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First, to get some vocabulary out of the way, as it would be good to be on the same page… Chiron is a physical astronomical body. It orbits between Saturn and Uranus, with a very eccentric orbit – sometimes straying closer to Saturn and other times veering off toward Uranus. Chiron is a large asteroid or a comet that got trapped by the Sun’s gravity (and therefore lost its tail). Chiron’s orbit is also eccentric, like Pluto’s, in that the plane of its orbit is significantly different from the plane of the rest of the inner planets (at its most extreme positions, Chiron can be more than 15 degrees above or below the typical declinations of the majority of the planets).

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Chiron spends the longest in the sign of Taurus (tropical zodiac) and therefore the shortest time in Scorpio, when it is closest to Saturn. It has about a 50 year orbit cycle around the Sun.

According to myth, Chiron was a centaur chieftan who was an excellent warrior. In some legends, Chiron did very well fighting for Zeus, securing victories for the King of the Gods. In return, Zeus (Jupiter) granted Chiron immortality. As a result, Chiron eventually tired of seeing his friends slowing aging and then passing away and he went to live in a cave. He was not a complete hermit however as he studied extensively the healing arts, astrology, poetry, literature, philosophy and he became very skilled in teaching others the chivalrous art of war. Hence Chiron is credited with training many of the famous Greek heroes including Asclepius (who would go on to become the God of Medicine and Healing), Achilles, Hercules and others. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer however due to the myth that in a later war, when he was immortal, he was shot in the leg with an arrow that had the Hydra’s venom on it, meaning this poison had no known antidote. As a result of his immortality, he could not die, so he was in tortured anguish and pain and eventually he was forced to ask Zeus to revoke his immortality meaning he was doomed to die from the venom. Therefore there are many metaphors to draw from when interpreting Chiron’s influence in someone’s Natal Chart.

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Because Chiron is such a small astronomical body (a large asteroid is nothing when compared to Jupiter or Saturn), we use very small orbs when determining if Chiron makes any aspects in the Natal (Birth) Chart. Personally I use the 3 degree orb rule for Chiron and there are no exceptions (sometimes people make the Sun and Moon’s orbs larger but not here). Therefore, it is rare for Astrology Charts to have many (more than 2 or 3) major aspects involving Chiron. I think of the major aspects as the Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine and sometimes the Sextile although that is a touch flaky in this case. The inconjunct (quincunx) aspect needs to practically be exact for it to apply with Chiron in my experience – a one orb is best, but the individual might feel it if one planet is one degree in conjunct Chiron and the other base planet is two degrees.

I apologize ahead of time for talking about myself, however I feel a strong connection with Chiron and therefore I feel a personal anecdote or two will shed light on this subject. And I’m a Leo Rising so I am working on overcoming some innate pride and / or arrogance 🙂

With that said, I personally have Chiron conjunct my MidHeaven from the 9th house, square my Ascendant and trine my Saturn. Not many aspects, but I feel that Chiron is definitely involved in my public / professional life as it conjuncts my MidHeaven. In my limited experience of working with possibly three hundred charts professionally, it is very rare to encounter people with more than four major Chiron aspects in their Natal Charts. I also have experience of having practiced Tibetan Buddhism in a dedicated capacity for several years now, and as a result, I have seen the charts of numerous other sincere practitioners.

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Despite the fact that I mention Buddhism below, I think that you could easily substitute any authentic religion which leads to more openness, heart awareness and the betterment of its practitioners (so Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc etc). So in my limited experience, I have witnessed many occasions where major Chiron transits (when Transiting Chiron moves into a major aspect with a personal Natal planet or when an outer transiting planet moves into a major aspect with Natal Chiron) lead to spiritual unfolding or decisions to deepen one’s Buddhist practice. Here are some examples:

One friend of mine has Chiron squaring the Nodes of his Moon natally. He does not have much else going on with Chiron, but in this case, this is enough 🙂 So what happened when transiting Pluto came in the same position as his Natal Chiron? Well he had always been into studying and practicing Buddhism, but he decided at that point in time to become a Buddhist monk. Talk about a serious change!!! That required a significant reorientation of all of his friends and family members, but he is committed and he has made it work.

This was also the case with another friend who had Chiron square his Sun, trine his Moon and opposite his Jupiter. When Pluto moved to square his Chiron, Jupiter and conjunct his Sun, he took refuge with a well-known Tibetan lama. Taking refuge means to become a Buddhist in one’s mind and actions – see previous posts for more on this subject. But there are several commitments involved, so it should not be taken lightly. Then, about nine years later, when Uranus moved to conjunct his Chiron (squaring his Sun, opposing his Jupiter, trining his Moon), he also decided to become a (Western) Tibetan Buddhist monk. I believe this was also the time of his Chiron return – which occurs around age 50 or 51. For people with many Chiron aspects, if we put in the work, often the Chiron return is a significant time of spiritual realizations or deepening of awareness.

One of my lay-person practitioner friends and I always look to see what Chiron, in our charts personally and in the transiting sky (universally), is doing whenever we are about to attend a major teaching or ceremony with a high Tibetan lama (with whom it is very rare and precious to meet). It is typically fascinating how many aspects Chiron itself (or planets to Chiron) is making at these times. For instance, when I attended the Dalai Lama for a major ten-day teaching in Washington D.C., transiting Jupiter was conjunct Natal Chiron (a once-in-twelve-years occurence) and transiting Pluto was trine my Chiron (a once-in-a-lifetime-as-a-functioning-adult occurence).

I am not saying Chiron is limited to Buddhism. I am not saying that when you have a major Chiron transit that you will become a monk or nun (because I sure won’t!). Rather, the key is to know that we have inner-personal-growth work to do (emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, etc), to accept and acknowledge our many faults and afflictions, to gain right understanding about these afflictions (not feeling ashamed or guilty merely because we were born for instance), and then to get on with healing our minds and bodies and moving towards an understanding of universal loving-kindness. This is what Chiron speaks to in individuals who are willing to listen. And as I mention above, I believe that individuals with 3 or more major Chiron aspects have an innate attunement to Chiron and it’s many manifestations of dynamic healing energy.

Please do not fret however, if you are reading this, it means that you are seeking and searching, and these traits are also revealed in the chart with Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and the 8th / 9th houses. Therefore we do not have to have a highly-geared Chiron to have spiritual realizations. Rather it depends on our intention, our motivation and our dedication as to how much we discover in this lifetime.

Kirby Moore is a healing facilitator who utilizes Spiritual Astrology, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Process-Oriented Bodywork in his private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia. He also does phone sessions with individuals in addition to teaching occasional classes and workshops.


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.  Photos from Angela Harkavy’s collection (Drikung Kagyu photographer).

Tibetan Lamas know about working with the heart (Khenchen in Arizona, Angela Harkavy photo)

Tibetan Lamas know about working with the heart (Khenchen in Arizona, Angela Harkavy photo)

This is a post about working with the Heart, with an astrological slant thrown in for good measure.  In my astrological practice, I conduct choice-centered, frequency-based interpretations.  What this means is that I am open to the infinite possibilities around people’s choices and the consequent results.  I like to tell people that nearly everything in the astrology chart is tendencies and habits – which, with practice, discipline and over time, can be changed and re-patterned.  Anything is possible if we have the karma for it – even when the astrological sky is looking a little overcast.

So, for any fatalistic astrologers who may be reading this, I offer a counter to the “certain challenging aspects are going to be that way, period” philosophy.  Here is why:

In my chart, I have a Leo Rising (meaning the chart is ruled by the Sun) which is associated with the Heart – think lion and courage, bravery, pride, occasional arrogance.  No “problems yet,” from a fatalistic perspective.  However, the Sun is the ruler of the sign of Leo, making the Sun in my chart personalized, e.g. slightly more important than normal.  My natal Sun is in the 8th house, the first, “ugh..” might come from the antiquated fatalistic crowd.  The 8th house is associated with many things, being one of the more complicated “psychic” houses of the horoscope – some of these characteristics are: transformation, magic, personal harrowing journey through the inner underworld, death, sex, psychological insights, dealing with other’s money etc.  It is not the greatest placement for an energized, enthusiastic, extroverted Sun.  In some traditions it would be interpreted as the shaman, the medicine woman or maybe a good investment adviser (but definitely a background power – not the chief or executive per se).

How much vast, spacious, open heart is in a room full of Tibetan Lamas?

How much vast, spacious, open heart is in a room full of Tibetan Lamas?

Recently, the chart ruler – the Sun in my chart has been undergoing a bit of a titanic tug of war.  If you have been keeping up with my posts, you may have read about the planet Saturn crossing through the late stages of Virgo (opposite my Sun), or you may already know that Uranus is sitting in Retrograde, slowly backtracking through the late stages of Pisces (exactly conjunct my Sun and opposite Saturn).  This is one configuration most traditional astrologers would rather not see their clients (and especially not themselves) have to struggle through.  However, I want to discuss a differing argument.

If someone is involved in a transformative modality for a long period of time – sustains dedicated Buddhist practice, receives many treatments of Biodynamic Cranio Sacral therapy, maintains a daily Metta practice, works with a qualified meditation teacher, sees a body-oriented psychotherapist for several years, etc etc – any modality that leads to a gentle, kind and gradual deepening in self understanding and heart-warming, then someone could potentially “purify” or come to grips with the shadows lurking under the surface (in the un/subconscious).  And then, they are not as likely to be hit with an “Oh my god, you want me to deal with what!?!?”  In other words, a major obstacle to the previous status quo (event, catastrophe, tragedy, etc).

Khenchen teaching at the Garchen Institute, Arizona (Angela Harkavy photo)

Khenchen teaching at the Garchen Institute, Arizona (Angela Harkavy photo)

One book that I use sparingly for reference because of its fatalistic trend, is “Predictive Astrology.”  Oh – as a tangent – I want to add that when I analyze my own chart, I always like to experience life first and then later, get an understanding of what I went through from an astrological perspective, if warranted.  That way, there is no way I am “being ruled by my stars” as Nietzsche so eloquently put it.  So, back to the Predictive Astrology book, one line I recently read in the section on Transiting Uranus crossing the Natal Sun, is that one can go through temporary heart arrhythmia that is so slight, that medical tests do not pick up on it.  Well, guess what.  Over the past nine months or more, I have noticed that if I am under a lot of stress, once a month (or less), my heart slightly changes a beat.  And of course, during my last physical (a few months ago) my heart was fine.  Actually my heart is fine, it is just a matter of listening deeply and providing it with the space it needs to process old “stuff.”  And to make gradual changes when I encounter old, limiting patterns of fear and / or contraction.

I have been feeling my heart more and more over the past few years.  In speaking with one of my teachers, Julie Henderson (the creator of Zapchen Somatics), I got a fresh perspective on what the heart needs to unwind.  Gentle-kindness, space, safety, patience (often a very slow, gradual process).  As layers begin to come alive, I thank them and I try not to have any judgment toward the new tentative layers underneath.  [Note to reader – this is a challenging, fascinating, rewarding and difficult journey, please do not try to undertake it without a person-to-person, qualified spiritual teacher!  Seriously.  And I am just an objective observer and reporter, not a teacher.]

As Garchen Rinpoche says, (and I paraphrase), “allow the ice of self-grasping around your heart to melt.”  The lamas have been saying this all along, it just took a Western teacher (Julie) to explain it in a fashion I could easily and comfortably grok.

Khenchen and Garchen Rinpoche, Arizona (Angela Harkavy Photo)

Khenchen and Garchen Rinpoche, Arizona (Angela Harkavy Photo)

What is one way to truly get in touch with your heart?  Well, I will present several, take your pick, not in any particular order: 1) be in an appropriate, well-defined-boundaries, inspiring, comfortable, direct-communications-are-okay intimate relationship – and when you notice resistance arising, name it, notice it and be present with it rather than reacting negatively or suppressing it; 2)start training in a healing-hands modality as the hands are a direct link to the heart (Reiki, Rolfing, Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Massage and many more, etc); 3)if you are not maintaining a daily meditation practice, this is another method to come in contact with your heart space; 4) maintain discipline and right conduct (positive morals and ethics) in attempting to live life from a kindhearted perspective; 5) if you have the resources, adopt, cherish and open your heart to a child; 6)if you have the resources, adopt and be kind to an animal; 7) find a qualified teacher to help lead you into deeper realization of your heart.

So… in conclusion, don’t believe everything you hear.  (Don’t trust everything you read here on this blog either for that matter.)  Especially if the person is a fatalistic diviner (astrologer, tarot reader, I Ching practitioner, etc).  Know that another possibility exists for you besides what you read in any number of well-written astrology books – not to mention the poorly written ones (joke joke).  And take a deep breath… right now… seriously… breathe… it’s going to be okay.

As an aside, regarding these photos, when I see such an incredible line of teachers gathered in the same place, especially in the U.S., I am filled with a deep yearning aspiration to attend them.  I also realize that I am not practicing enough.  I know – be kind and gentle – yes, but up to a point.  When a Tibetan Lama makes a suggestion based on your asking them multiple times about a situation, you should probably try to put their advice into practice.  As an example, I asked Khenchen Rinpoche, Konchog Gyaltsen, what would be the best practice for me?  What would help me benefit the most sentient beings?  (Not that I have much in the way of capacity)  Well he said, “practice / study Dharma, and finish school.”  So that is what I am trying to do, slowly, slowly.  Maybe I am being hard on myself, or maybe I am leaning too heavily on gentle self care.  The middle way is good.

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