Interview about Trauma-Informed Astrology

Hello Dear Readers!

I am writing to share a YouTube video I recently uploaded, where I am interviewed by Kinsey Gidick, a writer and magazine veteran. She and I discuss my upcoming class – Trauma-Informed Astrology: Fundamentals 1. Here is the video:

If you want to learn more or register for the class visit my site here:

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Also, on January 7th (Thursday) at 6:30 PM EST, I will be hosting an info session about this course. Look for links soon – I suspect I will have these ready to go the week after Christmas.

I am excited! If you are interested in Astrology and / or learning about Trauma-Resolution, this is a great class for you. I hope you will join me on this dynamic exploration!

Thanks for reading!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Video Trailer for Trauma-Informed Astrology class

Hello Dear Readers,

Here is a Trailer (preview) video for my upcoming class (view it below). Trauma-Informed Astrology: Fundamentals 1 details:

This class is scheduled to start February 18th (Thursdays) evening from 6:30 – 8:30 PM (Washington DC time). It will go eight weeks total, completing on April 8th. Visit here for more info and to register:

I am loving how this class is blossoming and coming to life! More and more people are interested in trauma-resolution techniques and theories AND more people are interested in Western Astrology and taking its wisdom and insights deeper. Well guess what? This class will satisfy both of these yearnings! The gap between Western Astrology and nervous system resourcing, where specific examples of nervous system challenge and repair manifest in the chart, are only accessible now due to research done in the past 20 years. This class could not have been taught 10-15 years ago (or longer). I’m so honored and humbled to be able to offer this material!

If you are interested in learning more, view this video. It is an interview between Elizabeth Stafford and myself, she is one of my assistants for the class. This talks about the upcoming class – great questions and answers 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or want to register!

You can hop on over to my site for more:

Thank you for viewing!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

What is the upcoming Eclipse’s message for me?

Hello again dear readers,

There is a significant Eclipse coming up on Monday Dec 14th (less than 2 days away). It will be visible (in its totality) from South America – Chile and Argentina seem to have the best path to view it. Other areas can see it as a partial eclipse – SW Africa and Antarctica.

What does this mean from an esoteric stand point? What do eclipses mean for any of us?

As a professional astrologer, it is my job to interpret these things. And as a skilled process-oriented bodyworker, I have a unique take on how the horoscope (astrology chart) reflects our inner process.

As an aside, I am excited to be teaching Trauma-Informed Resilience-Oriented Astrology classes beginning February of 2021. See here for more information:

To sign up for these classes, go here:

These will be very dynamic classes – no one has taught anything quite like this before! Let me know if you have questions or want to learn more.

Now back to the scheduled Eclipse programming!

This is a total Solar Eclipse. This is a pretty big deal – only happens once or twice a year, and in this case, it is the only total solar eclipse of 2020. Add to this the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (the “King-maker” aspect) which is coming exact in a week – on Dec 21st to be specific, and we have quite a potent blend of energies to surf on!

Abstract photo of a solar eclipse

So what does the eclipse mean for the world? It is in Sagittarius. So we have a fiery energy of freedom, adventure, learning and living it up. Sagittarius is a sign very concerned about social justice and equity, fairness and litigation. This might be a part of why we are seeing social justice movements happening on so many levels – whether a country’s people resisting its authoritarian dictator or the fight in the United States to get more stimulus assistance out to people who need help and many more movements!

Sagittarius is also a sign associated with speculation. Gambling. Hence we might want to be more aware of what we eat and drink this holiday season! It is quite likely we will over-do it and regret it later – headaches or stomachaches from too much wine or delicious food. Yummy! Watch out if you are a natural risk-taker to begin with – this might be a couple of weeks of more reckless behavior. Get a second opinion before signing significant documents or making new financial investments at this time!

Then Sagittarius has to do with Jupiter – joviality. So we will definitely feel like living it up more. We are all suffering the effects of social distancing during this pandemic. So will Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) lead us to find enjoyment in the little things, can we orient to all we do have? What am I grateful for? Make a list! Or… are we going to wish for more socializing, more partying and mope about as we yearn for holiday parties of years past? Choose gratitude!

Finally, Sagittarius loves to learn. It is about higher learning, investigating foreign cultures and languages, learning about philosophy and different religions. It loves to delve deeper into systems of reasoning, knowledge and wisdom. So take advantage of this if you can – is there a subject you have been wanting to dive into lately? Is there a novel you have been putting off? How can we use this enhanced mental energy? Put it to good use! (Create a positive outlet for Sagittarius’ energy!)

Then we have to ask, “what does the eclipse represent for me personally?” This is where it gets trickier.

It is best to get this information from a professional astrologer or from a good life coach / mentor / counselor. Someone who knows you well and who is not afraid to speak their truth to you. (Which also means you have to be ready to receive their perspective.)

With that said, how do I need to grow? What needs to happen for my growth? With an eclipse, it is almost guaranteed that we will have more energy in our container. The question is, what do we do with more physical / emotional / spiritual charge? Can we handle it? Or do we feel really uncomfortable if we have more potency? Can I speak my truth with ease? Can I object with ease? Am I getting enough exercise so my nervous system has a healthy outlet for this charge? Or doing yoga or qigong or a vigorous spiritual practice?

No matter what we do with this extra energy, one technique is to look around the room I am in (or outside, looking from right to left slowly). Find something your eyes are drawn toward. Do it now… go ahead, I’ll wait 🙂

This is called orienting. Bring your awareness and attention to the present moment. If we are full of charge, sometimes we might drift into mobilized defense automatically (not knowing what else to do with more charge) – meaning fight or flight energy. And orienting is a good way to come back toward healthy social engagement. Can I have more potency and still be who I am?

I recently heard that professional chess players (grand masters perhaps) burn as many calories as athletes when they are in a tournament. So maybe we should take up chess this week?! But do exercise too – keep your heart and cardiovascular system healthy.

Other questions to ask around Sagittarius, which rules the hips and thighs in the body: Am I moving forward with ease? What obstacles are in the way to my growing and evolving? Do I feel grounded as I make big changes? What do I need to feel more grounded and contained? Who can I go to for more support? Who / where are my people? Is there a group I have been wanting to join, but have been reluctant to ask? Now is the time!

Next, we need to look within (this is where it helps to have an objective outside spiritual friend) and see what it is that we need most. If I am normally too rigid, now is the time to lean into flexibility. If I am normally a door mat, saying Yes to others people’s requests all the time, then this might be a time to solidify my boundaries. Attend to my own needs. Know thyself! Get your chart done by a competent practitioner (astrologer) like me. Or take up studying the Enneagram or work with the I Ching, etc. Learn more about yourself, open up to hearing and learning the truth, even if it is uncomfortable.

Be willing know! This is the essence of what Sagittarius is telling us all right now, this week, this month. Be willing to know your truth – not what you want to hear, not what will make you feel happy. Move toward liberation. Now is the time!

If nothing else, this eclipse will give us ample opportunities to grow and be stretched, touched and changed. The question is, can we surrender a little bit more to the process? And also find time for quality self-care and rest time in the midst of everything!

To purchase an astrology interpretation, you can go here:

Thank you for reading,

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Interviewed about astrology

Hello dear readers!

I was just interviewed by a magazine author – about parents, children, parenting, all under the topic of Astrological Taurus. We also got into what 2021 is going to look like – for Taurus’ in particular, but also for the rest of us.

It was a dynamic and fun discussion. When we finished, she said, “This was a like a master-class. It was so enlightening!” I certainly shared some wisdom about Spiritual Astrology and about children who are Tauruses, parents (adults) who are Tauruses and much more!

One big take-away – Taurus and Scorpio are two of the signs which can easily live a grand-lifestyle. Good food, good wine, good company, enjoying / appreciating sensuality, very generous, making good money and (often) material-oriented. In addition, Taurus, ruled by Venus, is associated with fashion and aesthetics (of course Libra, Leo and other influences are felt too when it comes to the fashion industry), but this industry has taken a huge hit during the pandemic. Hopefully it can recover soon!

In other words, Taurus and Scorpio (at least in their “living life to the fullest” traits) have had to make some enormous adjustments during this pandemic. And we need to keep in mind, we all have Taurus and Scorpio somewhere in our charts (in our personalities). So obviously we have all taken a collective shock to our social engagement – the social side of the autonomic nervous system. Support is more difficult to lean into, baby sitters are more difficult to come by, visiting family is more challenging… And those of us who are strongly oriented toward living the grand life – expecting good food, good company, good paychecks all the time – we may be facing and shifting in the midst of some very uncomfortable truths right now.

Therefore Taurus (and Scorpio) must find ways of adapting to the current circumstances. More introspection is important. What may have been unconscious habits and patterns are now going to come to the surface, as more time with our kids, more time parenting, more time home-schooling (especially for all you awesome mothers out there!) is happening across the board. Now is the time to release and bring to awareness old patterns which no longer serve us. Now is the time to invite the revealing of secrets – especially if we are having significant challenges in relationships. We need more consciousness with our actions – more awareness, in order to know what types of self-care are going to be most efficacious for us.

We have to be honest about how hard things are right now. Some of us are grieving the loss of jobs, or the loss of careers – or at least being forced to put careers on hold while we home school our children. Ugh! These are such difficult decisions and we desperately need more support! First of all, admitting “this is really hard,” “this is too much,” “I need support.” We must spend some time attending to our needs. If we do not make the overwhelming difficulty of this time conscious, then we will remain checked out on some levels until things improve. And this is one option… but I for one prefer to be more present to my heart, my emotions, to my process.

I know there are times when we just need to decompress, we just need some vegging out time. And take that time. But then come back to self-care. What serves you? What brings you joy? What makes you feel more alive? Can I work in two or three yoga classes / week? I know it is not the same on Zoom. But we must come back toward alignment, even if we are down or exhausted or depleted. Reach out for support. Ask for help. Take one of my upcoming classes. Find resources around you (even if they might be virtual for another 5 – 6 months).

As you can see, we covered a lot in the interview. Honestly, I’m not sure how only 45 minutes went by. The data download as it were was immense. I look forward to seeing how she coheres all this juicy information.

When the article comes out, I will link to it! She wants to check in with me down the road for further articles about astrology – which I am quite excited about.

Also I am very excited to be teaching Trauma-Informed Astrology starting in February. Leave me a comment if you might be interested in taking these classes – also see the last post on here (which is particularly on this topic). I suspect that my broad background could make these classes seem like master-classes as well!

Thank you for joining me on this unique journey!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Trauma Informed Astrology Classes

Hello Dear Readers,

I am teaching a series of classes under the umbrella of Trauma Informed Astrology. The first series – Trauma Informed Astrology: Fundamentals 1 – will cover some of the basics of astrology, and the fundamentals of the autonomic nervous system. What is the Vagus nerve? Why is it important to the astrology chart? Is it possible to repair deep patterns of stuck energy and liberate more vitality? (By the way… that answer is, in most cases, Yes!) There is much to uncover in this dynamic intersection of Trauma Resolution and Western Astrology.

To register for this class, visit:

If you have questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me or visit:

Who are these classes designed for? Who would benefit from participating?

These classes will benefit astrologers – professional and amateur alike. And with that said, they would also benefit someone who has a passing interest in astrology and who wants to learn how to resource the autonomic nervous system. Even complete beginners will get something from attending! (We will be teaching based on the level of the audience, but I would prefer some beginner-types to elicit great questions for the recordings!)

Beautiful lunar artwork in Charlottesville, Va (2007)

I expect that questions like the following and many more will be answered (within the first two or three levels of classes):

How do we begin to stabilize and resource the nervous system?

Is trauma a life sentence? (Spoiler… No.)

How can we normalize trauma responses and begin to allow greater vitality, spontaneity, play and wonder back into the body?

What will participants get out of this first series?

  • What is stress? What is overwhelm? What is considered normal?
  • What does the astrology chart represent?
  • How can we start to view the astrology chart through the lens of trauma resolution?
  • We will build in more empathy for overwhelming stress when we peer into a chart
  • Covering the fundamentals of Astrology 101:
  • Elements, Hemisphere Emphasis, Qualities, Polarities
  • Learn easy yet potent exercises to begin to stabilize and resource the nervous system
A tiny sliver of the gorgeous Roundel of the Seasons by Sheila Waters

How am I qualified to teach this?

I love the idea of blending almost all that I offer – supportive Resilience Building, awareness of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (Birth Process work, PPN work), with empirically-based Trauma Resolution modalities (S.E. and Polyvagal work) along with 17 years of study and practice of Spiritual (and Psychological) Astrology!

Of course this work will build on the work of previous astrologers and trauma-support therapists and researchers, as all new modalities do. Much of the research on trauma resolution (Polyvagal Theory, ACE study, etc) has only been done in the past 15 – 20 years, along with research in Conscious Baby (PPN work) theories and applications. So this blend of modalities and wisdom is emerging at just the right time! (With science to back it up.)

It is my intention for these classes to be a safe space for people of all colors and identifications. I want this material to be as inclusive as possible as we work to make the world a safer and saner place. Please let me know how I can address any concerns you might have around this.

Again, To express your interest in taking these classes: please let me know if you are interested in learning more or want to sign up for these classes. Also feel free to pass along any of this information to anyone you think might be interested! Thank you!

To register for this class, visit:

If you have questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me or visit:

Also, if you would be more interested in subscribing to my Patreon channel to watch the recordings of classes, let me know that too!

Timeline and further details: We will start on February 18th (Thursday) and go through April 8th. There will be eight, two-hour classes, taught in the evenings (6:30 – 8:30 pm EST). If these times do not work for you, do not worry. I will be recording these classes and making them available on my Patreon channel. Initially the classes will have to be taught virtually. By next summer and beyond, we will see about in-person options.

As for the cost, I am asking $200 USD if people sign up before January 10th, and then asking $250 after that. This is a deal! Once these classes get more established, I will be raising the rates.

How does this benefit the field of astrology in general?

In the past, when I read about trauma in astrology, there were vague answers. Like Uranus has to do with shock and trauma. And…? Even in some of the newer books, there is mention of great modalities like Focusing and Somatic Experiencing, but I have yet to see an explanation of how trauma works in relation to the nervous system and how this manifests in the astrology chart.

And yet, how vital is the nervous system to our personality? It is our gut feeling, our defense mechanisms, our coping strategies – it is so crucial to our psyche and our instinctive reactions and responses. So these classes will begin to fill in these gaps in the astrological milieu.

Beautiful artwork in Charlottesville, Va

Please also note that both of these topics – Psychological Astrology and Trauma Resolution are potent, broad fields indeed! We will go at a gradual pace in these classes, allowing for integration and settling time.

Therefore bring your questions, your chart(s), your curiosity and know that we will be going relatively slow and steady throughout.

Stabilize the nervous system first, then build in resource. Only then can we begin to repair the challenges to the system, healing / releasing / liberating old stuck, frozen patterns.

I hope you can join me on this dynamic, intriguing journey!

Thank you for visiting my site and again let me know if you have questions, concerns, comments!

May we all stay safe, warm and well-supported!

Kirby Moore

2020 has been distressing

Hello Dear Readers!

It is interesting – I think I participate in the “Facebook” effect even here on my blog. That is I normally only write when things are going well and write about things I am excited and passionate for. This post is a detour from that pattern however… wishing things were going better financially, socially, professionally. This is a post about discharging, about what is going well, about concerns going forward. Thanks for reading!

BTW – there is some astrological chatter strewn throughout. Do your best or let me know if you have questions!

I wish I were writing this under easier circumstances. 2020 has been quite challenging! There was a work-a-thon in January as I prepared for 3-month retreat. Then retreat began in early February. That was sublime. And it had a funky ending, where I was given 2-weeks to move out of my apartment. Yikes! Usually after a retreat like that, it is good to take 4-6 weeks of doing as little as possible, walking in nature, resting, integrating, digesting, and continuing to practice a few hours / day – you know, gradually easing back into the mainstream-world pace. So yeah, the month of May sucked. Instead of resting, I went into hyper-drive to find a place to live, discuss / decide to move in with my girlfriend, prep / prime / paint my room, sort / move my stuff and somehow I finished with hours to spare… that was crazy exhausting.

Getting used to living with my girlfriend and her daughter has been a significant adjustment. It has been great! And it has stretched me, and forced me to be more mindful of where I am responding with rigidity toward her (daughter). The May post-retreat ordeal was so taxing that the month of June was pretty much a wash – adjusting to this new pandemic world I was emerging into… ooph! I was still full energetically from retreat, so I didn’t realize how challenging May was until later (in August).

In July, I tried to open my bodywork practice, because I had not (and still have not – damn it..) received any unemployment money. After emailing about 40 clients who I had seen in 2019, and hearing back from just five or six of them, and half of those declining my invitation to come in for bodywork… I was discouraged. Keep in mind I am a Leo Rising with Neptune in my 5th house – so I can always find the bright side of situations. Even if I was stretched super thin…

Somehow, August was semi-lucrative (for 2020 standards) – in other words, I barely broke even that month. I had a couple of clients purchase 5-session packages, so I thought, “Wow, I might actually get this practice back off the ground.” Well I was mistaken – by late September, I was only seeing a few clients / week. And most of those were sliding scale rates!

October rolled around and I was fortunate to make some money house / dog-sitting for friends. But still low client numbers – both for Astrology and bodywork.

November was very rough. Hard to believe it is December already speaking of which! I am now down to 2 – 3 clients / week. Which, in case you are not aware, does not remotely pay the bills. So my credit card debt is the worst it has been in five years. I am still unsure if I will get any PUA (unemployment) money – and at this point, I am expecting nothing – it would be awesome to be surprised, but need to be real! (Because I voluntarily quit the spa job before the retreat, I don’t seem to quality for either UI or PUA money. This is very frustrating.)

I have had more time this year though. So my spiritual practice is going quite well. I am doing my best to be patient with all these huge changes in my life, and huge changes in the world around us. Despair is more typical. Self care is more vital than ever. I am so fortunate to be able to do good mother messages several times / week, or do an advanced Qigong practice where I breath in healing light into my bones and tissues, or just stick with a powerful Tong Len practice.

And these awesome practices don’t pay the bills. With Transiting Saturn opposing my natal Jupiter for basically all of 2020 (limitation, problem solving, planning, and discontentment – and I should add, obstacles with teachers / gurus), and then with Transiting Uranus passing over my Midheaven – meaning massive changes to my profession / reputation / relationship with the public and possibly even domestic changes, I am ready for some settling and attending to my personal needs. And I want to be ready for whatever is next…

I’m not sure if that will be teaching Trauma Informed Astrology classes. Or continuing to offer emotional-process-oriented bodywork – I am really good at this, according to many clients / colleagues. As a matter of fact, I am one of the only people in Charlottesville (where there are hundreds of bodyworkers) who offers the combination of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (Birth Process work), Trauma Resolution (Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal work), Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Transmission through Zapchen Somatics and maintaining a Tibetan Buddhist practice. Literally there are only 2 or 3 of us who offer all of these things.

I am not good however, at promoting myself or my business. Not great at marketing or advertising. I don’t really have a business plan. (Not sure I want one any longer.) And I have had more despair than usual this fall. I am now occasionally cycling through some doom and gloom around what things will look like if I give up my bodywork office. And actually, I am curious about working for the post office (if they will have me). At least there, I would have vacation time, sick leave, insurance benefits, retirement and more! Wow – much more than any spa can give.

I would be sad to give up doing bodywork. It feels like a “dharma,” that is a vocation. It has meaning, it has purpose and powerful motivation. High quality bodywork is meditation in action. It is compassion through touch. It is the highest form of empathy I know. By offering bodywork, I am also able to purify my own negative karma by benefiting others. It is truly a beautiful cycle. To give it up feels like a betrayal of sorts.

I know I can benefit people – especially if they are in need of trauma resolution / stress reduction / resilience building. But I’m wondering if this chapter of my life is ending (Uranus – big change anyone?). I am very tired of hustling – getting clients, offering specials, always being “on,” attending continuing education classes (paying gobs of money for them), doing laundry, maintaining and cleaning the office (it is crazy how much behind the scenes work must be done now – especially with Covid precautions).

We will see where I land once this Uranus transit moves off my Midheaven. Maybe I am coming down to earth – having benefits is extremely attractive in a job (Saturn). Even if it is working for someone else. Maybe reality is catching up with me (Saturn). I am ready for more stability. After a tumultuous 2020, I’m hoping to more fully catch up with myself next year.

May all of us have our wishes come true, moving toward peace and grace and greater compassion to self and other!

Thank you for sticking with me. Please wish me well. ❤

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Holiday Special Astrology Offer

Hello Dear Ones,

I am wishing you all well in the midst of everything. Hopefully we are learning to surf on these waves of uncertainty! Self-care, patience, self-care, persistence. It is amazing how less is often better than more. And may we all get out and enjoy this beautiful Indian Summer weather!

Now through December 21st, I am offering a Holiday Astrological Special. My astrology interpretations make great gifts – shedding light and insight onto inner and outer processes. Blending frequency-based, choice-centered Spiritual Astrology with counseling techniques from Somatic Experiencing, I am now offering Trauma-Informed Astrology in addition to Spiritual Astrology.

Be inspired, move toward self-actualization and awakening and discover new methods for navigating our individual unique challenges!

Now through December 21st:One Hour Astrology Interpretation: $75, includes prep time90-minute Astrology Special: $108, also includes prep time

I am still seeing clients in person for bodywork (with safety protocols in place) – I am loving the insights and transformations that are being revealed – Alchemical Resilience. Blending many potent tools and modalities, I am so grateful to be able to benefit others. 

It requires patience, but I love witnessing people transform patterns of resistance and stuckness into acceptance, loving-kindness and compassion!

Now through December 21st:

Returning clients: Purchase a package of three one-hour bodywork sessions for $240! A savings of $60

New clients: Purchase a package of three one-hour sessions, plus the 30-minute in-take interview for $280. A savings of $70

In addition, I am still offering Somatic Experiencing sessions online (distance sessions). These can be very beneficial and insightful, easing the anxiety of these challenging times. 

Distance SE session: First Session: $50
Continuing Sessions: $75

Thank you all for your support over the years! May we all get what we need and enjoy good things as this year comes to a close.

Of course, feel free to leave a comment know if you have questions!
With Metta,

Kirby Moore

The Silent Pandemic

Hello Dear Ones,

I have not been writing as much as of late. The (Covid) pandemic has been challenging to weather – or I should say, holding space for my clients and friends and loved ones, is a lot. Overall I am doing quite well, still holding a good charge after doing a 90-day meditation retreat this past winter / spring. And if I start feeling run down, doing an hour or two of self care techniques gets me back on my feet fairly quickly!

In this post, I want to discuss another issue I have been encountering, and one which is actually exacerbated by the Covid pandemic. Others have discussed this topic as well – not completely new – but my take might be fairly unique in that it blends Chinese Medicine concepts, nervous system knowledge and research and more.

[an edit after listening to Nkem Ndefo – she is an incredible speaker, find a podcast and listen if you get the chance, there is another more systemic pandemic going on right now: and that is the systemic oppression of colored people. And it turns out, this tangled web of stressors and marginalization and uncertainty about who is healthy vs potentially infected all adds to the silent pandemic I am describing in this post.]

So what is the Silent Pandemic? It has been going on far longer than seven months. It has to do with a silent barrage of challenges to the liver in the body. The liver has to do with anger, irritation and resentment in Chinese medicine (the negative manifestation of the Wood element), whereas the positive side of it is joy and happiness. Rejoicing!

What is wild is that there are so many areas of challenge to the liver nowadays. Environmental toxins – people who don’t eat exclusively organic food (pesticides, glycophospates, etc), the polarization of politics and opinions – not just in the U.S. but in Europe and South America – people’s tempers can be triggered just hearing a few seconds of news! Our blood pressure can start to rise if we hear the opposition views (fake news) being broadcast around us.

And in Chinese Medicine, the liver and the eyes are intimately connected. How many of us participate in too much screen time (I ask paradoxically as I am wondering if I have had too much screen time already today)? And now that Covid is forcing us onto Zoom calls and FaceTime, etc, we are getting even more screen time! The eyes and the liver are calling for a pause, for a break, for a rest.

So the Silent Pandemic is the way in which these patterns of harshness (toward the liver) continue and now are getting even worse. Look around at the news – people are losing their minds more and more, with distortions of anger erupting in violence and numbness (lack of empathy).

Oh and did I mention one of the main challenges to the liver which many people engage in? Pharmaceuticals. How many ads do we see for drugs with bizarre side effects? Guess what organ has to process those chemicals? Yup – the liver! No wonder anger is often right below the surface when people get stretched more, when there is more stress in their lives. If we don’t practice solid, conscious self care – caring for ourselves, then of course we are going to go off the deep end from time to time!

And just briefly, how many people are drinking more alcohol in response to the loneliness of the pandemic (Covid)? Yet another stressor on the liver. I am currently enjoying a 90-day “cleanse” or “fast” from alcohol, but I used to engage in a glass of wine from time to time. It is an easy habit to fall into, but does it lead to lasting happiness?

What can we do to benefit the liver? Fortunately, many things!

Get out in nature. There are negative ions (healthy rejuvenating particles in the air) in forests, near water falls, by the ocean (get to a beach! I sure need to!). Taking in healthy natural greenery is good for the liver. The Wood element in Chinese medicine has to do with fresh growth, the Green color and renewal and rebirth. Go find something natural and green to spend time with!

Drink warm healthy liquids (hot tea) and warm healthy foods. In Tibetan medicine, they talk about how the BEST medicine is drinking hot water. It benefits so many digestive organs to take in warm fluids and warm food – especially now that the weather is cooling off.

Engage in therapeutic counseling. Getting things off our chest – and even better, involve a somatic (body-oriented) modality like Somatic Experiencing or Craniosacral Therapy or EMDR. We need to lean into support during these times (and at all times really), otherwise it is really easy to fall back onto (regress) old patterns of self-isolation and self-pity. I offer Somatic Experiencing sessions – both in person and just as potent, long distance sessions, along with Craniosacral Therapy.

We can receive Visceral Manipulation. This bodywork modality evolved out of Osteopathy and works with the visceral organs. There is a liver-specific adjustment which is really beneficial (especially in the spring and fall – that would be now). It is a potent process, so be ready for feelings of rawness or more-easily-speaking-your-less-than-comfortable truth to emerge! I have also been trained in Visceral Manipulation and love offering treatments.

In the same light as above, you can get a Mayan Abdominal Massage. These are also very potent, getting deep into the fascial attachments of the viscera and opening tight, rigid, adhered areas. Very healing, very powerful (again I’d recommend some down time scheduled in afterward).

Finally (last one I swear), you can get rejuvenating Shiatsu (Asian Bodywork). This works with the meridians and the organs to balance the life force energy (Chi), which leads to feeling more centered, more grounded, more like yourself! I love giving and receiving Shiatsu! When it is done well, we have more spontaneity, more effortless ease and more joy. Just being who we are. There is also an abdominal form of Shiatsu called Masunaga which works with the organs (including the liver).

You can do Castor Oil packs on your liver. Obviously I recommend starting slowly and more gently. But these involve putting a castor oil soaked wool or gauze pad over you liver and then putting heat on that (a heating pad, a hot water bottle, etc). You can do 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 or 15. Obviously start with 3 or 5 and see how you react to that. You can always do more sessions of less time if you handle it well.

Do prostrations – some form of bowing or stretching practice can literally stretch the liver (and many other visceral organs) leading to a greater level of health and a better digestion.

Meditate. Or do yoga. Or do Qigong. Some form of contemplative practice allows our dust to settle, literally. If we can do a blend of the above – doing some yoga before meditating is very beneficial for our subtle energy channels (energy body). Find a good meditation and / or yoga and / or Qigong instructor and stick with it. At first, we might not think anything is happening, but it is like water dripping on a rock. Change will happen – it just might take time.

I would recommend (but speak to your doctor or licensed nutritionist before making major changes to your diet) drinking fresh-squeezed lemon juice in warm water first thing in the morning. When metabolized, lemon juice becomes alkaline (believe it or not!) and it also helps to clear the liver of old stale bile. Alkaline forming foods are very healthy for the body – acidic foods lead to more health problems.

Find something to do that does not involve screen time. This is more challenging now with Covid, for sure! But hopefully you can find a small pod of people to do stuff with. Or do something positive on Zoom – like a support group, like my Gentle Somatics class, etc. And then take time away from screens to rest and integrate!

Spoon your significant other. Holding your romantic partner with healthy social engagement can lead to healthy co-regulation and settling in the nervous system. This can be challenging however as a lot of us have attachment issues (early developmental challenges which make trust and intimacy more challenging). And these issues are being exacerbated with the isolation and extra time with family… So work on yourself, be kind to yourself, try to be gentle – especially now, as stress and uncertainty are at unprecedented levels.

I would not recommend doing many cleanses – liver cleanse, or gall bladder cleanse, etc. Doing one or two per year is most likely beneficial. But rather than needing to get into this cycle of eating wantonly and then purging / cleansing, what if we try to incorporate more self care every day? Watching what we eat and drink daily? What would it take to get outside and walk one or two miles a day, or at least three or four days / week? Let us not disrupt the body’s natural rhythms of maintaining health and detoxification too often. (Of course, if you work with a qualified practitioner and they have a good reason for it – like if we are having the mercury amalgams replaced from our teeth, then obviously we might want to consider a heavy metal detox regimen!)

May we all be gentle and more nurturing to our livers!

Thank you for reading and I hope this has been an interesting and inspiring topic!

Kirby Moore

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