Part 3: Near Death, Out of Body

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This is part 3 in a series. I highly recommend going back and reading parts 1 (Intro) and Part 2 as this will fill you in on how we got to this chapter of the story.

A tiny bit of review: I had had a dream that I had appendicitis but no symptoms at the time; the symptoms slowly began to show up over the next couple days; and I finally went in to the hospital to get it checked. And sure enough my white blood cell count was very elevated. So they removed my appendix. Oh yeah – and one more little pertinent piece of the story – complications arose and they had to stop my heart for about ten seconds to restart it with a healthy rhythm…

And speaking of complications… I am writing this part just in case there is anyone else out there like myself – high pain tolerance that is. By the way, some of this next section is a little graphic – read cautiously if you have difficulty seeing blood or guts, etc.

Do a laparoscopic surgery means they put three holes in me. One tiny one over my appendix which is where they put in the cutting / stitching device. One tiny one in my navel (whoa if I had had the choice, I’d say put the camera in somewhere else, but I think that cuts down on the visible scars). And then the final incision was on my lower left quadrant of my abdomen not too far from my inguinal ligament. This third incision is where they put in a small mesh bag to drag the pieces of appendix out of the body (I need to look up why they need to drag an infected body part across the abdomen but that is what happened).

Well it just so turns out that when they drag a bacterially infected piece of the body out through a tiny incision, some of said bacteria can escape and they might not disinfect it. That is what happened to me. But due to my high pain tolerance, I didn’t get it checked out until I had a serious abscess.

Days one through three of my recovery went well – I felt good, in fact I even went for a short jog on day three or four. But the wound wasn’t healing quite right – it was getting red and puffy. Around day five it started hurting a little (the pain meds I was on made the pain worse – in fact most narcotics or NSAIDs do this to me, I think it is a paradoxical effect). Day six I knew I might have a problem but it wasn’t hurting terribly, but the wound was more red and swollen.

Then on day seven I was in so much pain I could barely stand up. I called a taxi and nearly had to crawl out to meet it. The driver said, “Son I hope I’m taking you to the hospital.” Yes, that’s right. I was in rough shape.

At the hospital, an emergency nurse practitioner cleaned out the abscess and told me that it was almost golf ball sized. He said I had let it go on too long and he reminded me of what to look for in wounds healing properly vs. being infected. Good to know!

I’m just writing this so people know not to mess around with post-surgery wounds – if they are swollen or red or hot or painful, you might want to get them checked out! Otherwise you might end up like me – the nurse practitioner had to show me how to stuff my own abdomen with gauze (golf ball size needs gauze to stay open so it can heal properly). Stuffing it was pretty wild – but good lord, removing that red, exudate filled gauze in the shower was DISGUSTING. Enough said.

Okay so back to my story. Where was I?

Oh yes, so they stopped my heart during the Appendectomy surgery and I had no idea something remarkable had occurred. My consciousness was not ready to see that.

Within three or four months of having the surgery, I had my first dream. I was in an operating room, but against the wall. There was someone being operated on about 40 or 50 feet away – you know how dreams are, I’m not sure how far it was, but it was removed from me. And there were white nebulous light beings around the room with me. None were that close to me, but I knew I was seeing them for the first time.

These light beings were nebulous again – I could not make out their shape. I’d rather not hazard a guess as to what type of light beings they were, but I know today that they are made of source energy – light and love.

In that first dream, I was getting comfortable being in the same room with them.

Then a few months later, I would have a similar dream, but this time the light beings got closer to me. And as they drew closer to me, I felt immense calm and peace wash over me. I was VERY content in their presence.

Like I said in a previous post, I had at least seven or eight dreams of this type total, over the course of three years. Almost always the same format – me on the edge of an operating room, being in the presence of these incredibly altruistic and kind light beings. Eventually I felt so at peace in their company that I did not want to leave their sides.

So in the next post, I will mention the context of where I was when I had the final dream. And how I finally put two-and-two together and realized I was dreaming about the procedure that had been done on me.

Also, I should mention that as I was having these dreams – from 2002 to 2005 – I had a couple of new age friends who I asked about my dreams. They recommended great dream books for me so I got a lot out of reading and interpreting some of my other more mundane dreams, but I think this particular series of dreams was more of a this-is-what-occurred-now-you-have-to-process-it kind of thing.

Until soon,


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