Pilgrimage to Ladakh – highlights and Ladakhi monasteries summary

Okay – wow!  I have done a lot of describing 2008 Drikung pilgrimage to Ladakh (our group was from the TMC in Maryland).  In this post, I will describe my itinerary back from India, discuss the highlights from the Pilgrimage to Ladakh and go through (attempting brevity) the list of monasteries we saw in Ladakh. Continue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – highlights and Ladakhi monasteries summary”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – Manjukatilla

Farewell Ladakh!  I woke up at 5 am, to catch the customary “butt crack of dawn” flight (as a friend of mine was in the custom of crassly describing ungodly-early events… don’t worry, the literary content improves from here on out).  Thankfully no problems flying out of Ladakh, and I must say, if I thoughtContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – Manjukatilla”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – final day in Leh

Well believe it or not, several potent variables came together and I experienced some strong emotions on this last day in Ladakh.  In one way I was very happy and full, having experienced multiple, extraordinary events and energetically charged, serene monasteries. Oh – side note in case I forget to mention it – if youContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – final day in Leh”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – compassion or pity?

Just to make certain I portray both sides of the road here.  In past posts, I briefly touch on the poverty that you will notice when you travel to Ladakh, but previously, I did not mention much in the way of specifics.  Well if this kind of thing makes your stomach turn, like it didContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – compassion or pity?”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – Spituk Monastery

July 7th, 2008 – I was sick.  I wrote in my journal that I lay in bed (or near the head) from 10 pm to 4 pm with a break for breakfast.  Ugh!  I tried to motivate myself to go out and grab lunch but to no avail. July 8th, I took the initiative, despiteContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – Spituk Monastery”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – winding down

There is something abundantly satisfying to the pace of life in Ladakh.  I did my laundry by hand, again, and it feels so good to be physically involved in my well-being.  The day after the Dalai Lama’s birthday was a tidying up day – needed to get some things taken care of.  Wrote postcards, spentContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – winding down”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – H. H. the Dalai Lama’s birthday in Ladakh

We visited Ladakh in June / July of 2008, which was tragically after the Chinese crackdown on Tibet.  This was the year of the Chinese Summer Olympics, so there was more attention on China (and Tibet) and people tried to take advantage of this.  Anyway, what does this have to do with Ladakh?  Well, ifContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – H. H. the Dalai Lama’s birthday in Ladakh”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – If in Leh with time to spare…

On the Saturday of my being alone in Ladakh, or at least feeling that way, I decided to get out a bit.  Leh has several attractions which you may want to consider visiting if you have some time to spare, and I am hoping that these locations still exist after the tragic floods. I stoppedContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – If in Leh with time to spare…”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – Surprising Hospitality

My newfound friends in the fellow pilgrims left on July 5th, at 5 am.  Therefore, I woke up, but it was chilly and I was in my PJs, so I waved goodbye to them wrapped in a blanket. A bit of context, as I mention in a previous post, my kidneys / adrenals were reallyContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – Surprising Hospitality”

Pilgrimage to Ladakh – back in Leh

This was the last day of the group of pilgrims being together.  The rest were heading back the following day (provided the winds were good for planes to take off – this can be a problem and actually I would recommend taking it into account in your plans and leaving Ladakh a day early asContinue reading “Pilgrimage to Ladakh – back in Leh”