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I am very blessed. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will see that I (Kirby) have had my fair share of unusual or sacred or extraordinary experiences. Case in point… I just assisted in a weekend Womb Surround Birth Process Workshop where participants feel very safe to work on deep, early material. It is in fact the most supportive container I have ever encountered (and I have done a lot of Buddhist retreats / teachings / practice groups etc). To keep that more private and confidential and therefore more safe, I will say less (of course).

Then tonight I led a dream group where I got to participate in an unusual and sacred rite of sorts. A dream was shared, and moved, and embodied and sacred transmission occurred…

Which leads me to the topic at hand. Astrology and the current state of affairs: Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius, along with Saturn in Capricorn (flirting with Pluto for now), and Neptune is working its way through Pisces.

It feels to me like this is the time when we are being asked to come more into our truth, to embody our power, to speak truth to power, to offer support and assistance where we can. To slowly and skillfully melt the icy tendrils of fear around our hearts and to offer a more open, compassionate, grounded presence to those around us.

We are getting ready for something to come to a head. Next year, beginning in early 2020 (February is when it starts to become stronger), Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be within 4 or 5 degrees of each other. This is a rare, powerful conjunction – which only happens once or twice a century.

It is time to clear out the old. The old fears and bitterness of maga are hopefully on their way out. That level of overloaded, overworked internal organs is making people sick. Time to lean into clarity, truth and support. There is hope. Time to do what we can to have a clearer connection to our Higher Selves and therefore to be able to fully trust our inner voice.

I see dozens of young people who are hungry for true self care. They are thirsty for wisdom teachings. I don’t have a lot to offer yet, but I make that aspiration. May I be a stable foundation upon which people can discover respite and resource.

Old patterns are on their way out now. The old fears represented by Capricorn’s harsh shadow are beginning to melt. The climate-first attitude of Sagittarian’s natural wisdom can be seen in numerous protests and election victories of Green candidates.

The question is, can we get the best of Capricorn’s ingenuity, building, efficiency and structure? Will we let go of this competitive, fear of lack mentality which is currently gripping a good portion of Western culture?

I pray the day arrives (swiftly) that hate-mongering, fear-spraying media is no longer watched. No longer taken into account. Time for us to stand on our own two feet and to sense into our innate wisdom. What is healthy for me? What helps me to rest down into steady alignment of head, heart and pelvis?

Will I choose the path of community, of caring, of ease and abundance? Or will I choose to do things the way my ancestors did them, the Great-Depression-orientation of “we must always be ready for the worst” (in other words, we must contract our brainstems in fear as we assume the worst)?

I would suggest bringing a realistic, pragmatic optimism to bear. When we lean into our healthy ancestors, when we trust the wisdom company which is around each of us, when we begin to establish secure connection to our Higher Selves… then hope, faith and positive surprises are the norm!

Examine your life. Examine your personality. Sense into your body. If we discover any chronically contracted areas, then this is calling out for extra support. Get the help we need and begin to move forward! The world needs us in our greatest manifestation of clarity and potency. This is our time.

Thank you for reading!



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A friend just asked me, what is going on in the astrological skies?  At first I thought to myself, not much.  Pluto is not aspecting other major planets, neither is Uranus.  But then I realized that Neptune is indeed not quiet.  It is making a square to Saturn and has been off and on for at least the past 6 months.  It is strong again now as Saturn prepares to push past the square, until it comes to make a conjunction in late Pisces, 8 to 9 years from now.

So what does Saturn square Neptune mean?  And we could go even more subtle and ask what does the 2nd square mean (when Saturn starts to travel toward the conjunction)?

We can also peek at the signs and qualities involved.  Sagittarius and Pisces, both mutable signs.   For now however, let’s stick with the first question.

Saturn square Neptune: nuances flavors essences.  Saturn is the disciplinarian and “he” gets a bad rap at times.  But as I have mentioned in previous posts and articles, Saturn is vital for our society and vital for our inner growth.  It is the structure around which the other energies of the chart flow.  Saturn rules the bones and hard structures in the body and likewise without Saturn, the astrology chart might rapidly collapse.  And then there is Neptune.

Neptune rules the swirling, churning, tidal oceans of emotion and creativity.  He indicates mystical or psychic ability when positively aspects certain planets, and Neptune will indicate deception, delusion or illusion when making hard aspects with other planets.  Some astrologers even say that Neptune symbolizes the entirety of the unconscious and therefore Neptune will play some role in all aspects of the mind – thinking, intuition, feeling, etc.  Therefore Neptune goes really really deep.  Things emerge out of the oceanic collective unconscious and disappear back into it.  Therefore Neptune may even play a part in life and death myths.  (To keep this post close to 1,000 words, I won’t say too much here.)

Saturn wants to build up a personality.  And if the individual has to have more alone time, then so be it.  You rarely find a CEO or General Manager who has a lot of friends on equal footing.  More like a social butterfly who has learned to smile whenever it is needed.  The ambition (Saturn) is far more important than the substance of their relationships.

Neptune is actually quite the opposite.  Neptune says, let me sacrifice my own desires and personal achievement for the good of the collective whole.  Neptune would rather set himself on fire than cause a lot of harm to the people around him (say by laying off a whole bunch of employees as a CEO).  Neptune and Saturn are basically opposites in a number of ways.

Saturn’s shadow is workaholism and too much structure and rigidity.  Think of the shadow aspects of Capricorn and Aquarius (Saturn is basically a co-ruler here, after Uranus of course).  Cold, harsh efficiency.  A machine as far as optimal function and productivity are concerned.  The empirical scientist who turns and runs as soon as certain emotions are brought up or displayed.  Saturn loves the cold, hard facts.  Research and realism are Saturn’s domain.  He must learn to build in some heart and warmth and loving and kindness – and relaxing ease.  Take a vacation, no structure to the days and do some art when the urge strikes you (Saturn might have a difficult time with this at first).

Neptune on the other hand, his shadow is escapism.  Plain and simple.  Escaping from the fact that drugs were used at the person’s birth (this might show up as Neptune conjunct the Ascendant or Moon).  If this was the case, it could lead to the individual being really really good at dissociating from their body.  Neptune loves colorful romance and idealized rose-colored-glasses wearing fairy tales.  Neptune inspires the poets and the lovers and the artists and the playwrights.  Just make sure that deceit and delusion do not follow along with those artistic endeavors (substance abuse anyone – Neptune’s calling card).

So what can happen when Saturn’s realism confronts Neptune’s desire for escaping into the collective unconscious?  Sacrifice is one possible outcome.  Honestly it depends on what this configuration is falling on in an individual’s chart.  If Saturn is making a square aspect to Neptune in the sky above, but in your personal birth horoscope it is not actually touching anything (not in orb with any aspects to your personal planets) then you might not notice much at all.

However, if Saturn is making the square to Neptune above and in your personal astrology chart it is (the transit of these two planets) aspecting your Mars – maybe Neptune is conjunct your Mars by transit and therefore Saturn is also making a square to Mars, then you are bound to feel this energy.  In this case you might temporarily sacrifice your ability to stand up for your needs and your desires.  As the Saturn / Neptune square basically can last for 2 to 3 years, this might indicate that initially, you are making sacrifices and chewing on some old deep piece (subconsciously) and then once this aspect has been going a while you learn to stand up for yourself.  You do the healing indicated by Mar’s position and sign and aspects in your chart.  Maybe you overcome some self-doubt (if your natal Mars is making a hard aspect to Saturn or Neptune) or you overcome some early developmental piece through further learning and emotional process work.

Sometimes Saturn / Neptune hard aspects can indicate that Saturn is supplying Neptune’s active imagination with grist for self-doubt and worst-case-scenarios type of thinking.  If this is happening, I might suggest yoga or bodywork or mindful exercise (Tai Chi, Chi Kung, martial arts, swimming perhaps) to come back into your body.  This might especially be the case if this Saturn / Neptune aspect falls on or near Mercury or the Moon.

From a medical astrology standpoint (and I must make the disclaimer here that if you have a health issue, please take it right away to your nearest trusted licensed health care provider! *** seriously, I’m not a doctor ***), Neptune and Saturn can indicate a fascinating series of events as well.  Neptune can cloud health issues – you might go to the doctor with Neptune conjunct your Sun or Moon and the doctor doesn’t understand you correctly or shrugs your issue off as not being that serious (or if Mercury is also retrograde) reads your test results wrong – which can either be a disaster or an error that leads to your eventually getting good news after a bout of worrying. Neptune can throw a wrench in the medical astrology works.  And then there is Saturn.

Saturn can indicate a lowering of the immune system for a number of reasons – over-work, too much stress (may be you have been the primary caretaker for your aging parent for 6 months now and you are starting to get exhausted), etc.  When Saturn crosses the Ascendant, this is usually when we get a longer bout with a flu virus or other disease that comes from the immune system dropping temporarily.  This is especially true with Saturn conjunct the Ascendant, Sun or Moon (or making a square).  And if Neptune gets involved with these three planets / influences as well, there is sure to be an interesting few months of health ups and downs.

So to conclude this piece, Saturn and Neptune make for very interesting (and basically polar opposite) bedfellows.  Saturn is the solitary leader, the one blazing a new trail or climbing the career ladder.  Neptune is the delicate artist who is sensitive to very subtle layers of emotion and energy.  Neptune can sometimes indicate healing abilities – at least energetically (especially with a well-placed and well-aspected Chiron).  They both have interesting and varied forms of shadow sides.  And when they get together, growth and insight are likely – but it is through some suffering or sacrifice or suppression for a time.

Many things are possible when these two get together.  And thankfully, they have been close to each other for close to a year and now are starting to go their separate ways.  Astrology is a complicated subject and it is good to have a qualified astrologer look at your chart to take into consideration all the nuances and aspects.

Thanks for reading!





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This is a post about Western Astrology and specifically about Transits to the Natal chart. This post will go into Saturn mixing it up with Venus.

A lot of what I am going to say might also be applicable for any hard aspect between Tr. Saturn and Na. Venus (applying square, opposition, separating square or the conjunction). Remember, conjunctions can either be hard or soft aspects depending on which planets are involved. But typically whenever Saturn is involved in a conjunction, we consider it to be a hard aspect.

I am presently experiencing the separating square between Transiting Saturn and Natal Venus. Considering Saturn’s orbit around the Sun takes about 29 years, these hard aspects tend to fall about 7 years apart. So, one way to see what may be coming is to look back and see what was happening 7 or 14/15 years ago – the last time a hard aspect went down between these two.

I recommend getting your chart done by a professional astrologer. I could post hundreds of instances here about various astrological configurations and still be WAY OFF the mark about your individual precise chart. Because I don’t have the time to write the 144 posts about, “if your Venus is in the 1st house and Saturn is squaring it from the 10th…” or 2nd house, or 3rd house, etc. Eae Gads that would be a ton of work!

Spiritual Astrology Special

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What I am saying is that this particular square will be different depending on whether you have an Angular Venus (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses), AND this aspect will be received differently by the individual depending on what other aspects are happening. For instance, if we have Jupiter making a Trine to the Natal Sun, along with Progressed Venus making a conjunction with the Sun (both typically positive aspects), then this particular transit might not be challenging in the least. However, if we have several difficult transits going on at the same time this is in effect, then some of the more extreme forms of what I describe below may be experienced.

What is Saturn? Saturn represents reality, pragmatic energy and structure among other things. Saturn says to us, “Get real, get your head out of the clouds, make a plan, develop a strategy for attaining your goals, and if you don’t… then you may feel lonely, down in the dumps, pessimistic or cynical.” Planning, consensus, laws, restrictions, limitations, practical common sense, caution, boundaries and grounded process are all Saturnian key words.

What is Venus? Venus is what we want. It represents what we like, what we desire, who we desire, etc. Without afflicted aspects, Venus is refined, charming, generous, compassionate and kind and oriented toward aesthetics (especially when in Libra, Taurus or Pisces). It is how we like to be romanced. If Venus had its way however, we might not ever leave the comforts of a beautiful luxurious home – picture the Romans eating grapes and drinking wine on comfortable divans – and then you are reaching one Venusian paradise. Venus also has to do with what fashions we appreciate, colors, do we lean toward symmetry or asymmetry? Depending on the sign, house and aspects, Venus can show if we are more traditional in our dress and mannerisms or if we are more bohemian or rebellious.

So what happens when the down-to-earth, get-real-or-have-your-eyes-rudely-awakened Saturn makes this hard aspect to potentially rose-colored-glasses-wearing Venus? Well, depending on where you are in life, this can be a rough wake up call to be sure! Perhaps you just divorced or got out of a serious relationship not too long ago – this aspect could lead to feeling lonely or sad about relationship decisions. (Of course we can feel lonely whether or not we have recently been in a relationship!) Or, if you are in relationship with someone, if might lift the veil of illusions and say, “Whoa! Who am I with and why? Why aren’t they moving forward in life? Time to get real or get out.” In this case, Saturn can indicate tests and challenges to your relationship. Of course, if you have a partner who is open and growth-oriented, mature and willing to change for the better, then you have very little to worry about!

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[Update from Nov 2017] Here we must bring frequency-based astrology into play: meaning, if you are really evolved and mature, then you have most likely attracted and gone after a mature and responsible partner. If this is the case, then Saturn making a hard aspect to Venus might only be a little speed bump! But if we are mainly operating from our subconscious reactions and we have not done much personal growth work, then the tests and trials will definitely show up during this aspect. Especially regarding intimate relationships.

And that is just one area where this aspect might indicate introspection. Another area is money and the way in which we acquire it. Working is one of the main ways we earn money, and Venus rules money (what we value), so working is closely influenced by Venus. On top of this, Saturn’s desire for structure and planning plays a prominent role in many jobs. As a little tangent, if we have a well-aspected Venus in Taurus, then we may be willing to work 50 – 60 hours a week for a few years to acquire that nice town house in a beautiful part of town, and / or that nice BMW, and / or that exquisite cherry furniture we have had our eye on for years now… Right?! But if we have a poorly aspected Venus in Aquarius or Pisces or Virgo, then we may say, “Work 50 – 60 hours a week? Are you INSANE?! No, I would rather be content with Goodwill clothing and be able to enjoy my simple pleasures, plant my own garden and be HAPPY most the time.” 🙂 This is why you see a professional astrologer – there are so many variables to factor in, that no Astrological recipe book is going to fit you exactly (unless you write it, and even then it will stay static while you continue to evolve and grow).

So back from the tangent… Saturn transiting Venus in a hard aspect can lead to the realization that you are not up to the task(s) that you have set for yourself. Maybe you have been thinking, “you know, I could be a great general manager! I could easily earn $100,000 in a few years.” Well, if you don’t have this capacity, or lack any executive ability, then GOOD LUCK! And guess when you would rudely confront yourself about your lack of skills for what you have planned? Yep – during this transit! You will come down to earth one way or another.

Comprehensive Natal Chart Interpretation

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So to wrap up, I actually love Saturn. Sometimes the truth hurts, but I would rather know the truth than wander around in a deluded fog all my life! I love how Saturn indicates, “Are you sure? How do you know? What makes you think that? What is your plan for attaining those goals? Do you REALLY have those skills or that capacity?” It asks the difficult questions which are necessary to have some gain and growth and structure in your life. Whether it is aspecting the Sun, or Venus, or Mercury, we will have the chance to confront some aspect of ourselves. And that confrontation may be uncomfortable. But who among us is extremely comfortable with the unknown, comfortable with change, with transformation?

Mythologically, I think there was a reason that Saturn (Cronos) ruled the Universe for a time – and under his rule, it was a Golden Age! The reason is that without rules, without consensus, without a clear understanding of our limitations, without appropriate boundaries, we will be recklessly depleting our energy, we could just bounce from job to job without ever growing, without learning the life lessons which are constantly being presented.

So this Aspect might be rough when you are in it, but you will look back on it and say, “you know, I’m glad I saw that part of myself in a raw, objective fashion. Otherwise who knows what I might have done?!” So be grateful for Saturn. Do the work it is suggesting, receive its hard-nosed, common sense blessings. And you will be better for it.

Good luck! (To myself included)

Thanks for reading.

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This is a continuation from a previous post on this topic. Go back and start from the beginning to catch up 🙂 (peek in the Spiritual Astrology category)

Where were we?  Yes, we were discussing the ramifications of Saturn in the 12th house.  This is a very important time for you Scorpio Risings!  Saturn only crosses the Ascendant once every 29 years.  Therefore we should take advantage of this transit if at all possible.  But don’t worry, generally life will do this for us.  If you feel you need some guidance, then of course go out and get some counseling or coaching as it would be good to know what you want and why and be as clear as possible about it.

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Once Saturn crosses the Ascendant, several things happen.  Saturn is near the Ascendant, which depending on its retrograde cycle, for as many as twelve weeks or as little as five weeks.  At the moment, Saturn will push forward through early Scorpio until it arrives at 11 degrees, when it stations and turns retrograde.  If you want to understand the retrograde cycle better, see previous posts about the subject in the Spiritual Astrology category.

Initially, the body / mind system is having a difficult time integrating all the changes that have been happening for the past two years (when Saturn was in the 12th house).  That means it will ask for a break.  When Saturn is directly conjunct the Ascendant, you will want to schedule some down time if at all possible.  If you do not do this, then the conventional wisdom around this aspect is that you may get “sick.”  Of course, if we have children to raise, a busy 60 hour a week job, or other major responsibilities, then it will be difficult to get the necessary time off to integrate everything that is happening.  This is why it is good to get an astrology interpretation done at least once every two years, because then you will know about these Timing events well ahead of time! (As it happens, Saturn conjunct the Ascendant typically indicates that you will be busy, whether building a business, climbing the corporate ladder or caring for your family. Try to find some balance in your energy expression.)

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Where was I?  Oh yes, we can get “sick” under this transit.  Why?  Because Saturn, even at the highest frequencies, has to do with contraction and setting boundaries.  We have just turned a new leaf and we are starting a new cycle here, but we do not fully understand how this will affect our body.  Therefore there can be a little “request” made by the body to slow down.  Certainly (and see a licensed health care provider before implementing this advice) Vitamin C will help, as Vit C is under Saturn’s domain.

Then, once Saturn is clear of the Ascendant, we will be ready to stride boldly forward.  We will want to work hard to try to implement our new project / plan / idea.  Whether we are going through school, starting a new business, or other new endeavor, once Saturn is 5 degrees clear of the Ascendant, we will want to have a serious work ethic.  Except, and here is the catch, we won’t know exactly what we are striving for!  This is the nature of the first house.  We find ourselves on a new island, in a new environment internally, but where are ultimately heading?  What will this project morph into?  We don’t know yet.  This may not become completely clear until later, when Saturn crosses into the 4th house.

Comprehensive Natal Chart Interpretation

Kirby will spend 90 minutes interpreting your Natal Birth chart. You can chat about any area that you like. This includes printed charts and it also includes about 30 minutes of preparation time! These are typically done on the phone, via Skype or in person if you happen to be in Virginia, USA.


On a health level (Medical Astrology), Scorpio is associated with the reproductive organs and with the colon.  If you have a family history of issues with these organs, then under this Saturn in Scorpio transit, it would be good to get regular check ups and get any concerns resolved.  But this is where it would be good to see a competent astrologer too.  If you have Neptune in Scorpio (in the 1st house) or if you have Neptune in the 6th house, then it might be difficult to diagnose your health issues.  So a competent astrologer will be able to look at your whole chart to see if there is a legitimate concern which should be looked into further.  If we have Mars in Scorpio, Mars square Venus, Pluto in Scorpio, Pluto in hard aspect to Saturn or Mars, or a plethora of Scorpio / 8th house planets, then we should be cognizant of reproductive / elimination organs and potential health issues.

Provided there are not many other challenging transits occurring while Saturn crosses the Ascendant, if you do get sick, it will probably just be a cold or flu, which will pass when Saturn clears the Ascendant (if not sooner).  While Saturn is within three degrees of either side of the Asc, do not expect to have high energy levels.  Eat well, get plenty of rest, drink lots of delicious clean water and keep your kidneys warm!  In other words, practice good self care and you will be fine.  See previous posts to see more about Self Care topics.

If we have Jupiter or Progressed Venus making positive aspects during Saturn’s transit of Scorpio, then it will be much easier and you will have a “guardian angel” of sorts.  Especially Jupiter making positive aspects to the Sun – then our energy and vitality will stay higher, no matter what Saturn is doing during that time.  The strength of Jupiter versus the strength of Saturn in your chart will help to determine which planet has more “effect” in your chart.

Hopefully I covered everything I said I was going to.  Actually, entire books have been written on Saturn, and on Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler), so I could easily go further.  But I don’t want to spoil your fun!  🙂    I briefly touched on psychological ramifications of Saturn in Scorpio, Scorpio Rising, and I also mentioned a bit about Medical Astrology (always see a licensed health care practitioner in addition to working with Astrologers).  Plus I touched on what Saturn in the 12th and 1st houses mean, at least on one level.

So in case you have not been bopped on the head enough with this concept, it is very beneficial to get your chart done by a competent astrologer.  Preferably someone who has some knowledge of both psychological and health areas of this vast subject.  That way you will know what else is occurring while Saturn cruises through Scorpio, and you will know what combinations to expect and when to expect them.

Thanks for reading.


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for reading.

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This post is more of an introduction to Saturn in Spiritual Astrology, more to follow on Saturn specifically in Scorpio.

Recently, a reader submitted a comment asking me to elaborate on Saturn’s entrance into Pluto’s domain.  She mentioned that she had some planets in Scorpio, so she may have a bit more than mere curiosity riding on it.  However, in order to be specific in answering her question, I need to know more.  This is because Western Astrology is a complex subject, especially if it is practiced appropriately – keeping the language open ended (choice centered, frequency based) and staying away from fortune-telling-esque fatalistic predictions.  And when dealing with Saturn, unfortunately it is easy to revert to older Astrological-recipe-cookbooks and talk about the delays and restrictions which Saturn can impose.

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But does Saturn have to be the stern disciplinarian?  How much of the ancient, “Saturn is the edge of the solar system, therefore it guarantees a cold, distant, restrictive influence in the chart” attitude is still necessary today?

If you have read my previous posts in the Spiritual Astrology category, you will notice that I am actually a huge fan of Saturn.  Even Saturn in Scorpio, even conjunct some “difficult” planets, I love Saturn and the structure and responsibility it indicates.  Why is this?  Because Saturn, in addition to being associated with a dry, cold, distant, contracting energy, has to do with growth, maturity and taking responsibility.  It is the Buddhist’s planet (aside from Chiron, but there is a strong association between these two, which is a tale for another day.  Sorry I digress.).  That is, if you want to work on yourself spiritually, then you have to have many ducks in a row with regard to personal responsibility – we need to be fiscally responsible, we need to be practical in our outlook, we need to be emotionally responsible and we need to admit when we have made a mistake and act to clean up our inner and outer environs.  Let me unpack these statements.

In Buddhism, the theory is that no Divine Deity can save us.  The Buddha said that we must work at our own salvation.  We all possess Buddhanature, a pure seed of clear-light-mind.  But for the majority of people on this planet, this seed is grossly obscured by deeply ingrained patterns and umpteen bad habits.  Therefore we must work to get to know ourselves better and to take responsibility for cleaning up our inner psyche – resolving misunderstandings, dissolving misconceptions and coming into a comfortable, embodied alignment.  It is then that we have a chance to move forward on a spiritual path.  But if we have a mindset that constantly yearns for an easy solution (Jupiter or Leo or Aries), or if we believe exclusively in magical “it-will-all-work-out-in-the-end” solutions (is there a difference between these two?) (I’m talking to you Neptune and Pisces), then we might be groping around in the dark for a long time.  What I am trying to say is that we can change our karma, but it takes some effort.  And this effort is Saturn’s domain.

Spiritual Astrology Special

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[I am getting on my soapbox for this paragraph.]  When we seek an easy solution, a more Jovial or Neptunian resolution filled with ease and as little work as possible, then Saturn will reflect a challenge, a test or a limitation.  And then, quite unfortunately, Saturn gets that bad name.  We will say, “Yeah, I was doing so well, things were flowing and I was so happy; and then Saturn came along and slowed everything down, I got sick, and everything got to be so much harder.”  Really?  With a little disclaimer (see the end of this article below) I would argue that if this is your answer to Saturn’s call to responsibility, then you were procrastinating a bit much when things were easy, when your positive karma was manifesting, you were sitting back and soaking it all in, expecting that it would never cease.  But end it always does.  Impermanence is Saturn’s worst fear, and its greatest ally.  Everything changes.  So we should keep working on ourselves even when it disrupts our idyllic vacation from discomfort.  Then, during Saturn’s transits, we can be rewarded for self-reflection and the “it hurts so good” cathartic personal growth work.

Don’t get me wrong though.  Timing is everything.  If we work with divination tools like the I Ching, we swiftly notice that there are times when the tide is coming in and times when it is receding, times when we must slow our roll and times when it is ideal to exert a lot of effort.  There are times when we need to rest and recover.  And there are times when hard work is easier, necessary even, and when it pays great dividends.  And the payoff can be great.  But we have to know when the tide crests and when the receding water reveals previously unknown treasures.  This is where knowing the Transits and Progressions of Timing Astrology comes in handy.  Because many people worry about meeting ends, getting bills paid, which is necessary of course, but it would be best to save while we have abundance, so we are prepared (a Saturnian word) for tough times.

Comprehensive Natal Chart Interpretation

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Astrology is a complex subject.  To fully answer a question like, “I have several planets in Scorpio in my sixth and seventh houses, and here comes Saturn, what does this mean?”  One must know what frequency is the individual at?  Are they the type of person who respects the wisdom of taking responsibility for their lives?  Or are they the type who frets about Saturn and chooses to curl up in a ball, waiting out the storm?  (Which might be smart at times!)  What do they do when they encounter stagnation?  Because the results of spiritual practice are only revealed when we encounter difficult situations.

Then, knowing the frequency of the individual (do they have a meditation practice?  Do they have a living lineage of healing wisdom that they connect with on a daily or weekly basis?  Do they receive bodywork / energy work?  What are their goals and objectives in this lifetime?  Are they more stubborn or more open in general?), we can start to apply Spiritual Astrology to meet them where they are.  But even knowing someone’s frequency, we still need to know the rest of their chart.  Because Saturn’s entrance into Scorpio will be much different for someone with a Sun or Moon or Rising Sign in Scorpio than for someone with more outer planets in Pluto’s domain.

Either way though, having multiple planets in Scorpio, it would probably be good to continue reading future posts on this subject.  Because Scorpio is the most powerful of all the signs (Leo and Aquarius might disagree, but ultimately, Scorpio is Pluto’s domain, and the god of the Underworld has sway over the lowest venomous energies and the highest wisdom of healing in its Minerva aspect), it is good to generate understanding about the subconscious world.  It is good to know what Scorpio is about and it is good to know about Saturn.  Then we can be prepared for whatever karma we may have unfolding, positive or challenging.

Therefore I will just touch the surface of this subject, because we are all approaching astrology where we are, and I cannot write a single article which will deeply touch many numerous individuals’ subjective experiences.  But I will brush the surface of Saturn’s entrance into Scorpio pertaining to the houses of the horoscope.

Look for this in an upcoming post soon.  Thank you for reading.

As for that disclaimer from above, occasionally, Saturn’s influence in a chart will indicate karma which we do not have a choice about.  If this is the case, and I will provide examples here in a second, then my statement above does not hold water.  For instance, if Saturn is doing some funky aspects in the Natal chart with Mercury, Jupiter and / or Uranus (3rd or 12th houses) and it has manifested in a learning disability, then you have to work with what you have.  Do not push where pushing will cause obvious harm!  We must know ourselves and work within our limits (which is also Saturnian wisdom).

Similarly if we are born with highly functional Down’s Syndrome, there will be different talents and abilities from someone else.  So start where you are and only challenge yourself appropriately.  Do not take my words as gospel, rather see if they work for you.  If not, then please discard them  🙂

[Updated Nov 2017: I would highly recommend reading the book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” a book by a British doctor and nutrition expert who looks at all the manifestations that an unhealthy bio-flora can cause, including ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, depression and other mental health issues plus an unhealthy gut can lead to serious auto-immune problems! Wild stuff – and it can all possible change just by changing our diets!]

Thanks for reading,


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Please see the “Astrology” page above for more info and for Kirby’s current rates. Thank you for visiting and please enjoy reading.

Wow! So if you have read this far, there is a lot to take in. So good luck! 🙂 And if you are starting here, then I would suggest going back to the post entitled, “Medical Astrology 2011,” and read up from there. This is the fourth post in this series so you need some of the previous information as context to understand this post.

Up to this point we have covered, at least briefly, the aspect of Mars in opposition to Saturn: both in the personality and in physical manifestation, we have looked at Saturn in the 2nd house and Mars in the 8th, and we have looked at Saturn in Virgo and Mars in Pisces from a personality (more overview) perspective. Now let us bring the Medical Astrology perspective into play regarding the 2nd, 8th houses and Virgo / Pisces.

When we talk astrological houses, especially from a Medical perspective, basically we can correlate the houses with their respective signs (12 houses – 12 signs of the zodiac). At the 1st house we start with Aries, 2nd house is Taurus, etc around to Scorpio in the 8th house and ending with the 12th house and Pisces. This is going to keep things simpler for this example. We could go further in depth, but I’d rather speak about this in person to ensure comprehension. So when we talk about Saturn being in Virgo in the 2nd house, we can also add the influence of Taurus (2nd house) into the mix. Then when we look at Mars in the 8th house in Pisces, we actually add a Scorpio (8th house) twist to the interpretation.

Basically we have Saturn in Virgo with a touch of Saturn in Taurus flavoring things, and Mars in Pisces with a bit of Mars in Scorpio. This is another way to look at the above configuration. What does Saturn in Virgo mean from a medical perspective?
Virgo is connected with the intestines, the lower digestion in general (Virgo has to do with analyzing, assimilation and excretion both on a psychological level and physically), Virgo is partially associated with the pancreas and the processing of sugar (see below), the solar plexus and the nervous system (Mercury’s influence shows up here).

So what does the planet of contraction and limitation (Saturn) manifest in these areas? These are simply possibilities – I doubt anyone would experience all of these symptoms / issues in the same lifetime. Constipation when stressed or worried, alternating with possible loose stools – too much analysis / assimilation vs. too much excretion. Saturn in Virgo can also indicate issues with processing sugar (hypoglycemia or pre-diabetic conditions), it might indicate gall stone problems when heavily transited, and with Virgo being more of a dry, analytical sign, Saturn here can indicate eventual arthritis as someone’s emotional body literally crystallizes due to lack of fluidity and use. Too much guilt and / or shame, especially if we are raised in a strictly religious setting, can eventually go into the body and manifest in various ways. (Virgo in my experience tends to be the strongest sign for sacrificing for others in a physical, material manner – see masochism.) Another possible manifestation of Saturn in Virgo, being transited by a challenging aspect is injuries to the solar plexus muscles. At best, Saturn in Virgo can indicate an obsession with mentally chewing on difficult problems (Virgo is the problem solver remember), which can lead to worry and excess nervous energy. This is one reason people with a plethora of Virgo (Mercury energy) in their charts might benefit from crafts involving the hands and minute details / patterns like knitting, sewing, crochet or weaving.

Keep in mind that the solar plexus are the front of the body, and what is behind them? The kidneys and lower back. Therefore, in rare cases Saturn afflictions in the (front of the body) Virgo areas can reflect and show up in lower back issues. And in extremely rare cases, Saturn challenged in Virgo (by other natal aspects) can indicate some issues with the tubes of the kidneys themselves.

Both Virgo and Pisces are the sensitive signs of the zodiac, so this (Saturn / Mars in these signs) will indicate an additional sensitivity to any type of drugs including prescription, over-the-counter and recreational, and alcohol. This is pretty much guaranteed. Now what determines how that sensitivity plays out is the person’s consciousness again. I know I keep harping back to that, but it is vital when interpreting a chart to determine where someone is on many different levels. And actually, if someone has a lot of Virgo, Pisces, 6th or 12th house planets / energy in their chart, then they may also be extra sensitized to herbal medicine (subtle), flower essences and homeopathic remedies (very subtle). So be aware of that. And I would never advocate this myself, especially not before speaking with a licensed health practitioner, but some medical astrology books advocate Piscean / Virgo types to take half or less of the recommended dose of prescription drugs (especially pain medication, anti-biotics and sleep aids).

What does Mars in Pisces represent from a Medical perspective?
In addition to what I have already mentioned involving the sensitization of the individual with this placement, Mars in Pisces individuals may have less energy overall. I plan to elaborate on this further in another post, but their metabolism may be slowed down. Remember though that other Natal Chart influences can counter this (a lot of planets / the Ascendant in fiery signs, Mars being conjunct the Midheaven, etc). With this in mind, heavy exercise is usually not best for these types, rather swimming, dance or something creative / rhythmical would be ideal. With this placing, the individual needs to learn to discipline themselves with regard to their energy regulation. Otherwise Mars in Pisces can be slightly lethargic and / or appear lazy to others. A little bit of daily movement and exercise is required to avoid this, especially if there are very few planets in fire signs or making positive aspects to Mars. Pisces has always been associated with the feet (Pisces – understanding) so Mars here could indicate injuries to the feet or foot problems. If nothing else, a need to keep the feet warm and clean as there might be a predisposition toward infection, fungus, plantar warts, etc. Finally this placing may indicate an allergy to shellfish (Neptune’s influence with Pisces).

This post is getting a bit long, so I will not mention much about Pisces is associated with thalamus and the pineal gland, so in extremely rare cases, an afflicted Mars in Pisces can indicate issues with either of these cerebral structures. In the following post I will continue this thread by looking at the Medical Astrology ramifications of Saturn in the 2nd house (Taurus assoc.) and Mars in the 8th house (Scorpio assoc.).

Kirby Moore has been studying Western Astrology since 2003, having studied under several Western Astrologers with backgrounds in Karmic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology and Hellenistic Astrology. He sees clients professionally for Spiritual Astrology interpretations both in person and over the phone. His private practice also includes Craniosacral bodywork and healing facilitation through healing touch. To schedule an appointment, you can reach Kirby at the following number in the U.S.: four three four, four six five, zero six zero three. Thank you for reading.

*This material is purely for educational purposes only. The author of this post does not claim to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease and if you believe you have a medical problem, you should speak with a licensed medical practitioner as soon as possible.

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Continued post about the recent Astrological T-Square involving Uranus, Saturn and Pluto.

The first thing to come to mind when dealing with aspects involving both Uranus (rebellion, liberation, progress) and Pluto (potency, transformation, intensity, healing journeys), is revolution extraordinaire. The recent upheaval in the Middle East is incredibly tumultuous, intense, dangerous and unpredictable (all key words of Pluto and Uranus). And the potential for government change and reform is huge, which I think reflects the potency of this particular combination of planets. Again, I cannot stress how rare it is to have this combination (these three planets) – at least once a century there is a significant T-Square involving three outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto), but just to reiterate, this particular combination is closer to once every 200 years. Therefore this is a very potent combination as the recent protests and rebellions might reflect.

Uranus was within the eight degree orb of being a square for nearly the past year. Therefore, along with Saturn, these three giants may be a reflection of the intestinal fortitude required to protest in a country where you can be beaten or killed for simply acting against the status quo. Just look at the Middle Eastern revolutions arising over the recent months:

Tunisia, Egyptian revolution – January 2011; Yemen protests – February 2011; Saudi Arabia, Syrian protests March 2011 plus Morocco, Iran and other countries. Not to mention all the domestic American protests involving governors attacking organized labor for fiscal reasons!

Generally T-Squares indicate tension, struggle and growth-opportunities, to put it lightly. And when dealing with Pluto, you can add the potential for cathartic change to the list. Any hard aspect in general (opposition, square, some conjunctions) can lead to pressure or a fulcrum being applied to the planets involved, which means that through stress, we can gain deeper awareness, understanding and then eventually and hopefully, maturing. Therefore, in addition to social revolution and reform, these planets in a T-Square aspect represent personal change and growth.

And the same is true of situations in life, no matter what the subject matter. If we can listen well enough, we can foresee and avoid most crises; but most of us have delusions or desires that we stubbornly push for. However, these planets generally have to do with establishing realism and living a practical, authentic lifestyle. And of all ten planets and luminaries, these three are the most oriented with change and maturation. All three of these planets have to do with transformation, change and growth, although they go about it in differing ways:

Saturn goes about change in a controlled, organized and structured way. It has to make sense and Saturnian types will probably check and double check all contingencies. But when change is deemed necessary, no one goes about orchestrating it like an authentic Capricorn (Sun, Moon or Rising sign). And keep in mind many people here in the West are Saturnian types whether they are Capricorns or not (having Saturn in hard aspect with one’s Sun, Ascendant, Moon or Mercury can easily indicate conditions for a highly controlled / structured / disciplined upbringing). Also, having Saturn in a strong sign like Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo or Libra along with being in aspect to another personal planet (Venus or Mars plus the list above) can indicate strong Saturnian tendencies.

Uranus is the planet of unpredictability, shock and disruption. So of course change is inherent within those descriptions. Unfortunately most of us don’t listen well enough, or we resist our true path for too long and life comes along and throws an incredibly surprising curve ball. Uranus is the most visionary and intuitive of all the planets – when Aquarians (ruled by Uranus) come down out of their heads and rest in their heart (of wisdom), there are no clearer, compassionate or kinder people on the planet – not that this is an easy feat to accomplish!

On a side note, I have been studying the Tibetan language for several years now and I love how they have multiple words for mind and heart and all of these words are inter-changeable. Another Uranus keyword is impermanence. We must consider that everything (basically) in life is impermanent – our job can change, our vehicles change, our spiritual path should shift if we are sincere in our practice, our house will change. You name it, there is change. Impermanence is Uranus’ language. It is when we stop listening to its wise words that we can get in trouble. For those of us like myself, who stubbornly hold on to the way things are… Just remember that it is good to let go occasionally before life makes the oft-resisted, formal request!

Last but certainly not least, Pluto is the master of transformation. Think about it, as the ruler of the underworld, Pluto (Hades) dealt with the greatest transition of all, death and the underworld journey. Therefore, astrological Pluto has to do with many levels and layers of transformation: thoughts on the death process and what happens after we die, deeper thoughts and desires around sexuality (in French – le petit mort, “the Little Death” is a metaphor for orgasm), occult practices and theory, healing journeys in general (degeneration, generation, regeneration). As I mentioned previously, Pluto has association with the most intense arenas of life – the deepest suffering (psycho-pathological disorders, intense drug use, obsession, compulsion) but it also has to do with the greatest psychological, emotional and spiritual healing and understanding. That is why some esoteric astrologers feel that whenever we speak of Pluto we must also mention Minerva (the goddess of wisdom and healing). And in actuality, the planet Pluto is known as a binary system with its largest moon Charon (the mythological ferryman from the surface to the underworld). Therefore some esoteric astrologers feel that Minerva’s energy is already present and ready to be assimilated by the masses.

As the reader can discern, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn are the planets involved with reform, revolution (within and without), maturity and healthy growth.

Thanks for reading!

[I realize Pluto is now designated as a “dwarf planet” but until astrologers as a whole decide to strip Pluto of its astrological significance, and until I notice Pluto losing its psycho-spiritual parallels within the human psyche, then I too treat Pluto as ruler of Scorpio and the planet associated with the 8th Astrological House and beyond.]

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