Tibetan Medicine Symposium – contrasts between East and West

This post will actually be coming soon. (Sorry about the premature posting.) I typically give posts 5 – 7 days to brew as I make certain that all my ideas are well-organized, considered and articulated. This post violated that rule and did not fit all of these parameters, so I will refine it further andContinue reading “Tibetan Medicine Symposium – contrasts between East and West”

Resting and calming the mind

This is a post about calming the mind, which for most of us here in the West, means reducing the amount of stressors in our lives. In Tibetan medicine, Lung means wind which has to do with nervous energy or excess anxiety (when it increases beyond a reasonable amount). So for those of us, whichContinue reading “Resting and calming the mind”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – winding down

There is something abundantly satisfying to the pace of life in Ladakh.  I did my laundry by hand, again, and it feels so good to be physically involved in my well-being.  The day after the Dalai Lama’s birthday was a tidying up day – needed to get some things taken care of.  Wrote postcards, spentContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – winding down”