Trauma Informed Astrology Class

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Hello Dear Readers!

I am excited to announce that I will lead the class entitled: Trauma Informed Astrology Fundamentals 1.5 starting in September. I had originally planned to begin in August, but several factors pushed it back, which will work out fine!

We will start with the Zodiac Signs, get into the Planets, their meanings and rulerships and delve into the Astrological Houses. Then, if there is time, we will also discuss the Aspects and how they affect the personality behind the Birth Horoscope! We will also dive into gentle Somatic Exercises which help us the Move Toward Well-being, along with discussing some Autonomic Nervous System information.

This is called “Fundamentals 1.5” because we are not going to spend much time discussing the Qualities of the Signs (the Triplicities), nor are we going to discuss the Elements much (the Quadruplicities). If you are a beginner, this class is fine for you. However, you would do well to go back and review the recordings from Level One which are available on my Patreon account for a subscription (you can pay the $35 fee just once and watch all the recordings in a month, then unsubscribe if you want). My Patreon channel can be found here:

Trauma Informed Astrology Mandala by Dana Wheeles

This class will start Sept 16th and go through November 4th, 2021. We will meet Thursdays from 7 – 9 pm Eastern Time (New York time).

There will be ample time to ask questions from your own astrology chart. I plan to offer 2 or 3 demos. I suspect there will be 5 – 8 students, along with one or two assistants. The intention is to maintain a safe container – and just know these classes will be recorded for my Patreon subscribers. Do let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

The Cost for the class is $350 if paid after August 31st, the early-bird discount is $275 if paid before September 1st. I am also offering one 50% off scholarship, please let me know if you want to discuss that. I will also make certain you would be dedicated to the class (able to attend 7 out of 8 classes). In addition, I am offering one 100% scholarship to a BIPOC individual if it is needed.

This is an on-line class, offered via Zoom. Each class will be recorded, so you will be able to catch up on any material you miss (during the class). Once class is over, I will switch the recordings over to my Patreon channel, where they will be available to the public for a subscription fee.

Thank you for visiting!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen (my Tibetan / Dharma name)

Summer Transitions and Leveling Up

Hello Dear Readers,

I have been going through some big transitions (in my personal life). Hence my not writing as much lately. I am still seeing clients full time however, which feeds me. I love being of benefit to others!

And speaking of clients, some of them are having really tough times right now. Not only are we still recovering from the social isolation of the pandemic, but there has also been a particularly trying astrological aspect in the “heavens” for the past couple of months. Transiting Saturn square Uranus – and then for about ten days, Mars got involved with this as well. If this aspect hits your personal planets or falls on the Angles of your personal Natal Chart, it may have easily stirred up some karmic purification. This could look like many things – your relationships may be stretched, there might be injuries involved (especially during that week when Mars was in the mix), it could be an increase in typically managed symptoms like insomnia or migraines, etc.

Time to be gentle, be kind, allot time for self care, etc. How can I ask for more support? How can I open to receive said support? Even just 5% more. What do I crave or yearn for – especially regarding self-care? Time to treat yourself!

And with my clients having some difficult times, I want to benefit them more and more. That means I am having to review my Somatic Experiencing notes, and I am even going back through my Birth Process Work (Pre- and Perinatal Psychology) notes. It is awesome to review this material! I feel like I am leveling up. I also have a bit more space at home now to gaze at big sky, to feel the deep earthy roots of the mountains and to learn about new water birds on the lake behind my new place.

Pretty much, they are all good changes. They do require adjustment and integration time though!

Wishing you all well,

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

The Natural State & Healing Facilitation

This material is copyrighted by Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  To support my business and blogging efforts, please visit my website. More recently, I have begun teaching Astrology classes on Trauma-Informed Astrology, see for more! Thank you for visiting!

Hello Dear Readers!

I have been very blessed – in my teachers, in the people who support me (and my bodywork practice), in my ability to parse the most beneficial truth from what my teachers have taught and much more. I am very grateful.

I am going to write a bit about the Natural State – that is an ease-filled, connected-to-wholeness, in-alignment, peaceful, effortless state of being. We can find the Natural State over time by maintaining a dedicated meditation practice (and having good guides, gurus and mentors for helping us get there). With that said, I am not a spiritual teacher. I am not a guru. I am not the best mentor for knowing exactly what spiritual practice will get someone resting rapidly in the natural state. I can make some educated guesses and usually have good results, but there are far better teachers than I!

However, I am a very competent bodyworker. Due to my experience with somatic process work, emotional-process-oriented bodywork, Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices, receiving hundreds of efficacious bodywork sessions and participating in multiple Birth Process Work trainings and workshops, I have the ability to hold space for most of what can arise for any of my clients. With my training in Somatic Experiencing and Working with the Polyvagal System (techniques for settling and regulating the Vagus Nerve), I can support my clients to release and transform old stuck patterns and energy.

It is very interesting looking at the nature of suffering. How many of us know the causes of suffering? How many of us know how to avoid those causes? How many of us continue to stub our toe over and over again, on a daily basis? Much suffering we bring on ourselves. And hopefully we will meet the right people to assist us back onto an intentional and virtuous path. That is where I come in.

When we start to look at developmental psychology, we see that many children are clamping down on big, overwhelming emotions. And rightfully so. (However, sometimes this is based on a misunderstanding, or a miscommunication, or an assumption made about an ambiguous situation.) And then this pattern continues into their adult lives. The secret to working with this lies in doing a little bit of work and then allowing that little chunk to process through and integrate. Doing too much will simply overwhelm and potentially re-traumatize the individual again. People are sure to clamp down more in response.

As a practitioner, it has been an amazing journey to realize and put into practice: slowing down. Doing less, rather than doing more, leads to more efficacious and lasting results. Sure we could do 3 big cycles of work in an hour, but if there is no integration time in there, how can I be sure they will continue to be gentle with themselves after the session is over? How can I be certain they will continue to soften their edges and allow things to settle? Actually, most people have patterns of harshness to self. So they won’t be as gentle as I can demonstrate in my office. So instead of doing 3 big cycles in a session, what if we do one big one, or two smaller cycles along with some integration time?

This process of doing less leads to transformation. And over time – 3, 5, 7 or 10 sessions – my clients report how simple things are becoming medicine. Whether it is the 3 x 3 x 3 exercise, or the good parent messages, or being more gentle with their kidneys, they are transforming! And it is so beautiful!

When we liberate stuck, harsh patterns in our body (and our minds / nervous systems), then we also liberate the psychic energy which went toward keeping all that goodness clamped down. When we liberate this energy, which is actually vital, life-force energy, then we gain more access to creativity, play, humor, spontaneity and ease.

Moving toward the natural state is actually much easier than people realize. It is just our patterns of harshness to self, our tendency toward clamping down to prevent big emotions, gripping to try to control our universe, etc, which keeps us from realizing that peace is actually right here and right now. When we are fully present in our breath, we are in the present moment. When I am noticing my breath fully, I cannot drift off into rehashing the past or worrying about the future. It is just now, here, being with what is. And it is okay!

I offer long distance sessions – I actually have some clients in Australia, a good number in Europe and several in Asia. And I live on the east coast of the United States! Contact me if you want to schedule a session or just have a 10 – 15 min free consult to see if we would be a good fit to work together. And of course, I also see clients in person in Central Virginia (USA). My office is in Charlottesville, not far from downtown.

Come see how my attempts at resting in the natural state, my practice of meditation, qigong and yoga can benefit you. I specialize in working with stuck patterns – and especially in working with chronic tension in the shoulders, the neck, headaches, migraines (these take longer but I have still had good success), TMJ issues (chronic jaw tension), unilateral tension (tightness just on the right or left side of the body) and I also really appreciate the healing which can come from working through accidents, falls and surgeries.

In addition to all of the above, I especially enjoy working with Mothers and Babies. Putting my birth process work (pre- and perinatal psychology) training to use is the best. Whether working with babies, toddlers, teenagers or adults.

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen (my Tibetan name)

Upcoming Workshop thoughts

Hello Dear Readers!

I am excited about this coming late summer and fall. I already have a Trauma-Informed Astrology class beginning in August – scroll down a couple of posts to see further info about it. You can also visit for more info on my classes and this topic in general. However, I think I still need to update it more (bear with me – busy time right now!).

I am also considering offering an Integrated Trauma-Informed Bodywork class as well. This will get into the basics of working with the Autonomic Nervous System, the Vagus Nerve and it will incorporate elements from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Working with the Vagus System and more!

I think I would start that in September. That will be both on Zoom and in-person (I will need several different body-types and different nervous system manifestations to act as demos!). Let me know if you might be interested and want more info! I will get the details clarified by mid-July. Keep checking back for updates. You can also subscribe to my Patreon channel to get up-to-date info as well!

Happy early Summer to you and yours!

Thank you for visiting!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Further Info on Trauma-Informed Astrology Class

Hello Dear Readers,

I am excited to be offering Trauma Informed Astrology: Fundamentals 1.5 Class this coming August. We will start this Eight Week series on August 19th and wrap it up October 14th (skipping one day in September).

In this class, we will go deeper into the Zodiac Signs, explore the Planets in depth and even get into the Astrological Houses, all while allowing time to look at participants’ charts (if they want to volunteer). There will be ample time for questions and for demos.

In addition to the Astrological information, we will also cover a bit about the Autonomic Nervous System and there will be a Somatic Exercise each class to help us drop into Alignment and a Settled Nervous System!

For more info and to purchase this exciting class:

Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount – if paying by July 31st, $275 for the class, $350 after this point.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you,

Kirby Moore

Trauma-Informed Astrology Class September 2021

This material is copyrighted by Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  To support my business and blogging efforts, please visit my website. More recently, I have begun teaching Astrology classes on Trauma-Informed Astrology, see for more! Thank you for visiting!

Hello Dear Ones!

I am excited to announce this upcoming class: Trauma-Informed Astrology: Fundamentals 1.5 in September of 2021.

This class will be a slightly different format from the previous Level One that I taught this past Feb – April. See below for details (to see how it differs!). The reason I am calling it Level 1.5 is that we will start with the Zodiac Signs, say more about the Planets, then get into the Astrological Houses and if there is time, get into the Aspects. So this class is fine for beginners – but I would highly recommend you go to my Patreon page: and watch the videos from the previous Level One class (it is a $35 subscription fee per month, so if you have plenty of time, you can pay that once and watch all Eight Videos! Lots of learning for less than half the price!)

When: Thursday evenings from 7 – 9 pm Eastern Time; beginning Sept 16th, 2021 and going for eight weeks, wrapping up on November 4th

Where: There will be an Online component to this class, so people can learn this material from a distance. If there is enough interest, and depending on health guidelines, there may also be an in-person element for participants here in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Details: this class will include more examples from participant’s charts. Prior to and during the first class, I will invite participants to send me their questions or particularly challenging chart aspects, and hopefully I can get to all of these during the class! There will still be Somatic Exercises to invite Wellbeing and to Move Toward Alignment and Nervous System Settling. And there will be a little discussion about the Autonomic Nervous System – although it would be good to review my videos from the previous Level One class (see above for that Patreon link).

Cost: $350 for the eight weeks, there is an early bird discount for people paying before July 31st – $275 for the series.

T.I. Astrology Mandala by Dana Wheeles

Let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to going through fundamental Astrology information and your chart with you!

Plus there is great learning about the Autonomic Nervous System, simple tools and exercises to Move Toward Wellbeing and to Nurture Resilience!

These classes will be recorded, so if you need to miss one or two, you can still make up that material with ease!

Empathy, Compassion and Boundaries in the Astrological 12th House

Hello Dear Readers,

I have been going back through the posts on this blog, which I have been working on since 2009 – more than 12 years now! And in some of those earlier posts, I feel a strong desire to make serious revisions. For the most part though, I refrain from doing so, and add a separate paragraph saying, “Revised 2021…” And two of those posts, from back in 2010, are about the astrological 12th house (Western astrology). Hence my desire to touch on this topic today.

I have been studying and practicing various forms of healing bodywork since 2003 (when I got my first Reiki Attunement) and certainly since 2005 (when I dove in deeply in studying and practicing Craniosacral Therapy, Zapchen Somatics and Tibetan Buddhism). As a Pisces, and someone with Neptune square my natal Sun in my astrology chart, and also having Pluto conjunct my Libra Moon… I have been learning about boundaries my entire life.

What do I mean by boundaries? Psychological boundaries – the ability to stand up for myself, for my needs and my desires. The ability and clarity to know what those are! Boundaries are the ability to get in touch with my authentic “NO!” and to express that objection. Without being in touch with my authentic “NO,” I will never get to my authentic “YES.” The interesting thing here is that stating our objection also means being in touch with our anger, irritation and frustration. Can I express those? If I feel resentment building up about something, can I express that in a timely manner? Or do I let things bottle up inside until a month down the road I explode in a manner which is not appropriate to the context or situation?

Boundaries also speak to my ability to be in my own skin – literally and figuratively. Can I be around someone who is suffering without taking on some of their pain? In the past, that was very difficult for me. Can I feel sensations in my body? Can I come down out of my head and into my heart? Can I notice how exhausted I actually am (if appropriate) or do I continually keep pushing through and overriding?

All of these questions might go back to the Astrological 12th house. For more on what the astrological 12th house represents, see my previous posts from back in 2010 – or where I discuss the 12th house from a Buddhist perspective (among other points of view).

What is the difference between Empathy and Compassion? It is actually a big difference. Empathy is being able to put oneself in another’s shoes – can I feel something along the lines of what this person is feeling? Have I experienced something like this before? Empathy is caring with someone else. Being with them, sharing with them and caring with them.

Compassion is a bigger sense of caring. It is caring for others. It is wishing them well. It is also an awareness that someone’s suffering (at least on some deep level) is caused by their own karma. (I know this sounds indifferent or cold – rather we want them to be happy, to be content, to be free of suffering, but some people just keep creating the causes of suffering over and over again.) If we can benefit them great! If not, we can’t attempt to take on everyone’s burden. Compassion does not mean getting down in the trenches and feeling into one person’s suffering (that is more along the lines of empathy).

Compassion says, “Oh gosh, you are drowning! Here, I will throw you a life preserver.” Someone with high empathy says, “Oh no! You are drowning, here I will jump in and save you.” Obviously, the conventional wisdom is, if someone is drowning you always throw something to them first – a rope, a floatation device, a life preserver, etc. That is so they don’t take you down with them. Then you help them get back to shore, make sure they are okay – get any water out of their lungs, and then, later, once they are stabilized, you can ask them, “Hey, can I teach you how to swim?”

Because this distinction (compassion vs empathy) and boundary work has been my life’s work (along with offering various healing modalities), I am very good at helping other people through this process: of lowering the empathy dial if they are empaths and psychic sponges – always taking on other people’s suffering. Ideally we want to have high compassion all the time, but we want to be able to choose how much empathy we engage in – and make it contextually appropriate. We want to know how to be present for my own needs and my own process. Then I can give of myself if I have the energy for doing that.

To plug my own bodywork and healing practice…

In my bodywork and somatic therapy practice, I help to answer these questions:

How can we turn our sensitivity into a superpower? Or at least turn it into a tool that we can take out from time to time, and then put away when appropriate?

Did my parents or caretakers have good boundaries? Were they really good at self-sacrificing and constantly giving to others? Were they very sensitive? How did that affect me?

How can I learn somatic tools to reduce my extremely high levels of empathy? To reconnect to my self, my wholeness and my health?

Let me know if you want to schedule a time to chat or if you would like to schedule a treatment. You can email me at: kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

Wishing you well on your journey!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Heading into brief retreat, use Patreon to stay up-to-date

This material is copyrighted by Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  To support my business and blogging efforts, please visit my website. More recently, I have begun teaching Astrology classes on Trauma-Informed Astrology, see for more! Thank you for visiting!

Hello Readers!

I am heading toward the mountains for a short one-week respite (on Thursday). I am staying at an AirBnB house near the Shenandoah National Park (in Virginia, USA) – so there is supposed to great hiking and biking (which I am definitely looking forward to!)

I will also do some Dharma practice, maybe a Sur offering or two (a Buddhist smoke offering of sorts), some yoga and Qigong as well! First and foremost, it is my intention to recharge my batteries. It has been a full year for sure (for all of us I imagine!) and I have not had a break since the 90-day retreat ended last May.

On Patreon, I will post little updates and videos for subscribers. You can get access to these for just $3 / month! Here is the link if you are interested:

I am planning to offer little updates, but also videos about self care techniques, body scan meditations, ways to ground ourselves easier and more!

Let me know if you have questions or comments.

Thanks for visiting!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

T.I. Astrology Class Level One Complete

Dear Readers,

We just wrapped up an awesome class! Trauma Informed Astrology Fundamentals Level One – an introduction to the Western Astrology chart, with discussions about the Autonomic Nervous System along with tools and somatic exercises to rest down and come back to well-being!

It was fantastic – a big learning experience for me too. It is one thing to understand all of this, but to convey it to multiple types of different learners is another level. Can I understand this material in 4 or 5 different ways? Can I find videos, graphics, poems and other multi-modal ways of learning it?

I did a great job overall! Yes of course there are little tweaks that I will do when I teach it again. But that is to be expected – I’m sure I will continue to tweak little things about it the more I continue to learn and grow.

In the last class, we unpacked what a Day charts indicates, Night chart, discussed the Quadrants and the Hemispheres and even got into simple exercises to stimulate the Ventral Vagus branch (of the Vagus nerve). Plus we previewed Level Two – starting on May 20th see my site: and had a little 5 minute dance party to dance our way into the future.

You can subscribe to my Patreon site to watch all of Level One videos for just $35 / month. Meaning, if you have a lot of time, for just $35, you can watch all 16 hours of this level One class! What a deal?! Here is the Patreon link if you want to peek at it or sign up:

Let me know if you want to sign up for Level Two – starting May 20th and going for 8 weeks (all Thursday evenings), all online for now. I am even offering 2 sliding scale slots – which so far have not been taken.

Have a great weekend!

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen

Update to T.I. Astrology Class Level Two

Hello Readers,

I am writing to inform you that Level Two of Trauma Informed Astrology Fundamentals starts May 20th AND that people with some experience in astrology can just jump right in. Of course, I would highly recommend you subscribe to my Patreon channel (here: and watch the Level One class recordings which are available for just $35 / month!

Also, if you have not taken the previous Level One class, I will want to chat with you briefly to make sure you have some access to support, in case you get a little activated in class. For the most part however, we will still be covering basic topics like Explicit vs Implicit Memory, the Amygdala / Hippocampus anxiety loop, the Triune Brain and the Threat Response. Plus we will deepen info on the Window of Tolerance and even get further into the Polyvagal Theory.

On the astrological side, we will complete the discussion of the Planets, get into the meanings of the Houses and even delve into the Astrological Aspects. There will be a demo – possibly from a participant in the class. And there will be a debrief of the demo.

All of this will go along with learning new gentle Somatic Exercises to Move Toward Well-being. We will review a couple basic exercises that we covered in Level One, and we will add in some new ones. Depending on the classes capacity, we may even get into the Intermediate Zapchen exercises!

For further info and to sign up, visit my site: and remember to click on Fundamentals Two.

You can also go back to a previous post on here for more info:

On, you can leave me a comment or ask questions. Feel free to comment on here also, just know it is a public forum.

Thank you for reading and have a great week,

Kirby Moore

konchog chakchen