Working on Protocol for “New Modality”

I just completed a weekend of working with a medicine woman here at Massage School. We started chatting about what I offer… and the list started growing long (not to brag or boast – I have been learning bodywork since 2003 – simply what is). She has taken several levels of BodyTalk – a modalityContinue reading “Working on Protocol for “New Modality””

Change what goes into your body

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Thanks for visiting! A post about healthy lifestyle, diet¬† and the little things we can do to stay healthy.¬† By the way (my disclaimer), I do not claim to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose any disease – rather this blog isContinue reading “Change what goes into your body”

Flu season – once sick, what to do?

Continuing the storyline of staying healthy and avoiding the flu, Kirby has written a post about avoiding the causes of sickness, considering Chinese Herbs, homeopathic remedies, the proper (and humorous) use of a neti pot, steaming with essential oils, the Amethyst Bio Mat and medical astrology.