Confusion blossoms as wisdom

This is a post about a significant bodywork treatment I just received. But first, a little update on how things have been.

I have had an up and down few weeks. For a while there, I couldn’t access the login page for this blog (it would just freeze), hence my lack of posts….

I still have obstacles to my forward progress regarding my business (bodywork / Somatic Experiencing / Craniosacral Therapy) – as in I cringe when I think about promoting myself. I hope that changes really soon. Nothing like being a competent practitioner who has problems marketing himself!

And I taught an awesome Craniosacral class at the spa where I work. That went really well with 10 students completing it. I learned quite a bit during that process and I am using that class to get certified as an Approved Provider so I can offer continuing education credits in the future! Yay!

It is my intention to begin offering regular classes in June of 2020. Let me know if this interests you!

And my relationship is going well. In fact, I am headed down to meet her father for the first time this coming weekend. (Wish me luck!) ❤

The reason I am posting this however, is to discuss a multiple hands bodywork session I received this morning. Multiple hands means that more than one person worked on me at a time – in this case it was three people.

In the session, I leaned into a resource – in this case a potent psycho-spiritual resource – of Vajrayogini, an imposing wrathful fiery wisdom being in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. In particular, I felt myself come into alignment when I imagined wearing her divine armor, visualizing certain colored lights at each chakra. [This is quite an advanced practice, beginners should seek out a qualified teacher and start with basic meditation.]

My intention in the session was to work with my little 3 or 4 year old part, the part of me who has trouble connecting with others due to the mistaken belief that to connect means he has to take care of the person. 😦

So telling him that we can throw that belief down the river (the healing studio is near the Rivanna River) brought up curious uncomfortable feelings in my belly. Challenging an ancient double bind will often bring up discomfort. And upon feeling into these sensations, I realized that it was terror coming out of deep frozen unconscious places and becoming conscious and more malleable.

Terror is fun to work with. (Not usually, this is a joke.) It feels like moving through frozen sludge. Although I have become quite proficient in doing so by now. But this morning something was different.

When I felt that I was wearing Vajrayogini’s armor, the terror did something really wild. It melted because light was shining through so vehemently from within me. Whether it was red light, or blue, or yellow, etc, the terror melted away along my mid-line. Then I had to use some tools and techniques from Somatic Experiencing (a trauma-resolution modality) to move the freeze / terror out of my legs and arms.

The practitioner running my session asked me about the sensations and what was happening inside me. I said, “The terror is and has always been light, I was just confused about it.” Confusion dawns as wisdom.

Then we talked further and I surprised myself by saying, “my little one just needs to remember that he is a child of Vajravarahi [Vajrayogini’s similar wrathful female yidam]. He merely needs to lean into her wisdom fire. There is no need to worry about self and other at that point.” Wow! What did I just say?

Boundaries are only a problem when we are thinking we are separate from others. When I was wearing her divine armor, the separation between self and other lessened.

After this session, I needed a significant nap – I slept for several hours and woke up feeling quite altered still. And now I am back to my obscured, confused self 🙂 Having multiple hands on, from quality practitioners who wish us well is something valuable and special and unique. And powerful!

Just for context, I have been doing personal growth work through Craniosacral Therapy and other emotional-process-oriented-bodywork modalities, including Somatic Experiencing and PPN / birth process work for 15 years. Along with maintaining a dedicated meditation practice through Tibetan Buddhism since 2005. These types of profound sessions / transformations are possible, but I believe it requires at least a decent foundation to be laid. And to develop trust with your practitioner(s). Suffering can be transformed when we stick with it.

Let me know if you want to sign up for a treatment, whether in person (in Charlottesville VA) or over distance. You can email me at kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com for more info.

Wisdom Healing Arts Blog

Welcome to AstroDharma – my (Kirby Moore’s) dynamic musings about a journey through the embodiment process and psycho-spiritual Health. Thank you for visiting!

Our deepest gifts arise out of our darkest places. We need a skillful guide to support us in remembering who we are: Light, Love, Life, Joyful Creativity and Health

I have been training, practicing and giving treatments professionally since 2005 in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Working with the Polyvagal System (Vagus Nerve resourcing, building nervous system resiliency), Somatic Experiencing, Birth Process Work (Pre- and Perinatal Psychology) and Spiritual Astrology. I offer sessions in-person (in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA) and long distance sessions in Somatic Experiencing and Spiritual Astrology. Let me know if you want to sign up for an appointment!

Kirby offering Craniosacral Therapy Sept 2019

Here in the blog you will discover posts about the fusion of healing modalities, in addition to the above modalities, you will also find posts about Chinese Medicine – Acupressure, Qigong and Shiatsu. You will also discover posts about various Tibetan Buddhist rituals, retreats and teachings. I was raised Christian, so I work with Jesus (as Bodhisattva) in addition to a mandala of healing wisdom company from the Tibetan tradition. You will find quite a bit about Spiritual Astrology as well – with ingredients from Psychological, Karmic, Evolutionary and Western Astrology. Please leave a comment – I would love to hear from you!

Pour out that which no longer serves you. Lean into your heart’s deepest longings. Mother Earth yearns for your shadowy afflicted emotions. That is compost which creates the most vivid of flowers!

The exotic Passion flower

Somatic Experiencing as Conscious Shamanic Journey

I have been pleasantly surprised by the modality known as Somatic Experiencing (SE). Peter Levine, PhD, the founder of S.E., began looking at why animals in the wild do not exhibit symptoms of trauma (because they don’t hold on to it). Why do animals in captivity experience trauma consequences and responses, along with us humans? Then he began to look at the nervous system and different interventions and techniques for resourcing the autonomic nervous system. Where do people get stuck? How can we free up that stuck energy? How can we do just enough so the nervous system can digest the work in a couple days and move forward gradually? It is a marvelous system! It can be used as a stand-alone modality or it can supplement many other modalities quite supportively.

Somatic Experiencing starts out quite innocuously, working with body sensation, memories, emotions, going very slow and gradually, looking at the client’s autonomic nervous system. Yet over time, it builds on previous work. Intending to only do little bite size, digestible-for-the-nervous-system pieces, it can lead to profound transformation over time. And on several occasions now, it has proved to be an incredibly powerful tool for healing facilitation.

When clients are devoted to their healing process, often they have access to wisdom company (angels, guides, guardians, protectors, deities, Bodhisattvas, or animal totems, etc), and after we have worked together for a while, to develop trust in the process, like seven to ten sessions or more, some incredible realizations and visions plus nervous system healing can occur. And all while a person is completely conscious – yes they are in a slightly altered state – but they will remember the entire session when we do our recap at the end.

Everything I do with clients is obviously confidential. But I am beginning to see phenomenal results with a few clients who are devoted, who have worked with me for a while, who have access to an inner spiritual compass – call it a guide, angel, deity, etc. It is a wild journey to be on. When we start a session, I have no idea where we are going to end up. However, Somatic Experiencing provides healthy and supportive guard rails to keep us on track (there are many possible ways forward, the client’s intention and experience and responses determine which path we choose). And I am still learning the material! Wow – you mean it will get even clearer and efficacious from here on out? I like the sound of that.

Fortunately the years of experience as a Craniosacral Therapist, having been studying how to work with the Polyvagal System (Vagus nerve resourcing work), and gone through Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Birth Process Work training… I have much more experience and tools than you average SE student. So I am loving the fusion of all these exquisite and potent modalities.

All rivers lead to the same ocean. All waves dissolve back into the same ocean. The ground substance is love, light, life; it is Health which is Never Lost. Join me there.

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen

Ancestor (Grandmother) Song

I have been working and learning from Myrna Martin (Birth Process Work / Pre- and Perinatal Psychology) and others since 2013, and other modalities for much longer than that. The combination of Birth Process work, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Polyvagal / Somatic Experiencing (nervous system resourcing, resilience building, trauma resolution) work is a rare and phenomenal set of modalities. It gives the practitioner a vast amount of resources to tap into when working with someone in their healing process.

I have been assisting in Womb Surround Birth Process workshops for the past two years and I love it. The deep organic (slower) healing rhythms we re-gain access to are almost beyond words. Baby time, baby pacing, baby awareness is so precious, so tender. Taking care of my little one is about the kindest thing I can possibly do for myself.

And it was during my Pre- and Perinatal training in Canada where I discovered a beautiful song: here is the link –

It is time to return to alignment. Alignment with Mother Earth, alignment within – Head to Heart to Pelvis, alignment of body speech AND mind, and even more ambitiously, alignment of body mind and spirit. In alignment is our deepest purpose, our blueprint, the divine creative intention. Returning to alignment takes a deep commitment to heal and repair old wounds (for most people). And it is so worth the effort!

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen

First Cranial sacral class

Today I taught my first craniosacral class. There are 11 students in the class, which is a good size class, so I have an assistant.

I have taught multiple astrology, zapchen, and Reiki classes in the past, in fact I even taught a birth process workshop in Canada, teaching practitioners how to help mothers and babies work through difficult births.

In this class we had several awesome insights arise. To paraphrase Hugh Milne, Sit still, quiet the mind, and allow your dust to settle. This is a bio dynamic class, meaning we are working with the health which is never lost. It is our intention to get in touch with the inherent health plan in all people.

Recently I was asked, are you able to do craniosacral on yourself? Which is a great question by the way! And the typical answer is no. However, with enough practice, and if we have a meditation and solid self-care regimen, then it is possible to allow The health which is never lost to strengthen. It is possible to get in touch with the potency of the breath of life. There is nothing to do, nothing to fix, nothing to make.

If I feel my to do list slowly creeping in, in my mind speeding up, I can remember to do feet seat breath. I can lean into my fulcrums, connect with Mother Earth and father sky, along with being aware of my backspace.

Vast spacious radiance, Forest green light pervades all, energy flows from head to toe. I can be of benefit without intention or plan. Wind blows, leaves fall, Osprey mighty fish eagle soars above.

Thanks for reading!

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen

Expand your awareness out to the mountains 30 miles to the west of us. Feel vast sky. We meet in the heart.

Busy Fall – 2019 update

Hello readers!

I am so glad it is fall again! The summer is challenging for a service industry business with people coming and going – obviously a great time for vacation! And now things are quite busy again. Yay!

I am working with a marketing person and she recommended several big things – as in I have hours of homework to over-haul my website, to get a personalized logo, to link FB business page with my site with this blog etc!

And I am teaching my first Craniosacral class this fall! That is exciting. I have the outline for the class mostly done, but I need to prepare more here – and it is my priority.

Then I am seeing more clients in my office and the spa is staying busy… meaning I haven’t had time to post much here on my blog!

I’m excited about things that are happening. I am feeling less stuck than I was several years back – Yay! Things are moving forward! And I am having good success in offering trauma resolution / Craniosacral Therapy / Somatic Experiencing / Birth Process work sessions. Knock on wood – may things continue to flow smoothly with few obstacles!

Wishing you all well,

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen

The benefits of practicing (and receiving) Acupressure: Yin and Yang Regulator Formula

I have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupressure since February of 2018, and I am continually amazed by how potent this modality can be. Within Acupressure, there are dozens of acu-point formulas we can choose from. Some benefit individual meridians – the Liver formula for instance. While other formulas benefit certain body parts – the upper back formula in this case. And there are four formulas that work with the Extraordinary Meridians. Today I will discuss the benefits of using the Regulator Formula – which includes both the Yin and Yang Regulator Channels (also known as Yin Wei Mai and Yang Wei Mai in Chinese).

Let’s unpack what I just said. The Yin and Yang Regulators are two of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians or Curious Flows in the body. The Extraordinary Meridians are the deeper energy wells or reservoirs from which the 12 Principle Meridians draw energy when in need or into which they can drain off their excess energy. These potent energy channels (the Extraordinary Vessels) form first in the womb – in utero, and it is important that they stay vital and robust.

When I take a client’s acupuncture pulses (in the wrist – we can read the pulses, six of the Principle Meridians on the left and six on the right), if I feel that they have some Meridians that are strong or excessive while others are weak or depleted, then the Regulator Formula is what I think of first.

Why is that? Because this is apart of its function – to regulate all the Yin meridians (in the case of the Yin Regulator) or all the Yang meridians in the case of the Yang Regulator. If a Yin meridian is too full, the Yin Regulator can take some excess Chi; if too weak or depleted, the Yin Regulator can give some Chi to strengthen or tonify it. The Liver, Heart, Kidney, Spleen, Pericardium and Lungs are all Yin meridians. The Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, Bladder, Stomach, Triple Burner and Large Intestine are the Principle Yang meridians.

Let’s say I feel that they have excessive Chi in the Metal element (Lungs and Large Intestine), depleted Earth element, depleted ministerial Fire element (Pericardium and Triple Burner) and strong or excessive pulses for the rest of their meridians, then the Regulator formula is probably going to benefit them.

Of course, if their symptoms are pointing directly at another formula – for instance if they are having trouble with mental clarity or decision making, along with having strong irritability, connective tissue problems and/or possibly even some eye issues, then I would first look to work with the Liver / Gall Bladder. All of these issues that I mention are Wood Element issues.

But if a client has a number of symptoms or issues that correlate with several different organ systems, then working with the Extraordinary Meridians is a great place to start! Then we have to narrow it down – because there are basically four paired Vessels (four Yin and four Yang) when it comes to the Extraordinary Meridians. In general though, when I take someone’s pulses and they come back up and down – excessive and depleted – then I want to look at the Regulator Formula or possibly the Bridge Formula (also known as the Connector or Motility Channels).

And when I do acupressure with clients who have done a good deal of personal growth work – they have come down out of their heads somewhat, shifted to be in their bodies and they are more sensitive to energy work – I love how fast they typically respond to the Regulator Formula. In half a dozen clients now, I have gotten their pulse readings initially, prior to doing any acupressure. Then we do the 48 minute Regular Formula – and if there is time – we might do a centering formula or a short formula like the Pericardium. Then at the end, we take their pulses again to see if anything has changed.

Keep in mind that the acupuncture pulses are a window into where those meridians / organs are currently at. If they have significant depletion, whether from chronic stress, or poor diet, or chronic insomnia, etc, then you might not think you can make a significant change in just 50 minutes. But with some clients, it happens! It is amazing! Maybe they started with a strong / excessive Lung / Large Intestine (Metal Element) meridian pulse, and maybe the Spleen / Stomach (Earth element) meridians were very weak or depleted, occasionally, after just one session of acupressure, the Metal meridians come down (are sedated) and the Earth meridians come up (are tonified). So they are both more harmonious.

Sometimes, due to any number of reasons, someone will have depleted Pericardium and Kidney meridian pulses. I find these are the most challenging meridians (especially when they are both depleted) to bring up (tonify) in one session. I usually chat with these clients about lifestyle choices, dietary needs and tools to work with stress / self care as a way for them to start building resilience. In these cases, it might take more like three to seven sessions to have their Kidney / Pericardium meridian pulses feel normal again.

With that said, it is still amazing that we can shift our body back toward harmony in just one or a few sessions. I love working with Acupressure and I have even done some long distance sessions – working with Chi is mainly working with intention. In-person sessions might be best, but I have learned to send Chi over long distance when appropriate.

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen

Astrological special for followers of this blog!

Hello dear readers!

I have been enjoying doing more Spiritual Astrology as of late! And this takes many forms – sometimes people want to hear about early developmental psychology in their charts, occasionally they have questions about what was happening two years ago when “X” happened? Or they usually want to see and know what energies are coming their way in the next couple of years. I am happy to do all of this. We can look at karmic astrology as well – looking at how past lives have influenced your current situation.

Plus I enjoy looking at Health aspects in the chart – Medical Astrology, along with looking at Relationship Astrology – whether focusing on one’s natal chart and their needs in relationships or comparing two people’s charts and doing synastry and composite Relationship astrology work.

I love how varied and unique each chart is and this work is in general! Since July, my normal rates for first time clients has gone up to $175. However, if you are a follower of my blog, I am offering a special rate of $108 for a 90 minute interpretation. This offer is good through Labor Day – September 2nd.

Let me know if you are interested, or if you want to have a friend or family member or loved one’s chart done!

Thanks for visiting!

Kirby Moore

Konchog chakchen

Insightful questions, astute answers: Why are you on your path?

Today I was speaking with a friend, having told them about my near death, out of body experience that “started it all” regarding my healing / bodywork / yogi journey. I only mention that story if someone asks, “Why / how did you get into doing healing / bodywork?”

For more on that story, go back and visit:

This story is a 3-part epic tale… or whatnot. You can search Near Death in the search bar to the right to find all three. 🙂

They chewed on that for a while, we chatted about other things, and then later they asked, “So having had that experience, why do you do what you do now?” As in, offering in-depth healing work getting to the root of illness and ailments (I’m not a doctor mind you, if you need one of those, give them a call!). I’m talking working with early developmental double binds and emotional obstacles and doing release / repair work.

Now that was an interesting question. And I was surprised by what popped out of my mouth: “I am a Bodhisattva.. so I didn’t come here to this planet to waste time with bureaucracy or politics. It is my intention to benefit as many sentient beings as possible. And this work allows me to do that.” [Just to clarify, what I meant was that I have taken the Bodhisattva vows and I take them seriously. I am a long way off from attaining any Bodhisattva Bhumis or meditative realization!]

I liked this answer. Because it makes me feel better as I sometimes have regret about not sticking with nursing school – but there, the patients are too sick to be much benefit. I would rather practice subtle energy medicine and prevent sickness before it starts! Not to mention I have a philosophical dilemma with some pharmaceutical drugs – sometimes nurses are barely doing more benefit that harm.

The path I am on is rarely traversed. I cannot do corporate politics and double binds – the tension field of some manager’s stress being so thick you can cut it with a butter knife, and not to mention the cut-throat nature of some corporate arenas. Trying to balance humility with promoting myself, offering sliding scale rates with appropriate high rates to reflect my competency with what I do, it is a challenging path! But I am glad I am on it.

Let me know if you want me to do your Spiritual Astrology chart, or schedule an in-person bodywork or long distance Somatic Experiencing support session.

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen

Resurgence of Astrology

My relationship with astrology has been a fickle one, often waxing and waning. There were two or three years when I tried to make a go of it, attempting to do charts at least 20 hours / week. That was back in ’05 and ’06. Of course, if we teach a class in a topic, we can expect to have a lot more interest from people during that time – and that is what occurred during those years.

Since then, I have been in two college programs, meaning two separate college bubbles – too busy to promote my business much, very focused on the task at hand (one program was nursing school.. which is brutally busy). I have had multiple jobs from renovating a house to job coaching a mentally disabled client to bar tending and waiting tables. And for the past three years now, I have mainly been doing the (emotional-process oriented) bodywork track full time. This bodywork practice includes trauma resolution techniques, tools for tracking the nervous system and for discharging gradual amounts of stuck emotions at a time. It is called Somatic Experiencing and / or Vagus (nerve) work, Working with the Polyvagal System.

It is this trauma resolution knowledge which I think is informing my astrology practice the most. Overwhelm and chaos take many forms – whether acute events or developmental trauma or low-grade chronic stress, etc. In other words, trauma can look like many things in the astrology chart. And now, with 16 years experience under my belt as an astrologer, and seven years of practicing working with and resourcing the Vagus nerve, I am especially attuned to sensations in my clients bodies, to revealing facial expressions and to unique patterns of trauma in the birth chart. So I can gently and skillfully introduce a topic without re-triggering my clients – which in trauma work is vitally important!

And this trauma-informed astrology applies to Relationship Astrology, Health and Wellness (Medical) Astrology, Timing Aspects – Transits, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions and of course it applies to Natal Astrology.

And within the Health and Wellness (Medical) Astrology area, I am beginning to look at the astrology of homeopathic medicine, along with the astrology of flower essences, herbs and essential oils! It is amazing stuff! Hopefully I will get the chance to teach about it soon – judging from my schedule though, these topics will probably need to wait until summer of 2020.

It is interesting how interest in astrology waxes and wanes. However, it might be my own openness to it. If I am internally inviting astrology clients to come and apply, then perhaps that is all it takes. Whatever the reason, I have done about ten charts in the past two months, and I have several more clients lined up – and I am making contacts with people who are distributing my cards! Yay!!

I love all the intricacies which we can glean from the Natal Horoscope. Each of us is distinct and unique, as are our charts. And I am grateful for my experience and how it informs the astrology interpretations I give.

May all beings know themselves with clarity, honesty and compassion!

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen