If you haven’t read this blog over the past six months (go back to January and then start reading forward), then you missed some of the experiences I wrote about from the incredible (Ninja) Massage School I attended. Go back and read those posts and you might understand why I say the word “Ninja.”

But tonight I want to write about how the Universe works in mysterious ways. In that massage training, which was more Heaven and Earth by the way (meaning a Taoist program of training), we learned the following exercise / paradigm / method:

  1. soften your gaze, soften your eyes, soften your breath
  2. let go of any desired outcome, let go of as much as you possibly can
  3. let go of everything if you are able to
  4. then have an intention or desire in mind, but not too strong
  5. if possible, just have a little slice or essence of what it is you are after – do not be specific! less is more
  6. drop that essence, like a tiny pebble, into the vast lake of the Universe of possibility
  7. drop your echo of an intention into the Universal Source expanse
  8. let go of any agenda, let go of any expectations, let go of any wanted outcome
  9. allow the Universe to surprise you

If you have done a decent job with numbers 1-8 above, you will be surprised and you may even get to the point of being surprised on a weekly or daily basis – what you want often manifests, but in unexpected ways and unexpected time. You have the brief thought that, “Hey I need to go buy some toothpaste soon.” And a couple days later, you buy an essential oil from a friend, and he just throws in some toothpaste unexpectedly! What?!

You may even get to the point of needing to be careful what you ask for. If you are very clear about your intention, then saying things like, “I can’t see” or “My back is killing me” could be very detrimental. Eventually we will need to be careful what we say – even if just to ourselves! Some part of you is listening always!

Some days that is where I hang out – in this space of letting go of everything; making nothing with my mind (this is extremely difficult by the way); and rarely do I get to the last step of letting everything be as it is.

By the way, doing the above is much much easier done with someone who has gone through the process – in other words – it is much easier to do if you receive the somatic transmission. Our body learns a lot kinesthetically – touching, seeing, being in the same presence as… and likewise, this difficult tool is best learned from someone who has received and embodied those same nuances. Just saying 🙂

Join me if you like!

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Panda Planner

Sometimes I write blog posts mainly as a reminder to myself. This would be one of those posts.

A friend recently told me about a practice she has started: after looking at the popular new calendar and daily planner called the Panda Planner, and realizing that the process of waking up and writing down what she is grateful for could be quite beneficial, she began to do her own version of it!

Buy the planner if you want to of course and support the creator of the process; however if you want to save $40, you can do this yourself in a composition book by your bed.

And it has rubbed off on me! After doing some research into the process, this is what she recommended: when she wakes up (in the morning), she writes down what she is grateful for first, next she writes what she is excited about for that day, that week or that month / year. Finally, she writes down several priorities that she wants to work on that day, week, month. It only takes 5 – 10 mins!

It is good to revisit what you wrote before you go to bed – check in with your earlier notes. You can even write more! But how did you do with your priorities? What do you want to work on tomorrow?

I started this process yesterday. So I am very fresh into it, but I am loving it so far!

Feel free to join us!

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Hello Dear Readers!

I am excited to say that leading Chi Kung yesterday went really quite well. Of course I was nervous / excited to start, but once we got underway, we steadily (and slowly) got through my planned class activities.

We did jiggling, some knee rotations and pressed a few acupressure points to warm up. Then we got into Dahn Hak Tap Qigong which is a nice way to warm up the Wei Chi (the outer, surface, protective, immune-system boosting more-yang-like Chi). We are also focusing on the Chi Kung principles, so I spent some time going through the first two of those. (You have to take the class to get the skinny on these!) And finally we got through about half of the Chi Kung waist powers – a great form working many parts of the body and different meridians.

I am adding in some Zapchen Somatic exercises a little bit, as a way of playfully getting people to come down out of their heads and into their bodies. For the most part however, I am sticking with the way I was taught (and therefore connecting with the powerful lineage of teachers through the morphic field).

There is still a little bit of space left in the class (happening in Crozet Virginia on Saturdays). We are going extra slow (not that this is bad) because some people have to miss the second class and one person missed the first. It is still a lot of new information to take in, but I am sensing into the energetic field and honoring people’s needs – whether to add anything else or be content with less (usually the latter).

I am looking forward to the next 9 weeks – to see how deep we might skillfully go. I think it is up to the group – if they do a little practice on their own, then they will slowly deepen on their own, allowing me to introduce more and more. I gave that as homework, so we shall see. 🙂

It is possible that in a few months I will offer a Chi Kung class in Charlottesville (several have requested this). This current class however goes through the middle of November.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!


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I am a member of a dynamic and extraordinary meditation group. Gratitude, blessing, great fortune have I to be able to join them – we do shamanic journeying, Taoist meditations on Inner Alchemy and I lead meditations on advanced Zapchen Somatic practices, along with some Buddhist meditations. It is quite cutting edge!

Tonight we gathered, a trifecta of well wishing, loving, clarity-seekers. What is the message this angry hurricane (Florence) coming toward the Eastern Seaboard wants us to know? How can we nudge it toward peacefulness and dissipation? Is it urging us to wake up to climate change? Is it the perfect storm that is required to get people to wake up in the midst of their fear and terror? It seems like it is the perfect teacher of patience and soothing as some people are forced to evacuate and in order to drive 150 miles, they must wait in traffic filled interstates for 10, 12, 15 hours…

In the course of Miracles, one of the first lines is that there is no order of miracles too difficult. It is possible to intend for the storm to weaken or to deflect harmlessly north into the cooler Atlantic waters – and that level of miracle would be equal to healing one individual or anything else for that matter. We simply must have a clear enough intention, and the karmic conditions (working with wisdom beings, ascended masters, Christ and whoever else will assist with this powerful work). And we must also be open to the possibility that this storm is the perfect cause or condition for purifying the planet at the moment – even if it hits full force.

We can all take a deep breath. Notice any inner waves which reflect the outer waves running through the mid-Atlantic population. What is it that I need to relax just a little bit more. Yes be prepared, but do I have to watch the news every 30 minutes days before the storm makes land fall? Can I turn off the TV, turn off the computer (this is ironic as I sit here and type away)?

What brings me joy? Who do I go to for support? Who can I call to talk about my fears or worries? Lean into your social circle. Wish each other well. This is the best medicine.

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I am currently watching a great series on herbal medicine and the best part is, for a very limited time, it is free to watch online. Yes it is a pain to be forced to watch an hour and a half / day of educating and engaging documentaries… 🙂 but it is so worth it so far!

Episode one is more about the history of herbal medicine and where allopathic medicine took the reins and that tragic situation. Thanks Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations (being facetious here…)

Episode Two is still available for another few hours… it is on herbs for Anxiety, Stress management and Pain relief. It is going fairly in-depth on various herbs for these categories.

In a few days, I’m looking forward to the episode on Lyme’s treatments. I suspect I know a lot of those herbs already, but any new research in this department would be great!

Here is the link: to sign up!



As a tiny bit of context to this post, look up retrograde movement of planets on Wikipedia if you don’t know what retrograde means.

I have been too busy to peek, but I wonder how many people are writing about the building T-Square in the sky right now. It involves Venus, Mars and Uranus. (And my natal Jupiter… but that is personal) 🙂

The bizarre part about this is that all three of these planets are either slowing down to go retrograde, are just coming out of retrograde (moving slowly out of stationing direct) or are currently retrograde. It seems like it has been a long while since something like this has happened? If I were to hazard a guess – 20 years?

Therefore, not only will relationships have a wrench thrown in them for a couple weeks (or longer), but the pace and timing of these normally quick personal planets (Mars & Venus) are much slower and possibly even distorted as Venus slows to station retrograde.

Uranus is retrograde in early Taurus. Mars is barely direct, creeping through the sky (from our perspective), in very late Capricorn – it reenters Aquarius in a week. And Venus is beginning to slow significantly in late Libra as it preps to turn Rx in early Scorpio on Oct 6th. In other words, wow! Should be an interesting time in the news, in relationships and I can easily see emotions and tempers flaring in the sports world.

The real zinger is if someone has a personal planet or a chart ruler in late Cardinals signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) or early fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). Then this T-Square really pulls a punch! For me as I mentioned above, it is tweaking my natal Jupiter which I have exalted in late Cancer.

Depending on house placements and which planets are involved, this might manifest in many many ways. For instance, having these three planets transiting your angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th and / or 10th) will make the manifestation very tangible and real in your life. Probably showing up in your relationships (1st / 7th) or in your public / home life (4th / 10th).

Uranus is the unpredictable planet which demands the truth. It marches to the beat of its own drum, has very impulsive ingenious energy. It is the mad scientist energy and it also plays a major role in spontaneous, insightful, creativity and all things off-planet/outside-the-box like astrology, acupuncture, astrophysics and healing with electricity (for instance, like working with Tesla coils in healing).

Venus shows what we like, what we desire, what do we long for. This includes clothing, fashion items, luxury items, bedding, how we pamper ourselves, etc. It is also our aesthetic sense – do we have refinement, an artistic bent or are we more bohemian and devil-may-care? Venus shows what we like in relationships as well as physical items. Do we want more freedom in relationships (Sagittarius / Aquarius)? Do we want to be front and center in them (Leo / Cancer)? Are we more plodding, patient, taking our time (Taurus and to a certain extent other earth signs)?

Mars is the energy which shows how we go about getting what we want. Are we aggressive? Assertive? Combative? Is there a little refinement or are we gruff and vulgar? Uranus would add some temporary vulgarity and coarseness during this brief transit by the way. Mars rules steel, weapons, steel vehicles, firearms (along with Uranus),  and more.

When all three of these come together… look out! Stay away from firearms for a few weeks. Especially if there is anyone around who might go off emotionally. Speaking of emotions – Venus square Mars increases passion – those two planets alone! Add Uranus, and well, now we have a potential powder keg for any individuals without much awareness of how to self-regulate.

I can easily see players on professional sports teams getting ejected for crazy, rash, impulsive, violent, emotional reactions. No matter what sport – especially soccer, football and who knows, if a pitcher plunks a batter who has this T-Square hitting his natal Pluto or Mars… then there might be a bench-clearing fight on our hands! (Baseball for those not in the US or Japan)

And as we have impulsivity, heightened reactions and increased passions, of course relationships are going to be affected! Be aware that you might want to think twice, take some deep breaths before reacting emotionally for the next couple weeks. Take a little bit of time and space to let your head clear if you can. Nothing like making a huge mistake and wishing you could have taken that outburst back.. Of course it can be repaired. And with Mars and Venus involved, love making might help with that repair – provided there is enough trust at that point.

So may cooler heads prevail. May everyone have the insight and awareness to notice when their egos are heating up, or putting up a serious resistance. At least with these planets involved (at least Mars and Venus), we tend to blow hot quickly and then cool off just as quick. Although with Uranus in the mix, the affront might be too egregious. Then it will take time to repair and forgive.

Lay off the gas. Slow down. Take some deep breaths. Yin yoga. Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue massage would all be good during this time.

And good luck! 🙂

Thanks for reading as always!


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Qigong results?

A friend asked me recently if Qigong – Chi Kung – would benefit symptoms from mold toxicity. She also referenced my using Qigong to keep any Lyme’s symptoms under control. This is my response:
I am excited to have you in the class! Keeping in mind it is for beginners (there are at least 2 or 3 people in the group with little to no experience with spiritual practice / bodywork / yoga etc), we will go slow.
Very slow.
I will drop in nuggets of wisdom and if individuals seem to be ready for more, there might be time for a little one-on-one work. With that said though, reviewing the basics over and over can be a very important practice. Like I said previously, learning the 10 Foundations is all you really need.
You asked about how Chi Kung is helping me to control any lingering Lyme’s symptoms. Some of what I am about to share is pretty advanced. Not everyone who practices Chi Kung will have the same results. I have put in years of practice and hard work with meditation practices, Tibetan yoga and now Taoist yoga (Chi Kung)…
For me, when I practice Chi Kung for longer than 20 minutes, I start to generate inner heat – the inner furnace is definitely going! This in turn seems to clear my head of any inflammatory fog, it works amazingly for my digestion and it also seems to clear any emotional confusion as well around my heart you might say. It is also important to work with a teacher who knows what to do with this heat – I have heard that if you let this heat linger in certain organs for too long, it is possible to cause harm. Therefore, I will also talk about how to center it and refine this Chi.
Do not expect to have results right away however – it might take months or years to notice significant results. In the meantime though, practicing Chi Kung will help to calm your mind and soothe your spirit.
You should not look at the finish line. That is really far away. Rather however, look to this day. Or tomorrow – what can I do today to move toward more stable self care? Can I watch 10 minutes less TV or Netflix and add in 10 more minutes of something that leads to self-regulation and greater resilience? If we just change 10 minutes / month, that would be two extra hours of self-care / kind-hearted practice per year!
What would that be like?…
I’m not sure about the mold symptoms, but I strongly suspect it would benefit that as well. One key theme of Chi Kung: we are harmonizing our Chi (life-force energy) and blood. As we cultivate clean, clear, virtuous Chi, we inadvertently push out negative Chi – inner obstacles, toxins, negative emotions and over time we can even start to work on deeper imprints and no-longer-serving-us beliefs. I’m talking years though. Maybe 10 to 20 years.
Using Chi Kung as a self care tool requires that we commit to it at least 5 days / week. Daily would be best – even if just 20 – 30 minutes. That way our Chi can start to become refined, more virtuous, cleaner and clearer. Personally I am working up to 60 – 90 minutes / day. That allows me to do Bone Breathing or Bone Marrow Chi Kung and to work with clearing my meridians (acupuncture / Chinese Medicine energy channels).
These are all fairly advanced topics. Therefore it will take me a while before we start discussing any of this (above). You are getting a sneak peak at what is possible with diligent, devoted practice.
Thank you for your questions!