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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Please leave a comment as this particular subject is quite subjective I think.

In this post, I will elaborate on whether or not Transits in aspect to Progressed Planets are really that significant. This post assumes the reader has basic to intermediate understanding of Western astrology.

What is a transiting planet? Transits consist of the current location of the planets (in our solar system) and then to see if they reflect changes / energetic shifts in an individual, we compare the Transit location of the planets to that individual’s Natal planets.

What is a progressed planet? According to “Parkers’ Astrology” by Julia and Derek Parker, progressing the chart allows astrologers to see trends in the life of that individual. To see which trends will be active at what time, we generally use what are known as secondary progressions, which basically take a day (after the birth date) for a year. What this means is that to look at the trends in the life of someone when they are between 5 and 6 years old, we would look at the 5th day after their birth day. If you try to think about this too hard, it is a bit mind boggling. How could this seemingly arbitrary system work so well? Some things might be worth accepting. Or, if you know a lot about astrology and progressed charts, please leave a comment. I suspect I might hear someone mention harmonics, indicating that amplifying a day gives us a year. But anyway, back to the subject at hand.

So basically, a progressed planet is not a “real” body in the sky. Unlike the Natal chart, which shows the real positions of the planets at birth (and their aspects among / with each other). Transiting planets are real, just in the present moment.

When Transiting planets make close hard aspects to Natal planets, generally that is a reflection of inner changes or “Ah ha!!” moments or moaning and groaning, etc. So we know Transits are significant when compared to Natal planets.

When Progressed planets are compared and contrasted with the Natal chart, the influences are generally more subtle, but they are still very noticeable. The Progressed Moon for instance, moves about one degree per month, so we can see its influence rising for about a month, being very strong for the middle month and then fading for another month. And the Progressed Moon is basically where our heart is in that particular month (kinda important I’d say). As an example, when the Progressed Moon enters the 6th house (hard work, discipline, organization, service, detail-orientation), generally, if we need to get to work with regard to improving our lot in life, this is where we do it. The 6th house is preparation for the 7th house, of intimate relationships, marriage and compromise. Hence, if we need to improve our income, or house, or job, the 6th house Progressed Moon will indicate a good time to get to work doing so!

But, I’m not convinced that Transiting planets make an enormous difference when they aspect merely a Progressed Planet. What I am trying to say, is that there are numerous aspects and layers of Western astrological interpretation which merit more time and dedication with regard to significant insights being learned. For instance, I would say this is one overly simplified list of Timing Systems to look at, listed in order of significance: Transits, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Transits to Mid Points, the Solar Return, Tertiary Progressions, then I might mention Transits to Progressed planets.

One thing we should look at however is when these above mentioned Timing systems stack. What I mean is when multiple planets from differing systems aspect the same Natal planet or planetary dynamic. For instance, if we have Mars opposite Pluto in our Natal Chart (or any other powerful, potentially challenging Natal aspect), then it is worth paying close attention to this. If we have Transiting Mars conjunct our Natal Mars, plus our Progressed Sun squaring this opposition (T-Square formed), plus the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Pluto? Then that is a powerful stacking of energy going on. It would be worth speaking with a qualified astrologer at this point because you should strongly consider all the house placements, the house rulers and any other Timing aspects that are happening at the same time.

Not to put the fear of the Lord in anyone… if ever we see a potentially “frightening” (to use an antiquated term) series of aspects lining up. Take a deep breath. There are always guardian angels at work – what I mean is that if we have the above configuration happening, but if Progressed Venus is conjunct our Sun, or if Progressed Sun is conjunct Jupiter (or Venus) or if Transiting Jupiter is making a pleasant aspect to the Sun, or chart ruler; then we might pass through that potentially explosive stacking of aspects with just a little bit of added stress. This is because the benefics work for us and they must be considered before allowing any worry to arise. 🙂

So take a deep breath. Know it is going to be okay. And then, if you can look at your chart and its dynamic shifting without grasping or gripping, then do so. But if your tendency is to grip and cling to fatalistic information, then be careful who you talk to and which web sites you use. Find a qualified astrologer who practices frequency-based, choice-centered astrology! And make sure they walk their talk.

Okay… I’ve been on my soap box for way too long now. Thanks for reading as I step down off of it.


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Hello Dear Readers,

First, I realize I need a website. And that project is next on my plate. I have started a Weebly account and will begin progress on a site shortly. However, until that is complete (and very professional / presentable), I will continue to post new developments here.

So work has been slowing down. That is, working for someone else in a job which is difficult on my body. It is a job which requires skillful charm and requisite patience and frankly, I am tired of it (it is waiting tables in an upscale golf-resort / fine dining restaurant). It was enjoyable in December when we were so busy the days just flew by, and the paychecks reflected that busy-ness, but no longer. Hence I intend to be of benefit to many people in a job that I enjoy, which is healthy for my body and which I can sustain with ease and grace.

As many of you may know by now, I have been working closely with the I Ching for the past three plus years, taking time to explore various interpretations of the Book of Changes and to develop a reliable relationship with it. By the way, when I throw the I Ching, I visualize my heart teachers (Tibetan Lamas) and wisdom beings (wisdom deities) present in front and above me, then I picture my question and then I throw the coins. Therefore, I hope that the advice I receive is actually a reflection of what is. I seek to penetrate through pretense and to get underneath what I want (deluded desire) to see the raw truth (sometimes uncomfortable) in that specific situation.

With that said, recently the I Ching gave me the green light to offer Astrology Interpretations to a larger audience. It said that this is a fruitful time for it, and that fruitful times also pass, so get started.

So here is what I am offering in regards to Astrology:
(please visit the Spiritual Astrology category and look at previous posts which describe what the following topics are)

For $125, I offer the following:

Full Natal Astrology Interpretation (90 minutes recorded interpretation) or

Complete Two Year Timing Aspects (90 minutes recorded conversation about the chart’s Transits, Progressions and Solar Arc Directions) or

Full Medical Astrology Interpretation with Medical Astrology Timing Aspects (90 minutes recorded interpretation)

Keep in mind, that while I have been studying Medical Astrology for six years, while also focusing on learning and providing healing facilitation through process-oriented bodywork; I am neither a doctor nor a licensed medical practitioner, so I do not claim to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. The Medical Astrology interpretation is for educational purposes only.

Relationship Astrology interpretation (90 minutes recorded interpretation) this includes the Chart Synnastry and a detailed explanation of the Composite Chart of two individuals.

For $90, I offer the following:

Relocation Astrology – Astro-carto-graphy and Local Space Astrology (one hour recorded interpretation)

Rectifying the Birth Chart – if the birth time is unknown, we use the process of Rectifying the Birth Time to work backwards using major events in a person’s life to match it up with the proper birth time. (one hour conversation to discern the correct birth time)

Finally I offer individual tutoring in Spiritual Astrology at the rate of $40 per half hour or $65 per hour. Learn how to discern a chart’s basic drives and patterns, look below the surface to see what a chart’s evolutionary background is and look to see how these traits are progressing through the individual’s life with timing aspects.

Again, please visit the Spiritual Astrology category on the right to see previous posts describing each of these areas of what I offer in detail. Also, if these rates are too high, I can compromise to find a good rate for both of us. Do keep in mind however that most of these offerings require three to four hours of my time – counting preparing the charts, reviewing them and then doing the actual recorded in-person or over-the-phone interpretation.

To contact me to set up an interpretation, call me at four three four (area code) four six five zero six zero three. Thank you.

While I have been trained in everything that I mention above, working with several astrologers and mentors over the past seven years, I feel that I excel in a few areas of astrological interpretation. Natal Astrology is the basis of all branches of Western (Spiritual) Astrology, so I feel very confident discussing the intricacies of an individual’s Birth Chart. Then I have spent the most time focusing on the Timing Aspects – the Transits, Progressions and Solar Arc Directions and I am good in the art of predictive astrology (within the bounds of Frequency-Based, Choice-centered Astrology).

Also, on a personal level, I have been seeking a romantic partner who inspires me to be a better human being, one with which I can have a co-creating, provocatively-transformative and an aligned-with-a-potent-spiritual-intention relationship. As a result, I have spent a lot of time looking at relationship astrology charts – primarily for clients professionally, and in my spare time. Therefore I particularly enjoy working with clients for Relationship Astrology interpretations.

And finally, as I have been studying multiple modalities of healing facilitation, such as Reiki Energetic Healing, Craniosacral Biodynamics and Visceral Manipulation, I am also intrigued with Medical Astrology. I find the human body to be a fascinating mystery, which when viewed through the lens of Medical Astrology, begins to be understood in new, dynamic ways. And as a result, I am very happy to do these interpretations with individuals.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. I am writing off the top of my head, so this could either be very good or an enormous flop! Thanks for sticking with me either way.

I believe the astrological chart (the Natal Chart, the Birth Horoscope, etc) to be a snapshot of our gross karmas, at least in a nutshell. What do I mean? If you believe in reincarnation, great, if not, can you just pretend for a second? So we have past lives. Say there is unfinished business with other people, animals, enemies, locations, etc. And there is unfinished business with regard to our strong habits and predispositions. There may also be unfinished business with regard to certain cultures and belief systems. This all shows up in the birth chart. We reincarnate to clean up these various situations and strong inclinations, if they need to be cleaned up of course. If not, then we reincarnate to benefit others, which is not such a bad thing.

For the most part, especially here in the West, just about all of us share one massive shortcoming in common. We are stuck up in our heads. Meaning we are not in our bodies – it takes effort to be aware of our tummies, to be aware of our breath. We have to purposely slow down to get in touch with our body’s needs. Why is this the case? I’m not saying we are all suffering from this affliction. Luckily, there are teachers and sublime beings who lead others back home into their bodies. But for the most part, especially in less-than-conscious families and industries, people are just running around being aware from the neck up.

Well, as babies, we emulate those around us. Studies on mirror neurons shows that kids (0 – 7 especially) do what their caretakers do. (This is why it is vital for parents to walk their talk – no saying one thing and doing another and expecting their kids to honor their words! Getting off that soapbox now…) It is natural – we want to learn from our parents and become functioning teenagers and adults. Unfortunately, if the adults we are learning from have no clue what it is to be embodied… if they are just in their heads, out of touch with their hearts and bellies, well then what chance do we have as babies?

As babies, we seek to be as safe and comfortable as possible. To do so, we emulate our parents. If our parents are living a stressed, tight, rat-race-oriented lifestyle, then as babies we learn to lock up certain parts of our body. I mean, what is the point of having an open heart if it is just going to get hurt and wounded everyday? So we start to close certain parts of our breath, we tighten our shoulders, in a sense creating a natural defense around our tender, vulnerable areas. But is this really necessary? Well, at that young impressionable age, yes. As conscious adults with choices about how we carry ourselves, how we use our tools of consciousness and awareness, NO!

In this series of posts, I intend to go into the shadow side of each planet. What does it mean to have a challenged Mercury and how does that affect embodiment? Or Mars? Or Jupiter, etc?

I will ponder this subject for a few days and then post the next article in this series.

Thanks for reading.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Please see the “Astrology” page above for more information and for Kirby’s current rates. Thank you for visiting and please enjoy other articles as well.

What is Timing Astrology?
Timing Astrology uses three or more branches of Western Astrology, known as Transits, Progressions and Solar Arc Directions. Transits compare the current placement of planets in solar system (from our perspective) with the location of the client’s Natal Chart, and the interaction between these planets reflects a variety of events, energies and psycho-spiritual reactions. Of course, in order to be more accurate when indicating the upcoming possibilities, the astrologer must get to know the client a bit. Then the client’s frequency or consciousness is included with the information from the Transit Chart to determine what will most likely arise.

Progressions (Secondary) use a system of gradually advancing the planets for the client’s age. Therefore, Progressions are a slower evolution and these energies tend to manifest through internal shifts and development. When the Birth Time is accurate (which is easy to check), the Progressions provide very accurate and insightful explanations about one’s psycho-spiritual evolution and transformation. Solar Arc Directions are another form of Progressions, and these charts add to the veracity of the interpretation. Solar Arc aspects are generally more subtle, but when they stack up, it indicates upcoming changes and reorientation.

What is possible with Timing Astrology?
When major planets in the Timing Charts make aspects to planets in the Birth Chart, we can glimpse what energy is involved. Certain planets represent expansion, others contraction, where yet other planets represent confidence, mental flexibility, physical energy, visionary abilities and more! There are often several aspects happening simultaneously when we include the Transits and Progressions, so a quality interpretation requires the astrologer to get to know the client. Yes there are many books out there that say, “X” will happen when “Y” aspects “Z,” and these books may be accurate occasionally, but there is so much to take into consideration (house position, other off-setting aspects, additional aspects in the configuration, etc) that a simple book of astrological recipes is bound to merely be oriented toward one type of individual – not the countless varieties of people out there!

Each astrological house (or section of the Natal Chart) represents a particular area of life. And the astrological ruler of each house, the ruler of the sign on that house’s cusp, reveals a lot about what is happening in that area of life. Therefore, in addition to the direct relationships that are discovered in a Timing Chart, we can also see behind-the-scenes as it were to look at the subtleties in each area of life. Hence one Timing Chart can reveal many layers of events, energetic shifts, circumstances and psychological re-evaluations occurring simultaneously!

How often should I look at my Transits and Progressions?
This really depends on the individual. If you are going through a rough stretch, which sometimes last a little while, you might want to have your Timing Chart done once every six months. And if you are really curious about it, you could purchase the Annual Astrological Weather Report which gives personal monthly updates which are unique to you and your chart and your present situation. However, I generally recommend for people to have their Timing Charts done once a year.

Personally, I like to glance ahead and look at what the upcoming year is indicating, and then basically forget about it – except for any challenging aspects. For those I take note and then make any necessary changes as a result (there are certain aspects which indicate increasing or decreasing physical energy for instance and I can make changes as a result of what I see). The only time I look at my Transit Chart with more than once-per-year frequency is when something unexpected occurs – although these unexpected events are generally not too spectacular because I have already looked ahead. But when these little surprises crop up, I look in retrospect to see what was happening in my chart to be informed about the energetic circumstances involved. This allows me to change my perspective regarding upcoming aspects through being educated about new combinations of aspects and their resulting possibilities.

Remember that I practice choice-oriented astrology, which means that certain possibilities will arise within the Timing Astrology charts, but what the client does with those possibilities is up to them. I will inform them of several possible choices, and of course there will be other novel reactions and ways of shifting with the astrological weather. So have your Timing Chart done today and look to see what potentials the future holds!

You can also look back at a difficult or confusing time when certain events unfolded for you but you are not sure why. Or you are not sure what lessons were present for you. The Timing Charts can easily go back to see what the past aspects had in store and this provides valuable insights about the situation and the time. You can look back to see what patterns were present and to learn from them, so that going forward, you can make changes that open your life to new, welcoming potentials.

Kirby Moore has been studying Western Astrology since 2003, having studied under several Western Astrologers with backgrounds in Karmic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology and Hellenistic Astrology. He sees clients professionally for Spiritual Astrology interpretations both in person and over the phone. His private practice also includes Craniosacral bodywork and healing facilitation through healing touch. To schedule an appointment, you can reach Kirby at area code 434;(USA) 465-0603 or by email at mkirbymoore “at symbol” gmail dot com. Thank you for reading.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Please see the page “Astrology” above for information about Kirby’s rates and more. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy reading these posts.

So to continue the example from the previous post, (see Medical Astrology 2011) where we started looking at one aspect (which in an astrology chart would be one aspect of many) involving Saturn opposite Mars. So far we had touched on what Saturn means in a pithy nutshell, along with Mars. And then what it means for Saturn to be opposite Mars in the chart, at least from a brief personality perspective. Then we touched on the signs involved – Saturn in Virgo and Mars in Pisces. Now lets go a little further and see what the houses mean, along with touching on the actual Medical Astrology perspective of this particular aspect.

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By the way, for practitioners out there, if you see a close aspect involving Saturn (or Mars) it is generally a good idea to pay close attention to it. And for individuals out there who have a close Saturn aspect (nearly all of us have Saturn aspecting something in our charts), have no worries because there are remedies or recommendations to overcome each and every challenge in life. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I certainly know who to refer people to for certain circumstances. Now, on with this example.

So Saturn opposite Mars, when the orb is close, and especially when Saturn is in a stronger position than Mars (generally according to the Zodiac signs involved), we know right off the bat that the individual’s energy levels might be lower than average. We saw that Saturn (contraction, hard work) puts a damper on, and restrains or limits just about any planet it touches, including Mars (energy, drive). Then we saw how Saturn in Virgo can indicate a serious, hard-working, organized individual and we noticed that Mars in Pisces is not strong – in fact, Mars in Pisces individuals often make great musicians, artists and actors (Pisces) but not the best athletes or ambitious competitors (executives) per se, although chart position would certainly provide an exception to that rule. What else can we infer from this particular configuration?

What do the houses mean (Saturn in the 2nd and Mars in the 8th)? Well here we get into a conundrum. It just so happens that, in my opinion, the 2nd and 8th houses are two of the most complex houses of all. The 2nd house has to do with deeper values, peace of mind, personal financial stability, the instinct to survive (which involves procreation) and the underlying foundation of these qualities. Depending on the individual’s consciousness, to begin with (at birth) Saturn in the 2nd house often indicates a self-oriented “me” and “mine” attitude, meaning Saturn in the house of values has to do with purifying a greedy or self-oriented attitude.

Spiritual Astrology Special

One Hour Astrology Interpretation. Get your Astrological birth chart interpreted from a Spiritual / Karmic / Evolutionary perspective. You name the topic (area of the chart) and we can dive in - these are some possible areas to look at: Timing Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Medical Astrology, Natal Astrology, Psychological Astrology. Thank you!


Keep in mind that other aspects (namely Neptune’s) can radically change this interpretation. So we must be cognizant of the complexity involved with interpreting the chart. However, Saturn in the 2nd will generally indicate a careful investor of time, energy and money – someone who takes time to study and analyze the market, or who sticks with reliable sources like real estate, CDs or bonds. And because the 2nd house is all about establishing a stable foundation for ourselves, this placing of Saturn indicates that this individual will need to put forth time and effort into establishing her or his nest egg, or real estate (home owner), or income stream. But because it is Saturn talking, this idea of doing the work her / himself might not be easy. We must look at the positions of the Sun, Moon and Moon’s nodes to know more about a deeper drive of the person – Saturn tells us a lot, but not all.

Wherever Saturn is located, from an esoteric standpoint, is where we are tested. So here, Saturn represents a re-organization of one’s deeper values and peace of mind, here the individual is learning to share their resources (provided other parts of the chart agree with this). First and foremost though with the 2nd (earthy) house, is the necessity to establish themselves in the material world. People with strong 2nd house influences (or Taurus for that matter) must establish a strong, secure, safe foundation from which to work, and then their lives improve. This is the case here too with Saturn in the 2nd. And back to the keyword “service,” which is often reserved for the 6th / 12th houses, so after this individual establishes themselves in the material realm, then we can see if the individual is of service to their community, and if so, they will have more peace of mind. By SHARING (2nd house) their resources (time, energy, money) with others out of an authentic altruistic attitude, they will have a more secure and solid (2nd house) peace of mind (2nd as well). And actually, in this particular configuration with Mars in Pisces, there is an added dimension or need to be of service, so in this case, it is even more important.

Comprehensive Natal Chart Interpretation

Kirby will spend 90 minutes interpreting your Natal Birth chart. You can chat about any area that you like. This includes printed charts and it also includes about 30 minutes of preparation time! These are typically done on the phone, via Skype or in person if you happen to be in Virginia, USA.


Then we have the 8th house. Traditionally the 8th house is not looked at favorably – however I want to provide a strong disclaimer to this, as I personally have a full and busy 8th house, and I have been working with these energies all my life. The 8th house represents that which we must regenerate and heal. It represents old, scary wounds and often times, these wounds are deep or unconscious, usually psycho-spiritual in nature. Therefore, we MUST know the consciousness of the individual before we start to interpret 8th house issues. This is because the energies can be distorted and repressed if the individual is lacking awareness and resists doing their personal growth work, OR these energies can indicate strong healing abilities and intense awareness of their own, and therefore others’ psychological processes. Or there is a combination of the two.

What we know about Mars in the 8th house (from birth) is that the individual is most likely purifying sexual energy because they will have a lot of it (Mars in the 8th), there might be an interest in psychic or occult subjects (8th) and there might be strife around the partners or shared finances (Mars). Again though, we MUST compare this information with other areas of the chart to see if it corroborates or weakens these tendencies. So Mars in the 8th can be a blessing or a burden, depending on our frequency – do we have a solid, authentic spiritual practice or are we still pursuing that idyllic heiress (for her money)? Do we seek to correct our personal beliefs that are out of alignment? Are we content to suffer and say, “why me??”

Huh!?! Are you keeping up? As one will notice, interpreting the astrology chart, at least in a clear and understandable manner is a hefty task! In my next post, I will get into how Saturn and Mars are approached from a Medical (Health) Astrology perspective.

Kirby Moore has been studying Western Astrology since 2003, having studied under several Western Astrologers with backgrounds in Karmic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology and Hellenistic Astrology. He sees clients professionally for Spiritual Astrology interpretations both in person and over the phone. His private practice also includes Craniosacral bodywork and healing facilitation through healing touch. To schedule an appointment, you can reach Kirby at the following number in the U.S.: four three four, four six five, zero six zero three. Thank you for reading.

*This material is purely for educational purposes only. The author of this post does not claim to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease and if you believe you have a medical problem, you should speak with a licensed medical practitioner as soon as possible.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. See the page Astrology to see Kirby’s current rates.

My housemate recommended that I do a post on this subject, after he received an impromptu interpretation from me. He was blown away by all the information that could be gleaned from his birth chart (and subsequent timing charts), so I was pleased to have been of benefit to him.

Having experience with peace-building work and Compassionate Communication, I work with couples and partners (of any sort) with Relationship Astrology. The Synnastry and Composite Charts provide a fascinating window into the dynamics of any relationship – whether intimate, professional, familial or otherwise. You can also look at the relationship of two or more organizations: whether corporations, non-profits, nations and more. These charts can show which direction a group is headed as well, allowing every individual’s Astrological offering to be taken into account.

So for all of you out there who just recently started dating someone, or for anyone who wants to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their partner, do you really know who you are dating? Do you want to know? And this goes both ways! Yes ladies, there are guys out there who track astrology, present company excluded.

Relationship Astrology is an interesting facet of Western Astrology. Of course it all starts with the Natal Chart – the birth chart is an integral part of astrology, so knowing your birth time is important, but not always vital. In Relationship Astrology, you compare your birth chart with your partner’s. This is called Chart Synnastry. A Synnastry Chart is simply one chart with two rings of planets – one is your planets and the others are your partner’s. However, this chart can reveal many fascinating details. Why are you attracted to your partner? Who desires a more physical relationship? What does your partner want from you? What do you need from your partner? You can also receive an interpretation to find out who would be good for you (and why). These insights and many more can be gleaned from a Synnastry Chart. But there is more!

Another intriguing side of Relationship Astrology is when you create a new chart for a relationship. You might wonder, “how do you go about doing that, and how could it possibly work?” These are great questions! This new chart which is generated from two people’s charts blended into one is called a Composite Chart. Composite Charts can be created for any kind of relationship – husband / wife, employer / manager, father / daughter and of course potential boyfriend / girlfriend. You can even create functional Composite Charts for two or more Corporations, two or more Nations and for groups of people. Say you want to see how well a Board of Directors would work together – you could have a Composite Chart made and interpreted for as many as six or eight people (after that it might get a little funky, but it would still be fun to analyze).

Composite Charts are primarily purchased however, because someone wants to see how or why their relationship is or is not working out. Composite Charts are very fascinating as I mentioned – this is because you can see the overall direction of the relationship – why did the two of you come together? In which area of life do you work together the best? Are you sexually compatible (if appropriate)? Is this a good partner to have children with? Are there stabilizing aspects in your Composite Chart which will keep you together even after the initial glamor has worn off? Will there be smooth sailing or rough patches ahead? All of these questions and more can be answered from analyzing the Composite Chart.

Included within my Composite Chart interpretations are the Timing Aspects of the Relationship – often times we can see when and why the two of you came together, you can see beautiful times of compatibility and ease, along with times of challenging self-grasping and stubborn resistance. Armed with the insights of what to expect however, you can avoid many impulsive (emotional-reaction-based) decisions which might disrupt a dynamic growth-oriented, co-creating relationship!

So schedule an appointment today to discuss your Relationship Astrology!

Kirby Moore has been studying Western Astrology since 2003, having studied under several Western Astrologers with backgrounds in Karmic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology and Hellenistic Astrology. He sees clients professionally for Spiritual Astrology interpretations both in person and over the phone. His private practice also includes Craniosacral bodywork and healing facilitation through healing touch. To schedule an appointment, you can reach Kirby at the following number in the U.S.: four three four, four six five, zero six zero three. Thank you for reading.

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a brief post about a fine day at the Kalachakra in Washington D.C. with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

After witnessing some of the lower self behaviors in my peers at the Kalachakra event yesterday… today was blissful, bustling and brilliant!

Woke up early. Felt the usual buzzing energy as my nervous system gears up immediately. Ugh! Good ole Loong disorder 🙂 Checked in with the I Ching – to practice Dharma or to practice self care by sleeping in. It came back with “Do just enough and not more.” I wanted clarity. It said “rest down, don’t push.” No problem, went back to sleep.

Yesterday was pre-empowerment, so I thought a little about those things before falling back asleep. Realized I did not actually require kusha grass to have auspicious dreams, not that I had anything special.

Ate breakfast, walked to metro, thankfully not too hot. But still sweating upon arrival at terminal. Uh oh – I might stink. Metro to downtown, Chinatown stop. Called friend, had lunch with friends – some old and others new. Was introduced to some incredibly delicious Chinese food at the Full Kee restaurant in Chinatown – but the chicken and egg plant (cooked in a fish sauce) turned me off; one out of seven dishes is not bad. Luckily I had already eaten a lion’s share. Outside restaurant, started speaking with someone I had never met, in this lifetime. We exchanged “where are you in life” stories and found out we are both Biodynamic Craniosacral therapists! Wow!

She heard that I graduated in psychology from UVa and she suggested I look into somatic psychology at UC Santa Barbara – a school I had considered previously. Terrific! Got back to the Verizon Center where the festivities were being held. Somehow no lines, despite it being soon til His Holiness would start. Nice!

Bag searched. Metal objects out. Walk through metal detector, no problem. Ticket scanned, I’m in! Crowds not too bad today, but one gentleman in a suit beckons us all to keep moving. I sit down in my usual seat – 400 L, way up high in the stands. I hear a more-and-more-familiar “Kah-bee, hey Kah-bee.” Wait a minute? That could be my name being said with that standard Asian accent where certain languages don’t have the “Ker” sound. Sure enough!

My friends Samduk, Nawang and Tsering were sitting very close by. I move to sit near them and discover they have the tix for those empty seats and other friends were not arriving until later. Two kids at the moment, a boisterous little Aries who is four years old named (pronounced) “Tse-pai” and a bumbling, brash seven year old named (pr.) “Tai-nam”. Their names are important because I would spend the next six hours with these families.

Got to catch up a little before teachings started. It’s so funny how I have to come up here to DC to slow down and actually catch up with friends from Charlottesville… ugh! I need to be more social down there!

His Holiness the Dalai Lama came in the Arena with a man in a curious red skull cap, who was dressed in black with red trimmings. Then I saw the big silver cross hanging down his robe front – oh. It was the Arch Bishop of Washington D.C. HHDL and he reminisced a little and talked about the benefits of interfaith dialogue. It was precious when the Dalai Lama presented him with a Buddha statue and said, “for you, the Buddha is just thinker and philosopher. That’s all.” Amazing! Did the Arch Bishop realize how special that statue might be? (Or how much anyone in the audience might pay to acquire it? Joke joke!)

His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a little empowerment. Nothing special.

Then we were informed that the schedule had been changed around. No surprise there. The mandala viewing would now be tonight as they wanted to get His Holiness as much rest as possible. Good call! So we would be dismissed by sections to come down and view the SUBLIME mandala. Unfortunately I realized that I and my Tibetan friends were sitting in the top of the arena, meaning it might be hours before we could view it. Well that was a good assumption.

We decided to go out and eat, then come back to view the mandala, considering they said it could be a couple hours… Decent Thai food. But more important than that, I got to spend time with Tibetans in a familial setting. I love how their culture is so much different from ours, despite these Tibetans living and working amongst the rest of us in Charlottesville. When two of the kids started fighting, all eyes went to them, with compassionate hearts. When one child started crying, everyone tried to comfort him. I secretly hoped it was okay that I was, in addition to participating in the dinner conversation, studying their reactions when different situations arose. They’d probably think, “what’s the point of that?” They are so in the moment – how refreshing! In Tibetan, the words “Thug Je” basically mean Noble Heart, or Compassion and “Thug Je Chen po” means Great Compassion. This phrase basically sums up what I love about Tibetan culture and people.

Back to the Arena. Somehow we slipped in a side door, no security(?). I asked Tse-pai if she wanted to ride on my shoulders, that was fun. Plus it kept her out of trouble. She is very fiery, so I think some of her joie-de-vivre may have rubbed off – I definitely need to get in touch with the fiery four year old part of myself! Anyway, we eventually bump into friends of theirs who are from, no other than, Charlottesville by way of none other than, California. Okay – not only am I seeing old friends up here from my home town, but I am meeting new ones… How bizarre! 🙂

I meet a PhD. student from UVa, his wife and two children. Then he introduces me to his friend, a monk from India who is originally from Long Beach California. California seems to be on my subtle mind?

We gradually get to stand in line to view the mandala. I play with Konchog – a one and a half year old toddler. Yay! The mandala is incredible, there is plexiglass up on the sides and we are moved through pretty quick. I touch my prayer beads to several shrines, seeking blessings.

Tse-pai rides on my shoulders again as I help my friends keep track of her. Hard to lose her when I am 6 feet 3 inches tall to begin with… 🙂 He has to get their stroller. She watches the kids. I say my farewells and head back to metro. Ticket in machine. Hop on yellow line. Eight stops later, I’m in Alexandria. Walk to my sister’s beautiful home. Check in with my generous, creative brother-in-law. Here I am.

So what did I learn from today? I love spending time with joyful children, I may need to look into school in California, and I love to network. I could just be high from seeing so many living Buddhas. Oh well, off to bed to rise afresh.

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