an inspiring book (Tibetan Buddhism)

Every once in a while (or in my case, several times a year), I come across a rare book in Tibetan Buddhism which I wonder how it made its way to the public. Personally I am very inspired by some Dharma stories of previous Tibetan Masters – like Dzo Khyentse Rinpoche or his student, PatrulContinue reading “an inspiring book (Tibetan Buddhism)”

Ri Wo Sang Chod (Mountain of Burnt Offerings)

Had a good time this evening on Afton Mountain at a friend’s house. I led a practice of Ri Wo Sang Chod, which is a bit of a shamanic practice: making offerings to countless beings, most of whom are unknown and unseen. This vast generosity practice helps to purify negative karma or at least karmicContinue reading “Ri Wo Sang Chod (Mountain of Burnt Offerings)”