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There are always going to be some rare days when it feels like the sky is falling.  Of course this can take many forms.  If you are sensitive to astrological shifts, meaning you have a more refined state of consciousness, then there might be one or two days per year when the majority of transiting planets are making aspects in your chart.

This is why it is good to have a good support network.  As the saying goes, “No man is an island.”  No woman is either for that matter, although they are typically better at nurturing supportive relationships.  Why do I say this?  Because there might not be that many tough aspects in the sky in general, and yet, it will feel like the gods have all ganged up to bring you enormous challenges.  So your neighbors and friends might be fine, but you are either secretly or not so secretly suffering internally.

Now why would I write about this topic today?  Tangentially…  Some people say that the frequency of the planet is becoming more amplified, and I think I agree with that statement.  However, as I become more conscious, more present and more aware, maybe it is me that is changing and not the energies around our beautiful planet.  I can’t say for certain.  But whatever is going on, the last few days of September were doozies for me.  I will first describe what was happening in my chart.

Transiting Sun / Pluto / Uranus all involved in a transiting T-square with my Mercury in Aries (kidney depletion, potential headaches, a tendency to want to be done with a project or activity as soon as I start – and wanting to jump onto the next).  Then the Transiting Moon / Mars were squaring my Na. Uranus with Venus conjunct it – no I did not start any bizarre or unusual love affairs, but did have some unusual attraction energy going on.  This was happening with Jupiter squaring my Hades Moon – Moon / Pluto conjunction (I have been feeling a little invulnerable as of late, thinking I can take on enormous projects with ease, leading to further depletion and subsequent collapse) AND Transiting Saturn (Tr. Chiron was also in this mix) was trine my Mars amping up my desire to get a job and work many many long hours at it!  For one day there, only two transiting planets – Neptune and Mercury were wandering free from close aspects with my Natal Chart.

Oh, and my secondary progressed chart is quieter than the Transit chart, but there are still some challenging aspects (Pr. Mars conjunct Mercury, Pr. Mercury just re-entered Aries, Pr. Sun is close to squaring Na. Jupiter, etc).  Long story short, it took all the skills I possessed, along with some self-care tools (literally physical tools) to quiet my mind and heart down.  For an hour or two, I felt as if my body could no longer contain my energy (Moon / Mars square Uranus).  I wanted to be out running a marathon, even though I haven’t run more than a mile in years…

It is times like these that having an authentic spiritual practice helps.  From my meditation experience, I knew that “this too shall pass.”  Even though it felt like I could nearly fly with all the unrestrained energy, praying to my authentic spiritual teachers helped, along with pulling on a Development Needs Meeting Strategy reciprocal tension bar which helps to move energy through the body (specifically good for shifting anger and frustration).

That day was a good reminder that while I have come a little ways in my spiritual practice, I have not even begun to cross the Great Ocean of suffering and confusion. So it is / was good motivation to do more practice while at the same time being kind to myself and being alert to potential ways in which I might use my spiritual practices as a way of self-punishment or being tough on myself in general.   I survived that difficult day, but like I said, I had a very frustrating couple of hours (to put it lightly).

Maybe it helps to have a good book to immerse yourself in, and I mean really immerse yourself.  🙂  Because sometimes the best we can do is to just get out of the way [of negative karma ripening (and at least prevent those karmic conditions from arising)].

It is also at times like these that having a qualified astrologer around can help.  Perhaps they would have mentioned that day ahead of time so you know to duck, or scheduling an interpretation with them will bring clarity about what was going on during that crazy day.  🙂   But please know that if you practice virtuous behavior and try to be kind to as many people as possible (including yourself!), then you are shifting toward an optimistic paradigm and you are purifying negative karma by doing so.  Yay!  One right step at a time.

Thanks for reading.  I hope this was not terribly confusing!

P.S. As a side note – this is one example of how we can have difficult aspects involving the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) but only feel the difficulty when the Sun and / or Moon and / or Mars get involved.  As I mention to clients, I say that the challenging Uranus aspect (say Uranus square Mercury for instance) opens the window for difficult days, but it neither predicts nor guarantees it. And actually, that is why it is good to have a qualified astrologer – because they will judge from your history how present and future aspects will unfold.  The challenging days are when the Sun and Moon get involved (most often with the Full Moon or New Moon falling on a Natal planet or aspect) and the energy is certainly amplified when Mars is also involved.


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thank you for visiting.

Has anyone been wondering why I have not been writing much recently? Well I have been busy processing many things – grief, old terror, new fear, etc. I figure I am now ready to share a little bit of what I’ve been experiencing.

Over the past month, I have witnessed too much suffering, sickness and death. And this is more personal than the recent school shooting in CT, although that was also very tragic and quite frightening. That news definitely hit me hard. And just as a disclaimer, I’m about to mention some heavy stuff, so read on with caution. 🙂

Beginning around Thanksgiving, one of my friends from work cut himself really badly and another was hospitalized. And actually he was in a coma with only a ten percent chance of survival, so I started grieving for him days before he died. Then on the day that he was taken off life support, I learned two pieces of bad news simultaneously. First, another friend went to the ER, luckily only for a minor procedure, and second, one of my family members, a loved one was going in for tests because they feared they might have cancer. Then a week later, while I was at the wake of the early friend’s passing, we found out it was cancer, albeit with a treatable forecast. However, in the coarse of two to three weeks, I faced more suffering than I had over the entire prior year.

So what was happening in my Astrology chart which might indicate this overwhelming amount of suffering?

Well (obviously), several things. One generally does not go from loving an easy life to immediately facing many types of suffering unless one or more major aspects are happening (usually difficult transits will “bring” the most overt suffering from the outside world). Again, just to reiterate, the transits do not bring anything. Rather they are a reflection of our karma. The seeds are already planted. The degree to which our karma manifests is contingent with our frequency (choices, spiritual awareness, devotion to a spiritual path, etc).

With that said, let me get back to my above question. We all went through the brief but intense aspect of Mars conjunct Pluto – whether any afflictions came to us or not, we probably wondered why there were more accidents over that two to three day period. Personally, I was lucky and did not experience anything too difficult personally. But in my chart, Mars and Pluto were both squaring my Natal Mercury. At the time, I brushed this minor planet (Mercury) aside saying, “Oh, it is just the mind-oriented planet, thankfully it is not the Sun or Moon.” Yeah, well, I made a mistake in doing so. This error in judgment came about because every planet operates on multiple levels in Spiritual Astrology.

On the gross level, Mercury has to do with the nervous system, with cars and local transportation, with communication with others, siblings aunts and uncles, and with electronics (computers and especially with communication devices). So a couple of these were affected for me personally. But I was fortunate to, knock on wood, avoid bodily harm. And I thought, I’ve dodged that bullet, I am fine! Yeah, not so fast. Here’s why:

Every planet functions on many levels. The gross levels are the planets in signs and houses. This info is very personal and obvious (to anyone perceptive enough to notice). Then, still on a gross level, the planets make aspects to each other. These aspects can play vital roles in determining how that planet’s energy will manifest. But now let’s go to a subtler level. The planets also act as subtle barometers for each house and sign. What does this mean?

Each planet rules one (or two) signs. This is where Astrology becomes complicated, so if I lose you, don’t worry, you are not alone! Anyway, Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo – its diurnal and nocturnal manifestations respectively. So no matter where Mercury falls in your birth chart, it will still play a role in the houses with Gemini and Virgo on their cusps. I realize I am using a lot of challenging astro-jargon, so thanks for trying to keep up. Here’s an example of what I am talking about:

I have Mercury in my 9th house in Aries. This is the gross information I was talking about above. On more of a subtle level, Mercury also plays a role in my 11th and 2nd houses because these have Gemini and Virgo on them (I am a Leo rising after all). Therefore, when Pluto and Mars made the difficult square aspect to Mercury, in addition to activating my nervous energy and affecting my computer, the issues reflected within the second and eleventh houses were also activated!

Plus, transiting Saturn is in Scorpio very close to my Nadir (4th house cusp). So I will discuss this as well. And we cannot forget that Uranus is still in orb with Pluto, making the Mars / Pluto conjunction even more intense.

I need to mention too, that I still stand by what I wrote previously about Saturn in Scorpio and about Transiting Mars conjunct Pluto. These can both be whammies, but it depends on where they fall in your chart and what they are aspecting.

More to follow, thanks for reading. Hope this was not over anyone’s head!

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