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Overview – this post will blend spiritual awareness of higher states of being with the experience of Craniosacral Therapy (CST). I have been practicing CST since 2005 (biodynamic CST and biomechanics CST), I have done lots of meditation, attended multiple Dharma teachings and retreats and done a number of Womb Surround Birth Process Workshops. In other words, I have a unique background as a spiritual practitioner and bodyworker.

What is Craniosacral Therapy? There are two lineages (primarily – although there are also classes taught by osteopaths as in cranial osteopathy): biodynamic CST and biomechanical CST.

What is Biodynamic CST? This is more recent of the two. It comes from the principle that everyone has inherent health in their systems. There is even an inherent health plan in our being. And as practitioner, we connect to this inherent health – the health which is never lost. We reinforce it, strengthen it, spend time with it, nurture it and provide a safe container for it to become more robust. This is the more subtle of the two systems which has its benefits and drawbacks.

My personal preference these days is Biodynamic CST hands down! The altered state you get into when your Cranial Rhythm goes into long tide (the most regenerative of the 3 rhythms) is indescribable. It is liquid potency, warm, clarity, luminous, robust, healing, boundary-strengthening, etc. So potent!

What is Biomechanical CST? Primarily started by DO John Upledger, this system has protocols where the practitioner shifts parts of the body – whether diaphragms in the torso, bones in the pelvis or cranial bones – while the client often goes into a healing trance. Less subtle of the two types, but it has its benefits – especially with working with first time CST clients. (They do not benefit from the extremely subtle work right away.) Some types of birth trauma benefit more from biomechanical CST as well.

Having access to both lineages of CST is helpful – then we have more tools to work with different types of individuals!

Resonance – Resonance is the ability of a practitioner to feel in their body what a client is noticing in their own body. Over time, this begins to happen. Especially if we are doing our own work, leading a clean and healthy lifestyle and keeping our psycho-spiritual body in harmony. As one of my teacher’s says, “get your hands on a 1000 bodies as a bodyworker and you would be surprised how much you can feel.” This allows me to track what is happening in my client’s bodies as we are doing the session. (It also allows me to make certain that they are staying present with the session if that is their intention. Dissociation has a certain feel to it and I can bring people back if they start to check out.) I must admit, it is fun to notice this next part happening for my clients – because then it is almost always a spiritual experience as well as a pleasant and healing bodywork session.

What is the brahma aperture? 8 finger widths above the hairline, the 7th chakra, it signifies connection to Source and greater intuition. Let’s unpack this a bit. The brahma aperture is the crown chakra, the heavenly gate. It is the “door” we want to leave through at the time of death – which leads to higher rebirths. As it is connected to the pineal gland, it is highly associated with our innate intuition and guidance, along with our connection to Source and our Higher Selves. We want to have this gate open.

However, there are many reasons why this gate is closed off. It can be physical – one aspect of the compression of birth is that the vomer bone gets jammed up (the bone above the hard palate in the mouth leading up toward that said crown chakra). It can be emotional – if we learn to sweep emotions under the carpet and continue to do so into our adult years, then there is a good chance we are not willing to see aspects of the truth, we are not willing to face our truth, which keeps our Higher Self effectively hidden. It is also closed for psycho-spiritual reasons – if we have a significant amount of negative karma, we must work to purify said karma before we can hope to open this heavenly gate. One way of doing that purification is through meditation or chanting mantras (having an appropriate spiritual guide is necessary for both of these to be efficacious).

CST – both Biodynamic and Biomechanical – can lead to the opening of the brahma aperture. Now, this is not a light concept that I am presenting. This has amazing ramifications – so read on! I’m not saying CST will open our central channel (a subtle energy body component that meditators are working to clear and work with). I am saying that CST is one condition to open the crown chakra once the causes to do so have been established. And opening the crown chakra (often for the first time) feels like someone opening a sunroof. Light and openness start to pour in.

There are a number of techniques in various Craniosacral therapy protocols that can lead to the opening of the brahma aperture. Including working with the vomer, the CV4 technique and more.

This sounds like it is too good to be true. And actually it might be. But hear me out. When we put the causes and conditions into place, the results will be guaranteed to follow. So these spiritual benefits of CST do not come about out of thin air. Rather, there is a reason some people love CST so much and others get very little from it.

In my experience, people who meditate a lot are doing a lot of psycho-spiritual purification as it were. They are moving their spiritual bodies along the path at an accelerated pace compared to non-meditators. However, we still need to keep the physical body in good shape, in harmony. This is where yoga or qigong or bodywork comes in.

Someone who has done a lot of personal growth work on themselves but has not encountered the conditions to shift their physical body out of old patterns, will remain stuck for a long time. But when they encounter the conditions to release old habits and patterns, they are willing to do their personal growth work, they are yearning to change. Then change via Craniosacral Therapy is easy. Their cranial bones can start to spread and the sutures between those bones can become lubricated as the bones start to float and drift. Their cranial rhythm strengthens and balances out, and more space is created for their brains – it might be micro-meters, but you can still feel it!

And if you are attending a CST practitioner who has done their own personal growth and spiritual work, then the sky is the limit in terms of how far they can lead you. You can open your “skylight” as it were (the brahma aperture). You have to create the causes however, the practitioner can only ever be the condition.

In the past year, I have had not less than 10 CST clients tell me that they had a spiritual experience on the table. Sometimes it takes less than 30 minutes (those are the clients who have good karma and / or have done a ton of personal growth work on themselves). I am very fortunate to be apart of this process, grateful for the opportunity to benefit others and to watch their lights get turned on.

May all beings meet with the causes and conditions to rest in liquid potency and drink in the bliss of present awareness.

Thank you for reading,



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This is some of the wisdom I gleaned from my time in Canada, where I spent 2-weeks at a birth process work intensive workshop. Then I taught a 3-day workshop on Salt Spring Island on working with babies (primarily from a Craniosacral perspective, but we definitely included a lot of Polyvagal tracking of the autonomic nervous system and wisdom and techniques from the birth process work / pre- and perinatal therapy arena). I realize that previous sentence might have a few words in it which could be unpacked. See below for links.

First of all, I have been studying bodywork since 2003 starting with Reiki energetic healing.  Every year or two, I added another modality to my repertoire, including Zapchen Somatics, Spiritual Astrology, Craniosacral Therapy (both biomechanical and biodynamic), Polyvagal work, birth process work, etc. Such that, for the past 12 years or more, I have mostly been heading toward appropriate self-care and moving toward health. I have been confronting patterns of stagnation, depletion and negativity along the way. And what this all means is that, even if I wanted to avoid health, right now that would be difficult. I have a full Jupiter return of health and well-wishing toward myself under my belt. In other words, I don’t exactly know what is next for me, but I know it will be good. I am not bragging – I still have my ups and downs. But when we put the causes and conditions into place, we can (mostly) control the result.

I really deepened my awareness of the energetic field while in Canada. Now, it did not all come at once – I have pretty much been able to sense these things in the past, but now I am very confident in my ability to discern what is mine from what is arising in the field. I am able to name what I am sensing, and I am now quite accurate, which is awesome. What does this mean? Here is an example: maybe I am working on someone (bodywork), they have had several sessions with me and they are looking to deepen their experience. I am hearing a good mother message in my mind. See the Ray Castellino or Myrna Martin links below for more on good mother messages. Back to the example: I am hearing in my mind, “I love you for who you are, not for what you do.” I ask my client if it is okay if I share something personal with them. They usually say yes. And sometimes it is so resourcing for the client’s little one (younger parts of themselves who may not have gotten all of their needs met). Occasionally mentioning a good mother message goes right to the heart of the issue, and their tissue will change rapidly under my hand when I have them say the message to their little one. Sometimes it will cause a cathartic reaction – they might start crying as I hit on a vulnerable area with this message. And we take the time to resource these younger (potentially wounded) parts of them. It is not a rapid process of healing overnight, but we go slow and this work sticks. Over 5 or 7 sessions, we move some energy which may have been stuck for a long time. And typically it helps that I can read the energetic field with ease now.

I became a lot clearer about double binds. I know when a client mentions one now. Previously, I could feel the confusion in the tissue, or the stuck-ness and know, “Hey, I think we are on a double bind.” But that might have been all I could do a year ago. Now, I can pinpoint both sides of the double bind and assist my clients through these deep conflicts. It really requires bringing their little parts along as well. One thing that Myrna Martin mentioned (she led the 2-week intensive) that really stuck with me is this: when we attempt to remedy a symptom that derives from unmet developmental needs, we have to bring those younger parts along with us, or they will feel threatened. Below is an example: (I would first recommend wiggling some toes, feeling your feet and legs, noticing your seat and pelvis, what are you sitting on and where do you feel that contact? And finally notice your breath. Maybe take a deep breath now.)

Let’s say we want to rid ourselves of anxiety which cropped up a few years ago. Now we might think that this issue is more recent and has nothing to do with the past and our younger days. However, what if our mother or father had serious anxiety problems? What if it took some major stressor to kick us into anxiety which was sort of dormant since we were born? If this anxiety issue does stem back to a young part who did not get all of their needs met (in spite of our parents’ doing the absolute best they could!), then that young part is probably kind of stuck somewhere in processing that unmet need. And likewise, that young part only knows about whatever was causing their anxiety. And if we try to fix the anxiety without including the younger parts in the process, these younger parts will feel like we are trying to stifle them or worse, kill them.  And sometimes this will make the symptom (in this case, anxiety) worse!

[Ever been to a chiropractor for a neck or back issue that always comes back no matter how many sessions you go to? Well guess what? It is possible that is a birth issue trying to complete, but without ever bringing awareness of the baby parts of ourselves into the process, it will never have the chance to complete! I love chiropractors and I go to see a network practitioner myself here in Charlottesville. I’m not trying to single them out at all. This analogy applies to many doctors, psychotherapists, nutritionists, etc etc. Sometimes we need to do a few months of birth process work to really get at the core of an issue.]

What all of this adds up to is this, I am much more confident in working with people of all ages. I taught a workshop in working with babies and I ended up working with newborns, infants and toddlers. And I am much more confident in offering long-distance work. I have been taught (by a different teacher) how to discern in my body what a distance client is noticing and how to slowly move them back toward health and well-being.

I was gone off and on for most of the summer, so I am looking to build up my practice again. So whether you are in Central Virginia and you can see me in person or you would be a long-distance client, I am happy to discuss working together.

Keep in mind I am an Embodiment Coach and a certified bodyworker. I am not a psychotherapist. If you have a mental health or psychiatric issue, make certain you are working with a license medical practitioner first.

Craniosacral –

Polyvagal work –

Pre- and Perinatal Therapy (aka Birth Process Work) –

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If you are curious about what Process Buddhism is, then please go back to previous posts from December of 2008.  I attempt to describe this complex topic there.  Process Buddhism has elements from psychotherapy, Buddha-Dharma (Vajrayana), bodywork and trauma resolution among other potent, efficacious modalities.

Over the past few months, I had been suffering from some foggy-headedness as I was barely staying ahead of nursing school assignments and I was working full time.  Add to that watching the show Elementary and I had almost no time for me to rest down.  I was feeling a bit dissociative and I was on the verge of being overwhelmed almost daily.  So I called my friend and mentor and coach and bodywork teacher, someone who is a true spiritual healer, Janet Evergreen.  I have worked with her and taught workshops with her and learned from her since 2005 (in this lifetime).

When this new spring semester started, I was taking way too many classes and I did not use my few days of transition time very well, so when I started this semester of nursing classes, I was definitely overwhelmed.  Add to this a little health niggle I have been observing for a few months, and I was quite concerned that I could not handle my class load.

So I pressed the pause button on nursing school and I am taking care of me.  A part of me is / was quite pleased with this decision.  I am feeling more free and energized and relaxed.  And a part of me is conflicted – there was one class which is only offered in the spring, so by pressing the pause button, I am basically setting myself back a year.  This is disappointing.  I desperately need to rest and I believe I probably could have scraped by and at least made a “B” in that class.  I am still not entirely clear about my decision.

I knew I needed to “call in the big guns” as it were if I wanted to kick my old patterns and clear my head.

In my next post, I will go into detail about the session that I had.

So far, in the five days since, I am feeling more embodied, more potent, warmer and somehow more full.  Plus the pattern of beating myself up about withdrawing from that class is lessening.  I am practicing a little bit of metta loving-kindness everyday after that session and I am more in touch with my heart, gut, kidneys and body in general – more than I have been in months.

Therefore it was a great session.  Much needed.

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For anyone new to my blog, in addition to writing about Buddhism (Dharma) and Spiritual Astrology, I also write about Healing Facilitation work as I have a private practice offering Process-Oriented Bodywork, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy and trauma resolution.  This post is about the latter modalities.

I just participated in a class today where I was the teaching assistant.  I have taken hundreds of hours of Craniosacral classes, dozens more of other bodywork courses, so the teacher allow me to sit in her class and hold space for the students.  I occasionally coach them if they need it, but not so much today.

The class was Craniosacral level III – so all the participants are fairly advanced in their practice.  One or two of the students already have practices where they offer massage and / or craniosacral work.  Considering I am coming to this class from a very busy life – doing school (prepping for nursing school), working full time and trying to be present for a romantic relationship when I am able…  I needed to hit the brakes quick and this class provided just what I needed for that.

Due to this being a more advanced class, the teacher dove right in and started with some deeper topics.  Today the topics were two-fold: cords and the correlation of the physical vectors of the body, the energetic chakras of the energy system and the Hara or Dan Tien (of the deeper subtle body) – these three correlate to the three tides of Craniosacral therapy.  I could and probably should write an entire post about the tides, but suffice it to say that there are varying rhythms of the body’s energy – sometimes it is more relaxed and this might be a mid-tide (chakra correlation), or we might be in a go-go-go mode and this would be the short time, a.k.a. the Cranial rhythm (vector correlation).  And then if we are lucky enough to experience a deeper state of relaxation than most people are able to attain on their own (serious meditators can get here, or people who receive a lot of bodywork would also be able to drop down into deeper relaxation) which is known as the long tide, then this correlates with the Hara.

I realize I should probably unpack a lot of those words from that paragraph.  If you don’t follow, don’t worry, you will probably catch more in this next section.

The most poignant topic for me was about cords.  An energetic cord is a connection we have with someone but it is most often not a positive connection.  For instance, if our mothers used guilt trips on us as kids in order to get us to behave, there is a chance there is a cord lingering from that relationship.  Or if we felt the need to humor our fathers as children because we wanted to try to make him happier, we might easily be corded to him.  Here is the thing though – if there is an energetic cord to someone from when we are young, then even if that person leaves our life, that cord sticks around until we purposely heal it and release that energy (often less-than-ideal energy).  So if we have a mother who constantly energetically merges with other people (psychological merging is when, for instance, she can’t stand on her own – she is too flexible and is easily swayed because she “becomes” the people around her – and men can easily learn the less-than-ideal habit of merging as well) and she merges with us as children.  Guess what?  We will probably be merging types ourselves, no matter what our gender.

So what does this have to do with me you might ask?  To share a bit about myself, I am / was a merging type.  My astrology chart reveals this.  One of my parent’s is a merging type.  I learned it easily from them, not knowing any better.  I can easily charm people because I can feel what they are thinking, what they are needing – because their needs become my own.  How bad does this sound?  Well you are correct if you though that.  It sucks.  Period.  And I have spent years working to strengthen my psychological boundaries.

And I still have much work to do.  What I did not mention above is that if we have the pattern (the cord) ingrained in us as youngsters, then we will continue to do it as adults until we fully and completely heal it. And this can easily take years.  It depends on how deeply ingrained it is and how old we were when we learned it.

Also what I did not mention is that we will continue to attract that type of cord-like person into our lives until we heal it.  Say my father was a merging type.  Well he has not been in my life much in the past 18 years.  But someone will definitely come along to replace him until I lovingly cut, release and heal that cord.

You might ask what replaces a cord if we cut it – positive resources replace it.  If we do enough personal growth work on ourselves and on our developmental patterns, we are definitely working through some cord material – whether we say the word “cord” or not.  We are building in positive beliefs about ourselves, we are confronting uncomfortable emotions around that situation (if we have a hidden, deep reservoir of resentment toward our parents for smoking when we were tiny babies, then trust me, this is not comfortable to work through – but it is definitely worth working through it!!!).

It is also interesting to look at ways in which we react to different types of people.  When someone is angry, what is my first response?  Do I pick up their anger with ease?  Can I stay centered?  What is someone is down, sad or depressed?  Do I feel a strong yearning to pick them up – whether they ask for help or not?  This might be a cord from the past.  What is someone seems like a strong authority figure?  How do I react around them?  Can I hold my own energetically?  Can I stay confident and in alignment?

These were all questions I found myself asking in this class today.  What do I need to stay present, in my belly, in my Hara, in my chakras, in my heart and in my head in any situation?  What would happen if I said less and took more time to notice my inner process – even in novel situations?  How does it feel hold a higher (more empowered) frequency?

These questions are able to be answered through some spiritual paths.  And they are definitely able to be answered if someone chooses to do Process-oriented bodywork, or Spiritual Processing, or Somatic Experiencing, or Craniosacral Therapy.  I hope you get the chance to dip your toes into this subtle world one day.  🙂

Thank you for reading!

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Yesterday I was fortunate to receive bodywork from a solid practitioner of the modality called Somatic Experiencing (SE).  I have been doing this trauma resolution type work – both giving and receiving for at least three to four years, and in fact, if you count Biodynamic Craniosacral work as being similar, then I have been going at it for closer to eight or nine years.

I do not mention this “time-in-service” to boast.  I mention it to show how long it can take to truly peel away the layers for healing and renegotiation of trauma.  In previous posts I have discussed both of these modalities, but I am nearly always amazed at the creativity and uniqueness of SE’s methods of gently yet firmly going through the layers of frozen tissue and organ systems, uprooting misunderstandings and wounded emotions wherever it encounters them.

What I am trying to say is: “WOW!!!”  And “Holy Toledo!!!”

Yesterday’s work felt like a little culmination of a few years of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (read Birth Process) work I have been doing in addition to insights into my Astrology Chart in addition to this work in Somatic Experiencing.  Yes – you read this correctly; many pieces and many layers – it was pretty big!

I know I tend to say that phrase often.  Or at least I used to say that fairly often – I would come home from an SE treatment or from a class and go, “WOW!  That was big and amazing!”  And that was true.  Each layer tends to produce deeper and more complex discoveries and insights.  And you neither know how each layer will unfold, nor in what order the layers will unravel.  One of my fellow students said it best yesterday (it was an all day class in which I received such an incredible gift of open hearted embodiment):

She said, “Most people think that true freedom is being able to do what we want…  But actually, true freedom is being open to the mystery of the unknown.”  I think that sums up what is possible with Somatic Experiencing pretty darned well!  And she could easily be a teacher in her own right – these classes tend to attract some amazing and wise folks.

I am hesitant to describe the session without supplying some background context information.  Because how else could I possibly convey how big this is without doing so?  And I want to be compassionate about showing how much information and how many layers must be resolved before one can start to get to the “bottom” of the layers of trauma.  I mention I am getting to the bottom of my traumas, but I’m not sure.  I suspect I will be pleasantly surprised by all the discoveries still to come.  But once you are ready to start the deep mediastinum work (mediastinum is the complex matrix of connective tissue connecting and embracing and wrapping around all the tubes, nerves, organs and glands in the chest – the pericardium is a part of the mediastinum), it means that you have unglued many stuck parts and melted a number of frozen layers to get there!  So I must be doing something right.

So in a future post, very soon completed, I will elaborate.  🙂

Thank you for reading!


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting!  If you would like to receive a Spiritual Astrology interpretation or process-oriented bodywork, you can check out my website at

As some of my readers may know, I have been studying process-oriented bodywork, pre- and perinatal psychology and Tibetan Buddhism for some years now.  I have been giving and receiving treatments since 2004, and every day, I am amazed at how many layers there are to plumb the depths of.  For instance, I recently received a treatment when the practitioner asked if I was a “forceps baby” – meaning were forceps used to get me out of my Momma?  Yes, I was.  So I am going to describe what happened next, but first some context.

I have been taking regular classes – at least 60 hours of class time per year since 2005, I have been giving and receiving regular treatments – I need my self-care / bodywork maintenance (!), and I have gone through some intensive birth process workshops and somatic process retreats.  So I am probably not a novice anymore, right?  I am blessed and yet I make stop-and-go progress which is occasionally frustrating.  So this is the context in which I was receiving this most recent treatment.

So yes, I was a forceps baby.  Keep in mind I am not a doctor, I’m not an obstetrician, and I am not licensed to practice medicine.  So this is just for entertainment purposes or to be used as experiential testimony.  After going through some basic listening stations along my body (feet/ leg bones / hip bones / ribs / paired cranial bones, etc) and then checking my sphenoid bone (the bone behind the eyes), she told me that my cranial bones were pretty locked up.  I was feeling that.  She asked if I wanted to try something.  I said sure!

So she asked me to put my hands on my head, above my ears, and then she put her hands on mine.  Keep in mind that this practitioner working on me has years of experience and she is certified as a registered craniosacral therapist, and on top of that, she is more of a listener and a healing coach than a “I’m going to fix you” type of practitioner, and that is why my body responds so well to these treatments.  I am not recommending this to be tried at home – if you want a treatment like I am describing, you should research who in your area has studied some solid modalities like Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Pre- and Perinatal Psychology, Somatic Experiencing, etc.

Back to the story, her hands were on top of mine, applying very gentle “pressure.”  Then she asked me to put all my angst and feelings about those forceps into my hands as I pushed hers away from my head.  She recommended I make some sounds.  So I did. I grunted and expressed my objection to anyone using a harsh, invasive, powerful force on my malleable baby head.  And then we did this another two times, each time I was moaning or groaning or saying “No!” with determination.  She resisted my hands a little, so this was not easy.

Then, after the third time, I told her I noticed a small, vulnerable part of me that wanted to cry.  She asked where I felt that in my body, and I said I thought it was in my gut.  Keep in mind that it is not easy for me to get to this baby part of me.  I have done years of work, and yet I think some non-verbal aged trauma (pre-one-year-old) is very difficult to touch and process.  So I was amazed at how such a simple exercise could do this.

Then she re-checked my cranial bones and she said I needed to take it easy for the next few hours as my bones had loosened up, but that I might feel wonky for a little while as a result.  And sure enough, that afternoon, I could really only do about half an hour of work before I felt a strong need to rest for the same amount of time.  It was like a magnetic pull to rest down!

I just want to express my little non-educated opinion on the subject of using forceps.  First, I am glad forceps was the “worst” intervention used to get my baby body out of my mother!  If a C-section was the next step, I’m glad they used forceps.  And apparently, for babies who are sort of “stuck” in the birth canal, the use of forceps can sometimes be forced to be done blind.  So I hope my doctor was very skillful!!  And I certainly hope doctors are still skillful using this technique today.

With that said, the use of such a strong force on a baby, even if done right is an invasion.  Therefore, I think it is necessary to talk to the mother and baby ahead of time – tell them what is coming.  And just as importantly, it is necessary to have someone (a nurse, a mid-wife, a doula, etc) present at the birth who understands how to adjust babies’ cranial bones so that they don’t internalize that loss of control.  I wanted to make my own way down the birth canal – but after 8 hours of contractions and pushing, the doctors decided things for me.

So there I was at the tender age of Zero, already developing a distrust of doctors, a fear of the medical system and I was already getting my sympathetic (fight-flight-or-freeze) nervous system geared up as I wanted to fight the doctor who had that horrible contraption around my head.  BLEHCK!!!!  No thank you!

And this is just one trauma that I experienced as a baby.  You know, I wonder if this (and other traumas too) is why I do not enjoy celebrating my birth day.  I always thought it was because I wanted to be humble or modest, but it might be more than that.  Why would I want to remember the most important day of my life when it was marred by complications, mechanical interventions and potentially insensitive doctors?  Yeah.

If you have read this far, you might need to take a deep breath.  I am fine.  Fortunately I have met with teachers and practitioners who know how to help me process all this “stuff.”  I have overcome depression and headaches and other issues and I am really doing well.  I am healthy and I continue to enjoy plumbing the depths of these psycho-emotional layers of what it is to be a body and be a human.  Yay!

Thank you for reading.

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feel the pulse ebb… notice it flow…

something deep within is expanding…  ten seconds later, contracting…

different trees seem to have differing frequencies and depths…

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it (as a Craniosacral Therapist) is to go out and feel the fluid rhythm is one or more trees.

My friend and I had our hands on trees, and as we are both experienced with listening to the deeper rhythms of the cerebral-spinal fluid with Craniosacral Therapy, we were listening to the rhythms of the Earth, to the fluid dynamics of the oaks, pines and beeches in a local Wilderness Preserve.  It was a very beautiful day – not a cloud in the sky, the sun was starting to warm up the little meadows and forest, making the bark on the pine trees smell like sunshine.

We did a short hike, only 2 miles.  At one point, we stopped as a doe had just gotten up, not 15 feet in front of us, we both spoke reassuring words to her, and she stayed still, like us.  Who was watching who?  Who was more surprised?  It was obvious she was used to humans, as this little stand off lasted a minute or two.  Then a blue jay landed right above me with a strong pull of air and wings.  A fellow hiker came along behind us, either indifferent or oblivious to why we were standing still in the middle of the trail.  He walked right up next to the doe who took off, and he kept hiking like this was a normal event.  Then my friend’s phone rang – a voice from New York, checking in.  Hello!  Who is in nature?  Did you think you could escape?  🙂

The conversation ranged from Radionics, to Craniosacral Therapy, Core Dynamics and Polarity Therapy.  All the way back to life in New York City (where he is from) and the happenings around C’ville.  We spoke of birth trauma and the possibilities around reversing its affects.  I am hoping to spend time with him again soon.  Perhaps a trip to New York is in my future.  Maybe I can seem like a crazy outsider as I have my hands on some trees in Central Park.

To emulate the subtle mytho-poetic essence of this day, here are some suggestions:

Go out in nature.  Slow down.  Check in with your body – if you want to walk, do that.  If you want to lie in the grassy sunshine, then do that.  Or go sit by a body of water.  Now, slow down some more.  Notice what is around you – everything from the feel of the soft, wispy autumn weeds/seeds; take a moment to really smell the air – not just a quick snort, but really embracing what you notice; watch for little changes in terrain, wildlife, leaf color, etc; listen to the various sounds of nature – the guardian crows above, the symphony of bird calls from within the fringe, the gurgling of a little stream…  Take it all in, oh – and slow down some more so you can truly listen.

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