Subtle Astrological Aspects – Listen deeply

This is a post for people who have at least a little bit of astrological knowledge.  If you don’t have that, you can read through it and at least have a little laugh. Ever wonder about this little known astrological aspects?  Like the semi-square, semi-sextile or the sesquiquadrate?  Did you even know that last oneContinue reading “Subtle Astrological Aspects – Listen deeply”

Eccentric Relationships thru the lens of Venus and Uranus Part I

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited. I am writing this series for several reasons.  First, I would like to inform my audience of my experience and opinion regarding astrological Venus in aspect to Uranus and how this affects relationships.  Second, my theory will be introduced about how weContinue reading “Eccentric Relationships thru the lens of Venus and Uranus Part I”