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I am reflecting here, on how my life is shifting recently.  Astrologically, several events have occurred in my personal chart.  I am going to share my thoughts on having Jupiter in my 7th house for the first time in eleven years, along with my reaction to having Uranus cross (conjunct) my natal Sun – possibly a once in a lifetime event, unless I live another 84 years…  Hmmm.

Nature Laughs in Flowers! - a quote
Nature Laughs in Flowers! – a quote

So, first I want to mention that I practice frequency-based, choice-centered Spiritual Astrology and I offer interpretations professionally, along with teaching classes.  The reason I mention this, is that I do not want people reading my experience of these aspects and projecting my experience onto their lives.  I maintain a daily meditation practice, where I usually sit around and day dream for 30 minutes, in addition to maintaining a daily practice of loving-kindness to self, which goes a little ways toward reducing my negative karma.  Therefore, what I am about to share is my experience, speaking from my frequency, wherever that may be.  If someone else experiences these astrological phenomena, their situation is guaranteed to be different!  If you have any questions about this, schedule an appointment with me.

With that said, Jupiter has been in my 7th house now for about six weeks now.  Traditionally the 7th house rules intimate relationships and especially marriage.  Whereas the 1st house is the self – the body, the motivation, the drive, the 1st house is self-oriented where the 7th house is other-oriented (our romantic partner).  The 7th house is a desire for union, in whatever form that takes, as well as an easier time of compromise and accepting others.  Over the time Jupiter has been in my 7th, I have been much more social and my attitude has gradually improved.  And, for me, what is most important, is that I am having multiple meetings with remarkable young women!  Hey hey!

I have been more inclined to do things with people, whereas in the past I was a home body – I would have rather been reading or studying than going out and mixing it up.  For me, it takes a lot of energy to be around large groups of people – and even small groups if the dynamic is not right.  Therefore, for me to be more social is saying something.  Also, I have had a slight attitude of existential questioning for the past few years, and this shadowy veil seems to be lifting.  It is very slight, but some days I legitimately rest in equanimity, clear and open to what is.  Of course, it is a slow process and there is much I could improve upon – especially regarding stabilizing this experience.  <revision on 2/3/10 – I still have a ton to work on, and if I do not sit daily, there is a mental fogginess that I cannot seem to shake.>

Some of the above could have been a reflection or mirrored by Uranus crossing my Natal Sun.  This potentially explosive aspect only happens once (or in the extremely rare case of centenarians, twice) in a lifetime and for me, I am still “in it.”  Luckily it seems like I have passed the crest or the critical mass.  But I certainly know when that was occurring.  I felt nervous and anxious for about four days, off and on, although, if I did the practices my Tibetan lamas recommended I responded well.  I believe that having a daily meditation practice allows us to appropriately detach from our emotions and our body’s natural reactions and conditioned patterns and we can just sit back, objectively observing with curiosity and amazement and wonder!  <revision 2/3/10 – I was not “out of the thick of this aspect” as I thought… Uranus goes retrograde so I am just now completing this long change-filled process.  More on this in a future post.>


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