Process Buddhism in action (potent bodywork)

If you are curious about what Process Buddhism is, then please go back to previous posts from December of 2008.  I attempt to describe this complex topic there.  Process Buddhism has elements from psychotherapy, Buddha-Dharma (Vajrayana), bodywork and trauma resolution among other potent, efficacious modalities. Over the past few months, I had been suffering fromContinue reading “Process Buddhism in action (potent bodywork)”

Spiritual Processing, Craniosacral Therapy class, cutting cords with love

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting!  If you want to support my blogging efforts you can click on the ads below or you can visit to purchase Astrology Interpretations and see what else I offer. For anyone new to my blog, in additionContinue reading “Spiritual Processing, Craniosacral Therapy class, cutting cords with love”