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I am excited to announce that I am doing more astrology interpretations these days.  Taking a pause on school, I have lots of time to devote to my passions – Spiritual Astrology and Resource Bodywork.  If you are interested in having your chart done, email me – kirby at  Also, I do bodywork both in person and remotely, so inquire about that as well.  Here’s a link to my website: Kirby’s website.  With that said, lets get into this post.

First of all, I could have written this post a month ago, describing the storm early and ahead of time.  But I was up to my neck in care plans and clinical hours with nursing school, so I could only watch as this storm hit some people’s charts and lives (including my own).  What is the storm I am talking about you ask?  Great question!

It is the massive T-square going on right now with Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  This configuration has a once-a-decade kind of potency to it.  And to top it all off, Mars has just come through Aries (presently at 24 degrees) heating it all up to the Nth degree!

The other planets are all earlier than 24 degrees (Pluto at 18, Jupiter at 22 and Rx, Uranus at 22 degrees respectively).  Therefore, I feel like a storm reporter who got to town late after the tornado passed through and is now reporting on it!  “The twister was here and it ran through there” (duh! obviously!!).

Having said that though, it is still going to be insightful to know what happened and why.  Plus March is my birthday month, so you have to oblige me!  Ha ha – just kidding.

Keep these degrees in mind – 17 through 23 degrees of the Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.  People who have a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) or the Rising sign (and also the Midheaven) in this small window of Cardinal signs will definitely be feeing this T-square!  For instance, someone with a 20 degree Cancer rising would have Pluto opposite their Ascendant (affecting their relationships), Jupiter squaring it from the 4th (possibly affecting domestic attitudes) and Uranus / Mars squaring it from the 10th house (affecting their career / profession)!  This would be a heavy configuration for them.

So let’s take this one piece at a time.  First, Jupiter opposite Uranus.

If this transit was just happening alone, people who do not have Jupiter or Uranus personalized might not feel it at all.  Also, people who do not have a planet in a Cardinal sign in that window above, they still might not feel the T-square.

What do I mean by having Jupiter or Uranus personalized?

  • Having a Sagittarius or Pisces rising
  • Having Jupiter in the 1st / 9th house or conjunct the Midheaven
  • Having Jupiter making a hard aspect to your Sun or Moon (Jupiter personalized)
  • Having Aquarius rising
  • Having Uranus in the 1st house or conjunct the Midheaven
  • Having Uranus making a hard aspect to the Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus (Uranus personalized)

So for anyone not experiencing any of these items and not having any planets in that tight window of Cardinal signs, you can stop reading now.  Joke joke – or continue reading and learn more, up to you!

Jupiter opposite Uranus spells at time of being more creative (but fickle) and being more independent (in a willful, rebellious sort of way).  The individual (especially if they have a personal planet in those Cardinal degrees!) will be more restless and eccentric.  Now, keep in mind that this creativity and independence can come with a price.  If you need help, under this influence, you are not likely to ask for it.  And you might even refuse it if it is offered!  And your creativity might not be able to stick to one area for very long – you might spread yourself thin and have six different projects you are thinking about at the same time!

Historically speaking, Jupiter opposes Uranus every 14 years or so, meaning this aspect is not earthshakingly rare.  Yeah, that’s not so bad right?  Right, but…

I haven’t gotten to Pluto (or Mars) yet.  🙂

Now we also need to mention Jupiter square Pluto, even though that orb is presently a little wider than 3 degrees:

Keep in mind everything I mentioned above for personalized planets.  People with a personalized Pluto (and / or Jupiter) will feel this aspect a little more.  People without any planets (or angles) in Cardinal signs may not feel this at all.

Jupiter square Pluto indicates a time of dogmatic adherence to some doctrine or objective.  And yes, if you are wondering, Donald Trump has several planets in this window of Cardinal signs – potentially making his dogmatic approach even more fanatical!  Ugh!  So this time is particularly potent (or impotent) and emphasized for the United States…

Jupiter opposite Pluto is also indicative of the ability (especially if charisma and creativity show up elsewhere in that chart) of the native to mislead people.  Donald Trump anyone?  Good grief!  This might be especially true of people who have Jupiter in hard aspect to Pluto / Uranus in their natal charts.

Jupiter opposes Pluto every 12 and a half years, so not that uncommon.

Now the real whopper, a crazy doozy of an aspect: Uranus square Pluto.  A major hard aspect (square, conjunction or opposition) only occurs between these two giants every 30 to 45 years or so.  This means that they square every 65 – 80 years or so, making this a particularly potent and rare aspect (the wide range is due to Pluto’s elliptical orbit)!

When Uranus makes a hard aspect to Pluto, there is usually a significant revolution(s) happening in the world.  And in the case of this most recent square – which started in late 2010 – the Arab Spring started around the time Uranus started to square Pluto (plus Saturn was involved).  Occupy Wall Street was the U.S.’s version of this revolutionary time.

Uranus square Pluto (in the natal chart, especially if either planet is personalized – think Aquarius / Scorpio) is often indicative of a person who is stubborn and difficult to get along with in some significant area of their lives.  Of course it matters where in the chart these planets are located – in the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) they would play a more prominent outwardly expressing role.

As far as the transit goes, I like to think it of it as a great opportunity to purify (negative) karma.  Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma – wherever he goes, we are forced to work on stuff.  But I would also add Pluto to that list – and possibly even Uranus.  Although Pluto and Uranus have different flavors from Saturn.

When Uranus and Pluto are in hard aspect to each other, the causes and conditions start to come to fruition for our negative karma to ripen and manifest.  And that karma will manifest when a personal planet (acting as the catalyst – like Mars or the Sun or maybe the Moon or an eclipse) crosses over one or both of the transiting planets.  Are you keeping up with me?  (Let me know if you need more clarity by leaving a comment)

It means practice self care.  Any major (read gross) unresolved traumas or psychological issues will be up at this time.  That is Pluto’s (and Uranus to some extent) domain.  It is good to work on yourself whenever it is easy or available, and definitely work on yourself each year.  That way, you can constantly be improving your awareness and your mindfulness.  That way a Uranus / Pluto square (with the attending catalytic personal planet) does not jump out and surprise you!

If we have a ton of personal growth stuff to be working on – this includes yours truly (me) – then you should not be too surprised if you become excessively stubborn or willful or rebellious during this transit.  Maybe it is a past life getting triggered (rare).  Or more likely, maybe it is suppressed or repressed anger from when you were younger (more common).  Either way, it would be good to have control of your mind and heart and to feel the stubbornness but not be hijacked by it.  Maybe it will be out of our control – a friend or loved one may become excessively rebellious, willful or stubborn and be very difficult to deal with.

So throw Jupiter in this mix and we have excessive stubbornness (Uranus / Pluto) and creativity and thinking of huge projects (Jupiter) to work on (read unrealistically huge).  There will be creativity and eccentricity and ample restlessness.  The person may think up a dynamic new invention but they will need to focus and be disciplined to push through the restlessness.

And Mars of course is / was that catalytic energy that is the spark, setting off the negative karma.  Maybe you have Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto in hard aspect to your Moon for an entire month, but then Mars also comes along to oppose your Moon (in Libra in this case) and suddenly you find yourself angrily yelling at the General Manager of your company.  Maybe something small sets you off and you are indignantly telling off a friend (although it will usually be rebellion against authority with Uranus / Pluto / Mars being in play).  With such a huge aspect configuration going on, it will probably not be a small irritation that you feel.  Rather, that little itch might explode into a raging termination from your job!

So be careful.  Try to be mindful.  Go slow.  Be kind.  Be gentle.  Find a wise person and ally yourselves with them.  Get their advice about any major decisions you are making at the time!  Otherwise you might find yourself withdrawing from a very beneficial partnership or program or job.

This is really long, so I will stop now.

Thank you very much for reading to the end!  Hope it was somewhat informative or beneficial.



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There are always going to be some rare days when it feels like the sky is falling.  Of course this can take many forms.  If you are sensitive to astrological shifts, meaning you have a more refined state of consciousness, then there might be one or two days per year when the majority of transiting planets are making aspects in your chart.

This is why it is good to have a good support network.  As the saying goes, “No man is an island.”  No woman is either for that matter, although they are typically better at nurturing supportive relationships.  Why do I say this?  Because there might not be that many tough aspects in the sky in general, and yet, it will feel like the gods have all ganged up to bring you enormous challenges.  So your neighbors and friends might be fine, but you are either secretly or not so secretly suffering internally.

Now why would I write about this topic today?  Tangentially…  Some people say that the frequency of the planet is becoming more amplified, and I think I agree with that statement.  However, as I become more conscious, more present and more aware, maybe it is me that is changing and not the energies around our beautiful planet.  I can’t say for certain.  But whatever is going on, the last few days of September were doozies for me.  I will first describe what was happening in my chart.

Transiting Sun / Pluto / Uranus all involved in a transiting T-square with my Mercury in Aries (kidney depletion, potential headaches, a tendency to want to be done with a project or activity as soon as I start – and wanting to jump onto the next).  Then the Transiting Moon / Mars were squaring my Na. Uranus with Venus conjunct it – no I did not start any bizarre or unusual love affairs, but did have some unusual attraction energy going on.  This was happening with Jupiter squaring my Hades Moon – Moon / Pluto conjunction (I have been feeling a little invulnerable as of late, thinking I can take on enormous projects with ease, leading to further depletion and subsequent collapse) AND Transiting Saturn (Tr. Chiron was also in this mix) was trine my Mars amping up my desire to get a job and work many many long hours at it!  For one day there, only two transiting planets – Neptune and Mercury were wandering free from close aspects with my Natal Chart.

Oh, and my secondary progressed chart is quieter than the Transit chart, but there are still some challenging aspects (Pr. Mars conjunct Mercury, Pr. Mercury just re-entered Aries, Pr. Sun is close to squaring Na. Jupiter, etc).  Long story short, it took all the skills I possessed, along with some self-care tools (literally physical tools) to quiet my mind and heart down.  For an hour or two, I felt as if my body could no longer contain my energy (Moon / Mars square Uranus).  I wanted to be out running a marathon, even though I haven’t run more than a mile in years…

It is times like these that having an authentic spiritual practice helps.  From my meditation experience, I knew that “this too shall pass.”  Even though it felt like I could nearly fly with all the unrestrained energy, praying to my authentic spiritual teachers helped, along with pulling on a Development Needs Meeting Strategy reciprocal tension bar which helps to move energy through the body (specifically good for shifting anger and frustration).

That day was a good reminder that while I have come a little ways in my spiritual practice, I have not even begun to cross the Great Ocean of suffering and confusion. So it is / was good motivation to do more practice while at the same time being kind to myself and being alert to potential ways in which I might use my spiritual practices as a way of self-punishment or being tough on myself in general.   I survived that difficult day, but like I said, I had a very frustrating couple of hours (to put it lightly).

Maybe it helps to have a good book to immerse yourself in, and I mean really immerse yourself.  🙂  Because sometimes the best we can do is to just get out of the way [of negative karma ripening (and at least prevent those karmic conditions from arising)].

It is also at times like these that having a qualified astrologer around can help.  Perhaps they would have mentioned that day ahead of time so you know to duck, or scheduling an interpretation with them will bring clarity about what was going on during that crazy day.  🙂   But please know that if you practice virtuous behavior and try to be kind to as many people as possible (including yourself!), then you are shifting toward an optimistic paradigm and you are purifying negative karma by doing so.  Yay!  One right step at a time.

Thanks for reading.  I hope this was not terribly confusing!

P.S. As a side note – this is one example of how we can have difficult aspects involving the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) but only feel the difficulty when the Sun and / or Moon and / or Mars get involved.  As I mention to clients, I say that the challenging Uranus aspect (say Uranus square Mercury for instance) opens the window for difficult days, but it neither predicts nor guarantees it. And actually, that is why it is good to have a qualified astrologer – because they will judge from your history how present and future aspects will unfold.  The challenging days are when the Sun and Moon get involved (most often with the Full Moon or New Moon falling on a Natal planet or aspect) and the energy is certainly amplified when Mars is also involved.

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This is a post about calming the mind, which for most of us here in the West, means reducing the amount of stressors in our lives.

In Tibetan medicine, Lung means wind which has to do with nervous energy or excess anxiety (when it increases beyond a reasonable amount). So for those of us, which turns out to be most Westerners, who have excess Lung or Lung disorders, then this post is for you. By the way, Lung seems to correlate strongly with excess Vata energy from the Ayurveda system

So what do Tibetan doctors (or Ayurveda) recommend for a Lung disorder?

Tibetan doctors (amchis) recommend several things for this condition: eating less of the following or avoiding – sugar, grilled (or roasted) foods, spicy food, raw onions, no apple juice; and they recommend that if I am feeling at all anxious, then exertion is out of the question as this will only exacerbate the issue. Plus they recommend doing calm, relaxed activities which keep my stress levels down – this part is a no brainer – I bet this goes for everyone – if you want to be cool calm and collected, then do peaceful activities! Duh… But they also recommend that I do meditation or Dharma practice that relaxes me as well as prostrations (if I want to exercise, here is my choice apparently, especially if I am stressed).

Tibetan doctors also recommend that I eat heavier (oily) foods, cooked foods rather than raw and soups over dry foods. Warmer is better than cooler foods.

What I have also observed is that too much time in front of screens – TV’s, computers, etc – increases my Lung. And now that I am in school, spending too much time pushing myself through books and studying also can increase it. What I am trying to say is that I tend to get Lung-y by doing anything for too long – anything that is besides resting, doing sky-gazing meditations or just sitting. So when I procrastinate and get sucked into a sudoku puzzle book or start reading the tempting murder mysteries for hours on end… that is when the symptoms arise. The key is for me to recognize signs that I am at my limit – feeling rushed, anxious or very restless. So I really just try to relax my mind – I guess like the Dzogchen masters of late recommended – just allow the true nature of my being shine forth. Well I’m trying, but my tendency to excess and extremes is deeply ingrained. But with mindfulness and an earnest desire to walk the middle way, I am making small improvements.

I wonder if making little adjustments is what I need? Such as being aware of how tightly I am squeezing the steering wheel, or leaving a touch earlier so that I can walk at a leisurely pace. I do wonder if relaxing my mind has to do with relaxing my body – and any conscious little changes I can make for the better seem to help.

Updated – a brief addition: I recalled that there are several remedies which I have found work wonders on an anxious and worried mind. One has to do with Tibetan medicine – but they actually make tea which benefits people like me – Lung Tea (pronounced Loong that is) as well as Lung Incense. I have found positive results from both of those, and the incense is not too strong. Plus there is a magnesium powder which helps. First though, before taking magnesium I would strongly encourage everyone to check with a qualified health professional – at least talk to a nutritionist about it. For me, I know that my medical astrology chart shows that I can benefit from it (a plethora of Uranus transits), so I take a little with hot water when I need it, which turns out to be once or twice a month on average.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.

This post is about professional soccer and the possible reflected angst on the field, shown in the astrological heavens.  I watched this game on February 6th, meaning these words are all applicable to that time period.

I played soccer for 18 years and then, when injuries continued to set me back, I stopped playing and coached for several more.  Therefore, I am drawn to watch quality soccer and in particular, the English Premier League.  My favorite teams are Liverpool and Everton (due to certain English and American players whom I tend to favor).  Recently, both of these teams played each other, and in watching the highlights, I was shocked at how rough the game was – much more so than a “normal” heated rivalry game.  The referee ejected two players outright and yellow-carded (warned) several others, which is rare indeed.  [When a player is ejected, that leaves 10 or less on the field meaning the players quickly become exhausted.]

Don’t get me wrong.  When you have devoted umpteen years (thousands of hours) to something, you begin to understand and relish the subtleties of that subject.  Even in the case of sports.  Some people who know me as more of a philosopher / spiritual practitioner may wonder about this aspect – but I am just being honest about me (the question I have heard more than once is – how does intellectual debate and over-paid athletics fit together in the same context?).  Well, my answer is such: When I watch a quality soccer match (like the upcoming World Cup will hopefully bring us), I see art in motion – the ball gracefully and eloquently dances around the field, often times only being touched once by each player, and yet it goes exactly where they intended it to.  Once you know the intricacies of the game, the strategy and the nuance start to open up, and you watch as these elite athletes do the impossible with the ball.  I believe there is a reason that soccer is the world’s sport – to get to be that good at something without using one’s hands, arms or shoulders truly requires consistent, diligent effort – and not to mention substantial reorganization of the brain’s synapses (we are “programmed” from birth to have faster development, easier dexterity and fine coordination in the hands, fingers and arms compared to the legs and feet).

Well guess what?  The above game reminded me that the astrological players (planets) are going through a shoving match of their own, but at present they are being more intense than usual.  The harsh tackles of the game made more sense in my mind, after observing “the stars” and their aspects.  Sure, some people would agree that these are overpaid, hot-headed athletes, and for them to let the heat of the moment get to them might make sense.  However, restraint and self-control are actually the norm.  So what is going on that might lead players to “attack” each other so harshly?

I want to state for the record that the planets do not actually “do” anything or directly cause any events to occur (obviously), rather they are a reflection of our ego states.  You could say that the planets represent and reflect parts of our collective and individual psyche.  So when the planets line up in heated aspects, that means internal psychological parts of us may be doing the same – internal conflicts being made transparent through the solar system.  For instance, there are constantly parts of our internal structures expanding, contracting, seeking pleasure, seeking stability, craving independence, etc – I believe the astrological planets represent these different flavors.

I would have to say that Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are involved, then throw in Mars being retrograde and the transiting Sun / Venus being conjunct transiting Neptune, and you have yourself a recipe for multiple impassioned, deluded, machismo-filled players.  I will run through these quickly, as I have touched on some of these aspects in previous posts (see the Spiritual Astrology category).

In the extremely fast pace of professional sports and in particular sports like soccer where there can easily be contact and tackles, grace and instantaneous reaction times and instincts are necessary to protect the body.  Split second decision making is the norm and the ability to cause harm to other players is always present, even inadvertently – it is the athlete’s restraint and instincts that normally protect them and each other.  And astrologically speaking, I believe that certain planets represent different parts of the body / mind system, in addition to their psychological ramifications.  And I wonder if response times would change if different parts of the psyche heat up as it were.  I certainly believe that decision making is affected, as was evident on the field that day.

So, I would say that the over-arching culprits were Saturn and Pluto.  These transiting giants have been making a Square aspect for several weeks now, which is finally starting to resolve.  Then Saturn will move into orb with Uranus, making an Opposition aspect as it completes its retrograde cycle.  Due to their orbit times, Saturn and Uranus will not be making a hard aspect for another 10 plus years.  Saturn is the cold, distant, stern, disciplinarian planet – the perfectionist and the efficient task-master (these are the traits in us that it reflects).  While Pluto is a dark, calculating, secret, stewing planet of transformation – imagine a hidden, subterranean pressure-cooker.  Both of these planets, in contemporary evolutionary astrology are indicators of the ripening of challenging Karma.  So, when they collide, it is generally a good idea to practice restraint, patience and self control – not to mention having your spiritual practice in order ahead of time (we never know what our karma has in store for us, but if we practice sincerely, I believe we might be able to lighten the burden as it were, if appropriate).

I am not intending to make a fatalistic prediction here – it is only when the Square aspect these giants are making falls directly on planets in our Natal Charts that the causes and conditions arise for challenging karma to manifest.  That is why life continues to go on for the rest of us.  To put this in understandable language,  Saturn is in early Libra at present, squaring transiting Pluto which is in early Capricorn.  They are both in Cardinal signs, which means there is a 90 degree, or Square aspect formed between them.  On an individual basis, if we have numerous planets, or if one of our significant personal planets is in the early degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), then we should take some precautions during this time.  What I mean by major personal planets are the Sun, Moon or Mars (and / or the ruler of the chart, Sun or Moon).

Also, if you have a major planet in the late degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and especially Pisces), then Uranus (at present) and Saturn (coming in late March / April) will be making hard aspects to those.  Luckily these hard aspects fall in the more flexible Mutable signs, but I still might recommend some extra time for relaxing as these are two of the more potent transiting planets (Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are known for manifesting challenging karma – in terms of physical manifestations.  Neptune is also a karmic indicator, but it exclusively affects the mental / psycho-spiritual / creative realms).

I will touch on the precautions that I mention later, for now, I want to continue with the above recipe that I mentioned: Mars is also retrograde, plus transiting Venus and the Sun were conjunct transiting Neptune.  Whenever Mars goes retrograde, it is recommended to be a little less active physically and become more active with planning / reflection / introspection.  Actually I would add that more time is needed to stretch and warm up – we can still be as active but we must prepare our body more as Mars rules the musculature and connective tissue in the body.  Basically, if you have the capacity and the resources, when Mars goes retrograde (about once / 2.5 years) it is recommended to go into meditative retreat or at least to increase the time spent reflecting.  Mars rules the musculature, the blood (iron), athletes (it is the god of war), the head, plus the fine line between healthy competition and heated, aggressive conflict.  In general, when Mars goes retrograde, you can notice more injuries happening in professional sports – especially the sports where there is heavy contact (American football, soccer, hockey, rugby, etc).  More stretching and warm-up time is needed during its retrograde cycle.

Finally, the Sun and Venus were transiting and in conjunction with transiting Neptune, enhancing and amplifying the delusional and imaginative side of the mind for a week or so.  If we have a major planet in the late stages of the Fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, then this combination could reflect our head being in the clouds for whatever reason.  I also believe that this combination might slow the reaction times in the body – Venus and Neptune are all about the subtleties of life – slowing down and enjoying the nuances of art, food, beauty, nature, etc.  The classical Taurus (ruled by Venus) and the typical Piscean are not quick to react or exceptionally dexterous, rather they are more clumsy and into the refined side of life.  So back to my theory: having the Big Three Karmic Giants active, plus Mars retrograde, in addition to Neptune’s influence, I think we saw numerous athletes lose their heads and their tempers and unfortunately it led to an ugly game.  Luckily no one was seriously injured.

In general, a good prescription for the above “ailments” is more rest and down time, and more importantly, know yourself.  If we know the red flags which make us reactive and hot under the collar, this is a great first line of defense.  We should probably stay away from situations where we might make costly errors in judgment during these times (like go to an upscale bar as opposed to the rowdy, competitive sports bar until the transits pass).  If we play sports, take the requisite time to stretch and if you feel your temper starting to flare, quickly demand a substitute.  Take some deep breaths – give the hot energy a healthy outlet.  I know a little about this, because in my personal soccer career, during Mars retrograde and transiting Pluto Conjunct my Sun Ruler (Neptune) and Square my Natal Sun, I sustained three injuries within several weeks of each other and quit playing as a result.  Luckily, through coaching, I can stay passionate and enthusiastic, yet stay safely on the sidelines.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great week.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.  Photos from Angela Harkavy’s collection (Drikung Kagyu photographer).

Tibetan Lamas know about working with the heart (Khenchen in Arizona, Angela Harkavy photo)

Tibetan Lamas know about working with the heart (Khenchen in Arizona, Angela Harkavy photo)

This is a post about working with the Heart, with an astrological slant thrown in for good measure.  In my astrological practice, I conduct choice-centered, frequency-based interpretations.  What this means is that I am open to the infinite possibilities around people’s choices and the consequent results.  I like to tell people that nearly everything in the astrology chart is tendencies and habits – which, with practice, discipline and over time, can be changed and re-patterned.  Anything is possible if we have the karma for it – even when the astrological sky is looking a little overcast.

So, for any fatalistic astrologers who may be reading this, I offer a counter to the “certain challenging aspects are going to be that way, period” philosophy.  Here is why:

In my chart, I have a Leo Rising (meaning the chart is ruled by the Sun) which is associated with the Heart – think lion and courage, bravery, pride, occasional arrogance.  No “problems yet,” from a fatalistic perspective.  However, the Sun is the ruler of the sign of Leo, making the Sun in my chart personalized, e.g. slightly more important than normal.  My natal Sun is in the 8th house, the first, “ugh..” might come from the antiquated fatalistic crowd.  The 8th house is associated with many things, being one of the more complicated “psychic” houses of the horoscope – some of these characteristics are: transformation, magic, personal harrowing journey through the inner underworld, death, sex, psychological insights, dealing with other’s money etc.  It is not the greatest placement for an energized, enthusiastic, extroverted Sun.  In some traditions it would be interpreted as the shaman, the medicine woman or maybe a good investment adviser (but definitely a background power – not the chief or executive per se).

How much vast, spacious, open heart is in a room full of Tibetan Lamas?

How much vast, spacious, open heart is in a room full of Tibetan Lamas?

Recently, the chart ruler – the Sun in my chart has been undergoing a bit of a titanic tug of war.  If you have been keeping up with my posts, you may have read about the planet Saturn crossing through the late stages of Virgo (opposite my Sun), or you may already know that Uranus is sitting in Retrograde, slowly backtracking through the late stages of Pisces (exactly conjunct my Sun and opposite Saturn).  This is one configuration most traditional astrologers would rather not see their clients (and especially not themselves) have to struggle through.  However, I want to discuss a differing argument.

If someone is involved in a transformative modality for a long period of time – sustains dedicated Buddhist practice, receives many treatments of Biodynamic Cranio Sacral therapy, maintains a daily Metta practice, works with a qualified meditation teacher, sees a body-oriented psychotherapist for several years, etc etc – any modality that leads to a gentle, kind and gradual deepening in self understanding and heart-warming, then someone could potentially “purify” or come to grips with the shadows lurking under the surface (in the un/subconscious).  And then, they are not as likely to be hit with an “Oh my god, you want me to deal with what!?!?”  In other words, a major obstacle to the previous status quo (event, catastrophe, tragedy, etc).

Khenchen teaching at the Garchen Institute, Arizona (Angela Harkavy photo)

Khenchen teaching at the Garchen Institute, Arizona (Angela Harkavy photo)

One book that I use sparingly for reference because of its fatalistic trend, is “Predictive Astrology.”  Oh – as a tangent – I want to add that when I analyze my own chart, I always like to experience life first and then later, get an understanding of what I went through from an astrological perspective, if warranted.  That way, there is no way I am “being ruled by my stars” as Nietzsche so eloquently put it.  So, back to the Predictive Astrology book, one line I recently read in the section on Transiting Uranus crossing the Natal Sun, is that one can go through temporary heart arrhythmia that is so slight, that medical tests do not pick up on it.  Well, guess what.  Over the past nine months or more, I have noticed that if I am under a lot of stress, once a month (or less), my heart slightly changes a beat.  And of course, during my last physical (a few months ago) my heart was fine.  Actually my heart is fine, it is just a matter of listening deeply and providing it with the space it needs to process old “stuff.”  And to make gradual changes when I encounter old, limiting patterns of fear and / or contraction.

I have been feeling my heart more and more over the past few years.  In speaking with one of my teachers, Julie Henderson (the creator of Zapchen Somatics), I got a fresh perspective on what the heart needs to unwind.  Gentle-kindness, space, safety, patience (often a very slow, gradual process).  As layers begin to come alive, I thank them and I try not to have any judgment toward the new tentative layers underneath.  [Note to reader – this is a challenging, fascinating, rewarding and difficult journey, please do not try to undertake it without a person-to-person, qualified spiritual teacher!  Seriously.  And I am just an objective observer and reporter, not a teacher.]

As Garchen Rinpoche says, (and I paraphrase), “allow the ice of self-grasping around your heart to melt.”  The lamas have been saying this all along, it just took a Western teacher (Julie) to explain it in a fashion I could easily and comfortably grok.

Khenchen and Garchen Rinpoche, Arizona (Angela Harkavy Photo)

Khenchen and Garchen Rinpoche, Arizona (Angela Harkavy Photo)

What is one way to truly get in touch with your heart?  Well, I will present several, take your pick, not in any particular order: 1) be in an appropriate, well-defined-boundaries, inspiring, comfortable, direct-communications-are-okay intimate relationship – and when you notice resistance arising, name it, notice it and be present with it rather than reacting negatively or suppressing it; 2)start training in a healing-hands modality as the hands are a direct link to the heart (Reiki, Rolfing, Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Massage and many more, etc); 3)if you are not maintaining a daily meditation practice, this is another method to come in contact with your heart space; 4) maintain discipline and right conduct (positive morals and ethics) in attempting to live life from a kindhearted perspective; 5) if you have the resources, adopt, cherish and open your heart to a child; 6)if you have the resources, adopt and be kind to an animal; 7) find a qualified teacher to help lead you into deeper realization of your heart.

So… in conclusion, don’t believe everything you hear.  (Don’t trust everything you read here on this blog either for that matter.)  Especially if the person is a fatalistic diviner (astrologer, tarot reader, I Ching practitioner, etc).  Know that another possibility exists for you besides what you read in any number of well-written astrology books – not to mention the poorly written ones (joke joke).  And take a deep breath… right now… seriously… breathe… it’s going to be okay.

As an aside, regarding these photos, when I see such an incredible line of teachers gathered in the same place, especially in the U.S., I am filled with a deep yearning aspiration to attend them.  I also realize that I am not practicing enough.  I know – be kind and gentle – yes, but up to a point.  When a Tibetan Lama makes a suggestion based on your asking them multiple times about a situation, you should probably try to put their advice into practice.  As an example, I asked Khenchen Rinpoche, Konchog Gyaltsen, what would be the best practice for me?  What would help me benefit the most sentient beings?  (Not that I have much in the way of capacity)  Well he said, “practice / study Dharma, and finish school.”  So that is what I am trying to do, slowly, slowly.  Maybe I am being hard on myself, or maybe I am leaning too heavily on gentle self care.  The middle way is good.

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I am reflecting here, on how my life is shifting recently.  Astrologically, several events have occurred in my personal chart.  I am going to share my thoughts on having Jupiter in my 7th house for the first time in eleven years, along with my reaction to having Uranus cross (conjunct) my natal Sun – possibly a once in a lifetime event, unless I live another 84 years…  Hmmm.

Nature Laughs in Flowers! - a quote

Nature Laughs in Flowers! – a quote

So, first I want to mention that I practice frequency-based, choice-centered Spiritual Astrology and I offer interpretations professionally, along with teaching classes.  The reason I mention this, is that I do not want people reading my experience of these aspects and projecting my experience onto their lives.  I maintain a daily meditation practice, where I usually sit around and day dream for 30 minutes, in addition to maintaining a daily practice of loving-kindness to self, which goes a little ways toward reducing my negative karma.  Therefore, what I am about to share is my experience, speaking from my frequency, wherever that may be.  If someone else experiences these astrological phenomena, their situation is guaranteed to be different!  If you have any questions about this, schedule an appointment with me.

With that said, Jupiter has been in my 7th house now for about six weeks now.  Traditionally the 7th house rules intimate relationships and especially marriage.  Whereas the 1st house is the self – the body, the motivation, the drive, the 1st house is self-oriented where the 7th house is other-oriented (our romantic partner).  The 7th house is a desire for union, in whatever form that takes, as well as an easier time of compromise and accepting others.  Over the time Jupiter has been in my 7th, I have been much more social and my attitude has gradually improved.  And, for me, what is most important, is that I am having multiple meetings with remarkable young women!  Hey hey!

I have been more inclined to do things with people, whereas in the past I was a home body – I would have rather been reading or studying than going out and mixing it up.  For me, it takes a lot of energy to be around large groups of people – and even small groups if the dynamic is not right.  Therefore, for me to be more social is saying something.  Also, I have had a slight attitude of existential questioning for the past few years, and this shadowy veil seems to be lifting.  It is very slight, but some days I legitimately rest in equanimity, clear and open to what is.  Of course, it is a slow process and there is much I could improve upon – especially regarding stabilizing this experience.  <revision on 2/3/10 – I still have a ton to work on, and if I do not sit daily, there is a mental fogginess that I cannot seem to shake.>

Some of the above could have been a reflection or mirrored by Uranus crossing my Natal Sun.  This potentially explosive aspect only happens once (or in the extremely rare case of centenarians, twice) in a lifetime and for me, I am still “in it.”  Luckily it seems like I have passed the crest or the critical mass.  But I certainly know when that was occurring.  I felt nervous and anxious for about four days, off and on, although, if I did the practices my Tibetan lamas recommended I responded well.  I believe that having a daily meditation practice allows us to appropriately detach from our emotions and our body’s natural reactions and conditioned patterns and we can just sit back, objectively observing with curiosity and amazement and wonder!  <revision 2/3/10 – I was not “out of the thick of this aspect” as I thought… Uranus goes retrograde so I am just now completing this long change-filled process.  More on this in a future post.>

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