Hello Dear Readers,

I seem to be practicing more yoga as of late. And I love the results that I get from it.

I heard a story recently on NPR (Ted radio hour) regarding (over) Work, Play and Rest. And I appreciate how the world is starting to realize that the rat-race, push-push-push, override-override-override patterns that we have in our corporate world, are not sustainable or healthy.

I think I have known that for most of my life. And the way that relates to this topic, is that I have been drawn to Yin Yoga, or more restorative yoga, at least for the past seven or eight years. In fact, I can recall a time in Hawai’i (which is where I was born and spent a number of years), where these well-tanned, well-muscled people were doing Hatha Yoga on the beach, in the sun. And I sat down about 100 feet away in the shade and started doing Svaroopa Yoga (much more restorative and supported than a standing Hatha practice). I got a few strange looks, because at least at that time, not many people had seen Svaroopa yoga. That was at least 12 years ago.

Sure, I had fantasies about being a famous, stretchy yogi when I was in my 20’s. I would see people doing amazing yoga here and there, but were they doing it for them? Or was it a bit of a performance? A status symbol? Look how special I am! Now, I am 42 and almost 43 years old, a bit wiser and more experienced. And certainly more aware of how rare a precious human rebirth is. And I have a much deeper appreciation of how beneficial it is to slow down and feel our organic healing rhythms!

So I am going to discuss some of my supportive practices – in the form of yoga. That would be Yin Yoga, 5 Element Yoga and Svaroopa Yoga.

I took my first Svaroopa Yoga class back in 2006 or so. There was a friend who lived nearby who had a large family room type of space, and she hired a teacher to come and lead classes for about eight weeks. It was awesome – walking a few blocks to a very supported, slower-paced, restful and rejuvenating yoga class! I ended up taking several classes there and benefiting from each one.

Svaroopa means “body bliss” if I am not mistaken. It is oriented to how can we have more support when doing yoga, how can we listen to what the body needs? For a time, I considered going to Pennsylvania for teacher training, but my vocation has taken a slightly different path (see my previous posts for more about my healing facilitation work).

I learned dozens of poses from my original Svaroopa yoga teacher (Joanne Wolf) and I am so very grateful. I am especially glad I learned the quick eight poses – there are four that we can do in bed (lying down) and four more that we can do in a chair. These have stuck with me, considering I use them at least once / week.

You can find out more here: https://svaroopa.org/

Then, in the past five years or so, I have learned more about Yin Yoga, or Restorative Yoga, or 5 Element Yoga. I put these names together, even though there are slight differences between each. But I think that each of them is all about slowing down, holding the poses for longer, getting a deeper stretch as a result, and opening the subtle energy channels a little bit more as a result.

My previous partner has a book by Sarah Powers entitled, “Insight Yoga.” In this marvelous book, the author discusses how to do yoga for each acupuncture meridian or organ system. For instance, there is a Heart / Intestines / Lung protocol or a Kidney / Bladder protocol (list of poses). She recommends holding the poses for 2, 3 or 5 minutes (gradually building up to holding the poses longer). There is a shorter list of poses in case you only have about 20 or 30 minutes, and there is a longer list, where you can spend up to 90 minutes working on a single organ / meridian system.

I love this book. Several times a month, I do the list of Kidney poses, or the Liver poses. And it is so beneficial. I feel more centered, more grounded and have greater clarity. I also find that my boundaries improve – and I become more spontaneous in a wisdom-mind sort of way. Like I just want to do and to be, rather than think about things.

I am calling this Insight Yoga practice 5-Element-Yoga, because of how she focuses so much on the individual organs and meridians. In fact, she even divides them up by element (similar to 5-Element Chinese Medicine). You can find out more here: https://sarahpowersinsightyoga.com/

I hope you discover the practices which lead to greater alignment and clarity! If you are still seeking these out, you might want to investigate one of these yoga practices. Obviously, practice within your limits (don’t push too hard). And I would highly recommend finding a good yoga teacher to work with, especially if you are just beginning.

Thanks for reading!

Kirby Moore

Incredible Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Hello dear ones!

A friend just gave me a big bag full of Elderberries (they were frozen and on the stem). And I just made an awesome batch of syrup out of them!

Ingredients: At least 2 cups of Elderberries with stems mostly removed. Then I added filtered water, cinnamon sticks, Reishi mushroom chunks, whole cloves, organic lemon rinds, Osha root, turmeric powder, Chaga mushroom powder, organic lemon juice, local organic honey.

In this case, I made a larger batch, meaning it took me 90 mins to remove all the stems from the berries. Then another 90 minutes of cooking / simmering the syrup mixture. Then letting that cool a bit and adding honey… all totaled, from start to bottling took 5 hours or more. But I didn’t have to be attentive to the process the entire time.

Throughout this entire process, try to maintain clean (sanitized even) surfaces / tools, as we want to avoid mold getting in the syrup. The sweet honey acts as both a preservative (lengthens syrup life) and it might even act as mold food if many spores get in there. The boiling process will sanitize the berry mixture, just be mindful after that.

First of all, be very careful in taking the berries off the stems. The stems and leaves can be toxic (boiling them with the berries produces a little bit of arsenic), so try to get as many stems as you can out of the berry bowl. A few tiny stems doesn’t matter, as we are only taking a teaspoon or less of elderberry syrup daily as a cold remedy / preventative. I think freezing the berries can help with this process of berry / stem separation.

Then I put the berries in stock pot. I completely covered the berries in filtered water. Then I turned on the burner (gas burner in this case) to low / medium. As the mixture was heating up, I cut up the organic lemons, and then juiced them, keeping the juice separate for now. Then I put the organic lemon rinds in with the berry mixture.

Then I added the hard / larger ingredients – cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, Osha root and Reishi mushroom chunks. Once this watery mixture was boiling, I turned the burner down all the way to low / simmer. I let this simmer for one hour.

Then I added the powders / lemon juice – turmeric powder, Chaga mushroom powder and organic lemon juice. I stirred up the red juicy mixture and then kept it simmering for another 30 minutes.

Then turn off the heat and allow to cool for 45 mins with the lid on or until you can barely touch the pot without burning yourself (do be careful here!). Then strain out the berries, cloves, cinnamon sticks, lemon rinds, etc. Cheese cloth works well, as then you can also squeeze the messy mixture to get every precious drop of medicine out of it. I used a strainer with a fine mesh and then pressed it down with a large spoon to coax out more precious medicinal syrup.

At this point, you need to carefully add the organic honey. Stir it in to the liquid (already strained) elderberry syrup mixture. I would suggest adding one cup of honey for every 2 cups of syrup base liquid. Then allow to cool closer to room temperature before bottling it.

A friend suggested putting the syrup in an ice cube tray and freezing it – then you can use a couple of elderberry ice cubes each week! Brilliant! I am using small plastic containers to freeze it – that way it won’t go bad.

Because of the honey (which in this case acts as a preservative if you maintained a clean process throughout), I have heard that the finished Elderberry Syrup can last a few weeks in the fridge. I wouldn’t drink it beyond that point – hence you want to freeze some for later!

Good luck and let me know if you try it!

Thanks for joining me on this culinary, medicinal journey!

Kirby Moore

BTW Osha Root, a.k.a. Bear Root, is from the high mountains of the West (Rockies, Sierras, etc). I’m pretty sure it only grows above 7,000 ft, meaning it is very rare. Better to buy it from someone who you know is ethical about harvesting it (I think it is occasionally endangered). It is a very potent adaptogen for preventing / treating respiratory sicknesses. I got my Osha Root back in 2017 when I did my Birth Process work training out in British Columbia. Glad to be using it all up now and so grateful for the medicine!

Contemplative Somatics – an online series of classes

Hello dear ones,

I am excited to announce that I will be leading a series of online classes from late February through the middle of June. This class will be a small group setting – I am seeking a maximum of eight to ten participants, as we want this to a safe space and a space where it feels comfortable to share and connect.

I am looking to host a space where people feel safe dropping into greater embodiment, and where it feels comfortable to move toward well-being. Which is a brave thing indeed, and not a small commitment. Therefore, get in touch if you want more good company around you, and if you are willing to explore greater presence, compassion and possibly getting in touch with some vulnerable places inside.

Why this topic? Over the past few years (maybe even 10 – 15 years!), the more I have dropped into therapeutic spaces and groups, I have been appreciating how the world of meditation would benefit dramatically from more embodiment. Sometimes there is a harsh demarcation between meditation and somatic process-type work. And I see this as detrimental. We must be in our bodies if we are going to truly connect the clarity of the head (brain), the compassion of the heart and the potency of the pelvis. Spiritual bypass takes many forms – but one form is to continue to push harder! If a little is good, why can’t I get there faster with more? This is a common error and a cultural misunderstanding! Therefore, it is hard to get away from.

In this series, we will be operating from a space of “less is better than more.” We will discuss how “going slower will actually get us there faster.” However, as we gradually slow down and get in touch with healing organic rhythms, it can also bring up some uncomfortable stuff. There may be parts of ourselves that only feel safe moving along at a fast clip! So if you attend my class, be curious about possible resistance and be ready to breathe, to move and to be flexible in the face of old rigid patterns. In other words, only attend if you want to grow and stretch yourself, in unexpected and surprising ways (as we hold the intention of moving toward greater health and aliveness).

In a typical class, we will go through three embodiment exercises, with time for sharing and integration. Plus there will be time each week to start practicing meditation. There will be time for questions as well.

When: every 2nd and 4th Thursday evening, from 7:00 – 8:30 pm, starting February 24th and going through mid-June

Where: Online – Zoom format for now, if the pandemic improves, there will be space for a few people to join me in my large spacious office

Cost: suggested donation of $25 per class, pay what you are able to

To register: contact me at kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

Thoughts about classes (I want your feedback)

Hello dear ones,

I realize we are in the midst of several big things right now… pandemic numbers all over the place, wild astrological “weather,” etc, but I want to get your feedback if you might be interested in taking my class(es) this year (2022).

Several options… first, I am sitting with whether to focus more on nervous system repair classes or to also include astrology in that topic (and be more trauma-informed astrology in appearance).

Please fill out the polls below if you might be interested in any classes I offer. Thank you! At the bottom, you can leave your email in the feedback form to keep in touch!

If you are interested in any potential classes, and you want to be on my contact list if / when I offer classes, please fill out the form below!

Attending SE Advanced Touch training

Hello Dear Readers,

I just got back from Atlanta. Where 40 of us participated in this awesome training. SE stands for Somatic Experiencing – Peter Levine’s creation (modality) for helping the nervous system move back to resilience and coherence if it is disrupted by trauma. It is one of many forms of trauma resolution out there.

I have been participating in this training now for close to three and a half years. Thankfully Covid did not derail my training time too much (half of the modules – there are eight total normally – we done online).

In fact, one silver lining to the pandemic is that we got two extra days of training (and they were free – we paid for travel and lodging, but no tuition for this last weekend). Somehow, they normally include material about working further with syndromes, energy wells, global high intensity activation, working with the diaphragms and the viscera and touch in just 6 days. That would be a ton to cram into my brain in a week-long workshop!

For us, knowing we could not meet in person last year, we broke some of that up. The touch portion was peeled away for a later training.

Lael Keen led this training, and she is amazing. Humble, graceful, skillful, very knowledgable – she led us in spite of wearing lots of personal protection equipment (double masks and face shield). I learned a lot and / or was reminded of a lot of great wisdom. In my biodynamic craniosacral therapy training, some of the “nothing to do” approach was similar. We are listening and inviting the system to come into coherence. It was good to practice in person again!

Honestly, it would have been great to break this 2-day touch skills portion up into 3 or 4 days! We packed so much good material into a couple days, with the entire afternoon portions devoted to exchanging sessions (in PPE gear). So there was not quite enough time for questions – I approached Lael during a break to get a couple of questions answered. There were a few periods for Q & A, but there was no time to debrief or ask about the demos that she led – which were incredible (of course).

It was noted by one of my colleagues – “how do these SE faculty get volunteers to work with a specific topic or theme, and they somehow usually end up choosing people who definitely are in need of healing / nervous system repair.” As in, they often choose the person with worst symptoms. And the faculty members feel confident enough to work with this person in front of a large group of people. Very skillful and confident in their abilities! And the demos were amazing!

And now I have completed all of the requirements to get my SEP! I turned in my paperwork recently, and got my certificate via email within a couple days. I am so grateful to have participated in the process. I learned SO MUCH. I am now literally seeing clients with symptoms that two years ago, I would have run away from very quickly. You might say I leveled up several times in the past couple years. I love being able to benefit a wide variety of clients (and a variety of symptoms I must add).

I am actually thinking about becoming an assistant occasionally – the trainings go really well because there are usually a high number of assistants. That way, there is a high ratio of support people to participants. Plus as an assistant, we get to see new ways to discussing the material and get to see how different faculty members do their work.

I am an SEP now! Yay! Let me know if you want to receive nervous system support – I offer distance sessions and they are usually quite beneficial! You can check out my site and even schedule a free 25 min consult to see if we would be a good fit to work together: http://www.mkirbymoore.com

Thank you for reading,

Kirby Moore

Working with Plutonian metaphor

There is an Inuit tale about the Skeleton Woman. Clarissa Pinkola Estes well-known book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, introduced the Western world to this beautiful tale. And many psychologists, analysts and spiritual teachers have worked with these beautiful metaphors and stories of embodiment.

If I may share some things from an astrological perspective, as Pluto is wrapping up its time in Capricorn, right in the heart of Saturn’s world, we are going through some interesting times right now! Right?! Ooph! I should say, I am wishing everyone well, as (at least among my friends and clients) many people are struggling with Covid fears, lack of sunlight (here in the northern hemisphere), cold weather and snow / ice and more!

With regard to Pluto in Saturn’s realm… I am wondering how long several things will continue. First of all, the disparity between the uber billionaires and the poorest people, even here in the United States is staggering! Socioeconomic inequity is terrible right now (and it seems like the mainstream media is doing a decent job of distracting people from that fact). That would be another one of Saturn’s deceptions – if things look fine of the surface, they must be okay… If I just work a little harder… If I can save another $1,000… and for what? What is the end goal?

The stock market always seems to go up. Yes, there are a few days here and there when investors are concerned by unemployment claims or the jobs market, but for the most part, wealthy people have been doing very well for themselves! How long can this continue? The housing market, post-Covid-2020 is bizarre! In the course of 6 months, at least here in Central Virginia, the price of a house jumped up by 40%! What?! I am curious about this current housing bubble. And praying it doesn’t pop like it did back in 2008.

Working with Pluto can also be a very rewarding time for doing inner personal growth type work. Sometimes it is best to work with someone on these types of goals. I offer long distance sessions if you are interested (let me know!). You can go to http://www.mkirbymoore.com and click the schedule a session button. I do have free 25 min consults for new prospective clients.

For me personally, I am planning to use 2022 as a time to answer some difficult questions. Some of these questions come from the Skeleton Woman story. You should go out and read it btw if you haven’t already. It is moving! You can find the tale and some interpretation (by a Jungian analyst) here: https://apjq.org/en/Lecture%20-%20The%20Skeleton%20Woman%20-%20Final%20version%20-%20Nov%202011.pdf

Here are some of the tough questions I am pondering:

What needs to die, so I can live more fully?

How can I connect with nature every single day?

What wants to live within me now? That I have not been giving enough life to?

I want to make time to feel my authentic yearning. What is it my heart desires? Can I make space for that?

And then, understanding my yearnings, can I ask for that? Can I appropriately go out and meet some of those needs?

I have established a potent baseline around embodiment, embodied wisdom and spiritual awareness (nothing too special tho). Can I pat myself on the back and be with the amount of work I have already done? Saying, “Good job, good job!” And then notice if there is a part of me being hard on myself. Having compassion and tenderness for any “should’s” or “I-need-to-be-doing’s” type of inner dialogues.

What if I have already established a state of harmony, comfort and inner peace? What if I am already there? Then these “tapes” of old messages are just weeds growing in my garden. I need to realize that I might already be there. My spiritual practice is becoming more subtle, more refined. Know that, what do I do with that information? I need to check in with my heart teacher, my root Lama (as a Tibetan Buddhist).

Yes, more good company. More virtuous conduct. Continue treating bodywork and trauma clients – and dedicate the positive energy which that generates! (Dedicate the merit.)

Thank you for joining me on this journey,

Kirby Moore

Brightness and Dullness

Hello friends and dear readers,

I am actually writing this blog post to share some of my less-than-bright news. Don’t worry! It is not anything bad. But I wanted to share that I notice the “Facebook effect” on my blogging – meaning I usually only write posts when I am feeling good, or feeling very inspired. Which sometimes translates to only posting once a month! Of course I am staying busy with seeing clients these days, and I am contemplating what to teach this upcoming new year. I am basically writing this post to inform you that I too am human, that I go through stretches of time which are difficult or at least lackluster. And I am doing the best I can in spite of everything!

So here is information about some times in this past year where things were less-than-inspired: I separated from my partner of two and a half years this past May and June. So this summer was interesting – I feel like I pushed really hard to get clients and work as a way to distract myself. Only now am I feeling like I can really move on from that. I am glad she and I are still friends and that it has now resolved amiably. But for a couple months there, it was very hard. I have been working with an awesome Somatic Experiencing practitioner around this stuff, which is so helpful!

Then, this past October, around the time Mercury was retrograde, I noticed myself being tempted to fall back on a previous past time of playing occasional computer games. For some people, an occasional outlet like this is innocuous and maybe even a necessary release and letting go. For me, if I am not careful, the dopamine hit I get from gaming can become addicting. So I would rather not fall back on those habits from the start. I think it was / is my reaction to the less socializing, less getting out and less good company as a result of Covid. I always ask myself, “What do I want to fill my life with? What do I want to put in my heart on a daily basis?” And in case you have been under a rock for the past two years… social distancing sucks! I was good at it for a while, but gosh it drags on me (right?!). Doing better now though and excited about several things coming up this and next month!

On to some brighter news: I am going to be teaching a class this coming February or March. I think it will be on gentle ways of working with the nervous system. As we say in the SE world, “How can we titrate this even more?” How can we make the chunks even smaller so they are easier to digest and integrate? How can we make this even more gentle?

So the upcoming class will probably be a series of 6 or 8 class meetings. In each class, I will go through two novel exercises and interventions. We will discuss reasons we might consider doing them, we will talk about their benefits and what state of the nervous system we should be watching for. There may even be the opportunity to try these exercises with each other. Watch for upcoming announcements! And of course always feel free to drop me a comment or to let me know if you might be interested in this type of class. 🙂

I am doing a little beach vacation after Christmas, so this is also something I am eagerly awaiting. I love the water element, the vast spaciousness of the ocean and sky, the cyclical waves and tides – and pondering how these reflect my inner states!

For me, 2022 is gearing up to be great. I hope it will be for you too! I also understand that many people are having a tough time now around the holidays, so I wish that you and all beings get the support they need! At the moment, I am taking new clients, even long distance people, so let me know if you want to get support from me!



Thank you for visiting!

Kirby Moore

Dynamic Somatic Bodywork, loving what I do!

Hello Dear Readers!

For anyone who hasn’t read much of my blog, and as a reminder to those who have, I offer a number of different bodywork and trauma-resolution modalities. I have been extremely fortunate in the teachings I have received and the compassionate empowered teachers and mentors I have worked with!

I offer Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Asian Bodywork, Massage, Trauma-Informed Astrology and I work with the Polyvagal System (similar to SE). Plus I offer Birth Process work (PPN work) as I love working with mothers and babies, and with the inner child of teens and adults.

Over the past 17 years, I have probably had my hands on 2000 bodies, at least. Doing that many sessions leads to incredibly refined proprioception in the hands – my hands can sense some wild stuff at times. I have surprised people, saying things like, “My hands are sensing that you no longer smoke, but you used to.” And they will be shocked and say, “Yeah, but that was 20 years ago!” (When you come in, be ready to go into deeper material for healing and repair!)

This work has also refined my heart. Some people (many of us actually) are having a terribly difficult time right now. As social distancing continues with Covid questions and concerns, our nervous systems are literally crying out for healthy contact and connection. I hope we ALL have some healthy connections we can lean into! Thankfully I am able to support people in shaving off layers of anxiety, being with whatever is incomplete, and allowing it to process through and discharge – or whatever is needed. And then with my Craniosacral skills, I can help the cranial bones (and rest of the body for that matter) catch up with shifts in the nervous system.

On a personal note, I was in a beautiful relationship for two and a half years that ended this past June. The dissolution / separation was mutual. She is incredible and has a warm loving good heart, but we were not the best fit. So I am now glad for the change – it was a difficult few months there though. I am mentioning this because I have come into a new relationship with my work. It has been nice to have one primary focus in my life – learning to work with different manifestations of trauma symptoms.

I spend at least an hour / day doing quality self care – meditation, yoga, Qigong and Tibetan Buddhist practice. I literally have to. Otherwise I will burn out really swiftly. This means I can be fully present to clients, no matter what they are going through. Of course, if appropriate I refer them out or recommend they also get additional support. I also get lots of support myself.

Having just completed all the requirements for my Somatic Experiencing Practitioner certificate, (YAY!!! it will be a few weeks or more before I actually get the certificate) I had to get lots of case consult and personal session supervision hours in that process. And it has been so helpful! I have learned so much in the past 18 months – I feel like I have leveled up several times.

The body wants to heal itself. The nervous system wants to heal itself. If we have intrusive thoughts or recurring nightmares, this might be the nervous system showing us what we have to heal and repair. But most of have huge resistance to this uncomfortable material! Ack – it can be so terrifying! But it can also be repaired (within reason and with a very skillful practitioner). We can move forward in life, we can increase our capacity, so the terror or fear that continues to arise will become more tolerable.

The light wants to come in. Can I merely get out of the way? Or do I choose to continuously stub my toe, over and over again?

Find a good practitioner or teacher to work with. You will be glad you did! It is time for us all to move toward greater clarity, potency and kindness.

By the way, I also do good work over long distance. Let me know if you want to give this a try! http://www.mkirbymoore.com

Thank you for reading!


Dreaming of Dakinis

In the darkness of ascending water element,

moving to peak at Winter Solstice,

the rain stops, the clouds disperse, shining stars poke through,

the bright full moon radiantly illuminates the land,

then the Earth blocks the Sun, partially,

an evil omen as this eclipse lasts hours,

awaken early, do mantras, do potent practice,

to benefit all, known and unknown, seen and unseen,

the inauspicious light is capped with a lens of Bodhicitta,

of metta, karuna, equanimity and joy,

the eclipse can now bring benefit too, if you practice virtue,

choose the quiet, introspective path now,

it is time to go within, to withdraw, to contemplate, to review,

meditation will bring great benefit over the next month,

may we all dream of dakinis!

Extra-dimensional Somatic Experiencing sessions

Hello dear readers,

I am writing this post to detail how my personal Somatic Experiencing (SE for short) sessions are starting to tap into profound material. First a brief description of “What is SE?” Then I will mention a couple of auspicious dreams I had when I was first deciding whether or not to take the SE training. And finally, I will discuss how my current experience of SE is starting to look a lot like those incredible dreams!

Somatic Experiencing is: (this description comes from one of my mentors, Andrea Gage)

SE is a short-term naturalistic approach to the resolution and healing of trauma developed by Dr. Peter Levine and is supported by research. It is based upon the observation that wild prey animals, though threatened routinely, are rarely traumatized. Animals in the wild utilize innate mechanisms to regulate and discharge the high levels of energy arousal associated with defensive survival behaviors. These mechanisms provide animals with a built-in “immunity’’ to trauma that enables them to return to normal in the aftermath of highly ‘’charged’’ life-threatening experiences.

  • —  SE employs awareness of body sensation to help people “renegotiate” and heal rather than re-live or re-enact trauma.
  • —  SE’s guidance of the bodily “felt sense,” allows the highly aroused survival energies to be safely experienced and gradually discharged.
  • —  SE may employ touch in support of the renegotiation process.
  • —  SE “titrates” experience (breaks down into small, incremental steps), rather than evoking catharsis – which can overwhelm the regulatory mechanisms of the organism.

SE is a supplementary modality – meaning it can stand on its own for a few sessions, however it is designed to fuse seamlessly with other modalities – like psychotherapy, counseling, bodywork and even yoga or chiropractic work.

In my work, I am a licensed massage therapist, I have Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training, along with Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (birth process work) training and more. So I use SE within the scope of practice of a licensed bodyworker.

SE is an expensive training to complete. To go through all 3 years of 36 days worth of training modules, and to complete the 36 hours of required supervision and case consult time, it can cost upwards of $15,000. This is not a cheap proposition! So it makes sense that 4 years ago I was on the fence about whether or not to start this training.

One of the deciding factors for me, was a dream I had when I signed up for my first info session (about SE). I dreamt that I was in another dream. And in this dream within a dream, I was doing SE and birth process work with a mother and baby. Like I was treating them – but in ways I had never seen up to that point.

Then when I paid for the first module ($900 for 4 days), I had another similar profound and touching dream! So at that point, I was thinking, these are amazing signs. I think I will try to see this training through to the end!

Fast forward to this past month… I have completed the SE training, working with amazing faculty members, along with incredible practitioners to complete my case consult hours and my personal session hours. I highly recommend Andrea Gage btw – even if you are not SE trained, she is very competent! https://easethebody.com/ Among other great practitioners.

I have been working with her for a couple months now. I have done a TON of personal growth work on myself up to this point – having been practicing and receiving bodywork since 2003 (CST, massage, rolfing, zero balancing, acupuncture and much more) plus completing several years of PPN (pre- and perinatal psychology / birth process work) training. Oh – and I am a dedicated Tibetan Buddhist practitioner (since 2005). So what I am about to describe is not coming “out of nowhere…”

In a recent session, I mentioned how it was hard for me to let go of someone in my life. After working through several other possibilities, she said to me, “is it possible you had a past life with this person?” And I said “Yes.”

Then when I described this past life – how I lost them in a past life but did not have time to grieve before I also died – she said it made more sense. And that we needed to go back into that past life (in my mind’s eye as it were), and do some SE work.

In other words, we needed to go back into that past life memory, and slow it down a lot, such that I would be able to actually grieve and let go of the person and allow that past life to have completion. WOW! WOW! WOW!

This is like those auspicious dreams I had 4 years ago… except they are starting to come true in my real waking life! Whoa!

Doing SE in a dream within a dream.

I am very happy to have gone through this SE training. So grateful to have met some incredible practitioners and teachers along the way! There are many trauma resolution modalities and many incredible teachers out there. You do not need to do SE to get these tools under your belt – it is one way, and it is a darned good tool. Plus, for me anyway, SE has opened up so many options and new skillful ways of offering treatment sessions. I understand the nervous system better. And I know when to apply which interventions to get someone’s system to move toward repair and greater wholeness. So so grateful for all my training and all my teachers!

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore