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Transiting Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus. It just arrived in this sign in 2018, so it will be sticking around through 2025 or so. Taurus is the sign of matter, of materialism, of values and it is the sensual side of Venus.

Uranus is the planet which represents the higher octave of Mercury. So it is all about intuition, ingenuity and creativity – Uranus definitely thinks outside-the-box. Uranus is all about liberation – the truth shall set you free. This is why it rules Aquarius. The truth is that when we take care of others, we are invariably benefiting ourselves. Aquarians know this innately, which is why they typically are more concerned with movements that benefit their neighbors, community or regions.

If you know astrology well, you know that Uranus exalts in Scorpio. The sign of exaltation is where the planet is very comfortable expressing its energy and manifestation. In Scorpio, we find a detective-like perseverance. Scorpio loves to get to the bottom of things. And with the intuitive and enhanced vision of Uranus manifesting through the strength, fortitude and resilience of Scorpio, it can produce great positive results!

Which brings us to Uranus in Taurus. This is where Uranus falls. It is opposite its exaltation. This is the sign where the planet feels a little out-of-sorts, contracted, a circular peg being hammered into a triangular hole as it were. Why is this?

Because Uranus is uncomfortable manifesting in the realm of matter. It would much rather put its intuition to solid use imagining better solutions, solving ahead-of-the-curve and outside-the-box problems and Uranus’ creativity is different from the sensual creativity of Taurus. Taureans love to create something tangible – “I made this pottery” or “look at that beautiful sculpture!” Uranus is all about the mad scientist creating innovative equations for solving the world’s energy crisis or discovering where the fashion trends will be 20 years from now. It can be quite intangible. There is a saying that Uranus’ vision is from 30,000 feet – like viewing things from an airplane, whereas Sagittarius views things from a moderately high mountain top. Uranus is the most visionary of all the energies.

How do we work positively with this current energy? Uranus in the home of Venus (which rules Taurus)?

Bear with me here… For starters, we must practice efficacious self care which begins the process of deeper embodiment. This is what Taurus is all about – can I be in my body? Can I sense further and deeper subtleties about being as a body? Maybe this looks like yoga (which you modify so you get enjoyment out of it). Maybe this is receiving regular bodywork – massage or craniosacral therapy for instance. Perhaps you prefer a regular Qigong or Tai Chi session. For others it is different kinds of stretching. Maybe it looks like dance or swimming… And then if we add meditation to this practice of self care, then we can start to unite these to uncomfortable energies.

Uranus is all about liberation from suffering, liberation from confusion, liberation from distorted emotions. But how do we discover these forms of liberation? Through working with a skillful practitioner or meditation teacher. Looking into an authentic spiritual practice or path – what do we feel a strong connection to? Working with the nervous system through Vagus nerve work or Somatic Experiencing can start the process of untying inner knots. Where do we find resource? Where do we actually move toward gradual progress and growth?

How can we both be in our body and in touch with Higher Selves? Easy – by going slow, being gentle, being kind, softening our edges and by putting the advice into play that I mention above – some form of physical self care (moving toward embodiment) blended with an efficacious spiritual practice (meditation would definitely help). We want to work to heal and resource and build resilience in our nervous system. Then we are speaking the language of Uranus – which along with Mercury rules the nervous system.

The only thing to mention is, if someone has a tendency to day dream, to check out, to numb out, to dissociate, then meditation for them might simply be a recapitulation of this pattern. They would do best working with a skillful bodyworker for a while – and Birth Process Work (PPN Work), Craniosacral Therapy and / or Vagus system work would be very beneficial.

Some of you dear readers may not want to hear this… but my Tibetan Lamas (sublime meditation teachers) have said that people who have extreme emotions or dysregulated nervous systems basically have a difficult time with meditation. When they go to meditate for instance, their paranoia (or anxiety or worries or dissociative tendencies) float right up to the surface. We have to settle our nervous systems first. Establish a solid foundation upon which to build the secure palace of a robust and resilient meditation practice! With all this said however, do attempt to meditate if you feel at all drawn to it! Saying aspirational prayers and setting powerful intentions will start the ball rolling in the right direction!

It is possible. But it will not happen overnight – this is why we go slowly, gradually building upon previous accomplishments. Allowing the body (and nervous system) to digest the work we are doing.

In conclusion, Uranus in Taurus can be a beautiful time of inner and outer work. It might even be a time of tangible creativity – where we get the best of both worlds! Visionary sculptures? We can work with both themes – tangible and intangible, the realms of visionary creative thought and being in our body. We can hopefully put Uranus’ vision and intuition to use best by tidying up our inner blockages and knots. When we start to connect on a regular basis with our Higher Self, then we will automatically get the best from our astrology chart. Whether a planet is exalting in a sign or falling! This is what Uranus demands from us – be in our truth, be in our power, be in our body and be in our intuitive centers.

Thank you for reading!



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As a tiny bit of context to this post, look up retrograde movement of planets on Wikipedia if you don’t know what retrograde means.

I have been too busy to peek, but I wonder how many people are writing about the building T-Square in the sky right now. It involves Venus, Mars and Uranus. (And my natal Jupiter… but that is personal) ūüôā

The bizarre part about this is that all three of these planets are either slowing down to go retrograde, are just coming out of retrograde (moving slowly out of stationing direct) or are currently retrograde. It seems like it has been a long while since something like this has happened? If I were to hazard a guess – 20 years?

Therefore, not only will relationships have a wrench thrown in them for a couple weeks (or longer), but the pace and timing of these normally quick personal planets (Mars & Venus) are much slower and possibly even distorted as Venus slows to station retrograde.

Uranus is retrograde in early Taurus. Mars is barely direct, creeping through the sky (from our perspective), in very late Capricorn – it reenters Aquarius in a week. And Venus is beginning to slow significantly in late Libra as it preps to turn Rx in early Scorpio on Oct 6th. In other words, wow! Should be an interesting time in the news, in relationships and I can easily see emotions and tempers flaring in the sports world.

The real zinger is if someone has a personal planet or a chart ruler in late Cardinals signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) or early fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). Then this T-Square really pulls a punch! For me as I mentioned above, it is tweaking my natal Jupiter which I have exalted in late Cancer.

Depending on house placements and which planets are involved, this might manifest in many many ways. For instance, having these three planets transiting your angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th and / or 10th) will make the manifestation very tangible and real in your life. Probably showing up in your relationships (1st / 7th) or in your public / home life (4th / 10th).

Uranus is the unpredictable planet which demands the truth. It marches to the beat of its own drum, has very impulsive ingenious energy. It is the mad scientist energy and it also plays a major role in spontaneous, insightful, creativity and all things off-planet/outside-the-box like astrology, acupuncture, astrophysics and healing with electricity (for instance, like working with Tesla coils in healing).

Venus shows what we like, what we desire, what do we long for. This includes clothing, fashion items, luxury items, bedding, how we pamper ourselves, etc. It is also our aesthetic sense – do we have refinement, an artistic bent or are we more bohemian and devil-may-care? Venus shows what we like in relationships as well as physical items. Do we want more freedom in relationships (Sagittarius / Aquarius)? Do we want to be front and center in them (Leo / Cancer)? Are we more plodding, patient, taking our time (Taurus and to a certain extent other earth signs)?

Mars is the energy which shows how we go about getting what we want. Are we aggressive? Assertive? Combative? Is there a little refinement or are we gruff and vulgar? Uranus would add some temporary vulgarity and coarseness during this brief transit by the way. Mars rules steel, weapons, steel vehicles, firearms (along with Uranus),  and more.

When all three of these come together… look out! Stay away from firearms for a few weeks. Especially if there is anyone around who might go off emotionally. Speaking of emotions – Venus square Mars increases passion – those two planets alone! Add Uranus, and well, now we have a potential powder keg for any individuals without much awareness of how to self-regulate.

I can easily see players on professional sports teams getting ejected for crazy, rash, impulsive, violent, emotional reactions. No matter what sport – especially soccer, football and who knows, if a pitcher plunks a batter who has this T-Square hitting his natal Pluto or Mars… then there might be a bench-clearing fight on our hands! (Baseball for those not in the US or Japan)

And as we have impulsivity, heightened reactions and increased passions, of course relationships are going to be affected! Be aware that you might want to think twice, take some deep breaths before reacting emotionally for the next couple weeks. Take a little bit of time and space to let your head clear if you can. Nothing like making a huge mistake and wishing you could have taken that outburst back.. Of course it can be repaired. And with Mars and Venus involved, love making might help with that repair – provided there is enough trust at that point.

So may cooler heads prevail. May everyone have the insight and awareness to notice when their egos are heating up, or putting up a serious resistance. At least with these planets involved (at least Mars and Venus), we tend to blow hot quickly and then cool off just as quick. Although with Uranus in the mix, the affront might be too egregious. Then it will take time to repair and forgive.

Lay off the gas. Slow down. Take some deep breaths. Yin yoga. Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue massage would all be good during this time.

And good luck! ūüôā

Thanks for reading as always!


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I am excited to announce that I am doing more astrology interpretations these days. ¬†Taking a pause on school, I have lots of time to devote to my passions – Spiritual Astrology and Resource Bodywork. ¬†If you are interested in having your chart done, email me – kirby at ¬†Also, I do bodywork both in person and remotely, so inquire about that as well. ¬†Here’s a link to my website:¬†Kirby’s website.¬†¬†With that said, lets get into this post.

First of all, I could have written this post a month ago, describing the storm early and ahead of time. ¬†But I was up to my neck in care plans and clinical hours with nursing school, so I could only watch as this storm hit some people’s charts and lives (including my own). ¬†What is the storm I am talking about you ask? ¬†Great question!

It is the massive T-square going on right now with Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  This configuration has a once-a-decade kind of potency to it.  And to top it all off, Mars has just come through Aries (presently at 24 degrees) heating it all up to the Nth degree!

The other planets are all earlier than 24 degrees (Pluto at 18, Jupiter at 22 and Rx, Uranus at 22 degrees respectively). ¬†Therefore, I feel like a storm reporter who got to town late after the tornado passed through and is now reporting on it! ¬†“The twister was here and it ran through there” (duh! obviously!!).

Having said that though, it is still going to be insightful to know what happened and why.  Plus March is my birthday month, so you have to oblige me!  Ha ha Рjust kidding.

Keep these degrees in mind Р17 through 23 degrees of the Cardinal signs РAries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.  People who have a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) or the Rising sign (and also the Midheaven) in this small window of Cardinal signs will definitely be feeing this T-square!  For instance, someone with a 20 degree Cancer rising would have Pluto opposite their Ascendant (affecting their relationships), Jupiter squaring it from the 4th (possibly affecting domestic attitudes) and Uranus / Mars squaring it from the 10th house (affecting their career / profession)!  This would be a heavy configuration for them.

So let’s take this one piece at a time. ¬†First, Jupiter opposite Uranus.

If this transit was just happening alone, people who do not have Jupiter or Uranus personalized might not feel it at all.  Also, people who do not have a planet in a Cardinal sign in that window above, they still might not feel the T-square.

What do I mean by having Jupiter or Uranus personalized?

  • Having a Sagittarius or Pisces rising
  • Having Jupiter in the 1st / 9th house or conjunct the Midheaven
  • Having Jupiter making a hard aspect to your Sun or Moon (Jupiter personalized)
  • Having Aquarius rising
  • Having Uranus in the 1st house or conjunct the Midheaven
  • Having Uranus making a hard aspect to the Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus (Uranus personalized)

So for anyone not experiencing any of these items and not having any planets in that tight window of Cardinal signs, you can stop reading now.  Joke joke Рor continue reading and learn more, up to you!

Jupiter opposite Uranus spells at time of being more creative (but fickle) and being more independent (in a willful, rebellious sort of way).  The individual (especially if they have a personal planet in those Cardinal degrees!) will be more restless and eccentric.  Now, keep in mind that this creativity and independence can come with a price.  If you need help, under this influence, you are not likely to ask for it.  And you might even refuse it if it is offered!  And your creativity might not be able to stick to one area for very long Рyou might spread yourself thin and have six different projects you are thinking about at the same time!

Historically speaking, Jupiter opposes Uranus every 14 years or so, meaning this aspect is not earthshakingly rare. ¬†Yeah, that’s not so bad right? ¬†Right, but…

I haven’t gotten to Pluto (or Mars) yet. ¬†ūüôā

Now we also need to mention Jupiter square Pluto, even though that orb is presently a little wider than 3 degrees:

Keep in mind everything I mentioned above for personalized planets.  People with a personalized Pluto (and / or Jupiter) will feel this aspect a little more.  People without any planets (or angles) in Cardinal signs may not feel this at all.

Jupiter square Pluto indicates a time of dogmatic adherence to some doctrine or objective. ¬†And yes, if you are wondering, Donald Trump has several planets in this window of Cardinal signs – potentially making his dogmatic approach even more fanatical! ¬†Ugh! ¬†So this time is particularly potent (or impotent) and emphasized for the United States…

Jupiter opposite Pluto is also indicative of the ability (especially if charisma and creativity show up elsewhere in that chart) of the native to mislead people.  Donald Trump anyone?  Good grief!  This might be especially true of people who have Jupiter in hard aspect to Pluto / Uranus in their natal charts.

Jupiter opposes Pluto every 12 and a half years, so not that uncommon.

Now the real whopper, a crazy doozy of an aspect: Uranus square Pluto. ¬†A major hard aspect (square, conjunction or opposition) only occurs between these two giants every 30 to 45 years or so. ¬†This means that they square every 65 – 80 years or so, making this a particularly potent and rare aspect (the wide range is due to Pluto’s elliptical orbit)!

When Uranus makes a hard aspect to Pluto, there is usually a significant revolution(s) happening in the world. ¬†And in the case of this most recent square – which started in late 2010 – the Arab Spring started around the time Uranus started to square Pluto (plus Saturn was involved). ¬†Occupy Wall Street was the U.S.’s version of this revolutionary time.

Uranus square Pluto (in the natal chart, especially if either planet is personalized Рthink Aquarius / Scorpio) is often indicative of a person who is stubborn and difficult to get along with in some significant area of their lives.  Of course it matters where in the chart these planets are located Рin the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) they would play a more prominent outwardly expressing role.

As far as the transit goes, I like to think it of it as a great opportunity to purify (negative) karma.  Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma Рwherever he goes, we are forced to work on stuff.  But I would also add Pluto to that list Рand possibly even Uranus.  Although Pluto and Uranus have different flavors from Saturn.

When Uranus and Pluto are in hard aspect to each other, the causes and conditions start to come to fruition for our negative karma to ripen and manifest.  And that karma will manifest when a personal planet (acting as the catalyst Рlike Mars or the Sun or maybe the Moon or an eclipse) crosses over one or both of the transiting planets.  Are you keeping up with me?  (Let me know if you need more clarity by leaving a comment)

It means practice self care. ¬†Any major (read gross) unresolved traumas or psychological issues will be up at this time. ¬†That is Pluto’s (and Uranus to some extent) domain. ¬†It is good to work on yourself whenever it is easy or available, and definitely work on yourself each year. ¬†That way, you can constantly be improving your awareness and your mindfulness. ¬†That way a Uranus / Pluto square (with the attending catalytic personal planet) does not jump out and surprise you!

If we have a ton of personal growth stuff to be working on Рthis includes yours truly (me) Рthen you should not be too surprised if you become excessively stubborn or willful or rebellious during this transit.  Maybe it is a past life getting triggered (rare).  Or more likely, maybe it is suppressed or repressed anger from when you were younger (more common).  Either way, it would be good to have control of your mind and heart and to feel the stubbornness but not be hijacked by it.  Maybe it will be out of our control Рa friend or loved one may become excessively rebellious, willful or stubborn and be very difficult to deal with.

So throw Jupiter in this mix and we have excessive stubbornness (Uranus / Pluto) and creativity and thinking of huge projects (Jupiter) to work on (read unrealistically huge).  There will be creativity and eccentricity and ample restlessness.  The person may think up a dynamic new invention but they will need to focus and be disciplined to push through the restlessness.

And Mars of course is / was that catalytic energy that is the spark, setting off the negative karma.  Maybe you have Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto in hard aspect to your Moon for an entire month, but then Mars also comes along to oppose your Moon (in Libra in this case) and suddenly you find yourself angrily yelling at the General Manager of your company.  Maybe something small sets you off and you are indignantly telling off a friend (although it will usually be rebellion against authority with Uranus / Pluto / Mars being in play).  With such a huge aspect configuration going on, it will probably not be a small irritation that you feel.  Rather, that little itch might explode into a raging termination from your job!

So be careful.  Try to be mindful.  Go slow.  Be kind.  Be gentle.  Find a wise person and ally yourselves with them.  Get their advice about any major decisions you are making at the time!  Otherwise you might find yourself withdrawing from a very beneficial partnership or program or job.

This is really long, so I will stop now.

Thank you very much for reading to the end!  Hope it was somewhat informative or beneficial.


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Sometimes we want to keep things just the way they are.  Am I right?  Who adores change and welcomes it every moment?  Not I.

Well, Uranus says life is impermanent. ¬†But occasionally change is for the better (whether we can see it at the moment or not). ¬†Might as well start to view things like birth, old age, sickness and death as typical! ¬†And this can apply to inner patterns as well – a new pattern is conceived in the mind, we put time and energy into that pattern (or behavior or habit, etc), the pattern might not be entirely healthy, and it causes us to question or doubt our choices. ¬†So maybe we are forced to choose between health or continuing that pattern. ¬†If we continue for long enough, we might even have the choice of an early death or choosing to let the pattern die. ¬†(Wow this is getting morbid…)

I am observing a situation like this in my own chart.  Uranus is in Aries, opposite my Libra Moon / Pluto conjunction (my Hades Moon in Libra).

What does Libra Moon typically mean? ¬†That we might hide any common daily anger and irritation under layers of charming guile and desire for ultimate harmony. ¬†Libra Moon loves aesthetic harmony as well – it might lead to being a good artist or designer or communicator, mediator, diplomat, etc. ¬†Libra Moon people often like the delicate, fine detail type of jobs like creating art, fashion design, editing (esp. if Virgo is thrown in), writing, and in addition, Libra Moon is often a good match maker as they are aware of subtle nuances in people’s personalities. ¬†Oh – Libra rules the hands and it is one of the more delicate signs – so Libra Moon people rarely ever like to get their hands dirty. ¬†(There have to be other influences like Virgo or Taurus or Capricorn or desperation for them to consider putting their hands in the dirt or doing a gritty blue collar job.) ¬†These are just a few of Libra’s gifts and challenges.

Having Pluto conjunct a Libra Moon adds layers of exaggeration to these traits above and it implies that this individual (me) has a strong karmic tie with their mother (Moon = Mom influences, Pluto and Saturn are the two Lords of Karma). ¬†In addition, Pluto might add a level of psychic ability or at least intuition by being conjunct the Moon. ¬†There will be added emotionality (although Libra wants to keep this in check) which might come out by being a great writer or poet. ¬†There is the possibility of innate emotional intelligence and understanding. ¬†Plus due to Pluto’s influence, there will be the desire to constantly improve the self (which at times might get out of hand and prevent the individual from having fun and losing control). ¬†Oh – did I mention Libra (thru Saturn’s influence) loves to be in control – at least of themselves?

So how does Uranus get involved?  And why would I call it the liberator?  These are good questions!

As Uranus has stationed from direct to retrograde within a degree of opposition of my Libra Hades Moon, I have noticed many subtle shifts occurring.  And these shifts could easily be manifesting due to situations that are occurring in my life.  Therefore I am not saying that astrology impels actions, rather it reflects what is happening in our lives.  Maybe one could say that astrology (as representing gross levels of karma) will show that we have the greatest proclivity towards.

So Uranus opposite Libra Hades Moon: for one, Uranus opposite the Moon can indicate perversion. ¬†And this has crept into my life very slowly and subtly. ¬†Due to working full time, and going to school, and being under pressure to perform due to nursing school’s strict rules, I just thought that my dismissing of the small rules at work was just a little burn out happening. ¬†I thought that my small expressions of irritation and discontent were because I had no more energy to hold them in any longer (see above for why). ¬†But these could both be “explained” by Uranus opposite Moon / Pluto. ¬†Uranus opposite Pluto is never given a good prognosis in astrology books, but I might disagree.

Uranus opposite Pluto will mean that you had better be doing some inner personal growth work and especially you need a healthy outlet for any suppressed anger / resentment / hatred.  My outlet is to receive body work and do meditation РI need both.  If I just meditated, that would lead to being centered in my mind, but the body work accelerates the process of letting the angst out of my physical system.

If we do not have a healthy outlet for Pluto’s angst, then Uranus opposite Pluto will be challenging and it will feel like we are banging our heads against the wall. ¬†However, when we have a number of inner resources to understand our inner processes and when we start to liberate our anger and irritation appropriately, then people around us start to respect us more (as we respect ourselves more).

I have a bit of a devil-may-care attitude at times and I am okay with that. ¬†Keep in mind that astrology allows us to see the ways that we might subconsciously be working against ourselves. ¬†I have less filters on my thoughts and words these days but I am consciously applying some filters because I don’t want to push to much and risk my job! ¬†Or risk losing colleagues as amiable acquaintances. ¬†I do feel more liberated though – if something upsets me, I take a couple of deep breaths and then I set the intention to be clear, compassionate and honest in my discussion and then I talk to the person about the situation. ¬†No need to be holding that crap in!

Also, another facet of Uranus sitting at 20 degrees of Aries for 4 months… ¬†And being opposite my Hades Moon is that I am becoming more clumsy! ¬†This I do not like. ¬†But, even this can be viewed as becoming liberated. ¬†If I consider the fact that my extremely agility and dexterity were due to my not wanting to step wrong around an angry father – I walked very carefully on egg shells (without knowing it consciously), then my brain is starting to no longer compensate for that ugly cause of dexterity. ¬†Therefore, these days, I have to be more conscious where I put my feet, how I serve a drink at work (I’m a waiter after all – which requires decent dexterity every day!), walking through my house…

Just to clarify – when I was young, my father was angry and emotionally numb and unavailable. ¬†However, in the past 30 years he has mellowed out a bit and made huge strides toward connecting with people (and me) and I love him dearly. ¬†I cannot repay my parent’s kindness enough for bringing me into this world. ¬†But I am going to be honest of developmental trauma when it happens (even to me).

So as you can see, Uranus liberates on many levels and it often does it without our consent. ¬†But from a big picture perspective, who wouldn’t want that anyway? ¬†ūüôā

Thank you for reading!


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Continued post about the recent Astrological T-Square involving Uranus, Saturn and Pluto.

The first thing to come to mind when dealing with aspects involving both Uranus (rebellion, liberation, progress) and Pluto (potency, transformation, intensity, healing journeys), is revolution extraordinaire. The recent upheaval in the Middle East is incredibly tumultuous, intense, dangerous and unpredictable (all key words of Pluto and Uranus). And the potential for government change and reform is huge, which I think reflects the potency of this particular combination of planets. Again, I cannot stress how rare it is to have this combination (these three planets) – at least once a century there is a significant T-Square involving three outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto), but just to reiterate, this particular combination is closer to once every 200 years. Therefore this is a very potent combination as the recent protests and rebellions might reflect.

Uranus was within the eight degree orb of being a square for nearly the past year. Therefore, along with Saturn, these three giants may be a reflection of the intestinal fortitude required to protest in a country where you can be beaten or killed for simply acting against the status quo. Just look at the Middle Eastern revolutions arising over the recent months:

Tunisia, Egyptian revolution – January 2011; Yemen protests – February 2011; Saudi Arabia, Syrian protests March 2011 plus Morocco, Iran and other countries. Not to mention all the domestic American protests involving governors attacking organized labor for fiscal reasons!

Generally T-Squares indicate tension, struggle and growth-opportunities, to put it lightly. And when dealing with Pluto, you can add the potential for cathartic change to the list. Any hard aspect in general (opposition, square, some conjunctions) can lead to pressure or a fulcrum being applied to the planets involved, which means that through stress, we can gain deeper awareness, understanding and then eventually and hopefully, maturing. Therefore, in addition to social revolution and reform, these planets in a T-Square aspect represent personal change and growth.

And the same is true of situations in life, no matter what the subject matter. If we can listen well enough, we can foresee and avoid most crises; but most of us have delusions or desires that we stubbornly push for. However, these planets generally have to do with establishing realism and living a practical, authentic lifestyle. And of all ten planets and luminaries, these three are the most oriented with change and maturation. All three of these planets have to do with transformation, change and growth, although they go about it in differing ways:

Saturn goes about change in a controlled, organized and structured way. It has to make sense and Saturnian types will probably check and double check all contingencies. But when change is deemed necessary, no one goes about orchestrating it like an authentic Capricorn (Sun, Moon or Rising sign). And keep in mind many people here in the West are Saturnian types whether they are Capricorns or not (having Saturn in hard aspect with one’s Sun, Ascendant, Moon or Mercury can easily indicate conditions for a highly controlled / structured / disciplined upbringing). Also, having Saturn in a strong sign like Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo or Libra along with being in aspect to another personal planet (Venus or Mars plus the list above) can indicate strong Saturnian tendencies.

Uranus is the planet of unpredictability, shock and disruption. So of course change is inherent within those descriptions. Unfortunately most of us don’t listen well enough, or we resist our true path for too long and life comes along and throws an incredibly surprising curve ball. Uranus is the most visionary and intuitive of all the planets – when Aquarians (ruled by Uranus) come down out of their heads and rest in their heart (of wisdom), there are no clearer, compassionate or kinder people on the planet – not that this is an easy feat to accomplish!

On a side note, I have been studying the Tibetan language for several years now and I love how they have multiple words for mind and heart and all of these words are inter-changeable. Another Uranus keyword is impermanence. We must consider that everything (basically) in life is impermanent – our job can change, our vehicles change, our spiritual path should shift if we are sincere in our practice, our house will change. You name it, there is change. Impermanence is Uranus’ language. It is when we stop listening to its wise words that we can get in trouble. For those of us like myself, who stubbornly hold on to the way things are… Just remember that it is good to let go occasionally before life makes the oft-resisted, formal request!

Last but certainly not least, Pluto is the master of transformation. Think about it, as the ruler of the underworld, Pluto (Hades) dealt with the greatest transition of all, death and the underworld journey. Therefore, astrological Pluto has to do with many levels and layers of transformation: thoughts on the death process and what happens after we die, deeper thoughts and desires around sexuality (in French – le petit mort, “the Little Death” is a metaphor for orgasm), occult practices and theory, healing journeys in general (degeneration, generation, regeneration). As I mentioned previously, Pluto has association with the most intense arenas of life – the deepest suffering (psycho-pathological disorders, intense drug use, obsession, compulsion) but it also has to do with the greatest psychological, emotional and spiritual healing and understanding. That is why some esoteric astrologers feel that whenever we speak of Pluto we must also mention Minerva (the goddess of wisdom and healing). And in actuality, the planet Pluto is known as a binary system with its largest moon Charon (the mythological ferryman from the surface to the underworld). Therefore some esoteric astrologers feel that Minerva’s energy is already present and ready to be assimilated by the masses.

As the reader can discern, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn are the planets involved with reform, revolution (within and without), maturity and healthy growth.

Thanks for reading!

[I realize Pluto is now designated as a “dwarf planet” but until astrologers as a whole decide to strip Pluto of its astrological significance, and until I notice Pluto losing its psycho-spiritual parallels within the human psyche, then I too treat Pluto as ruler of Scorpio and the planet associated with the 8th Astrological House and beyond.]

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A post about the recent Astrological Aspect with respects to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

I just thought I would write a few words from the top of my head about the recent Astrological T-Square involving Saturn opposite Uranus, both square Pluto. A T-Square is a particularly challenging aspect, especially when difficult planets are involved – such as Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. And yes, I just named all three of the planets that are involved in the recent configuration.

What do each of these planets represent? Saturn, Uranus and Pluto: All three of these planets want to be the boss, they each represent an aspect of power – whether psychological (Pluto), financial (Pluto and Saturn), leadership (all three), intellectual (Uranus and Pluto) or through material possessions (Saturn and Pluto). Then each planet has individual traits – Saturn represents discipline, efficiency, structure, a desire to be in control and to be organized. Saturn is the most material of all the planets – the most worldly – where do you think the name Satan came from? Saturn can indicate the most grounded type of individual – present in the world and direct in thought and word.

Uranus is the unpredictable power behind rebellions, reform and revolution. It is the lightening bolt of enlightened activities when we are virtuous, wise and clear-headed; or it is the obstinacy and rebellion of repressed anger and unknown afflictive emotions expressing themselves through mysterious and unconscious channels. Uranus is the least predictable of all the planetary energies – it is the mad scientist creating visionary reality in an ahead-of-their-time lab or it is the incredibly progressive politician, pushing for great reforms and beneficial change to the status quo. Anyone traditional, conventional and conservative dislikes Uranus when they first hear its ideas. Over time though, Uranus’ incredible intellect and vision can win out.

Pluto is still a planet in the astrological pantheon. [See the continuation of this post for more on this subject.] Pluto represents obsession, sexual lust, manipulation, psychological power in all forms – both seen and unseen, it has to do with anything hidden (mining, oil exploration, nuclear power, etc) and Pluto has many positive characteristics when we are fully in touch with our psychological process of growth, maturity and emotional processing. For those rare individuals who desire to have their faults pointed out so that they can change for the better, they constantly accept challenging social, emotional and psychological situations, these are the people who are using Pluto to its highest potential. As you can tell, Pluto rules the depths of depravity and suffering – venom and poison (a couple of its symbols are the scorpion and serpent) but it also has to do with the highest levels of sacrifice, understanding and humility – true healing (which are represented by its “higher” symbols of the phoenix and the white dove).

These planets are at 10` Libra, 4`Aries and 6` Capricorn respectively. As you will notice, 3 of the Cardinal signs are activated. A T-Square generally represents three signs of a four sign quality (whether the Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable signs). Therefore, there is always a piece missing as it were. In this case, the final Cardinal sign of Cancer is not represented (at least not by a slower moving planet that could hold its own with these three giants mentioned above). A T-Square can be explained by the analogy of a four-legged table that has a missing leg. Something can come along and cause the table to tip, to lose its balance and to come out of alignment.

T-Squares involving the Outer Planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) do not occur often. For instance, in order to have Saturn opposite Uranus by itself, we must wait once every 50 years or so. And then, to wait for Uranus to come around and square Pluto, this only happens twice every 100 years. And then to have both of these aspects occurring simultaneously… then we are looking at close to once every 200 years.

This particular aspect has actually been around for quite some time as Jupiter was recently in the earlier degrees of Aries as well. Therefore, if you have planets in the early degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), you may have noticed more stretching and growth-opportunities than normal over the past year. Actually, when people talk about the outlandish and unsupported theory that 2012 will be much more intense than anything we have seen before, I wonder if the series of challenging aspects like this one play into that equation. Personally, I do not believe 2012 will be more difficult for everyone than years prior, but 2012 will have its share of cathartic aspects too. In fact, this present T-Square will actually be more challenging than anything that is arising in 2012 (Uranus square Pluto exactly, Jupiter square Neptune). So keep practicing self care now, get plenty of rest, allow your body to unwind and process what it is asking for (see previous posts for more on this); that way you can get through the final remnants of this aspect.

This present T-Square is dissolving as we speak. Pluto is heading retrograde in Capricorn, moving away from Saturn which is now direct and moving forward. The Pluto / Uranus square is heating up, but Saturn will be out of the picture by September 2011. Hooray!

What does this particular T-Square mean for us? Please see my next post. I will write about what it means to have this T-Square pulling, tugging, straining at each individual planet.

I offer Spiritual Astrology interpretations, both in person and over the phone, specializing in the Timing Aspects (Transits, Progressions and Solar Arc Directions), Natal Astrology and Medical Astrology (although I am not a doctor, so this is purely speculative). Let me know if you are interested in receiving an interpretation.

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