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I am having the time of my life here in December 2017. Not sure how, but I am getting a LOT done. Prepping for massage school upcoming in January – selling books, packing things, studying Ethics of Touch and Pathology, etc. On top of that I am still seeing about 5 – 8 clients a week and assisting with a Craniosacral Therapy class.

Let us pause for an integration break. So much done, and yet to do. It is good to check in with my deeper slower healing rhythms – to connect with an organic pace that allows me to differentiate past from present, now from worrying about the future. ūüôā

So as I productively go through each day, I am still doing Svaroopa Yoga each morning for about half an hour. My body gets to rest down, supported and relaxed. It is the perfect way to start my day.

And during this Yin Yoga, I still have fantasies of teaching PPN Astrology. I am slowly writing down those thoughts – perhaps in 8 or 9 months it will become a reality. One step at a time – I am heading down to Virginia Beach for a 10 day retreat around Christmas which will be incredibly rejuvenating – Qigong on the beach, meditation, Buddhist prayers, Zapchen somatics, Dream Work Play. Then I move out of my apartment. Next I drive out West for school. And that is about as far into the future as I want to plan for now!

But there are apparently these underlying currents which I tap into in the mornings on my yoga blanket. Currents which speak of resourcing, grounding, stabilizing groups of students so they can go on to deeper insights about their pre- and perinatal ages and stages.

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I will be posting some amazing photos from Colorado as I will be close to 14K peaks, hot springs, desert dunes and sacred mountains. Yay!


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The astrological interpretation of Venus in Virgo in the natal chart is often times less-than-positive.  Authors talk about the individual being critical of their partners, nagging and cold.  Some karmic astrologers even go so far as to say that Venus in Virgo is the sign of someone who has been less-than-loving in a past life (lives) and that debt is coming home now.  Of course, when criticism comes into the mind, loving-kindness generally departs swiftly, this is fairly obvious.  But how can we simply stop this deeply ingrained, crystal-clear yet critical gaze in its tracks?

With all this said however, what is guaranteed with Venus in Virgo?  Will the individual put off marriage (due to their seeing imperfections in potential partners)?

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I would argue that like astrology in general, where I practice frequency-based astrology, people with Venus in Virgo are quite unique Рwe cannot place them all in one basket and hope that our interpretation will work out for the majority of them.  Frequency-based astrology says that we must determine the frequency of the individual (where they are spiritually, emotionally, maturity-wise, self-care wise, renunciation, etc) before we can paint an accurate picture of how their astrology chart reflects their lives.

I have found, at least here in the United States, that most of the time, Venus in Virgo is associated with a strong religious upbringing.¬† This could be a strong Catholic influence or it might be a strict Protestant environment.¬† However, this is not always the case.¬† When religion plays a role, Venus in Virgo is often joined by other planets in Virgo (or a strong 6th house stellium for instance). If I see three or more planets in Virgo though, I am almost always rewarded with a surprised answer when I say, “So your family was quite religious, right?” Yep, usually the case.

Sometimes Venus in Virgo comes with a strong familial heritage – I have several clients who were raised in tightly-knit immigrant families here in the United States.¬† In their culture of origin, there are a lot of ‚Äúshoulds‚ÄĚ about what a good girl does and does not do.¬† In these cases, religion has less to do with the strict Virgoan perceptions. But the inner critic is there nonetheless.

Comprehensive Natal Chart Interpretation

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I believe that most people have the resources internally to change their minds.  Literally to transform their mental attitudes and patterns.  Now, as you can probably surmise, this is not exactly easy to do, nor is it going to be a fast process.

However, life does this for the large majority of us.  We put up enough resistance to necessary change that eventually we realize that the only thing causing us suffering is our resistance, and we begrudgingly shift our stance.

Likewise, people with Venus in Virgo can change their minds and melt any frozen tissue around their hearts, allowing in some openness, acceptance, and compassion – basically embracing the mystery which their Venus in Pisces cousins so easily put their faith in.

Spiritual Astrology Special

One Hour Astrology Interpretation. Get your Astrological birth chart interpreted from a Spiritual / Karmic / Evolutionary perspective. You name the topic (area of the chart) and we can dive in - these are some possible areas to look at: Timing Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Medical Astrology, Natal Astrology, Psychological Astrology. Thank you!


Keeping all of this in mind, two more things before we wrap up. First people with Venus in Virgo might be the late-comers to the relationship table as it were. These people might put off marriage or partnering for some time. Rarely – like Venus in Virgo in the 12th or 6th house rare – Venus in Virgo might prefer to be a recluse or live a hermit lifestyle. And even then it is not set in stone – look to the Moon’s Nodes for further information on this topic.

Second, it is possible for us to delve deeper below the conscious surface and to literally change our minds and our heats. See my previous posts about doing birth process work or Pre- and Perinatal Therapy or working with Double Binds. Once we start to ply apart the tangled web of inherited patterns and habits and assumptions from our ancestors (honoring them in the process), once we have the desire to heal our ancestral lineage and start working with a professional who has the skills to hold that type of container, then we can gain more equanimity or strengthen our loving-kindness and compassion to become a different person. I know it sounds kind of preposterous. But I have done it. Where I was fifteen years ago, and where I am today – people from my high school do not recognize me; it is literally a night and day change.

Working with legitimate heart teachers can change us for the better, and drastically change us. We can become more resilient, clearer, more articulate about our needs, etc. We can fully embrace our inheritance as human beings. ūüôā

So if you have Venus in Virgo, don’t fret. Find an authentic spiritual teacher or a spiritual (religious) lineage that you resonate with and start doing some practice. Work to melt any icy areas around your heart. Forgive yourself, your parents, grieve anything that was left incomplete, etc. And if your karma (frequency) is positive enough, then you have nothing to worry about. The colder more critical side of Virgo may have transformed to come out through service and generosity and loving-kindness.

Thank you for reading!


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This post is actually about any hard aspect between Saturn and Jupiter in relationship synastry. I am going to define all the astrologese terms as it were.

Relationship Synastry means when I compare my separate birth (natal) astrology chart to someone else‚Äôs separate independent natal chart. For instance, my Saturn is in 16 degrees of Virgo (let‚Äôs say). If my partner has Jupiter in similar degrees of ANY mutable sign ‚Äď Pisces (opposition to my Saturn), Gemini or Sagittarius (square aspect) or in Virgo (conjunction) ‚Äď then this post will cover this scenario.

In terms of Composite charts (where we blend the two charts together), this dynamic is a bit different. Therefore I will only stick with the Relationship Synastry part here.

When there is the Hard aspect between Jupiter and Saturn in Relationship Synastry charts, it is quite challenging. Why is this?

Jupiter represents broadening the mind. As a result, it is enthusiastic, has a sense of wanderlust, knows everything is going to work out in the end, and loves to expand their minds whether through foreign travel, study of philosophy or learning foreign languages. Jupiter does not care much for boundaries or restrictions. It is a speculative influence ‚Äď meaning Jupiterian (Jovial) people will take chances, sometimes gambling just a little and other times being more reckless. Jovial types often push boundaries to see what they can get away with. But how can we grow if we don‚Äôt take some chances or risks?

Spiritual Astrology Special

One Hour Astrology Interpretation. Get your Astrological birth chart interpreted from a Spiritual / Karmic / Evolutionary perspective. You name the topic (area of the chart) and we can dive in - these are some possible areas to look at: Timing Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Medical Astrology, Natal Astrology, Psychological Astrology. Thank you!


Saturn represents the cold, dark, distant border of the (naked eye) solar system ‚Äď what we can see. As a result, it is a bit more of a wet blanket at times. It wants rules, boundaries, discipline and at times it can be more practical, sometimes bordering on the pessimistic side (at least this is what a Jovial type will accuse a Saturnian type of being). ūüôā Saturn is the great builder. Without Saturn, we would not have laws or even structure. It is an extremely important influence.

So why don’t these polar opposites make good bed fellows?

Because one person (usually represented by Saturn in the chart) is somehow feeling intimidated, threatened or pushed by the Jovial type. The Jupiter person in this dynamic will often ask for normal things ‚Äď ‚ÄúLet‚Äôs go hiking up a beautiful, long trail to look at a gorgeous water fall.‚ÄĚ Saturn might say, ‚ÄúBut isn‚Äôt that hike dangerous?‚ÄĚ They are just stating the obvious and being practical. Saturn‚Äôs defense is to lean on what is safe, what is known, what is pragmatic. In this case, maybe the Saturn person actually wants to go on this beautiful hike ‚Äď but the first thing they think about is having heard that that hike is dangerous, and they blurt that out.

Saturn types are more conservative in general. And even if the Saturn type in this relationship dynamic which I am describing is not actually conservative most of the time, in this relationship, they will seem more conservative. The Jovial person brings their Saturn out to the forefront.

The Jovial type wants more freedom and more adventure. At least in the relationship. ‚ÄúLet‚Äôs go out tonight.‚ÄĚ The Saturn type might respond, ‚ÄúBut we are saving money for a house, remember?‚ÄĚ Again being practical and keeping track of the long-term goals. Saturn is the builder, the planner, the organizer. Goal-oriented behavior is their bag.

This is a very complex dynamic. Often times you will see the person with the Saturn needing to be in control ‚Äď whether of finances or decision making or some other arena ‚Äď Saturn‚Äôs need to make or set the rules can come out.

I am not saying this dynamic alone will sink a relationship. If both partners are healthy and if they have done some degree of personal growth work on themselves, then these little power struggles can be articulated and worked through. The Saturn person can work on their languaging ‚Äď working to be more supportive of their partner.

And it will help if both partners are bringing equal equity into the relationship. Meaning if both partners have decent jobs, making decent incomes, then this is a natural deterrent of Saturn automatically assuming control of the reins. However, often times this dynamic will arise Because there was a disparity between the partners early on. If (typically the guy, but these days times are truly changing) one partner is earning the lion’s share of the income, then they might feel it is their right to make most of the decisions. And if it is their Saturn making a hard aspect to their partner’s Jupiter, then look out! (See above)

Finally, this dynamic could (often is) be reflecting deeply held beliefs between one or both of the partners. For instance, psychological double binds can easily come into play. If the guy (assuming here that we have a male / female dyad) has a strong family tradition of males being the major bread-winners and taking care of the family’s money, then this can come out more easily when Saturn / Jupiter make a hard aspect. If a woman comes from a family where the women were more homemakers, etc, then they might slide into the slightly more subservient role (Jupiter in this case) and allow the Saturnian guy to take charge. But this creates slight resistance which eventually can build up into resentments.

All these issues need to be addressed and brought into the light. Then they can be worked upon and resolved (hopefully). Or at least the burden can be lightened. But it does require work. Both partners have to be willing to peek into dark uncomfortable parts of their subconscious and see what is lingering there. And hopefully both partners are ready to make positive changes for the benefit of the relationship.

If not, then this particular relationship dynamic can be quite difficult. And it could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Although, it would not be the only issue leading to separation.

Thanks for reading!


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I am excited to announce that I am doing more astrology interpretations these days. ¬†Taking a pause on school, I have lots of time to devote to my passions – Spiritual Astrology and Resource Bodywork. ¬†If you are interested in having your chart done, email me – kirby at ¬†Also, I do bodywork both in person and remotely, so inquire about that as well. ¬†Here’s a link to my website:¬†Kirby’s website.¬†¬†With that said, lets get into this post.

First of all, I could have written this post a month ago, describing the storm early and ahead of time. ¬†But I was up to my neck in care plans and clinical hours with nursing school, so I could only watch as this storm hit some people’s charts and lives (including my own). ¬†What is the storm I am talking about you ask? ¬†Great question!

It is the massive T-square going on right now with Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  This configuration has a once-a-decade kind of potency to it.  And to top it all off, Mars has just come through Aries (presently at 24 degrees) heating it all up to the Nth degree!

The other planets are all earlier than 24 degrees (Pluto at 18, Jupiter at 22 and Rx, Uranus at 22 degrees respectively). ¬†Therefore, I feel like a storm reporter who got to town late after the tornado passed through and is now reporting on it! ¬†“The twister was here and it ran through there” (duh! obviously!!).

Having said that though, it is still going to be insightful to know what happened and why.  Plus March is my birthday month, so you have to oblige me!  Ha ha Рjust kidding.

Keep these degrees in mind Р17 through 23 degrees of the Cardinal signs РAries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.  People who have a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) or the Rising sign (and also the Midheaven) in this small window of Cardinal signs will definitely be feeing this T-square!  For instance, someone with a 20 degree Cancer rising would have Pluto opposite their Ascendant (affecting their relationships), Jupiter squaring it from the 4th (possibly affecting domestic attitudes) and Uranus / Mars squaring it from the 10th house (affecting their career / profession)!  This would be a heavy configuration for them.

So let’s take this one piece at a time. ¬†First, Jupiter opposite Uranus.

If this transit was just happening alone, people who do not have Jupiter or Uranus personalized might not feel it at all.  Also, people who do not have a planet in a Cardinal sign in that window above, they still might not feel the T-square.

What do I mean by having Jupiter or Uranus personalized?

  • Having a Sagittarius or Pisces rising
  • Having Jupiter in the 1st / 9th house or conjunct the Midheaven
  • Having Jupiter making a hard aspect to your Sun or Moon (Jupiter personalized)
  • Having Aquarius rising
  • Having Uranus in the 1st house or conjunct the Midheaven
  • Having Uranus making a hard aspect to the Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus (Uranus personalized)

So for anyone not experiencing any of these items and not having any planets in that tight window of Cardinal signs, you can stop reading now.  Joke joke Рor continue reading and learn more, up to you!

Jupiter opposite Uranus spells at time of being more creative (but fickle) and being more independent (in a willful, rebellious sort of way).  The individual (especially if they have a personal planet in those Cardinal degrees!) will be more restless and eccentric.  Now, keep in mind that this creativity and independence can come with a price.  If you need help, under this influence, you are not likely to ask for it.  And you might even refuse it if it is offered!  And your creativity might not be able to stick to one area for very long Рyou might spread yourself thin and have six different projects you are thinking about at the same time!

Historically speaking, Jupiter opposes Uranus every 14 years or so, meaning this aspect is not earthshakingly rare. ¬†Yeah, that’s not so bad right? ¬†Right, but…

I haven’t gotten to Pluto (or Mars) yet. ¬†ūüôā

Now we also need to mention Jupiter square Pluto, even though that orb is presently a little wider than 3 degrees:

Keep in mind everything I mentioned above for personalized planets.  People with a personalized Pluto (and / or Jupiter) will feel this aspect a little more.  People without any planets (or angles) in Cardinal signs may not feel this at all.

Jupiter square Pluto indicates a time of dogmatic adherence to some doctrine or objective. ¬†And yes, if you are wondering, Donald Trump has several planets in this window of Cardinal signs – potentially making his dogmatic approach even more fanatical! ¬†Ugh! ¬†So this time is particularly potent (or impotent) and emphasized for the United States…

Jupiter opposite Pluto is also indicative of the ability (especially if charisma and creativity show up elsewhere in that chart) of the native to mislead people.  Donald Trump anyone?  Good grief!  This might be especially true of people who have Jupiter in hard aspect to Pluto / Uranus in their natal charts.

Jupiter opposes Pluto every 12 and a half years, so not that uncommon.

Now the real whopper, a crazy doozy of an aspect: Uranus square Pluto. ¬†A major hard aspect (square, conjunction or opposition) only occurs between these two giants every 30 to 45 years or so. ¬†This means that they square every 65 – 80 years or so, making this a particularly potent and rare aspect (the wide range is due to Pluto’s elliptical orbit)!

When Uranus makes a hard aspect to Pluto, there is usually a significant revolution(s) happening in the world. ¬†And in the case of this most recent square – which started in late 2010 – the Arab Spring started around the time Uranus started to square Pluto (plus Saturn was involved). ¬†Occupy Wall Street was the U.S.’s version of this revolutionary time.

Uranus square Pluto (in the natal chart, especially if either planet is personalized Рthink Aquarius / Scorpio) is often indicative of a person who is stubborn and difficult to get along with in some significant area of their lives.  Of course it matters where in the chart these planets are located Рin the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) they would play a more prominent outwardly expressing role.

As far as the transit goes, I like to think it of it as a great opportunity to purify (negative) karma.  Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma Рwherever he goes, we are forced to work on stuff.  But I would also add Pluto to that list Рand possibly even Uranus.  Although Pluto and Uranus have different flavors from Saturn.

When Uranus and Pluto are in hard aspect to each other, the causes and conditions start to come to fruition for our negative karma to ripen and manifest.  And that karma will manifest when a personal planet (acting as the catalyst Рlike Mars or the Sun or maybe the Moon or an eclipse) crosses over one or both of the transiting planets.  Are you keeping up with me?  (Let me know if you need more clarity by leaving a comment)

It means practice self care. ¬†Any major (read gross) unresolved traumas or psychological issues will be up at this time. ¬†That is Pluto’s (and Uranus to some extent) domain. ¬†It is good to work on yourself whenever it is easy or available, and definitely work on yourself each year. ¬†That way, you can constantly be improving your awareness and your mindfulness. ¬†That way a Uranus / Pluto square (with the attending catalytic personal planet) does not jump out and surprise you!

If we have a ton of personal growth stuff to be working on Рthis includes yours truly (me) Рthen you should not be too surprised if you become excessively stubborn or willful or rebellious during this transit.  Maybe it is a past life getting triggered (rare).  Or more likely, maybe it is suppressed or repressed anger from when you were younger (more common).  Either way, it would be good to have control of your mind and heart and to feel the stubbornness but not be hijacked by it.  Maybe it will be out of our control Рa friend or loved one may become excessively rebellious, willful or stubborn and be very difficult to deal with.

So throw Jupiter in this mix and we have excessive stubbornness (Uranus / Pluto) and creativity and thinking of huge projects (Jupiter) to work on (read unrealistically huge).  There will be creativity and eccentricity and ample restlessness.  The person may think up a dynamic new invention but they will need to focus and be disciplined to push through the restlessness.

And Mars of course is / was that catalytic energy that is the spark, setting off the negative karma.  Maybe you have Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto in hard aspect to your Moon for an entire month, but then Mars also comes along to oppose your Moon (in Libra in this case) and suddenly you find yourself angrily yelling at the General Manager of your company.  Maybe something small sets you off and you are indignantly telling off a friend (although it will usually be rebellion against authority with Uranus / Pluto / Mars being in play).  With such a huge aspect configuration going on, it will probably not be a small irritation that you feel.  Rather, that little itch might explode into a raging termination from your job!

So be careful.  Try to be mindful.  Go slow.  Be kind.  Be gentle.  Find a wise person and ally yourselves with them.  Get their advice about any major decisions you are making at the time!  Otherwise you might find yourself withdrawing from a very beneficial partnership or program or job.

This is really long, so I will stop now.

Thank you very much for reading to the end!  Hope it was somewhat informative or beneficial.


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I came back from a potent pre- and perinatal psychology retreat in early September. ¬†I went deep, was fully resourced in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. ¬†However, on returning, I think my usual tendency to expect my expanded capacity to remain the same kicked in. ¬†What I mean is that I needed to slow down, but I tried to do too much. ¬†I was treating infants, treating bodywork clients, working full time and I started painting with acrylics again. ¬†Fortunately, after a few weeks of speeding along and not feeling the same deep organic impulse that I had in Canada, I opted to only do one thing a day aside from my meditation and Dharma practice. ¬†I am resting more. ¬†I’m attempting to be more, and do less.

With that said, as my inner sense of urgency slows down and thaws out, I am noticing the impulse that is arising.  And it seems to be to do more astrology charts.  I have some talent, having put in 10 years of study and practice (hard work pays off)!  But it is different too.  In the past, when I would do an astrology chart, I would prep for at least 2 hours per client.  I would research all their little aspects and basically be prepared to answer any question they might have!  Now, I trust my intuition to take the session in the best direction they need it to go.  And if they ask a highly technical question about an obscure aspect, I may know the answer or I can say let me email you about that.  No problem!  So far people are quite happy with the information I discern from their charts (and their frequency).

I am excited about doing more astrology as of late.  Due to nursing school time requirements, I have only done a few charts in the past year.  However, I am setting up to do 3 or 4 charts in the next few weeks, so that is exciting!

I currently have Chiron transiting across my natal Sun, so I think that is helping my intuition be sharper and easier.  I literally just have to ask about something before I go to sleep and I tend to receive a dream about it.  Or I can occasionally meditate about a question and get an image or a phrase as an answer.  Pretty amazing how far I have come!  My confidence in my intuition is clear and backed up by years of meditating and right motivation.

If it weren’t for nursing school, I think I would be writing a book about Relationship Astrology. ¬†This seems to be one of my areas of specialty. ¬†Although I also do pretty well with Spiritual Astrology for the Natal Chart – psychological and karmic astrology of the birth chart. ¬†Plus I always love Medical Astrology and the Timing aspects – learning the individual’s natal horoscope well and then interpreting how the transiting and progressed planets with affect that individual. ¬†Also quite fun and I love how the process unfolds! ¬†I rarely ever know fully what I am going to say ahead of time. ¬†My intuition guides me successfully most of the time, and thankfully I have had some incredible teachers in the past who have shaped and formed my heart and mind and intuition.

Long story short, I am doing more charts before nursing school gets tough again in January.  Let me know if you are interested in having your chart done!  (a Spiritual Astrology interpretation makes the perfect gift for the holidays!)

Thanks for reading!


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A friend just asked me, what is going on in the astrological skies?  At first I thought to myself, not much.  Pluto is not aspecting other major planets, neither is Uranus.  But then I realized that Neptune is indeed not quiet.  It is making a square to Saturn and has been off and on for at least the past 6 months.  It is strong again now as Saturn prepares to push past the square, until it comes to make a conjunction in late Pisces, 8 to 9 years from now.

So what does Saturn square Neptune mean?  And we could go even more subtle and ask what does the 2nd square mean (when Saturn starts to travel toward the conjunction)?

We can also peek at the signs and qualities involved. ¬†Sagittarius and Pisces, both mutable signs. ¬† For now however, let’s stick with the first question.

Saturn square Neptune: nuances flavors essences. ¬†Saturn is the disciplinarian and “he” gets a bad rap at times. ¬†But as I have mentioned in previous posts and articles, Saturn is vital for our society and vital for our inner growth. ¬†It is the structure around which the other energies of the chart flow. ¬†Saturn rules the bones and hard structures in the body and likewise without Saturn, the astrology chart might rapidly collapse. ¬†And then there is Neptune.

Neptune rules the swirling, churning, tidal oceans of emotion and creativity. ¬†He indicates mystical or psychic ability when positively aspects certain planets, and Neptune will indicate deception, delusion or illusion when making hard aspects with other planets. ¬†Some astrologers even say that Neptune symbolizes the entirety of the unconscious and therefore Neptune will play some role in all aspects of the mind – thinking, intuition, feeling, etc. ¬†Therefore Neptune goes really really deep. ¬†Things emerge out of the oceanic collective unconscious and disappear back into it. ¬†Therefore Neptune may even play a part in life and death myths. ¬†(To keep this post close to 1,000 words, I won’t say too much here.)

Saturn wants to build up a personality.  And if the individual has to have more alone time, then so be it.  You rarely find a CEO or General Manager who has a lot of friends on equal footing.  More like a social butterfly who has learned to smile whenever it is needed.  The ambition (Saturn) is far more important than the substance of their relationships.

Neptune is actually quite the opposite.  Neptune says, let me sacrifice my own desires and personal achievement for the good of the collective whole.  Neptune would rather set himself on fire than cause a lot of harm to the people around him (say by laying off a whole bunch of employees as a CEO).  Neptune and Saturn are basically opposites in a number of ways.

Saturn’s shadow is workaholism and too much structure and rigidity. ¬†Think of the shadow aspects of Capricorn and Aquarius (Saturn is basically a co-ruler here, after Uranus of course). ¬†Cold, harsh efficiency. ¬†A machine as far as optimal function and productivity are concerned. ¬†The empirical scientist who turns and runs as soon as certain emotions are brought up or displayed. ¬†Saturn loves the cold, hard facts. ¬†Research and realism are Saturn’s domain. ¬†He must learn to build in some heart and warmth and loving and kindness – and relaxing ease. ¬†Take a vacation, no structure to the days and do some art when the urge strikes you (Saturn might have a difficult time with this at first).

Neptune on the other hand, his shadow is escapism. ¬†Plain and simple. ¬†Escaping from the fact that drugs were used at the person’s birth (this might show up as Neptune conjunct the Ascendant or Moon). ¬†If this was the case, it could lead to the individual being really really good at dissociating from their body. ¬†Neptune loves colorful romance and idealized rose-colored-glasses wearing fairy tales. ¬†Neptune inspires the poets and the lovers and the artists and the playwrights. ¬†Just make sure that deceit and delusion do not follow along with those artistic endeavors (substance abuse anyone – Neptune’s calling card).

So what can happen when Saturn’s realism confronts Neptune’s desire for escaping into the collective unconscious? ¬†Sacrifice is one possible outcome. ¬†Honestly it depends on what this configuration is falling on in an individual’s chart. ¬†If Saturn is making a square aspect to Neptune in the sky above, but in your personal birth horoscope it is not actually touching anything (not in orb with any aspects to your personal planets) then you might not notice much at all.

However, if Saturn is making the square to Neptune above and in your personal astrology chart it is (the transit of these two planets) aspecting your Mars – maybe Neptune is conjunct your Mars by transit and therefore Saturn is also making a square to Mars, then you are bound to feel this energy. ¬†In this case you might temporarily sacrifice your ability to stand up for your needs and your desires. ¬†As the Saturn / Neptune square basically can last for 2 to 3 years, this might indicate that initially, you are making sacrifices and chewing on some old deep piece (subconsciously) and then once this aspect has been going a while you learn to stand up for yourself. ¬†You do the healing indicated by Mar’s position and sign and aspects in your chart. ¬†Maybe you overcome some self-doubt (if your natal Mars is making a hard aspect to Saturn or Neptune) or you overcome some early developmental piece through further learning and emotional process work.

Sometimes Saturn / Neptune hard aspects can indicate that Saturn is supplying Neptune’s active imagination with grist for self-doubt and worst-case-scenarios type of thinking. ¬†If this is happening, I might suggest yoga or bodywork or mindful exercise (Tai Chi, Chi Kung, martial arts, swimming perhaps) to come back into your body. ¬†This might especially be the case if this Saturn / Neptune aspect falls on or near Mercury or the Moon.

From a medical astrology standpoint (and I must make the disclaimer here that if you have a health issue, please take it right away to your nearest trusted licensed health care provider! *** seriously, I’m not a doctor ***), Neptune and Saturn can indicate a fascinating series of events as well. ¬†Neptune can cloud health issues – you might go to the doctor with Neptune conjunct your Sun or Moon and the doctor doesn’t understand you correctly or shrugs your issue off as not being that serious (or if Mercury is also retrograde) reads your test results wrong – which can either be a disaster or an error that leads to your eventually getting good news after a bout of worrying. Neptune can throw a wrench in the medical astrology works. ¬†And then there is Saturn.

Saturn can indicate a lowering of the immune system for a number of reasons Рover-work, too much stress (may be you have been the primary caretaker for your aging parent for 6 months now and you are starting to get exhausted), etc.  When Saturn crosses the Ascendant, this is usually when we get a longer bout with a flu virus or other disease that comes from the immune system dropping temporarily.  This is especially true with Saturn conjunct the Ascendant, Sun or Moon (or making a square).  And if Neptune gets involved with these three planets / influences as well, there is sure to be an interesting few months of health ups and downs.

So to conclude this piece, Saturn and Neptune make for very interesting (and basically polar opposite) bedfellows.  Saturn is the solitary leader, the one blazing a new trail or climbing the career ladder.  Neptune is the delicate artist who is sensitive to very subtle layers of emotion and energy.  Neptune can sometimes indicate healing abilities Рat least energetically (especially with a well-placed and well-aspected Chiron).  They both have interesting and varied forms of shadow sides.  And when they get together, growth and insight are likely Рbut it is through some suffering or sacrifice or suppression for a time.

Many things are possible when these two get together.  And thankfully, they have been close to each other for close to a year and now are starting to go their separate ways.  Astrology is a complicated subject and it is good to have a qualified astrologer look at your chart to take into consideration all the nuances and aspects.

Thanks for reading!





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Recently, as in over the past 6 months or so, I have been having difficulty staying motivated in my current job.  There are aspects of my job that involve gross mismanagement and frankly I am getting bored.  I work in a restaurant and serving people dinner night after night after night is starting to become way too routine.  I love how the people change every night or at least every few days, so at least I am meeting new folk, but even for them it is service as usual.

My work in food and beverage has some advantages: my current job provides great benefits – health and dental insurance, 401K plan, decent tips. ¬†But the management has been working under the philosophy that “we can expect people to work more, we can pay them less and we can have less staff and things will be just fine.” ¬†To me, that is a horrible strategy. ¬†In fact I detest it. ¬†I heard that someone wrote an anonymous letter to the board or something, and I completely support the need for that to happen!

With all that in mind, yesterday I spent the entire day with two Tibetan language professors.  They are great teachers Рpatient and skillful and knowledgeable.  Over the course of the day, my Tibetan language skills started to return.  I have been very lazy and lax in practicing Tibetan.  Therefore, my Tibetan language has become about as rusty as possible.  I have forgotten more than I currently remember!

But, they invited me to participate in weekly conversations with their students which will happen on Friday evenings.  Unfortunately, I work every Friday evening.  So my mind is just going through all the possibilities: can I find a new job?  Should I cut back my current job?  Should I try to see more bodywork clients?  Should I stick with my job as it stands and attempt to practice Tibetan one morning a week?

The pros and cons are about evenly balanced with things tipping toward keeping my job for at least another 6 to 8 months (and then nursing school will resume with a vengeance and I will have to cut back anyway).  Those benefits and the steady income are really hard to beat.  I could easily stir up four or five clients per week, but I would need a few more to make it profitable to quit my job and do more bodywork.

Therefore, I had the notion to check my astrology chart or better yet, to cast a horary astrology chart about this question: should I quit my job in favor doing more of what feeds my soul?  Studying Tibetan, seeing more bodywork clients, treating more babies.  So I jotted down the exact time I had that question and set about creating the chart.

I used my astrology software (because hey, I spent $250 on it years ago, so I might as well put it to good use!) and came up with the chart for 11:26 pm on 6/9/16 for Charlottesville, VA.

It has a 3′ 37″ Aquarius rising, 24′ Leo Moon, 19′ Gemini Sun, 26′ Taurus Mercury, 20′ Gemini Venus, 25′ Scorpio Mars (retrograde), 14′ Virgo Jupiter, 12′ Sagittarius Saturn (retrograde), a 23′ Aries Uranus, 12′ Pisces Neptune and a 16′ Capricorn Pluto.

The first and most important and most challenging task is determining the primary significators in a horary example. ¬†Normally, the 7th house has to do with the astrologer doing the horary astrology, unless they are doing it for themselves, which negates that issue. ¬†So I don’t need to worry about that. Generally speaking, the rising sign represents native (the querent – person asking the question) and with an Aquarius rising, Saturn (we use traditional rulerships) is the Lord of the Chart. ¬†Therefore Saturn is one of the primary significators. ¬†Determining the next significator is the challenge.

This question has to do with 10th house issues of career and profession, but it has to do a little with 6th house work environment issues and it definitely has to do with 9th house philosophy, foreign language and higher learning. ¬†So which do we choose? ¬†We are allowed to have one or two secondary significators if we must, so let’s just assign the primary significator as the ruler of the 10th house. ¬†Scorpio is on the 10th house, so we go with Mars. ¬†Then the ruler of the 9th house can be our secondary significator – with Libra on that house cusp, Venus is our choice.

“Should I quit my job in favor of doing more of what feeds my soul?” ¬†That is our question. ¬†Saturn rules the querent (me) and Mars rules the quesited – the question.

Now is this chart valid or radical? ¬†There are several things that make a horary astrology chart null and void, including having the Ascendant be between 0 and 3′ (too early to tell) and 27 and 0′ (too late to do anything about it). ¬†The 3′ 37″ Ascendant is mighty close to being too premature to tell. ¬†So that tells me that this issue or this question is very young, and that more information may be forthcoming. ¬†It is almost worth stopping right there and saying, let’s wait a week and see what unfolds.

However, because I am a stubborn astrologer, I continue. ¬†Saturn is not in the first house, so we can continue. ¬†Saturn is not in the 7th house (even though I am acting as my own astrologer). ¬†The Ascendant or the Moon are not located in the via combusta (15 Libra to 15 Scorpio) in fact nothing is presently tenanting that region of the chart. ¬†The Moon is not yet void of course (she still will meet Mercury by square and Rx Mars by square. ¬†And finally, the asteroid Fortuna is at 23′ of Aquarius.

Therefore this chart is technically radical Рwe could interpret it if we wanted to.  However I notice right off the bat several things that are probably indicative of difficulty or obstacles.

First, both of my significators (Saturn and Mars) are retrograde. ¬†This is telling me that I am going against my natural inclination of playing it safe and sticking with what is practical. ¬†I abandoned taking leaps of faith years ago when I got in trouble attempting to merely run a bodywork / astrology business without any other forms of income. ¬†And both of these significators are indicating that my thinking might be a little backward (retrograde). ¬†That is not to say don’t quit my job! ¬†But let’s see what else the chart says.

The asteroid Fortuna is in the first house (23′ Aquarius) but the Moon has just opposed it and is separating by one degree. ¬†The opposition means that my heart and my sense of luck (good or bad) are opposed to each other – which does not sound too good. ¬†Fortunately it is separating, but it is still pretty intense. ¬†I could say that my fortune has not been good as of late (and sure enough, the number of customers at work have been declining significantly over the past couple of years and the past 2 weeks were very low tips) but that it will start improving each day the Moon moves away from the opposition.

Just from these two phenomenon Рthe two significators being Retrograde and having the Moon oppose Fortuna, I am going to say that quitting my job to follow my heart (at this time), would bring great difficulty.  Sure I can look at Saturn and Mars more closely and see if anything would bring about their perfection (success in this matter).  They are not moving swiftly and only Mars is in a strong sign (it rules Scorpio).  Considering they are both moving backward (retrograde) and they are 18 degrees apart in different signs, I can say with certainty that by the time they become conjunct in this chart (which looks to be around August 24th, 2016), many other planets will have made Hard aspects to both.  These hard aspects are indicative of potential obstacles.

It is interesting though that this date comes up.  I am planning to attend a long workshop in Canada between the dates of August 21st and Sept 4th and I intend to take 2 and a half weeks off of work (whether they want me to or not!).  So it sounds like August will definitely see the resolution of this question, even though I want it to be sooner!

It is fascinating to see other nuances in this chart however. ¬†As I mentioned, this is the beginning of this quandary and the chart reflects that with the 3′ Aquarius rising (this issue is premature or just starting out). ¬†The underlying issue around my question is: “will I have enough money if I back off my present work schedule or quit my job outright?” ¬†And look at the positions of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. ¬†They are making a huge T-square. ¬†Jupiter is in the 8th house nearly conjunct the North Node – which indicates that I would have success regarding other people’s money (maybe I would make a lot of money by seeing more bodywork clients). ¬†But it is opposite Neptune in the 2nd house, indicating that this issue about money is fuzzy at best and that I might be deceiving myself in some regard. ¬†Neptune is in Pisces which is one of the mute signs (along with Mars in mute Scorpio), so that makes me wonder if there are any secrets around this topic (which I might not be sharing with you, my readers or are there secrets that even I don’t know about yet?). ¬†And finally Saturn is at the end of the 10th house, being the stern practical structured advisor saying, “you should not leave your job until you have a guaranteed source of income.” ¬†This is wise, practical, pragmatic advise!

The secondary significator of Venus is Combust (close to the Sun) but it is separating. ¬†This reflects my total lack of confidence in leaving my job or provoking a discussion about taking Friday evenings off which is sure to ruffle some feathers. ¬†With that said however, Venus is in its Term (it has a little bit of strength) and it is in Mutual Reception with Mercury – Mercury is in Taurus and Venus is in Gemini – they are in each other’s signs which grants additional strength to both planets. ¬†Therefore, my mindset around studying Tibetan is clear – I will get great joy and benefit from doing so. ¬†But the primary significators indicate that this is not the right time to quit my job or to provoke certain discussions.

Because this chart was nearly premature, I plan to ask this question again in about a week.  In the meantime, I will bide my time and see how things go at work and I will inquire about potential clients to see if seeing more clients would be feasible.  Maybe a change is in the works!

Thanks for bearing with me as I navigated the rocky terrain that is horary astrology!

If you or anyone you know has a pressing question, I would love to look at the horary astrology about it!  I would even give a discount for the first few charts.  Let me know if you are interested.



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