Very happy with Trauma Informed Astrology site

Hello Readers!

I exchanged for some good web design work. And the site is starting to look great! Take a peek!

Also, let me know if you are interested in taking Trauma Informed Astrology Fundamentals Level Two Class! If you have good support around you and you know a good amount of astrology, you can just hop right in. I would strongly recommend you watch the Level One recordings, but we would love to have you. There are a few spots remaining. See my site for more info:

Thank you for reading, thank you for your comments and for joining me on this dynamic journey of suffering leading to quality healing!

Kirby Moore

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I got professional photos done (and Wow!)

Hey there dear ones,

I worked with Jen Fariello in Charlottesville (VA) and she is a fantastic photographer. Here are some of my favorites!

Hope you (all) are doing well!


Kirby in March 2021, compassionate, strong & approachable
Kirby: Warm heart, big smile, clear & creative

Come and receive bodywork from me! Or an Astrology Interpretation.

In my office at Long Tide Healing Collective in C’ville VA

Level Two of Trauma-Informed Astrology Class

Hello Dear Readers!

If you are new to my blog or site, let me introduce myself. My name is Kirby Moore, and I have been practicing Western Astrology from a spiritual perspective since 2003. In addition, I have been practicing Somatic Processing (emotional-process-oriented bodywork) since 2005. The combination of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing and Birth Process Work (PPN – pre- and perinatal psychology training) is a rare set of skills to find in one practitioner. I have training in all of them, and when you add in the Astrology and the my contemplative practices as a Buddhist practitioner, there are very few, if any people out there who offer all that I am able to. Therefore, a few years ago, I first had the idea of blending everything I offer and calling it “Trauma-Informed Astrology.”

I sat on this idea for a couple years as I got my bodywork practice thriving. And in 2019 I began jotting down notes about potential classes and offerings. Of course, 2020 hit us all pretty hard. But I was still able to create some classes, blending Autonomic Nervous System material, Spiritual Astrology and gentle Somatic Exercises to assist us to move toward well-being and alignment. And in February of 2021 I began teaching (online classes).

The first level – Trauma Informed Astrology Fundamentals One has gone well. We are almost finished with the first eight classes for it. And in May of 2021, I am looking to teach the next level! Here is a little information of where we are in Level One (about to wrap up), then the level two info is below:

I am excited to be leading these classes. In class 7 (of 8) of Level One, we just began to look at a demo Astrology Interpretation! Even if a few of the concepts discussed are beyond what we have covered in this basic class, people are happy to see what the interpretation looks like, and how much information we can glean from the chart! And I am excited to include more Trauma-Informed concepts and techniques – we can talk about them all we want, but seeing them put into practice is where the learning (modeling / mirror neuron imprinting) deepens.

See below for information on Level Two – starting in May 2021.

Trauma Informed Astrology mandala by Dana Wheeles

We are wrapping up this first Trauma-Informed Astrology (Fundamentals Level One) class on April 15th. It has been a great group and I am very pleased with how things have gone.

It is my intention to start Level Two around May 20th (Thursday). Or if the majority of potential students would prefer a Wednesday evening time, we can adjust as appropriate. If you are interested, let me know (and also let me know if you are unable to do Thursdays). You can email me or leave detailed comments here:

T.I. Astrology Fundamentals Level Two:

When: Eight Weeks – Thursday evenings from 7 – 9 pm Eastern time. May 20th – July 8th.

Where: this class will continue to be virtual on Zoom. In the fall, hopefully we will all feel safe attending these classes in person!

Cost: $325 – $275 sliding scale; if you register and pay by May 5th, early bird cost: $225

To Register: please email me here – You can pay via Venmo – kirby-moore-2 or use my website here:

I am offering two pay-what-you-can slots for this class. Please contact me if you need this option. We will discuss it further.

Topics Covered: We will continue where Level One left off, blending information about the Autonomic Nervous System and the Western Astrology Natal Chart: on the nervous system side, we will delve deeper into the Window of Tolerance, there will be time to get into the Triune Brain, we will examine the Stream of Life model, discuss Explicit / Implicit memory, explore the HPA axis and the Amygdala / Hippocampus / Cortices anxiety loop and more! On the astrology side, we will continue to expand our knowledge about the Planets and what they represent, we will discuss the Houses of the chart and what they reflect plus we will explore the Aspects between planets along with presenting another demo Interpretation, so we can see how all of these facets come together. In addition to this great material above, we will continue to learn one or two Somatic Exercises for moving toward Well-being and alignment!

Prerequisites: In order to take the Level Two class, you need to have covered the Level One material. These class recordings are available on Patreon here: And at $35 / month, this is quite a deal. You can subscribe for just a month or two and get the entire Level One class plus bonus material!

I will expect everyone attending this class to have watched all the Level One recordings prior to May 20th.

If you did not participate in Level One with us already, then I will also want to chat with you briefly to discuss how much support you have access to in your life. It’s important for all of us to be in a relatively grounded and resourced place to create a safe container for class.

Please let me know if you have questions about this class! I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your interest!

Kirby Moore

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About joining Astrology class, Level Two

This material is copyrighted by me (Kirby Moore).  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  To support my business and blogging efforts, please visit Kirby’s website. More recently, I have begun teaching Astrology classes on Trauma-Informed Astrology, see for more! Thank you for visiting!

Hello Dear Readers!

I am checking in to see if anyone would be interested in joining my upcoming Trauma Informed Astrology Fundamentals Level Two class. If this might be you, continue reading and contact me (or leave a comment here on the blog).

Level One is going really well. We are nearly half way done with this first level. We are getting into some awesome material as well – Polyvagal Theory, different states of the nervous system, traumatology (symptoms & patterns), Somatic exercises and of course, how all of this shows up in the Western Astrology chart!

We have a smaller group though (6 participants and 2 assistants). Therefore, if only a few of them are interested in continuing on, I would like to add two or three people to make certain we have a decent group for most classes in the next series.

I am thinking of teaching Level Two starting in mid-May. We would do Thursday evenings (Eastern Time) again and they would be virtual classes. These will also be recorded. I think we would start on May 20th. I would ask $275-$325 for this class with an early-bird discount (early bird rate of $250 paid by April 24th).

I am currently uploading my Level One classes to my Patreon channel here:

To view these class recordings, it is only $35 / month to subscribe and I will send the handouts and class notes also! That is 45 pages of notes on the autonomic nervous system and Western Astrology basics!

The reason I mention this offer is because to join level Two, I want people to have watched all 8 classes from Level One before arriving in Level Two. And I want to have a brief chat with them – just to make certain there is some stability in the nervous system and there is access to resources and support.

So if this interests you, please let me know! You can email me at “kirby[at]mkirbymoore[dot]com”, you can leave a comment here on the blog for me, or go to and fill out the contact info there.

Thank you for reading! May we all be healthy and safe in 2021!

Kirby Moore

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T. I. Astrology Class now on Patreon

Hello Friends,

My Trauma Informed Astrology class is going quite well. We have a small group which allows for great sharing, insightful questions and dynamic discussions. And I am recording the classes and putting them up on my Patreon channel.

Check it out! When you subscribe ($35 / month) I will also send you the 45 pages of notes and handouts!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Awesome Questions from T.I. Astrology class!

Hello Dear Readers,

The Trauma Informed Astrology class I am leading is going very well! I am excited about the discussions we are having plus the insightful questions which are coming up.

Here are some example questions we are discussing:

“Why is it that one day, this event happens, and I barely react to it, but the very next day, the exact same event occurs and I have a huge reaction?”

And more (see below):

“Please discuss Fawning strategies and how that might show up in the Astrology chart?” Fawning strategies are a tactic which involves pleasing, appeasing or accommodating someone else’s needs, in order to keep the peace. “How do the Fawning strategies fit into the Polyvagal Theory?”

“Is it possible to have multiple states going on at the same time in the nervous system?”

When we discussed the Fixed Signs, the question came up: “What are the different flavors of being stuck in a rut?” In other words, how does the fixity manifest in each of the different fixed signs?

Plus we discussed the Serpent Signs and why they have more significance or more potential.

If you want to access the class recordings, subscribe to my Patreon Channel here:

And when you sign up, I will send you the 45 pages of class handouts and notes! What are you waiting for? Check it out today 🙂

Thank you for reading,

Kirby Moore

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Questions for readers, re: Trauma Informed Astrology

Hello dear readers!

I am curious… feel free to chime in with a comment!

What are you most curious about when you hear “Trauma Informed Astrology?”

What would be most important to you if you were taking a class on this topic?

What would make you say “Yes!” to taking one of these classes?

What are your concerns or what is an obstacle to taking a class?

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of love, wishing health and safety for all!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Trauma Informed Astrology mandala by Dana Wheeles

The Body Never Lies… or does it?

Hello Dear Readers!

In my Trauma Informed Astrology class, we are discussing this topic, along with going through the basics of the autonomic nervous system and the fundamental Western Astrology material.

In the world of trauma resolution, sometimes you will hear this saying from time to time: “the body never lies.” But is that really true?

In my class, we are discussing if this is true. We are discussing various states of the nervous system and how these states tend to show whether we are oriented to safety and health, or if we are oriented to threat and danger. Plus we are beginning to discuss the concept of over-coupling – that is when two things which were not previously together get compressed and come together (being stuck). These can be emotions, images, beliefs, etc.

In my opinion, saying “the body never lies” is an error. The nervous system dupes us (that is our unconscious is often running scripts and beliefs that we are rarely ever aware of consciously) from time to time. We may falsely believe that to feel fear means we have to shrink and hide and collapse. But it might be we are actually feeling freeze and shut down (shock) energy in that case. The fear got over-coupled with immobility and freeze and now we are completely confused about what it means to feel fear. Working with a skillful practitioner in this case (someone with years of experience) can help to clear up this confusion, allow the nervous system to begin to differentiate what each of these feelings is on its own (when it is not tangled up in a ball of wax).

In fact, I would say that until we bring a LOT of consciousness to our nervous system and embody more of our life, the body is often lying. Or to put it another way, the nervous system is keeping a lid on something that we are not remotely aware of. There is certainly deception happening. It may not be outright lying, but whether we are deceiving ourselves or others (are we wearing masks within or showing a mask to the outer world?), it happens quite often.

Therefore, in my classes, I am going to attempt to dispel the belief that the body never lies. Because the relationship of the nervous system to the body is often skewed or distorted by early conditioning and other processes.

I have gotten my Patreon channel up and running. On it, patrons can subscribe to three levels of support (and bonus content). Patrons can gain access to many somatic exercises by joining the Somatic Learning level ($15 / month) or they can have access to my class recording videos as well at the Resilient Patron level (that would be the VIP access) for $35 / month. Check it out and you can see a great discussion on this topic in my classes:

Thank you for reading (and for checking out my Patreon channel)!

Kirby Moore

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T.I. Astrology Class begins

Hello Dear Readers,

I am enjoying the Trauma Informed Astrology class so far. Honestly though, I think there are always going to be growing pains when first getting a project off the ground. So I know that things will be better if and when I teach this class again!

At present, I am putting in several hours of work each week to tweak presentations and slides, not to mention making the occasional video. And it is amazing how long it takes to create a presentable 13 minute video! Hint: it took me three takes and over two hours to come up with something I consider decent and worth sharing! Whoa.

It is a great group though! We have six participants and two assistants, and everyone is hungry for this amazing knowledge. And I am enjoying learning from everyone. It is fascinating how, once we put on the “teacher hat” as it were, we (or at least I) start to see the world differently – I take in poems differently now, taking in artwork with the intention of, “Would this be a good representation of Scorpio?” (for instance). How else can I approach the topic of astrology – music? art? poetry? creative fiction? etc.

Because the class is a little smaller than I expected, we are going slightly faster through the material – meaning more slides are needed and a bit more prep time is needed. Again though, I am happy that the participants are eager to learn. Grateful to be able to share what little I know!

It is a work in progress (I haven’t had much time to tweak it yet) but I am happy to have published my new site: Check it out if you have the chance!

Thank you for reading and may we all feel the freshness of the upcoming Spring!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Basic Astrology video for T. I. Astrology class

Hello Dear Readers,

Here is the first of several videos for my Trauma Informed Astrology: Fundamentals One class. It is rudimentary info on the solar system and “what is the ecliptic?”. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions about my classes. You can see more at

This video is very basic (people with some astrology knowledge or training probably don’t need to watch it). Enjoy!

Ecliptic video for T.I. Astrology class one