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Hello dear readers,

I am excited to gradually be getting my business started! I am also getting unpacked (both physically and psycho-spiritually) from my amazing Journey West for the mystical and potent Massage School that I just completed. Not to mention beginning to study for the Massage National Licensing Exam… (I’m busy!)

And I need people to practice these incredible bodywork modalities on. Even people who don’t live in Virginia – I can offer distance Acupressure treatments (this is a give what you can session). We learned Asian Bodywork (Shiatsu and Jin Shin Acupressure), Swedish Massage, Integrated Reflexology (hand and mainly foot), Passive Stretching and Hot Stones Massage.

I just got a set of Hot Stones yesterday – they are presently going through a ritual of cleansing and soaking up the Full Moon’s rays before the stones will be ready for treatments in a few days! Also exciting!

Here is a link to sign up for my Newsletter, which I will send out in a couple weeks:

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By the way, I am offering an incentive – for every 25 people who sign up for my Newsletter, I will give a complimentary bodywork treatment each week to a random subscriber (up to 4 max for the month of May)! So sign up now and get in the running to receive a gifted treatment.

To schedule a treatment, click on this link:

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Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to sharing these great modalities with you!

~Kirby Moore


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Back home!

I had quite a quick journey across the country, exhausting yet beautiful.

There was solar Chi Kung in Kansas,

Tree Chi Kung in Indiana,

and Water Chi Kung on the border of Virginia and West Virginia.

I can’t wait to share what little I know here in central Virginia.

I have had a rebirth of sorts. Massage school was basically beyond description – a Heaven and Earth school, a mystery school of sorts. Some of the teachings were esoteric in the midst of an entry level massage training – which of course included Asian Bodywork.

So I am going to take a week or so to digest, to look back over my notes, to unpack my car, unpack my heart and to practice various modalities on friends and family. I am only asking for a donation – $40-60 which is a deal because we were well trained 🙂

I can also offer distant Acupressure sessions as I want to practice that too. Let me know if you are interested in an in-person or distant treatment.

Curiosity arises when I wonder what my practice will look like here – will I need to work in a spa one or two days a week? We will see! It’s exciting.

I most look forward to bringing the sacred spirituality of Crestone Colorado back to Virginia. There is something really truly remarkable about that little town – you go there to work on your stuff whether you want to or not. And in the presence of a teacher like we had, then your inner work gets accelerated. All for the good. I look forward to sharing more soon.


Here are photos of the Rockfish Valley, Afton Virginia (I’m home!) Yay!!

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I just completed a weekend of working with a medicine woman here at Massage School. We started chatting about what I offer… and the list started growing long (not to brag or boast – I have been learning bodywork since 2003 – simply what is).

She has taken several levels of BodyTalk – a modality where we muscle test to see what is the priority for the client. It is a comprehensive and complex modality. I have only taken the first level – BodyTalk Access which was insightful and where I learned some beneficial techniques! Plus I have been fortunate enough to receive at least several dozen BodyTalk sessions from exchanging with a friend who has taken all the Advanced Courses in it. Therefore I feel like I have some knowledge of the protocol and the muscle testing for what is a priority.

I mention all that because I am now working on a protocol for a Kirby’s Modality BodyTalk style protocol. It is pretty crazy all that I can offer – especially with the half dozen or more modalities I am learning here in Massage School!

Oh – and I told the medicine woman about my conversation with my Tibetan Lama, Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen – a clairvoyant and exceptionally clear and lucid spiritual teacher. When my main bodywork teacher, Janet Evergreen, asked him about what she should call all that she does, he didn’t miss a beat saying, “Process Buddhism.” Now I pretty much offer most of what Janet does (having studied with her since 2005), so the medicine woman here said that I better add “Process Buddhism” to my protocol! 🙂

In case you are wondering, here is my list so far of what I offer: 5-Elements (Chinese Medicine basics), Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Work, Pre- and Perinatal Therapy (and Education), Visceral Manipulation, other Process-oriented Bodywork, BodyTalk Access techniques, Zapchen Somatics, Kundalini Yoga Kriya, Chi Kung advice, Tai Chi basics, Acupressure, Swedish Massage, Hot Stones Integrated Treatment, Herbal Wrap, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Working with Essential Oils, Buddha-Dharma teachings (I am only able to share the basics but this is enough for most clients), Spiritual Astrology, Medical Astrology, Non-Violent Communication, Conflict Resolution Techniques, Process Buddhism would  fall under several other categories.

It looks like I definitely need to narrow this down! Or at least find an efficient way to muscle test and get a category pretty quickly. I might need to delete several items off my list.. time will tell!

I will keep working on this when I have time (we have 3 tests this week and we are preparing to teach Kundalini Yoga – not as a yoga teacher, just as a check mark to make certain we understand K. Yoga).

Thank you for reading!

Have a beautiful Spring day / evening,



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I received this incredible Hot Stones massage / treatment two nights ago and it moved me, seriously, I definitely felt a strong connection to those stones! This technique was created by a shaman here in Colorado. Although there are a number of similarities to the La Stones treatment (as all Hot Stone massages would be).

The shaman’s name is Christopher Beaver. He is very reclusive and keeps his shamanic work out of the mainstream media and off-line. But when he was a child, I think the story goes something like 5-years-old, he started speaking in a strange dialect. His parents had no clue what he was saying. After taking him (their child) to many linguistic professors and speech therapists, eventually someone said what he was speaking sounded like it was Native American (which could be one of several hundred languages!).

The story continues by saying that his parents took him to dozens of tribes and councils with no luck – no one knew what language this child was speaking. Eventually (a couple years later), they took him to a Choctaw council. Christopher spoke and none of the chiefs or elders present knew what he was saying. But apparently another elder showed up the next day and listened to the child speak in his rare dialect. The elder said that what he was speaking was not today’s version of the language but that the elder recognized that Christopher was speaking a dialect of Choctaw from 300 years ago.

It was eventually determined that Christopher was the reincarnation of a well-known Choctaw medicine man from 300 years ago or more. And it was eventually discovered that he could go into trance and discover answers to people’s questions that he had no reason to know.

Therefore, early in his 20’s, Christopher started taking on students. He teaches in many varied manners and he is interested in many things – artwork, jewelry-making, philosophy, shamanism (obviously), Buddhism, etc.

One such teaching that he gave was to one of the teachers here at the Massage School I am attending. In fact, she is the main teacher of this method now – Christopher sends people to her if they want to learn this technique.

The technique involves the use of Hot Stones, Swedish Massage techniques, Essential Oils and Acupressure knowledge – working with the meridians from Chinese Medicine and the Chakras.

She gave me this treatment two nights ago. And it rocked my world – I had visions, I stayed awake the entire time, I had an amazing array of dreams that night (I somehow remembered six dreams and wrote them all down – a high number for me) and I felt so so clear that night and following day. The treatment only lasted 75 minutes or so from the time she put hands on to hands off – 90 minutes including in-take and brief chat afterward.

Oh – and I had treated a client earlier that day who has Parkinson’s and it drained me a bit to work with him for 90 minutes. Great guy – I am just very sensitive and at times I am a bit of an empath, so I took on a bit of what may not have been mine. After the Hot Stones treatment, I felt completely rejuvenated and clear!

I am SO looking forward to learning this method. A friend has said she will gift me some hot stones when I get back to Virginia in a month plus. And I am very excited to practice this technique once I get the stones! 🙂

Let me know if you live in Virginia and are interested in having me practice on you. I will charge a reduced rate for the first 10 sessions I give. After that, I will be charging at least $150 for a 90 minute treatment because we have to wash the stones after each treatment and then soak them in Epson Salts. Plus these sessions also use expensive Essential Oils and Oil Blends. But even at $200, I would pay this in a heart beat to receive this treatment again!

Thank you for reading,


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Hello dear readers!

I have been busy with Oral Exams for the past few days – as in this crazy intense massage school is made even more rigorous because during orals we don’t get a breakfast or lunch break. For instance, this morning, I was making salmon salad as I discussed the benefits of treating the chi and blood in the Triple Warmer meridian! I had to be present as well for the two people who came before me, meaning I only showered twice this week! (Because in the evening I am busily working on outlines and refining my wording for each question!)

So, one post I want to discuss has to do with the benefits of knowing just the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Seriously, it has made some changes in me – just having this knowledge! Not to mention all the bodywork, the Chi Kung, Kundalini Yoga and Tai Chi we are doing… It has to do with the benefits of taking care of the kidneys (and more).

The second post is also tied into my oral exam material (we are learning awesome stuff here – see my previous posts for a lot more on that). I want to write about how my Enneagram analysis (of my personality type) is correlated with my personal astrology interpretation – if there is time.

I am starting to get more astrology clients which is great. I can easily do Skype and FaceTime sessions from here – so if you are interested, let me know! 434. 465. 0603 or email me at mkirbymoore [at] gmail

Thanks for reading! More to follow soon (should be within a week)!


Spiritual Astrology Special

One Hour Astrology Interpretation. Get your Astrological birth chart interpreted from a Spiritual / Karmic / Evolutionary perspective. You name the topic (area of the chart) and we can dive in - these are some possible areas to look at: Timing Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Medical Astrology, Natal Astrology, Psychological Astrology. Thank you!


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Here are various pictures from around Crestone Colorado

I love the snow being blown up into the sky by the strong winds! (Some of Crestone’s 13K+ peaks) Less snow now in March. They had a very odd winter – very little snowfall.

There is a large stupa just south of Crestone. Just follow Baca Grande road to its end, then be on the lookout for what looks like a driveway – that is Dream Road which will take you several miles later to this large beautiful stupa which is dedicated to the 16th Karmapa.

While heading to the Crestone Ziggurat today, I happened upon (yet another) Dharma center with a stupa! The Padmasambhava stupa. It is smaller than the Karmapa stupa above. But it was still fun to circumambulate and see rows of prayer flags in the desert!

When the Karmapa (the 16th) came to Crestone in 1980, he had a vision of a large community of monastics and lay practitioners. He envisioned a medical institute, a small monastery and a large group of lay practitioners. At that time, 200 acres were given to him for this project and since then I think another 100 or more acres have been donated. So far, they have a Dharma center, the large stupa and several retreat cabins.

Also on their land, is a Zoroastrian structure, the Crestone Ziggurat (below). It was fun to visit. The winds were whipping and gusting like crazy though, so I had to crawl up to the top. The view was pretty grand though – 360 degrees around the San Luis valley. Including a view of the Sand Dunes Nat’l Park to the south. The dunes were in a frenzy of sand storm madness as the winds reshaped the parks features.


Donation to Kirby’s blogging efforts

Hi dear Readers, Help me buy tea so I can continue blogging. So if you enjoy what you are reading, please make a little donation. Thank you very much!



1 Hour Coaching Session

Kirby offers a one hour session to discuss, explore and support your healing process. He utilizes information from various wisdom traditions - Spiritual Astrology (including Medical Astrology), holistic bodywork modalities, Birth Process Work and Energy Medicine. Both in person and long distance sessions offered.


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Dear friends and family – loved ones!
This is long.. maybe read in increments? ❤
I arrived at school on Sunday. I brought so much stuff (being prepared for arctic-like temps which haven’t come around yet) etc. For instance, I am the only student who brought a printer – so let’s just say I am going to be very popular and have some delicious food cooked for me as a result!
Anyway.. it took me about 5 hours to fully unpack my car and move into my temporary home.. I was out of my comfort zone at first, fortunately it only took 2-3 days to get into a rhythm and settled. At first, I had a 36-hour headache from the altitude and I was eating about 4 meals a day worth of food. That has improved now too – eating a normal amount (for me) and my head is doing much better. We are at 8,500 ft here at the Dojo (school).
On Saturday, on arriving in Crestone (where I have zero cell reception), I promptly visited a Buddhist stupa – a holy sacred-geometric building that houses relics and other sacred substances. Crestone (population 2,000 ppl) has at least three of these buildings that I know of. For perspective, Charlottesville & surrounding area (100K+) only has one or two. That was awesome – I met an interesting German family there.
Then I went to my new friend’s (Juniper) house where I spent that night. He is an awesome dude who built his own house and he is of great service to his friends and the massage school. I will take pictures of his house soon and share them – let’s just say that he has a green house with a wood stove under it – which is also a sauna. Very creative unique straw-bale designed house.
Then I went to visit the larger more remote stupa, up on the mountain slope. On my way to that stupa, I saw a sign for a Buddhist retreat center and made a beautiful pit-stop there. The care-taker gave me tea and a tour and I sat in their beautiful shrine room for close to an hour. (In case you haven’t noticed, Crestone has retreat centers of many flavors ALL OVER the place.) I promised to come back for their practices on Sundays.
Finally I got on the path toward the large stupa. The road turned gravel, and soon that turned to large rocky gulleys with snow and ice to spare! If I wasn’t so dedicated to seeing this thing, I would have turned around in a heart beat – imagine my little Toyota Corolla all loaded down with stuff trying to navigate a 4-wheel-drive mountain road… Yeah, it was worth it though! Such a breath-taking vista, the sun was setting, and they have retreatants who are there year-round doing solitary practice! Very holy area in my humble opinion.
School – whoa. I wish I could describe what is happening here on many different levels and dimensions, but you might not believe me if I tried.
Let’s just say that we study Chinese medicine, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Kundalini Yoga, acupressure and Jin Shin Do (a trade marked version of acupressure). And we have only completed day 4 !!! Wow!
I already know about 75 acupressure / acupuncture points and how to work with them. Thank goodness I knew some of this material coming in. Wow wow Wow! I love it – the school is intentionally set up to stir the pot of all of us students and give us the tools to contain and process the emotional detritus that arises. It is a wild process and an extremely transformative journey (I surmise).
I love the group I am with. 4 males and 6 female students. Half of the students are young – under 29. The other half ranges from 29 – 43. Mostly all from West of the Mississippi – but very diverse – CA, Montana, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri.
I am staying in a house with the only student older than I. She is nice and we study and eat together at dinner time. She’s from Romania, married, no kids, quite a character. We have known each other before, so we quickly have become friends.
We begin each day at 7 am with Chi Kung or Yoga. Have a few breaks throughout the day, and end at 6-6:30 pm! Long days – which feel extremely long because they are. Four days of training has literally felt like weeks already. Maybe we will end up packing a year into 12-weeks? 😀
Getting late here. Will say more.
Believe it or not, the intensive format of the program here makes nursing school pale in comparison. Thank goodness this is just 12 weeks long.
Wishing you all very well and thank you gratefully for your support!

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