a mystic in paradise, part 9.5, mystics doing mystical things

Going back to yesterday… Sunday.

I went to church with my father, but arrived an hour early. I hadn’t done Dharma practice yet, so it was quite interesting practicing in the small Episcopal sanctuary (St. Luke’s on Judd St.). This was a church where I spent some time in the past – I went to preschool there, 40 & 41 years ago. Plus my Dad had an apartment there for a few years, so I was also there for a couple of summers when I was in elementary school.

Doing refuge practice (Buddhist) in an Episcopal church can be insightful. There was a lot of light around me. I am a mystic btw… I was not hallucinating – or at least not in a negative manner (you will see what I’m talking about). In my healing and emotional-process-oriented bodywork practice, I occasionally have guides or wisdom beings show up – usually they are associated with my clients. I can sometimes ask these beings questions and get answers for my clients (if appropriate). Jesus (as healer and Bodhisattva) shows up quite a bit, along with Aslan (the Lion from the Chronicles of Narnia). And they both were with me while I did practice and meditation in this church.

So I am sitting in a pew, doing refuge mantras, Jesus is sitting next to me, and Aslan is behind me, lying down by the door. Wow! I did not expect that. I did a quick version of practice, because I didn’t have a text with me, and because my Dad was going to come in and start practicing the organ. In just 30 minutes, I was easily able to connect to the natural light of that space.

I should mention that I was baptized Catholic originally, then raised Episcopalian and Presbyterian. And then in 2004 I met my first Tibetan Lamas, feeling a curious connection there. And in 2006, I took refuge and Bodhisattva vows from Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen in Maryland. At that point, I renounced any commitment I had previously made to practice Christianity. Although, really, how much commitment can a baby make when they (she / he) are being baptized at 3 or 6 months old?!

With that said however, I realized that I do kind of hold two lineages – one from a Christian background, and the second from years of practicing Tibetan Buddhism and learning the Tibetan language. Obviously, the latter is closer to my heart. But Jesus never left me. And apparently, neither did Aslan.

Then I went across the street to a large cemetery. After the experience in the church, this was a curious experience too. There were many birds – and different types. In fact, I even saw a tree full of these green parrot looking birds – they are an invasive species – the Rose-Winged Parakeet. But they are fun to gaze at! I did wonder if any of these birds (not just the parakeets) were actually local spirits. I got that feeling.

Then I came to a grave of one of the last Ali’i – or Hawaiian Royal Family members – who died in 1928: Princess Elizabeth Keka’aniau La’anui. Yes, distant relatives of King Kamehameha still survive to this day, but this grave was fancy – black granite with gold lettering. Plus there were intricate offerings placed around the foot of it. I should have gotten a picture. There was a lava rock bowl with fruit in it, several tea leaves wrapped around offerings (I’m assuming food?), and several flower leis. I knew immediately that this was not the grave of an ordinary person. When I read the epitaph inscription, I knew that these offerings are / were still being made to the Royal ancestors. And I seemed to have the feeling that (not knowing at the time), that there were other Royal ancestors buried nearby.

Later, I asked my father, who is a historian, where the Kamehameha’s are buried. King Kamehameha the II, III, and IV are all buried in the Royal Mausoleum, which sure enough, is just a few blocks away from the cemetery, where the High Chiefess is buried (where I was having those intuitions).

Then I went to church (happy to hear my father play the organ and piano, basically to support him), where the elderly congregation were very warm and welcoming, the pastor welcomed me and asked about my family and my niece. It was quite sweet! I love small churches – little sanctuaries with a history of devoted and faithful practitioners. And for a brief morning half-hour, it was quite an interesting (Buddhist) shrine room as well!

Many blessings!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

a mystic in paradise, part ten, volcanic excitement

Hello Dear Ones,

I woke up this morning (on Oahu) to exciting news that Mauna Loa – the largest volcano in the world (from a certain perspective) – was erupting! It has been swelling with lava for the past few years and since September, there have been thousands of micro-earthquakes. So people knew the eruption was coming – they just weren’t sure if it was weeks, months or years. Turned out to be weeks!

So I am safe. I’m on a different island from the volcano. We might see some volcanic fog (vog) here on Oahu. But we are about 200 miles away.

The crazy thing is that I was just there (on the Big Island). I spent three nights in Ocean View – a fascinating neighborhood on the south-western part of the island, and I went swimming in Miloli’i (a village about 30 miles south of Kona). At present, they don’t know if or when or where the lava will go. (Some eruptions just stay up near the summit.) But it is possible the eruption might affect the areas where I spent some time. I pray no one has to evacuate, but obviously those people need to have a plan in place and be prepared!

I drove over the Saddle Road (see my previous posts) just 5 days ago, on my way to the Hilo airport. And from there, I was a mere few miles from Mauna Loa’s summit. It did feel eerily quiet while I was up there. And some locals knew it might erupt soon. I mentioned how the USGS site had said an eruption was not imminent, but they countered saying, “the mountain is swelling with lava – it might erupt soon!” They were obviously right.

I will get back to my regular journaling of my adventures in the next post.

Thanks for following along!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

a mystic in paradise, part nine, surfing the waves of change

Hello Dear Ones,

Thank you for joining me on this journey through Hawaii adventures. I plan to post pictures soon.

Yesterday I was on the bus for a long time. Going up to the North Shore also means stopping at a dozen stops in Kaneohe, and then another twenty stops on the way up the coast.

The Kamehameha Highway is endangered. Parts of it are just ten feet from the ocean, and with the high, choppy sea, sand and debris washed over the road. And as we waited for the road cleaning crews to allow us to pass, the bus was actually splashed by waves several times! Whoa! (If there were a serious storm, that road would be under water…) It sounds like the Dept of Transportation in Hawaii is trying to figure out how to raise the road or protect it. The sooner the better I say – otherwise those road crews will be out there on a monthly or weekly basis.

Arriving at Sunset Beach, the potency of the ocean was obvious. The surf was easily 12 – 20 feet high near the shore, and the waves were even higher further out. I was surprised that several brave surfers were out in the massive swells, but of course, that is the best surfing! I was thinking how those surfers have to be strong and flexible, to feel the waves and go with the flow. That is quite an art – not just surviving on a 20 foot wave, but thriving! Wow!

On the bus ride back from Haleiwa (another hour and a half to downtown Honolulu), I got to thinking about what is coming next for me.

Surfing the waves of change. My yoga practice has come to fruition. Along with my ability to teach nervous system repair, Western Astrology, and emotional-process-oriented bodywork. I see myself traveling more to offer workshops and classes. Even though I would love nothing more than to stay quietly at home, serenely doing my practice, I also need to pay my bills. And doing that with right livelihood is important to me. Benefiting others in the process – even better!

I see myself traveling to India and / or Nepal or Ladakh in the upcoming year. Visiting friends, visiting monasteries, visiting holy sites, giving my Dharma practice a nice boost. And then I’m not sure where I will end up. I would love to have most of my income be online, meaning I don’t need a physical office. My office will be my heart, my hands, wherever I am, I can be of service to others. (Wouldn’t that be nice!)

To be honest, Charlottesville is losing some of its appeal. It held me for a number of years. And then I endured a terrible and traumatizing betrayal in 2020. Since then, it feels like Central Virginia is spitting me out. Or encouraging me to spread my wings or to exercise my fins. Why swim in a tiny pond, when there is this vast beautiful ocean available?

We will see what is around the corner. Some things I am keeping to myself until my knowing is certain. No need to go diluting our dreams (our seeds) before they even start to come to fruition (to grow). At the moment, this is all I can share, and really all I know.

Thank you for your support through this evolving process!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

a mystic in paradise, part 8.5, an ocean of consciousness

Hello Dear Ones,

I am on Oahu now. Different vibes than southern Hawai’i (the Big Island). Oahu (the entire island) has close to a million people on it. The Big Island just has one tenth of that population on a much larger island. So I am feeling this population density, considering I am staying with family in a condo in downtown Honolulu.

There is a reason Chi Kung practitioners aim to leave cities to find the best practice sites. I have heard people say that quiet beaches, remote mountains and woods are best (think remote destinations unsullied by dense populations of humans). I have found that the energy (the Chi / Qi, lifeforce energy, connecting with Mother Earth) feels better on the Windward side of Oahu, or the North Shore – there are less people there. And the protected watershed rainforest is closer to civilization over there.

Today I am intending to go up to the North Shore. There are supposed to be 20 – 30 foot waves. There is a low pressure system sitting off to the north, stirring things up.

It should be interesting! There will probably be large crowds though, as this only happens once or twice a month. I doubt there will be surfers, but we will see (they would be out there in the summer for sure).

May I realize that I am merely a wave, and not forget that I am apart of a great ocean!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

a mystic in paradise, part eight, new adventures beckon

Hello Dear Ones,

I led a discussion on the Sagittarius New Moon on Monday (moon day) and recorded it. If you are looking for that, scroll down to the previous post!

In the meantime, continuing my adventures in Hawaii… to see the previous posts (parts one thru seven), scroll down further.

Yesterday I pretty much took it easy. I overdid it on Monday – snorkeling in two places, having good discussions on healing and the nervous system and spirituality, then leading the astrology discussion was a lot. I did go snorkeling around Kona bay in the afternoon. That was great! I was surprised that the greatest diversity of fish were around the bay (which includes many boats coming and going).

Waking up early this morning, I did some refuge practice, and then got ready. I was quite happy that I was packed and out the door at 7:15 am! I had to do this as my flight left Hilo at 11 am. Although because it was just an inter-island flight, I could have left a little later and been fine.

Today I drove over the saddle – the nearly 7,000 foot ridge between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa (the two 14,000 footers on the Big Island). The Saddle Road is much improved – 15 years ago, it was practically one-lane. Today it is two and three lanes the entire way with wide shoulders. Basically it cut the drive from Kona to Hilo down to 90 minutes! Before, you wouldn’t consider taking the Saddle Road unless you were driving up to Mauna Kea’s summit.

Plus the landscape and the spectacular views from up there are well worth the drive. Coming up from Kona, you get to see Hualalai – a nearly 8,000 footer near Kona, and off in the distance, there are the Kohala mountains to the north (more of a lump compared to the two 14’s), and there are awesome views of the ocean as you drive up. Then you get closer to Mauna Kea and can easily see Mauna Loa in the distance.

Today the clouds were wispily moving through the recreation area up there. It was deceptively chilly – I put on a sweater and was glad I did when a gust came through. Then on my way down from the saddle, I stopped a couple times and the telescope observatories on Mauna Kea were visible through and above the clouds.

Then flying from Hilo to Oahu. That was nice in that I sat on the correct side of the plane – I got to see Maui (and Haleakala just barely poking up through the white blanket of clouds), Lana’i, Molokai and a distance glimpse of the Honolulu and Waikiki skyline before turning to land.

So this evening is rest and recovery. All these transitions wreak a bit of havoc on my nervous system. I need to walk around barefoot and let my body know that I have arrived in a new location (my birthplace in fact).

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving with family. I will see if I can get in an early swim and more delicious sunlight!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Recording of Sag. New Moon Discussion

Hello Dear Ones,

Please visit the http://www.traumainformedastrology.com site for more info on classes and Astrology interpretations.

Trauma Informed Astrology Presents A Talk on the New Moon in Sagittarius:

We are very happy to be sharing this video from today’s New Moon discussion! Small group, but that was to be expected. I am in Hawaii and wasn’t quite sure if everything would work out to lead it! It did work out and it was beautiful!

In the video, we discuss Sagittarius New Moon, Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus in Sag, Mars square Neptune, we did two easy somatic exercises with Sagittarian themes, and we even got into the Taurus North Node (lunar node) and mentioned the Love Cross (in the astrology chart – Noel Tyl’s words and idea). There is good information about boundaries as well!

Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for watching and following us!

Kirby Moore and the Trauma Informed Astrology team

New Moon presentation coming to you from the Big Island of Hawaii

New Moon Discussion tonight at 7 pm Eastern!

Hello Friends,

Just a reminder, I am leading a New Moon discussion this evening at 7 pm Eastern on Zoom. See below for the link.

We will cover New Moon in Sag energy, discuss the Nodes in Scorpio / Taurus, mention a bit about how the recent eclipses may have affected us and if there is time we will get into Mars square Neptune! Oh, and we will go through two very simple, easy Somatic Exercises which are Sagittarius themed, to help us move toward well-being.

I hope you can attend in person (on Zoom, live, online that is). If not, we will get the recording up here on the blog within a week.


a mystic in paradise, part seven, Swimming with Dolphins!

Hello Dear Ones!

I was staying for a few days down at Ocean View (a very interesting and remote community near the southern tip of the Big Island). It was a nice place to land. I got to visit the Black Sands Beach twice (it was amazing energy, great swimming!) and I hiked around the Western portion of Volcanoes National Park. I had wanted to visit the Green Sand Beach as well, but the water was pretty rough yesterday and I pulled a glute muscle. Like I had a limp for half the day… 😦

Therefore, I wasn’t sure I could make the 3 mile hike down the trail to the beach (and then 3 miles back!).

These transitions between AirBnB’s are rough. I don’t exactly have a plan, so I just wing it. Today I snorkeled a little bit in a tiny, remote “beach park” – it had zero sand. But decent snorkeling despite the shallow water.

Then I gave an elderly man a ride into town – that was 20 miles north. He was mute, so we communicated with hand gestures and he had a little notebook thank goodness! I don’t think he realized I was a mainland-person! He kept referring to landmarks I had never been to. Thankfully we got him where he needed to go! Hitchhiking is quite common here on the Big Island.

I tried to go to another little beach – but its two parking lots were full and cars were just sitting and waiting… so I drove back up the mountain road. It is interesting, many of the beaches down there are only accessible by narrow, twisting roads – coming down 1500 feet from the Hawaii Belt Road – the highway around the island. And all three that I visited today involved these types of roads. Say lots of prayers first!

My third time was the charm. I hopped in the water for a dip and a brief snorkeling session. Decent fish at Kealakekua Bay. Then I hopped out, not sure if I was going to go back in. Then a young man sauntered by and we started chatting. He loaned me some fins (or really shared his off and on) and we went pretty far out into the Bay.

And sure enough, the dolphins we saw earlier swam by! They came to us. It was magical! Several times, the dolphins checked me out – swimming about 10 feet away. At one point, there were seven around me. It was awesome hearing the sonar melodies for several minutes.

Then my new friend and I sat and discussed different levels and types of healing. He had seen a lot of what I was talking about on YouTube. Now he met someone who offers many modalities in person! Yay!

I am / was very grateful for good company and an experienced free diver. On my own, I wouldn’t have been as brave (or gone out as far)!

We are probably going back out to a slightly different beach tomorrow, before the New Moon discussion at 7 pm Eastern time. 🙂

Oh – after being in the water three different times today, I am going to sleep well tonight!

Blessed be!

Thanks for joining me,

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

a mystic in paradise, part 6.5, go with the flow

Friday… another long and great day.

Inner yoga today. Then on the road heading for a black sand beach – Punalu’u Black Sand Beach park. This was quite an experience. The ocean was active, pounding away on the lava rocks. I walked out on the sharp lava, carefully. Said some prayers and intentions, made a little rock cairn. Then I made my way back toward the beach. I swore I saw a sea turtle in the surf – although the poor thing would have hit several rocks. Later I confirmed that I did in fact see a turtle out there, because I saw it coming in toward the beach as I was leaving.

There were eight turtles on the beach. I think they come in to sun themselves and warm up. Or maybe they were avoiding a predator, not sure. The lifeguards were very good about putting in stakes and roping off the turtles so the beach-goers didn’t bother them. Honestly, I wondered if the lifeguards were mainly there for the turtles. Which is great if that is the case! There were signs about a strong current, and that swimmers should not go out past the buoys. These were quite a ways out though – only one person swam close to them.

I met an interesting local man. He was very generous – after climbing a tall palm tree and spending about 15 minutes up there – he cut the top off a coconut and let me drink it. The meat was pretty good too. I chatted with him about life in Pahala and it was nice to connect. It sounds like life is not so easy in this remote part of the island.

The water was incredible though. At first, I sat watching it from the shade, in a nice meditative manner. I had only brought shorts, but once I got my legs in, I had to get the rest of me in as well. There were several tide pools where the water was either warmer or cooler (for whatever reason) and more shallow. I’m thinking about going back tomorrow – the ocean breeze was so crisp and clean. Another dip would be quite restorative.

Oh – and I felt much more grounded after getting in the water. My nervous system feels good, no more rushing, no more worrying (at least not in the past few hours) and I stopped using google maps. There is only one main road around this part of the island – I did fine!

I ate at the Punalu’u Sweet Bread place in Na’alenu, it was good. I got to have manapua again. This is a pork-filled (Char Siu) bun.

Then I stopped at a big farmer’s market. I got some gifts and got to talk to some interesting folk. Plus I bought some papayas! So looking forward to those starting tomorrow.

Then, I visited the Western section of the Volcanoes National Park (the park kind of wraps around Mauna Loa and there is a section on the Western slopes as well). They have a number of hiking trails, and I did a short hike around and up, over a large cinder cone. The sky was spitting on me while I was hiking. Then a few minutes after I started driving, it poured down.

Once back at the AirBnB, there were thunderstorms and downpours. Then the clouds moved in and we were in the midst of thick fog, followed by a gorgeous sunset. I made a curious dinner (basically breakfast food), but it was tasty and satisfying.

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. But I definitely want to visit the Green Sand Beach. It is near the southern most tip of the island (which is also the southern most point in the US). I guess they say that to try to get tourists to come down. But it should be fun!

Thanks for joining me.

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Quick words after hiking in Volcanoes

Hiking Kileau Iki crater

The clouds covered the sun,

Rain sprinkled, cooling waters,

In need of rain, invite the blessings,

Seeing steam last time I hiked it,

Surprising to note it was a lake of lava,

Just in 1959… Ranger said it was safe,

How does he know? There is steam rising

From the cinder cone in the back,

On far side of crater, an incredible

Forest of Qi, drinking it in, slurping

Gulping it down, too bad the trail

Was tightly walled off by the steep slopes,

Huge ferns, ohia trees, and lava rock,

I would like to sit and bask in the clear light

Clean air, moist organic rhythms,

Madame Pele is nearby, smoke rises from

Hale’ma’uma’u as she does her dance

Nice people on the hike, many people

Asking questions, directions,

Five mile hike at 4,000 ft, a good trek