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Progressed Moon in the 6th House

This is a post about a topic within Western Astrology, and as a result, I am writing for people who have a limited to moderate understanding of Western Astrology. Without such a background, you will still get something out of reading this, but you may not grok the slightly technical language. Specifically this post is about the Progressed Moon, which moves through the chart at approximately one degree per month, meaning it is in an Astrological House for an average of 26 – 30 months. Therefore we have small two plus year cycles as the Progressed Moon moves from sign to sign and from house to house.

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The sign does make a difference. However, some of what I am about to describe will pertain to anyone’s Pr. Moon in the 6th House, no matter what sign it is in. There will be a recognizable difference though between a Pr. Moon in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) which resonates with the earthy 6th house, versus being in a less grounded sign like Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini for instance.

So what does the Pr. Moon in the 6th house mean? Remember the Pr. Moon will be in the 6th house for at least two years and possibly closer to three years. It is a time of preparation. It is a time of completion. It is a time of increased self-discipline. And it is a time to relish resting in the discomfort of appropriate growth. In the following paragraphs, I will unpack each of these concepts further. A) Preparation, B) Completion, C) Self-discipline, and D) the Discomfort of Appropriate Growth.

It turns out that A) and C) go quite well together, and while we are at it, we should probably throw D) in that same mix as well. What do I mean? Well think about the Astrology Chart from a larger perspective. The 1st house through the 5th house reflects a time (or essence or energy) of Self-Orientation. And then, the 7th through 11th houses have to do with a more public, other-orientation if not community-oriented perspective (or energy or essence).

So where do we transition from a Self-Oriented perspective to a more community / other / public perspective? Well of course, the House of Bridging-Consciousness, and Maturity, and Discipline: the 6th house.

And then we can also take a more focused glimpse of the Astrology Chart, and compare the 5th house with the 7th house. Because, like it or not, the 6th house is intimately connected to both of these fun-loving houses. Unfortunately, in order to get from the 5th house to the 7th house, we must go through some significant changes… Ugh! Right?!

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[By the way, the following description of the 5th and 7th houses, along with the succeeding discussion on Neptune, is overly simplified and drastically exaggerated to make a point. In reality, Western Astrology is a very complex subject and you should investigate it thoroughly if you are interested. Please don’t read this post out of the context of the larger astrological understanding and start making judgments about Astrology, your chart or others’ charts.]

The 5th house is the house of FUN. It represents Creativity – Artistic, Theatrical, along with Procreation (it is the house of children nonetheless – and making children can definitely be fun!). The 5th house also has to do with Gambling or Speculation – Love Affairs, that is the early stages of a romantic relationship; Having Children, as we never quite know to whom we are going to give birth; and of course Taking Risks – gambling with our body or with our money (or emotions), it all falls under this house’s influence. Basically the 5th house is the house of partying and living it up. It represents some of the best traits of Leo (fun-loving fire). The 5th house, like the lower frequencies of Leo, can be a very Self-Oriented house – how much money can “I” make with this risk? This love affair is fun (for me)! “I” am going to stay with it. But if it gets serious or dry, responsible and deeply-committed, forget it!

Then we have the 7th house, which, in some ways, is a polar opposite of the 5th. The 7th house is the house of Compromise, Union, Negotiation and being a mature, participating partner in a dyad (Partnering). Many astrologers, both traditional and contemporary call this the House of Marriage, with good reason. Because maintaining a marriage takes work (not that I know from personal experience, but I have closely observed healthy marriages – and they are not all ease and grace!), it takes maturity and the humility to admit that we make mistakes and taking responsibility – all the stuff the childish 5th house type detests! Making repair is a part of living. Expressing your boundaries is necessary in a healthy relationship, and when they are violated, repair is necessary!

So how do we get from this adolescent 5th house to the mature, responsible, vow-taking 7th? Well, yet again, I don’t have to tell you – we go through the nitty gritty process of growth and maturation in the 6th house. And when I say that you need to get used to the discomfort of growth, you may want to pay attention. And not only get used to, rather, we must start to relish the discomfort, sit in the flames of wisdom fire and allow the Creative to shape and mold us into a mature, responsible (hopefully wiser) being.

Refining is a good word to describe what is happening to the soul during this period, but I feel it is too graceful or soft a word to touch on the depth of angst and the death-struggle of wrestling with our ego that is possible when the Progressed Moon tenants the 6th house. And it may need to be intense to kick us out of our old, childish habits.

That is why people talk about the 6th house in a slightly dry or possibly dreadful way. It is not a bad thing to grow, but it is rarely ever comfortable! And if it is, either you started with incredibly positive karma or you are grossly deceiving yourself, and as a result you are setting yourself up for a series of nasty disillusionments as we speak. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…) But in reality, becoming more responsible, more reliable, more attentive to details and more mature are never bad traits. It just depends on where we are starting from as to how difficult a journey it is.

If we are younger when the Pr. Moon enters the 6th house, say between 18 and 30, then this could be the time of preparation for our first serious committed emotional / romantic relationship (or possibly our first and hopefully only marriage). And many of us are not that aware of who we truly are at this point, which means there might be additional relationships coming up in the future. But, if we seek out and listen to the advice which is readily available when the Pr. Moon is in the 6th house, then we have a chance to grow in many positive directions.

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If we are more Neptunian types (lots of planets in Pisces, or in the 12th house, or if Neptune is making Hard Aspects to the natal Sun, Moon or Mercury), then the journey to become Grounded, Responsible, Reliable, and Mature in a worldly (positive connotation) sort of way will be more difficult. Because which planet detests being structured and contained? Think the foggy, watery essence of Neptune – it is the one planet that prefers to be in any other Creative World besides this one. Not to leave you Neptunian types in a lurch, I myself have heavy Neptune aspects (and Pisces Sun) in my chart, and through diligent work and with alert / relaxed awareness, one can become more embodied in the present, and more grounded in the world. It is possible! (See my previous posts for more.) But don’t expect it to magically happen on its own – you must put some effort into grounding and do your personal growth work, as no one else can do it for you.

Therefore, before we try to decipher what the Pr. Moon in the 6th house will mean, we must discern where we are coming from. How attached are we to our “me-first” ego (5th house)? Are relationships easier for us – can we be practical and express our needs with ease within them (some of the best traits of the 7th house)? Are we more at home in a creative timeless possibly substance filled evening (Neptune) or are we naturally more practical and responsible? And don’t get me wrong – there are people who need to get more in touch with their Neptunian sides (emotional intelligence, creativity, intuition, psychic abilities, compassion, empathy, etc). But there are people who err on the side of all of the above traits and who seem to be light-years away from pragmatic conduct. So discover who you are, where you are on your path, and then start to peel away the layers of the Progressed Chart and its interpretations.

[Edited Nov 2017: Reading through this post, I wonder how I did not mention the following about the Progressed Moon in the 6th house: if there is one Astrological house where you will clean up your act as it were, become more active in your lifestyle – go to the gym, start hiking, join a biking club, pick up that river kayak that has been sitting in your shed for 5 years, etc; this is a time when you will probably clean up your diet – you might start reading books on healthy bioflora, you might do a specific diet, but you will probably be more aware that you want to tidy up your eating habits, and you may even do a cleanse (see my posts about this topic however); and you might also add some other healthy habits of self-care during this time – maybe you will pick up yoga, qigong, tai chi, martial arts, walking daily, receiving a monthly massage or bodywork session etc. It is a time of moving toward health when Progressed Moon (or Sun or Mercury) pass through this area of the chart.]


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Please leave a comment as this particular subject is quite subjective I think.

In this post, I will elaborate on whether or not Transits in aspect to Progressed Planets are really that significant. This post assumes the reader has basic to intermediate understanding of Western astrology.

What is a transiting planet? Transits consist of the current location of the planets (in our solar system) and then to see if they reflect changes / energetic shifts in an individual, we compare the Transit location of the planets to that individual’s Natal planets.

What is a progressed planet? According to “Parkers’ Astrology” by Julia and Derek Parker, progressing the chart allows astrologers to see trends in the life of that individual. To see which trends will be active at what time, we generally use what are known as secondary progressions, which basically take a day (after the birth date) for a year. What this means is that to look at the trends in the life of someone when they are between 5 and 6 years old, we would look at the 5th day after their birth day. If you try to think about this too hard, it is a bit mind boggling. How could this seemingly arbitrary system work so well? Some things might be worth accepting. Or, if you know a lot about astrology and progressed charts, please leave a comment. I suspect I might hear someone mention harmonics, indicating that amplifying a day gives us a year. But anyway, back to the subject at hand.

So basically, a progressed planet is not a “real” body in the sky. Unlike the Natal chart, which shows the real positions of the planets at birth (and their aspects among / with each other). Transiting planets are real, just in the present moment.

When Transiting planets make close hard aspects to Natal planets, generally that is a reflection of inner changes or “Ah ha!!” moments or moaning and groaning, etc. So we know Transits are significant when compared to Natal planets.

When Progressed planets are compared and contrasted with the Natal chart, the influences are generally more subtle, but they are still very noticeable. The Progressed Moon for instance, moves about one degree per month, so we can see its influence rising for about a month, being very strong for the middle month and then fading for another month. And the Progressed Moon is basically where our heart is in that particular month (kinda important I’d say). As an example, when the Progressed Moon enters the 6th house (hard work, discipline, organization, service, detail-orientation), generally, if we need to get to work with regard to improving our lot in life, this is where we do it. The 6th house is preparation for the 7th house, of intimate relationships, marriage and compromise. Hence, if we need to improve our income, or house, or job, the 6th house Progressed Moon will indicate a good time to get to work doing so!

But, I’m not convinced that Transiting planets make an enormous difference when they aspect merely a Progressed Planet. What I am trying to say, is that there are numerous aspects and layers of Western astrological interpretation which merit more time and dedication with regard to significant insights being learned. For instance, I would say this is one overly simplified list of Timing Systems to look at, listed in order of significance: Transits, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Transits to Mid Points, the Solar Return, Tertiary Progressions, then I might mention Transits to Progressed planets.

One thing we should look at however is when these above mentioned Timing systems stack. What I mean is when multiple planets from differing systems aspect the same Natal planet or planetary dynamic. For instance, if we have Mars opposite Pluto in our Natal Chart (or any other powerful, potentially challenging Natal aspect), then it is worth paying close attention to this. If we have Transiting Mars conjunct our Natal Mars, plus our Progressed Sun squaring this opposition (T-Square formed), plus the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Pluto? Then that is a powerful stacking of energy going on. It would be worth speaking with a qualified astrologer at this point because you should strongly consider all the house placements, the house rulers and any other Timing aspects that are happening at the same time.

Not to put the fear of the Lord in anyone… if ever we see a potentially “frightening” (to use an antiquated term) series of aspects lining up. Take a deep breath. There are always guardian angels at work – what I mean is that if we have the above configuration happening, but if Progressed Venus is conjunct our Sun, or if Progressed Sun is conjunct Jupiter (or Venus) or if Transiting Jupiter is making a pleasant aspect to the Sun, or chart ruler; then we might pass through that potentially explosive stacking of aspects with just a little bit of added stress. This is because the benefics work for us and they must be considered before allowing any worry to arise. 🙂

So take a deep breath. Know it is going to be okay. And then, if you can look at your chart and its dynamic shifting without grasping or gripping, then do so. But if your tendency is to grip and cling to fatalistic information, then be careful who you talk to and which web sites you use. Find a qualified astrologer who practices frequency-based, choice-centered astrology! And make sure they walk their talk.

Okay… I’ve been on my soap box for way too long now. Thanks for reading as I step down off of it.

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