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I am writing about transits in this post.  And specifically, I am writing about my personal natal chart and how the transiting planets are affecting it.  Yes, it is a subjective topic (highly personal that is) but I will attempt to be as objective as possible.

I am going through a bit of soul searching, having paused my nursing school pursuits (see previous posts).  It is difficult to go from 60 mph down to 10, in just a month or two and my mind is still gripping after ideas and grasping for purposeful and meaningful activity.  Better yet, how about I work on resting my anxious mind?  That is where astrology can come in.  Perhaps I can spot where I am leaning in too heavily or where I am being subtly influenced by the energies around us.  Let’s see if the planets’ narrative fits with my own life at present.

Jupiter – the expansive giant of grass-is-always-greener wanderlust is presently retrograde (a factor which much be taken into account) and going through the second of three passes to square my Neptune, from my second house.  And soon Jupiter will move on beyond that square to oppose my natal Sun (in about four months).

It would seem (from reading Robert Hand’s Planets in Transit – see my note at the end of the post) that I have avoided most of the pitfalls of Jupiter square Neptune – no false messiahs or new bizarre spiritual teachers coming into my life (no invitations to any cults in the last 6 months).  The only thing I would mention is that I have not told my job that I completely took this semester off.  I told them I cut back significantly at school – so they still think I am in one class.  I just did not have the heart to tell them, when they are so supportive of my success, that I am taking this semester off – rather I did not want to admit to possibly making a mistake in the process 😦    So there is a little bit of deception going on (Neptune) in my life.

As far as Jupiter in my second house goes, rather than acquiring materials or hoarding money, I think a revising of my core values is taking place.  I have too many Dharma trinkets – lets tsa tsas and statues and pictures and practice booklets.  I need to let go of some stuff.  Not only that, deeper values are being challenged right now (which may have to do with other transits as well).  What do I want out of life?  Am I capable of maintaining daily Dharma practice or am I just routinely beating myself up because I only sit on my cushion a couple days a week?  Is my spiritual practice shifting?  I think I am not close enough with my root lama to fully explain the changes in my practice and in my body.  I had a health scare, which was a part of why I pressed pause on school.  My body has been having a tough time over the past couple of years.  What is most important right now is that I discover joy in slowing down and relaxing more.  What supports that?  🙂

The only other Neptune / Jupiter piece is being tempted with computer games.  I have gone for long spells without indulging in that old vice of mine.  I went for seven years from 2003 to 2010 where I focused on spiritual and academic pursuits wholeheartedly (and was never even tempted to pick up this less-than-ideal habit).  And then I went for about six months more recently when I plunged into the full rigors of nursing school.  But when I am faced with a full day off, and it has been raining (so I can’t go for a hike), I download an old game and play for a few hours.  I would rather do more meaningful activities.  This is where Neptune’s whispered mischievous advice is kicking me in the pants (although I do not blame Neptune – I am the one creating this predisposition by playing off and on).

I am a very fluid and flexible individual.  I can shift and understand where most people are coming from, which is why I am a great waiter (food service) and bar tender.  Therefore I do not see the Jupiter opposite Sun snags getting to me very much – maybe the arrogance and feeling that I know what is right (I am a Leo Rising after all).  Otherwise, I think I can maintain some good humility to dodge any confrontations with superiors that might indicate.

So as far as Jupiter goes, I think I am doing pretty well.  I am a spiritual being having a human experience and therefore I tend to avoid some of the more gross layers of astrological influence.

In my next post, I will discuss Saturn and what it is up to in my chart!

Thanks for reading.  Have a blessed day and enjoy the Spring weather when it shows its inspiring and uplifting bright face.

As an aside, I must add that Robert Hand’s book on Transits, while invaluable to most and quite accurate for some, does not often accurately peg me.  (And Robert Hand should go down as a brilliant scientist, empiricist and pioneer for American astrology.)  But I am a bit different than most – not sure why exactly – as my intuition and psychological fluidity might indicate, I experience my astrological chart differently.  That is why frequency-based astrology is so valuable and so difficult to find good practitioners of.  There are some days where I’m not sure who I am going to meet after looking at the chart of a relative stranger.  I am always pleasantly surprised though and I try to offer insight and a fresh outlook on their charts.


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Hello my fine readers,

If you or anyone you know is interested, I am looking to do some astrology interpretations in Dec / January.  I have been busy with nursing school which you can imagine is quite empirical and very scientifically dry.  So I could use some creative intuition for a change and I am looking to do about half a dozen chart interpretations.

I was invited to Yogaville to teach Spiritual Astrology, but I need to see if the timing will work out.  My schedule is amazingly full.

You can reach me at kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

I am available one or two days in December and then January 3rd – 9th.

And then of course, I will rest during my break as well.  Balance is good.

Thanks for reading!

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Sometimes we want to keep things just the way they are.  Am I right?  Who adores change and welcomes it every moment?  Not I.

Well, Uranus says life is impermanent.  But occasionally change is for the better (whether we can see it at the moment or not).  Might as well start to view things like birth, old age, sickness and death as typical!  And this can apply to inner patterns as well – a new pattern is conceived in the mind, we put time and energy into that pattern (or behavior or habit, etc), the pattern might not be entirely healthy, and it causes us to question or doubt our choices.  So maybe we are forced to choose between health or continuing that pattern.  If we continue for long enough, we might even have the choice of an early death or choosing to let the pattern die.  (Wow this is getting morbid…)

I am observing a situation like this in my own chart.  Uranus is in Aries, opposite my Libra Moon / Pluto conjunction (my Hades Moon in Libra).

What does Libra Moon typically mean?  That we might hide any common daily anger and irritation under layers of charming guile and desire for ultimate harmony.  Libra Moon loves aesthetic harmony as well – it might lead to being a good artist or designer or communicator, mediator, diplomat, etc.  Libra Moon people often like the delicate, fine detail type of jobs like creating art, fashion design, editing (esp. if Virgo is thrown in), writing, and in addition, Libra Moon is often a good match maker as they are aware of subtle nuances in people’s personalities.  Oh – Libra rules the hands and it is one of the more delicate signs – so Libra Moon people rarely ever like to get their hands dirty.  (There have to be other influences like Virgo or Taurus or Capricorn or desperation for them to consider putting their hands in the dirt or doing a gritty blue collar job.)  These are just a few of Libra’s gifts and challenges.

Having Pluto conjunct a Libra Moon adds layers of exaggeration to these traits above and it implies that this individual (me) has a strong karmic tie with their mother (Moon = Mom influences, Pluto and Saturn are the two Lords of Karma).  In addition, Pluto might add a level of psychic ability or at least intuition by being conjunct the Moon.  There will be added emotionality (although Libra wants to keep this in check) which might come out by being a great writer or poet.  There is the possibility of innate emotional intelligence and understanding.  Plus due to Pluto’s influence, there will be the desire to constantly improve the self (which at times might get out of hand and prevent the individual from having fun and losing control).  Oh – did I mention Libra (thru Saturn’s influence) loves to be in control – at least of themselves?

So how does Uranus get involved?  And why would I call it the liberator?  These are good questions!

As Uranus has stationed from direct to retrograde within a degree of opposition of my Libra Hades Moon, I have noticed many subtle shifts occurring.  And these shifts could easily be manifesting due to situations that are occurring in my life.  Therefore I am not saying that astrology impels actions, rather it reflects what is happening in our lives.  Maybe one could say that astrology (as representing gross levels of karma) will show that we have the greatest proclivity towards.

So Uranus opposite Libra Hades Moon: for one, Uranus opposite the Moon can indicate perversion.  And this has crept into my life very slowly and subtly.  Due to working full time, and going to school, and being under pressure to perform due to nursing school’s strict rules, I just thought that my dismissing of the small rules at work was just a little burn out happening.  I thought that my small expressions of irritation and discontent were because I had no more energy to hold them in any longer (see above for why).  But these could both be “explained” by Uranus opposite Moon / Pluto.  Uranus opposite Pluto is never given a good prognosis in astrology books, but I might disagree.

Uranus opposite Pluto will mean that you had better be doing some inner personal growth work and especially you need a healthy outlet for any suppressed anger / resentment / hatred.  My outlet is to receive body work and do meditation – I need both.  If I just meditated, that would lead to being centered in my mind, but the body work accelerates the process of letting the angst out of my physical system.

If we do not have a healthy outlet for Pluto’s angst, then Uranus opposite Pluto will be challenging and it will feel like we are banging our heads against the wall.  However, when we have a number of inner resources to understand our inner processes and when we start to liberate our anger and irritation appropriately, then people around us start to respect us more (as we respect ourselves more).

I have a bit of a devil-may-care attitude at times and I am okay with that.  Keep in mind that astrology allows us to see the ways that we might subconsciously be working against ourselves.  I have less filters on my thoughts and words these days but I am consciously applying some filters because I don’t want to push to much and risk my job!  Or risk losing colleagues as amiable acquaintances.  I do feel more liberated though – if something upsets me, I take a couple of deep breaths and then I set the intention to be clear, compassionate and honest in my discussion and then I talk to the person about the situation.  No need to be holding that crap in!

Also, another facet of Uranus sitting at 20 degrees of Aries for 4 months…  And being opposite my Hades Moon is that I am becoming more clumsy!  This I do not like.  But, even this can be viewed as becoming liberated.  If I consider the fact that my extremely agility and dexterity were due to my not wanting to step wrong around an angry father – I walked very carefully on egg shells (without knowing it consciously), then my brain is starting to no longer compensate for that ugly cause of dexterity.  Therefore, these days, I have to be more conscious where I put my feet, how I serve a drink at work (I’m a waiter after all – which requires decent dexterity every day!), walking through my house…

Just to clarify – when I was young, my father was angry and emotionally numb and unavailable.  However, in the past 30 years he has mellowed out a bit and made huge strides toward connecting with people (and me) and I love him dearly.  I cannot repay my parent’s kindness enough for bringing me into this world.  But I am going to be honest of developmental trauma when it happens (even to me).

So as you can see, Uranus liberates on many levels and it often does it without our consent.  But from a big picture perspective, who wouldn’t want that anyway?  🙂

Thank you for reading!


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In this post, I am going to be covering what occurs when the same Natal Planet has both a square and a trine aspect to it.  As an example, let’s take Venus.  And please keep in mind that I am going to oversimplify things a bit here to keep this post below 1000 words.  Also I intend to include what it means to have both a square and a trine aspect to a planet and how transits can reflect activation of the trine OR square (or both).

And now for the planets that are aspecting the Natal Venus.  Let us use Pluto as the planet making the trine and Uranus as the planet making the square.  So what do these mean on a regular basis for this individual?

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Believe it or not, Pluto is an intense planet 🙂  And even in its trine configuration, it can still indicate a powerful effect on the individual.  So we have Pluto trine Venus – of course the signs and houses matter, but let’s just keep it simple.  Pluto can indicate a stickiness, a pattern of lusting or yearning for relationships or union (Pluto wants power and control and one of Venus’ arenas is love and relationships and union).  Pluto here might indicate that this native goes out of his or her way to charm or magnetize others – he or she wants closeness, and they might want to be possessive about their partner.  There is a full body of literature about Pluto and its relationship to Venus, so let’s pause there and go on to Uranus. Just think that Pluto is yearning to be close to a partner (probably stemming from some unmet need as a baby or youngster).

Again, Uranus is an intense planet, believe it or not.  And here we have Uranus making a square to this individual’s Venus.  Trying to keep it simple, what might this indicate?  House placement and signs involved really matter here as Uranus has many flavors depending on the lens through which it is focused. But that would take another 50 pages to write about…  So Uranus square Venus says this individual marches to the beat of their own drum – their sense of style is unique and possibly ahead of the curse, maybe a little perverse or bohemian.  The way they do relationships would be different – they would require some space and they would definitely need to have a partner who is dynamic and ingenuous (they would easily get bored with a conventional, traditional, stick-in-the-mud type of person).  If this square were really close, like within 3 degrees, then there is the chance that this person might have strong views about marriage (and about not wanting to be married).  They might want an open relationship.  But the independence and sense of freedom would be paramount with this aspect.

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When we combine both of these examples above, what do we have?  Pluto’s longing and yearning for connection and control (and possibly lust and being sexual) would contrast strongly with Uranus’ need for freedom and independence.  This is the person who would not have an easy first few relationships in their lives – in high school or college years, there would be confusion about how did I love someone so dearly and then push them away like I did?  That person might have felt like a soul mate AND the relationship with them was too intense, too steamy, too connected.  It was uncomfortable.  This is what I refer to as a dichotomy.  The sooner this individual could clean this up (bring awareness and acknowledgement to this inner dynamic, and then work on meeting unmet emotional needs from early developmental years, etc), the better his / her relationships would go.  But this is a strange pairing indeed.

As an aside, this is one of the benefits of studying or going to see a Spiritual Astrologer – they can objectively see these inner dichotomies and how the individual is having a conflict within their hearts.  And hopefully with skill and compassion, the Astrologer can help the person start to untie those inner knots of frustration and confusion.

Back on the topic: what does it mean to have this strange dynamic in the astrology chart and then have transits come along and activate either the trine or the square aspect?  With Uranus square Venus, you have four chances to activate it – when a transiting planet is conjunct either Uranus or Venus, square either of them or opposite either of them (say we have Saturn opposite Uranus, then Saturn should also be making a square to Natal Venus).  When an outer planet or a progressed planet comes into a point of activation of this square, the individual might really cry out for freedom and space and independence.  They would not want to be in a steamy passionate relationship at that time.  Rather, they might want to recharge and renew alone – in their personal sanctuary, or they might want to go for a hike with a group of people (where they can hide or interact with multiple people and be safe from the intense one-on-one relationships the Pluto / Venus aspect would indicate).  If a major transiting planet, like Pluto or Uranus or Jupiter comes along into an activation point, that might be a time for big transition – the person may terminate a relationship, outgrowing a structure which seems to be out-dated and less-than-beneficial.

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At the same time, when the Pluto trine Venus is activated (at the trine point to both planets, or by a planet coming along and making a sextile to both planets – effectively sitting on their midpoint), then this individual might have a blossoming relationship or a new insight into the machinations of their heart.  Just to be clear above, if we have Pluto in Sagittarius and Venus is in Leo, then the “best” activation point for this trine is to have a planet in Aries making a trine to both Pluto AND Venus.  Or if a planet comes along through Libra and makes a sextile aspect to both Pluto and Venus, then this would activate it a bit as well.

The Pluto Venus trine being activated would indicate a time when this native could be more close to someone.  A time for opening their heart – especially if they have done some of their emotional work to get clearer about this bizarre dynamic from above.  If nothing else, having a plant like Jupiter or Mars come along and trine both Pluto and Venus would indicate a week or a short time of new relationships coming into their life, or a new attraction, or a blossoming and deepening of an existing one.  It would be comfortable and fun to flirt and play and mix it up a little.  But the native would still probably do the relationship in a manner in which they get their requisite space and freedom and independence.

As you can see, Spiritual Astrology can really dive in deep to analyze one particular aspect or set of aspects coming off of a Natal planet.  Of course we could go much much deeper once the rest of the chart is interpreted.  House placements, the Ascendant, the ruling planets and more will determine more of how Natal Venus would dance with Pluto and Uranus.

If you would like a Spiritual Astrology interpretation, shoot me an email to kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com

Thank you for reading!

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  If you would like to support my work, you can click on the ads below and visit my website at

Astronomically, Pluto has been disparaged, dropped from the ranks of planet-hood and I suspect this reflects our society’s discomfort with Plutonian material.

What is Plutonian material?  What is Pluto’s influence in the astrology chart?  What is his rulership?

Pluto is the power behind the throne.  Pluto is one of the four power-hungry planets in the pantheon of the solar system – along with Saturn, the Sun and Mars.  For the most part, these planets are associated with the Fixed signs, which are also known as the Serpent Signs – Aquarius (Saturn’s previous rulership), Scorpio (Pluto’s present and Mar’s previous), Leo (the Sun) and Taurus is not exactly represented as Venus, its present ruler does not “seek” power but understands that true power lies in practicing abundant generosity and kindness and that when we love something or someone fully and maintain a low position (humility), then we have all the “power” that we need.  But more on Venus in a bit.  So Pluto seeks typically seeks power because of some mysterious unconscious yearning.  How it goes about that is indicated by the rest of the astrology chart.

What does Pluto do in the astrology chart?  Well we are talking about the ruler of the most complex sign in the zodiac (Scorpio), so this must be a complex answer.  But to over simplify things for the moment, I am going to write about the ways that Pluto amplifies whatever he touches.

Stepping off topic one more time…  Above I mention how our society might be hesitant (at best) to delve into Pluto’s material, well I want to remind people that esoterically, Pluto rules both the best of the light (wisdom, personal integrity, and compassion) and the worst of the darkness (polluted swamps of the unconscious).  I suspect Pluto has gotten a bad reputation – being discovered around the time of the atom bomb’s revelation, I think some people see a poor Pluto aspect and naturally cringe.  But that is not necessary.  Pluto is a binary planet system – Charon, a large moon of Pluto orbits it and from an esoteric perspective, this dual system gives Pluto rulership over the swampy depths of the psyche AND once we purify and come to a deep visceral understanding of who we are and what true power is, then Pluto is transformed like the phoenix (one of Scorpio’s symbols) into Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and healing.

Pluto’s constipating effects come about when we do not acknowledge who we are.  When we suppress our natural urges and healthy desires, due to upbringing, societal pressures, or whatever, we are pushing Pluto deeper into our subconscious.  And if we know our mythology, then we know that Pluto tends to erupt violently onto the scene, and this is certainly possible if we try to bottle up our powerful emotions for too long.  Eventually something is going to snap.  So it is best to get clearer about our needs and feelings now, rather than waiting to see how Pluto might manifest in his shadowy manner.  But we can never blame Pluto – rather he is a reflection of our psyche and our natural predispositions.

So why does Pluto tend to amplify aspects of our chart?  And keep in mind, depending on our karma, like I mention above, this amplification is oftentimes positive.  If we have poor predispositions in our unconscious, then these negative habits could be amplified just as easily.

(By the way, I am going to over-simplify these definitions below.  Therefore, do not read your chart and then say, “Oh my God!  I don’t fit on that hyper-polarized spectrum.”  Right.  There is a lot of gray area that I am not able to describe in such a short blog post.  You might want to call or email me to set up an astrology interpretation if you have questions about your astrological Pluto.  I consider myself quite knowledgeable on the subject.)

Pluto and the Sun: Here is one combination of two of the power-grasping giants that I touched on above.  The Sun is the overt, natural leader in Leo.  At its best, these aspects tend to amplify the Sun’s natural leadership abilities.  It increases ambition, a desire for recognition and our innate authority.  At its worst, it can make someone despotic and power-hungry, stooping to great depths to undermine opponents and competitors.  You must look at the rest of the chart to see how and where this authority and power extend (in Cancer it might be the head of a powerful family, in Capricorn it might be an ambitious CEO and in Scorpio, it would be an altogether different animal).  🙂

Pluto and the Moon: Here we have the lunar domain of the emotions and non-physical energies (psychic abilities, intuition, dreams, etc).  When Pluto and the Moon get together, it can be over-sensitivity (depending on the sign), emotional reactiveness AND/OR it can be emotional understanding and awareness.  It could be extremes in the way we express our feelings AND/OR an innate psychic ability.  If we delve through our neuroses and traumas, we can discover that Pluto’s influence on the Moon can be an emotional anchor in an uncertain world.  We can read people with an uncanny gut feeling and we can express our feelings with such ease and grace that others marvel at this skillful ability.  Of course the signs and houses involved matter a lot and the rest of the chart will indicate how far along we are on a psychological understand (or in our karmic evolution).

Pluto and Mercury:  Here is the god of communication – the link between the head and the heart.  So what you must ask yourself here is – does Pluto clear up that connection or sully those waters.  At its best, this is someone whose mental clarity and cogency is unparalleled – a great investigator, researcher and scientist (possibly).  This person would be a great teacher and a magnificent orator.  On the flip side, Pluto here can indicate mental confusion.  It can amplify the worst of Mercury’s qualities – impulsiveness, impatience and irritability.  There is the possibility that Pluto in a hard aspect to Mercury is indicative of early trauma and this in turn would gear up that native’s nervous system to no end.  Of course, whenever Pluto (who is strongly associated with the reproductive organs and sexual expression) is involved, we might consider skillfully inquiring about early trauma.  [Disclaimer – if you do not have seriously refined skills in dealing with early trauma, then it might be best to avoid the subject and let a professional handle it.]

Pluto and Venus:  As I mentioned above, Pluto can be in its lower manifestations or in his higher karmically-refined emanation as Minerva.  It is important to know which is the dominant force when dealing with any Pluto aspects, but no where is it more apparent than when perceiving Pluto / Venus contacts.  This is the person who could (rarely) be the saint who understands that we can love something without grasping at it (love without attachment is a beautiful thing!  Watch videos of great Tibetan lamas like Garchen Rinpoche if you want an example of this).  We can give love even to those people who spurn and reject it.  We can rest in equanimity and practice kindness toward all we come in contact with – not judging anyone.  But who am I kidding?  That kind of saint is very difficult to find.  Rather, Pluto can indicate that this individual is lustful, possessive and/or jealous.  Pluto and Venus is where some people tie power with sex.  And what is the best way to do this?  By connecting money and sex – have you ever seen the older wealthy oligarch who has a trophy wife at least 30 – 40 years younger than he is?  It happens.

I would personally recommend that one adopts an authentic spiritual practice though where we can start to get an understanding of our inner machinations.  Then, over time (in my experience, nothing comes lightning-quick), we can start to dispel inner delusions and mis-understandings and build in more loving-kindness and appropriate compassion.  But it must start with the self.  If we find ourselves grasping and clinging to someone or something, there is the obvious possibility that Pluto and Venus are working together (maybe manifesting an early, unmet childhood need) in a challenging manner.

Pluto and Mars: Here again we have a meeting of two of the power-hungry planets.  But as we all know, Mars rarely ever wins out in his hunt for power and hegemony.  Why?  Because he seeks to forcefully get people to do his will.  And this requires a lot of time and energy and supervision.  This is why Venus and Neptune are the innately powerful energies in the world – they are humble, understanding, generous, graceful and compassionate.  Be like water my friends (Bruce Lee), be like water.

When Pluto and Mars get together, we must be very careful and very wise about how we handle this powerful combination.  There will most likely be a LOT of energy expressed.  This is the person who is naturally gifted in athletics or as a soldier.  They are very hard workers and they can have great physical endurance.  There will be a strong discontent with the status quo – so again, are we looking at a Kali-like destroyer (lower manifestation), or are we looking at a reformer and passionate, non-violent activist working with Minerva’s guidance?  Most often you will wonder about this native’s forceful ways and powerful animistic energies – this person generally does not enjoy being told “No.”  Mars’ impulsiveness might occasionally emerge and there could be emotional storms, irrational displays of anger and irritability.  At its best however, this is the person who is striving every day, every week to know themselves better – whether through depth psychology, a ton of reading and introspection, working with a spiritual teacher or through process-oriented bodywork.  This would be the person who has come a LONG way in transforming their inner desires and passions.

I am going to pause here as this post is getting quite long!  Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions.

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.  Thank you for visiting!

This post contains info which assumes the reader has a basic knowledge of astrology.  If not, then keep reading and you will probably get something out of it!

One piece of Spiritual Astrology which should be kept in mind when reading this post is something called “Frequency Based” Astrology.  This takes into account that we are all at different points in our spiritual, emotional, psychological, financial and health-oriented paths (etc).  So you must assess where you stand on any given spectrum.  For instance, if I am the type of person whose major goal is to buy that Beamer and I wonder why I can’t keep a steady relationship going…  well let’s just say that person is at a completely different place than the person who is content with less, who works a satisfying job and who slowly and steadily saves money for practical goals and who might have a rewarding yoga practice.  These two individuals could have very similar astrology charts (horoscopes) and yet the way in which their planets interact and reflect their inners lives would be vastly different.

Likewise, when reading this post, when I mention the words “heavy” or “challenging” or “difficult” in referring to aspects.  I am not saying anything definitively – rather, for people who have a lot of work to do on themselves, they might experience certain transits as heavy or burdensome.  While those of us who have done our personal growth work and who have awareness and maybe even a spiritual practice, we might just experience these “challenging” aspects as learning opportunities (or a stubbed toe).

We all have different karma, and we can gage from our previous history where we are on any given karmic continuum.  And now I hope you enjoy this piece:

I am writing this post because I am reminded again and again how a particularly “heavy” transit, like Pluto square the Sun or Saturn square Jupiter with a challenging Mars Progression, does not feel heavy or challenging all the time.  Even a faster moving Uranus (transits a planet for a total of 9 – 18 months with a 3 degree orb) does not reveal surprises or upheavals for the entire time it is on that planet.  Can you imagine a new surprise or upheaval or accident every week for a year?  No – that would be too much to bear.  So then why does that Uranus / Moon hard aspect only come out during a certain week or month?

It is because of certain catalysts in the astrology chart – planets like a Transiting Sun, Transiting Mars and Full / New Moons and Eclipses.  Tracking these events and these planets through someone’s chart will reveal when a heavier (and longer enduring) aspect might “manifest.”  I say “manifest” because it is not the planets “doing” anything but rather the astrology chart is simply a blueprint of our karma – all the gross and some of the subtle karmas, including positive karma and negative karma.  If we have a lot of negative karma to clear, and the conditions are in place to do it, then during a “heavy” transit or progression, we might have a rough stretch.

Here is a for-instance: say I had Pluto crossing the Square point to my Lunar Nodes, plus my Progressed Moon was coming to make a conjunction with my Natal Neptune (not necessarily a tough aspect in and of itself), along with Saturn making a conjunction with my Natal Mars…  you can see where this is going.  This might be a rough month or two for me – but which month will it happen in?  Look at the Transiting Sun or the Transiting Mars, these planets, along with the Progressed Moon will tell you a lot about when something might manifest.

Say I had those challenging aspects going on above, and then, that same month, my transiting Sun also crossed (conjunct) my Natal Mars.  Then boom – suddenly I might experience bad abdominal pains and a few days later have my appendix removed.  I’m not saying this has to happen, and I am not even saying this is likely!  But it is one possible way to purify some negative karma.

Then, if Saturn is still hanging around my Natal Mars, then there might be a slight complication and I have to go back because I have an abscess (Saturn and Mars can indicate infection), and due to the Progressed Moon’s influence with Neptune, I might have even had some response or possible reaction to the anesthesia.  Who knows, there may have been an out of body experience.

And all this may not have occurred if the transiting Sun had been clear of tough aspects for a couple weeks.    But something may have been more challenging if not as rough as I describe it above.

Go back and if you have not already read it, read my post about Bodhisattva Astrology as a way to counter the fatalistic trends in this post.  Remember, our awareness and our spiritual practice determine how negative karma manifests.

For someone who is fortunate enough to practice an authentic spiritual path (maybe like Buddhism), if they are sitting on a meditation cushion for a 3-month retreat, then maybe they don’t have the same manifestation as I mention above.  Instead of requiring surgery, maybe they experience a couple days of headaches and then they continue with their practice and they don’t even have to interrupt their retreat.

That is the beauty of life (and of astrology).  We don’t know exactly what is going to happen.  We can’t say exactly how negative karma might manifest.  But we can control the conditions and possibly the causes for karma to manifest – for instance, if we are doing an arduous yet relatively safe hike on the Appalachian Trail for a full summer, then we will probably miss any negative karma that would have manifested in a busy, chaotic work environment.  I’m not saying that you should go sit on a meditation cushion for a few months or that you should go take a hike.

Rather, take it one step at a time.  If you have the time and resources, maybe explore taking a yoga class.  Or explore a meditation group.  Or join a group of outdoors enthusiasts.  Set realistic goals and try to keep them but don’t be too hard on yourself either.  You might reward yourself for reaching certain milestones.

Thank you for reading!

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My last post was about having natal Jupiter in the 12th in the sign of Cancer.  And now, for the next few months, transiting Jupiter is also in the sign of Cancer, meaning for me Jupiter is traveling through familiar territory – the 12th house.  So what are some potential ramifications of this?

The 12th House in the larger scheme of Astrological Cycles…  Go back and peek at the previous post if you have not already done so, because that will detail what Jupiter in the 12th (as an independent Astrological House) can mean.  Here I will detail what the 12th House means in relation to the other Houses.

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In Western Astrology, the 12 Astrological Houses each describe and are associated with differing areas of life.  The 1st House is typically the beginning, the time and situation around one’s birth, and it is very self-oriented.  What is my path?  How do I go about treading my path will show up with the sign on the Ascendant and its aspects.

Likewise, as the 1st House is the beginning of a new cycle, the 12th House is the closure of the previous cycle.  That is why the 12th House is sometimes described as the Cosmic Dustpan.  Because that is where we are tidying up all the work done in the previous Houses and WE ARE PREPARING FOR A NEW CYCLE TO COME ABOUT.

But if you are like me, you are not entirely comfortable with the unknown!  We want some control.  We want some knowledge about what is around the corner.  This is why most of us do not go through huge upheavals during Jupiter’s transition from 12th to 1st.  (But we might say it is an upheaval when the Progressed Moon or Saturn go from natal 12th House to 1st.)  Generally speaking we will have some knowledge about what is around the corner, but the details will be missing.  For example…  I am going to start a new direction in school – graduate school maybe?  How am I going to pay for that?  Which school will accept me?  Where will I live?  Will I have to get a job while I am in school?  Etc…

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Temptations as the 12th is associated with Neptune…  For me, as I mentioned in my previous post, Jupiter in the 12th House is not always easy.  Yes it is Jupiter we are talking about, and yes in the 12th it is known as a Guardian Angel…  But too many Neptunian influences will be difficult to navigate through.  If we have Jupiter trine to our Sun, Moon or Venus from the 12th House, then we might be inclined to sit back and wait for the blessings to fall into our laps.  I am not saying we are lazy (look to Saturn’s placement to answer that question).  But we have learned that we are just fortunate enough to get by and we can be content with that.  This will not be everybody, but this could especially be true for people with Jupiter in Cancer making a trine to a Piscean Sun Moon or Venus (plus a couple of planets in Virgo).  You will be blessed in that case.  But how you go about using your potential is up to you.

I started off this section mentioning the Neptunian temptations because Jupiter in the 12th is in Neptune’s domain.  And again, this would be true more so for people with strongly Neptunian charts.  Look for a stellium (3 or more planets) in the 12th House or in Pisces and / or look to strong Neptune aspects (conjunct / square / opposite Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ascendant).  If we have a strong pull from Neptune when Jupiter is in the 12th house, instead of waiting with confident patience, knowing that we must consciously pause while a change of energy comes about, we might push on with frustration and tire ourselves out.  Or we could become frustrated with the waiting and say to the Universe, “Screw this!  I’m going to escape from this difficult waiting tonight!”  You will hear Neptune’s voice whispering in your ear – and if a lot of 12th house energy or Neptune / Pisces energy is flowing around your chart, then you should find a wise person and ally yourself with them.  I have heard it said that a Dragon – a powerful, wise and compassionate person is hard to find, but if you know of a Dragon in your neighborhood (an authentic spiritual teacher might very well be a Dragon), then you should seek them out.  Especially during Jupiter’s transits through your 12th House!

When Jupiter is in the 12th House, see what forms of self care are both easy and kind to our selves.  We can take a short bath.  We can take a quick nap instead of using the computer to distract ourselves.  Maybe we can go for a nice walk or a short hike?  When you hear Neptune’s silky seductive voice whispering in your ear, move your awareness down into your heart.  What does your body want?  What does your heart need?  Maybe sleeping would be a better idea than watching that Star Wars marathon…

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Feeling uncertain about the future but resting in the immediately present blessings…  When Jupiter is in the 12th House, typically things will work out quite well within the next year.  When Jupiter actually crosses the Ascendant, things will have been gradually clearing up and by that point, you will know what direction to pursue and how to go about that pursuit.  We will probably be able to wait patiently while Jupiter is transiting the 12th House, but like I mention above, who is good at waiting patiently with confidence?  This requires that we TRUST the process and trust the Universe to provide for us.  And frankly, at times, that can be terrifying!  Most of us use some form of distraction to pass the time.  We do not like the word “bored.”  We would rather spend an hour on Facebook than lie around waiting for the Universe to show us our path  🙂    But if you can slowly start to realize the ways in which we take a detour from our path, then we can start to do self care or spiritual practices which help us stay present and aware.

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