Supervision Group: Trauma Informed Astrology

Hello Dear Ones,

I have had several people email me in the past couple weeks asking about other Trauma Informed Astrology classes. Like when will I offer Birth Process Astrology, or Fundamentals Level 3 (so they can take the advanced classes). I am currently planning to offer a more beginner level (Fundamentals 1.5) course starting in September, but there are not many participants signed up yet. So perhaps I will end up offering something more inclusive. Stay tuned!

Well, one solution is to have a once / month Supervision Group, where astrologers of all levels come together. I will lead a settling exercise and possibly introduce a somatic technique for relaxing the body and moving toward greater resilience. Then participants can ask questions about interesting chart configurations, or about how the nervous system (and those types of challenges) shows up in the Astrology chart. Or participants can present a challenging case – if they have a client who they are really struggling with, I can support that process and make suggestions.

What do you think? I welcome your comments, questions, concerns. Please drop me a comment or email me if you might be interested – kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

I am looking at the first Sundays of each month for this. So that would start October 3rd, November 7th, etc. This could be an on-going group – and once participants complete 6 groups, then we can discuss (on an individual basis) whether or not they are ready for more advanced offerings.

I would ask a $45 suggested donation, but it would be pay-what-you-can if you are not able to do $45. Each Supervision Group would last 3 hours – with a break in the middle.

Hope to hear from you!

Kirby Moore

Possible Class on Working with Trauma (and the Astrology Chart)

Dear Readers and Astrologers and Life-long Learners and future traumatologists,

As usual, if you want to schedule a treatment or astrology interpretation, you can go to my sites: or You can also go to the T.I. Astrology site to sign up for classes. This material is copyrighted by me, M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thank you for honoring my intellectual property!

I am pondering offering a class on Working with Trauma (in the Astrology chart). And I am wondering who would be interested in taking it – please let me know!

Do you work with clients (of any sort)? Are you an astrologer who is wondering how to benefit your clients who have early trauma? What about birth trauma and heavy developmental challenges? These are vital questions! And unfortunately there is not (yet) much overlap between trauma resolution and astrology consultation work.

One thought that keeps repeating (meaning I should pay attention), is to lead a Tools for a Resilient Now: Simples Exercises and Tools for Astrologers.

This would be a class that focuses more on the Autonomic Nervous system, along with teaching tools / techniques to guide clients to a more settled and resilient place. Because of its heavy focus on non-astrological topics, I would open it up to several levels of astrologers / participants. As in beginners would benefit from the majority of the material, and then if professional astrologers want to take the class, they could ask more advanced questions and we could have a brief discussion there. So complete beginners would benefit and seasoned professionals would also learn a lot. Beginners would need to understand that they will be stretched occasionally in the class.

In a typical class, we would do two or three gentle somatic exercises or techniques, there would be time for breakout groups – you get to practice amongst yourselves with an assistant. Then we come back and share and discuss questions. And there would be time for an autonomic nervous system discussion – theories and where specifically to apply certain techniques and interventions. Then if there is time, discuss astrology specific questions related to trauma.

Is this something you would be interested in? Please let me know, if I get enough interest, I would offer it in late September or early October.

For people who want to have more tools for working with clients who have trauma, this would be a great place to start. And then if there is enough interest, (and enough participants), then I could offer a more Pre- and Perinatal Astrology oriented class.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for visiting / reading,

Kirby Moore

Boundaries in relationships (basics)

Hello Dear Ones,

I wrote this piece below for a friend. And then I realized that, wow, it is possible many people need to be reminded of this! Especially with the short-lived Astrological T-Square happening in the sky (Transiting Saturn square Uranus opposite Sun / Mercury).

First of all, be RESOLUTE. If you decide something about a person (an ex perhaps), like if they or simply hanging out with them causes you harm, set a boundary ahead of time and stick to it. Ideally you want to only spend time with people who feed you, people who are supportive and people who wish you well (this can be a high ideal – but mutual well-wishing is an awesome thing!).

Lack of boundaries affects many facets of our lives – remember the liver has to do with mental clarity and ability to make healthy decisions (according to Chinese medicine). If we have porous boundaries, then the liver may get a bit overloaded leading to possible health issues as the immune system gets depleted. This can create a negative feedback loop – the more my boundaries are flaky, the more confusion and mental fog could potentially set in, leading to poor decision making, leading to questionable boundaries. Ideally, we want to start with ourselves – take care of me first. If I don’t have time for that, how could I possibly have time for hanging out with ambiguous “friends” at a winery? Start with yourself! Then you can know how much you have to give out to others. And you can do so in a sustainable manner.

Boundaries are literally what the immune system is all about – what is me VS what is foreign? This is what the different types of white blood cells are doing – marking pathogens, consuming them, eliminating them. Skin as boundary, skin as container. Can I slow down just a little bit more to actually feel my skin? What would that be like? If we have poor boundaries, then the immune system surely suffers.

Keep in mind that boundaries are the ability to say NO. Only when we can be in touch with our authentic “NO” that we start to get in touch with our authentic “YES!” Without being clear about saying NO, we will never be able to fully embody a YES. Boundaries are healthy (primary) anger. If someone violates my boundaries, I should get upset. That is healthy primary anger. It is only when this anger gets suppressed / repressed / swallowed that it turns into secondary anger and turns side-ways – becomes distorted anger. And this looks like many things including suppressed resentment (explosions down the road over something very petty) or passive-aggressiveness etc.

You might feel stretched thin right now (for the next day or two) by a passing T-Square in the sky. Take it easy, do some self-care, but rest if / when you need to! Maybe find some water – either lay down next to a mountain stream, swim in a lake / river, hang out near a body of water etc. Or simply an epsom salt bath might be what you need?

Thanks for reading!

Kirby Moore

Further into Tr. Neptune conjunct Na. Sun (Western Astrology) Part 2

Hello Dear Readers,

Here we are again, this time adding to the previous post (scroll up or click here: Go back and read that if you have not done so yet.

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Let me know if you want to sign up or want further info on my upcoming class: Trauma Informed Astrology Fundamentals 1.5 – you can visit the Trauma Informed Astrology site above or click here: Classes.

Now we will go deeper into this one aspect. That would be Transiting (Tr.) Neptune conjunct the Natal (Na.) Birth Chart Sun. I love this about astrology. You can go further down the rabbit hole, multiple layers – there are psychological facets, health facets, karmic facets, emotional (psycho-spiritual) facets, social / relational facets, etc!

To recap the first post: basically Neptune will bring with it creativity, colorful imaginative elements, along with a tendency to check out – anywhere from random day-dreaming all the way to full blown escapism through serious substance abuse or binging on TV shows, movies or even sex addiction. If we have a tendency to avoid or resist facing reality, this transit (aspect) will amplify that! It could be that certain emotions were too strong, too much, too big – too overwhelming and we learned that checking out was a safe compensation pattern. In addition, if the client has a proclivity toward spiritual practice (which could look like many things), then they will probably be more visionary, more creative, more mystical and certainly more intuitive under this transit.

When this transit gets going, on one level, there can easily be an ego wipeout. Whenever Neptune (tr) makes a hard aspect to an angle, the Sun or Moon, there will be some confusion / fog / delusion somewhere in our psyche. Look to the house that the Sun rules to see what will feel veiled or blurry. The house that the Sun tenants may also feel unclear. Neptune, the ruler of the seas, will inundate a part of us with fluidity – we might feel flooded, we might feel like we literally can’t clear the mental fog (different than brain fog) for days or weeks. And our confidence and sense of direction can feel wiped out.

This aspect lasts for close to 2 – 3 years (there will be about a six – twelve month strengthening as Neptune approaches the Sun, then there will be a retrograde period in there, the aspect is very close to exact for about nine – twelve months, and then there will be about a nine month fading as Neptune eventually moves past the Sun). The more sensitive we are to Neptune in our Natal chart, the more we will feel this aspect “further out.” Look to Neptune’s placement and aspects in the Natal chart to see how implicated it is in the client’s basic personality.

There is a chance there will be some form of disillusionment under this aspect. But this really depends on where the client is in their growth / maturation process. If they are younger (in their teens or 20’s) and they have Neptune square Venus or the Sun or the Moon in their Natal chart, then they might have rose-colored glasses on for a full decade or more. You could decide whether or not it is worth bursting their bubble. Or can you skillfully get them to see how they could be more realistic, more discerning, etc. If they have Neptune in Natal hard aspects to their personal planets, then they will probably tend toward idealism. Skillfully point this out to them and it will help – better to land softer on solid ground than to have life whack us a good one.

Personally, in my chart, as a Leo Rising, this aspect plays a bigger role. (The first house, a.k.a. the Ascendant, is an angular house and it heavily influences our personality / identity). Plus the Ascendant plays a role in relationships – and sure enough, I am not entirely clear about a significant relationship in my life (more on this below). It is almost as if Neptune is crossing my Sun and Ascendant here (double whammy). However, due to my having done at least 16 years of personal growth work, including A LOT of embodiment type process work, I am not feeling the wipeout or the confusion as much. But I was feeling a significant need to get free of a romantic relationship, to have more space, more freedom, more time for spiritual practice. And Neptune conjunct my Sun made it so I was feeling these needs pretty clearly, but having a difficult time being clear about expressing them. So it took two or three months for my ex-partner and I to see that separation might be for the best.

It was a very healthy relationship in a lot of ways. So that is what is hardest of all. A part of me is still holding onto the best of the relationship. It was the healthiest relationship I have been in up to this point. So there will need to be a few months of grieving, processing and letting go. Being with the nitty gritty emotions, which is hard for a Neptunian. Speaking of which…

If there is a Piscean, Neptunian or 12th house focus in your client’s chart, it is quite possible that they have significant unresolved (repressed, suppressed, or ancestral) big grief in their history. One of the reasons we check out or dissociate early on is because it does not feel safe to be with the grief (for whatever reason). Maybe my ancestors never allowed themselves to slow down and grieve the loss of a family member, or the loss of a baby – remember, life was a lot harder 100 years ago and more. There was a strong “get over it” mentality. Most mothers back then did not have the leisure to slow down for the 6 – 12 months it might take to fully grieve the loss of a stillborn baby (or even a miscarriage). Unfortunately this continues to this day… if a family desperately wants a child, they don’t realize how painful it is to process a miscarriage. And they too will just “buck up” or “grin and bear it.” Sad stuff ;-(

Far better to be with what is. By the way, this is a good remedy for this aspect. Taking time to be with what is. Cognitively being with it. Being with our emotions, our heart. Being seen, being witnessed grieving or processing the emotions can be important too.

And when Neptune is conjunct the Sun, the client might need to grieve. Can you point them in the direction of a good therapist, or Somatic Experiencing practitioner, or mentor or support group? Maybe there are some good men’s groups in your area? Women’s groups? Maybe you want to start a support group for a specific type of loss?

But keep in mind, that in order to grieve, we have to be willing to slow down and allow ourselves to be more vulnerable. For many people, this feels very unsafe. Recall that we are probably coming from a “rat-race culture.” At least if you live here in the United States. So slowing down is equated with laziness, with wasting time. And yet it is so vital. We have to take a bigger picture view and see the double binds around “I am my functional worth” – in other words, the money I bring to my organization is my value. Nope – sorry buddy, sorry honey, this ain’t true. We need to sit with “I love you for who you are, not for what you do.” We have innate value and self-worth as a natural right. We have a right to feel our feelings, we have a right be safe, we have a right to say “No.” And this realization takes time.

Maybe spending more time outdoors will help us to slow down. Lay down next to a mountain creek if you have that option. Or spend time at a beach or a large lake or near a river. Drink in the natural rhythms! Maybe getting into a restorative yoga (yin yoga) class would help us slow down. Or doing Tai Chi or Qigong. Or join a meditation group.

How can I remember what is sacred? How can I nurture the sacred temple of my heart? How can I bring more aliveness to my body, my breath, my awareness?

Remember we want more ground, less effort. More being, less doing. Then we can start to gain the insights Neptune is ready to offer us, especially under this potent aspect!

Thanks for reading!

As always, I welcome your comments and questions. If you want to have your chart done, let me know – or

Kirby Moore

Going In-depth with Astrological Transits: Neptune conjunct Sun

Hello dear readers,

I am going through some challenging transits right now. Maybe not as challenging as some people (this whole Saturn square Uranus aspect in the sky is creating havoc in some people’s lives). Wishing you all well as we navigate this summer of recalibration.

This material, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Please get permission before using any of my material. To have your chart done, you can always visit my sites: or

Let me know if you want to sign up or want further info on my upcoming class: Trauma Informed Astrology Fundamentals 1.5 – you can visit the Trauma Informed Astrology site above or click here: Classes.

In this post, I will show how many layers and levels we can go into when we unpack a single aspect between the Transit (timing) chart and the Natal Birth chart. And the first aspect we will unpack is Transiting Neptune conjunct the natal chart Sun.

Neptune conjoins Natal Sun – Transiting (Tr.) Neptune goes around the Sun in about 165 Earth years. This means that unless we will live to be 164 years old, there is no guarantee that Tr. Neptune will even make a conjunction to your Natal Birth chart Sun. So for those of us who do experience this… I am writing this in-depth post. Plus I plan to go deeper in future posts.

According to Julia and Derek Parker (astrologers and authors), with Tr. Neptune conjunct the Sun (to paraphrase), “first we need to bear in mind how Neptune is aspected in the birth chart.” This is very good advice. I would also add to this – look at Neptune’s sign and house placements. And look at the Sun’s aspects as well. Obviously, if transiting Neptune is in Pisces in the 8th house and it is conjunct the Sun, then the Sun is in Pisces too, and most likely also in the 8th house.

The Parkers go on (more paraphrasing) to point out that the client might “lose touch with reality” during this transit. I agree with this – especially highlighting the “might.” When we take into account the rest of the chart, and we take into account the frequency of the individual who has this aspect occurring, then we will get a better sense of the client’s experience. Also keep in mind that astrology is a science of prediction, we can predict how Neptune will probably affect the client, but we don’t know for certain (frequency-based, choice-centered astrology is not fortune telling). There are some things to point out to the client though, as most people who go through this aspect will encounter certain influences (see below).

For instance, in a chart where there is a heavy emphasis on Saturn, there will probably be a strong sense of duty, responsibility, discipline and the individual might be very organized and structured. It is also possible that they are more on the stern side and possibly pessimistic. Neptune will add a bit of nebulousness and imagination to the personality off and on for the two years it aspects the Sun. But if the person is very realistic and goal-oriented, very focused on the task at hand, with Saturn ruling things, they may not notice these effects very often throughout that time. See below for more! However, the Sun is a significant influence in the astrology chart, and Neptune will only conjunct the Sun once in a lifetime (if that!), so most likely this aspect will not pass without their noticing significant shifts and changes in their normal clear rationality and precision.

Neptune will add color, greater imagination, a tendency to day-dream or check out in other ways, and possibly even escape from facing reality through substances or other addictive behaviors – sex addiction, binge-watching TV shows / movies, etc. There may be loss of clarity or added confusion about one or two areas of life – which areas? Look at the Sun’s placement and see which house it rules. That area of life will be blanketed by fog during this transit – at least initially. In addition, once we get through a few months (3 – 12 months) of this aspect, then we might get the benefit of increased creativity as Neptune’s visionary, mystical, colorful traits are accessed (if the client has this capacity).

Side note: There is a reason that most (all?) astrology print out reports fail to grasp the entirety of a client’s being and process. Why is that? Because a computer cannot practice frequency-based, choice-centered astrology. Maybe down the road, there will be a very complex astrology program that asks 100 questions and actually ascertains the clients frequency (awareness, experience, wisdom, connection to their inherent health, etc) in different areas of their lives, and then prints a report based on those varying frequencies… but I have yet to see one!

Back to the Aspect at hand (Tr. Nep conjunct Natal Sun): Likewise, we can’t merely see Tr. Neptune conjoins the Natal Sun and make all sorts of assumptions. Yes, it is highly likely they will have a year where something feels nebulous, confused or veiled in fog or fuzziness. If they have a spiritual-leaning lifestyle (they do regular daily yoga and / or chi-cultivation and / or meditation and / or communing with nature, etc), then they will probably benefit highly in some areas as well– they may literally have clearer visions and dreams, whether on their meditation cushions, while they are doing Qigong or yoga or in the woods (you get the point).

One question to look at, is how embodied are they? Has the client done significant personal growth work, to come down out of the head and into the body? Do they have significant unresolved big emotions – resentment, jealousy, hatred, terror, big grief, etc? If the answer to that last question is yes, they probably don’t know it. So this is something you must glean and keep to yourself until they are ready to hear about it. If they have clamped down in their bodies – whether with migraine headaches, stiff necks or shoulders, or chronic shallow breathing, etc – in order to protect against these huge overwhelming emotions, then when Tr. Neptune conjoins their Sun, there is a very good chance they will continue to check out in numerous ways. If they had one bottle of wine per week, during this transit, that might become two or three bottles. Three joints a week might become six, etc.

Does the client have a tendency to deal with life through idealization? Do they see potential partners through rose-colored glasses? Is the glass always half-full for them (if Jupiter is also conjunct their natal Sun in the birth chart, or conjunct the Ascendant or making a close trine to the Sun, etc, then this is likely)? If any of these answers is “Yes,” then Neptune will amplify this tendency, at least through some of this time.

Events will seem to have more meaning. I just saw my first white egret on the lake behind my house. Does this mean I should look up its animal-medicine meaning and make huge decisions based on what it signifies? Of course not! But if I were less evolved and more airy-fairy, then I might consider doing just that – especially under Neptune’s influence.

And some events will seem more marvelous, more enjoyable (provided there are not other really difficult transits or solar arc aspects happening simultaneously). But we should not make decisions with rose-colored glasses over our eyes (and minds). We need a healthy dose of realism when this aspect is in force. Get that second (or third) opinion when Neptune conjoins the Sun. Make sure you are not using signs and symbols to make massive decisions – at least not without running it by someone who is clear-headed and grounded first!

How can we have more discernment and common sense (two of Virgo’s key words – remember the remedy for most astrological maladies is often nearby in the chart). When we are exhilarated or extremely happy, we can make decisions we might regret down the road. Make certain both of your feet are planted on solid ground while this aspect is going on. Or at least have a grounded friend you trust (or multiple friends) go over those big decisions with you first!

Like I mention above, the remedy for too much Dionysus in our lives (Neptune transits to the Sun, Moon or angles probably indicate this), lies in Pisces’ opposite sign. Virgo is all about discernment, being practical, having a crystal clear mind, going over the small details, etc. We want to be careful if we are assuming everything is going to work out well (one Neptune “symptom”). We have to get that second opinion – whether from a professional or a trusted friend.

If you have Tr. Neptune currently conjunct your Natal Sun, reach out for more support. From friends who are trusted, who feel supportive, who are grounded, who are practical, who are following common sense. You can also contact me to go through your Astrology chart or to do a long-distance Somatic Experiencing session. You can reach me (email) at kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com.

Also feel free to leave a comment here. I always appreciate hearing from readers!

May we all find a healthy balance between elation and discernment, between order and chaos and between wisdom and compassion!

Thanks for reading,

Kirby Moore

Trauma Informed Astrology Class

This material is copyrighted by Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  To support my business and blogging efforts, please visit my website. More recently, I have begun teaching Astrology classes on Trauma-Informed Astrology, see for more! Thank you for visiting!

Hello Dear Readers!

I am excited to announce that I will lead the class entitled: Trauma Informed Astrology Fundamentals 1.5 starting in September. I had originally planned to begin in August, but several factors pushed it back, which will work out fine!

We will start with the Zodiac Signs, get into the Planets, their meanings and rulerships and delve into the Astrological Houses. Then, if there is time, we will also discuss the Aspects and how they affect the personality behind the Birth Horoscope! We will also dive into gentle Somatic Exercises which help us the Move Toward Well-being, along with discussing some Autonomic Nervous System information.

This is called “Fundamentals 1.5” because we are not going to spend much time discussing the Qualities of the Signs (the Triplicities), nor are we going to discuss the Elements much (the Quadruplicities). If you are a beginner, this class is fine for you. However, you would do well to go back and review the recordings from Level One which are available on my Patreon account for a subscription (you can pay the $35 fee just once and watch all the recordings in a month, then unsubscribe if you want). My Patreon channel can be found here:

Trauma Informed Astrology Mandala by Dana Wheeles

This class will start Sept 16th and go through November 4th, 2021. We will meet Thursdays from 7 – 9 pm Eastern Time (New York time).

There will be ample time to ask questions from your own astrology chart. I plan to offer 2 or 3 demos. I suspect there will be 5 – 8 students, along with one or two assistants. The intention is to maintain a safe container – and just know these classes will be recorded for my Patreon subscribers. Do let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

The Cost for the class is $350 if paid after August 31st, the early-bird discount is $275 if paid before September 1st. I am also offering one 50% off scholarship, please let me know if you want to discuss that. I will also make certain you would be dedicated to the class (able to attend 7 out of 8 classes). In addition, I am offering one 100% scholarship to a BIPOC individual if it is needed.

This is an on-line class, offered via Zoom. Each class will be recorded, so you will be able to catch up on any material you miss (during the class). Once class is over, I will switch the recordings over to my Patreon channel, where they will be available to the public for a subscription fee.

Thank you for visiting!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen (my Tibetan / Dharma name)

Summer Transitions and Leveling Up

Hello Dear Readers,

I have been going through some big transitions (in my personal life). Hence my not writing as much lately. I am still seeing clients full time however, which feeds me. I love being of benefit to others!

And speaking of clients, some of them are having really tough times right now. Not only are we still recovering from the social isolation of the pandemic, but there has also been a particularly trying astrological aspect in the “heavens” for the past couple of months. Transiting Saturn square Uranus – and then for about ten days, Mars got involved with this as well. If this aspect hits your personal planets or falls on the Angles of your personal Natal Chart, it may have easily stirred up some karmic purification. This could look like many things – your relationships may be stretched, there might be injuries involved (especially during that week when Mars was in the mix), it could be an increase in typically managed symptoms like insomnia or migraines, etc.

Time to be gentle, be kind, allot time for self care, etc. How can I ask for more support? How can I open to receive said support? Even just 5% more. What do I crave or yearn for – especially regarding self-care? Time to treat yourself!

And with my clients having some difficult times, I want to benefit them more and more. That means I am having to review my Somatic Experiencing notes, and I am even going back through my Birth Process Work (Pre- and Perinatal Psychology) notes. It is awesome to review this material! I feel like I am leveling up. I also have a bit more space at home now to gaze at big sky, to feel the deep earthy roots of the mountains and to learn about new water birds on the lake behind my new place.

Pretty much, they are all good changes. They do require adjustment and integration time though!

Wishing you all well,

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

The Natural State & Healing Facilitation

This material is copyrighted by Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  To support my business and blogging efforts, please visit my website. More recently, I have begun teaching Astrology classes on Trauma-Informed Astrology, see for more! Thank you for visiting!

Hello Dear Readers!

I have been very blessed – in my teachers, in the people who support me (and my bodywork practice), in my ability to parse the most beneficial truth from what my teachers have taught and much more. I am very grateful.

I am going to write a bit about the Natural State – that is an ease-filled, connected-to-wholeness, in-alignment, peaceful, effortless state of being. We can find the Natural State over time by maintaining a dedicated meditation practice (and having good guides, gurus and mentors for helping us get there). With that said, I am not a spiritual teacher. I am not a guru. I am not the best mentor for knowing exactly what spiritual practice will get someone resting rapidly in the natural state. I can make some educated guesses and usually have good results, but there are far better teachers than I!

However, I am a very competent bodyworker. Due to my experience with somatic process work, emotional-process-oriented bodywork, Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices, receiving hundreds of efficacious bodywork sessions and participating in multiple Birth Process Work trainings and workshops, I have the ability to hold space for most of what can arise for any of my clients. With my training in Somatic Experiencing and Working with the Polyvagal System (techniques for settling and regulating the Vagus Nerve), I can support my clients to release and transform old stuck patterns and energy.

It is very interesting looking at the nature of suffering. How many of us know the causes of suffering? How many of us know how to avoid those causes? How many of us continue to stub our toe over and over again, on a daily basis? Much suffering we bring on ourselves. And hopefully we will meet the right people to assist us back onto an intentional and virtuous path. That is where I come in.

When we start to look at developmental psychology, we see that many children are clamping down on big, overwhelming emotions. And rightfully so. (However, sometimes this is based on a misunderstanding, or a miscommunication, or an assumption made about an ambiguous situation.) And then this pattern continues into their adult lives. The secret to working with this lies in doing a little bit of work and then allowing that little chunk to process through and integrate. Doing too much will simply overwhelm and potentially re-traumatize the individual again. People are sure to clamp down more in response.

As a practitioner, it has been an amazing journey to realize and put into practice: slowing down. Doing less, rather than doing more, leads to more efficacious and lasting results. Sure we could do 3 big cycles of work in an hour, but if there is no integration time in there, how can I be sure they will continue to be gentle with themselves after the session is over? How can I be certain they will continue to soften their edges and allow things to settle? Actually, most people have patterns of harshness to self. So they won’t be as gentle as I can demonstrate in my office. So instead of doing 3 big cycles in a session, what if we do one big one, or two smaller cycles along with some integration time?

This process of doing less leads to transformation. And over time – 3, 5, 7 or 10 sessions – my clients report how simple things are becoming medicine. Whether it is the 3 x 3 x 3 exercise, or the good parent messages, or being more gentle with their kidneys, they are transforming! And it is so beautiful!

When we liberate stuck, harsh patterns in our body (and our minds / nervous systems), then we also liberate the psychic energy which went toward keeping all that goodness clamped down. When we liberate this energy, which is actually vital, life-force energy, then we gain more access to creativity, play, humor, spontaneity and ease.

Moving toward the natural state is actually much easier than people realize. It is just our patterns of harshness to self, our tendency toward clamping down to prevent big emotions, gripping to try to control our universe, etc, which keeps us from realizing that peace is actually right here and right now. When we are fully present in our breath, we are in the present moment. When I am noticing my breath fully, I cannot drift off into rehashing the past or worrying about the future. It is just now, here, being with what is. And it is okay!

I offer long distance sessions – I actually have some clients in Australia, a good number in Europe and several in Asia. And I live on the east coast of the United States! Contact me if you want to schedule a session or just have a 10 – 15 min free consult to see if we would be a good fit to work together. And of course, I also see clients in person in Central Virginia (USA). My office is in Charlottesville, not far from downtown.

Come see how my attempts at resting in the natural state, my practice of meditation, qigong and yoga can benefit you. I specialize in working with stuck patterns – and especially in working with chronic tension in the shoulders, the neck, headaches, migraines (these take longer but I have still had good success), TMJ issues (chronic jaw tension), unilateral tension (tightness just on the right or left side of the body) and I also really appreciate the healing which can come from working through accidents, falls and surgeries.

In addition to all of the above, I especially enjoy working with Mothers and Babies. Putting my birth process work (pre- and perinatal psychology) training to use is the best. Whether working with babies, toddlers, teenagers or adults.

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen (my Tibetan name)

Upcoming Workshop thoughts

Hello Dear Readers!

I am excited about this coming late summer and fall. I already have a Trauma-Informed Astrology class beginning in August – scroll down a couple of posts to see further info about it. You can also visit for more info on my classes and this topic in general. However, I think I still need to update it more (bear with me – busy time right now!).

I am also considering offering an Integrated Trauma-Informed Bodywork class as well. This will get into the basics of working with the Autonomic Nervous System, the Vagus Nerve and it will incorporate elements from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Working with the Vagus System and more!

I think I would start that in September. That will be both on Zoom and in-person (I will need several different body-types and different nervous system manifestations to act as demos!). Let me know if you might be interested and want more info! I will get the details clarified by mid-July. Keep checking back for updates. You can also subscribe to my Patreon channel to get up-to-date info as well!

Happy early Summer to you and yours!

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Further Info on Trauma-Informed Astrology Class

Hello Dear Readers,

I am excited to be offering Trauma Informed Astrology: Fundamentals 1.5 Class this coming August. We will start this Eight Week series on August 19th and wrap it up October 14th (skipping one day in September).

In this class, we will go deeper into the Zodiac Signs, explore the Planets in depth and even get into the Astrological Houses, all while allowing time to look at participants’ charts (if they want to volunteer). There will be ample time for questions and for demos.

In addition to the Astrological information, we will also cover a bit about the Autonomic Nervous System and there will be a Somatic Exercise each class to help us drop into Alignment and a Settled Nervous System!

For more info and to purchase this exciting class:

Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount – if paying by July 31st, $275 for the class, $350 after this point.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Kirby Moore