A Mystic in Paradise, part two, Finding Paradise Within

Hello Dear Readers, Writing this still a month ahead of time of my trip to Hawai’i, perhaps I am beginning to realize paradise is where you make it. I am very fortunate to be a member of a dynamic meditation group. Each week we explore one of many spiritual avenues – shamanic journeying, 5-element TaoistContinue reading “A Mystic in Paradise, part two, Finding Paradise Within”

A Mystic in Paradise, Part One, Committing to Myself

Hello Dear Readers, I am planning to fly to Hawai’i in November to visit my place of birth, along with see some family and take a nice vacation. Oh, and I plan to meditate and do yoga on both Oahu and the Big Island (Hawai’i). Am I a mystic? Do I lead a mystical life?Continue reading “A Mystic in Paradise, Part One, Committing to Myself”

Discussion on New Moon in Sagittarius

Hello Dear Ones, Emily Lamoureux and I are going to be leading a talk on the New Moon in Sag. on Monday November 21st at 7 pm Eastern time. It will be live, online, on Zoom. I will post the link soon. The recording will be available within a week after our live talk. InContinue reading “Discussion on New Moon in Sagittarius”

Trauma Informed Astrology Teachable site is open

Hello Dear Ones, I am happy to announce that we have gotten the T.I. Astrology Teachable site published and public. With that said, we are still working on course content for the first course: Nervous System Foundations. You can visit the site here: https://traumainformedastrology.teachable.com/p/ns-foundations-sales We are offering an Early Bird discount between now and JanuaryContinue reading “Trauma Informed Astrology Teachable site is open”

Vital steps on the path of healing facilitation

Hello Dear Ones, A friend recently asked, about my work, “What do you do?” And I responded, “Well, I am surprised by how much happens, the less I do.” This just came out spontaneously. I could not be happier with this response. It implies that there is more being, and less doing. Hopefully I amContinue reading “Vital steps on the path of healing facilitation”

New Moon in Scorpio Presentation

Hello Dear Ones, I am posting the New Moon seminar recording here on my blog for the next month. So watch it while you can! We are going to be offering monthly New Moon workshops – there will be a live, online component which is recorded. Please attend these if you can – that wayContinue reading “New Moon in Scorpio Presentation”

Several Trauma Informed Astrology announcements!

Hello Dear Readers, First, we are leading a Scorpio New Moon Workshop in two weeks – October 23rd. This will be live, online, on zoom. It is free – register by filling out this contact form here. Even if you can’t attend the live portion, we will record it and make the recording available toContinue reading “Several Trauma Informed Astrology announcements!”

October (Scorpio) New Moon Workshop

Hello Dear Ones, Please see previous posts for more info on this upcoming Trauma Informed Astrology workshop (October 23rd). Here is the facebook link to the event: https://fb.me/e/1TRnPxBGw To reiterate, it will be October 23rd, 2022. 11 am Eastern time, online (on Zoom) It is Free of Charge – come one come all. We areContinue reading “October (Scorpio) New Moon Workshop”

October New Moon Workshop: Trauma Informed Astrology

Hello Readers and those interested in T.I. Astrology, Emily and I are excited to offer a Two-Hour New Moon workshop on October 23rd. It will be a discussion around the New Moon in Scorpio, we will also chat a bit about Mars in Gemini (squaring Neptune / Jupiter in Pisces). And possibly even have aContinue reading “October New Moon Workshop: Trauma Informed Astrology”

New Moon Gatherings to get Trauma Informed Astrology started

Hello Dear Ones, After chewing on several options for how to get Trauma Informed Astrology off the ground (thank you for your interest over the past few months!), Emily and I have decided on doing a two-hour New Moon Gathering, where we will share some Somatic Exercises and information about the new moon in Scorpio.Continue reading “New Moon Gatherings to get Trauma Informed Astrology started”