Embodiment and the Buddhadharma

This might be a little sacrilegious…  but I want to share these thoughts nonetheless.  I want to preface what I am going to say with the fact that I am, deep in my heart, a Buddhist practitioner.  I have a strong connection with Tibetan lamas from the Drikung Kagyu, Nyingma and Gelugpa lineages.  Also, IContinue reading “Embodiment and the Buddhadharma”

Consciousness and moving forward

I had a much better day today (than yesterday).  This could be the effects to two (different modalities) bodywork treatments in two days.  It could also be that I spent time with more good company today as well. The most fascinating aspect of today is this: I quit nursing school recently.  A part of meContinue reading “Consciousness and moving forward”

artwork December 2016

kirby_lion kirby_circles I did some assisted painting and coloring (most of the black lines were already on the canvas) recently.  I think they both turned out pretty good.  The art took me 30 – 40 hours per piece.  I had soothing (Craig Pruess) mantras playing when I did the mandalas (circles) piece.  Maybe it shows?Continue reading “artwork December 2016”

further thoughts on winter retreat 2016

If you have not read my previous post (yet) I would recommend doing that as this is a continuation of that thread. One of the questions or recollections to ponder after doing the 8 Jhanas practice is, what insights arose?  What were they? I don’t think I had any profound insights (but the more youContinue reading “further thoughts on winter retreat 2016”

Winter Retreat 2016

Every winter, my friend and mentor and bodywork teacher and coach, Janet Evergreen hosts a retreat for 10 days at her Sanctuary space.  Last year, I was going through a tough stretch and I did not make it to much, if any of that retreat, which I would later regret. I say that because thisContinue reading “Winter Retreat 2016”

Asking for donations to keep this blog going

Hello my dear readers, I have been more active in blogging in days past, but I hope to continue to post juicy articles on Astrology, Emotional-process-oriented bodywork, Craniosacral therapy and the Buddha-Dharma.  I am staying busy with nursing school, so perhaps there will be some posts from that genre as well. I am asking forContinue reading “Asking for donations to keep this blog going”

Post PPN training: Mercury Retrograde, expanded mind, realistic capacity

As my readers may know, I recently returned from an edifying and serene and resourcing trip to Canada – British Columbia – where I learned more about pre- and perinatal psychology and birth process work. During that training, my heart expanded along with my perceived capacity to get stuff done when I came back intoContinue reading “Post PPN training: Mercury Retrograde, expanded mind, realistic capacity”

the environs of the PPN training were ideal

The setting for the summer intensive is quite idyllic.  Peaceful, fog shrouded mornings, followed by mountain-breeze-filled, sunny afternoons, pleasant evenings with chilly nights.  I will try to post pictures soon. For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time, I did training with Myrna Martin and there were 12 of usContinue reading “the environs of the PPN training were ideal”