Going In-depth with Astrological Transits: Neptune conjunct Sun

Hello dear readers,

I am going through some challenging transits right now. Maybe not as challenging as some people (this whole Saturn square Uranus aspect in the sky is creating havoc in some people’s lives). Wishing you all well as we navigate this summer of recalibration.

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In this post, I will show how many layers and levels we can go into when we unpack a single aspect between the Transit (timing) chart and the Natal Birth chart. And the first aspect we will unpack is Transiting Neptune conjunct the natal chart Sun.

Neptune conjoins Natal Sun – Transiting (Tr.) Neptune goes around the Sun in about 165 Earth years. This means that unless we will live to be 164 years old, there is no guarantee that Tr. Neptune will even make a conjunction to your Natal Birth chart Sun. So for those of us who do experience this… I am writing this in-depth post. Plus I plan to go deeper in future posts.

According to Julia and Derek Parker (astrologers and authors), with Tr. Neptune conjunct the Sun (to paraphrase), “first we need to bear in mind how Neptune is aspected in the birth chart.” This is very good advice. I would also add to this – look at Neptune’s sign and house placements. And look at the Sun’s aspects as well. Obviously, if transiting Neptune is in Pisces in the 8th house and it is conjunct the Sun, then the Sun is in Pisces too, and most likely also in the 8th house.

The Parkers go on (more paraphrasing) to point out that the client might “lose touch with reality” during this transit. I agree with this – especially highlighting the “might.” When we take into account the rest of the chart, and we take into account the frequency of the individual who has this aspect occurring, then we will get a better sense of the client’s experience. Also keep in mind that astrology is a science of prediction, we can predict how Neptune will probably affect the client, but we don’t know for certain (frequency-based, choice-centered astrology is not fortune telling). There are some things to point out to the client though, as most people who go through this aspect will encounter certain influences (see below).

For instance, in a chart where there is a heavy emphasis on Saturn, there will probably be a strong sense of duty, responsibility, discipline and the individual might be very organized and structured. It is also possible that they are more on the stern side and possibly pessimistic. Neptune will add a bit of nebulousness and imagination to the personality off and on for the two years it aspects the Sun. But if the person is very realistic and goal-oriented, very focused on the task at hand, with Saturn ruling things, they may not notice these effects very often throughout that time. See below for more! However, the Sun is a significant influence in the astrology chart, and Neptune will only conjunct the Sun once in a lifetime (if that!), so most likely this aspect will not pass without their noticing significant shifts and changes in their normal clear rationality and precision.

Neptune will add color, greater imagination, a tendency to day-dream or check out in other ways, and possibly even escape from facing reality through substances or other addictive behaviors – sex addiction, binge-watching TV shows / movies, etc. There may be loss of clarity or added confusion about one or two areas of life – which areas? Look at the Sun’s placement and see which house it rules. That area of life will be blanketed by fog during this transit – at least initially. In addition, once we get through a few months (3 – 12 months) of this aspect, then we might get the benefit of increased creativity as Neptune’s visionary, mystical, colorful traits are accessed (if the client has this capacity).

Side note: There is a reason that most (all?) astrology print out reports fail to grasp the entirety of a client’s being and process. Why is that? Because a computer cannot practice frequency-based, choice-centered astrology. Maybe down the road, there will be a very complex astrology program that asks 100 questions and actually ascertains the clients frequency (awareness, experience, wisdom, connection to their inherent health, etc) in different areas of their lives, and then prints a report based on those varying frequencies… but I have yet to see one!

Back to the Aspect at hand (Tr. Nep conjunct Natal Sun): Likewise, we can’t merely see Tr. Neptune conjoins the Natal Sun and make all sorts of assumptions. Yes, it is highly likely they will have a year where something feels nebulous, confused or veiled in fog or fuzziness. If they have a spiritual-leaning lifestyle (they do regular daily yoga and / or chi-cultivation and / or meditation and / or communing with nature, etc), then they will probably benefit highly in some areas as well– they may literally have clearer visions and dreams, whether on their meditation cushions, while they are doing Qigong or yoga or in the woods (you get the point).

One question to look at, is how embodied are they? Has the client done significant personal growth work, to come down out of the head and into the body? Do they have significant unresolved big emotions – resentment, jealousy, hatred, terror, big grief, etc? If the answer to that last question is yes, they probably don’t know it. So this is something you must glean and keep to yourself until they are ready to hear about it. If they have clamped down in their bodies – whether with migraine headaches, stiff necks or shoulders, or chronic shallow breathing, etc – in order to protect against these huge overwhelming emotions, then when Tr. Neptune conjoins their Sun, there is a very good chance they will continue to check out in numerous ways. If they had one bottle of wine per week, during this transit, that might become two or three bottles. Three joints a week might become six, etc.

Does the client have a tendency to deal with life through idealization? Do they see potential partners through rose-colored glasses? Is the glass always half-full for them (if Jupiter is also conjunct their natal Sun in the birth chart, or conjunct the Ascendant or making a close trine to the Sun, etc, then this is likely)? If any of these answers is “Yes,” then Neptune will amplify this tendency, at least through some of this time.

Events will seem to have more meaning. I just saw my first white egret on the lake behind my house. Does this mean I should look up its animal-medicine meaning and make huge decisions based on what it signifies? Of course not! But if I were less evolved and more airy-fairy, then I might consider doing just that – especially under Neptune’s influence.

And some events will seem more marvelous, more enjoyable (provided there are not other really difficult transits or solar arc aspects happening simultaneously). But we should not make decisions with rose-colored glasses over our eyes (and minds). We need a healthy dose of realism when this aspect is in force. Get that second (or third) opinion when Neptune conjoins the Sun. Make sure you are not using signs and symbols to make massive decisions – at least not without running it by someone who is clear-headed and grounded first!

How can we have more discernment and common sense (two of Virgo’s key words – remember the remedy for most astrological maladies is often nearby in the chart). When we are exhilarated or extremely happy, we can make decisions we might regret down the road. Make certain both of your feet are planted on solid ground while this aspect is going on. Or at least have a grounded friend you trust (or multiple friends) go over those big decisions with you first!

Like I mention above, the remedy for too much Dionysus in our lives (Neptune transits to the Sun, Moon or angles probably indicate this), lies in Pisces’ opposite sign. Virgo is all about discernment, being practical, having a crystal clear mind, going over the small details, etc. We want to be careful if we are assuming everything is going to work out well (one Neptune “symptom”). We have to get that second opinion – whether from a professional or a trusted friend.

If you have Tr. Neptune currently conjunct your Natal Sun, reach out for more support. From friends who are trusted, who feel supportive, who are grounded, who are practical, who are following common sense. You can also contact me to go through your Astrology chart or to do a long-distance Somatic Experiencing session. You can reach me (email) at kirby [at] mkirbymoore [dot] com.

Also feel free to leave a comment here. I always appreciate hearing from readers!

May we all find a healthy balance between elation and discernment, between order and chaos and between wisdom and compassion!

Thanks for reading,

Kirby Moore


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