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I recently gave a Spiritual Astrology interpretation where I began (intuitively, extemporaneously) to blend Chinese Medicine information with Western Medical Astrology and some Somatic Experiencing type trauma resolution / Polyvagal system wisdom…

It was pretty awesome to be able to see various patterns emerging out of the mists of the karmic holographic Astrological Horoscope! Now that I have been working with Chinese Medicine a bit more (I’m not an expert by any means, rather I completed a program in Chinese Medicine, learning Acupressure, Shiatsu and Pulse Reading that was over 250 hours long; and I’ve been using this knowledge for over a year now!), I am very happy to see it informing other modalities that I practice. It also regularly comes out in the spa – asking the Kidney oriented questions are the easiest (we have so so much stress, lack of resting down and overwhelm in our culture). 😦

I included a diagram which I have not seen anywhere else regarding what happens to anger when it forms in the body without having an outlet? Or especially not a healthy outlet. Plus I included a piece about the astrology of the nervous system! Wow!

I am beginning a new Chapter in my life. The old way of doing things is melding, transforming, evolving and blending with new modalities and information. I don’t know where I am going to land with it. I believe it shows up in my astrology chart however (of course).

Progressed Mercury returning to its natal position: Time to get started! (When Progressed Mercury goes retrograde when you are two or three years old, that means it will be a while before it returns to its natal position! For me – age 40. Talk about a late bloomer) 🙂

Progressed Sun not far from conjunct natal Chiron: Wisdom downloads are available. When will you check in to receive them? Exact in two years.

Progressed Venus just entered Aries (for me) a little bit ago: New cycle, take charge, rest down and allow this new hatching process to complete itself.

A number of planets aspecting my natal Pluto (both Progressed and Transits): allow that which needs to die, to transition, to release; repair what you can, keep growing and moving forward. Learning new things, resting in ease and confidence. Practice the three impossible acts: Let go of everything; Make nothing; Allow everything to be as it is.

Thank you for reading!



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First, yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster for me. It is challenging being alone on Valentine’s Day and seeing all the lovey-dovey pictures on Facebook. With that said, I went to a strenuous Pilates class that worked me. I left feeling curmudgeonly yet good – like I had worked through something big.

Then I gave a passive stretching session – in massage school I learned over a 100 passive stretching techniques. I am thankful I was able to practice them for an hour on a co-worker before I lose some of them (I use about 20 – 30 when I do reflexology or during massages but some of the other stretches I haven’t used in months!).

Next it was off to give a Shamanic Hot Stones treatment to a friend. That in exchange for a beautiful painting (will load picture later). She loved the treatment.

Then later, I went to a sound bath healing – a beautiful, kind-hearted musician played singing bowls, gongs, chimes, a unique instrument I had never heard of before – I need to ask her the name of it again. It was like a long mandolin except there were strings on both top and bottom! That was quite a radiant experience. I set my intention to be in my heart and boy did that ever happen. I felt myself wanting to write love poetry to my recent ex… thankfully I caught myself before sending any. Gotta make sure both of my feet are on the ground!

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you would recall that last Saturday I went to visit a secret yogi. They impressed upon me the utmost need to do the bare minimum of spiritual practice for a Vajrayana practitioner: to do at least 28 Dorje Sempa mantras daily (preferably before going to bed) and to do the two Tsok feast offerings on the Guru Rinpoche Day and Dakini Day – the 10th and 25th day of the Tibetan Lunar calendar. This is the bare minimum, but they also said that if possible, I should also do some of my main practice daily.

So guess what today is? Guru Rinpoche Day! I did not get to the grocery store yesterday, so I soaked some yellow lentil beans over night, added spices and at 4 am this morning, I awoke for no apparent reason, and put them on the stove on low. Then when I awoke to my alarm at 7 am, I turned up the heat, put quinoa on, cut up a pear and an avocado and put some ginger snaps on a nice plate. I arranged the offerings and did the Tsok feast offering practice!

Wow this is a powerful practice. You know, it is interesting. The yogi friend of mine (spiritual friend is more like it) told me things that mostly I already knew, but they reinforced it in such a way that I heard the vitality of maintaining those practices.

I had already heard that doing the Tsok offering feast is THE MOST potent practice a yogi can do. It purifies aeons of negative karma – not to mention the negative karma I have created in the past two weeks! DISCLAIMER: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!: My spiritual friend said that if I were to have a month or two off of work, and offered five Tsok feast offerings / day, I wouldn’t get to 50 Tsok’s before I got sick – it purifies that much negative karma (hence having a lot of time off of work just in case!).

In my case this morning, I did not attempt to accumulate crazy amounts of the mantra – just 108 – and yet I was already sweating as my body cleansed and purified something… just saying! And yes, it might be too much info!

Therefore, I am feeling quite solid now, more stable as the blessings of the lineage have at least somewhat permeated my mind. May that continue and may sentient beings know happiness and its causes!

Thank you for reading,


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Lean into your Sangha. Especially if you feel safe there, if you have one or two good friends there (if not, work to establish some?).

I have had a roller coaster of a past year – intense massage school experience (you can go back read about in January – April 2018 posts), intense amount of practicing bodywork since May 2018 and less Dharma practice as a result.

It is amazing how we can attend the greatest teachers, get all the empowerments, read up on Dzogchen and Mahamudra, and yet, if in our daily lives we do not practice sound mindfulness and continuously practice moral ethics and discipline, then our practice won’t result in anything. That is my story… I have been so blessed, but if I only really practice once or twice a week – and really binge on Netflix, avoid my basic practices the rest of that week… then my intention of realizing Buddhahood soon will be for naught!

So that is what I am working on now. Cutting out all leaks in my container as it were – eliminating computer games, creating board games, excess Netflix shows, etc. I get so much benefit from sitting on my cushion even just 20 minutes / day – why do I resist it like the plague? And if I sit several 20 minute sessions / day, then legitimate, unconditional joy starts to arise. My monkey mind must be harnessed!

I attended a humble Dharma teaching tonight at Blue Mountain Dharma Group with Lama Gephel. He is a great teacher – modest, humble, yet humorous and spicy when appropriate. We each read a passage from HH the Dalai Lama’s commentary on Kamashila’s text in HHDL’s book, “Stages of Meditation.” And of course my passage mentioned the need for and the benefits of mastering calm abiding meditation! Of course it did!

It’s like the Tibetan yogi-saint Milarepa said to physician-meditation master Gampopa, his top student, “My highest teaching for you is to sit so much that you get callouses on your ass…” [I’m paraphrasing btw.]

I now know that that is beyond me (not to mention it sounds terribly uncomfortable!). But sitting for a total of 30 – 60 minutes a day? Doable. That is my intention! Go slow. Rest recover retreat.

Thanks for reading!


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The work I do with clients is, of course, confidential. However, today, a day back from visiting a hidden yogi and receiving a number of blessings – spiritual, energetic and informational – I knew some things about co-workers when I took their acupuncture-type pulses. A couple of things I had never heard myself say before 🙂

And yes, it turns out that my clients are benefiting from the inner changes as well. Not to mention enhanced intuition. Yay!!

May all beings find the mentors, teachers and coaches they need to move forward through confusion and stuck places! ❤


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visiting a hidden yogi

As a adjunct to what I wrote yesterday…

My visit with a spiritual friend is kind of turning some of previous thoughts on their heads – specifically that we must do our spiritual growth work. Yes I have done a lot of work on myself. Yes they even said that I had cleared up and opened my chakras up to my throat, but somehow they were able to complete one more step for me – allowing the Kundalini to start heading up my central channel through my throat.

So yes, I’m sure my karma plays a large role in this connection with them. They obviously think I have some potential or that I will be devoted enough to put their advice into practice. So maybe this is them paying back some positive karma? I don’t know. I am very grateful nonetheless.

Plus doing practice last night, it was incredible how fast the work they did proceeded to produce results. When I was just doing 100 dorje sempa mantras (the buddha of purification), I felt quite different than usual. More diffuse, expanded, it is really difficult to explain.

And on waking this morning, I actually slept in. Normally I can’t sleep past sunrise (I used? to be very sensitive to light). They did some work on my nervous system as well… apparently that is very efficacious too.

My mind is blown… I probably won’t say too much more on the topic. But I suspect my bodywork clients will also start to receive these additional blessings 🙂

At least I hope so!

Thank you for reading,


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I am going to write with some hesitation here, and hopefully appropriate restraint (you will see why).

Today I drove a ways to meet with a spiritual friend. They said they could see in my chakra system that my Kundalini energy was out of balance (from a long distance away). When I arrived, what they predicted about “symptoms” of my imbalance proved true.

Also I gained some happy warm-hearted news yesterday (which I will also keep to myself), but it meant that I made the drive easier and with a lighter heart!

And speaking of driving, somehow, today’s ride on Interstate 81 was incredibly peaceful. I did not see a single police officer or state trooper car on the way (another bonus). Most unusual indeed.

Arriving, we talked for a bit about where I have been in my practice, both Dharma and Chi Kung. Funny how it is so obvious that Chi Kung practice also works with the Kundalini, but I guess I had overlooked that (for 24 months now…) 🙂

Then we spoke for close to three hours about the benefits of doing more practice, maintaining the bare minimum of practice to keep our Samaya (doing 21 long Dorje Sempa mantras / day, doing the two Tsoks each month and preferably doing a little of our main practice each day) and what to look for in upcoming practice results. We chatted about minor Siddhis, about mantra Siddhis, asana Siddhis, etc. Amazing topics and conversations! Did I mention how grateful I am to receive this?

This spiritual friend gave me three separate blessings, two of which rocked my world. The first, without touching me, they cleansed my chakra field up from my root to my throat chakra. I literally felt my neck re-orient, like I was having a minor chiropractic adjustment – but just to reiterate, they weren’t touching me.

The second blessing was a full on Shaktipat – a spiritual blessing where they downloaded a lot of well-wishing energy and blessing into my field. Wow I thank my karma to be receiving this great blessing btw! I felt woozy, light headed and mildly dizzy for about five minutes after this. Again they did not need to touch me. Pretty wild!

They want me to keep their identity secret, which is good. Hopefully I have not given any major hints away. And I plan to go back within a couple of months – after getting started putting their advice into practice.

They recommended getting a divination system that I trust. (I already have a solid relationship with the I Ching going, which is great!) And they mentioned ways to make sure the divination is not influenced by spirits. Therefore I can check to make certain the practices I am doing are the priority and that they are efficacious!

They recommended against using Tarot cards for this, as some decks are aligned with certain entities in advance of buying them. (If aligned with angels for instance, then the answers you receive will be swayed by god realm bias.)

And after receiving such a powerful blessing, sure enough, I got discombobulated and missed my exit on the way back. By the time I was able to turn around (interstates in mountainous regions…), I was forced to tack on another 50 miles onto my trip! Sometimes turning on google maps, even when I know the area might be a good idea!

That is all I am going to say for now. But suffice it to say, this was the start to my 40th birthday celebrations! And a wonderful start to this New Year!

Losar Tashi Delek everyone – may you have an auspicious year full of the best possible goodness and joy!

Thank you for reading,


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Hello Dear Readers!

I went through some ups and downs in January, with a separation from a five-month relationship thrown into the mix. It has been nice however to right the ship, as I get into working more with my lower chakras, being kind and gentle to myself on a daily basis (this seems like a practice which we need to renew over and over again eh?), and spending more time with friends and Dharma teachers.

I am fortunate to have had many great bodywork teachers, heart / spiritual teachers, mentors and coaches in my life. And having been practicing craniosacral therapy since 2005, I have a few years under my belt to introduce this topic:

Since returning from massage school in April of last year, I have now cultivated several professional relationships with clients such that they have seen me for more than 10 sessions. I am thinking of three people in particular.

All three of them said early on, “Kirby, I want to work with you for as long as it takes to heal / release / resolve / harmonize these issues.”

And I replied, “So you are willing to commit to at least 10 sessions?” And they all agreed!

This is a very hefty commitment for some people, as I generally charge $100 / hour unless they purchase a package from me (those are still $90 or $85 per). So we are talking $850 – $1000 over four or five months.

With that said though, I am seeing how this is so worth the added support and these relatively-rapid inner transformations are very difficult to discover in other places. And another benefit I am noticing which I am only now putting together (I had not heard this from my teachers):

When someone commits to doing 10 sessions and they can afford this investment in their psycho-spiritual health and wellness, then I am noticing that by the time we get to session #3 or #4, they are going deeper than most of my other clients (who are seeing me more on a as-needed basis).

Going deep and doing early developmental work is not always easy or comfortable. It usually involves looking at some shadow material (which means we also bring in some resources which represent the light) and it requires that a person feels very safe and secure and stable.

This is why even with someone committing to a longer, deeper process (like a 10 session series), it still takes a couple sessions for their body to prepare to do the deeper work, to lean into trusting me and the process and to check everything out to make sure it feels good to them on a deeper, heart-centered level.

And yet this has been the case for all three of my long-term clients. If they commit to 10 sessions, then sessions 3, 4, 5, 6 and often session 7 are extraordinary in what they are investigating and releasing. These middle sessions are profound!

And in two of the three clients, they said they want to work with me for months or years to come, they continue to do awesome work each session because they have established a solid therapeutic relationship with me. Sure, not having an end-date in sight or mind is a bit nebulous, but they are making great progress. In my estimation, within 6 – 12 months both of them can back off to once-a-month treatments or less.

This phenomenon makes sense when you consider that doing this deep work can rock the boat – as we shift internally, our external world must also be analyzed to see where we are out of alignment. It is powerful work and it catalyzes change and transformation. The question is how adaptable are my clients’ families, friends and co-workers? As we grow and become more comfortable with our power, others may become less comfortable with our healthy robust changes. Therefore this work is not always easy. And sometimes it involves making outer changes along with the resulting inner transformation.

Keeping that in mind, when we commit to doing a longer term series of treatments, the body wants to release its double binds and inner conflicts, but to do so, there needs to be a safe container and a solid intention. And it makes sense that the middle sessions – 3 – 7 for instance would be deeper. Sessions 1, 2, 8, 9 and 10 might be more for integrating, building trust and preparing to come back into the world with a little bit less support (if they opt to stop seeing me altogether).

I will keep my eye on this intriguing phenomena and see if it is the case across the board or if I just coincidentally encountered it with these particular clients. 🙂

Thank you for reading!


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