An example of Medical Astrology* in action (2011)

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So to continue the example from the previous post, (see Medical Astrology 2011) where we started looking at one aspect (which in an astrology chart would be one aspect of many) involving Saturn opposite Mars. So far we had touched on what Saturn means in a pithy nutshell, along with Mars. And then what it means for Saturn to be opposite Mars in the chart, at least from a brief personality perspective. Then we touched on the signs involved – Saturn in Virgo and Mars in Pisces. Now lets go a little further and see what the houses mean, along with touching on the actual Medical Astrology perspective of this particular aspect.

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By the way, for practitioners out there, if you see a close aspect involving Saturn (or Mars) it is generally a good idea to pay close attention to it. And for individuals out there who have a close Saturn aspect (nearly all of us have Saturn aspecting something in our charts), have no worries because there are remedies or recommendations to overcome each and every challenge in life. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I certainly know who to refer people to for certain circumstances. Now, on with this example.

So Saturn opposite Mars, when the orb is close, and especially when Saturn is in a stronger position than Mars (generally according to the Zodiac signs involved), we know right off the bat that the individual’s energy levels might be lower than average. We saw that Saturn (contraction, hard work) puts a damper on, and restrains or limits just about any planet it touches, including Mars (energy, drive). Then we saw how Saturn in Virgo can indicate a serious, hard-working, organized individual and we noticed that Mars in Pisces is not strong – in fact, Mars in Pisces individuals often make great musicians, artists and actors (Pisces) but not the best athletes or ambitious competitors (executives) per se, although chart position would certainly provide an exception to that rule. What else can we infer from this particular configuration?

What do the houses mean (Saturn in the 2nd and Mars in the 8th)? Well here we get into a conundrum. It just so happens that, in my opinion, the 2nd and 8th houses are two of the most complex houses of all. The 2nd house has to do with deeper values, peace of mind, personal financial stability, the instinct to survive (which involves procreation) and the underlying foundation of these qualities. Depending on the individual’s consciousness, to begin with (at birth) Saturn in the 2nd house often indicates a self-oriented “me” and “mine” attitude, meaning Saturn in the house of values has to do with purifying a greedy or self-oriented attitude.

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Keep in mind that other aspects (namely Neptune’s) can radically change this interpretation. So we must be cognizant of the complexity involved with interpreting the chart. However, Saturn in the 2nd will generally indicate a careful investor of time, energy and money – someone who takes time to study and analyze the market, or who sticks with reliable sources like real estate, CDs or bonds. And because the 2nd house is all about establishing a stable foundation for ourselves, this placing of Saturn indicates that this individual will need to put forth time and effort into establishing her or his nest egg, or real estate (home owner), or income stream. But because it is Saturn talking, this idea of doing the work her / himself might not be easy. We must look at the positions of the Sun, Moon and Moon’s nodes to know more about a deeper drive of the person – Saturn tells us a lot, but not all.

Wherever Saturn is located, from an esoteric standpoint, is where we are tested. So here, Saturn represents a re-organization of one’s deeper values and peace of mind, here the individual is learning to share their resources (provided other parts of the chart agree with this). First and foremost though with the 2nd (earthy) house, is the necessity to establish themselves in the material world. People with strong 2nd house influences (or Taurus for that matter) must establish a strong, secure, safe foundation from which to work, and then their lives improve. This is the case here too with Saturn in the 2nd. And back to the keyword “service,” which is often reserved for the 6th / 12th houses, so after this individual establishes themselves in the material realm, then we can see if the individual is of service to their community, and if so, they will have more peace of mind. By SHARING (2nd house) their resources (time, energy, money) with others out of an authentic altruistic attitude, they will have a more secure and solid (2nd house) peace of mind (2nd as well). And actually, in this particular configuration with Mars in Pisces, there is an added dimension or need to be of service, so in this case, it is even more important.

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Then we have the 8th house. Traditionally the 8th house is not looked at favorably – however I want to provide a strong disclaimer to this, as I personally have a full and busy 8th house, and I have been working with these energies all my life. The 8th house represents that which we must regenerate and heal. It represents old, scary wounds and often times, these wounds are deep or unconscious, usually psycho-spiritual in nature. Therefore, we MUST know the consciousness of the individual before we start to interpret 8th house issues. This is because the energies can be distorted and repressed if the individual is lacking awareness and resists doing their personal growth work, OR these energies can indicate strong healing abilities and intense awareness of their own, and therefore others’ psychological processes. Or there is a combination of the two.

What we know about Mars in the 8th house (from birth) is that the individual is most likely purifying sexual energy because they will have a lot of it (Mars in the 8th), there might be an interest in psychic or occult subjects (8th) and there might be strife around the partners or shared finances (Mars). Again though, we MUST compare this information with other areas of the chart to see if it corroborates or weakens these tendencies. So Mars in the 8th can be a blessing or a burden, depending on our frequency – do we have a solid, authentic spiritual practice or are we still pursuing that idyllic heiress (for her money)? Do we seek to correct our personal beliefs that are out of alignment? Are we content to suffer and say, “why me??”

Huh!?! Are you keeping up? As one will notice, interpreting the astrology chart, at least in a clear and understandable manner is a hefty task! In my next post, I will get into how Saturn and Mars are approached from a Medical (Health) Astrology perspective.

Kirby Moore has been studying Western Astrology since 2003, having studied under several Western Astrologers with backgrounds in Karmic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology and Hellenistic Astrology. He sees clients professionally for Spiritual Astrology interpretations both in person and over the phone. His private practice also includes Craniosacral bodywork and healing facilitation through healing touch. To schedule an appointment, you can reach Kirby at the following number in the U.S.: four three four, four six five, zero six zero three. Thank you for reading.

*This material is purely for educational purposes only. The author of this post does not claim to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease and if you believe you have a medical problem, you should speak with a licensed medical practitioner as soon as possible.


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