a mystic in paradise, part six, Taking in Nourishment

Continuing yesterday’s long day… I left Volcanoes National Park and drove mainly downhill to Pahala. This is a small town which used to be a huge sugar cane plantation – meaning it has shrunk over the years.

I went there because I wanted to visit Wood Valley Temple. This is a small, yet gorgeous Tibetan Buddhist center above Pahala. And it is quite a ways above – about a five mile drive up a gentle slope, near a large coffee plantation.

Here is the link for amazing pictures and more on the center: https://www.nechung.org/

I sat and did some prostrations and then I got to connect with one of the caretakers. In fact, she knew some of my teachers as they had taught there in the 80’s and 90’s. I was there about an hour. It is a very small temple, but it does have beautiful overnight lodging for retreatants (if you want a sanctuary to retreat from the world).

Back down in the town, I realized that the southern half of the Big Island is in a bit of a food desert. The one grocery store in Pahala had a decent selection of meats (none organic) and lots of non-perishables, but their produce selection was sparse at best. I have gotten spoiled being in central Virginia where there is a farmer’s market every 15 – 20 miles!

In Pahala, I met a Tibetan Buddhist monk who is camping on the edge of town. I was excited to be able to practice my Tibetan with a monk… so I was jabbering on in Tibetan for a minute while he made unusual facial expressions toward me. Then he admitted to not speaking much Tibetan. And on closer inspection, I realized that he was an older, short, very tan, Caucasian man. Alas! But we had a good conversation and heart connection nonetheless! Thank you for your patience Tenzin la!

I felt quite nourished by being at the Dharma center and in chatting with the Buddhist monk (who oddly is not associated with Wood Valley). That center is nestled among big trees, and the mountain Chi (life force energy) is palpable in every breath if you allow yourself to receive it! I would imagine Wood Valley is at least a thousand feet above Pahala – up the gentle lower slopes of Mauna Loa. Literally a breath of fresh air!

Being on this leg of the trip alone is bringing home to me how friends and good company are very important. Having people with whom I feel nourished is big, and rare. So keep your good friends close!

So I came to the Big Island with big intentions and dreams. And yet it seems that the theme I need to pay attention to most is Nourishment.

I think all this moving around is hard on my nervous system. Where am I? I’m not sure my system knows where it is yet. Five more days on the Big Island, and then another transition over to Oahu! I plan to get in some good adventures, interspersed with good rest and downtime. Maybe some sky gazing is in order today!

I also wonder if the energy of the Volcano was a bit much for my system. I flew 5,000+ miles, had one day to try to adjust, and then a long day including lava, gas emissions, earthquake probabilities, Dharma center, and many new sites and people. Gently, gently Kirby, be kind, soften your agenda.

Thanks for following along,

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

A Mystic in Paradise, pt 5.5, Impermanence up close and personal

Hello Dear Ones,

Today was a long one… if you are keeping track, I awoke at 4:45 am. Unable to go back to sleep, I did some yoga for the liver and gall bladder meridians. That is really good stuff – from Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers. I’m still feeling in the IT bands (running down the sides of my thighs – quite tight in a lot of people). And in Chinese Medicine, the Liver / Gall Bladder have to do with mental clarity, decision making and feeling happiness. So a big Yes! to improving those attributes!

I left my AirBnB around 7:45 am. Then I went to the Hawaiian Style Cafe – which I do believe is one of the best places to eat breakfast in Hilo. And the service was amazing – very friendly staff. I ordered the Hawaiian Loco Moco, just because I wanted to be able to say I ate some Loco Moco… but I can’t believe people would eat that on a regular basis. It was two fried eggs on top of two hamburger patties on top of grilled onions and white rice, all smothered in gravy. What the hell is that?! I can’t even begin to figure out which food cultures may have blended to create that behemoth. Well, I ate most of it. So I satisfied my protein and fat requirements for the day, in one meal!

Then it was off to Longs Drug to find some sunscreen and a lighter (for lighting smoke offering substances).

Next, I trudged on down to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. I’m wishing I had purchased an annual pass. Because as it was, I made a financial offering in the size of $30 just to get in (for a week). I may use it one more time. But honestly, I am happy to help out the National Park Service.

I hiked a loop – the Kilauea Iki trail. The Kilauea Iki is a smaller crater, not far from the currently erupting Kilauea and Halema’uma’u craters which are the highlight of the park. I went about the loop backwards (coming from the visitor center), meaning it was a total of 5 miles. I asked a ranger along the way if it was safe to hike in this popular crater. He said it was completely safe.

But then, once I was out of the crater, having hiked the 1.5 mile length along the floor of the crater, I saw signs saying that in 1959 – just 60 years ago – the crater was a massive lava lake! In fact, I could still see some steam coming out of the base of the cinder cone on the southern edge of the crater. “Completely safe?!” How does he sleep at night? Let’s just say, if I had seen that sign first, I would have had a good long think about whether or not to hike the full length of it. Who knows, the lava might just be a 1000 ft below the trail today (I mean Halema’uma’u is only a few miles away and the lava over there is right near the surface as it is currently smoldering and having a gentle eruption). According to the signs, the Kilauea Iki crater was a not-too-long-ago molten pool of lava that was 200 ft deep. Well, it was worth the slight risk!

I ate in the Volcano House, which has a majestic view of the Kilauea (which is the larger of the two) and the Halema’uma’u craters. Then it was off to a few overlooks – one of which looked down directly into the smoldering and smoking edges of the erupting crater. I heard a tour guide mention that the lava is primarily below the surface (2200 degrees deep down) and the surface is therefore 1600 degrees Fahrenheit! No wonder things were smoldering and smoking.

I should explain that a gentle eruption means mainly gas (at least at the upper craters). There was a lot of steam and smoke rising up and out of Halema’uma’u. Apparently there are vent tubes and lava tubes where the lava might pour down the slope about ten – twenty miles below these craters, where the lava may makes its way down to the ocean.

I was curious about the Jaggar Museum which used to be a highlight of visiting the park. I recall visiting it 10 years ago, when I was there last. And it was an obvious building very close to an overlook (so it was hard to miss). Apparently, during the massive 2018 eruptions (which also destroyed about 700 houses), the Museum was affected by tens of thousands of small to moderate earthquakes. So it is not structurally sound and visitors are not allowed to go near it any longer. Hopefully they can replicate it elsewhere.

Oh yes – there were signs that anywhere near the Kilauea crater, we were in a fault zone. Earthquakes are quite common. In fact, I think smaller quakes happen daily. They may be so small so as not to feel them. Wow, impermanence abounds around Volcanoes!

I saw a lot of details on the 2018 eruptions (and subsequent lava flows). Wow – hundreds of millions of tons of lava, over several months, taking out an entire community of houses and homes, obliterating several roads, and creating more than 700 new acres of land as the lava poured into the sea. Impermanence is hard to miss here on the Big Island! And if you live near the Volcano, you have to be on your toes it seems.

I still had to drive 50 miles and I wanted to visit a Buddhist Center on my way to the next AirBnB, so I left Volcanoes around 3 pm.

A Mystic in Paradise, pt five, Dream Work & Jet Lag

Hello Dear Readers,

I got to do some potent dreamwork. That is one of my intentions for being here on the Big Island. Of course, that means I woke up at 2:30 (having had a juicy dream to sit with and massage the meaning out of). Then I didn’t go back to sleep… until 5 pm. And that was even with doing some Svaroopa Yoga AND Yin Yoga – sleepless in Hilo here.

So I decided to do some shopping. A friend mentioned that I should go to thrift stores in Hawai’i – to see if I can find some treasures. And I found a few. That was fun – bleary-eyed shopping.

I walked down by the Hilo Bay, which is pleasant, but not the same as being on a beach. The bay is mostly enclosed, so apparently the water is dirty. All the same, it was still a large body of water and pleasant to be near. Plus I got some good sunshine on my skin – I have heard wonderful things about the benefits of getting some sunlight each day (including helping to prevent or reduce long-haul Covid – just fyi).

I took a little nap at 5 pm and was awakened by a phone call at 6:15 pm. I was glad for the wake up though, so my sleep wouldn’t be totally jacked up. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I forced myself to go get delicious ramen – seriously good food at Tetsumen in Hilo (wow!).

Then I went to bed at 10 pm and woke up at 4:45 am – getting better!

Mystic in Paradise, pt four, Let Yourself Receive

Hello Dear Readers,

I arrived yesterday on the Big Island of Hawai’i. This was after being on planes for 11 hours, and having a total of 6 hours of layovers. Yesterday, I was exhausted toward the end of the “day” – due to my being five hours behind East Coast time in Hawai’i.

The day started out well – there was an interesting Uber trip from my sister and brother-in-law’s place to the airport. Somehow the driver and I started discussing meditation and nervous system repair. It was nice to go deeper with a relative stranger (he kept asking the questions, as he was definitely interested, so I answered him as best I could).

On the flight to Salt Lake City, I did some inner practice. That was quite interesting – having some potent visualizations in the midst of sleepy airplane environment. I saw rainbow light spreading out to everyone on the plane and everyone that we were flying over. I’m hoping (praying) it was okay to open myself to deeper practices like this amongst such a diverse group of individuals.

Then on the flight to Honolulu, I sat next to a bear of a man, a Samoan fellow. He felt like a brother immediately. We started talking about Oahu, about his family, about my work, about Hawai’i in general. I felt completely safe sitting next to him. Was he a secret protector? Or did he just have an incredibly good heart?

The big theme of the day seemed to be “The Universe wants to help you out, you just only have to ask OR simply allow abundance in.” Can I open to receive the abundance around me? Not very easily – so this is something else I want to work on these next couple weeks (or months or years honestly!). People were very friendly almost everywhere I went. If I just asked, I would get an answer. May I trust that it will be okay, approaching people with equanimity and kindness. May I be free of hope and fear!

Yes there are people having a hard time in Hawai’i. Yes, there is occasional discrimination against Haole’s (Caucasian / White people). But there is even discrimination within the Hawaiian community, they discriminate against Samoans, etc. It sounds like there is a huge divide amongst the Hawaiians (some want to succeed from the US, and others want to come together to be a more powerful force within the US state).

I could walk around in a state of fear thinking about these things. But I choose kindness, I choose to open to receive, I choose to be present to myself and my needs, and then see what I have leftover to give out to others. I choose to be discerning – knowing when and where to share my light, and when and where to keep my light skillfully hidden. I choose to ask for support from strangers (who seem friendly and safe). I choose to breath and interact with my environment – how can I open to receive and learn from other people’s gifts? How can I share my open, kind heart without being taken advantage of? May I be discerning to know these things, may I trust my gut feelings and continue to walk my path.

Thanks for joining me,

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

a mystic in paradise, part 3.5, apologies

Local spirits, ancestors, beings unknown and unseen, I apologize for my traumatized white ancestors. I apologize for a trauma-oriented culture of taking what doesn’t belong to me, of assuming that I can take what I want, assuming that I know what is best, assuming that my needs take precedence over my neighbors and the land. I beg forgiveness for ignorant people, who don’t know how to breath in the environment, don’t know how to breath with the natural rhythms of the world. I am sickened and saddened by our white history. Egos gone wild and emotions twisted and distorted.

The Native Americans say that as soon as we had to codify our laws, the people were in trouble. Once we depart from a knowing what is virtuous in our hearts and honoring that path of contentment and mutual well-wishing, we are in trouble. Look at our world. We live in a time of dense frequencies. Things are changing, structures are beginning to crumble, the earth cannot sustain our greed and poisoned hearts.

The patriarchy has caused much damage. I am not a fan. White “saviors” have crippled indigenous lineages of wisdom light and compassionate love. And I am very sorry for this. My heart is heavy with these lost lineages of potency and tenderness.

Help me to see where my privilege and distorted cultural upbringing has blinded me. Help me to be curious and open to learn about oppression, grief and terrible knowledge (in digestible amounts). Help me to learn appropriate, inclusive, open, curious giving and receiving, true healing and repair. Help me to undo all the cultural mores and blindspots that I have learned (at an appropriate pace).

May I then start to walk my talk. To skillfully confront people who say, “That’s just the way it is.” We don’t have to lose anymore wisdom traditions. We don’t have to disrespect teachers and wisdom-holding elders any longer. We don’t have to prioritize pleasure over the health of the planet.

May we all wake up to the natural state,

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

A mystic in paradise, pt 3, no longer secret intentions

Hello Dear Ones,

Here are some intentions I plan to hold while in Hawaii (go back and view the previous three posts for more on my trip, thoughts, and ruminating).

While I have a ton of maturing and growth yet to do, I have already completed a good amount. In order to keep in touch with humility and groundedness, I will mix in some of my flaws and foibles into these posts.

While I am in Hawaii, I want to know who I am. Yes, I am a solid healing facilitator. Yes, I teach astrology, nervous system repair, and somatic tools to move toward well-being. But that is fairly easy for me. I still want to go deeper. What is beneath undiagnosable symptoms? Maybe stuck emotions, maybe stuck energy, maybe stuck karma (can these things be separated?). What is underneath karma? Who am I on an even more profound level?

While I am in Hawaii, I want to hold deep respect for the land, for the people, for the local spirits, and for the ancestors. I intend to hold deep respect for the old ways. For causes and results that are unknown to most mundane, mainstream folk.

I ask permission from these beings to be here, to practice the Dharma, to refine myself and improve as a human being. May you be happy and pacified, please help to keep me safe as I travel parts of this journey “alone.” With gratitude and appreciation, may I share the land with you? I will make offerings to those unseen and unknown.

After discovering who I am on a deeper level, then I want to know why I am here. Yes, you’d think I know the answer to these questions already. Maybe I do, more likely though, I waver and waffle, going back and forth between knowing my path and feeling uncertainty and dismay. Why am I here?

Then, I do want to be in a sacred partnership soon. I am seeking a true priestess, a goddess in human form. So what do I need to do to prepare myself, to prepare my container to be a solid, stable, dynamic, inspiring partner? Wisdom beings, can you help to prepare me for a beautiful, co-creating, equitable, sacred partnership?

May I lean into inner resources and knowing such that I don’t need to rely on, or react to outer circumstances. Or at least not be swayed by them. If I truly feel light and love running through my circuits, then I have everything I need in that moment. Can I humbly take that knowing out into the world with solid boundaries and equanimity? Can I open to receive, to trust a little more, to lean into support while I am on this trip (and going forward)?

May I remember that many people are having a really hard time. Once life happens, we get swept up in events, swept away by to-do lists and deadlines and loved ones’ needs. At this point, how can I possibly work on myself? How can I conduct authentic spiritual practice? May I maintain a grateful, humble, curious heart in spite of everything! If we go back far enough, everyone has been my mother, my child. May I never depart from holding wise compassion for all of them in my heart.

Thank you for putting up with my musings!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

A Mystic in Paradise, part 2.5, Deep Respect

Hello Dear Ones,

If you are keeping track of these posts, you will know I am heading to Hawai’i soon. I am quite excited about this, and honestly, a little nervous. I have not flown since 2017… and certainly not since Covid’s shenanigans!

I spoke to a friend recently, whose opinions I deeply respect. They are a bit of an activist and a non-conformist – but I appreciate their reasoning and fresh perspectives. (And honestly, I wish I were brave enough to live my values like they do.) We were talking about being with Hawaiian people. Discussing how the Hawaiians call White people, Haoles.

When I look up this term on google, I find many explanations that Haole simply refers to an outsider – usually of a white race (European, American, etc). Basically a foreigner from Europe or America. But I prefer the “fable” definition better:

The words Ha and Ole mean “without breath.” And knowing what I know about trauma, having studied the Polyvagal Theory, Polyvagal Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Pre- and Perinatal Psychology, and Integral Somatic Psychology… one of the easiest and fastest ways we can avoid feeling any big, challenging emotions is by suppressing our breathing. If we stop breathing, we won’t feel anything. So in the trauma field, we know to check the respiratory diaphragm early in the repair process – knowing that shock and distress land there quite often. So it makes really good sense that Hawaiians would say that White people are “without breath.”

According to the fable, White missionaries would preach and proselytize to Hawaiians until they were red in the face. Then they would continue preaching – all while barely breathing! No wonder the Hawaiians say Haole! My friend mentioned that Hawaiians would always breath a certain way during and after prayers. And they noticed that the White people did nothing of this sort. So Ha ole could also mean one who does not breath while praying.

If someone knows how to properly breath, that means they have either done a lot of healing and repair work from undoing their learning how to not breath… Or they were born with really good resources – parents who were loving and embodied and modeled how to properly and fully breath with life. Either way, getting to a place of mindfulness and awareness around our breath (or just doing it innately) means we have done some solid embodiment work (or have really good karma to start with)!

So I hope I am not technically a Haole (according to the above discussion). I hope I have done enough work on myself to continue breathing when I pray, to breath when I talk to people, and I sincerely pray that I am not so addicted to creed or dogma to profess it while I barely breath! Yes, I look about as White as they come. Brown eyes, brown hair, pale skin. But I have deep respect for the old ways. I have deep respect for the old traditions that respected Mother Earth. I have deep respect for people who value breathing and loving above utilitarian or financial worth. I long to hear stories and myths told around fires. I yearn to get back to my roots – deep in the earth, deep in mystery traditions, connecting to loved ones.

I pray I carry this respect and humility to Hawai’i with me in a couple weeks. And that this deep respect extends to the land and the people of these beautiful islands!

A Mystic in Paradise, part two, Finding Paradise Within

Hello Dear Readers,

Writing this still a month ahead of time of my trip to Hawai’i, perhaps I am beginning to realize paradise is where you make it.

I am very fortunate to be a member of a dynamic meditation group. Each week we explore one of many spiritual avenues – shamanic journeying, 5-element Taoist meditations, heart-centered loving-kindness practices, somatic exercises to move toward well-being, chakra meditations and of course, Buddhist meditation practices. I have gotten so much from this group.

The most recent meditation group focused on the Matrix. No, not that Matrix (not the movie’s dystopian ideas). The matrix is the divine mesh that holds us all together – literally connecting all of us. Otherwise known as Indra’s Net or Indra’s Web. For more, go to this link: https://dreamingtheworld.blog/?s=indra and type “indra” in the search box.

In a nutshell, Indra’s Net is a massive web where each being (in the multiverse) is a brilliant, radiant pearl. And each radiant pearl, each radiant being, is connected to every other radiant pearl.

In the meditation, I got the mental image that sure enough, I was a radiant pearl, interconnected with every other being in the universe. I realized that many people are going through tough times at the moment, so I visualized myself as Chenrezig (Avalokitesvara – the Buddha of Compassion) and sent out light to all the pearls around me.

And then the leader gave us a supplemental meditation for a few minutes – imagine that we are all apart of a web (network) of light supporting Mother Earth. So I meditated on this for a bit.

Then I realized that some of the things I am excited about on my upcoming trip to Hawai’i are the energy vortices on the Big Island. I believe the Big Island of Hawai’i is one of the most primal places on the planet. The volcanos on the island give it a constantly changing appearance, and I have heard high-frequency people say, “careful what you wish for on the Big Island (because it will come true).” In other words, be mindful of your words on that island. This has been true for me – my wishes have come true there.

But then I realized that there are many energy vortices around me here in Central Virginia (USA). I live just a few minutes from the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Crozet. And where there is not a lot of development, not a lot of people, the energy vortices are clean and crisp. It is easy to refill my container at Mint Springs, or hiking around Sugar Hollow, or the Falls trails at Wintergreen, or at Monroe Institute down in Nelson County. Basically, if you know where to look, there may be energy vortices near you!

Must we travel 5,000 miles to find paradise? Do we have to go on vacation to discover some happiness? No, I don’t think so. In fact, one concern I have is that I have been on a roll recently. I met a couple of really inspiring people, and even before that, I was pushing hard and making good progress with the Trauma Informed Astrology project. In other words, I was starting to discover paradise within. So hopefully this vacation is restful, recuperative and I can easily get back on track when I return at the end of the month!

A Mystic in Paradise, Part One, Committing to Myself

Hello Dear Readers,

I am planning to fly to Hawai’i in November to visit my place of birth, along with see some family and take a nice vacation. Oh, and I plan to meditate and do yoga on both Oahu and the Big Island (Hawai’i).

Am I a mystic? Do I lead a mystical life? Yes and yes I think. According to this definition from the American Heritage Dictionary, I seem to qualify.



  1. Of or relating to mysticism or mystics.
  2. Deeply or mysteriously spiritual; mystical.
  3. Of or relating to religious mysteries or occult rites and practices.

I have been extremely fortunate in meeting and working with incredible heart teachers, Tibetan Lamas (who are some of the greatest heart teachers of all), bodywork masters, trauma resolution experts and more.

In spite of being a mystic, and having met with and attended, been mentored by incredible heart teachers, I am still quite fallible! As Mars is stationing to go retrograde (speaking Astrology talk now), I am noticing delusions of grandeur creeping in. This is aided and abetted by Mars squaring my Sun and opposing my Natal Neptune – in other words, I am squarely in the Neptune muck. Rose-colored glasses, illusions of having big energy to accomplish huge things, and delusions of being recognized as special and meeting my super-inspiring soul partner are all regular occurrences these days.

Yes, I am going back to Hawai’i, back to the land of my birth. I don’t know what to expect, considering I have been away for 10 years. I would normally go back much more frequently (I used to go every 3 – 5 years), but I was deeply involved in two relationships in that decade, I tried to attend Nursing School (got halfway through it before Lyme disease told me I had better stop), I completed massage school and then SEP training… so I have been busy!

Oh – and I was hoping and waiting for someone special to take back to Hawai’i with me. I would love to experience the tropical paradise through someone else’s eyes, vicariously appreciating the beauty and majesty that are the islands of the Rainbow State. Alas, I am currently single and awaiting someone who is very inspiring and who puts their spiritual practice first and foremost as well. And after 10 years, I will be seeing much of Hawai’i anew.

Just in case you want some special mystical thoughts, here are a few: I am committing to doing some form of yoga daily. Yes, I have pretty much done that for the past 15 years. But I am resolving to put my yoga practice (yoga looks like many things btw) first. Self care (IMHO) is not something we can do merely an hour a day. It requires a 24 / 7 commitment. It becomes a lifestyle. This might be my health issues speaking. I don’t have any Lyme disease symptoms anymore – but that took a drastic overhaul of my diet, doing Qigong for three hours / day for six months, and a potent herbal protocol to wrestle with the pesky spirochete bacteria. So I don’t have a choice – either take extremely good care of myself and find contentment in life, or allow some things to slide and watch as some symptoms start creeping back in and affecting my life.

Yoga means union or unity. Union with what? I believe it means union with Source connection. Union with the Breath of Life. Union with the Health Which is Never Lost. That is what I am going for. I just have to watch out for these darned delusions of grandeur. Should I have a big ambitious intention while I guard my mind? I say Yes!

Thank you for starting this journey with me!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Discussion on New Moon in Sagittarius

Hello Dear Ones,

Emily Lamoureux and I are going to be leading a talk on the New Moon in Sag. on Monday November 21st at 7 pm Eastern time. It will be live, online, on Zoom. I will post the link soon.

The recording will be available within a week after our live talk.

In addition, we will also discuss some of the meaning around the Eclipses we just came through, I will lead a couple of easy somatic exercises (Sagittarius themed), and if there is time, we will even get into Mars square Neptune.

We hope to see you there!

Kirby & Emily