Challenging T-Squares; Saturn, Uranus, Pluto; part one

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A post about the recent Astrological Aspect with respects to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

I just thought I would write a few words from the top of my head about the recent Astrological T-Square involving Saturn opposite Uranus, both square Pluto. A T-Square is a particularly challenging aspect, especially when difficult planets are involved – such as Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. And yes, I just named all three of the planets that are involved in the recent configuration.

What do each of these planets represent? Saturn, Uranus and Pluto: All three of these planets want to be the boss, they each represent an aspect of power – whether psychological (Pluto), financial (Pluto and Saturn), leadership (all three), intellectual (Uranus and Pluto) or through material possessions (Saturn and Pluto). Then each planet has individual traits – Saturn represents discipline, efficiency, structure, a desire to be in control and to be organized. Saturn is the most material of all the planets – the most worldly – where do you think the name Satan came from? Saturn can indicate the most grounded type of individual – present in the world and direct in thought and word.

Uranus is the unpredictable power behind rebellions, reform and revolution. It is the lightening bolt of enlightened activities when we are virtuous, wise and clear-headed; or it is the obstinacy and rebellion of repressed anger and unknown afflictive emotions expressing themselves through mysterious and unconscious channels. Uranus is the least predictable of all the planetary energies – it is the mad scientist creating visionary reality in an ahead-of-their-time lab or it is the incredibly progressive politician, pushing for great reforms and beneficial change to the status quo. Anyone traditional, conventional and conservative dislikes Uranus when they first hear its ideas. Over time though, Uranus’ incredible intellect and vision can win out.

Pluto is still a planet in the astrological pantheon. [See the continuation of this post for more on this subject.] Pluto represents obsession, lust, manipulation, psychological power in all forms – both seen and unseen, it has to do with anything hidden (mining, oil exploration, nuclear power, etc) and Pluto has many positive characteristics when we are fully in touch with our psychological process of growth, maturity and emotional processing. For those rare individuals who desire to have their faults pointed out so that they can change for the better, they constantly accept challenging social, emotional and psychological situations, these are the people who are using Pluto to its highest potential. As you can tell, Pluto rules the depths of depravity and suffering – venom and poison (a couple of its symbols are the scorpion and serpent) but it also has to do with the highest levels of sacrifice, understanding and humility – true healing (which are represented by its “higher” symbols of the phoenix and the white dove).

These planets are at 10` Libra, 4`Aries and 6` Capricorn respectively. As you will notice, 3 of the Cardinal signs are activated. A T-Square generally represents three signs of a four sign quality (whether the Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable signs). Therefore, there is always a piece missing as it were. In this case, the final Cardinal sign of Cancer is not represented (at least not by a slower moving planet that could hold its own with these three giants mentioned above). A T-Square can be explained by the analogy of a four-legged table that has a missing leg. Something can come along and cause the table to tip, to lose its balance and to come out of alignment.

T-Squares involving the Outer Planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) do not occur often. For instance, in order to have Saturn opposite Uranus by itself, we must wait once every 50 years or so. And then, to wait for Uranus to come around and square Pluto, this only happens twice every 100 years. And then to have both of these aspects occurring simultaneously… then we are looking at close to once every 200 years.

This particular aspect has actually been around for quite some time as Jupiter was recently in the earlier degrees of Aries as well. Therefore, if you have planets in the early degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), you may have noticed more stretching and growth-opportunities than normal over the past year. Actually, when people talk about the outlandish and unsupported theory that 2012 will be much more intense than anything we have seen before, I wonder if the series of challenging aspects like this one play into that equation. Personally, I do not believe 2012 will be more difficult for everyone than years prior, but 2012 will have its share of cathartic aspects too. In fact, this present T-Square will actually be more challenging than anything that is arising in 2012 (Uranus square Pluto exactly, Jupiter square Neptune). So keep practicing self care now, get plenty of rest, allow your body to unwind and process what it is asking for (see previous posts for more on this); that way you can get through the final remnants of this aspect.

This present T-Square is dissolving as we speak. Pluto is heading retrograde in Capricorn, moving away from Saturn which is now direct and moving forward. The Pluto / Uranus square is heating up, but Saturn will be out of the picture by September 2011. Hooray!

What does this particular T-Square mean for us? Please see my next post. I will write about what it means to have this T-Square pulling, tugging, straining at each individual planet.

I offer Spiritual Astrology interpretations, both in person and over the phone, specializing in the Timing Aspects (Transits, Progressions and Solar Arc Directions), Natal Astrology and Medical Astrology (although I am not a doctor, so this is purely speculative). Let me know if you are interested in receiving an interpretation.


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