Losar in Charlottesville, Feb 2012

This morning I awoke bright and early, after having slept maybe… oh boy… two hours? Anyway, went over to my friend’s apartment for breakfast before heading to the local Dharma Center to do Losar prayers with the Tibetan community. I got to his place at 6:30 am. He was already up and at em, brightContinue reading “Losar in Charlottesville, Feb 2012”

on purity of nature

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you for reading. Inner retreat faltering… flurries beginning to fall Reaching, grasping for something… unknown… not yet realized… suddenly the snow is falling moderately outside Onto outer retreat then, on goes flannel, outer shirt, scarf, coat, hat with ear flaps,Continue reading “on purity of nature”

North Branch School memories

This material is copyrighted by M. Kirby Moore. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Please enjoy your visit! Recently my mother was asked by the Director of Alumni Relations of North Branch School to write a paragraph about how the school in Afton has shaped our family. North Branch is a small alternative school (grades K-8)Continue reading “North Branch School memories”

More about UVa, six months after graduating

As a recent graduate of the University, and having lived in and around Charlottesville for more than 10 years now, I have some unique perspectives (as both a “townie” and a past “student”). You know, the more I think about my time and experience at the University, the more grateful I am for having goneContinue reading “More about UVa, six months after graduating”

Do we have to get sick after Dharma teachings?

A post about sickness as purification after potent Dharma teachings. The answer to the above question is an emphatic: “No!” Or maybe it should be, not for the reasons you are suggesting. So often I hear the sentiment that after a potent weekend or a week or more of Dharma teachings (or retreat), that comingContinue reading “Do we have to get sick after Dharma teachings?”

Very grateful for my experience at UVa

In thinking back to where I was when I started the University… oh, goodness! I’ve come a long way! I am very grateful for where I am presently. Of course, as the rest of my blog attests, I have been busy with extracurricular personal growth work. But back to UVa! The Grounds are by farContinue reading “Very grateful for my experience at UVa”

Four Years at UVA, I learned…

This post is a comical rendition of the next post, which could be taken seriously. All of the information below is either false or greatly exaggerated. Four years… wow… well actually I’m not going to admit how long it took me to finish my community college work and then I took a year off fromContinue reading “Four Years at UVA, I learned…”

Body / Mind considerations – Neurotic about diet?

I am writing this post for all those people who feel strongly that they need to be hyper vigilant about what they put in their bodies. I think it is important to practice mindfulness about our diet and lifestyle, and of course it is better to choose healthy options… but to be so concerned withContinue reading “Body / Mind considerations – Neurotic about diet?”

Birth Trauma and Apocalyptic Undertones

This blog post is by M. Kirby Moore and it is primarily speculation. However he has a little experience and education in the field of embryology and birth dynamics. The material is copyrighted so please ask permission before reproducing. How many people do you know who seem to actively seek out information about the worldContinue reading “Birth Trauma and Apocalyptic Undertones”