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I want to write a post about how lucky I am to be one of my bodywork teacher’s senior students. Her name is Janet Evergreen. She is in her 60’s now, and she just, in a recent class, made a comment about starting to slow down how often she teaches her classes. This and her husband has been retired for a few years now, and they are ready to have some fun and travel. So I am yearning to take as many of her classes as possible to keep learning little tricks of the body-intelligent-mandala-oriented-heart-extension bodywork that she practices (those are my descriptions).

Just one example might be enough to explain how lucky I am to have met her and to be able to work with her for the past 12 years:

Some somatic experiences cannot be written about properly (but I will certainly try, ironic eh?). At least you will get a sense of how many layers we are tracking in her advanced classes.

I am on the massage table, about to get a treatment from one of Janet’s students, who has taken at least 3 classes with her (and I assisting).

She uses leg-arcing, a technique where you lift the legs and see where they want to go, follow the legs as they float. Then using the legs as a dowsing rod (basically), you look to see where in the torso they are pointing. We have tested this technique against acupuncturists measuring people’s organ pulses and gotten the same results.

So she wasn’t sure if the legs were indicating left lung or heart. I thought that sounded right.

I am going to fast forward (else this will be a ten thousand word diatribe about a 30 minute bodywork session). Suffice it to say that by this point, she had moved to sit at the head of the table with her arms over my chest, “listening” as it were to my lungs, mediastinum and heart and doing some movement to track both the motility and mobility of those organs. When she realized there was at least one sluggish point on my left lung where the tissue was kind of stuck, she got Janet’s attention to ask about it.

Janet came over and of course seemed to know what was needed before coming close to laying on of hands. She said, “Kirby, can you bring some micro movements into your body to bring some movement into your chest?” I was happy to oblige!

I started moving my arms and just making tiny movements of my belly and ribs. I wanted to double check – I asked, “the thumbs have the lung meridian on them right?” And yes, sure enough, they did.

Janet suggested, “Let your thumbs lead the movements.” By now my arms were gracefully weaving a pattern above my body, and then I started focusing on my thumbs. They started leading the little graceful dance above and off the sides of my torso, sometimes doing the same thing, and other times being dissonant.

Then Janet mentioned, “Let me hold those meridian points.” I should pause for a second and note that for at least ten years, Janet wove baskets when she and her family lived in West Virginia. And not just any baskets – she used oak, which means that her grip, even years after her basketweaving days, her grip is like having a clamp applied, or like vice grips. I noted this saying, “Wow. That is quite a hold you’ve got of my thumbs! What, did you used to weave baskets or something?” It was funny. And it kind of hurt – in a it hurts so good kind of manner.

I slowed down my movement, but the whole body movement from my thumbs continued. Sometimes my torso would lift off the table a bit, other times it was just my hands and arms moving. With Janet’s fingers attached to my thumbs, two little vice grips squeezing my lung meridians for dear life (or so it felt).

But something started to shift in my chest. As I moved from my thumbs, with the meridians being so stimulated, I could suddenly track the course of the meridian down my thumbs, running up the inside of my forearm, and then up the inside of my upper arms and close to my pectoral muscles into my chest. It was wild – warm lines were being drawn on me from the inside. Janet commented, “the right has settled down, but the left still has warmth coming off of it.” (Referring to my thumbs.) And she was right. My right lung was feeling open and calm and happy, while my left lung was still be bit tight or sluggish or sticky.

It just took a few more minutes of gracefully feeling through those meridians and dancing over my body with my arms. And I felt my left lung release, and so did Janet (through my lung meridians on my thumbs). And we both commented on it, she saying, “There it goes,” first.

She had been squeezing pretty good. So when she let go, I was left feeling the meridian lines for several minutes. She went on to squeeze my pinkies – the heart meridian in this case. And it was similar results. The practitioner still had her hands on my chest and was feeling and listening to my inner organs (through the ribs, through the fascia, etc).

Long story short. I had never felt my meridians come alive quite like that. It was another level of deepening of my learning.

I have experienced things in those bodywork classes (or retreats or meditation sessions) at her Sanctuary space that most people can’t even dream of, let alone talk about. I am so very fortunate. Maybe I have been Janet’s teacher in a past life, but I know she has been mine before.

Whatever the case may be, I thank my lucky stars that I have teachers and mentors in my life like her. Heart teachers who go above and beyond, who charge less than they could, who give back to their communities in so many different ways.

I intend to repay her kindness by teaching worthy students. They say that is the greatest way to repay a spiritual teacher (and by practicing what they have taught you). So I must practice self care. I must know that my heart has received valuable and precious transmissions which most people only wish for but never experience. And I must kindly hold my heart in the highest regard, not only because I (we all) have buddhanature coursing through me, but because I have been shown how to work with babies, children and adults in ways that most scientific health practitioners would scoff at (saying, “those results aren’t possible”). And then I intend to teach this material as well.

Advanced somatic therapies. That is a possible title, or like Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen, one of our heart teachers says, “Call it Process Buddhism” when asked how to describe what Janet does. That pretty much sums it up. 🙂

Yet again, thank you for reading,





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In Charlottesville, we are blessed with an abundance of quality healing facilitators.  Whether you want Acupuncture, or Craniosacral Therapy or Zero Balancing or Chiropractors or Energy work (and much more!), we seem to have it.  This is a very short list of people I have attended within the past few years.  All are quality practitioners who work full- or part-time in C’ville.

And, simply because I enjoy giving myself plugs – I offer Spiritual Astrology interpretations, Biodynamic Craniosacral sessions and Reiki Energetic Healing.  Feel free to contact these people or myself to set up an appointment.

Craniosacral Practitioners:

Kate White – – Focusing on pre- and peri-natal Massage and Craniosacral Therapy, Kate White is probably the best therapist to attend if you want to work through your own personal birth issues or if you are pregnant or if you were just recently born.  She is very skillful, knowledgeable and experienced.  Plus she teaches some incredible classes.  (434) 996-2002

Jackie Emm – A relatively new addition to the Craniosacral Therapy community in Charlottesville, she has now taken numerous professional trainings in Biodynamic and traditional Craniosacral Therapy.  I find Jackie’s work to be incredibly intuitive and potent, and of everyone on this list, I tend to see her the most.  She is a kind-hearted and compassionate Bodhisattva.  A gift to our community.  (434) 953-7214

Dave White – Dave blends intuition and professional skills marvelously, coming from a business-oriented background.  It is vital to have both men and women in the healing field, as there are some issues you may not want to share with the opposite gender.  And Dave is an experienced and professional member of the Charlottesville healing community.  I highly recommend his practice.  (434) 589-2753

Network Chiropractors:

Brian Dickert & Suzanne Wilson – – I have been seeing Brian and Suzanne off and on for the past year, and I have felt a lot of support as a result, plus it seems like my spine now is able to adjust itself!  They are a great pair – Suzanne is more willing to engage with you as you lie in their relaxing and extraordinarily soothing healing spaces, however Brian is also a very skilled and results-oriented practitioner.  As I mentioned above, having both men and women in the healing community is a blessing and with these network chiropractors, you do not need to venture elsewhere for this luxury.  (434) 971-5433

Massage Therapists:

Christine Davis – – Christine is busily building her practice in Charlottesville and Nelson County, as she recently moved from the Northern Virginia area.  She has significant experience as a Massage Therapist, however she also seamlessly blends threads from Craniosacral Therapy, African Dance and Yoga.  She is a dynamic and skilled practitioner who brings a caring, grounded presence to everything she does.  (202) 577-1761

Sarah Bordeau-Rigterink – Sarah is relatively new to the field of Massage, however she brings caring enthusiasm and passion to her work.  She recently returned from Hawaii where she had the incredible fortune to study Lomi Lomi (from the source).  Sarah occasionally offers free sessions at Integral Yoga in C’ville.  Her skill set is rapidly improving and I enjoy receiving sessions from her.  (434) 962-2254

Zero Balancing:

Pat Meyer-Peterson – Pat has been doing Massage and Shiatsu for over twenty years and she also includes Zero Balancing in her repertoire.  You can tell she is a Reiki practitioner as well, as her hands occasionally get hot when appropriate (when on a thirsty spot on your body).  Pat is exceptionally kind, compassionate and lighthearted and of everyone on this list, she is probably the most experienced.  And you can tell from the quality of her work.  Plus, in spite of her ability to charge more, she keeps her rates reasonable and approachable – even for a college student like myself!  (434) 996-1940

Barbara Brennan Healers:

Jim Suek – Jim is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and he has been doing Pathwork (associated with Seven Oaks) for a number of years.  You can tell from his patient and gentle demeanor that he maintains a disciplined meditation practice.  If you are more sensitive to energy work  and / or if you want a fresh perspective on body / mind healing, then do not hesitate to call him.  He is very talented and gifted, despite his modesty.  (434) 989-8757


Kim Starbuck – I should include BodyTalk as a separate category and include Kim under that heading as well, because she is exceptionally talented in both modalities.  She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and intuition to her sessions, and I am often awed by the accuracy and potency of her work.  She is also a gifted painter and you can find her work sprinkled around her office and other healing spaces in Charlottesville.  When I am suffering from something acute – whether digestive problems, food poisoning, stagnant chi or just regular aches and pains, I typically give her a call.  (I highly recommend her work – but call her early as I believe her practice is brimming with clients).  (434) 823-5650


Beverly “Diane” Harner – It is actually not entirely fair to only have Diane in this category.  She is a talented practitioner of Massage, BodyTalk, Zero Balancing and Reiki.  And in actuality, nearly everyone on this list, including myself, could be in the Potpourri group, having experience and wisdom from numerous traditions.  Diane is an intuitive and skilled practitioner who I am lucky enough to live near – so I can walk to my sessions when necessary.  And in truth, I share her healing space, so I actually walk to “work” myself.  (434) 295-2789

Again, this is just a brief taste of the incredible practitioners in and around Charlottesville.  If you would like to see more practitioners who I would recommend, visit Janet Evergreen’s website (click on the right) and then go to the “Practitioners” section – there is a list of practitioners who have taken classes from her.

Have a joy-filled day!

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