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I am writing this post because over the years I have benefited numerous people when it comes to answering various questions about body sensations, spiritual experiences, unexplained dream elements, etc. I don’t have all the answers, but I will admit that and I have quite a solid network of practitioners and colleges to refer people to if need be.

And I don’t mean to boast or brag too much, but I have been very fortunate regarding my spiritual teachers, mentors, yogis, coaches, bodywork instructors, astrology teachers, etc. I thank my karma everyday.

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you would know that I have quite a unique background when it comes to being able to answer this diverse array of questions:

I began my “spiritual” journey as a Christian – that is my family’s religion. But it didn’t feel quite right for me, so once I hit age 22 – 23, I started studying philosophy and when I discovered Eastern religions, I was hooked. Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism were first, and then in 2005 I encountered Tibetan Buddhist teachers – Lamas – who really helped to put me on an efficacious spiritual path. It works for me – not for everyone – but I felt like I had come home.

Then on top of that, I have been studying and practicing emotional-process oriented bodywork – Craniosacral Therapy, Vagus work (working with the Vagus nerve), Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (Birth Process Work), Asian bodywork, Reiki and more. I have practiced a bit of yoga (mainly restorative or yin or Svaroopa yoga) along with delving deeper into Qigong (Chinese yoga) every week. Each month I assist and support one or two dozen clients to work through manageable and sustainable amounts of personal growth work – clearing, repairing, releasing emotional confusion or psycho-spiritual knots and tangles.

Oh and did I mention that I practice Spiritual Astrology? This is Western Astrology but with a karmic astrology, psychological, evolutionary slant. I specialize in Medical (Health and Wellness), Relationship, Natal Astrology and Timing Aspects. Therefore I love looking at how astrology ties in with psychology and how these both tie in with health and wellness issues!

I currently lead a dream group where we embody and make someone’s dream come to life – from Susan Harper’s Living Dream work. It is an awesome group where we get to play with a unique form of psycho-drama.

So my background is quite well-rounded and diverse. With that said, let’s be realistic again, I don’t have all the answers. I may not even be a good fit for you. But I have a wide range of experience and fellow colleagues and practitioners to whom I refer people. And I have benefited many people – discovering clarity through their astrology charts, through their dreams, through talking about Pre- and Perinatal Psychology, and more!

Therefore, if you have a pressing question or the need to chat, let me know. I can work with your budget. I have a sliding scale if my normal rates are a bit too high for you. I have worked with many international clients as well.

Feel free to read back through my blog here to see posts on many topics – Spiritual Astrology, psycho-spiritual process work, bodywork, Tibetan Buddhism and more.

Or visit my website at to see more about what I offer.

I do seem to specialize however in working with idiopathic disease processes (you know, the unknown cause and origin of diseases where doctors are scratching their heads saying, “I’m not sure…”). Again, I don’t claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, but it is amazing what we can perceive when we have a vast holistic perspective! (I am definitely not a doctor.)

I am also over half-way through Somatic Experiencing training – tools for resourcing and tracking the nervous system. And tools for working to settle the nervous system when it has encountered overwhelm and chaos (a.k.a. working with trauma). So I use this awesome modality in working with clients both in person and over distance.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you are interested in setting up a time to chat.

Kirby Moore

Konchog Chakchen


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In case you are new here, I am attempting to blog every day for a month.  I think this plan will actually end up as 30 posts – some random, some insightful, some moaning and groaning…  Maybe it will take me 45 days to accomplish this, we shall see.

In this post, I want to mention something which crossed my mind yesterday.  In Buddhism, you hear about certain masters who could only attain a certain level of realization after they had done some act of pure compassion.  And keep in mind that by pure compassion I mean unadulterated, unconditional, agenda-free conduct – just wanting to be kind or generous or helpful to another being with nothing promised in return.  I think pure compassion is difficult for most people.

This thought came to mind last night as I am presently cat sitting and house sitting at a friend’s apartment.  I was wearing a fairly nice shirt as I lay down on the bed next to their ancient cat (he is 13 or 14 and he seems very arthritic).  He is also very friendly so he immediately came closer to me, attempting to get his paws on my hip.  That did not work, so I picked him up and put him on my chest.  After a few seconds of lying there, my stomach gurgled in a good way (indicating I was comfortable and safe and moving toward a state of relaxation).

So I would say I did an act of pure compassion – wishing the cat well – but then, later, I realized that he had been lying on my nice shirt!  So suddenly attachment crept back into the equation.  However, this made me wonder about something.

If I felt compelled because of certain vows I have taken to recite a certain number of prayers every night, how much benefit is that actually bringing me?  How much merit is continued or created if I have inner resistance toward doing my practice?  While at the same time, if I am truly doing an act of pure compassion, how much merit is created in that instant – if it is actually possible to practice purely?  I wonder.

I might think that in terms of a day to a day comparison, the random act of pure compassion might be more beneficial than a mala round of mantras done with resistance and angst.  However, at the same time, continuing the momentum of doing that practice, resistance or not, would probably be the better bet.

These are just my thoughts on the matter.  I am not realized to know which is more correct.  And…

After sleeping there the first night, that friggen cat must have woken me up five or six times…  so I’m no longer sure there will be much pure compassion being bantered about!  🙂  Especially after it lay down on my head several times, for no obvious reason (it had food in its dish).

Thanks for reading,


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