Innocuous Contours of Harshness

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This post is about how the contours of harshness in our society / culture / family structures are pernicious and pervasive. You can find them everywhere. They even, or especially, come forward when we are looking to relax and move toward restful states of being.

What do I mean by contours of harshness? Think about all the euphemisms there are for working hard. “The only way to move forward is to push through.” Or “No pain, no gain.” Or “Gotta muscle through.” Or “No risk, no reward.” Or “The early bird gets the worm.” Our culture is chock full of these statements which reflect the rat race culture we live in.

I teach Zapchen Somatics – a system of simple exercises for getting back to well-being. There are basic moves for well-being, intermediate moves and advanced moves to well-being. But when I teach these to people (just the basics), I am shocked to discover that they try to push further and do more and more. Or they are most concerned with “doing it right,” rather than enjoying the new sensations or attempting something new in spite of possible “mistakes.” It really requires telling them several times, it truly is a somatic transmission – that sometimes requires hearing it / experiencing it several times.

I have to tell them, less is more. I must emphasize that. Seriously, just doing two or three of the intermediate or advanced techniques is enough. The I Ching, at least the interpretation I work with, also by the founder of Zapchen Somatics – Julie Henderson PhD, says, “better to stick with fullness, some people will encourage you to move to over-flowing, but fullness is just fine.”

And honestly… I feel myself speeding up just writing about this topic… time to create some space… to slow things down… to take some deep breaths… look out at nature… think of people who really support me and make me feel nourished…

This is a culture of extremes and pushing the envelope. If a little bit is good, then more must be better! Nope! The nervous system can only digest so much new information. And somatic information is often novel for most people. It needs to be enjoyable. If it seems like work, we are recapitulating the old patterns. Only do enough for it to be enjoyable. Even if that means I yawn twice and then have to take a nap – perfect!

Each month, I am realizing more and more how Zapchen is a somatic transmission. Being kind to yourself is a somatic transmission. We must work with someone who has done this work themselves. Someone who has spent years practicing compassion with themselves! Then we can get the somatic transmission from them. 🙂

And let me be exacting in my assessment of my own patterns, while on this complicated topic. I am seeing some contours of harshness creep in, even following me to my meditation cushion. When I don’t do “X” number of mantras in a day, I might get a little hard on myself. If I don’t do “X” prostrations daily or every other day, again a little harshness.

I am noticing though that the amount of screen time I log correlates to the amount of buoyancy in my nervous system. The more time I sit out on my porch staring at, listening to the song of the river, the more resiliency there is in my CNS. The more I walk down by its gentle gurgling rapids, the more resources are at my beck and call. It is very subtle, but I am starting to pick up on these things (as I sit here at my computer typing away…).

Therefore I am intending to take 7 – 10 days away from miscellaneous screen time (no youtube, no prime video, no sports highlights, etc) and do an hour of Zapchen to start my day. Zapchen Somatics is almost exclusively designed to playfully, sneakily and gently eradicate harshness to self. Of course it has other benefits, but it is very difficult to be hard on yourself when you are lying in bed yawning (yawning is the first Zapchen exercise and it is extremely beneficial). At least at my stage, having been practicing Zapchen since 2005, and having some transmissions directly from Julie Henderson herself, I am going to be gentle on myself at least with some of its wonderful methods.

Hopefully this feeds me, moves me toward kind motivations, gentle intentions and softer concentration. 🙂

May all beings move toward enjoyment, ease-full abundance and having settled nervous systems which laugh at the mistakes we make because we are human! ❤

Thank you for reading!


Quantum Leaps in Consciousness part 2

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This is a continuation of a post from earlier. I would highly recommend going back and reading that previous post first. Otherwise you will miss helpful context.

In the previous post, I discuss what a Quantum Leap in Consciousness looks like. An example might be, “for years I was worried about money, rarely ever having abundance, and occasionally living from paycheck-to-paycheck, but then after doing some work on myself and being well aware of this issue, I work with a teacher / coach / mentor / therapist / Guru who helps me to realize that A. this pattern is an inherited pattern from my ancestors (meaning it isn’t specifically mine) and / or B. that when I relax and do spiritual practice to connect with Source that abundance is all there is (and / or C. there is another cause of this deep fear-of-lack belief and I am willing and able to devote the time to do the work). Once I realize that and begin putting that advice into practice, then the Quantum Leap in Consciousness has occurred. I can rest in ease and grace and abundance on a more regular basis (keeping in mind the work that was done earlier which laid the foundation for this shift).

In the previous post, I discussed one container in which I see Quantum Leaps in Consciousness occur fairly regularly – that is the Womb Surround Birth Process Workshop. Go back and read the previous post if you have not done so yet 🙂

Next I will discuss how I am fortunate to have met a secret yogi. Defining what a secret yogi means could be an entire other post… so keeping it simple, let’s just say I met a fellow spiritual practitioner who has done a ton of work on themselves. And enough work to be able to see the energy (kundalini) move through chakras, and to have a very sophisticated divination system such that they can tell exactly what one is working on and give specific advice regarding it.

In every post in this theme of Leaps in Consciousness, I believe I will always come back to this fact: we must put the causes and conditions into place to achieve results. Even if those results seem “magical” or “immediate” or “surprising and serendipitous,” there is a good chance we put in the time and effort in the past to achieve those results now. What does this mean? What I am saying is that if you just state an intention saying, “I want to change this pattern which has been around a long time.” This is a good start. Because it shows you are willing and ready to make a shift. However, it might be better to say, even if you are skeptical of receiving assistance, “Wisdom beings, angels, guides, healthy ancestors, and / or wisdom company… please give me assistance and support for working through this pattern. Please have the support that I need manifest swiftly in my life.” That is a powerful prayer. This prayer is already beginning the process of putting the cause of change into effect. Then the conditions would need to be met – meeting a skillful guide or practitioner who can competently and compassionately point you in the right direction, or who can point out why you might have that pattern and how you can change it, etc.

In other words, there will always be a “reason” for receiving divine assistance or unexpected support or magical serendipity! We put the causes and conditions into place previously and now we are reaping the rewards. It is a cosmic law – if we create the causes, then when the conditions are ripe, the result will follow. This is true about virtuous conduct leading to happiness and non-virtuous conduct leading to suffering. And true about making changes on a deep belief or attitudinal level.

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Back to the story from above. So I am fortunate to have met with a secret yogi in this lifetime (and not to mention the countless public yogis who I count as my heart teachers – namely Tibetan Lamas and a few Western teachers as well). Why do I mention the Quantum Leap of Consciousness when thinking about this secret yogi? Because he showed me some things I really can’t explain any other way. I realize the word Quantum is cliched and vague… Perhaps a better word will begin to emerge.

Not exactly knowing what to expect the first time I went to chat with this spiritual friend… I was sitting across the table from him. We discussed Dharma practice, Qigong and more. And during my conversation with him, he explained two things, blessings as it were, and then conferred them upon me.

I had not received a Shaktipat previous to that meeting. I had heard the term tossed about regarding Indian Yoga Gurus, but hadn’t put much thought into what it meant. The first blessing my spiritual friend gave me was a Shaktipat – like a big download of light and love in the form of an energetic blessing. Keep in mind he was sitting across the table from me and never actually touched me.

I just relaxed and allowed what is to be (in other words I was doing my best to surrender). And the blessing definitely came across! It only took a few minutes. My eyes were closed, so I’m not sure what exactly (if anything external at all) he was doing. But when we was finished, I was in a wild altered state. I literally was light headed and a little woozy. It took me about 5 – 10 minutes to find my feet. It was an incredible, ease-filled, effortless blissful experience. And in spite of him giving me the Shaktipat a couple hours before I was going to be driving again… I missed my exit on the way home and drove an hour out of my way! In spite of that part of road being normally very familiar to me! He definitely filled my container though and I felt that blessing for weeks afterward.

Then the second blessing he gave me was to assess the kundalini flow through my chakras. I don’t want to say too much, but from across the table again – about 30 – 45 minutes after giving me the first blessing, he adjusted and cleaned out one of my chakras. And I literally felt like a chiropractor was adjusting the spine at that level of my body! It was crazy! How could he do that without touching me?! I am still amazed months later.

Then he gave me advice as to how to tidy up negative karma on a daily basis (Vajrasattva or Dorje Sempa mantras). He said doing 21 mantras before going to sleep would eliminate the interest accrued on my negative karma for that day. And doing 108 mantras would purify the negative karma from that day.

Next he explained the countless benefits of doing a Tsok feast offering, a.k.a. the Ganachakra feast offering. Especially for people who have taken certain initiations in Tibetan Buddhism. So I started doing those practices on a monthly basis (and I felt the benefits pretty quickly!).

Finally he gave me some suggestions of asanas to work on – specific asanas for each chakra. And I’m pretty sure they have helped to open them, and allow the kundalini energy to flow smoothly through them. I’m not sure when they will be open all the way, but I’m certainly looking forward it! And honestly my mind is already beginning to shift (another Quantum Shift) – I find myself with less worries, more spontaneity and greater presence in the moment!

Thank you for reading!


Offering Dynamic Shiatsu

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Shiatsu is a form of Japanese Acupressure which runs Chi and energy (light) through the client’s meridians leading to relaxation, harmonious energy flow and greater vitality. The pressure used is more firm than traditional acupressure (which primarily works with light touch focusing more on the Chi transfer than the pressure).

I learned Shiatsu in massage school – as I went to a very Chinese Medicine focused massage training program in the sacred Sangre de Christo mountains of Colorado – the Crestone Healing Arts Center. It was interesting though – in massage school Shiatsu was my least favorite modality.

It requires a sharp mind, mindful focus and focused energy work. In Shiatsu we are pushing little spheres of light into the client’s meridian system, which is what leads to such incredible relaxation and in some cases, enhanced chi sensations (more on this later). And Shiatsu is very rhythmic – inhale, shift hand / acu-point positions, exhale, firm pressure in, find a still point, count one-one-thousand, inhale, shift… etc. And we do this for 50 mins or more straight! Running all the 12 Principle Meridians!

So let’s just say in massage school I got nervous and I had trouble maintaining that pace and rhythm for more than 5 or 10 minutes. If the mind of the practitioner starts to drift off, the rhythm changes and the client will probably notice (unless they are in a healing trance which happens quite often these days).

When I got back to Virginia over a year ago, I wasn’t sure if or how much I would use Shiatsu at all, especially considering my cantankerous relationship with it in school. Then I started experimenting with muscle testing my clients to see which modality would be most beneficial for them in that session (consider I offer about eight or nine modalities, this created a quick easy method for assessing what might serve them most). And if I wasn’t sure what modality they would need that day, it invariably nearly always came up as Shiatsu!

So now I offer Shiatsu at least once or twice a week. And it is not my specialty! I would say working with the Vagus Nerve – the Polyvagal System – the Autonomic Nervous System settling and resourcing is my specialty. Along with offering Craniosacral Therapy. Plus I offer Deep Tissue and Hot Stones massages. And if you are regular reader, you would know I have been doing astrology for years (since 2004). So Shiatsu is a little bit lower on the pecking order, and yet I find it to be the most settling, integrating and harmonizing of everything I offer.

If I do a deeper session with someone in the Vagus work, then I usually do one or two sessions without emotional process involved, meaning I will do a pure Craniosacral session (less talking involved) or I will muscle check them to see if Shiatsu or Acupressure would be ideal.

In other words, if someone needs to calm down, I offer Shiatsu. If someone is feeling stressed and anxious, I definitely consider offering Shiatsu. If someone has just gotten back from a long journey and they are jet-lagged, I offer Shiatsu… You get the picture!

Recently, with a few clients, when I do Shiatsu, toward the end of the session, I am sending positive well-wishing toward their pituitary and pineal glands (in the brain). And this means I am imagining light streaming from my hands down into their endocrine glands. And with a couple of clients in particular, who have done a lot of their own personal growth work, something amazing happened!

With one, who has done a ton of yoga and energy work, when I did this, their pituitary gland lit up like a prism and it cascaded the light I was sending to it down in a rainbow colored shower throughout their body! It was incredible! Definitely first time I witnessed that! They commented later that it was the most amazing Shiatsu they had ever received…

And another person, with whom I did a similar type of technique toward the end of the session, I was aware that their Brahma aperture was opening. Afterward I actually commented saying, “You know at the end there, when I was sending light and Chi into your endocrine system, it felt like your skylight was opening. The crown chakra was opening.” And they said, “Yes, that was a weird sensation. I’m glad you mentioned it, it wasn’t just me imagining things.” !!!

Pretty incredible for a modality I almost abandoned! I love Chinese Medicine, in school we had to memorize more than 120 acu-points and I use most of those during a Shiatsu session. First we do the head (face down), then the back, arms, hips, legs – including all the 12 Principle Meridians there (the Lung meridian, the Heart, the Kidney meridian, the Spleen, Stomach, Liver, etc etc). There is even an abdominal portion called Masunaga (named after the creator of it). This can be very powerful as well because most of us sweep uncomfortable emotions under the carpet… and it turns out the abdomen is where those unexpressed emotions end up! Better to shine some light on those shadowy areas than to let them fester and ferment behind walls of repressive psychic energy… (in my humble opinion).

So give Shiatsu a try sometime! It is an amazing modality with therapeutic results. At worst you will be more relaxed. At best, the sky is the limit as far as what you might experience!

Thank you for reading!


P.S. Not to brag too much… You may not get all of these benefits above from all practitioners of Shiatsu… I bring a daily meditation practice, a weekly Qigong session and years of doing personal growth work – cleaning and clearing my meridians and energy channels, allowing a powerful circuit for Chi life-force energy to flow to my clients.

Are Quantum shifts in consciousness possible?

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What is a Quantum Shift in Consciousness? I would define this as a leap forward – probably looking like a giant leap forward for the person involved.

It is fascinating – I am going back through and reading older (as in starting from the beginning) blog posts from here… and ten years ago I was skeptical about the possibility of these Leaps of Consciousness being able to happen.

As an aside, I should mention that I still believe we have to have the causes and conditions in place to have what seem like “magical” shifts in consciousness or leaps of awareness. However, some of these causes and conditions might remain unknown to us, so when a significant leap forward does occur, it can seem like it happened quite suddenly and surprisingly. But maybe, just maybe, we put in the hard work previously.

Are they possible though? Well, now I am a lot less skeptical. Why is this? Because I have had some experiences which make me realize significant leaps forward in consciousness are not only possible, but when the causes and conditions are in place, they could actually be likely!

I will discuss the Birth Process Workshop or Womb Surround setup which is the safest container I have ever encountered for doing personal growth work (and I have been to numerous Buddhist retreats / workshops / teachings etc). I will talk about working with a secret yogi and how giant leaps forward in consciousness might be ready to happen immediately but they are just awaiting the proper conditions to emerge. And occasionally meeting the right people / person will trigger a yearning, a strong desire to grow and shift quite rapidly. Finally I will talk about meeting with an experienced and skillful practitioner can assist with taking a Quantum Leap Forward – in particular I will reference my Somatic Experiencing session that I had three months ago. Okay this is a lot to cover! But here goes…

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First the Womb Surround or Birth Process Workshop. This is from PPN work or Pre- and Perinatal Psychology type of work taught primarily by Ray Castellino and Myrna Martin, although thankfully now more people are beginning to teach in their lineage. This type of workshop is always a small group – usually 5 to 7 participants along with the facilitator / teacher and an assistant. If you can find a workshop with multiple assistants or multiple facilitators that is even more support! And as I mentioned above, this is the single more powerfully supportive structure I have encountered for doing personal growth work.

Why is this high level of safety and containment the case? Two reasons: because there are a series of Principles that everyone involved agrees to abide by and because the facilitators have done their own work and comes with a high degree of knowledge of birth and developmental psychology. These Principles discuss how to achieve high levels of trust and safety and when the group does stick to them, I have seen complete strangers baring some tender and vulnerable material within hours. These groups are very private and very confidential, so that is all I am going to say about what gets processed. However, I am able to speak about my own personal experience in them, which I will mention here:

Just three years ago, I was struggling with an unconscious issue (and now I am a lot clearer about it) involving wanting to be here. Disclaimer: these Process Workshops (with high levels of support and containment) ask some difficult questions at times, when the participant is ready… For instance, Did I want to be born at all? Was I wanted by my parents? Were there some hefty interventions at my birth which disrupted my natural instinctual urges and impulses? (And if so, these disruptions often stick with us for decades until they are named, repaired and processed.)

I attended Myrna Martin’s Summer PPN Intensive Workshop – two weeks of steeping in this profound and potent work. Each week was like a separate Process Workshop – so I attended two back to back! And sure enough, in my turn, I went through acknowledging the difficult topic of not wanting to be here, of experiencing a challenging birth situation and more. My turn lasted for three hours total (including nap time afterward to integrate it all). And I would say that those two weeks were the single most profound time in my life, on in which I took a Quantum Leap Forward in my understanding of my own patterns, where they came from, how to move forward through them and using this information to benefit others. Just Wow!

I should point out that I have been on this spiritual journey since 2002. And since 2005, I have been pushing relatively hard to grow, mature and move through deep uncomfortable tangled suppressed emotions etc. In other words, I have put in significant time on a meditation cushion, in other forms of spiritual practice and in giving / receiving emotional-process-oriented bodywork. I think the more of this type of work we do, the easier Quantum Shifts in Consciousness become. (So keep at it! Gently, kindly, gradually.)

This post is getting a bit long.. so I will add more later in a follow-up post with a similar title.

Thank you for reading!


Annual Parade of Personal Planets Through the 12th House

Hello Dear Readers,

This spring has been a bit of an astrological headache for me. Some days I have been disheartened to be certain. As a matter of fact, there was one day in early May that every transiting planet was making a hard aspect to my Natal Chart (thank goodness for my spiritual practice – the only adverse effect I experienced besides a lot of extra irritability was dealing with a traffic violation). These “difficult” aspects or one might say, learning experiences, include Saturn squaring my Natal Pluto / Moon, Jupiter square my Natal Sun conjunct Neptune and more… Ugh!

And now the Transiting personal planets are beginning to enter my 12th house meaning it is a time of more incubation, inside time and continuing to allow the hatching of more presence, awareness and stability. But assuredly not a time of pushing outwardly to get more clients! (Tr. Mars is currently in my 12th, with the Moon entering it temporarily for its monthly 3 day journey, then Mercury enters soon, followed by the Sun and Venus is not too far behind! Should be quite an interesting two months…)

By the way, please make a contribution to my blogging efforts if you haven’t already! Thank you for supporting my spiritual practice / blogging efforts! If you make a contribution, feel free to pass me along a list of names – I will say healing mantras and pray for you and your loved ones each month. (I do this most days anyway, but having a specific name always helps!)

Needless to say, I am anxious to get my business (bodywork, healing facilitation) off the ground. So far, it has been growing in fits and starts, but since March, I am not getting many new clients (that is the trouble with being a good healing facilitator – we turn over clients every 2-3 months as they start to get better! I jest of course about this being trouble.) I returned from the amazing Taoist Massage School over a year ago which you may want to go back and read the posts for – it was a magical experience! I was there from late Jan – late April 2018. And I was all juiced up from doing Qigong and other forms of Chi cultivation for four to five hours / day… yes you read that correctly! So of course I pushed hard for new clients and was all geared up for learning new massage techniques.

It is funny though how when Saturn comes along and makes a hard aspect to Pluto, or in my case to both Pluto and the Moon, we can suddenly start to second guess ourselves as obstacles begin to show up that weren’t there before. In my case, these are mostly inner obstacles. I am not 100% certain what to focus on in my practice (I only offer about 10 modalities…) I don’t know if / when / what I should teach – I do want to teach soon, but just not sure what. Many questions and few answers right now. I am struggling to rest patiently and confidently in “I-don’t-know” mind.

Which is why I sat earlier and wrote out a new intention for my meditation. I want to clear my mind, settle my nervous system and purify karmic obscurations AND asked, “Where should I put my energy?” and “How can I best be of service to sentient beings and rest in ease-full abundance?”

I was surprised (not that I should be by this point) to get an answer in the form of a vision pretty quick. I saw the space around my clients and around my appointments being vacant, almost void like. And I was swiftly reminded of one of my aspirations for 2019 – that is to Fill My Container and to quickly Patch Any Leaks in it. So that is my next mission…

More practice, more inner orientation (at least for another 5-6 weeks) and more weeding out thoughts / conduct that take me out of having an open loving heart. It is a lifelong process – especially for those of us with deeply ingrained habits and patterns of dissociative behavior (in my case, it took the form of computer games and reading / writing fantasy stories). Slowly leaning into support, learning more about the nervous system, resting down, slowing down, spending more time in nature, eating well, etc. Doing the inner weeding is worth it though!

Most years I typically dread the summer time. And I am a Leo Rising who loves the sun and swimming and going to the beach, etc! I believe this sense of dread has to do with the annual parade of personal planets through my 12th house (which always starts around late June if not sooner – at least for Sun, Mercury and Venus). As I increase my inner stability, increase inner light and repair / release more and more shadow material, then this time will only get easier. Thank goodness that change is guaranteed! 🙂

Thank you for reading!


Thoughts moving through re: teaching astrology classes

Hello Dear Readers!

I have recently been doing more astrology interpretations – of a number of sorts: some Pre- and Perinatal focused astrology, some Timing and a few Natal Astrology sessions. All falling under the Spiritual Astrology umbrella (psychological, karmic, birth psychology, Western, Eastern philosophy ingredients).

And I just wanted to mention that I am considering putting together some astrology classes. I would probably teach online via Zoom – as they have a nice recording device imbedded in their system! Then I could put the classes on my site or on DropBox and have people access them when they pay.

Leave a comment if you might be interested!

Thank you for reading!


When Healing Paths Converge

About once a year or so, I publish a post of this type…

If you have a burning question about a topic I have covered in the past – ranging from emotional-process-oriented-bodywork (including CST, Somatic Experiencing, Working the Polyvagal System and Birth Process Work) to Spiritual Astrology (where my specialties are Natal Western Astrology, Karmic, Evolutionary, Relationship Astrology and Timing Aspects) and even blending these two – I am slowly getting research compiled regarding Pre- and Perinatal Astrology and the Astrology of the Autonomic Nervous System.

And by the way, in my own chart, I have Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron all making hard aspects in my personal Natal chart, so I particularly enjoy unpacking these hefty subjects. Oh and I am a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner (meaning I fumble and bumble around in an attempt to meditate), so feel free to ask about the intersection of any of these areas.

I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Feel free to make a donation if you are able to:

You can also visit my site to schedule an Astrology Interpretation here:

Some days I have time to respond and write. And other days I feel very inspired. It is possible however that your question will be my muse.

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Uranus in Taurus, how to best integrate these uncomfortable bed fellows

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Transiting Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus. It just arrived in this sign in 2018, so it will be sticking around through 2025 or so. Taurus is the sign of matter, of materialism, of values and it is the sensual side of Venus.

Uranus is the planet which represents the higher octave of Mercury. So it is all about intuition, ingenuity and creativity – Uranus definitely thinks outside-the-box. Uranus is all about liberation – the truth shall set you free. This is why it rules Aquarius. The truth is that when we take care of others, we are invariably benefiting ourselves. Aquarians know this innately, which is why they typically are more concerned with movements that benefit their neighbors, community or regions.

If you know astrology well, you know that Uranus exalts in Scorpio. The sign of exaltation is where the planet is very comfortable expressing its energy and manifestation. In Scorpio, we find a detective-like perseverance. Scorpio loves to get to the bottom of things. And with the intuitive and enhanced vision of Uranus manifesting through the strength, fortitude and resilience of Scorpio, it can produce great positive results!

Which brings us to Uranus in Taurus. This is where Uranus falls. It is opposite its exaltation. This is the sign where the planet feels a little out-of-sorts, contracted, a circular peg being hammered into a triangular hole as it were. Why is this?

Because Uranus is uncomfortable manifesting in the realm of matter. It would much rather put its intuition to solid use imagining better solutions, solving ahead-of-the-curve and outside-the-box problems and Uranus’ creativity is different from the sensual creativity of Taurus. Taureans love to create something tangible – “I made this pottery” or “look at that beautiful sculpture!” Uranus is all about the mad scientist creating innovative equations for solving the world’s energy crisis or discovering where the fashion trends will be 20 years from now. It can be quite intangible. There is a saying that Uranus’ vision is from 30,000 feet – like viewing things from an airplane, whereas Sagittarius views things from a moderately high mountain top. Uranus is the most visionary of all the energies.

How do we work positively with this current energy? Uranus in the home of Venus (which rules Taurus)?

Bear with me here… For starters, we must practice efficacious self care which begins the process of deeper embodiment. This is what Taurus is all about – can I be in my body? Can I sense further and deeper subtleties about being as a body? Maybe this looks like yoga (which you modify so you get enjoyment out of it). Maybe this is receiving regular bodywork – massage or craniosacral therapy for instance. Perhaps you prefer a regular Qigong or Tai Chi session. For others it is different kinds of stretching. Maybe it looks like dance or swimming… And then if we add meditation to this practice of self care, then we can start to unite these to uncomfortable energies.

Uranus is all about liberation from suffering, liberation from confusion, liberation from distorted emotions. But how do we discover these forms of liberation? Through working with a skillful practitioner or meditation teacher. Looking into an authentic spiritual practice or path – what do we feel a strong connection to? Working with the nervous system through Vagus nerve work or Somatic Experiencing can start the process of untying inner knots. Where do we find resource? Where do we actually move toward gradual progress and growth?

How can we both be in our body and in touch with Higher Selves? Easy – by going slow, being gentle, being kind, softening our edges and by putting the advice into play that I mention above – some form of physical self care (moving toward embodiment) blended with an efficacious spiritual practice (meditation would definitely help). We want to work to heal and resource and build resilience in our nervous system. Then we are speaking the language of Uranus – which along with Mercury rules the nervous system.

The only thing to mention is, if someone has a tendency to day dream, to check out, to numb out, to dissociate, then meditation for them might simply be a recapitulation of this pattern. They would do best working with a skillful bodyworker for a while – and Birth Process Work (PPN Work), Craniosacral Therapy and / or Vagus system work would be very beneficial.

Some of you dear readers may not want to hear this… but my Tibetan Lamas (sublime meditation teachers) have said that people who have extreme emotions or dysregulated nervous systems basically have a difficult time with meditation. When they go to meditate for instance, their paranoia (or anxiety or worries or dissociative tendencies) float right up to the surface. We have to settle our nervous systems first. Establish a solid foundation upon which to build the secure palace of a robust and resilient meditation practice! With all this said however, do attempt to meditate if you feel at all drawn to it! Saying aspirational prayers and setting powerful intentions will start the ball rolling in the right direction!

It is possible. But it will not happen overnight – this is why we go slowly, gradually building upon previous accomplishments. Allowing the body (and nervous system) to digest the work we are doing.

In conclusion, Uranus in Taurus can be a beautiful time of inner and outer work. It might even be a time of tangible creativity – where we get the best of both worlds! Visionary sculptures? We can work with both themes – tangible and intangible, the realms of visionary creative thought and being in our body. We can hopefully put Uranus’ vision and intuition to use best by tidying up our inner blockages and knots. When we start to connect on a regular basis with our Higher Self, then we will automatically get the best from our astrology chart. Whether a planet is exalting in a sign or falling! This is what Uranus demands from us – be in our truth, be in our power, be in our body and be in our intuitive centers.

Thank you for reading!


Jupiter Saturn building steam, authenticity

This material is copyrighted by M Kirby Moore. Thank you for visiting! Please do not copy without permission. Enjoy your time here!

I am very blessed. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will see that I (Kirby) have had my fair share of unusual or sacred or extraordinary experiences. Case in point… I just assisted in a weekend Womb Surround Birth Process Workshop where participants feel very safe to work on deep, early material. It is in fact the most supportive container I have ever encountered (and I have done a lot of Buddhist retreats / teachings / practice groups etc). To keep that more private and confidential and therefore more safe, I will say less (of course).

Then tonight I led a dream group where I got to participate in an unusual and sacred rite of sorts. A dream was shared, and moved, and embodied and sacred transmission occurred…

Which leads me to the topic at hand. Astrology and the current state of affairs: Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius, along with Saturn in Capricorn (flirting with Pluto for now), and Neptune is working its way through Pisces.

It feels to me like this is the time when we are being asked to come more into our truth, to embody our power, to speak truth to power, to offer support and assistance where we can. To slowly and skillfully melt the icy tendrils of fear around our hearts and to offer a more open, compassionate, grounded presence to those around us.

We are getting ready for something to come to a head. Next year, beginning in early 2020 (February is when it starts to become stronger), Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be within 4 or 5 degrees of each other. This is a rare, powerful conjunction – which only happens once or twice a century.

It is time to clear out the old. The old fears and bitterness of maga are hopefully on their way out. That level of overloaded, overworked internal organs is making people sick. Time to lean into clarity, truth and support. There is hope. Time to do what we can to have a clearer connection to our Higher Selves and therefore to be able to fully trust our inner voice.

I see dozens of young people who are hungry for true self care. They are thirsty for wisdom teachings. I don’t have a lot to offer yet, but I make that aspiration. May I be a stable foundation upon which people can discover respite and resource.

Old patterns are on their way out now. The old fears represented by Capricorn’s harsh shadow are beginning to melt. The climate-first attitude of Sagittarian’s natural wisdom can be seen in numerous protests and election victories of Green candidates.

The question is, can we get the best of Capricorn’s ingenuity, building, efficiency and structure? Will we let go of this competitive, fear of lack mentality which is currently gripping a good portion of Western culture?

I pray the day arrives (swiftly) that hate-mongering, fear-spraying media is no longer watched. No longer taken into account. Time for us to stand on our own two feet and to sense into our innate wisdom. What is healthy for me? What helps me to rest down into steady alignment of head, heart and pelvis?

Will I choose the path of community, of caring, of ease and abundance? Or will I choose to do things the way my ancestors did them, the Great-Depression-orientation of “we must always be ready for the worst” (in other words, we must contract our brainstems in fear as we assume the worst)?

I would suggest bringing a realistic, pragmatic optimism to bear. When we lean into our healthy ancestors, when we trust the wisdom company which is around each of us, when we begin to establish secure connection to our Higher Selves… then hope, faith and positive surprises are the norm!

Examine your life. Examine your personality. Sense into your body. If we discover any chronically contracted areas, then this is calling out for extra support. Get the help we need and begin to move forward! The world needs us in our greatest manifestation of clarity and potency. This is our time.

Thank you for reading!


amidst busy month, blessings abound, romance in the air

I am writing this post about a relationship I have been in for several months.

Back in March, I wrote a little about how she made my birthday one of the best I have ever had. She wrote a love song to me, about me and then proceeded to serenade me with it! What?! On top of that, she bought me delicious dinner and we went out to a great concert! So that was one of my most memorable birthdays, at least in the past 25 years!

So not to be outdone, I wanted her to have one of the best birthdays – because I care about her deeply (and her effort for mine makes it easier for me to reciprocate!). Therefore I booked an Air B & B location west of Staunton Virginia, in the beautiful rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley. The B&B that I got was expensive (for me anyway – $220 / night for all fees etc) but it turns out it was well worth the cost. The owners did not spare any expense – they had high quality organic snacks available, the fridge was stocked with drinks, the bath and shower products were top notch. And to top it all off, they had a pool, hot tub and a deep soaker tub! Whoa!

We tried to get there early to take advantage of all these amenities. Warming up in the sun by playing outdoor ping pong was fun. Then we hopped from the pool to the hot tub several times. That was quite the healing phenomenon! We ate delicious Mexican style tacos with carne asada. And I had been writing love poems for her on origami paper, which I folded into little cranes. So about once an hour, she took another crane and opened it – there were a total of 14 or so? Which meant she took several home to open on her own. That was pretty special, either my reading them to her, or her to me. I love feeling my love being reflected and reciprocated back to me. It is so easy to be generous in a relationship when it helps me be in my heart so much more fully! Hashtag inspired 🙂

Then the following day we went for a hike at Ramsey’s Draft – which purportedly has old growth forest way back in it. However, we did not have the energy or the hiking-with-packs-practice to hike 12 – 14 miles round trip in an afternoon. Instead we did a ridge hike that had some incredible views looking out toward Highland County – which is also gorgeous by the way! (We took a little detour over there by accident getting out to Ramsey’s Draft. Do not trust Google Maps directions for “Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness” – it will take you to a dead end about 20 minutes past where you want to be.)

Next time we will go back with camping gear and proper supplies to hike in to the back of the wilderness area the first day. And then hike back out the next. I do want to hug a 300 year old old-growth Hemlock or Ash tree! The Sequoias of the East?

This new relationship has me thinking. About life, about my future, our future hopefully. And also about what I want to be when I grow up. It sounds crazy (because it is), I am 40 years old and I am still questioning what I am doing with my life. I am a talented healing facilitator, I can resource a traumatized nervous system with the best of them, and I am a competent astrologer. But I still haven’t found “it” yet. That which grabs me, ignites my passion and makes me say, “This is what I want to do with the rest of my life.” I pray I can be of more consistent benefit to sentient beings than I am currently and be appropriately reciprocated for it.

It seems I am on the verge of something big spiritually / emotionally / psychologically. Up to this point in my life, I have had the mistaken (I know this cognitively but something deep within still has fear) view that in order to have money, I have work my butt off. I have to work very hard for any little thing I get. In other words, I succumb to a popular view that the concept of lack (of abundance) is how the world is and I have to scratch and scrape for every little morsel and scrap I can get. And I have made a few financial mistakes – but nothing major – in my life and I am human and might make a few more mistakes. Sometimes I wonder if I want money at all – is there an aversion? But we need it to survive and especially to thrive. I do want to support a family soon, of my own. I want to take my new family to Hawai’i to show them my birthplace. So I need money. I am really tired of not having anything tucked away for retirement. Yet even if I am relatively poor, I have love in my heart, for me, for her, a beautiful co-created generous warm-heart-embodying relationship. What else do I need? While this deep inner pattern works to re-organize, I will be leaning into this blossoming partnership I have discovered. Love is all there is. Money is energy. Gotta love ourselves first!

May it be so for all sentient beings!

Thank you for reading,