Deep breath after giving birth to Trauma Informed Astrology’s first course

Hello friends,

See my last post here: to see more about the Nervous System Foundations course which is available now. You can also go to to see more.

I am very good at being in “Go Mode.” Meaning I am good at pushing through, I am good at finishing something and then immediately looking around and thinking, “What is next? What is next?!” In other words, I override my nervous system’s inherent need to settle and rest down after a big push.

This pattern goes all the way back to my birth. I had birth trauma after (directly after) I was born. Therefore, the “Follow Through” and “Integration” stages never got properly metabolized, they never solidified. All I know is action (on an unconscious level). I am easily swept away by events if I am not mindful.

You might be thinking, “But Kirby, you teach nervous system repair, and somatic exercises to settle and resource the nervous system.” Yes, that is right. And most often, we teach what we most need to learn in ourselves! So, I am good at teaching these things, because I have had to spend years unlearning my deeply entrenched patterns of override and clinging to the myth that my self-worth lay in how much I could accomplish and produce. And I have had really good teachers and mentors, so I have made great progress on myself! I am now walking my talk in these regards!

With all of this in mind, I am now purposely taking a short break. Getting this first course planned, outlined, structured, prepared, and then completed took more than nine months. It was quite a process. I love what we have accomplished – it is the third iteration of videos and ideas (I re-did several videos, and shifted directions once or twice). The team here at Trauma Informed Astrology consists of four people, and that number is growing. Two other people really helped to get this first course completed. I had the vision and did the most “work” and they supported me in producing the videos.

I am working with a business coach starting in three weeks. It is my intention to formulate a better marketing plan for this first course, and to strategize and prioritize the next steps for T.I. Astrology in general. So, I have three weeks to let my nervous system take a deep breath. Three weeks to catch up with myself, to spend time in nature.

Spring, the season, is springing wildly to life around me (here in Central Virginia USA). I love seeing all the incredible shades and hues of green. We have already gone through several waves of new blossoms and flowers – forsythia, hyacinths, daffodils, and currently azaleas. Tulips are showing themselves, along with gorgeous irises as well! And now I want to walk in it, ground myself in the here and now. Instead of being so goal oriented, being to focused on what is next, I want to be with the woods, absorb the healing green energy of the spring (wood element) and ground myself in the gentle Blue Ridge mountains nearby.

Once I attune myself (my nervous system) to these healthy organic rhythms, then I intend to focus on what is next for this grand idea – a large platform or school for people to gather, to learn and share and have community. This is what we want with Trauma Informed Astrology. A platform and a community for practicing Trauma Informed Principles, for practicing compassion for the self, and learning and sharing Astrological wisdom and insights.

We hope you will join us in this wonder-filled journey.

Kirby Moore


Four Days left on Pre-Launch Sale for Nervous System Foundations Class!

Hello Friends,

If you are interested in Trauma Informed Astrology courses, now is the time to purchase the first one (Nervous System Foundations)! We are offering a Pre-Launch Sale now through April 19th – it is currently 50% off ($350 including tax). On April 20th, it will be $675 plus tax.

You can go here to the sales page to see more:

Nervous System Foundations gets into What is trauma?, What is Resilience?, How do we Resource the Nervous System?, What does Trauma Informed Care look like? and much much more! At Trauma Informed Astrology, we are putting together a school, a platform for practitioners and students (of all types) to gather together and learn in a safe and mutually supportive environment.

T.I. Astrology courses cover Nervous System Repair & Theory, Embodiment Tools, Somatic Exercises, Trauma Informed Principles & Practice, and the ways in which all these vital components weave into the Western Astrological tapestry. Because this is such an ambitious goal, in the first course, we do not get much into astrology. It includes everything else though! Therefore, Nervous System Foundations is for all types of practitioners and even beginners! This class is made for you – especially if you have not taken many nervous system or polyvagal classes. If you have taken a couple of these classes, you will still learn a lot here.

Then in the second level, Western Astrology & the Polyvagal System, we will dive into the Western Astrology chart and see how the nervous system is manifesting in various aspect configurations, etc. For the second level, you will need a solid foundation in astrology. That is why we are also working on the Preliminary Astrology Tools class. If you don’t have a lot of astrology under your belt, then we highly recommend taking this preliminary course!

And finally, in the third course, Navigating the Healing Journey, we will put all these things together and look at how we can see someone’s healing process in the chart. In this course, we will introduce more somatic process tools, in addition to continuing the Nervous System Repair & Theory healing journey!

We hope to see you in the first course! You can also find out more about the Certification Process here:

Thanks for joining us here!

Kirby Moore and the Trauma Informed Astrology Team

Just one week left of Pre-Launch Sale price on T.I. Astrology: Nervous System Foundations course!

Hello Friends,

We have several people on the Trauma Informed Astrology Team. If you purchase the Nervous System Foundations course, you will see Emily Lamoureux and Kyla Saby as they assist me in producing / covering half the material for the course. Emily is becoming a better and better trauma informed astrologer every week, and Kyla has years of coaching, bodywork, astrology, and occupational therapy under her belt! In addition, we have a good editor helping us with videos, and few more astrologers want to join the team as assistants.

When I showed them the first course in its entirety, both of Emily and Kyla commented: “Kirby, why are you making the Pre-Launch Sale price so cheap?” And they have a point. We are offering so much material in this first course.

I am offering this 50% off rate because being a full-time astrologer is not easy. It is not a lucrative profession, unless we are one of the better known authors or presenters. So, I want to get this vital material (nervous system information and wisdom) out there to as many people as possible, and I am only offering this 50% off deal for a total of 20 days. And there are only 7 days remaining! I will not be offering scholarships until more people are signed up for the course, so this is your chance to get it at a reduced rate!

Right now, you can get the full first course – Nervous System Foundations for $325 (plus tax – so $350 total). That is over 15 hours of course material in 30+ videos, and this also includes four Discussion Groups – where participants can attend live, online sessions to get their questions answered and deepen their understanding of the material. All totaled, this is 19 hours of videos and live, online sessions for the low price of $325.

After April 19th, the price will go up to $675! There are a still a number of seats available at the $325 price. Go here to see the sales page and purchase your seat today:

You can also see more about the Certification Process here:

I am so excited to be getting this Trauma Informed Astrology platform going. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and healing!

Kirby Moore

Putting T.I. Astrology videos on YouTube and a Podcast interview!

Hello Friends,

I have decided to put videos on YouTube on Introducing myself and What is Trauma Informed Astrology? Plus there will be a video explaining the T.I. Astrology Certification process.

This is in lieu of meeting on Saturday the 15th. I will have these links available soon!


I am super stoked that I was asked to go on the Meet the Elite Podcast tomorrow (Tuesday the 11th) to do a short chat about Trauma Informed Astrology! Wow! You can listen live if you want (3:51 pm Eastern time is when it is scheduled) here:

So excited to be getting this vital material and wisdom out there!


Public Lecture on Trauma Informed Astrology – April 15th

Hello Dear Ones,

I am excited to announce that I, Kirby Moore, will be hosting an online Zoom meeting on Saturday April 15th at 11 am Eastern time. In this one-hour, free discussion, I will discuss the first course – Nervous System Foundations and we can discuss the Trauma Informed Certification process in general.

Click here to contact me and get the Zoom link:

Your contact info will be protected (we do not sell your information).

We are currently offering the first course (N.S. Foundations) for a large discount – $325 for the 19-hour course! This is the Pre-Launch Sale, which ends April 19th. There are only 47 seats left at this price, so sign up soon if you want to take advantage of it.

And of course, if you want to wait to hear about at this free discussion next Saturday, that is great too! I hope to see you there!

We will not be answering any personal Astrology chart oriented questions in this discussion. Please sign up for the class or for an individual chart interpretation for that. Thank you!

Kirby Moore

Trauma Informed Astrology site is now updated

Hello Dear Ones!

I am excited about T.I. Astrology! We have nearly completed the first course: Nervous System Foundations and we are offering a Pre-Launch Sale (limited number of seats, so check it out and purchase soon to grab your huge discount) for only $325. That is a savings of $350 from the full price.

We have updated to reflect these changes. It is happening! We have been working very diligently (while also maintaining other full-time jobs) for the past eight months. I am very proud of what we have created and the direction that these classes will be going. I had some kind of idea of how I wanted the classes to look, and then the wisdom beings showed me little tweaks that needed to happen. I am very excited about how the next classes will evolve!

People are signing up for the first course (on Teachable here:

The first course should be completely done by April 20th, but you can sign up now and start watching videos immediately! We only have a few videos to finish editing and uploading. The class is 98% done! The Pre-Launch Sale ends April 19th, so sign up before you miss out on this huge discount!

Once we complete the first class, we will start on the next two classes: Western Astrology and the Polyvagal System and Preliminary Astrological Tools.

We hope to see you in class!

Kirby and the Trauma Informed Astrology team

Trauma Informed Astrology’s first course, Nervous System Foundations (is now out)

Hello Dear Ones,

The first course in the Trauma Informed Astrology Essentials Level Certification process, Nervous System Foundations, is just about ready (we are now offering the Pre-Launch Sale, and the course will be completely ready by April 20th).

Here is a brief description of this first course:

In Trauma Informed Astrology, we are combining three large, significant topics – Somatics / Embodiment Tools; Nervous System Repair & Polyvagal Theory; & looking at how trauma can manifest in the Western Astrology horoscope. Because this is such an ambitious endeavor, the first course will be more about blending Embodiment Tools & Nervous System Repair / Theory to help practitioners (whether astrologers, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, psychotherapists, life coaches, etc) come down out of their heads and into their bodies, and to develop a better understanding of what it means to be Trauma Informed. In other words, the first course does not actually have much astrology in it (novices and neophytes will be fine to take this course).

Nervous System Foundations is the beginning of the Trauma Informed Astrology journey. In this course, we are starting to flesh out – “What is trauma?”, “What is resilience?”, “What are the Trauma Informed principles and how do we apply them?”, etc. We are also getting into the Autonomic Nervous System – the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches, and even covering a little bit about the Vagus Nerve. There are about 10 Somatic Tools which help to settle the nervous system and lead toward greater embodiment. We will discuss the Functional Range (our range of resilience) and how this applies to working with clients and students. Plus, there are two demonstration sessions included, along with discussions about those sessions and how you can use some of those tools in your own practice. On top of all this, we also discuss more about what embodiment means.

In this course, we have over 30 videos (some shorter, some longer lectures) which add up to more than 14 hours of content! With each of T.I. Astrology’s main courses (Nervous System Foundations included) come four Discussion Groups. We will be starting these groups in May of 2023 – they will be one-hour, live, online groups where we meet to discuss the material from this first course.

Therefore, the course is more than 14 hours of pre-recorded material that you can go through at your own pace. And then it includes 4 hours of Discussion Group time where you can deepen your learning and get your questions answered regarding the vital nervous system material and more.

To visit the Nervous System Foundations Sale Page, go here:

At the moment, we are offering a Pre-Launch Sales discount. Pay $325 for the entire course – after April 20th, the price will go up to a sliding scale of $675 – $375. To go directly to the check out page for this Sale, click on this link:

Thank you for your interest!

Kirby Moore and the Trauma Informed Astrology team

Trauma Informed Astrology Essentials Level Certification process

Hello Dear Ones,

Several of you have asked what this process will look like, so this is a post specifically about the first level certification process (Essentials Level).

There are three main courses required: Nervous System Foundations, Astrology & the Polyvagal System, and Navigating the Healing Journey. On top of this, there will be an affordable Preliminary Astrological Tools class and another supplemental course which is highly recommend: Inviting More Space into the Nervous System. The Preliminary Astrology course is recommended for any non-astrologers. In other words, if you don’t competently know your way around a Western Astrology Horoscope, then you should take this course.

The pricing on the 3 main courses is $675 – $375 per class (sliding scale rates), so you can basically get those out of the way with $1,100. That will be close to 60 hours of material!

Then there are other requirements to get certified. These include attending a minimum of 10 discussion groups over a two-year period, attending a number of Supervision Groups, participating in Group and Individual Case Consults, and getting some Personal sessions – doing your own personal development work. We will be offering a few scholarships for people to be able to afford these extra requirements (preference will be given to black, indigenous, and people of color but do let us know if you have legitimate financial need). If you do not end up getting a scholarship, these extra requirements will cost $1,500 total – which includes another 30 hours of Supervision, Discussion Groups, personal sessions, etc.

I will say more about each individual class soon.

Thank you for your interest!

Kirby Moore

Pre-Launch Sale going on for Nervous System Foundations

Hello Dear Ones,

We are excited to announce this Pre-Launch Sale (this one is for real!). The videos are all done, we are just doing little edits and tweaks to things.

Trauma Informed Astrology Nervous System Foundations is now available to the public! This Pre-Launch Sale goes from now until April 19th (of this year). Then the rate goes up. We are offering 50 of these discounted rates for the course. Then the price will be from $675 – $375.

This course includes 14 plus hours of pre-recorded content on Teachable, and it also includes 4 hours of live, online Discussion Groups (to be announced soon). Therefore, you can go at your own pace, and join us once or twice a month to discuss the content and get your questions answered.

This is the first course in the Trauma Informed Astrology Essentials Level Certification process. There will be two other required courses, plus a number of other requirements – including doing some personal sessions, getting supervision, and participating in a number of the included Discussion Groups.

This is the link to purchase the course:

Here is the link to the sales page for more info and the see the full curriculum of the course:

We will be adjusting the main website within the next few days to reflect this information. We are very excited to be getting this project out there!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Kirby Moore & the Trauma Informed Astrology team

Trauma Informed Astrology videos are done, just a few tiny steps remaining!

Hello Dear Ones,

I am excited (and have been excited) about this process of birthing myself over the past year. Coming into acknowledgement of my intuition, wisdom, and skillful teaching abilities. I am going to let this big information sit for a second…

Being a teacher and someone who practices solid self-care all the time, is a transition – you mean I need to walk my talk all the time if I am going to be leading this ambitious project? Yes!

So, that is what I have been doing the past few months. Allowing this hatching process to complete itself. Wow – it has been an insightful journey to be sure!

And again, giving myself some time to take in this profound internal paradigm shift…

My old tendency was to readily go on to the next thing, a little voice inside was always asking, “What’s next? What’s next? What’s next?!”

Time to slow down and honor what I know, to honor who I am.

With that said…

We are now finished with the T.I. Astrology videos! Yay! Finally! And yet there remain about 8 – 10 hours of editing and other little steps before announcing and promoting the Nervous System Foundations course… We are SO close! I am making a push this upcoming week to get everything done. Once the course is uploaded and looking very crisp and professional, I will put it out there.

And being realistic, I am continuing to see clients for bodywork, healing facilitation, and nervous system repair in my office in Charlottesville, Virginia. This gives me good experiential knowledge and tools for when I go to teach nervous system repair in these courses… but it also means I rarely have a huge chunk of time to focus on this awesome ambitious Astrology project…

Therefore, I am hoping to have everything complete by the middle of April. It would be so great to have 15 – 20 (or more) people signed up by the end of April and to be starting the discussion groups then or in early May. Stay tuned! (fingers crossed!)

I have lots of great ideas for the Preliminary Astrology course that we will start recording once the first main course is out there. And Level Two – Astrology and the Polyvagal System needs to get going as well! There are have been requests to lead a Developmental Psychology & Astrology course – we will see when that manifests – probably in late fall or early 2024, basically after we complete Level Three – Navigating the Healing Journey.

Wish us luck!

Kirby Moore and the Trauma Informed Astrology team