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My relationship with astrology has been a fickle one, often waxing and waning. There were two or three years when I tried to make a go of it, attempting to do charts at least 20 hours / week. That was back in ’05 and ’06. Of course, if we teach a class in a topic, we can expect to have a lot more interest from people during that time – and that is what occurred during those years.

Since then, I have been in two college programs, meaning two separate college bubbles – too busy to promote my business much, very focused on the task at hand (one program was nursing school.. which is brutally busy). I have had multiple jobs from renovating a house to job coaching a mentally disabled client to bar tending and waiting tables. And for the past three years now, I have mainly been doing the (emotional-process oriented) bodywork track full time. This bodywork practice includes trauma resolution techniques, tools for tracking the nervous system and for discharging gradual amounts of stuck emotions at a time. It is called Somatic Experiencing and / or Vagus (nerve) work, Working with the Polyvagal System.

It is this trauma resolution knowledge which I think is informing my astrology practice the most. Overwhelm and chaos take many forms – whether acute events or developmental trauma or low-grade chronic stress, etc. In other words, trauma can look like many things in the astrology chart. And now, with 16 years experience under my belt as an astrologer, and seven years of practicing working with and resourcing the Vagus nerve, I am especially attuned to sensations in my clients bodies, to revealing facial expressions and to unique patterns of trauma in the birth chart. So I can gently and skillfully introduce a topic without re-triggering my clients – which in trauma work is vitally important!

And this trauma-informed astrology applies to Relationship Astrology, Health and Wellness (Medical) Astrology, Timing Aspects – Transits, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions and of course it applies to Natal Astrology.

And within the Health and Wellness (Medical) Astrology area, I am beginning to look at the astrology of homeopathic medicine, along with the astrology of flower essences, herbs and essential oils! It is amazing stuff! Hopefully I will get the chance to teach about it soon – judging from my schedule though, these topics will probably need to wait until summer of 2020.

It is interesting how interest in astrology waxes and wanes. However, it might be my own openness to it. If I am internally inviting astrology clients to come and apply, then perhaps that is all it takes. Whatever the reason, I have done about ten charts in the past two months, and I have several more clients lined up – and I am making contacts with people who are distributing my cards! Yay!!

I love all the intricacies which we can glean from the Natal Horoscope. Each of us is distinct and unique, as are our charts. And I am grateful for my experience and how it informs the astrology interpretations I give.

May all beings know themselves with clarity, honesty and compassion!

Thank you for reading!

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen


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This is a post about Western Astrology and specifically about Transits to the Natal chart. This post will go into Saturn mixing it up with Venus.

A lot of what I am going to say might also be applicable for any hard aspect between Tr. Saturn and Na. Venus (applying square, opposition, separating square or the conjunction). Remember, conjunctions can either be hard or soft aspects depending on which planets are involved. But typically whenever Saturn is involved in a conjunction, we consider it to be a hard aspect.

I am presently experiencing the separating square between Transiting Saturn and Natal Venus. Considering Saturn’s orbit around the Sun takes about 29 years, these hard aspects tend to fall about 7 years apart. So, one way to see what may be coming is to look back and see what was happening 7 or 14/15 years ago – the last time a hard aspect went down between these two.

I recommend getting your chart done by a professional astrologer. I could post hundreds of instances here about various astrological configurations and still be WAY OFF the mark about your individual precise chart. Because I don’t have the time to write the 144 posts about, “if your Venus is in the 1st house and Saturn is squaring it from the 10th…” or 2nd house, or 3rd house, etc. Eae Gads that would be a ton of work!

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What I am saying is that this particular square will be different depending on whether you have an Angular Venus (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses), AND this aspect will be received differently by the individual depending on what other aspects are happening. For instance, if we have Jupiter making a Trine to the Natal Sun, along with Progressed Venus making a conjunction with the Sun (both typically positive aspects), then this particular transit might not be challenging in the least. However, if we have several difficult transits going on at the same time this is in effect, then some of the more extreme forms of what I describe below may be experienced.

What is Saturn? Saturn represents reality, pragmatic energy and structure among other things. Saturn says to us, “Get real, get your head out of the clouds, make a plan, develop a strategy for attaining your goals, and if you don’t… then you may feel lonely, down in the dumps, pessimistic or cynical.” Planning, consensus, laws, restrictions, limitations, practical common sense, caution, boundaries and grounded process are all Saturnian key words.

What is Venus? Venus is what we want. It represents what we like, what we desire, who we desire, etc. Without afflicted aspects, Venus is refined, charming, generous, compassionate and kind and oriented toward aesthetics (especially when in Libra, Taurus or Pisces). It is how we like to be romanced. If Venus had its way however, we might not ever leave the comforts of a beautiful luxurious home – picture the Romans eating grapes and drinking wine on comfortable divans – and then you are reaching one Venusian paradise. Venus also has to do with what fashions we appreciate, colors, do we lean toward symmetry or asymmetry? Depending on the sign, house and aspects, Venus can show if we are more traditional in our dress and mannerisms or if we are more bohemian or rebellious.

So what happens when the down-to-earth, get-real-or-have-your-eyes-rudely-awakened Saturn makes this hard aspect to potentially rose-colored-glasses-wearing Venus? Well, depending on where you are in life, this can be a rough wake up call to be sure! Perhaps you just divorced or got out of a serious relationship not too long ago – this aspect could lead to feeling lonely or sad about relationship decisions. (Of course we can feel lonely whether or not we have recently been in a relationship!) Or, if you are in relationship with someone, if might lift the veil of illusions and say, “Whoa! Who am I with and why? Why aren’t they moving forward in life? Time to get real or get out.” In this case, Saturn can indicate tests and challenges to your relationship. Of course, if you have a partner who is open and growth-oriented, mature and willing to change for the better, then you have very little to worry about!

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[Update from Nov 2017] Here we must bring frequency-based astrology into play: meaning, if you are really evolved and mature, then you have most likely attracted and gone after a mature and responsible partner. If this is the case, then Saturn making a hard aspect to Venus might only be a little speed bump! But if we are mainly operating from our subconscious reactions and we have not done much personal growth work, then the tests and trials will definitely show up during this aspect. Especially regarding intimate relationships.

And that is just one area where this aspect might indicate introspection. Another area is money and the way in which we acquire it. Working is one of the main ways we earn money, and Venus rules money (what we value), so working is closely influenced by Venus. On top of this, Saturn’s desire for structure and planning plays a prominent role in many jobs. As a little tangent, if we have a well-aspected Venus in Taurus, then we may be willing to work 50 – 60 hours a week for a few years to acquire that nice town house in a beautiful part of town, and / or that nice BMW, and / or that exquisite cherry furniture we have had our eye on for years now… Right?! But if we have a poorly aspected Venus in Aquarius or Pisces or Virgo, then we may say, “Work 50 – 60 hours a week? Are you INSANE?! No, I would rather be content with Goodwill clothing and be able to enjoy my simple pleasures, plant my own garden and be HAPPY most the time.” 🙂 This is why you see a professional astrologer – there are so many variables to factor in, that no Astrological recipe book is going to fit you exactly (unless you write it, and even then it will stay static while you continue to evolve and grow).

So back from the tangent… Saturn transiting Venus in a hard aspect can lead to the realization that you are not up to the task(s) that you have set for yourself. Maybe you have been thinking, “you know, I could be a great general manager! I could easily earn $100,000 in a few years.” Well, if you don’t have this capacity, or lack any executive ability, then GOOD LUCK! And guess when you would rudely confront yourself about your lack of skills for what you have planned? Yep – during this transit! You will come down to earth one way or another.

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So to wrap up, I actually love Saturn. Sometimes the truth hurts, but I would rather know the truth than wander around in a deluded fog all my life! I love how Saturn indicates, “Are you sure? How do you know? What makes you think that? What is your plan for attaining those goals? Do you REALLY have those skills or that capacity?” It asks the difficult questions which are necessary to have some gain and growth and structure in your life. Whether it is aspecting the Sun, or Venus, or Mercury, we will have the chance to confront some aspect of ourselves. And that confrontation may be uncomfortable. But who among us is extremely comfortable with the unknown, comfortable with change, with transformation?

Mythologically, I think there was a reason that Saturn (Cronos) ruled the Universe for a time – and under his rule, it was a Golden Age! The reason is that without rules, without consensus, without a clear understanding of our limitations, without appropriate boundaries, we will be recklessly depleting our energy, we could just bounce from job to job without ever growing, without learning the life lessons which are constantly being presented.

So this Aspect might be rough when you are in it, but you will look back on it and say, “you know, I’m glad I saw that part of myself in a raw, objective fashion. Otherwise who knows what I might have done?!” So be grateful for Saturn. Do the work it is suggesting, receive its hard-nosed, common sense blessings. And you will be better for it.

Good luck! (To myself included)

Thanks for reading.

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Recently I have been asking: “What am I doing with my life?”  This is because big inner paradigms are shifting and I want to know what is going on, but I am not to know yet; rather I must wait patiently.  Let me flesh this out a little more precisely:

So I want to be clear, within my heart, about my life’s direction.  But all I know now, is what I had a glimpse of four years ago, that I am talented at astrology and bodywork (healing facilitation), I attempt to practice Buddhism, I’m interested in psychology – but not the dry, academic psychology I have met so far at UVa – I guess I should say I am interested in body-psychotherapy which is definitely “ahead of the curve.”  However, like four years ago, I am smitten with an apathy, a doubting voice and a heart that is not passionate enough about any of these subjects to dive in fully.  Therefore I continue to gradually dip my toes in, but I feel like a jack of multiple trades, rather than specializing in any one subject.  And I do not know if pushing in any of these subjects is “what I am meant to do.”

I have spoken with Julie Henderson, one of my heart teachers about my present conundrum, and she says, “Great!  You are in the midst of a huge transformation.”  Well…  I wish I could feel that elated about what I am going through.  She said that if someone were merely changing their attitudes, even this would take some time – maybe a few months of added downtime to integrate the shifts.  However, she said that if I am changing more than this – my body for instance, then it might take years.  Gulp!  Years???  Well I have been feeling like I am in a stasis since this past October / November of 2009.  So she says to practice confident patience – knowing that shifts are happening under the surface and that things are falling into place as it were.  She also gave me some advice regarding ways to possibly speed up the process, but it will not go that much faster.  So here I am  🙂

This waiting with confident patience has caused all sorts of anger and frustration to arise.  I want to be connected to wisdom beings and more precisely the clarity that might bring, because I do not want to waste my seemingly limited resources (Saturn in the 2nd house opposite Mars in the 8th).  My magical way of thinking – my idealistic bubble – has rudely burst, and now I am unsure of what I am meant to do with my life.  Luckily I have incredible resources – spiritual teachers, tools for self care and I know that any suffering I go through is only brought on by one person and their attitudes – that would be ME.

Glancing in my Progressed Chart however, I notice that I am shifting on an incredibly deep level.  And that to push or force anything at this point, would not only be harmful, but ludicrous.  I must wait patiently and kindly, as Julie says, with confidence.  But for my Mercury in Aries 9th house (impatient) mind, this is nearly impossible.  In my Progressed Chart, Pr. Mercury is at 29 degrees of Pisces, about to re-enter its sign from my birth, Aries.  Pr. Mars is teetering on the verge of entering my Natal 9th house.  Pr. Jupiter is within astronomical minutes of entering the sign of Leo (a once in a lifetime shift which will actually take a few years to complete).  Plus my Pr. Ascendant is activating the Natal Saturn / Mars opposition (tension, strain, push / pull, tiring aspect) and my Pr. Venus is nearing a conjunction with my Natal Sun – at least that sounds like it should be pleasant, although by this point I feel a little disenchanted (see below).  But as the reader can observe, there are multiple shifts occurring within my Progressed Chart which, even when taken separately, require patience and quality time to unfold.

When glancing at your Progressed chart, you can see trends arising, occurring and completing.  You can see the cycles which we all go through, decade after decade, etc.  However, one of the significant indications of major change in people is when the Progressed Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury and even the Ascendant) change signs or change houses then down time is necessary to integrate and re-structure.  Seriously – neuroscience is discovering how plastic (flexible, fluid, able to change) the brain is, even in adults.  We can change, but if we choose to do so, then it takes additional nourishment and time – new neurological synapses need to be nurtured and treated with kindness.

So that is what I am doing.  Seeing clients, and watching my growth rings amount to what feels like very little.  Luckily I have very solid resources as I mentioned above.  So… Cheers – here’s to waiting with confident patience!

Wisdom beings, known and unknown, seen and unseen, please be with all beings.  May all beings know happiness and its causes.  Thank you!

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