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This post contains info which assumes the reader has a basic knowledge of astrology.  If not, then keep reading and you will probably get something out of it!

One piece of Spiritual Astrology which should be kept in mind when reading this post is something called “Frequency Based” Astrology.  This takes into account that we are all at different points in our spiritual, emotional, psychological, financial and health-oriented paths (etc).  So you must assess where you stand on any given spectrum.  For instance, if I am the type of person whose major goal is to buy that Beamer and I wonder why I can’t keep a steady relationship going…  well let’s just say that person is at a completely different place than the person who is content with less, who works a satisfying job and who slowly and steadily saves money for practical goals and who might have a rewarding yoga practice.  These two individuals could have very similar astrology charts (horoscopes) and yet the way in which their planets interact and reflect their inners lives would be vastly different.

Likewise, when reading this post, when I mention the words “heavy” or “challenging” or “difficult” in referring to aspects.  I am not saying anything definitively – rather, for people who have a lot of work to do on themselves, they might experience certain transits as heavy or burdensome.  While those of us who have done our personal growth work and who have awareness and maybe even a spiritual practice, we might just experience these “challenging” aspects as learning opportunities (or a stubbed toe).

We all have different karma, and we can gage from our previous history where we are on any given karmic continuum.  And now I hope you enjoy this piece:

I am writing this post because I am reminded again and again how a particularly “heavy” transit, like Pluto square the Sun or Saturn square Jupiter with a challenging Mars Progression, does not feel heavy or challenging all the time.  Even a faster moving Uranus (transits a planet for a total of 9 – 18 months with a 3 degree orb) does not reveal surprises or upheavals for the entire time it is on that planet.  Can you imagine a new surprise or upheaval or accident every week for a year?  No – that would be too much to bear.  So then why does that Uranus / Moon hard aspect only come out during a certain week or month?

It is because of certain catalysts in the astrology chart – planets like a Transiting Sun, Transiting Mars and Full / New Moons and Eclipses.  Tracking these events and these planets through someone’s chart will reveal when a heavier (and longer enduring) aspect might “manifest.”  I say “manifest” because it is not the planets “doing” anything but rather the astrology chart is simply a blueprint of our karma – all the gross and some of the subtle karmas, including positive karma and negative karma.  If we have a lot of negative karma to clear, and the conditions are in place to do it, then during a “heavy” transit or progression, we might have a rough stretch.

Here is a for-instance: say I had Pluto crossing the Square point to my Lunar Nodes, plus my Progressed Moon was coming to make a conjunction with my Natal Neptune (not necessarily a tough aspect in and of itself), along with Saturn making a conjunction with my Natal Mars…  you can see where this is going.  This might be a rough month or two for me – but which month will it happen in?  Look at the Transiting Sun or the Transiting Mars, these planets, along with the Progressed Moon will tell you a lot about when something might manifest.

Say I had those challenging aspects going on above, and then, that same month, my transiting Sun also crossed (conjunct) my Natal Mars.  Then boom – suddenly I might experience bad abdominal pains and a few days later have my appendix removed.  I’m not saying this has to happen, and I am not even saying this is likely!  But it is one possible way to purify some negative karma.

Then, if Saturn is still hanging around my Natal Mars, then there might be a slight complication and I have to go back because I have an abscess (Saturn and Mars can indicate infection), and due to the Progressed Moon’s influence with Neptune, I might have even had some response or possible reaction to the anesthesia.  Who knows, there may have been an out of body experience.

And all this may not have occurred if the transiting Sun had been clear of tough aspects for a couple weeks.    But something may have been more challenging if not as rough as I describe it above.

Go back and if you have not already read it, read my post about Bodhisattva Astrology as a way to counter the fatalistic trends in this post.  Remember, our awareness and our spiritual practice determine how negative karma manifests.

For someone who is fortunate enough to practice an authentic spiritual path (maybe like Buddhism), if they are sitting on a meditation cushion for a 3-month retreat, then maybe they don’t have the same manifestation as I mention above.  Instead of requiring surgery, maybe they experience a couple days of headaches and then they continue with their practice and they don’t even have to interrupt their retreat.

That is the beauty of life (and of astrology).  We don’t know exactly what is going to happen.  We can’t say exactly how negative karma might manifest.  But we can control the conditions and possibly the causes for karma to manifest – for instance, if we are doing an arduous yet relatively safe hike on the Appalachian Trail for a full summer, then we will probably miss any negative karma that would have manifested in a busy, chaotic work environment.  I’m not saying that you should go sit on a meditation cushion for a few months or that you should go take a hike.

Rather, take it one step at a time.  If you have the time and resources, maybe explore taking a yoga class.  Or explore a meditation group.  Or join a group of outdoors enthusiasts.  Set realistic goals and try to keep them but don’t be too hard on yourself either.  You might reward yourself for reaching certain milestones.

Thank you for reading!


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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting and if you want to support Kirby’s blogging efforts, you can click on the ads below this post or you can visit for more on what he offers.

My last post was about having natal Jupiter in the 12th in the sign of Cancer.  And now, for the next few months, transiting Jupiter is also in the sign of Cancer, meaning for me Jupiter is traveling through familiar territory – the 12th house.  So what are some potential ramifications of this?

The 12th House in the larger scheme of Astrological Cycles…  Go back and peek at the previous post if you have not already done so, because that will detail what Jupiter in the 12th (as an independent Astrological House) can mean.  Here I will detail what the 12th House means in relation to the other Houses.

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In Western Astrology, the 12 Astrological Houses each describe and are associated with differing areas of life.  The 1st House is typically the beginning, the time and situation around one’s birth, and it is very self-oriented.  What is my path?  How do I go about treading my path will show up with the sign on the Ascendant and its aspects.

Likewise, as the 1st House is the beginning of a new cycle, the 12th House is the closure of the previous cycle.  That is why the 12th House is sometimes described as the Cosmic Dustpan.  Because that is where we are tidying up all the work done in the previous Houses and WE ARE PREPARING FOR A NEW CYCLE TO COME ABOUT.

But if you are like me, you are not entirely comfortable with the unknown!  We want some control.  We want some knowledge about what is around the corner.  This is why most of us do not go through huge upheavals during Jupiter’s transition from 12th to 1st.  (But we might say it is an upheaval when the Progressed Moon or Saturn go from natal 12th House to 1st.)  Generally speaking we will have some knowledge about what is around the corner, but the details will be missing.  For example…  I am going to start a new direction in school – graduate school maybe?  How am I going to pay for that?  Which school will accept me?  Where will I live?  Will I have to get a job while I am in school?  Etc…

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Temptations as the 12th is associated with Neptune…  For me, as I mentioned in my previous post, Jupiter in the 12th House is not always easy.  Yes it is Jupiter we are talking about, and yes in the 12th it is known as a Guardian Angel…  But too many Neptunian influences will be difficult to navigate through.  If we have Jupiter trine to our Sun, Moon or Venus from the 12th House, then we might be inclined to sit back and wait for the blessings to fall into our laps.  I am not saying we are lazy (look to Saturn’s placement to answer that question).  But we have learned that we are just fortunate enough to get by and we can be content with that.  This will not be everybody, but this could especially be true for people with Jupiter in Cancer making a trine to a Piscean Sun Moon or Venus (plus a couple of planets in Virgo).  You will be blessed in that case.  But how you go about using your potential is up to you.

I started off this section mentioning the Neptunian temptations because Jupiter in the 12th is in Neptune’s domain.  And again, this would be true more so for people with strongly Neptunian charts.  Look for a stellium (3 or more planets) in the 12th House or in Pisces and / or look to strong Neptune aspects (conjunct / square / opposite Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ascendant).  If we have a strong pull from Neptune when Jupiter is in the 12th house, instead of waiting with confident patience, knowing that we must consciously pause while a change of energy comes about, we might push on with frustration and tire ourselves out.  Or we could become frustrated with the waiting and say to the Universe, “Screw this!  I’m going to escape from this difficult waiting tonight!”  You will hear Neptune’s voice whispering in your ear – and if a lot of 12th house energy or Neptune / Pisces energy is flowing around your chart, then you should find a wise person and ally yourself with them.  I have heard it said that a Dragon – a powerful, wise and compassionate person is hard to find, but if you know of a Dragon in your neighborhood (an authentic spiritual teacher might very well be a Dragon), then you should seek them out.  Especially during Jupiter’s transits through your 12th House!

When Jupiter is in the 12th House, see what forms of self care are both easy and kind to our selves.  We can take a short bath.  We can take a quick nap instead of using the computer to distract ourselves.  Maybe we can go for a nice walk or a short hike?  When you hear Neptune’s silky seductive voice whispering in your ear, move your awareness down into your heart.  What does your body want?  What does your heart need?  Maybe sleeping would be a better idea than watching that Star Wars marathon…

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Feeling uncertain about the future but resting in the immediately present blessings…  When Jupiter is in the 12th House, typically things will work out quite well within the next year.  When Jupiter actually crosses the Ascendant, things will have been gradually clearing up and by that point, you will know what direction to pursue and how to go about that pursuit.  We will probably be able to wait patiently while Jupiter is transiting the 12th House, but like I mention above, who is good at waiting patiently with confidence?  This requires that we TRUST the process and trust the Universe to provide for us.  And frankly, at times, that can be terrifying!  Most of us use some form of distraction to pass the time.  We do not like the word “bored.”  We would rather spend an hour on Facebook than lie around waiting for the Universe to show us our path  🙂    But if you can slowly start to realize the ways in which we take a detour from our path, then we can start to do self care or spiritual practices which help us stay present and aware.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting my blog!  If you want, you can view my website here:  You can click on the ads below to support my blogging efforts as well.

I have my Natal Jupiter in the sign of Cancer, in the 12th house.  Now let me unpack what this means.

What is Jupiter about?

Jupiter is the jovial, optimistic, speculating, the-grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side-of-the-fence, wanderlust-filled, adventuring, mental pioneering, broadener of horizons.  Typically, Jupiter is seen as one of the sources of enthusiasm in the astrology chart.  Does your Jupiter trine your Sun Moon or Mercury?  If so, you may be prone to bouts of enthusiastic delight.  🙂  Also, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and it is the only planet which actually gives off energy by itself (without the Sun being involved).  It’s size indicates how it tends to expand our thoughts about what is possible.  Jupiter can push the envelope as it were and this can definitely show up with a potential to gamble when we have a strong Jupiter (or in fire signs).  Although in this case – a watery sign like Cancer and a diffuse house like the 12th, gambling may not be indicated.

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Jupiter in Cancer?

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer.  What does exalted mean?  This is the second most potent placing for the planet to be.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius.  Meaning it is very strong in that pioneering, studying (sometimes know-it-all sign), adventuresome fire sign, but it is also strong in the sign of Cancer.  Why?  Because Cancer is all about nurturing and taking care of our loved ones – be they family members or close friends and associates.  When Jupiter’s natural expansion encounters Cancer’s natural love of nurturing, it is a good combination, let me tell you.  In Buddhism, the word for the “highest” altruistic motivation is called Bodhicitta, which means the mind which wishes for all sentient beings (seen and unseen, known and unknown) to attain happiness and complete enlightenment.  It is a very powerful motivation.  However, most of us (myself included) have a difficult time maintaining strong Bodhicitta because we feel slighted by anger or jealousy or not getting our way (etc…).

Well Jupiter in Cancer has a natural leaning toward an altruistic motivation.  You will not find many people with Jupiter in Cancer with a powerful cutthroat mentality unless it shows up in multiple other areas of the chart.  Jupiter in Cancer types will be natural cooks, care takers, nurses, teachers, healers, and / or realtors (Cancer has a Lunar connection to the 4th house of land and real estate as well).

Jupiter in the 12th house?

Jupiter in the 12th house is said to be the Guardian Angel of the astrology chart.  Why is this?  Because the 12th house is the most mysterious of the Houses.  It is where we subconsciously work against ourselves.  It can also indicate a natural proclivity toward spiritual practices and awareness.  It can even indicate psychic abilities (whether the individual wants them or not).  Keep in mind that the 12th house is strongly associated with Neptune (and Pisces).  Previously, before Neptune took over Pisces’ rulership, Jupiter ruled the sign of the bonded dual Fishes.  So Jupiter in the 12th house is not much of a detriment when looking at planetary strengths.  Normally all planets (save Saturn) lose strength when they are tenanting the 12th house.  But Jupiter can do okay there.

Jupiter in the 12th is watered down though.  You will not often find crazy dare devils who are risking their lives deep into their 40’s and 50’s with this placement.  Depending on what the 5th house and its ruler look like, you might take a few risks, but this individual will probably realize the fragility of the human condition sooner rather than later.  And yes, I speak from personal experience…  Therefore a watery Jupiter in a watery house is not going to be the wildly adventurous or overly jovial type (unless other strong indications exist in the chart).

So…  My Jupiter in the 12th, in the 29th degree of Cancer indicates that I have the potential for spiritual awareness, a natural proclivity toward giving and altruism, a desire to nurture those who I care about and I might even have innate healing abilities.  Hhhmmm.  Well this all sounds great so far right?!  And it is.  I am quite blessed.

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So why am I hesitating?  Because Jupiter in the 12th house indicates a strong leaning toward a nebulous Neptunian nature.  And then if this individual (me) is a Pisces, which I am, with Neptune squaring his natal Sun, which I have, then there is often times too much Neptune going around.  And what does this mean?

Neptune seeks to transcend this dense world of relative reality we live in – in other words, Neptune seeks to transcend planet Earth and all the physical phenomena that come with living on this great planet.  Neptune is the escapist, the addict, the artist, the seeker, the poet, the romantic and the mystic.  But it is never the pragmatic realist  🙂   Sorry folks.  So that is why it has taken me at least 35 years to begin to realize what I am doing on this planet.  And this waiting is often times hell.  I would rather push push push and accomplish something (this pushing is probably Saturn talking by the way, or an unconscious double bind speaking), even if it feels empty down the road than sit around and wait for my energy to rise.  (Because Neptune can also indicate a watered down immune system where your energy will literally wax and wane.)

With all that said, Jupiter in the 12th house in Cancer is an incredible blessing.  I am in contact with my spirit guides.  I do not “hear” them directly yet, but I have spent a lot of time working on embodying and becoming more grounded.  So I feel it in my body if a decision is way off the mark.  I will get a quick head-ache if I make a severe detour from my path.  And my body suffers if I waste too much time with less-than-wholesome pursuits.   🙂

I hope this speaks about Jupiter in Cancer and / or Jupiter in the 12th house a little.  Let me know if you have comments on this subject.

Thanks for reading!

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting!  If you would like to support Kirby’s blogging efforts or would like to receive a Spiritual Astrology interpretation, you can visit his website at for contact info, etc.

To be clear regarding this topic, in psychological astrology we can talk about the “shadow of Gemini” or “Scorpio’s shadow.”  And if I were talking in that regard, I would be referring to the way in which those signs can work against ourselves – shadowy, unconscious material as it were.  In this case though, I am referring to an actual “thing.”  And yes, “thing” is a technical term.  🙂

When a planet goes retrograde, the point at which it seems to “pause” in the sky is known as its shadow.  For instance, (because we are talking about this planet) Venus went retrograde back in December at 29 degrees of Capricorn.  That is the furthest forward it had gotten before turning retrograde.  Following me so far?  So Venus’ shadow is presently at 29 degrees of Capricorn, considering as I write this, Venus is completing its retrograde cycle at 13 degrees Capricorn.

Here is the thing which any non-astrologer (and probably some astrologers may not either) does not know.  When Venus (or any planet for that matter) goes direct, the shadow will still be “in effect” for a short period of time thereafter.  This is why one of my astrology teachers used to preach that the retrograde cycle lasts at least two weeks after the planet starts moving forward (and I’m beginning to think he knew what he was talking about!)   🙂

So when does the shadow stop being in effect?  When the planet crosses its shadow.  So for Venus, it will officially be out of retrograde (meaning it is stationing direct and moving forward for the next 18 months or so) after January 31st.  But on that day, it will be at 13 degrees of Capricorn.  It will still have four plus weeks before it will cross its shadow.  Meaning, and I will say more, if 29 degrees of Capricorn is significant in your chart (and you would know this fact already because Venus stationed retrograde at that point, and that shadow point has been in effect since December 20th, 2013), that you may not be completely in the clear until February 28th or so.  Sorry if I’m bursting any bubbles…

If you want to know the exact day, Venus will not cross 29 degrees of Capricorn until March 5th.  So that is a good long time to slowly start to creep forward and finally it will start moving at a decent clip in the middle of February, and it will cross its shadow officially ending this retrograde cycle for 2014 (for Venus).

Here are some examples, just to be more clear.  Let us say that you have Mars at 29 degrees of Libra in your Natal Chart.  Normally, when Venus is moving at its usual, quick pace, Venus would transit your Natal Mars in two or three days tops.  It would be at 27 degrees of a Cardinal sign one day, at 29 degrees the next and then it would be moving on into the next Fixed sign.  And you would feel the reflected emotional intensity for only two to threes (normally!).  But here, the retrograde cycle would draw that out for at least six weeks, and maybe longer.

Continuing where I left off, that means that around December 20th of this past year, Venus paused at the point squaring your Mars (29 Capricorn) for a solid two to three weeks due to the retrograde process.  So you may have had a hot and steamy holidays there (or you may have wished you had someone to have a hot and steamy celebration with when those two planets meet up!).  AND…  due to Venus’ shadow sitting at the square point to your Mars, guess what?  There would be a subtle hint of that intense attraction and magnetic sexual energy off and on over the past month or so – even when Venus itself backed up away from the square point.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.  Venus and Mars, when a square happens, can be touchy bedfellows – generally speaking when Venus transits Natal Mars, it is easier, but sometimes arguments and emotionality can arise.  There will be some heightened erotic energy, but at times it can be a little juvenile – meaning, “I want what I want damn it and why can’t I have that!!!”  So hopefully if this is happening to you, you and your partner will be on similar pages and then you can have a healthy outlet for this energy!

Basically what I am trying to say is this: look at your Natal Chart.  Do you have any planets in the 27 – 30 degree mark of Cardinal signs AND / OR do you have any planets in the 1 – 3 degree point of Fixed signs?  Cardinals are Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Fixed signs are Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.  These planets would all be affected by Venus’ shadow sitting at its present location, AND that might explain the up and down Venusian energy you have been feeling over the past month despite the fact that you don’t actually see much happening in your chart.  That’s because the shadow in a inferred point (there is no shadow in the sky where the planet went retrograde)   🙂

Now this same thing is true for any other planet.  If you have Neptune at 29 degrees of Aries, then lookout – you have probably had rose-colored glasses on for the past few weeks  🙂   And there could be a disillusionment heading your way!  If you have Uranus at 29 degrees of Cancer, this could also throw a fun, exciting, but not-long-lasting wrench in the relationship works especially if  you are starting a new relationship since December 10th or more recently (because then you’d have Venus in opposition to Uranus influencing your desires for six to eight weeks).  And the same is also true for Jupiter at 29 degrees of a Cardinal sign, Pluto and Saturn.  And yes, I did just throw Jupiter in that mix.

Even the great Benefic Jupiter can bring difficulty (imagine too much abundance, too much indulgence and / or too much hedonism – then you are getting close to what might be arising here).  You will definitely enjoy the time with Venus in continuous or shadowy aspect to Jupiter for eight weeks, but afterward you might say to yourself, “Well shucks, that was fun, but I may have wasted some time there…”   🙂

So good luck deciphering this and hopefully it brings a touch more clarity to the subject of Venus retrograde.  I have been noticing it myself as I have a planet at 29 degrees of a Cardinal sign.  So I stand behind these words.  I would love to hear your comments.  And thank you for reading.

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I am writing this post because I continue to see a trend.  That trend is that people (men or women) with a strong Saturn in their astrology chart often have many fine qualities.  It is almost as if the planet Saturn (among other factors) is indicative of having an abundance of positive karma.

What are some of these Saturnian traits?  (By naming these, you can decide whether or not you want someone of a Saturnian nature in your life.)

Groundedness.  Practicality.  Humility.  Down-to-earth.  Hard working.  Reliable.  Responsible.  Dedicated.  Thoughtful.  Rational.  Logical.  Ambitious.  Conscientious.  Leading-by-example.  Someone-Not-Afraid-To-Get-Their-Hands-Dirty.

Keep in mind you may not find all of these traits in the same person (discovering someone who is fiercely ambitious AND humble AND conscientious is probably going to be difficult!  However, once someone has done a lot of their personal growth work (or, if they have bunches of solid, positive karma to start with), then if they have a strong Saturn in their chart, they should acquire most of these traits.  And keep in mind we surface many different “parts of ourselves” when it is skillful to do so – finding someone who exhibits all of these traits all the time would be a little bizarre.

You could argue that Saturn by itself can be boring.  Because you do not see the keywords: “creative,” or “exciting,” or “dynamic,” or “fiery,” up there.  No you don’t, but that is the beauty of human being-ness.  You will rarely ever find someone who is ONLY a strong Saturnian and nothing else from the other planets.  For instance, if someone has a strong Saturn in addition to having Uranus in aspect to their Sun and Venus, then you would find Creativity, Magnetism, a Quick Intelligent Mind, etc in their list of qualities, ALONG with some of those Saturnian traits above.

To touch on the thought that Saturn might be a touch boring or predictable, wouldn’t you rather have someone who comes home when they say they will?  (Responsibility, Reliability, someone with a Strong Sense of Duty)  Personally I would rather be with a Saturnian than with a deceptive, mystical, creative, disembodied, (and / or) romantic Neptunian.  Sure, the Neptunian would be fun for a time…  but goodness me!  I can only stand someone who is disembodied for a short period of time.  I want to be with someone whose word means a lot – if they say they will do something, then you can take that to the bank.  Yes!  (Now if you merge the compassionate spirituality of Neptune with the grounded, step-by-step qualities of Saturn, then you have something beautiful to behold for sure!)

Keep in mind, I am painting a rather one-sided picture of Saturn.  There are some Saturnian traits which only the individual who is suffering from them can peel apart – Skepticism.  Cynicism.  Pessimism.  The-I-Will-Puncture-Your-Lofty-Dreams-Dose-Of-Reality (which can also be a great gift.)  This is why it is good that our personalities typically come with more than just a One-Planet dominated astrology chart.  For instance, having a strong Jupiter will add some healthy optimism, broad-mindedness and dreaminess.  Having a strong Sun will add charisma and fire and a natural tendency to lead (especially when combined with Saturn).  A strong Mars might add some ambition and fiery competition and a desire to move the body.

As you can see, this is not an easy one-size-fits-all kind of subject.  Astrology is a very complex topic, just as psychology is a complex subject.  Often we see many only-children being spoiled, however we can also see many only-children being grounded and practical and incredibly in touch with reality.  Likewise, Saturn comes in many shapes and sizes and in many flavors.  Our personal frequency (or karma) determines what we do with the energies of our charts.  However, the chart will always be a good benchmark or a good place to start investigating someone’s inner essence.

Good luck!

Kirby Moore offers Spiritual Astrology interpretations.  He specializes in working with individuals and with couples for Relationship Astrology, the Timing Aspects in Astrology and Natal Astrology.  You can contact him for an interpretation at (434) 465. 0603 or you can visit his website for further information:

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How many people felt emotional intensity on Christmas Day – two days ago?  How many of you are experiencing intense, over-energetic days right now?

As usual, I need to start out by saying that Astrology is a subjective topic.  I cannot write one blog post and describe everyone’s experience, because we are all so unique.  We are even unique moment to moment.  So my own perceptions and thoughts will change around this topic soon!  With that said, this post is about the confluence of Uranus, Pluto and Mars in a cosmic T-Square, which is nearly exact as I type.  Then (on X-mas day) the Moon crossed over Mars, making a few hours of emotional intensity likely for some people (I will describe who below).  And over the next few days, the Sun and Mercury will move to conjunct Pluto, also getting into this intense Cauldron of Volatility.

The Cardinal signs are about taking the initiative, moving forward, and making changes.  The general theory (overly simplified theory that is) is that the Cardinal sign people – the Aries, Cancers, Libras and Capricorns of the world – are the ones who come up with many unique ideas about how to move their own lives forward, and how to move their company, their employees, their family, their groups forward.  Then the Fixed sign people are the ones who sustain those good ideas, they are the ones who are stubborn enough to keep going in spite of obstacles.  And finally, the Mutable sign people are the ones who are the communicators – they are peace makers and playful diplomats who go between the Cardinals and the Fixed people.  Of course the actual situation, no matter what, is more complicated than this (because we all have some Cardinal, Fixed AND Mutable energy in our charts – somewhere and to varying degrees).

Here is what is happening right now: Pluto is at 11 degrees of Capricorn, making a Square (tension, conflict, action which feels forced) aspect to Uranus which is at 8 degrees of Aries.  Then (today and tomorrow anyway) Mars is at 9 degrees of Libra making the difficult larger aspect called a T-Square (like a three legged, unstable table) whose outlet is in the sign of Cancer, because at least for now, there is no actual planet near the 8 to 11 degree point of Cancer.  I have a lot of mention or else I would explain more at depth here…  ask questions if you want to!

On Christmas Day, the Moon also crossed the 8 degree point of Libra, where Mars was situated, adding a heightened element to this already hot mix.  So that might have been a challenging day for some people.  And then coming soon (starting today or tomorrow – December 27th / 28th), the Sun is moving toward the 8 – 11 degree point of Capricorn, along with Mercury.  So New Year’s Day, the Sun will be exactly conjunct Pluto (at least along one axis), with Mercury having crossed Pluto a day or two prior to that.  So, this is not over by any means.

In general, when planets like Pluto and Uranus make a tough aspect like this, which is a rare occasion I might add!  They will be within 3 degrees of each other for about 3 years.  And this case is no exception.  This is due to their retrograde motions – they part from each other for a few months, and then due to retrogradation, they come back into orb…  for about 3 years!  So of course that entire time is not going to be a hot tempest of emotions and unexpected changes.  So how do we know when there will be personal affects from this broad, over-arching aspect?  It is when the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) get involved.  And guess what?  The personal planets could not be more involved than they are now.  Mars entered the scene first and the Moon crossed briefly through, and then the Sun and Mercury will move into play.

So who will potentially be affected by these cosmic giants interplaying with the personal movers and shakers?  People who have personal planets around 7 to 12 degrees of Cardinal signs will definitely feel this.  AND people who have a Cardinal Rising sign or a Cardinal MidHeaven will feel this especially if their rising sign is between 7 and 12 degrees.  Therefore this is not affecting everyone.  And it will not affect the people I describe above equally.  Why not?  See my previous posts about frequency-based astrology – we all have unique individual karmas.  And astrology is simply a glimpse of your karma – once you purify the gross negative karmas, then you will be affected less and less by tough astrological configurations.

I do not have the space or time to go through and write exactly who will feel what.  For instance, this cosmic T-Square will affect someone with their Sun at 11 degrees of Aries differently from someone whose Moon is at 11 degrees of Cancer.  And Mars at 11 degrees of Capricorn people will feel this differently from people with their Mercury at 11 degrees of Libra.  But…  the essence of those personal planets will definitely be piqued!!  For instance, is Mercury is the personal planet “under scrutiny” as it were, then your mental energy and perception of details and mental pace will all increase during this time (due to Uranus’ and Mars’ affects).  Likewise for Venus, your relationships with people, with aesthetics and with money many shift during this radical time.  Mars being tweaked by this T-Square could bring separations, conflicts, added energy and increased competitive energy.  And the signs will make a difference – Venus in Aries is vastly different than Venus in Capricorn!

So what are some potential remedies for this difficult week?  Slow down!  You will not receive any cosmic messages if you are bopping rapidly from event to event, from party to party.  And even if you are in the midst of hectic travels to and from relatives houses, take a few minutes to catch your breath.  See what your body is trying to communicate to you.  Is my digestion happy?  What does it need today?  How can I slow down just a little bit more?  Slower gentler yoga would be very helpful and meditation, especially in an established, authentic tradition would be very helpful.  Because purifying one’s karma on the meditation cushion is much better than having a physical event purify it for us!  (I’d rather have a really irritated, angry day meditating than have an angry reactive encounter with another human being.)

Well I tried to summarize this hectic, busy, energetic and transformative configuration in less than a thousand words.  I came close.  I wish you good luck with your process!  And you can always feel free to contact me for an astrology interpretation if things are getting too intense for you.

May all beings experience ease and clarity!

Thank you for reading!

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This is a post about Western Astrology and specifically about Transits to the Natal chart. This post will go into Saturn mixing it up with Venus.

A lot of what I am going to say might also be applicable for any hard aspect between Tr. Saturn and Na. Venus (applying square, opposition, separating square or the conjunction). Remember, conjunctions can either be hard or soft aspects depending on which planets are involved.

I am presently experiencing the separating square between Transiting Saturn and Natal Venus. Considering Saturn’s orbit around the Sun takes about 29 years, these hard aspects tend to fall about 7 years apart. So, one way to see what may be coming is to look back and see what was happening 7 or 14/15 years ago – the last time a hard aspect went down between these two.

I recommend getting your chart done by a professional astrologer. I could post hundreds of instances here about various astrological configurations and still be WAY OFF the mark about your individual precise chart. Because I don’t have the time to write the 144 posts about, “if your Venus is in the 1st house and Saturn is squaring it from the 10th…” or 2nd house, or 3rd house, etc. Eae Gads that would be a ton of work!

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What I am saying is that this particular square will be different depending on whether you have an Angular Venus (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses), AND this aspect will be received differently by the individual depending on what other aspects are happening. For instance, if we have Jupiter making a Trine to the Natal Sun, along with Progressed Venus making a conjunction with the Sun (both typically positive aspects), then this particular transit might not be challenging in the least. However, if we have several difficult transits going on at the same time this is in effect, then some of the more extreme forms of what I describe below may be experienced.

What is Saturn? Saturn represents reality, pragmatic energy and structure among other things. Saturn says to us, “Get real, get your head out of the clouds, make a plan, develop a strategy for attaining your goals, and if you don’t… then you may feel lonely, down in the dumps, pessimistic or cynical.” Planning, consensus, laws, restrictions, limitations, practical common sense, caution, boundaries and grounded process are all Saturnian key words.

What is Venus? Venus is what we want. It represents what we like, what we desire, who we desire, etc. Without afflicted aspects, Venus is refined, charming, generous, compassionate and kind and oriented toward aesthetics. It is how we like to be romanced. If Venus had its way however, we might not ever leave the comforts of a beautiful luxurious home – picture the Romans eating grapes and drinking wine on comfortable divans – and then you are reaching one Venusian paradise. Venus also has to do with what fashions we appreciate, colors, do we lean toward symmetry or asymmetry? Depending on the sign, house and aspects, Venus can show if we are more traditional in our dress and mannerisms or if we are more bohemian or rebellious.

So what happens when the down-to-earth, get-real-or-have-your-eyes-rudely-awakened Saturn makes this hard aspect to potentially rose-colored-glasses-wearing Venus? Well, depending on where you are in life, this can be a rough wake up call to be sure! Perhaps you just divorced or got out of a serious relationship not too long ago – this aspect could lead to feeling lonely or sad about relationship decisions. (Of course we can feel lonely whether or not we have recently been in a relationship!) Or, if you are in relationship with someone, if might lift the veil of illusions and say, “Whoa! Who am I with and why? Why aren’t they moving forward in life? Time to get real or get out.” In this case, Saturn can indicate tests and challenges to your relationship. Of course, if you have a partner who is open and growth-oriented, mature and willing to change for the better, then you have very little to worry about!

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[Update from Nov 2017] Here we must bring frequency-based astrology into play: meaning, if you are really evolved and mature, then you have most likely attracted and gone after a mature and responsible partner. If this is the case, then Saturn making a hard aspect to Venus might only be a little speed bump! But if we are mainly operating from our subconscious reactions and we have not done much personal growth work, then the tests and trials will definitely show up during this aspect. Especially regarding intimate relationships.

And that is just one area where this aspect might indicate introspection. Another area is money and the way in which we acquire it. Working is one of the main ways we earn money, and Venus rules money (what we value), so working is closely influenced by Venus. On top of this, Saturn’s desire for structure and planning plays a prominent role in many jobs. As a little tangent, if we have a well-aspected Venus in Taurus, then we may be willing to work 50 – 60 hours a week for a few years to acquire that nice town house in a beautiful part of town, and / or that nice BMW, and / or that exquisite cherry furniture we have had our eye on for years now… Right?! But if we have a poorly aspected Venus in Aquarius or Pisces or Virgo, then we may say, “Work 50 – 60 hours a week? Are you INSANE?! No, I would rather be content with Goodwill clothing and be able to enjoy my simple pleasures, plant my own garden and be HAPPY most the time.” 🙂 This is why you see a professional astrologer – there are so many variables to factor in, that no Astrological recipe book is going to fit you exactly (unless you write it, and even then it will stay static while you continue to evolve and grow).

So back from the tangent… Saturn transiting Venus in a hard aspect can lead to the realization that you are not up to the task(s) that you have set for yourself. Maybe you have been thinking, “you know, I could be a great general manager! I could easily earn $100,000 in a few years.” Well, if you don’t have this capacity, or lack any executive ability, then GOOD LUCK! And guess when you would rudely confront yourself about your lack of skills for what you have planned? Yep – during this transit! You will come down to earth one way or another.

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So to wrap up, I actually love Saturn. Sometimes the truth hurts, but I would rather know the truth than wander around in a deluded fog all my life! I love how Saturn indicates, “Are you sure? How do you know? What makes you think that? What is your plan for attaining those goals? Do you REALLY have those skills or that capacity?” It asks the difficult questions which are necessary to have some gain and growth and structure in your life. Whether it is aspecting the Sun, or Venus, or Mercury, we will have the chance to confront some aspect of ourselves. And that confrontation may be uncomfortable. But who among us is extremely comfortable with the unknown, comfortable with change, with transformation?

Mythologically, I think there was a reason that Saturn (Cronos) ruled the Universe for a time – and under his rule, it was a Golden Age! The reason is that without rules, without boundaries, without a clear understanding of our limitations, without appropriate boundaries, we will be recklessly depleting our energy, we could just bounce from job to job without ever growing, without learning the life lessons which are constantly being presented.

So this Aspect might be rough when you are in it, but you will look back on it and say, “you know, I’m glad I saw that part of myself in a raw, objective fashion. Otherwise who knows what I might have done?!” So be grateful for Saturn. Do the work it is suggesting, receive its hard-nosed, common sense blessings. And you will be better for it.

Good luck! (To myself included)

Thanks for reading.

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