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I am writing this post because over the years I have benefited numerous people when it comes to answering various questions about body sensations, spiritual experiences, unexplained dream elements, etc. I don’t have all the answers, but I will admit that and I have quite a solid network of practitioners and colleges to refer people to if need be.

And I don’t mean to boast or brag too much, but I have been very fortunate regarding my spiritual teachers, mentors, yogis, coaches, bodywork instructors, astrology teachers, etc. I thank my karma everyday.

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you would know that I have quite a unique background when it comes to being able to answer this diverse array of questions:

I began my “spiritual” journey as a Christian – that is my family’s religion. But it didn’t feel quite right for me, so once I hit age 22 – 23, I started studying philosophy and when I discovered Eastern religions, I was hooked. Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism were first, and then in 2005 I encountered Tibetan Buddhist teachers – Lamas – who really helped to put me on an efficacious spiritual path. It works for me – not for everyone – but I felt like I had come home.

Then on top of that, I have been studying and practicing emotional-process oriented bodywork – Craniosacral Therapy, Vagus work (working with the Vagus nerve), Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (Birth Process Work), Asian bodywork, Reiki and more. I have practiced a bit of yoga (mainly restorative or yin or Svaroopa yoga) along with delving deeper into Qigong (Chinese yoga) every week. Each month I assist and support one or two dozen clients to work through manageable and sustainable amounts of personal growth work – clearing, repairing, releasing emotional confusion or psycho-spiritual knots and tangles.

Oh and did I mention that I practice Spiritual Astrology? This is Western Astrology but with a karmic astrology, psychological, evolutionary slant. I specialize in Medical (Health and Wellness), Relationship, Natal Astrology and Timing Aspects. Therefore I love looking at how astrology ties in with psychology and how these both tie in with health and wellness issues!

I currently lead a dream group where we embody and make someone’s dream come to life – from Susan Harper’s Living Dream work. It is an awesome group where we get to play with a unique form of psycho-drama.

So my background is quite well-rounded and diverse. With that said, let’s be realistic again, I don’t have all the answers. I may not even be a good fit for you. But I have a wide range of experience and fellow colleagues and practitioners to whom I refer people. And I have benefited many people – discovering clarity through their astrology charts, through their dreams, through talking about Pre- and Perinatal Psychology, and more!

Therefore, if you have a pressing question or the need to chat, let me know. I can work with your budget. I have a sliding scale if my normal rates are a bit too high for you. I have worked with many international clients as well.

Feel free to read back through my blog here to see posts on many topics – Spiritual Astrology, psycho-spiritual process work, bodywork, Tibetan Buddhism and more.

Or visit my website at to see more about what I offer.

I do seem to specialize however in working with idiopathic disease processes (you know, the unknown cause and origin of diseases where doctors are scratching their heads saying, “I’m not sure…”). Again, I don’t claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, but it is amazing what we can perceive when we have a vast holistic perspective! (I am definitely not a doctor.)

I am also over half-way through Somatic Experiencing training – tools for resourcing and tracking the nervous system. And tools for working to settle the nervous system when it has encountered overwhelm and chaos (a.k.a. working with trauma). So I use this awesome modality in working with clients both in person and over distance.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you are interested in setting up a time to chat.

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen


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This is a post for people who have at least a little bit of astrological knowledge.  If you don’t have that, you can read through it and at least have a little laugh.

Ever wonder about this little known astrological aspects?  Like the semi-square, semi-sextile or the sesquiquadrate?  Did you even know that last one was a word?  <chuckle chuckle grin grin>

This is a post about possibilities when we slow down enough to listen and notice.  There are astrological aspects which most people do not notice – or they experience them and just go about their busy-ness.  Recently, I have been slowing down more, intentionally.  This is tough to do if we live a typical lifestyle, as there are many responsibilities and countless distractions.  First a little more about my story, and then into the astrology.

If you are a first time reader, welcome, and I will share a little background info.  I am a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner which means I attend an annual teaching retreat where Tibetan lamas (monks and teachers) discuss and teach on Buddhist theories, meditation and philosophies.  Having been a practitioner for several years now, and an avid supporter of the Tibetan Meditation Center (where they host many such retreats), I have developed a deeper relationship with several of the teachers there.

I have been fairly active over the past eight weeks or so, organizing for their Spring Retreat and then helping to organize for a high lama’s teachings in my home town of Charlottesville.  Actually “active” is not the right word.  I would say “overwhelmed and barely able to catch up with myself” are closer to the truth.  Typically, when I help to organize an event, I say I can do one thing but end up agreeing to take on more and eventually, at least in the past, I would get frustrated and realize, “Hey!  I have too much on my plate!”  So to be more accurate, I have been wired and tense as I accumulated responsibilities.

Prior to that, I have been finishing my undergraduate work at the University of Virginia in addition to working as a self-employed healing facilitator offering Craniosacral Bodywork sessions and Spiritual Astrology interpretations.  Therefore, since 2006, I have not really had much down time – school in the fall and spring, winter retreat, and work like hell over the summer.  The word vacation is foreign to me, since the last time I went on one was in the previous century…  Yowsers!  So when Drupon Thinley Ningpo, a Tibetan lama and one of my heart teachers, told me, when I solicited advice, “You need to slow down.  You need to relax.”  Being confused at first, I asked for clarification, not understanding that all he wants me to do is rest down.  He said, “just relax, that’s all.”  Well, that sounds easy…

But as I mentioned above, there are numerous distractions and like most people, I need to pay my bills.  But I have been purposefully resting down as of late (the past few weeks anyway) and I intend to continue.  As I slow down, I am realizing there are numerous astrology aspects which occur, but in the past I could never have noticed them as I was just barely able to finish the next thing on my unending to-do list.

So what actually occurs when we experience a semi-square?  Do we ever feel positive effects from a semi-sextile aspect?  And for those of you wondering, I will also answer the questions: what is a semi-square?  semi-sextile? sesquiquadrate?  🙂

In geocentric astrology, when someone is born, their birth chart or natal horoscope is a snap shot of the solar system from a top-down, Earth-centered view.  And of course, the planets continue moving as the days go by, and this continual planetary motion is known in astrology as Transits (because the “transiting planets” continue to circle the Sun and aspect planets in the natal horoscope).  It is these aspects that I am concerned about for the purposes of this post.

In astrology, there are Hard Aspects – the major hard aspects are the Conjunction (depending on the planets involved), the Square and the Opposition.  And there are Soft Aspects – the majors ones are the Trine and Sextile (and occasionally the Conjunction when beneficial planets are involved).  It is these major aspects that most people are concerned about because they indicate significant tension, benefits, strife, opportunities, relationships, conflict, support, etc.  It is the major aspects that are hard to miss – especially the Hard Aspects, the Square and Opposition reflect events in our lives that tend to catalyze change and transformation, the beginning, middle and end of cycles.

But… this post is concerned about the minor aspects.  There has been much written on the major aspects, but it is rare for a book to come out and say, “I know all about the subtle, insignificant, barely-noticeable minor aspects and here is what they are about…”  Who would buy that?

Now I’m not trying to say that I know about them.  Good grief!  I am a Leo Rising, but I think I have gotten a grip on my arrogance and pride.  However, I do have a little bit of experience as a Professional Astrologer, so I will share what little I know below.

So, now that I have bored you to death and written way too much in the way of an introduction…  If one can slow down enough, they can notice all of the aspects occurring between their Natal charts and the Transiting Planets.  The Square (90 degrees, one fourth of the chart) is an aspect which reflects tension and challenge in someone’s life – the square can indicate resistance and stubbornness because, seriously, who wants to change?  We all have expectations about what our lives are supposed to look like, and who wants to go against the grain and transform themselves?  Well, sometimes we don’t have a choice.  Impermanence is a fact – things change.  Sorry  🙂

Well the semi-square (45 degrees) is a minor version of its major relative.  It is one eighth of the chart.  The semi-square indicates behavior that could get us in trouble if we continue to perpetuate it.  It indicates habits which are in the process of forming.  Depending on which planets are in aspect, these habits can be detrimental or positive for our healthy growth and continued resting in alignment.

The Sextile aspect (60 degrees) is a just barely a major aspect.  It is one sixth of the chart.  Some astrologers consider it to be a minor aspect because having many Hard Aspects occurring at the same time can sharply reduce the events reflected by Sextiles.  In general, the Sextile tends toward opportunities and benefits, but of course you need to see which planets are in aspect and which astrological houses are involved to become clear of the meaning.  Some sextiles, for instance involving Jupiter or Venus are almost always positive, where other sextiles, perhaps involving Mars or Pluto can be a little trying or steamy, but still positive in the long run.

The semi-sextile (30 degrees) is even more subtle than the Sextile.  Which means that it is the least discernible of all.  I would say that if you have several semi-sextiles operating at the same time, then you might notice.  It is one twelfth of the chart.

Finally, the sesquiquadrate aspect (135 degrees) is an odd aspect that occurs when you add the Square plus the Semi-square (90 and 45 degrees respectively).  It is a little more than one fourth the chart and it is difficult to discern unless you really search for it.  Again, in my experience, I would say that you need to keenly seek out the planets involved in it and then be aware of what they indicate when in aspect.  In other words, don’t put too much effort into locating these!  See below.

I plan to wrap this up shortly, by the way…  One example first, in addition to a little advice about these subtle aspects.

Regarding the subtle aspects, if you lead a busy life, forget about them.  They are subtle and you need several of them operating simultaneously to notice.  The only one which might carry some weight is the semi-square.  It is fairly easy to locate – 45 degrees is a full sign plus a half.  In my experience, none of these subtle aspects reflects major, life-changing influences.  However, if you notice yourself drifting off into a deluded state, it might be good to see if Neptune is making a semi-square with Mercury or another personal planet.

Generally, you will notice these subtle aspects the most when the planets involved reflect something which you have not resolved in your subconscious (psycho-spiritual) process.  For instance, in my chart, I have Uranus in a Square aspect to Venus in my Natal Chart – which means I am constantly walking around with a dynamic, magnetic, charming yet bohemian (Uranus) way of relating (and sense of style), especially regarding loved ones (Venus) – I need space and I will often surprise even people who know me with some unpredictable behavior (Uranus).

So if and when transiting Uranus makes a minor aspect to my Natal Venus, it can indicate a stimulation of these energies – whether from within my psyche or from other people without (which still originate within me – e.g. who am I attracting and why?).  If Uranus makes a Major Aspect to my Natal Venus look out – then there would be some events in my life (reflected of course, not caused, by the aspect) that would seem to be unavoidable.  The only thing I can control is my reaction to them.

Well guess what.  Recently I noticed, transiting Uranus is presently making a semi-square to Venus, and due to transiting Uranus’ slow movement, it has been sitting in this relationship to Venus for several months.  So that explains a bizarre and unexpected relationship faux pas which I recently experienced.

Yes, sometimes if you experience a curious event and you do not see “evidence” for it in your major transiting or progressed aspects, then it might be good to look at what is occurring locally or on more of a minor level.  Then, and only then, is it helpful.  And remember, astrology simply provides understanding about ourselves and others.  It is a tool and nothing more, nothing less.  Don’t spend too much time with it, but having a bigoted, prejudiced attitude toward it is not good either.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Let me know if you are interested in having your chart done (receiving an Interpretation).

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This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.

So… for those of you fascinated by the first article, you will discover my theory(s) about dealing with Uranus in hard aspect to Venus below.  For those of you who have not read Part I, I would highly recommend going back and doing so.

Several thoughts arise when I consider Uranus in aspect to Venus in a Natal Chart.  First, Please keep in mind that spiritual (evolutionary) astrology is quite complex, therefore, to only look at one aspect in a chart and to think that you can isolate it and its reflected traits without considering the rest of the chart is simply in error.  As a result, please, please(!) do not read this series of posts and think that you know all about someone who has this aspect in their charts.  Rather, spend time getting to know the whole chart – it can take years, seriously – before jumping to any solid conclusions or assumptions.  Also, when we practice frequency based astrology, you never know where the person is on their psycho-spiritual path, so we cannot label a certain aspect and say, “Oh you have “X” squaring “Y”, therefore you must do / think / process “Z”…”  Nope!  Does not work like that – in fact, that is what gives astrology a bad name (see fortune telling).  Choice-centered, frequency-based astrology takes many, many factors into consideration before concluding anything, and it should be a fluid, flexible conclusion – not the written in stone, “it can’t change” prediction.

Speaking of fortune telling, I wanted to make certain that my audience understands that I do not agree with the teacher who told me about this aspect (Uranus and Venus causing men to require new partners every few years).  We do not know what karma is in store for us – and I have certainly seen exceptions to this rule – men who lived happily with their partners for twenty years or more, while having Uranus in a hard aspect to their Venus in their birth charts.

In my personal experience, I believe that A) once we discover who we are and what we need from a partner to lead an inspiring, growth-filled existence, then B) we can seek out that partner.  However there is a reason most people cannot do this, when we are going through life reacting to each situation and keeping so busy trying to just make ends meet, that taking a lot of time out of our lives to unwind the deeper essence of our being might be out of the question.  To get down underneath all of the layers of conditioning and “you-are-supposed-to-do-X-with-your-life” thinking, takes a lot of time and contemplative energy.  So are you willing to work on yourself first?  When I was in the 9th grade in high school I told my mother, who might have asked me about girls at the time, I said, “you know Mom, I want to improve myself until I meet the right one.”  Little did I know it at the time, but that is what I have been doing, and I think it is what is necessary if we want to avoid some of the pitfalls I am pointing out in this article.

What is someone going through who has this aspect?  In answering this, the complexities surrounding a chart must be considered.  Merely having Venus opposite Uranus does not mean much in the way of challenging traits.  It can bring about magnetism, charisma, charm, guile, jealousy, flashiness, bohemian likes and desires, and / or a unique fashion sense among other traits – which depends on the signs involved and house placement of the aspect.  If someone has many beneficial aspects in their chart (keeping in mind that some squares and oppositions manifest positively) and very few challenging ones, then a Venus / Uranus contact can be positive overall, without much in the way of hectic forms of relating.  However, in my limited experience, trouble can arise (in intimate relationships) when there are a number of Saturn / Pluto / Neptune hard aspects in a chart plus Venus / Uranus.  I will develop this idea further…

It is my humble belief that we are purifying our karma in each incarnation as human beings.  However, while we keep that in mind, it should not be used as a crutch – we can’t say, “Oh, I act like that because it says so in my chart.”  This is an erroneous belief, in addition to being a horrible excuse, and a foolhardy method of going through life.  Rather, I would recommend saying, “my chart would indicate certain proclivities.  I have noticed these tendencies manifesting within intimate relationships.  Now, having this foresight, what can I do to work on deepening my awareness, practice mindfulness and strengthening my inner resources to gently confront and change these patterns?”

We can always be thankful for the opportunity to purify our challenging karma – just don’t lean on it too hard, or give up saying, “what’s the point?  My karma is my karma.”  That is also in error – the Buddha, among other spiritual teachers, said that we have to work on ourselves in order to grow and improve.  No one can save us, no one will do the work for us (at least not the work which results in lasting transformation).  We have to step up to the plate and say, “okay – this is my issue.  I acknowledge it.  And now I will try to practice being gentle and kind with myself and with my process as I work through it.”

Back to the astrological issue at hand – Venus and Uranus, while keeping the above information in mind, we can start to discuss what this aspect is and ways around / through the energy.  As I mentioned, someone who has a lot of personal growth work to do around their inner patterns, who also has a hard aspect between these two, will probably be reactive and involved in some strong, subconscious projection and defense mechanisms, especially in intimate relationships.  So, the first step is to gain some clarity about the self – meditate, do yoga, chill out in a contemplative manner, have your chart done by a professional, spend quality quiet time in nature, go to a therapist (for a number of months at least – get into the uncomfortable material and gently continue working it) and / or receive bodywork from a qualified practitioner or any number of introspective alternatives.  If you have experienced trauma as a youngster or if you suffer from high levels of anxiety or worry (indicators of early trauma or birth trauma perhaps), then you should not do talk therapy alone.  Seriously – there is the possibility this could just re-trigger you and possibly re-traumatize you without allowing you to release the deep cellular wounding.  Rather supplement talk therapy with some form of bodywork or at least do some acupuncture as well.

If an individual has done a lot of their personal growth work, then they are aware of their old tendencies and patterns and they have either released them, compensated appropriately or learned positive methods / tools for adapting.  If an individual does not have much in the way of strong, subconscious patterns or reactions, then they have many choices – to be in a long-term intimate relationship, where they can speak their needs and requests and have them honored, or they can discuss their patterns and habits with their partners and work something out, maybe living separately but still being together, among other options.

As I mentioned in Part One, space is necessary where Uranus is concerned.  So there are many ways to create a win-win situation within partnerships with one or both partners having this particular hard aspect.  Have a separate bed ready in case you want some space, or do what my aunt and uncle do – have separate houses.  One of the partners might travel quite a bit, creating natural space and allowing creative, positive tension to build by not being around each other every day.  There are options – talk about it and try to understand each other’s needs and then meet them.

Remember as well that astrology is a blue print of our ego.  And most of us are very attached and tied to our ego states.  However, with diligent meditative practice, we can start to overcome the ego, or at least gain control over it.  Supposedly, when the Buddha attained enlightenment, he was no longer affected by his astrology – because his only wish is to benefit all sentient beings, there is no ego to wrestle with.  Wow- there is hope after all!

There are many manifestations of relating with awareness and clear communication but the take home message from this aspect is to expect a bit of excitement, freshness and magnetism.  If you are in a relationship with someone who has a hard aspect between these two, you might want to analyze where they are on their path – are they embodied?  Have they done much in the way of personal introspection?  Do they react strongly or in strange ways when you make requests? If this answer is yes, then expect them to grow and to change – so I would recommend not being too attached.  But you should ask yourself why you have attracted that person into your life, if you wanna.

Or on the other hand, are they mindful, kind and patient – both with themselves and others?  Do they take time for themselves – time for self care?  Then you might have a bit more of a clue as to how conscious they are of their inner processes.

The heart speaks a language of its own, and it truly takes time to learn that language (especially for men who grow up in Western cultures).  Then honoring what we hear the heart saying takes even longer.  So have heart, and more importantly, have patience – with your heart, with your partner and with yourself.  When we have this aspect in our charts, we have the capacity to hear that new language of the heart, but do we have the courage to march to the beat of our own drum?  Plus we need resources – time, energy, financial – to take the time we need to move toward present, wholesome embodiment.  It is well worth the journey.

These words were hastily written in November 2009 by Kirby Moore.  Updated 3/1/2010, further supplemented in 2015.

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