Hello again dear readers,

I gave a Jin Shin Acupressure session recently that was quite profound. Let’s just say that with some people I can actually see how their “Chi tank” is doing so to say. What the heck does that mean? This person was fairly depleted and coming off a cold. When I worked with their feet, I could actually see how empty and hollow their feet were. As in, I could have filled their feet for hours with Chi or life-force or light energy.

When I practice Acupressure I imagine light is coming out of my finger tips and shining into my client’s body. It is a potent session. It also affords me the chance to do some Chi cultivation myself while I treat them – knocking out two birds with one treatment as it were! This is one of the ways our Massage School main teacher taught us how to make bodywork modalities into spiritual practices.

So what does the title of this piece have to do with anything? If we practice solid self care, doing a lot of personal growth work on ourselves and set some solid aspirations or intentions, then it is only a matter of time before we are able to provide quality healing facilitation treatments or to be a healthy enthusiastic presence wherever we go! 🙂

In Chinese Medicine, there is a concept known as Evil Chi. Don’t worry, its not as bad as it sounds. In fact, I would even argue that its name could be Heavy Chi or Distracting Chi or Aggressive Chi or EMF-filled Chi or Chaotic Chi. I say this because Evil Chi can be all those things – if we are around a fight or a highly charged argument or high-voltage power lines, these could all produce Evil Chi and we would not want to do Chi cultivation around them (or spend any time there in fact!).

Why do I mention Evil Chi? Because it can come from within us as well as from without. If we have maladaptive beliefs or imprints in our unconscious, and we are constantly keeping ourselves small to make others comfortable, then this would be considered Evil Chi as well. If we beat ourselves up due to some early imprints or unresolved unmet needs, that might also be considered Evil Chi – it can literally show up anywhere. This is why Chi cultivation is challenging for some people – not only are there outer obstacles to practice but there are inner obstacles! Ooph!

Therefore if you practice Chi Kung with a qualified teacher, someone who embodies the teachings, who walks with light and love, who has solid intentions and aspirations and experience under their belt, when the Chi sensations start to arise, if there are inner imprints and other obstacles being cleared, then it can be uncomfortable for a bit. But stick with it! If it is too uncomfortable then back off for a short while, rest, get some bodywork, pamper yourself, then go back in a few weeks and give it a try.

But it is possible to walk in beauty, to be a living breathing divine connection between Father Sky and Mother Earth. It is possible to feel the love story that is Chi Kung happening in your body, allowing the bliss and ecstasy to unfold as you melt resistance with solid practice. It is possible to walk with light, to visualize mandalas of light going into the Earth with each step you take, each breath you breathe. It is possible to remember who you are.

Thank you for reading and I hope this was at least a little helpful.


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Hello dear readers,

I still have the intention to work with (learn, teach, study, practice, dream) the above topic (title). PPN Astrology.

In fact, I just did an astrology interpretation (continued from a previous session) today that was mainly a PPN Astrology session. It was primarily educational. With that said, we mainly talked about Double Binds, Compensation Patterns, Tension Fields, Astrological Yods, what-healing-looks-like-on-a-larger-level, Outlet Dynamics and more (he was pretty far along in his inner-resource/resilience skills). Oh my word! – I should check with my client and see if I can type up a transcript of the 90 minute conversation. It was pretty epic!

So I just wanted to post a teaser… errr… I mean update about how we are doing with this Pre- and Perinatal Astrology endeavor.

Well because I am just back from a rockin’ Massage School program (a Heaven and Earth school), that means that I am slowly building up my bodywork practice in the area again AND studying for the national exam AND taking advantage of this incredible spring weather to go biking and hiking AND taking advantage of being so close to pure clean mountain air and streams where I can do Solar, Water and Tree Chi Kung with such ease and bliss…

So it might be a little while before PPN Astrology really lifts off. I’ll keep you in the loop however!

<little bit of a secret – let’s keep this between you and me how about?> About 11 years ago I was doing a personal Tibetan Buddhist retreat at my home, I believe I had a week off from school and I wasn’t working much at the time, so I did a little bit of Ngondro practice. Five fold path of Mahamudra Ngondro that is (basic preliminary practices). Anyway… I took my friend’s advice and sort of read ahead in the text – way ahead… Not unlike the sorcerer’s apprentice in Fantasia. (I didn’t lose control entirely, but I pried open my mind in a way I had never done before.) I kind of got a glimpse of the future and saw this wild, dynamic, potent Astrology modality I was meant to teach. I believe what I saw was Pre- and Perinatal Astrology.

It must be beneficial and powerful. Therefore I am abiding patiently until the right time, when there is a right teacher (I’m not ready quite yet), the right location, the right students and the right conditions. We’ll see if and what unfolds over the next few years. But I expect we won’t be bored!

As usual, thank you for reading!

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This is a list I compiled for a client, but I figured I would share it here as well. These are some of the more potent modalities for unearthing our subconscious or unconscious obstacles – whether imprints, beliefs, attitudes, conflicts, dichotomies, etc.
These go in order of what I see as most potent and insightful to slightly less so:
Pre- and Perinatal Therapy, aka PPN work, aka Birth Process Work – major teachers who I respect thoroughly are Ray Castellino, Myrna Martin, Kate White, John and Ana Chitty (and a few others including Janet Evergreen)
Ray Castellino’s site for his PPN training:
by the way, Myrna Martin was just in London doing a Womb Surround Process workshop just a couple weeks ago – so great stuff is happening with this PPN in numerous countries right now!
Ancestral Healing is powerful work that gets into potential inherited Ancestral double binds. I have only brushed the surface but I am looking eagerly to dig deeper into this powerful modality:
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is an amazing form of bodywork – but it is more than that – it is holding space, it is contemplative for the practitioner, meditative for the client, it is connecting with deeper levels of healing than most people ever even acknowledge.
The Karuna Institute with Maura and Franklyn Sills is a great teaching institution (there in England). They produce some awesome practitioners and teachers. Take a peek at their recommended practitioners:
Somatic Experiencing is powerful Trauma Resolution work – it is mostly therapeutic / somatic based talk therapy but they also have some tools for touch.
Finally Polarity Therapy is a powerful tool as well. It integrates several modalities it seems into a dynamic approach. I have not taken any classes in this modality yet but it is on my list (slightly lower on my list). I believe the Karuna Institute either offers or used to offer these classes as well.
Thank you for reading and I hope this list benefits many beings!

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Hello dear readers,

I am excited to gradually be getting my business started! I am also getting unpacked (both physically and psycho-spiritually) from my amazing Journey West for the mystical and potent Massage School that I just completed. Not to mention beginning to study for the Massage National Licensing Exam… (I’m busy!)

And I need people to practice these incredible bodywork modalities on. Even people who don’t live in Virginia – I can offer distance Acupressure treatments (this is a give what you can session). We learned Asian Bodywork (Shiatsu and Jin Shin Acupressure), Swedish Massage, Integrated Reflexology (hand and mainly foot), Passive Stretching and Hot Stones Massage.

I just got a set of Hot Stones yesterday – they are presently going through a ritual of cleansing and soaking up the Full Moon’s rays before the stones will be ready for treatments in a few days! Also exciting!

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Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to sharing these great modalities with you!

~Kirby Moore

Hello dear readers!

So far, I am doing well in bringing the sacred potency of Crestone Colorado back home to Virginia.

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For anyone not in the know, briefly, I just returned from Colorado where I was in a potent and very educational massage therapy program where we also did Chi Kung, Tai Chi and / or Kundalini Yoga every day for three months. It was awesome!

Of course I have my ups and downs – driving 1800 miles in three days and two nights for instance, was not easy, and it requires rest time to integrate and get my body back in sync with the local rhythms! I’m slowly getting there.

With that said however, today is a good day so far!

Woke up with the dog barking so I let her out (my parent’s dog). 8:30 am

Fed her and then went outside to do some Chi Kung. Did the 8 Brocades this morning – which it turns out, is also the sped-up version of a technique called Ba Dua Jin – a Chi Kung style rumored to cause its practitioners to be invincible (side note – that is if the person practices all of the Ba Dua Jin set which has apparently been partially lost with time). Anyway… did some good connecting with my foundations, standing in the sun, being the connection between heaven and earth and then rooting down into Mother Earth. 9:30 am

Dug through my parent’s barn where some of my stuff is stored and unearthed my juicer. Made Pineapple, Granny Smith apple, beet and ginger juice for breakfast. That was yummy! I also sang some prayers and mantras into the ingredients to bless the juice.  This is a combination I must remember – nectar of the gods! I felt like I was right back in Hawaii (my birthplace).

As you may or may not know, it is good to bless your food and drink. Offer it light and if you have a connection to a spiritual lineage, then say prayers of blessing. Be grateful and try to have joy in your heart to connect with these delicious ingredients! Fake it if you must. I say this because it is not just what you eat, but how you eat it that matters for the Chi intake. I fully believe that we will get more out of any food we take in if we bless it and offer it light and love. (I realize this sounds way out there, but there are many stories of people – saints – who were thrown in prison and only given rotten bread or simple porridge to eat. But after blessing their “food” they regained robust health in spite of their conditions! So no, I’m not a saint, but I can fake it until I make it!)

By the time I had given juice to my parents and my brother and cleaning everything up, it was 11 am.

Then I drove to the local farmer’s market where I purchased some kale and some basil plants for my mother to plant. And here I sit, typing this curious missive.

This afternoon I am very excited to be picking up a set of hot stones – for hot stone massage. I learned a special technique in Colorado where a shaman taught us how to work with the energy meridians of the body while doing Hot Stone massage. It is more like Hot Stone Shiatsu – it is awesome!

So I will pick up my new stones, work with them, talk to them, put them in a mesh bag and put them in the full mountain stream to clean them and infuse them with good pure mountain Chi. Then in a few days I will be ready to practice Hot Stone Massage with people!

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Back home!

I had quite a quick journey across the country, exhausting yet beautiful.

There was solar Chi Kung in Kansas,

Tree Chi Kung in Indiana,

and Water Chi Kung on the border of Virginia and West Virginia.

I can’t wait to share what little I know here in central Virginia.

I have had a rebirth of sorts. Massage school was basically beyond description – a Heaven and Earth school, a mystery school of sorts. Some of the teachings were esoteric in the midst of an entry level massage training – which of course included Asian Bodywork.

So I am going to take a week or so to digest, to look back over my notes, to unpack my car, unpack my heart and to practice various modalities on friends and family. I am only asking for a donation – $40-60 which is a deal because we were well trained 🙂

I can also offer distant Acupressure sessions as I want to practice that too. Let me know if you are interested in an in-person or distant treatment.

Curiosity arises when I wonder what my practice will look like here – will I need to work in a spa one or two days a week? We will see! It’s exciting.

I most look forward to bringing the sacred spirituality of Crestone Colorado back to Virginia. There is something really truly remarkable about that little town – you go there to work on your stuff whether you want to or not. And in the presence of a teacher like we had, then your inner work gets accelerated. All for the good. I look forward to sharing more soon.


Here are photos of the Rockfish Valley, Afton Virginia (I’m home!) Yay!!

He started out in the morning in the mountains of Colorado, not knowing what this day would hold…

A long drive ahead of him, he started out the day with some Svaroopa Yoga – softer yin-like yoga that focuses on stretching the pelvis and spine.

Rush hour in Denver not too bad, but very glad to be clear of it, he continued on.

Stopping at a rest area in Eastern Colorado, he did some 8 Brocades Chi Kung. He was off the beaten path as it were, but some people going to the rest rooms (at the rest stop) gave him some curious glances. Better to plant a few seeds in their minds! Or they might just think he is a crazy person doing some odd movements in the sun behind the picnic area…

Not many cities to go through on the way through Kansas. Fortunately he found a health food store in Hays Kansas, a small town, where he purchased a couple of Kombuchas for the road – healthy caffeine was definitely needed for his drive.

He made another stop an hour later. This time stretching his upper body, doing some pull-ups in a little shelter and then finding some soft grass to do push-ups in. Then back on the road.

Flint Hills of Kansas – soft yet mesmerizing. He was listening to the audio book – the Red Tent as he drove hundreds of miles through the dry flat prairies. An amazing book about the female characters seemingly from the Old Testament – but written in a sensuous, female-empowering, intuitive, inspiring manner! It is almost from the perspective of a mid-wife, another reason he was enjoying the book.

He stopped at yet another rest area. This time he found a creek nearby. Peeking down over the foot bridge, he saw that the water was not that clean and also flowing very slowly or not at all – not a good place to do Water Chi Kung. Instead, he walked a little further and found a nice quiet spot to do Solar Chi Kung.

He first presented himself to the Ancient Solar Angel, having gratitude and a smile in his heart. Then he felt the Solar Chi wash over him. He kept the portals closed though, at first. Then he did the visualization with the hand movements to all the Solar Chi to pour through him. As he imagined the solar beam to flow down over and through his (light) body, he was gifted a vision of a deep canyon being filled with liquid light – first red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and finally violet. It was beautiful!

He thanked the Ancient One for helping him to slowly remember who he was. Then he did some patting Chi Kung to wrap up his session.

For a moment there, he was light walking light. He was a being of light having a human experience. But only for a moment.

He was ready to drive again.

By the time he got into Kansas City though, he was very weary from his drive. A bath was in order!