Dharma family versus Spiritual Friends

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Thank you for reading! I am writing this post because a recent “squall-line of interactions” has gotten me thinking about what I want in the ideal friend. So what do I mean by “Dharma family?” When we study Buddhism, it is saidContinue reading “Dharma family versus Spiritual Friends”

November Notes about my blog

Dear readers, Two things in this post: 1) I am planning a pilgrimage to India and 2) I am practicing kindness to self in that there will soon be links at the bottom of posts for slight commercial purposes. Great news!  My period of stasis and stagnation are coming to completion, which in my bookContinue reading “November Notes about my blog”

nature poetry and listening to the trees, beauty in November

feel the pulse ebb… notice it flow… something deep within is expanding…  ten seconds later, contracting… different trees seem to have differing frequencies and depths… Your assignment, should you choose to accept it (as a Craniosacral Therapist) is to go out and feel the fluid rhythm is one or more trees. My friend and IContinue reading “nature poetry and listening to the trees, beauty in November”

Happy Solar Return and Autumn Update

In this post: Happy Birthday Blog!  An update on my current psycho-spiritual process and upcoming retreats and opportunities. The blog is now two years old and I wish it many happy solar returns!  In the past month, we crossed the 6,500 views mark – Yay!  And there was much rejoicing…  Hopefully these posts are providingContinue reading “Happy Solar Return and Autumn Update”

Flu season – once sick, what to do? (Part Two)

Continuing the storyline of staying healthy and avoiding the flu, Kirby has written a post about avoiding the causes of sickness, considering Chinese Herbs, homeopathic remedies, the proper (and humorous) use of a neti pot, steaming with essential oils, the Amethyst Bio Mat and medical astrology.

Reader’s choice

Hello readers!  Hopefully some of you will read this…  har har har.  I am looking to see who you readers are and what you are interested in hearing about.  So please let me know a little about yourselves if you’d like – where are you writing from?  Do you practice meditation or bodywork or astrologyContinue reading “Reader’s choice”

Dixie-Lee Peas: A Southern Adventure begins

Recently, I met a friend of a friend, and he is quite a character.  Eccentric would not do him justice, but it is a start.  Let me tell the story from the beginning and see what you think. A few months ago, I heard of him, a fellow I will call David, from my friend. Continue reading “Dixie-Lee Peas: A Southern Adventure begins”

Posted from a Nature Preserve (home) near Charlottesville

Hello!  I am about to head out, leaving all my friendly beasts and birdies behind.  Ahhh…  But I thought I would post some of my reflections and observations from these three weeks of house sitting near an enormous farm, north of Charlottesville in Albemarle County. I’ve seen many, many deer.  From slight differences on theirContinue reading “Posted from a Nature Preserve (home) near Charlottesville”

Dalai Jefferson?

This is a very interesting story that I just heard recently.  However I want to add this little detail. As a disclaimer, I heard these anecdotes from a friend whom I deeply respect and who is a dedicated Buddhist practitioner, so he has no reason to embellish or exaggerate any tales.  With that said however,Continue reading “Dalai Jefferson?”